this guitar for the tiger


Request: Dean×angel!reader where the boys find her in action taking out a giant nest of vamps with headphones in singing eye of the tiger loudly, and once all the vamps are dead she greets/introduces herself covered in blood. Can you include Cas???

Characters: Dean x angel!reader

A/N: So here it is I hope you like it! I don’t know at sometimes I feel it’s a little rushed so let me know what you think I’m dying for some feedback! And don’t be afraid to request something!

You looked up at the large towering building that stood before you with a small smirk on your face, this was going to be fun.

You pulled out your ipod, or her ipod; it used to belong to your vessel but hey she wasn’t using it. You stuck one ear bud into your ear and twirled the other one around your finger and spun your angel blade in your other hand as you scrolled through the music selection until finally settling on your go to hunting song: Eye of the Tiger.

Once you heard the unmistakable guitar you smiled and stuck the other ear bud in and slipped the ipod into your back pocket. You stretched a little bit before starting the timer on your watch and happily strolling into the giant death trap that was the vamps nest.

You pushed open the giant double doors loudly and wasted no time in cutting the first vamps head off, relying on your angel powers to easily send the blade through its neck. All the while mumbling along with the song “Risin’ up, back on the streets.”

Another vamp came rushing at you, you faked right before spinning left slicing his head off as he ran at you “Did my time took my chances.”

You swept your eyes around the room before clearing it and loudly skipping up the steps figuring that your presence has long been known “Went the distance now I’m back on my feet” You continued slightly louder than before.

As you reached the top step a vamp suddenly sprang on you. You quickly threw the vamp off of you and slammed your blade into its abdomen before slicing off its head. “Just a man and his will to survive.”

A pair of arms suddenly wrapped around your neck, you elbowed it in the stomach causing the vamp to jump back in pain giving you the perfect opportunity to spin around and slice off its head. “So many times it happened too fast.”

You spotted the last one on the floor looking at you with an angry glare causing you to smirk. You ran towards the vamp and with a simple slice of the blade he was dead on the floor. “You trade your passions for glory.”

You smiled and once again began walking up the stairs again still singing along to the song but this time with a rather loud voice. “Don’t lose your grip on the dreams of the past you must fight just to keep them alive.”

This time when you reached the top step you delayed your last footstep causing the vamp to jump out prematurely giving you the perfect opportunity to slice its head off. “It’s the eye of the tiger it’s the will of the fight.”

Another vamp ran at you causing you to chuckle before quickly ending its life with a flick of your wrist “Risin up to the challenge of our rival.”

You quickly picked your next target and launched yourself in their direction effectively decapitating it.

“And the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night.”

You looked at the last vamp and smiled knowing exactly what you were going to do. “And he’s watching us all with the eye!” You sang your voice volume increasing with each word until you were screaming. On the last word you cocked your arm back and released the knife sending it across the room right into the last vamps neck effectively pinning it to the wall.

You walked up to the last vamp and sang the last words right into its face “Of the tiger” Before ripping the blade out of its neck and finishing the job.

You smiled and stopped your watch timer pulling out one of your ear buds before jumping as you heard a deep voice from behind you “Y/N why would you throw your blade.”

You smiled as you knew to whom the voice belongs choosing to ignore his disappointed tone.

“a minute forty!” You exclaimed happily turning to face your brother as he frowned at you “It’s a new record a minute forty!”

Cas sighed and rolled his eyes “Y/N why would you throw the only thing that can kill you in the entire universe at a vampire?” You couldn’t help but notice that the corners of his mouth turned slightly upward at the mention of your new record, he could never stay mad at you.

“I don’t know I just thought I would mix things up.” You shrugged before finally turning your gaze to the two men standing behind him “As I see you have done as well.”

You held out your hand to introduce yourself “Y/N”

They both looked at you suspiciously causing you to look down at your hand only to see it was covered in blood. You smiled apologetically and went to wipe it on your shirt only to find it also covered in blood. Instead you whipped it on the back of your thigh, one of the only spots not covered in blood.

You held it back out to the boys as the shorter one accepted the handshake gladly.

“Dean” He introduced himself with a grin “So Eye of the Tiger?”

You grinned sheepishly as your cheeks tinted pink, one of the few human traits that you hated “Uh you heard that huh?”

“Oh don’t be embarrassed you have a beautiful voice and an excellent taste in music.” He grinned finding himself unable to keep his eyes off of you as you felt the same.

You hadn’t realized how much time had passed until you heard another person clear his throat. You spun around and quickly shook the taller man’s hand as he introduced himself to you as Sam, ignoring the daggers Cas was shooting in yours and Dean’s direction.

“a minute forty?” Dean asked drawing your attention back to him.

