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Say It (1/8)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 6,594 (I have a problem, lol)

Request: “Could you write buckyxreader where the reader has a speech impediment.”

Warning: Angst, descriptions of blood 

A/N: This was a request by @gondorgirl01 a very very very long time ago, but I never got around to writing it before now. I’m apologizing though, I promised you fluff, but the angst wrote itself. Haha. I wanted to post this on your birthday, but I was like, “nope, not gonna angst her this hard on her b-day, that’s just plain rude”. I love you girl, and I promise to make up for this angst with some fluff for you at some other point! hehe. Love you! As always, feedback is greatly appreciated!


You didn’t know what it was about Bucky that drew you to him.

All you knew was that the pull you had towards him was like a magnet to steel.

Every time he would enter the room, every time he would speak, every time he would smile, the pull became stronger and stronger.

Your mother told you it was because girls were born with an instinct to fix what was broken, but you knew that wasn’t the case.

You didn’t want to fix Bucky because it wasn’t your job to fix him. He was broken, yes, but no one but himself could fix that. It was a battle he had to fight on his own.

But you wanted to help. You wanted to be there for Bucky, to support him in his journey to recovery.  

That was all you really wanted to do, but you didn’t know how. Bucky spoke to all the Avengers, he was kind, he did his very best to show the Avengers the gratitude he felt, and you wanted to talk to him as well. You wanted to assure him that all the Avengers including yourself were happy to have him here, were happy to help him, were happy to be part of his life. You wanted to tell him that so badly, but you couldn’t. And that was probably the hardest fact for you to swallow each and every day when you saw him. A million words you wanted to say, but the only thing you could do was smile bright his way and hope he understood why you were the only one who couldn’t say a word to him.

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10 Prompts I want to write

A/N: These are just some things that came to me while I was bored a couple days ago. Request are open and also parings/ships. 

#1. “ Don’t start a tickle fight when I’m supposed to be mad at you!”   

#2. “  Will you stop flirting with me, you just got seriously injured.” 

#3. “ Why did you punch him again?!”

#4. “ I thought you loved me, what happened to that?” 

#5.  “ I need to be alone right now.”                                                                     

#6. “ Talk to me!” 

#7. “Wait.…. how much baking powder did you put in this?”

#8. “ Why do you have Hannah Montana on your playlist?”                                         “ The real question is why don’t you have it on your playlist.”

#9. “ So you decide to forget about our anniversary to go stop petty crimes?”

#10. “ Look at me… just breath okay, he’ll be here soon enough”.”                                     

Like Home to Me (Grocery Stores Part 2) {Ben Platt x Non-Gender Specific Reader}

request:  ANONYMOUS:I want ben to give it to me. you know what to do homie.

warnings: smut smUT SMUT

word count: 2k

You and Ben had moved in together two months ago, and it was pretty much the greatest thing ever. You were both adults with responsibilities, and you still got to sleep next to your best friend every night.
How cool was that?
Though you were both busy with your shows, you still found time to be together. Most of your days off were spent together at your apartment, baking sweets and watching movies, as true romantic goals would prescribe.
You were certain that you had it all. The best friends, the best boyfriend, and the best life.

What was even better than the companionship, though, was the sex.

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Daryl x Reader - Keep you safe (30 days series)


30 days drabble challenge

Day 1: Gettin lost somewhere

-> DAY 2 <-

So, I want to do this challenge with the pairing “DarylxReader”.

I’ll try to upload a story everyday, I hope you like it!

Requests are open by the way

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Pairing: Daryl x Reader

Warning: just fluff, because Daryl needs to be loved ♥

Perfect! simply perfect! 

15 minutes ago I was on a bike with Daryl, the sun on my face and wind in my hair. 

Our goal was the mall situated 45 minutes from Alexandria. 

Since we got together, me and Daryl considered runs like dates. Hey! In a world where dead people roam the streets you had to adapt somehow. 

 So as I said, minutes ago I was with my man on his bike, then once we arrived at our destination, we decided to separate so we can scavenge easly.

