this guitar for the tiger

Tiger lilies bloom beyond
the bathroom window.
We grow wild here.
Down the street and
around the block.

I never saw a tiger lily
until I loved you in
a state I never knew.
In a different life
with different friends.
We’re unrecognizable.

I want to write only to you.

About how much it means
to me that you made a ring
out of your broken guitar
string so I can wear it on
my unpolished finger
that you adore for being
less than conventional.

—  warm up #2

There are three ways my coming out could have gone, and one way it actually went:

The best possible scenario:
Me: *bursts through the front door in sunglasses and a rainbow cape riding a tiger and playing an electric guitar* GUESS WHO’S GAY, BITCHES?! *epic guitar riff* *tiger roars*

The worst possible scenario:
Me: *sitting solemnly across an empty table, head hanging down* mom… dad… there’s something I need to tell you… I have been struggling with this for a long time, and it pains me to say this, but I have no choice… I think I may be… *tears up* a lesbian.
Parents: *sobbing* how could this happen to us?? Now we will never have grandchildren! You are a disgrace to this family! Get out and never set foot in this house again!

How it actually happened:
Me: *walks out of the kitchen sipping orange juice* so there’s this girl at my school who’s really cute and I like her a lot.
Parents: *turn away from watching survivor* so does that mean you’re gay?
Me: yeah
Parents: cool *continue watching survivor*


- Trent and Gwen rapping Car Radio by Twenty One Pilots

- Blainley singing Fergalicious (obviously)

- all the ladies jamming to Single Ladies with Leshawna as the lead singer

- Courtney and Heather singing No Diggity from Pitch Perfect

- Anne Maria SLAYING Super Bass

- Cody singing the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song

- Harold beat boxing or rapping old Black Eyed Peas songs

- Tyler singing and air guitaring Eye of the Tiger

- Lindsay and Beth singing Hit Me Baby One More Time REALLY off key

- everyone singing I Write Sins Not Tragedies but Duncan’s the loudest

ID #88822

Name: Issy
Age: 14
Country: England

Hello! my name is Issy and I am a high school student in England. I came across this blog and figured I would love to have a pen pal.

I love writing and theatre and am a very passionate person. I also love to read and watch whatever tv show, however, I am a really big Harry Potter fan (I’m in Gryffindor btw) and would love to meet someone with similar interests.

Musicwise ‘the 1975’ are my favourite band and I have been loving Harry Styles new album. I also play the violin and would love to learn to play the guitar.

I am an ENFP (that pretty much says a lot about me) and a Virgo if you believe in that stuff and my spirit animal is a tiger. My favourite colour is blue but I love pastel yellow and my favourite animal is the fennec fox and as pets, I have 2 lovely little black doggos called Clara and Maya.

I love to learn about different people and countries and would love to have a connection with someone. I am a bit awkward at first but after a while, I become comfortable (and weird). I love the idea of writing actual letters to someone but at the moment it would have to be email and I would really really love someone that I could build an actual friendship with (like with pictures and stuff).

Preferences: I would preferably like to talk to someone between the ages of 14-16. The rest really doesn’t matter as long as you are open-minded and LGBT+ friendly.