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The raven’s desk is two years old!

Two years ago, I got up the nerve to start a Tumblr blog and hit “post” on my first-ever piece of fanfiction. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who’s read, followed, requested, commented, liked, reblogged, asked, befriended, and encouraged since that day…I never forget that this blog would just be me talking to myself without you.

For a little stroll down memory lane, here are your top ten fics, ranked according to notes:

1. Happy accident (Kili)
2. Cold night, warm heart (Thorin)
3. The second queen (Thranduil)
4. Only the beginning (Thorin)
5. Father figure (Thorin)
6. Rescued (Bofur)
7. Pierced by Cupid (Thorin)
8. The gift (Thorin)
9. It’s in his kiss (Kili)
10. Win-win situation (Fili)

(As always, you guys love Thorin, and I’m so proud that a Fili fic cracked the top ten this year.) ;)

And just for fun, my personal top ten, in no particular order and according to my whim:

The king’s choice (Thorin)
Piertotum locomotor (Thorin)
A little tenderness (Thorin)
Almost (Bard)
An unexpected love (Bilbo)
Make a wish (Dwalin)
Promise (Dwalin)
Wedding date (modern Fili)
The lion’s mane (Fili)
To mend a heart (modern Thranduil)

Thank you for all of the support and love you’ve shown me over the last two years! xoxo

30 Rogue One Icons

1 Baze (3 variations) / 3 Bodhi (9 variations) / 3 Cassian (7 variations) / 1 Chirrut (3 variations) / 1 Jyn (2 variations) / 1 K-2SO (2 variations) / 1 Saw (4 variations)

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If you get this you are my new best friend. I have been obsessed and I only downloaded the app 2 days ago.

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Amplification 2.0

A/N: Alright so I got a request (a while ago – I’m sorry it has taken me so so long!!!!) for a story similar to “Amplification” aka Season 4 episode 24 and the reader is married to Spencer and they have a child. I hope you like it!!


Spencer had been dealing with one of the most high profile cases the BAU had dealt with in a long time – the unsub had been using anthrax to kill large amounts of people. He and the team had been working tirelessly all day, but despite the big problem at hand, Spencer couldn’t stop thinking about his family at home.

“Hey pretty boy, you okay? You’ve been awfully quiet today” Derek patted him on the shoulder, snapping Spencer out of his trance.

“What? Oh yeah, yanno… hard case” Spencer said weakly. Despite his reassurance, Derek knew Spencer well enough to know that there was something else on his mind.

“C’mon Reid, you know you can talk to me”

Spencer turned to face Derek with tears in his eyes. “It’s just… this job gets a lot harder when you have a family”

Derek nodded his head in understanding. You and Spencer got married just a year and a half ago and only four months ago had a baby girl, Samantha. He expressed his worries about you two when he wasn’t around, but he hadn’t gotten around to tell you about the case that was currently going on.

“I know that you want to tell Y/N what’s going on… but it’s just part of the job. It could cause mass panic, you know that” Derek reasoned with Spencer.

All Spencer could do was nod, and back to work they went.


Spencer could hardly do his job right let alone think straight, he was so worried about his little family. He finally broke down and knew that he had to call you, just to hear your voice.

After a few rings, you picked up. “Hey honey, how’s work?”

He never knew that the sound of your voice could sound so sweet in his ears. “It’s erm… it’s good. How’s Samantha?”

The tone of his voice confused you. “She’s good, we’re just sitting here playing” you said with a smile as you looked down at your baby girl. She was in an incredible mood today, all smiles and giggles. She let out a big giggle that you were sure Spencer could hear.

“You hear that? She says, ‘Hi Daddy!’” you said with a laugh as you gave her little belly a playful squeeze, making more giggles erupt from her tiny little lips.

At this point, a few tears had spilled over Spencer’s lids. “Hi baby!” he said in the best excited voice he could do. “Do you, erm… plan on going anywhere today?” he nervously asked you.

You scrunched your eyebrows. “I was planning on going to the grocery store then taking Samantha around the block a few times before her nap… why?”

Spencer was holding down word vomit best he could. “I uh… oh I think that’s Hotch. I need to go back to work – I love you so much, Y/N. Give Samantha a kiss for me” He immediately hung up before he revealed too much.