 Despite the fact there isn’t any person, I got lost. 

 "I’m sure I already see this sport shop…. 5 minutes ago"  with a sigh I sit down on a bench, waiting for Daryl… maybe he is looking for me. 

Suddenly I feel someone grabbing my shoulder: A WALKER! 

 He fall on me and meanwhile I try to reach for my gun; however it fell out of my reach.

 I start to scream for help while I struggle to keep it away from my skin. 

All of sudden he stops moving, I notice an arrow on his skull: 


I hug him but I notice immediately that he’s angry:

“Where the hell were you? Why didn’t you have your gun?”

 I look down, knowing he has the right to be mad at me: "I’m sorry, I got lost.“ 

He takes my face with his hands and laugh:“you got lost? In a desert mall?”

 I hit him gently on his chest: “Hey! I’m not a tracker like you! besides, I have to remind you when you got lost in that mansion, Mr. Dixon?" 

He just shake his head and gives me a kiss: "Let’s go home, sunshine”. 

 We walk to his bike, his arm around me all the time.

 It doesn’t matter where I am, Daryl will always come for me and keep me safe. 

So maybe 10? 9? days ago i got an email saying i’d been here for 2 whole years which in itself is just yikes but i figured why not do one of those follow forever things that ppl sometimes do?? also moodboards bc it’s the one thing i can actually do well (somewhat). cheers ladz

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The raven’s desk is two years old!

Two years ago, I got up the nerve to start a Tumblr blog and hit “post” on my first-ever piece of fanfiction. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who’s read, followed, requested, commented, liked, reblogged, asked, befriended, and encouraged since that day…I never forget that this blog would just be me talking to myself without you.

For a little stroll down memory lane, here are your top ten fics, ranked according to notes:

1. Happy accident (Kili)
2. Cold night, warm heart (Thorin)
3. The second queen (Thranduil)
4. Only the beginning (Thorin)
5. Father figure (Thorin)
6. Rescued (Bofur)
7. Pierced by Cupid (Thorin)
8. The gift (Thorin)
9. It’s in his kiss (Kili)
10. Win-win situation (Fili)

(As always, you guys love Thorin, and I’m so proud that a Fili fic cracked the top ten this year.) ;)

And just for fun, my personal top ten, in no particular order and according to my whim:

The king’s choice (Thorin)
Piertotum locomotor (Thorin)
A little tenderness (Thorin)
Almost (Bard)
An unexpected love (Bilbo)
Make a wish (Dwalin)
Promise (Dwalin)
Wedding date (modern Fili)
The lion’s mane (Fili)
To mend a heart (modern Thranduil)

Thank you for all of the support and love you’ve shown me over the last two years! xoxo

“Nice to meet you. I’m your future husband.” - Soda Curtis Imagine

A/N: Like I said in a post yesterday, I just got this request despite it apparaently being sent in over 20 days ago! I am so, so sorry for the delay. This imagine includes prompts #2, #9 and #10 from this prompt list!

Word Count: 445

Warnings: None

Pairing: Soda Curtis x Reader

I know this will make me sound evil, but I cannot stand Sodapop Curtis. In junior high, he always teased and bothered me. I don’t care that he’s handsome or anything like that. In my humble opinion, he’s a jerk. Because Sodapop is a jerk, I’m always careful to only go to the DX when I know for sure he won’t be there.

Today is Sunday, so I know Sodapop won’t be working from one to two. I stroll to the DX, planning on saying “hi” to Steve and buying some candy in the little gas station store. However, when I walk into the little gas station shop, I freeze. I haven’t interacted with Sodapop Curtis in three or four years, but I may have to today because Sodapop’s behind the counter.

While my eyes harden, Sodapop gives me a kind smile and looks me over. “Nice to meet you. I’m your future husband.”

I make a little noise of disbelief. “Are you kidding me?”

Sodapop tilts his head like a puppy. “Have I pissed you off before?” I clench my fists. He doesn’t even remember me! “It was just a joke…”

“Look, you might not remember me, but every day for three years you made my life miserable.”

