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The soft-hearted trickster

Let’s talk about everyone’s favourite bad boy: Kuroo Tetsurou.

This nerd.

Nekoma’s captain is such a great character, because he has so many layers to him. Kuroo looks and acts a bit like a trickster god or Kitsune. He is intimidating and crafty. He’s easily amused. Perpetually smiling that smug smile of his, he’s not only physically and technically strong as a player, he is the ‘provocation expert’: he finds the exact buttons to push to manipulate people.

But since there are no evil or flat characters in Haikyuu!! (no, not even Tendou), of course there’s so much more to this smug bastard.

1. Kuroo is confidence personified

I think this is what makes him so attractive to fangirls. Out of all the characters in Haikyuu, Kuroo is the one that has the most self confidence and the best grip on his abilities, both on and off the court. A lot of the guys (Oikawa, Bokuto, the entirety of Karasuno) struggle to overcome their limits, while someone like Ushijima is convinced that his strength is a law of nature. Kuroo has evolved past all that. He *knows* he could only block maybe one in ten of Ushiwaka’s spikes, but he doesn’t let it dishearten him. It’s part of the game to him.

He also has a fair grip on how to deal with people in a way that’s similar to, but more smug than, Daichi. This makes him a good captain: dude is super chill and keeps his team motivated.

2. He’s a huge dork

You know that speech? ‘Keep the blood moving’? Kenma is right about that speech. It is incredibly lame. Kuroo gives zero fucks, because, again, he’s confident that it works. But how much of a dork do you have to be to come up with something like that? Jeesh. Also, do go back up and look at him laugh like an idiot, up there. What a dork. <3

3. He genuinely cares

Kuroo is super cocky, but he’s not a jerk. His relationship with Kenma is a beautiful example. Not only does he stay loyal to his reclusive buddy, but he’s genuinely interested in the things he does. Kuroo is never shown playing video games, but he does observe Kenma and even comes up with strategies for him.

And then, there’s *that* scene. The one with Tsukki. My favourite Kuroo bit from the manga.

Possible spoilers under the cut.

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