Confusion swept over you – you knew something was up, you just didn’t know what.


Sitting in the hospital waiting room with a four month old in your arms was not how you were wanting to spend your night.

“Can you please tell me where my husband is? He’s a federal agent, his name is Spencer Reid. I was told he was here but not why he is here…” your voice rose as you were getting frustrated with the not very helpful nurse.

“Y/N!” you heard a familiar voice call out to you.

Your head whipped around and saw Spencer’s co-worker, Derek Morgan. “Oh Derek, where is he? Is he okay? What happened?” you asked in a hurry. Samantha was getting fussy in your arms as your voice grew stressed.

“I’ll take you to his room, okay? He’s okay now but he’s been through a lot today…” Derek’s voice grew solemn.

You listened intently on the walk to Spencer’s room – the anthrax, Spencer getting trapped in a room with it… and thankfully, finding the cure to the strain that had infected him.

That’s why he was so worried about what you and Samantha were doing.

You approached his door and Derek stopped you. “Do you want me to take the little one? She looks like she could use some Uncle Derek loving” The first smile spread across your face since you had gotten the call that Spencer was in the hospital.

“Sure… thanks Derek. For everything” you said as you passed Samantha into his arms. She immediately stopped being fussy and started giggling once Derek had her.

“Anything for my favorite family” Derek said with a smile.

You gave Samantha a kiss then walked through Spencer’s door. He was lying in a big hospital bed with tubes coming out of his arms and nose. Your heart broke at the sight of him.

You scooted a chair next to his bed and sat down, instantly grabbing his hand. Each time you got a call while Spencer was at work, your heart always dropped – this wasn’t the first time he had gone to the hospital.

“Y/N?” Spencer croaked out a half an hour after you got there.

“Hi baby…” you said as you sat up. “How do you feel? Do you need a nurse?”

He ignored both of your questions. “Where’s Samantha? Are you two okay?”

“She’s spending some quality time with Uncle Derek… we’re both okay” you said with a weak smile then paused. “You had me worried to death, Spence… no one could tell me what was going on”

Spencer gripped his hand tighter around yours. “I know, I’m so sorry… I wanted to tell you so badly what was going on, but… You know protocol. The thought of you two being out there when all of this was happening…” his voice trailed off as a tear rolled down his cheek. You were quick to wipe it away when you heard a knock on the door.

“Someone wants to see her daddy…” you heard Derek say.

Samantha’s eyes lit up when she saw Spencer, and Spencer’s eyes did the same when he saw her.

“There’s my big girl!” Spencer said enthusiastically as Derek passed her over to Spencer. There was no sight you loved more than when Spencer was with Samantha – she was clearly a daddy’s girl.

Samantha babbled as Spencer pretended to know what she was saying. Your heart swelled at the sight of it – just an hour ago you weren’t sure what kind of condition Spencer was in, and now there he was holding your little girl.

Spencer had to stay the night at the hospital, but you and Samantha were permitted to stay with him. Penelope brought an overnight bag for you and Samantha and once the sun went down, the three of you were snuggled closely in Spencer’s hospital bed.

Samantha laid between you and Spencer, sleeping peacefully as Spencer brushed a strand of her hair out of her face.

“I don’t know what I would do without either of you…” you whispered, making sure not to wake up Samantha.

Spencer leaned over and without a word planted a soft, sweet kiss on your lips. “We will always be here, Y/N”

Snuggling in closer, both facing Samantha, you drifted off into a deep sleep after your long day. There was nothing more comforting than feeling the heartbeats of the two you love most after the kind of scare you had today.


Imagine #122 I want you back (pt. 2)

There will be a few parts of this imagine, hope you will like it. It was requested long ago. Please understand that I have exams now so I won’t be able to update every day. (Part 1)

I woke up, feeling really bad, my head was hurting and I felt sick. I drank too much last night; I didn’t drink that much for about three months so I totally forgot my own limits.

I looked at the phone and it was late already, almost 12pm, so I slowly got out of bed and took a shower. I knew my friends were still probably sleeping, since they were at the party for the entire night having a blast.