Sodapop is quiet for a moment and I watch as his eyes flash with recognition. “You know, I did that because I like you.”

“You did that because you like me?!? I hated junior high because of you!” I don’t care if I sound silly for being upset over something that happened years ago. He made me really upset and I deserve closure of some sort.

Sodapop comes out from behind the store counter and sighs. “Let me buy you something or take you out so I can prove I’m not a jerk?

"I will stab you. I don’t want anything from you.”

“Please? I wanna take you out,” He’s begging now.

“Let’s not-” I begin, but I’m cut off.

“Let’s yes. Tell me what you want, you choose any place you wanna go and I’ll pay you. I have to prove to you that I’m not a jerk.”

I purse my lips and give Sodapop a long look. “Okay… Here’s what I want tomorrow. I wanna go to dinner at that new Italian place. Enjoy some pasta and breadsticks.”

Sodapop grins and nods. “Alright, doll. Meet me there at seven.”

“Sounds good,” I nod, giving him a small smile as I walk out, not wanting to acknowledge that I am a little excited for tomorrow.

Hell to Paint Pt. 1

Request: Could you write a Sherlock 2 parter where the reader is kidnapped and beaten badly but Sherlock comes, saves her and takes care of her after the event?

(off topic but i started getting a lot of attention on Return of the Hounds and im lowkey freaking out i love that you all went through all that trouble to find my fic it seriously made me so happy you have no idea!!)

so anyway heres a request i got a little while ago, sorry it took so long, i havent been on tumblr in forever so i just saw it like 2 days ago

im starting to do warnings now because i really dont want to surprise you with things that may bother some readers. i mean i obviously want to surprise you and make you want to hear more of the story but if someone doesnt like reading about violence i dont want them to have to!

((um really dont know how i feel about the title tbh but its fine!!))

Pairing: Sherlock x Reader

Word Count: 955

Warning: Violence, Blood, Gore, Cursing


The rain rushed down the windows in the hallway of Bart’s where you stood outside the morgue, with Molly by your side. 

“Can’t believe I forgot my damn umbrella. I knew it was going to rain, my hip was throbbing the whole day,” you said from behind a cup of cold black coffee. 

“You sure you can’t leave now? We can share my umbrella, and you can always just come over to my flat for the night.” Molly offered as she zipped up her coat and pulled her hood over her head. 

“Thank you, but yea, I have to stay. I really gotta finish up this report, Sherlock needs it as soon as possible and if I make him wait he’ll literally keep me up all night until I get it for him.”

Molly laughed and shook her head. “No really! I’m serious! He’s done it before,” you giggled, taking another sip of coffee. “Well, be careful getting home. I can lock up here.” 

She handed you the keys. “Call me when you’re done, okay? It doesn’t matter what time, I just want to know you’re alright, you know, and that you’ve figured everything out, got it all sorted, that kind of thing.”

You nodded. “Thanks again Mol, I will.”

You walked back into the room as Molly left down the hall. You opened the laptop back up and sat between it and the cold body resting on the table next to you. 

You finished your coffee and your report at the same time. You emailed it to Sherlock and gently closed your laptop, setting it aside. You checked the time. It was after 2 in the morning, and you felt bad about waiting so long to call Molly. You were about to turn on your phone to send her a text, updating her with the information that you were ready to leave, but you decided you’d just call her when you got back. You yawned, turned off the lights, and locked up, noticing the rain still pouring down outside. You sighed, and accepted the fact that you’d be walking home in the terrible weather, as it was nearly impossible to find a cab at the moment. 

The rain clouded your vision and drowned out the sounds of the world around you, but you still couldn’t shake the feeling that you were being followed. Your hand fumbled for the phone in your pocket, and you shielded it from the rain as you quickly dialed Molly’s number. as it rang, you quickly glanced over your shoulder and prayed that you were alone. Your heart dropped as your eyes met a tall, hooded figure that trailed you about 15 feet back. 

Your pace quickened, and began to panic as the phone nearly rang out.


