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This world is no chess game, where one cannot win if not playing by the rules. Without fail, players will break the rules … and chessmen will betray the players. And if I’m to play games with their like on equal footing, I’d have no chance at victory if I didn’t break the rules myself, right? …Checkmate.” - Ciel Phantomhive -
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086/365  |  08.03.17
Carpe Diem. 

July was an oddly busy month full of family time, catching up with friends, and work assignments. Not necessarily a bad thing but I did find myself in a weird funk for not being able to get back to this quickly. With that said I’m trying out a new strategy that I have to credit to @gregorydarroll. Each month will be dedicated to one unique style of illustration or animation. The purpose is to learn a new technique and really develop a deeper understanding of the tools I’ll use to accomplish this. For the rest of August, I’ll be creating simple line art animations using my Wacom tablet, Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects.

Instagram: @creative.365 

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I couldn’t go through this without mentioning Mere right?

@goodqueenalys : Mere is truly one of the best people in this fandom and among multiple fandoms.. She is as amazing as she is salty. She can be sugar and spice and everything nice and at the same time lay down the law when she needs to (lay down the law get it.. because she’s a lawyer? I’ll see myself out)..

You will not find someone more dedicated to defending Sansa Stark (and any other character she deeply loves).. And she shows the same devotion to her friends and we’re all very lucky to be her friends. I know I’m definitely lucky to count her as my friend. I came into this fandom not knowing many ppl and Mere makes you feel so welcome it’s crazy.. She’s beautiful inside and out and talented as fuck..

Also so organized have you seen those lists? and those graphics w/ fic recs? My respects! You are not likely to find someone that can truly tell you they do not like her because it’s slightly impossible (and if they do they are wrong.. sorry I don’t make the rules!).. Mere deserves all the good things in life! 

Send me ❤ on anon and I’ll compliment someone at random!

A Little Apology And Then Some

So last year I dropped off of the face of tumblr, basically because uni was absolutely kicking my ass. But sadly that meant I left many things unfinished. One of these was a fic exchange which I got far far too dedicated to and kept saying to myself I would finish. I never did. @avatarquake I am so so so sorry. My prompt was - Daisy/Coulson, their vehicles and car races [fanfic, graphic, fanart]. Here below, for you and every Skoulson and Formula 1 fan, the first 2000 words of my fic which I do hope to keep working on. It’s very close to my heart, but I haven’t even got to the shipping aspect.

I also do not think I will return to tumblr for several more months, probably not until well into 2018.

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Javier Roa (Javi)

My name is Javier Roa (Javi). I live in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Euskadi (Basque Country). I professionally dedicate myself to the graphic design and illustration, I have also performed a graphic novel, “Sombras en el tiempo” (Shadows in Time).

I’m an amateur and self-taught photographer. I let myself be carried away by the impulse and I don’t follow a preset pattern when I press the camera’s button.

Most of the photographs that build up my blog were taken with natural light. I feel a special predilection for interpreting and transmitting through images, show them in a technically correct way, from subjectivity, preferably the “B side” of the world that surround us and I wish to share with the people my enthusiasm for the snapshots. Buen provecho…

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Hi, I'm the one who asked about the grafic novels, thank you for your detailed answer! I think I'll check volumes 4 and 5 as you said. I just really like to see them on my shelf, together will all the other HTTYD books and art books... ^_^ And about the artistic errors you mentioned, can you please talk about it? I didn't notice anything except for them drawing Hiccup with blue eyes (which is SO annoying!)

Glad to help! I’m glad the response was useful to you, and I hope you enjoy volumes four and five (I agree… they look rather pretty on the bookshelf)!

I tend to avoid complaining and usually prefer to speak of the positive within the material we receive. The graphic novels have so many wonderful things going for them, too. Still, I’ll happily bring up a few of the artistic errors here… I did mention them myself in the last post, after all! People can choose whether or not they want to see where the artistic inconsistencies are (and hopefully still be able to appreciate the story for all the good things there are, despite some minor details being depicted incorrectly graphically). I personally use the art mistakes as a point to laugh.

Eye color is the main problem, as you yourself noticed. Hiccup is frequently depicted with blue eyes. Nor is this a problem dedicated to one or two volumes; the fifth volume has some very close-up images of Hiccup with clearly blue irises. The eye color problem, however, is not isolated just to Hiccup’s irises; other characters have some surprising eye colorations, too. What I think happened is that somewhere along the line, the artists got their key mixed up between Hiccup and Astrid’s eye colors, for Astrid is very frequently depicted with green eyes. The picture below comes from “The Ice Castle,” showing Hiccup and Astrid with their eye colors switched.

Still, they’re not even consistent with that. Regarding “The Legend of Ragnarok,” Hiccup is shown with both green eyes and blue eyes, and this cannot be considered a factor of mere shading. The artists definitely gave him two different eyes colors. Check it out:

…and just a few pages later…


It’s not just isolated to Hiccup and Astrid, but also includes characters like Snotlout Jorgenson. This kid has blue eyes, not brown, yet this still happens in the short at the end of “The Ice Castle.”

