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There’s some things I need to change (grey camo instead of green, and the lacing patches up the pants), but this’ll get me through Youmacon at least. Come up and say hi! Take pictures with me!

Tomorrow is super casual Wash, complete with curly straw and a helmet he can’t drink out of.

I know the prop design and little allusions to the books are amazing in the show, but look at this. We see Beatrice’s letter to Lemony in TMM pt2:

it reads as follows:

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Guns for Hire

Characters – Dean x Reader

Summary – A hunt involving children leads to a serious discussion between Dean and the reader about their future.

Word Count – 1,977

Warnings – None

A/N – Special request from @gallifreyansass:  “Hey there! I am so in love with your stories and seeing as your requests are open I just had to ask you for a Sam x Reader (or Dean, if you think it’ll suit him better) where they’re a couple and one day they come across the topic of what their future’s gonna be like, you know, never being able to pursue the apple pie life and so on. And the reader admits that Sam shouldn’t worry about that because she’d never want a family anyway, because she doesn’t wanna have kids. As in, she likes other people’s kids, but being pregnant and all that fuss and stress is just not for her? Would love to see such a story go the other way once and not usual ‘you’re gonna be a daddy!’! Thanks so much in advance xx love you!”

Hope I did it justice!  It was a challenge to write a reader with such an opposite point of view than my personal one.  Thanks for making me go outside the box from what I would normally do!  As you see, I did go with Dean, because I feel like it would be a lot harder for Sam to give up on the idea of children.  J

This is also written for @lipstickandwhiskey’s 1k Writing Challenge; I got the AC/DC song Guns for Hire.

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You watched the last of the kids get picked up by their parents and sighed.  Days like this were what made everything worth it.  Because of you and the Winchesters, thirteen little kids were now back with their parents after being taken by a couple of witches, the youngest only two.  But the case was done, the witches were toast, and the children were all safe and relatively unharmed.

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“I’m about to go off and play a character who was originally white and blonde and has really big boobs, and none of those things apply to me. She’s sort of unforgettable. She has no morals. She’s an agitator assassin, a gun for hire, and she’s written the way male characters are usually written. Conscience is something she buries; obviously she’s damaged. It’s really intriguing. I’d never read a part for a woman like that. They usually have a tender heart or a soft spot for some guy. Not Tulip. You read certain scenes in the script and think: are we allowed to do this? It’s great playing someone unsympathetic and not having to justify her actions.”

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