Finally, an answer. A drowsy Molly Hooper sat on the other line, yawning.

“Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I’m on my way home now, didn’t get back yet, but I’m hopefully almost there. This weather is insane! It’s been raining this hard since I went into work. I hope it lets up by this weekend, since we got plans to go away to see the Vatican cameos-”

“What? Are you okay?” You heard the worry rise up in her voice. “Where are you?”

“Just walking home now, the usual way.” You tried to steady your voice.

“I’ll get Sherlock to track your phone’s location, stay where you are and-”

Through the rain you saw a small alley: that was your chance. 

“That’s not an option.”

You broke into a sprint as you turned the corner, but your pursuer followed, matching your change in speed. 

“Vatican cameos!” You yelled. You ended the call but kept your phone in your pocket so someone could track you. A sudden click of a silenced pistol, a sharp pain splitting through your leg, and you were down. Your body hit the ground with surprising force, and as you tried to lift yourself up, a swift kick to the chest kept you down. You gasped for air, coughing violently as the figure wrapped a hood over your head. The smell of chloroform permeated the air, and you couldn’t stay awake.



“Oh thank God, I’m so sorry it’s late but you need to help me! I tried calling Sherlock but he wouldn’t answer,” 

John shot Sherlock a disapproving glance as he let Molly in.

“What’s going on?” 

“It’s (Y/N), I told her to call me when she got home because I know she had to stay late, but she just called me and said she was walking home, then she said Vatican cameos and the phone cut out.” She began to cry. “John, there’s something really, really wrong, you and Sherlock need to go and find her.”

Sherlock dropped the beaker he was working with, sending shards of glass across the kitchen floor. He ignored the mistake and ran over to Molly, grabbing her by the shoulders.

“Did she say where she was? Who was following her? Did she tell you anything about what was around her?!” His voice was frantic.

“I asked her to stay where she was but she said it wasn’t an option. She might have her location on her phone, and I know the way she walks home from work, but that’s it.”

He ran to his laptop and pulled up a map. With fingers shaking, it took him a few rapid tries to type out your name and number, but he found you. A small blip flashed on the screen, in transit to a location miles from Bart’s. Sherlock grabbed the laptop as John took the keys to Mrs. Hudson’s Aston Martin, and the pair raced through the door. 

part 2!

The Bodyguard #7

Originally posted by jack777

Word count: 1356 // I know it is too long for a drabble…hope that is okay…

Warnings: Mention of death a little angst.

Author’s note: Sorry for the delay everything got fucking deleted as I was about to finish it days ago -.- Fuck my life! I also struggled a little but I hope it is okay :D

Check out my masterlist ;)

#1   #2   #3   #4  #5  #6

Get your own drabble here :D

Request: 6,12,13 for the drabble game with Jackson Wang? Thank you ♥

Sorry! I forgot! Its the mafia au!! Thank you!

6: “Look at me when I’m fucking talking to you”

12: Falling in love with the enemy

13: “What is a pretty girl like you doing in this place?”

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Tagging @mags-duranb, who asked (thank you for the interest btw, it was super sweet. Also, I love your art <3333) :)  I was gonna make a post anyway, but I wanted it to be a timeline photoset hence why I’m not replying directly.

I thought it was about time I gave you guys a nice long update on the purrito, since we have now officially reached 2 months of age as of yesterday!

To answer the requester’s question, SHE is doing just fine xD  That’s right, when we visited the vet about a week ago for the second round of shots, we got visible proof (or rather lack thereof) that we have a little girl in our hands.  This was only a couple of days before I made an insta post announcing the official name, because of course it was. Way to embarass me, kiddo.

So I’d like to introduce you all to Buffy, because hello, so dang pretty, look at that last pic that was taken only yesterday, and she’s also pretty fearless and resourceful, though not necessarily highly intelligent xD  Not a vampire slayer, but an ankle slayer for sure.  I generally post updates on her every couple of days on instagram.