Another thing that happens in “Dangers in the Deep” is the artwork gives Hiccup the wrong handedness. As a proud lefty myself, I’m pretty quick to notice when a character is holding a pencil in the wrong hand. We don’t just see Hiccup holding his writing utensil in his right hand, but writing with it. Hiccup doesn’t do that. He writes with his left hand and his left hand alone in all other canonical materials.

So this picture has him blue-eyed and right handed. A little odd for detail-oriented HTTYD fans.

Two panels in the sixth graphic novel, “Underworld,” shows Hiccup with two full feet, too.

As a side-comment about these visual representations of our beloved protagonist: Hiccup in the books is blue-eyed, two-footed, and probably writes with his right hand (he’s left-handed but only learns this when he’s eleven years old, well after he’s started writing). If you’re really distraught about tiny details like this, bear in mind that Hiccup in the books is visually quite different, too! The character “Hiccup” in and of itself is someone who actually has a lot of visual variation throughout all the canonical materials. He’s still Hiccup, regardless of his eye color, his hair color, or the number of feet he has, and we can still love him in every way, shape, and form. The embodiment of Hiccup, the legend of Hiccup, the essence of Hiccup, remains true.

I also think the eye color mistakes are done. “Underworld,” as far as I remember, is completely correct in all the eye colors. It could mean that, when the new Defenders of Berk comics come around by the same people, we’ll get our typical eye colors again.


Here are some of the main art mistakes I’ve noticed in the graphic novels. They’re certainly present, they might be a little irritating to people who like to get details right, but they don’t affect the storyline in any way, shape, or form. They’re still great stories. And, frankly, other HTTYD canon materials have their errors, too. It’s not like it’s just the graphic novels. As far as talking about errors go, it’s amusing to point these things out and get a few laughs over things like seeing Hiccup with two feet.

Beyond that, I also want to point out that there are some pretty cool artistic moments, too! Since I’ve gone on talking about some of the weaknesses of the art, I might as well do some strengths, too, right?

Check out this dramatic full-page art in “Underworld”:

As well as this unforgettable moment, one of my favorite panels in “The Stowaway” for both the content and the art:

And the different costumes! We get to to see the full gang draped out in furs. Or, as we see in “Underworld,” bedecked in winter gear. I really love the designs of the clothing to every character in “Underworld,” especially Hiccup’s. I mean, just look at how cool that is!

Makes me want to see him with fur, a long cloak, and gloves all the time, to be honest. At least some fanart of the boy in this outfit!

Or can we talk about the variety of art styles? We see quite a few different art styles throughout the graphic novels; there’s a slight change in the art personnel lineup for every comic, so each volume gives us something new. Sometimes even multiple things new! Like…

The simple but effective style in “Dragon Down,” which gives Hiccup such endearingly POOFY hair on top of a gangly, skinny body.

The colorful, bold, exaggerated, somewhat edgy style of “The Ice Castle.”

This bubbly, cutesie style at the end of “The Ice Castle” which makes Snotlout and the baby Monstrous Nightmare too cute for their own good. Say it with me: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

The saturated, pragmatic style of “The Stowaway.”

This rare, hand-drawn style at the end of “The Legend of Rangnarok.”

This endearing style at the end of “Underworld,” which frankly makes all the characters look amazing and adorable.

Like, oh my Thor, look at Astrid and Snotlout in this art! I adore the style.

These aren’t even all the art styles. But you get the idea.

For all there are some notable art mistakes in the Riders of Berk graphic novel series, there are also many things to appreciate. I won’t deny that there are many art mistakes, and that they bother me slightly, too. At the same time, I can’t get over the fact that we have graphic novels of this fandom. I think that’s downright cool, too!


Algunos de los productos que venderé en la Dibujona, un evento local producido totalmente por artistas locales en Antofagasta, Chile, que buscan mostrar y desarrollar los talentos nacionales que se dedican a la ilustracion y narrativa grafica. Es el evento que, hace dos años, me motivó a iniciar mi carrera como dibujante, asi que si estan en la región ojalá puedan venir! Nos vemos el 7 y 8 de octubre!


Some of the products I’ll be selling at Dibujona, a local event produced completely by local artists in Antofagasta, Chile, who seek to show and develop national talents who dedicate themselves to illustration and graphic narrative. It’s the event that, two years ago, made me realize I wanted to try and become an artist myself, so if you’re in the region hopefully you can make it! See you there, october 7th and 8th!

Introducing the Crime Sorciere BroTP Week!

This week will be dedicated to the platonic friendship between Jellal, Meredy, and Ultear, the three members of Crime Sorciere. It was organized by myself, with a little help from jellal.

To participate, you can submit or post anything! From fanart, fanfictions, graphics/edits, scenarios, and headcanons, anything goes~

Please be sure to tag any Crime Sorciere BroTP week posts with #csbrotpweek so that I can reblog all of the lovely work you might create! All work will be reblogged to fairytailbrotps.

