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Exo Mafia!Reaction To You Welcoming Then Back From A Long Trip.(Ot9)(nsfw)(part1)

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Chen: coming home to you on the couch fiddling your thumbs patently for his return. He smiled a little as he closed the door,hearing the click your head shot up a grin spread on as you jumped off the Italian leather couch. running up to him lips crashing against surprised at your enthusiasm it took him a few seconds to start kissing back. His hands trailing from your waist to your butt squeezing a little. gasping from this action you pulled away and winked, grabbing his hand leading him to the bedroom.

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not really an ask you have to answer (i mean none of them are lol thank god) but i’m high off of my first dose of medication and want to ask if you’re doing ok??

Kckxj you sound so sweet pls stay safe omf
I’m doing pretty good! I’ve got some stuff on my hands I’m dealing with on another blog that’s kinda nasty but I’ve been with pals all day having fun and seeing people I haven’t seen in MONTHS so I’m just giddy and sleepy and we’ve already agreed to hanging out again soon to get as much time with each other as possible so I’m excited aa
Ain’t nothin gonna get me down fr more than 3 seconds aha

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Feel free to ignore me again because this became insanely long and I did not intend for it to xD but I had a couple of requests after my last post to list more of those scenes that canon suggested happened for Caryl but were never shown on screen that we really wish had fucking been shown on screen.

                         There are plenty so I was happy to oblige. :)

                          Ok, here we go with grumpy post #2 haha.

1) My first is this scene from 2x03 where Daryl returns to the trailer after his attempt to search for Sophia, ahem, in the middle of the fucking night. Ok so, I’m pretty sure this is on the list of every Caryler that ever shipped but I would have loved to have seen exactly what was said [if anything] or looks that were silently given when both Daryl and Carol disappear inside that trailer all the while Dale and Andrea speak outside. Caryl are alone in there for at least 5 to 10 minutes or so and yeah, yeah, I know that it was probably unnecessary to the plot but there are so many possibilities for that beautifully awkward tension to rear its lovely head even in that short amount of time, that, fuckitall, it would have been amazing to have been able to have seen it.

2) You all remember this scene, y/y? (ya, dumb question haha) But see after the group disperses and after that amazingly intense stare how you can tell that Daryl is caught feeling embarrassed so he flees? He’s completely out of his element here in season 2. He doesn’t quite know how to process just what is going on in his mind or with his emotions. He probably can’t even explain why he came to this meeting in the first place [not to mention the way his hair is even slicked to the side, meaning he must have even thought about his appearance before attending!] but he did this anyway because Carol had wanted him/asked him to. Ok. So then see how she follows him out the door after he leaves? Oh, what I wouldn’t give to see the rest of that scene play out, if/when she caught up to him, [which I really think she must have]. She was obviously going after him. And obviously wanted to speak to him again. In fact, after this scene, they do follow up on almost every other member of the group that splits off. Except Caryl. So what happened when Carol spoke to Daryl again in the scene that surely followed this one? A ton of Caryl goodness that we didn’t see, that’s what. haha.

3) Mmkay. We all know Daryl had lost Merle by this scene. We know he was feeling depressed as fuck about it. But what’s interesting here is that Carol is seemingly aware of everything that happened from the previous episode and I assume also what Daryl had to do to his brother. So ummmm, I would like to know just how she came to be privy to this knowledge? Her words, “He gave us a chance.” indicate that someone had clued her in entirely on the details. Now, I wonder just who that someone could have possibly been……… Someone who had the first hand experience, perhaps? Someone with whom she had become extremely close and would seek out to comfort knowing how hard it would have been for him to lose his brother, maybe? Imagine that scene, you guys. Imagine the fucking cute there would have been. Omf. 

4) Ok, I’m being especially greedy with this one but they took watch together, the very night after the beautiful reunion. Yeah, so I wanna know exactly how that decision came to be, hm? :P I know we got plenty of concerned Daryl but I just would have loved to have seen how this even happened. Why do I have this feeling that Carol volunteered and it was Daryl who immediately decided to volunteer right after? :) Or maybe Daryl simply followed her to the tree without even a thought, [because Carol!] and then everything was pretty much done without words because, yup, Caryl would do that. Like I said, I know, it’s not a big deal, but inquiring minds, you know………….

5) I think this one is one that is on every Caryler’s list as well. After Carol is reunited with Daryl for the second time in season 5, she is still recovering from her injuries. And then, by the next time we catch up with Daryl and Carol, time has passed and Carol is feeling better. Well enough to walk without the assistance of a wheelchair. So whyyyyy oh why can we never see him take care of her? There is no fucking way he wouldn’t have after witnessing the car hitting her, meanwhile also knowing full well she had bruises because of the van drop. No way. He would have tended to her. Or at least tried to. But we didn’t see it. And yeah, I’m a little grumpy that this is the second time that he could have/would have nursed her back to health and we never got to see it happen. Fuckityfuckfuck. *grumpy face here* haha

                     Alright, that’s all for now, I’m shutting up, I swear. xD