Oh, and, just as a final note on the whole name thing, yes, we still call her purrito from time to time, as well as a thousand other nicknames ;) 

So! On to the update (and an extra… suprise?¿¿??) below the cut:

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anonymous asked:

I'm not actually the one who requested the archangel thing (kudos to them, great request!) but i was wondering how much longer will it be? I look forward to seeing it

Hi anon ! 😃

I’m the one supposed to write the archangel OS. 😊I have actally a few other requests I couldn’t do because my computer died like 2 months ago and I got it back like 2 days ago. So I’m sorry it might take some time, but I’ll do my best to catch up ! Just be a little bit patient 😊

— Gwen

Draco Malfoy Imagine: "I'm Pregnant" part 2 (Requested by everyone)

A/N: As a reminder, requests are still closed. 

I know this was supposed to be up a few days ago, but I got the curriculum for the academic decathlon I’m doing and I’ve been studying like nonstop. Sorry! 

If you haven’t seen part one, it’s right here: click me. 

Enjoy! :)


The pain in Draco’s arm intensified the longer he stared at it. His gaze slowly settled onto yours: he was horrified. 

His voice came out in a quiver, “(Y/N)-”

You interrupted him before he could say anything else. “Just go. Get it over with.”

He gulped and nodded; there was sweat breaking out on his forehead now and his hands were starting to become clammy. You instantly grabbed onto his hands and held them tightly.

You tried to sound demanding to get his attention, but it didn’t work. You were just as terrified as he was, if not more. "Look at me.“

Draco looked down at you and suddenly he started to tear up. He suddenly thought of Voldemort killing him without no remorse, no regret. If he was gone, you wouldn’t have anyone to take care of the baby. His child would grow up without a father. The mere thought of it shattered his heart to pieces.

"No, don’t start crying.” you trembled, “Not now. Whatever it is, we’re going to be okay. If things start to get bad, just leave alright?”

Draco kept a death-like grip on your hands as he spoke, “(Y/N) I can’t just leave, it’s not that simple.”

You bit your lip and stood up on your toes to kiss his cheek. Draco found some comfort in it, as he gave you a light smile when you looked at him again.

You took a deep breath and pulled him to your chest, wrapping your arms around his neck and hugging him with all of your might. Draco returned it, as the arms wrapped around your back were practically crushing you to his torso. But you didn’t mind.

“You might have to.” you whispered in his ear.

Draco gulped again and nodded, pulling away to softly plant his lips on your forehead.

“If I don’t come back,” he mumbled against your skin, “get out of here. Go somewhere safe. The states will be the most likely solution.”

You held in a cry as you nodded and kissed his jawline one last time before he pulled away to finally apparate.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

He nodded and gave you a small smile before finally disappearing. You stared at the spot where he once was and let out a small cry, hoping that Draco would come back to you alive and well.

Draco suddenly appeared at his house. He was sitting at a table where Voldemort sat on the end and he was on the other end. All of the Death Eaters around him turned and gave him a look. Some were nasty glares, others were of sympathy.

Narcissa and Lucius were seated on either side of him. When Draco finally looked at them, they looked away. Narcissa was on the verge of tears, Lucius was angry.  Draco was about to say something to his parents when Voldemort finally spoke. 

“Young Draco…” he wheezed out, “Oh, poor young Draco…”

Draco gulped. Voldemort’s voice was like ice being scraped against a counter, it made a feeling of coldness wash over him and settle in the pit of his stomach.

“It has been brought to my attention that you are with child…”

Voldemort stood and leaned forward in a menacing stance, causing Draco to gulp and shrink back in his seat.

“Tsk tsk, I thought you better my boy. But tell me.." 

Voldemort stood up and slowly made his way over to Draco.

"Who is the mother of your child? I’m sure all of us would love to meet her.” he stopped next to Lucius Malfoy and gestured to everyone else at the table. 

Draco gulped. “Er - I uh - I don’t believe you know her. Her name is (Y/N).”

At this, Naricssa let out a loud squeak and whirled around to face her son.

