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Loving Boyfriend

request: Hey hon i would like to request something if you’ve got the time cuz i rlly love your writing Like when u get off work and you’re like really tired and he picks you up form work and takes care of you and he is like being really sweet

You yawned for the tenth time in three minutes, and glanced at your phone for the time. It was nearing eleven at night, and you groaned and leaned back in your chair. “God, it’s so late!” You grumbled. 

“Yeah, tell me about it.” You friend and coworker, Leslie, agreed. You two were stuck ao work, as you two needed to finish an article and segment for the news tomorrow. “How early did you get here?”

“Eight-thirty.” You mumbled, laying your head on your desk. You texted Shawn, asking if he was still awake.

“Jesus! Go home, I can finish this.” Leslie’s eyes widened, she didn’t start till noon.

You yawned again, and nodded. “Thanks, Les.” You grabbed your keys and turned off your computer. 

“Wait,” Leslie looked at you. “Make Shawn pick you up. I don’t want my friend to drive while she’s this tired.” She looked at you, and you sat on the floor, nodding. 

“Ok.” You dialed Shawn’s number, deciding to call him instead. “Hi, babe. Could you possibly pick me up from work?” 

Yeah, give me like ten minutes.” You thanked Shawn and hung up, and moved so you were laying on the floor. 

Ten minutes later, Shawn texted you that he was there, and you said goodbye to Leslie and met him in the lobby. “Thanks for picking me up.” You kissed your boyfriend and walked out to the car together. You figured you’d have Shawn drop you off tomorrow so you could drive your car home. 

“No problem, babe.” He pulled out onto the road and looked at you for a moment. “I’m glad you called, I don’t want you to drive if you were this tired.” 

You smiled, half asleep. “That’s what Leslie said.” You figured you fell alseep for the rest of the short ride, because next thing you knew, Shawn was waking you up at home. “I’m so tired.” You whispered. 

“Just an elevator ride and the walk to the bedroom and you can sleep.”

You smiled, walking into the apartment complex lobby. 

Opening the door to your apartment, you tossed your keys into the bowl next to the door and toed off your shoes. You bypassed the kitchen and walked right into the bedroom, and Shawn followed. You changed out of your work clothes and into a sports bra and cropped leggings, and Shawn took off his shirt. He had on basketball shorts already, so he just hopped into bed. You crawled in after him, and curled up against him. “Mm, love you Shawn.” 

“I love you too, baby.” Shawn whispered. “Go to sleep, you deserve it.” He kissed your forehead and you smiled, falling right to sleep. 

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aqua’s story - enchanted dominion

“But remember one thing–as long as there is light, there will be darkness.”

