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Re: Cask of Amontillado, I may be misremembering but I think the guy also literally chains his friend up before starting to build the wall. And the friend (who is v. drunk) is going 'haha come on dude this is funny and all but let me out now. Lol come on man where's that wine at what are you doing with those bricks'

Let’s be clear here: this meme was basically made for me.

And yes, he chains up his friend, who is dressed like a clown and also very drunk, and his friend slowly sobers up as the dude is bricking up a wall.

Also, for the lazy in us, and for those who want to see the posts that started it all, I highly recommend Vox’s explainer for this meme:

The book I was able to buy thanks to my lovely patrons came in the mail today! And it’s amazing! Oh jolly god, I’m so happy and in literal tears

Thank you so much for supporting me! ❤️
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I just landed a voice acting gig for an indie game that’s still in development and my anxiety’s trying to whisper shit into my ear like “you could fuck this entire thing up & embarrass yourself~” and “they might hate you & replace you~” and “it’s still in development what if the entire project falls through~” but my INTENSE EXCITEMENT is drowning it all out lmao 


“It’s Tuesday, we always have tea on Tuesdays.”

I like to think Ford does all these weird things that are so normal to him like having tea with Mothman and asking Bigfoot to help him reach things off the high shelves. And he just doesn’t comprehend that most people don’t do that.


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It's not like I don't like ksoo with short hair, he looks good with short hair too!, but I really really missed his long hair a lot, very much, I hope after he finish filming "with god" he will stop cutting it, and leave it grows. Btw can U do a(1)

Ksoo with Long hair spam When you have time? ^^ (2)

Hey anon! I also enjoyed to see KS long hair a lot, so I’m gonna try to post random moments of it, since you asked so cutely <3. 

Look at this cutie with a bowtie!

Precious cutie still impressed with idol world and with the fact that he’s in a fansign.

Precious cutie with bangs and red hair~

*flips hair and leaves*

That’s the kid who goes at church every Sunday.


*heavy breathing*

This hair looks so nice on him, actually


In each picture of him I stare, more like a proud mom I look, what is this

He looks emo but still looks good.


He’s not showing any hair here, but I thought “why not?” and here it is

He just sinned face and he loves it.

One of the last occasions we saw his hair long, but it won’t be forgotten!

Stay strong!

what’s really interesting to me is the people that want to help you “correct” the problems with your blog - help you make it “better”.

This is for me - I am entertaining myself - the fact that a lot of other people seem to like it thrills me to no end. But it doesn’t change what I do.

tune in - tune out - delete - what ever works for you, I can’t remember writing to someone to tell them what to do to fix their blog so it is “better” for me.

That thought has never occurred to me. Why would I want someone to make something for me? I make something for me. You make something for YOU. 

Perhaps we will find mutual items of interest in each other’s blogs - as well as things that do NOT appeal. That seems to be the nature of things.

Guess what - I don’t get any financial reward off this thing, whether I have 10 followers, or some huge number. 

I do have fun tho…

(PS. But - if you have something that you are doing you want to share that you think I can benefit from - or would enjoy - I would love to see it. That’s how it works in my little corner of things. Show me what you got.)

Friendly Meddling

Summary/Request from @hiitsmecharlie: (Y/N) works at WWE, but she can easily pass by unnoticed at the job (not all the famous type etc). She’s really shy, but once you know her really cute and funny. She likes Seth from the moment she laid eyes on him and so does he, but neither of them actually believes the other may be interested so neither does anything to actually get to know each other. Does it makes sense? Make it cuteeee and flufly

FYI- GO READ HER FICS IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY. She’s an epic writer and a really amazing person.

Warnings: My usual swearing and fluff. Also, long fic.

Word count: 4,500+

Bonus: There is a The Princess Bride reference hidden in here…

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