“(Y/N)?! (Y/N) (Y/L/N)?! That Gryffindor Mudblood you were seeing?! You told me you ended your relationship with her!”

“Well I didn’t!” Draco snapped back, “Believe it or not mother, I-”

“Tut, tut, tut.” Voldemort cut him off, “Such a shame. I thought you better.”

He leaned forward in eye level position to Draco and spat in his face, “You disgust me.”

Suddenly, Voldemort stood tall again and glided back to his seat.

“Pettigrew.” he spoke in a now menacing voice, “Kill him.”

Pettigrew made a lingering, unsure glance at the great dark Lord, while Draco’s parents stood up in an effort to shield their son.

Lucius quickly drew his wand out. “You can kill anyone whom you please my Lord, but you will not murder my son! Not in front of me!”

Narcissa turned to look at her son one last time before she drew her wand out as well.

“Very well.” Voldemort sang, “Kill the parents too.”

Draco screamed. “NO!”

But it was too late.

A burst of bright light exploded throughout the room. Lucius was suddenly lying on the floor, his eyes were wide unblinking, his facial expression was still set in anger and determination. His body lay limp on the floor in a permanent freeze. The wand in his hand was still clutched tightly in his hand, but it held no power, not anymore. 

Narcissa cried loudly, sorrowfully. She turned her back to everyone in front of her in order to shield her son. Draco’s face was twisted with horror and sorrow.

“Mom..” Draco blubbered.

“No son, don’t you worry about me. Get out of here, take (Y/N) with you. Don’t stop-”

She was cut off by another burst of bright light and before Draco had the time to scream, she fell limp in his arms. 

All of the other witches and wizards seated around the table quickly stood up. Their wands were clutched tightly in their hands and all of them stared at Draco with disgust and rage.

“What are you waiting for?!” Voldemort bellowed, now furious, “Kill him!

But before they could even so much as even lift their wands, Draco had apparated, leaving them behind. He suddenly appeared in your dorm room, where you sat reading a book.

Once you saw the look on his face, you instantly shot off the bed and rushed over to the father of your child.

“Draco, what’s happened?! Why are you crying?!”

Draco shook his head but still wept aimlessly. “Voldemort killed my parents.”

You became horrified. “What!?”

Draco nodded and kept whimpering. “It doesn’t matter, not now. Look, we have to go. Pack everything you have now. We can’t stay here anymore, we have to go.”

You nodded without saying a word and quickly pulled your suitcases from under the bed and threw everything you had in them. Likewise, you rushed down out of the room, down the stairs, and out of your tower with Draco leading every step of the way for him to pack his own things. Once everything had been packed and ready, both of you made your way to the front door. Only to have McGonagall stop you. 

Draco sighed exasperately. “Professor-”

She interrupted you. “I already know." 

Her face was solemn and still. She definitely knew everything. 

"They will be here soon. Go. Get out of here. But please both of you - stay safe.”

Both of you smiled graciously at her and ran out of the door and into the night sky. The stars were shining brightly, but the mood wasn’t. 

Before Draco could drag you away completely, you turned around. “Wait!" 

McGonagall shot her head up as she was about to close the doors. 

"Tell Harry, Ron, and Hermione that I’ll be back.”

With a pained smile and a curt nod, she shut the doors behind the two of you - for good. 

Draco gripped your hand tightly and looked around, surveying the area.

“Where do we go?”

 "I have some friends in the states that can help us. They’re hunters. If anyone knows how to keep us safe, they can. But we have to apparate now, I don’t know when or where they’re going to move next.“

Draco stared at you in wonder. "How do you know them?”

You smiled at him. “They’re my brothers. Sam, Dean, and Cas.”

A/N: Thought I’d put a Supernatural reference in there for the funsies.