While I was under the hot water I remembered about Neymar and the argument we had. He actually believes I am pregnant with another man. He should know more than anyone else, how media lies about other people’s lives.

However, from that talk with him I realized two things. Firstly, I need to move on and start living again and secondly… that will be hard, because I still love him.

“Hey, how are you?” My friend answered my phone call.

“Oh, well. I felt better, you? How was the party?”

“Oh God (y/n) last night was just… You should have stayed, it was amazing.” If there is something I hate, is when people say how fun it was and that I should have stayed, when they exactly know I could not.

“You know I couldn’t. What happened?”

“We were dancing and then some guys walked to us and they bought us some drinks, and took us to their hotel and it was just amazing…”

“And, you got yourself a phone number?”

“I did! He already texted me, I can’t believe this to be honest. I thought he is a typical fuckboy, well we actually have to wait, you never know these days… So… Neymar, huh?”

“Yes… however we are done, I am done.” I said as if I was trying to convince myself about that and not her.

“You said that many times before (y/n)… Why this time, what did he say?”

“Yes, but this time is different. He believes I am pregnant, and got mad that I moved on so quickly.”

“He was the one who fucked his ex while still dating you? However, this sounds a little bit jealous to me.”

“He is not jealous, just mad at the thought that he is not on my mind anymore.”

After talking for about an hour about all the details and opinions, I ordered myself pizza, because what else can be better for a hangover as bad as this one.

I turned on the TV and laid on my sofa, watching Hart of Dixie, the only interesting thing on TV. I used to love this series, I always made Neymar watch it with me, but he hated it, for no particular reason.

Suddenly I received a text from a number I never seen,

“I need to talk to you, please meet me at 4pm in the bar behind your house, where we used to go. It’s important, Gil.”

Well that was something I did not expect at all. Gil and I, well we had an amazing friendship, he helped me get Neymar and I helped him with girls, he knew everything about me, but once Neymar did what he did, I lost contact of him. I was the one who decided to ignore all of Neymar’s friends, just to make the break up easier for me.

As much as I hated getting back in to Neymar’s life, saying no to Gil would be like saying no to a brother, so I accepted his invite.

“Well this is just an amazing start in to your new life (y/n), isn’t it?” I said sarcastically to myself, knowing I already failed.  

Since it was, already 3pm I only had one hour to get myself ready, not that I need to be perfect for Gil, but I had to cover up my “amazing” last night somehow.

When I walked inside the bar, I sit to the table where Neymar, I, Gil, Jo and their friends used to go. Spending nights in this bar was always the best part of the day, so many laughs and tears of happiness. We had an agreement; we had to meet at least once a week while Neymar was in Brazil. Once he left things changed, but when he came only for a few days, we knew where to go.

Gil was five minutes late, but he came.

“Hey,” he said as I stood up and we hugged, because we did miss each other.

“I missed you so much you monkey,” Gil said, still not knowing why he always called me like that, but I found it cute. He did said one time that the first time he saw me I jumped off a tree, but that is another story.

“I missed you to Gil, I reckon Jo told you I was at the party?” I said as we both sit.

“Well, he did, but… Neymar noticed you before he did.”

“I see, well I didn’t expect him to be there.”

“I know. He did not expect you there either.”

“Did I ruin his plan on getting some girls?” I said annoyed.

“Oh c’mon (y/n)…”

“What? Stop finding excuse for what he did to me. He went with Bruna, he cheated on me with his fucking ex!” I said getting upset at the thought of it.

“Calm down, I know what he did and I know he made the worst decision ever, but so does he. Neymar regrets that night and that kiss more than anything, you have to believe me.”

“Gil, I get it, he is your best friend, of course you can get over what he did, but I can’t.”

“He took Bruna out of his life since that day.” Neymar never stopped talking with Bruna, even after their break up, but since we were “in love”, I let him and was not jealous. Well, what a mistake.

“Well too late.” I said, but hearing that did affect me.

“(y/n), he still loves you. There was not a day since you left him that he didn’t ask me about you, that he didn’t try to call you…”

“Why didn’t he then?” I asked curiously.

“He knew how much he hurt you and he knew you were too good for him. Neymar kept saying that getting out of your life would be the best for you.”