Just a few reminders before I get to the prompts…

  • Please remember I’d like to focus on Crime Sorciere's platonic friendship versus any romantic ones. Please try and steer away from any works depicting romance over friendship!
  • You can interpret the prompts in any way you like. You also do not need to follow the prompts: feel free to contribute anything you’d like! The prompts listed below are just some ideas that could spur your imagination.
  • Anything submitted or posted should be your own. Please don’t take credit for work that someone else has done.

Now for the prompts and dates~

~January 4th-10th~

  1. Cloaks
  2. Hugs
  3. Pranks
  4. Piggyback rides
  5. Remembrance
  6. Redemption
  7. Future

I hope you all enjoy this week, and I hope it will be a success! I can’t wait to see what you all come up with~ If you have any questions, feel free to ask. My askbox is always open!

It’s that time again ay? Firstly, 1K+????!?!?!??? REALLY???? I was in disbelief when I reached the amount after almost 3 years in this website like omg lmao anyways thank you guys soooooooooooooooooo much for everything, endured thru my entire craziness and bullshit I posted or reblogged and also without you guys, my dash would be totally dead and ewww hahaha so thank you for filling my dash with such beautiful graphics, edits, texts and everything you guys posted or reblogged. You guys are the reasons why I continue making edits and still aware that I have a long way to go and I’m still to improvise myself and to that, thank you.

But the most important thing, it’s KANEKI’S BDAY!!! (already the 21st here but who cares???????) So I make this edit dedicated to him and may he find eternal happiness and sunshine and rainbows in this tragic life bc everyone wants our child to be happy groSS SOBBING

anyways, follow these lovely blogs bc they’re such amazing and wonderful peeps 

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I’ve followed like a lot of blogs so if I miss you out I’m sooooo sorry but all of you guys are worth as equal as these guys!! Happy holidays and happy new year to all of you, may 2016 welcome you with more joy and happiness and luck and everything positive!! 

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Hello Oujo-chan, this is XerneasX95 speaking and I just want to know if u could translate the entire route of Kamigami no Asobi characters since u love the characters and their graphic CGs....I was thinking since the anime is finished u could dedicate to ur "notes" (tumblr users)

Hi hi! Thanks for your inquiry, unfortunately translating the entire game, Kamigami no Asobi, would consume too many hours of my life so it’d be impossible for me to do so!

Unless you “notes” (tumblr users) can pay me enough gold and human souls to make me change my mind, I will not be reconsidering this decision anytime soon.

If you want me to dedicate myself to you, all I ask is that you show the same level of dedication to me. That’s equivalent trade for ya, we’re all people here. Not just a number represented by our notes and followers so I’d never treat you guys as such anyways.

Luckily, there is someone beast enough planning on translating the whole game on tumblr so I ask that you to direct your request to her blog instead as she will say yes and appreciate the support. Just remember to say please!


My name is Nicola Digirolamo, I work as a graphic designer in the world of waste collection (surreal), and do photography as my hobby. I’m italian, but I work in Italy, France and Spain. I enjoy capturing real life moments, but I especially love creating photos with the help of willing people. Even if I can not dedicate myself to photography as I would like, I’m happy the same as what I do.

Thanks for looking


Hi friends!

I’m finding myself in need of some extra cash in order to eat for the rest of the semester, so I’m trying something I’ve never tried before: paid commissions! I’m an aspiring graphic designer and dedicated doodler, so I’m offering my services in both areas for your commissioning pleasure :) 
(see examples of my stuff above) 

$5 - b/w doodle of you or a friend! (bust style as above)

$10 - three custom iPhone/smartphone wallpapers!

$5 - one custom desktop wallpaper!

OR a special/other type of commission, with price to be negotiated :) 

If you are interested, DM me and we can figure it out. Anything would really help, and you get something cool and custom! Stay cool, y’all.


• Hey guys! Here is my new Captain Swan video! Finally I have made a new CS vid, I’m so sorry it has taken me this long to finally make a new one, I’ve just been on a hiatus myself here on tumblr because a lot of stuff has recently happened in my life and I haven’t been able to get here as much but I really wanted to make a video because I love making videos and I just need to make one with the new CS finale!

Omfskhfdjh I will never get over that fucking finale! It was fucking epic!

This video is dedicated to my good friend Jess!

Also known as: Legendary Dreamer ♥missjessieban♥ 

Hello everyone! Its my birthday in February so I thought I’d run my first blog of the month!


  • Mbf me :)
  • Reblog to enter - you can like to bookmark but likes won’t count
  • Ends February 1st - I’ll announce the winners on the 3rd
  • One winner and 3 or 4 runners up
  • No polls - I’ll pick the winner myself with the help of my friend who helps out on this blog occasionally.
  • (Multi)fandom blogs only please!! 

What I’m looking for:

  • Nice theme - simple and easy to navigate
  • Excellent posts
  • A friendly blogger
  • Dedication to their blog and followers


  • Promos whenever they want during 2014
  • A place in my sidebar for February and then in my BOTM page when it appears
  • URL graphics/graphics/picspams based on their blog (whatever they want really)
  • + Follow if not already
  • My unending friendship and love because you are awesome!

Runners up:

  • Unlimited promos whenever asked for throughout February
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  • Love and friendship :)

That’s it lovelies! Wishing all of you the best in 2014!