30 Rogue One Icons

1 Baze (3 variations) / 3 Bodhi (9 variations) / 3 Cassian (7 variations) / 1 Chirrut (3 variations) / 1 Jyn (2 variations) / 1 K-2SO (2 variations) / 1 Saw (4 variations)

requested by @caessianandor and an anon / like/reblog this post if you save one / 200x200px versions under the cut / more icons here

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anon asked: you confessing to 10k

there werent any specifics with this so i just went with a confession of love because theyre angsty and fun.

im slowly making my way through requests but they will get done i promise

He’s blood spattered, and the bags under his eyes are like half-moons, but he’s alive he’s alive he’s alive. He’d left on a quick supply run 2 days ago, and got trapped inside the store. You tried to get him out, but you were overrun. You left him. You had to leave him.

But he’s alive.

Your mouth falls open, and it’s like you can finally breathe, the knot that’s been twisted in your stomach for two days unravels. Addy runs forward, tackling him in a hug.

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If you get this you are my new best friend. I have been obsessed and I only downloaded the app 2 days ago.

| request open |

House of Cards ♦ Prologue | Jungkook

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Prologue | Pt.1 | Pt.2 | Pt.3 | Pt.4 | Pt.5 |

“A house made of cards, and stupidly, us; even if you say it’s a useless dream, just stay a little more like this”

Summary: Love just isn’t meant to last in this game of cards, especially when you and Jungkook are enemies.

Word Count: 4,313

Genre: Gang/mafia!au + angst

A/N: Here is the teaser/prologue to the newest series I’m writing!! I hope you like it :D It was based off of this request I got ages ago and have been dying to write ever since

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Secrets Part I

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairing: Stiles x Reader 

Warning: N/A

Writer: hachievans

Summary/Request: Based off (X) (X) (X) Part 2 (X) Part 3 (X) Part 4 (X): You’re new to Beacon Hills…everything is mighty strange…

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Forgotten - Rapmon x Reader

Anonymous asked:
Hi! Can you do a scenario with Rap Monster where you are either upset because you realized it’s the anniversary of a death in your family, or he says something that makes you think about them? Thank you and I hope you’re doing well!

A/N: I’m sorry for being late! I know this was requested around 2 months ago but here it is! I hope you liked it! Sorry the ending kind of sucks…

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Word Count: 1,255 

It has been 10 years now. You knew it was always in your head but the day had just slipped from your mind. You couldn’t believe that you had forgotten about such a day. You hated yourself for it. It all started about a week ago. Namjoon had forgotten something at home and asked you to bring to him, you gladly got it back to him before his presentation, when a man bumped into you.

“Ah! I’m so sorry.” He bowed before helping you pick up the scattered sheets on the ground.

“Don’t worry about it.” You smiled. After gathering all the paper and getting another apologize from him, you gave the papers to Namjoon and went home without realizing what had happened. You lost it and you didn’t even notice, how could you do such thing? It was with you all the time and practically became a part of you that rested around your neck. When you realized it was gone, it was already too late.

The day started out just like any other, you woke up way too early for the weekend even though you didn’t have work. You were just too used to waking up this early. You looked to your right to see Namjoon’s sleeping figure, no surprise he came home late due to a long night at the office. Not knowing what to do, you decided to make some breakfast.

After washing up, you headed to kitchen, oblivious to what day it was. You had left your phone back in your room and haven’t checked it since last night. The important reminder popped up soon after you woke up. One that you wouldn’t notice until later that day.

The smell of pancakes woke Namjoon up, he smiled, remembering the amazing taste of your pancakes. He crept into the kitchen, a bigger smile appeared on his face when he saw you in nothing but his oversized T-shirt. He snaked his arms around you, causing your body to tense up from his sudden presence.

“Morning.” You cheered, pouring the pancake mix in your pan. He hummed in response, too tired to speak, as he pulled you closer to him. A small gasp escaped you mouth when he suddenly swung you around to face him. Before you could say anything he pressed his forehead on yours with another smile exposing his dimples. His hands slide up towards your neck to pull you closer when he felt something wrong. He slowly backed away and looked at your neck.

“D-did you take off the necklace your father gave you? You never take it off.” He asked, slightly worried.

“What are you talking about? I-” You reached up, expecting to feel the necklace but it wasn’t there. The necklace was gone. In a slight panic, you rushed into the bedroom, searching franticly. Namjoon turned off the stove before following you into the bedroom.