“How long it took me to clear the nest.” You answered simply shrugging causing Dean’s eyes to widen.

“Holy shit Y/N this nest is like three stories tall.” You only chuckled in response immediately finding yourself entranced in Dean.

“So would you care to join us for a drink…even though you won’t get drunk?” Dean asked adding the second part moments later causing you to laugh.

“I would love too, but I’ll need a change of clothes.” You looked down at your now completely red outfit in turn causing Dean to laugh.

“I think that can be arranged.” Dean extended his arm to you and began to escort you to his car only to be stopped by Cas putting a hand on his shoulder.

“Dean I need to speak with you.” Cas said in a not to friendly voice causing you to roll your eyes; you were the baby of the family, only a few thousand years old, which meant all of the other angels were a bit overprotective of you.

“Uh sure Cas.”Dean stuttered out surprised by his friend’s outburst.

You turned around and looked at Sam to see him extending his arm to you and leading you towards the car.

He popped open the trunk and began rummaging through the duffle bags. “So our supply of girl clothes are pretty limited so you can some of Dean’s clothes. I’m sure he won’t mind.” Sam added the last part mostly to himself yet you still heard him. You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion but didn’t get to ask any questions as Sam handed you a large plaid shirt and sweat pants.

He turned around to give you some privacy and you quickly slipped on the clothes rolling up both the pant legs and sleeves as they were too long.

“well let’s get this-“ Dean’s voice was heard as he emerged around the impala only to stop mid-sentence when he saw you.

“Are those uh-“ Dean motioned towards you his cheeks tinting red slightly.

“Oh uh yeah. Sam gave me them I hope you don’t mind.” You offered a small smile and looked down at the ground.

“Not at all. In fact you look better in them than I do.” Dean grinned regaining his cool.

“Well that’s debatable.” You winked before turning around and bumping into a hard chest.

You looked up to see two blue eyes burning holes into your own. “Y/N be careful around Dean.” Cas warned you in your head so that the boys couldn’t hear.

“Aren’t I always” You replied in his head before sliding into the impala Cas right behind you.


You sat at a booth in the bar across from Sam and Dean as Cas had insisted that you sit next to him.

“So let me get this straight.” Dean said perfectly sober despite having had five drinks “you took down nine vamps by yourself in under two minutes.”

“What like it’s hard?” You grinned doing your best to contain your laughter.

Dean chuckled before offering a “You’re awesome” and taking a pull from his bottle “And this is empty.”

“oh don’t worry I got it.” You offered standing up and making your way to the bar.

You flagged down the bar tender and asked for four beers when you felt a hand tap your shoulder. You spun around to be met by bright green eyes, just not the green eyes you had hoped to see.

“I must say that is an interesting choice of clothing.” The stranger gestured towards you causing you to chuckle slightly.

“Uh-yeah mine were uh compromised, these were all I could get on short hand.” You answered not noticing that the man was slowly inching closer to you, something Dean and Cas had both caught.

“Are they your boyfriends?” He asked bluntly.

“No?” It came out as more of a question than an answer.

Without a moment of hesitation he pressed his lips to yours and grabbed your boob all in move causing you to squeal in surprise.

In a flash both Dean and Cas were on their feet and came storming towards you. Dean grabbed the guy’s shoulders and yanked him off of you as Cas cocked his arm and punched the guy in the face. In a matter of seconds Cas placed his hand on the now bleeding man’s forehead and they were gone leaving you and Dean in the bar.

“Are you ok?” Dean asked his voice filled with concern as he cupped your cheek in his hand.

“Yeah I’m fine it was just a kiss.” You brushed him off.

“Y/N he practically forced himself on to you.” Dean sighed.

“Yeah but you saved me, my knight in shining armor.” You grinned poking him in the side.

“That would make you my princess wouldn’t it?” Dean grinned.

“So you wouldn’t mind if I did this.” You hesitantly pressed your lips to his, only to find that Dean wasn’t having any of this gentle crap. He quickly deepened the kiss and pulled you closer to him.

“You hurt my sister and I will kill you.” You heard a deep voice deadpan from behind you causing you and Dean to jump back in surprise. You looked up at Cas to see him glaring at Dean, if looks could kill-

“Don’t worry, I don’t intend to.” Dean grinned not taking his eyes off of you. Cas nodded before slowly backing towards Sam giving you two some alone time.

“You know you’re pretty badass for a princess.” Dean teased as he took both your hands in his.

“Well we can’t always be damsels in distress.” You grinned before pressing your lips to his again.

“Works for me.” Dean mumbled against your lips causing you to grin. You knew that this was going to be a good hunt from the start but this was something else. And you wouldn’t want it any other way.


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