The Great Pine Dart Battle

It started at the old Mystery Shack.
Didn’t everything?
The resident demon of Gravity Falls was out and about at the time and, surprisingly, had absolutely nothing to do with the start of this particular war. But in between looming over lazy Susan’s shoulder, about to catch the Tabasco sauce he knew she would drop, and ignoring one of the more mundane summons in favor of watching a group of children flit past in an effort to try and catch one of the many fairies that spent free time in town, something… happened.
Alcor - or, Dipper, as this place knows him - always kept tabs on his little niblings. Ever since the whole fiasco with the Woodsman, and even before that, he kept constant vigilance over them. That being said, he wasn’t all that surprised when he noticed an acute shock that jolted Willow into action, or the feeling of sweet victory radiating from Acacia.
He did, however, take notice when Hank felt the same shock that Willow had not a few minutes before.
Something was up with his niblings.
Something… more than likely entertaining.
And probably chaotic.
He grinned and blipped.
Hank perked up from behind the couch, noticing Dipper appearing behind him. “Hey Uncle Dipper.”
“Hey there, Dog Star. What’s up?”
Hank scowled. It was adorable. “War.”
“War?” Dipper grinned again, showing off multiple sets of shark teeth. “What kind of war?”
Hank frowned, looking around the corner of the couch in case anyone was nearby. Dipper checked in his own way - noticing that his two missing niblings were also hiding behind various pieces of furniture, and getting more fidgety by the second. “Well, Acacia found a Nerf gun and shot Willow while she was doing her project, and then Willow found another gun and shot Acacia, and then they both ganged up on me!” Hank grumbled darkly, glaring at the nearest wall. “So now we’re at war.”
Dipper considered this.
“Hey Dog Star.”
“How would you like to make a deal?”
Hank straightened from his crouch and gave the nastiest grin Dipper had ever seen on his niblings face. “What kind of deal?”
It was almost enough to bring tears to his eyes. “Okay, so…”
Ten minutes later
Acacia screamed. “You dirty cheat!”
Upon request, Dipper had materialized at least thirty Nerf guns and five times as many foam darts in exchange for a guaranteed front row seat to all the action that ensued, and oh god, this has got to be the best deal in existence.
Three minutes in, Acacia and Willow barged downstairs, intent on nailing Hank too many times to count until he retreated and they took up residence in the front room, but were met with a practically semi-automatic dart gun, wielded by a manically grinning Hank. It… it was so beautiful, and Dipper was so, so proud.
Not proud enough to withhold the same deal opportunity from the other two, though.
They returned full force not two minutes later, forcing Hank out of the front room and onto the porch, startling a few gnomes at the edge of the lawn. Dipper floated out a few moments later, corporal for the time being thanks to Willow hastily microwaving some popcorn in exchange for her own gun, and chose to perch on the porch railing as Hank hid out of range of the doorway. Another offer, another deal, and a few more minutes of chaos, and the triplets were tearing into each other out on the lawn with no way of getting back inside.
Dipper was now floating above their heads, watching with glee and munching on popcorn as guns were continuously loaded and fired.
“No one said, no one said!” Willow teased, dodging out of the way of Acacias’ next dart.
Hank stepped back, gun at the ready as the two girls bickered between themselves. “So, we’re locked out?”
Dipper nodded, finishing up a bite. “Until you go spread chaos. Trust me, it’ll be great.”
“Are we going into town then?”
“Looks like!” He popped another few kernels into his mouth. “Want me to blip you guys there?”
Willow looked up, narrowed her eyes, and shot a dart at her uncle.
Acacia looked up, noticed her sisters dart making contact, and fired her own.
Hank smiled at his sisters. “Let’s do it.”
Thirty minutes later
Absolute chaos.
Dipper decided to amend his earlier statement. *This* was the best deal he had ever made.
The entire town - all of Gravity Falls, he realized with a laugh - everyone was going absolutely insane. It only took a little bit of prompting on his part, pointing his sweet Little Fighter in the general direction of an old friend, and…
“Oh my god.” Pacifica had gasped, realizing just who it was that shot her. “Oh my god, you are so going down!”
Dipper, grinning and still munching on his popcorn, casually handed her a gun and a handful of darts.
It all went downhill from there.
Pacifica aimed for Acacia, but with a not-so-natural gust of wind, her dart managed to peg Robbie in the neck, the offending orange pellet falling into his hoodie. He cursed, tried to throw it back, failed, and was rewarded with a gun of his own. He shot at Pacifica, the shot bouncing off her head and onto Candy’s as the girl walked by.
She then plucked the dart from the ground, looked at it, then up at the still corporal Dipper, and proceeded to grin like a maniac.
She was given one of the semi-automatic guns in exchange for the promise to get the entire town involved. If anyone could do it, it was Candy.
And do it she did.
Dipper laughed, watching as Manly Dan pumped dual Nerf shotguns - no Dipper actually *didn’t* give him those, strangely enough - and shot Wendy point-blank, withstanding her return fire before being tackled by one of his other children from behind, then two, then four until he let himself be dragged to the ground and executed by orange darts. Meanwhile, Grenda was shot by Candy, who was then attacked by a mob of children led by Acacia, of course. With a bit of a struggle, Willow and a classmate of hers managed to fill up a few buckets worth of darts, and dumped them all at once on Acacias gathered forces.
And that was when Henry’s car pulled up.
Willow grinned. “Busted.”
“One last ambush?”
Everyone within earshot turned to Dipper, auras lighting with one last spark of childish glee as the triplets below him nodded.
The married couple didn’t know what hit them.
Mabel exacted her revenge not an hour later, with Henry watching and cheering from the front porch of their home, joined by a laughing Stan and Wendy as Dipper tried and failed to escape the combined efforts of his sister and niblings in their quest to shoot him down.
The war lasted three days.
It would go down in the Gravity Falls history books as ‘The Pine Dart Battle’. In actual history books.
All three of the triplets claimed full credit for the battle, much to each other’s feigned irritation.
Every once in a while, the residents of the town would still find stray darts, fading with age as time passed.
Years upon years later, Alcor - known in this place as Dipper - plucked a faded dart out of the dirt it had been buried in and smiled despite himself.