“Y/N? What’s wrong?” He frowned, seeing tears dripping down your cheeks. He knelt down to your sitting figure before wiping the tears.

“T-the necklace… I lost it.” You whispered, sobbing even more, “The only thing he gave me before he left, and I lost it! Wait- What date is it today?”

“The 20th.” He replied, a little confused. You stare at him as tears continue to fall from your eyes, “It’s his death anniversary today and I forgot!”


“God, what kind of daughter am I? First I lose the necklace, now I forget his death anniversary. Why am I so stupid?” You cried as Namjoon pulled you into his embrace.

“Y/N, you’re not stupid. It’s been like 10 years! It’s natural for you to forget, plus you probably just misplaced your necklace. It’ll be okay. Just- please, don’t cry. It breaks my heart to see you in tears.” He whispered, gently stroking your hair. His touch was comforting but it didn’t take away the fact that you lost the necklace.

Namjoon calmed you down as you two ate breakfast in silence, he didn’t know what else to say to make you feel better. You took the chance to leave the apartment when he went to the bathroom, you needed to find it. No matter what.

You spent almost the whole day, going to every place you could have possibly dropped it, only to find nothing. It was late afternoon when you finally looked at your phone. You noticed the many missed calls and messages from Namjoon. You felt bad for leaving without saying anything, but you chose to ignore it.

The day was almost over and you knew you had to visit your father’s grave with or without your necklace. You arrived at the cemetery not long before the sunset, his favourite flowers in your hands. You walked towards his grave, seeing other flowers placed around it. Your father was a great man, many people adored him so you were not surprised to see that others had paid him a visit. You smiled before placing your own flowers down.

You sat next to the grave with a sigh before confessing your sin, “Hey dad… I miss you… and I’m sorry for losing the necklace. I know how important it is since it was from your grandmother… I’m so sorry for being such a horrible daughter.”

“You’re not a horrible daughter.” A voice behind you spoke, causing you to turn around. It was Namjoon, “I knew I’d find you here.” You grinned seeing him here, happy to be with him.

“Not only am I a horrible daughter, I’m also a horrible girlfriend.” You sighed, “I’m sorry for leaving without saying anything.”

“You’re not a horrible daughter.” He repeated, “But you’re definitely a horrible girlfriend.” He joked, earning a small chuckle from you.

“But, um… guess what I found.” You looked up at his hands to see a shiny object, your eyes widened, knowing exactly what it was, “Namjoon! You found it?”

He chuckled at the sight of you almost jumping up and down. You couldn’t help but wrap your arms around him before giving him a kiss on his cheek.

“Thank you, thank you! Where did you find it?” You smiled, as he put your necklace around your neck.

“At the office, where else?” He laughed, reminding you of last week when he forgot his documents and asked you to bring to him.

“So it’s your fault.” You frowned, earning a chuckle from him as he squeezed your cheeks.

“It’s my fault okay, now we should head home before it gets to dark. That is, after you talk to your father, of course.” He walked in front of the grave before bowing, “It’s nice to see you again sir.”

“Thanks, Namjoon.” You smiled as he walked towards the entrance to wait for you. You turned back towards your father’s grave before continuing where you left off, “I guess you can forgive me for losing it because I found it, right?” You chuckled, staring at the sunset.

“There is one thing I should be sorry for… ” You trailed off, your eyes stared at Namjoon who waved at you by the enter with a sweet smile on his face causing you to smile back. “I found someone that I love more than you.”

You went on about many things in your life when you finally realize it was time to go, you said your goodbyes before heading towards Namjoon. He took your hand in his as you walked towards his car.

“How about we grab some dinner?” He suggested.

“Gladly, I’m starving.” You smiled.

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hello all!! i’ve been thinking and if you guys want you can send in requests for imagines/headcanons since the random one i made about 2 days ago got like 150 notes (which is wild omg thank u and if u want u can see it here) so if u guys have any requests i might start to dabble in the art of writing!