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This world is no chess game, where one cannot win if not playing by the rules. Without fail, players will break the rules … and chessmen will betray the players. And if I’m to play games with their like on equal footing, I’d have no chance at victory if I didn’t break the rules myself, right? …Checkmate.” - Ciel Phantomhive -
Dedicated to Fay 

Javier Roa (Javi)

My name is Javier Roa (Javi). I live in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Euskadi (Basque Country). I professionally dedicate myself to the graphic design and illustration, I have also performed a graphic novel, “Sombras en el tiempo” (Shadows in Time).

I’m an amateur and self-taught photographer. I let myself be carried away by the impulse and I don’t follow a preset pattern when I press the camera’s button.

Most of the photographs that build up my blog were taken with natural light. I feel a special predilection for interpreting and transmitting through images, show them in a technically correct way, from subjectivity, preferably the “B side” of the world that surround us and I wish to share with the people my enthusiasm for the snapshots. Buen provecho…


Hi friends!

I’m finding myself in need of some extra cash in order to eat for the rest of the semester, so I’m trying something I’ve never tried before: paid commissions! I’m an aspiring graphic designer and dedicated doodler, so I’m offering my services in both areas for your commissioning pleasure :) 
(see examples of my stuff above) 

$5 - b/w doodle of you or a friend! (bust style as above)

$10 - three custom iPhone/smartphone wallpapers!

$5 - one custom desktop wallpaper!

OR a special/other type of commission, with price to be negotiated :) 

If you are interested, DM me and we can figure it out. Anything would really help, and you get something cool and custom! Stay cool, y’all.

I have come a long way in life thanks to design and thanks to music. The combination of these two elements of art have molded me into the person I am today and are still molding the person I will become tomorrow. Through these elements, I have grown and learned to communicate myself, my work, and my goals to the world, and for that I will always be grateful. I have been a reserved, insecure person for nearly my entire life, so the opportunity to blossom like this and really find myself is something I will never forget. Because of this, I have dedicated myself to making art as an ode to music and vice versa. A lot of my best graphic design has a strong underlying concentration of music, because music is what makes my world go around. Because of this, I have found myself artistically and interpersonally. Because of this, I finally learned that, yes, I can still work in music. Even if I’m too shy to perform, I am talented and dedicated enough to design and make art within the industry. This passion of mine has really opened the door to my future.

In the future, I see myself as a creator that holds hands with music. Music is the language of the world, I think, and because of this, it is the one thing all walks of life can understand, regardless of any kind of cultural or societal differences they might find inhibiting. Art has a similar affect, of course, and crossing these two paths within my work will only get whatever message out there in a clearer way. Doing something like this that fuels every major passion that I have is so incredibly important to me, and it’s even more important to me to share that it’s very possible to follow your dreams. It is well within the realm of possibility to do what anyone else might tell you is impossible. When I was a little girl, I was limited. I was raised by my grandparents and was subjected to a whole other generational style of growing up. It wasn’t until I really became passionate about art and music that I was able to really grow for myself, though.

Really, everything just goes back to art and music. It’s almost all that matters, to me, and to be able to share that it’s okay to have passion and drive for the “unconventional” is so key, especially for young women. It’s okay to fight for what you think is good for you. If the people who raise you do what they can to tell you “that’s not a real job,” or ask what your backup plan is for when your plan inevitably falls through, just ignore them. They’re trying to tear you down, even if they don’t think they are. Don’t let anyone bully you into thinking you’re not good enough to make up your own mind about your own life. Find the thing that drives you, and let it drive you.

Music and art are my driving forces, and this is where I am today. I graduate in a year, and I will be moving to San Francisco to pursue a Master’s in Fine Arts only to keep on moving toward my dreams. I’ll be on the coast. I’ll be in SF. I’ll have a way to get to LA if that’s where life takes me. I will work in music, and only I can stop me. Of course, I’m not going to be stopping anytime soon, and neither should anyone else.


I’ve recently found motivation to get my health and my art back on track. Looking at people’s Behance portfolios, who are my age, made me reconsider where all of my energy is spent in my life. Some priorities were out of order; childish and selfish needs were the main reason I walked this earth. It took a well polished portfolio with intentionally great design to make me believe in myself again. That, plus the confidence I’ve gained from my relationship with my girlfriend. My photography, bookmaking, graphic and package design all need some serious attention, and I’m dedicating the rest of this year to nourish them.


hey so a couple things

one, i might not be around a lot. i know i say that literally every other day, but this time i mean it. i’m doing other stuff and trying to make actual, real-world friends. i’m looking at college and shit. college, man. jesus. trying to get out of the house more and dedicate more time in school to actually doing schoolwork and maybe getting a job. (i hear off the waffle needs a graphic designer.)

two, i’m not gonna abandon my ask/rp blogs just because no one asks or rps. i’m just gonna keep yelling at y’all until you send something in. i know i have before but i’m not and most of the time i do spend on tumblr will be formatting their character pages and writing backstories.

three, septiplier. i’m doing a 30-day shipping challenge i made up for myself during march and it’s gonna be septiplier. it includes not only a short fic/chapter, but a drawing as well even though they don’t have to be necessarily related. that means even less time spent here. if you wanna do it with me, let me know.

lastly i want to throw out an open askbox notification. i draw pretty much anything from most fandoms i’m involved in and could always use something new to doodle for you guys. again, won’t be on too much, but i want to at least have something to post when i am on rather than just long text posts like this.

you still with me? cool, i’m about to tell you something awesome just for sticking it through with me: i got carried away with henna and wrote ‘daddy darkiplier’ on my arm and it won’t come off. i’m dying, squirtle.

(also i may or may not be at sakuracon this april as a short, gay, twinky antisepticeye. :D )


Happy 9th Anniversary BIGBANG <3

The very first time i came across to this group i thought to myself i will not be dedicated and will just enjoy their music. But curiousity get the best out of  me and watched videos of them in variety show and my love for them slowly bloomed, and the rest is history.  

I think loving them is the best thing than ever happened in my life. I met great friends along the way that i am blessed to have. They are also the people who gave strength to me when my mom and dad passed away.

A kind of love not asking anything in return just seeing them from a distance is enough for me. I always pray for their happiness and care for them so much. I know to myself that how many years  may come by i will always be a VIP until whenever. I love you guys so much <3.

#VIP고객감동9주년  #BI6BAN9

It’s that time again ay? Firstly, 1K+????!?!?!??? REALLY???? I was in disbelief when I reached the amount after almost 3 years in this website like omg lmao anyways thank you guys soooooooooooooooooo much for everything, endured thru my entire craziness and bullshit I posted or reblogged and also without you guys, my dash would be totally dead and ewww hahaha so thank you for filling my dash with such beautiful graphics, edits, texts and everything you guys posted or reblogged. You guys are the reasons why I continue making edits and still aware that I have a long way to go and I’m still to improvise myself and to that, thank you.

But the most important thing, it’s KANEKI’S BDAY!!! (already the 21st here but who cares???????) So I make this edit dedicated to him and may he find eternal happiness and sunshine and rainbows in this tragic life bc everyone wants our child to be happy groSS SOBBING

anyways, follow these lovely blogs bc they’re such amazing and wonderful peeps 

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I’ve followed like a lot of blogs so if I miss you out I’m sooooo sorry but all of you guys are worth as equal as these guys!! Happy holidays and happy new year to all of you, may 2016 welcome you with more joy and happiness and luck and everything positive!! 

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