“Why are you saying this to me now? It’s been eleven months since we last talked.” I said feeling all this emotions making me confused, I didn’t know what to feel anymore.

“Once he heard about your… well, you know. That you are expecting a baby…”

“What is it with all of you? I am not pregnant.”  I said annoyed once again talking about this.

“Oh, well… We thought, since everyone was confirming it…”

“Just… Go on.”

“Well he changed. He is not being himself, he wants to stay in bad all day, he is not focused during games and he only goes out when he has practice.”

“And what am I supposed to do, that is how I felt for four months Gil.”

“He loves you (y/n), and we both know you love him too.”

“Gil, listen. I can’t let myself get hurt one more time, I need to move on, I have to let this story go. Neymar will always be special to me and I still care about him, but I have to try my best for the first time in my life to put myself before others. Tell Neymar I am not pregnant, tell him I was single and I still am, but I also need more in my life.”

“I understand.” Gil said, but I could see he was hoping for a better ending of this talk, “Please keep in touch with me monkey, okay?”

“I will, bye Gil.” I smiled and left the bar to go back home, proud of myself and happy to hear that Neymar did not forget about me.

“Please… fight for us.”

If I Was Faster - Part 2

Request/Prompt: I would like to request a part 2 of “if I was faster” a peter maximoff x reader please? thank you so much if you do 💖💖 - @cyclopsgrey 

Note: On it, I was kind of unsure how to write this but I got an idea

Originally posted by cinematicrandomness

“You actually need to get up now,” Ms Maximoff said to Peter. Since the day (Y/N) died all he did was sleep, eat and watch TV - even before he was found by Charles, Erik and Logan, he would do more than this. (Y/N) died over a week ago; Peter ran all the way to the Institute holding her lifeless body in his hands: asking for them to give her a proper burial, though, he hadn’t turn up to it.

(Y/N) wasn’t a mutant but, alike Moira MacTaggart, she was familiar with the mansion and its residents - in fact she was one of the most likeable person around, her cheeky manor and glowing smile never failed to turn a bad day into a good one.

“No I don’t, Mom,” he growled, splaying across the couch. Now that she was gone, his room just felt bigger. It felt too big for just one person: some of your clothes were still laying around everywhere but he didn’t have the heart to throw them out.

“You need to, the Institute phoned,” his mom pushed. 

“If they needed me Charles would already be poking around up here,” Peter retorted, jutting a thumb to his head.

“Well, maybe that was a bit unethical seeing as (Y/N) just died,” his mom exclaimed, losing her patience - she threw the phone at him before stomping out of his lonely basement.

“What?!” He growled into the phone.

“If you’d cut the tone - we need your ass down here,” Alex shouted back, not taking Peter’s tone one bit.


“Just get over here!” Someone else shouted, far from the phone. 

“Fine,” Peter said, ignoring the demand and continuing to just lounge around on his sofa. Only minutes later, did Peter began to ponder over what could have been so possibly important and ended up leaving his basement to tell his mom what they said then racing off to the mansion.


He stopped outside the mansion - a bit away from the front doors - he walked straight through and walked around a bit, looking for Alex or the Professor; instead of asking for help.“Peter!” Someone shouted out from above, the voice was oddly familiar. He looked around for the voice before finally looking up to see the person who he thought he’d never see again…. alive.

“No,” he whispered to himself, removing his wind shielding goggles. She stood at the top of a set of stairs - face lit up like a star, looking exactly as she did before. “How?” Peter questioned. The elevator dinged - but his attention was not drawn away from the girl on the stairs.

“It seemed as if,” Charles began, rolling out of the lift. “Her mutation only began as she died - the healing factor saved her life. She lay on Hank’s table when she just…. sat up,” Charles said, stopping next to Peter while (Y/N) bound down the stairs. “Scaring us all half to death.”

“I don’t care, at least she’s back,” Peter waved off, walking over to her - meeting (Y/N) at the bottom of the staircase.

“Can you tell me what happened?” (Y/N) looking down to him as they stood a few steps a part. Peter reached his hand out to her but stopped when hearing her question. 

“I strongly suggest-” Charles began but Peter cut him off.

“What are you talking about, babe,” Peter asked as she cautiously took his hand and continued to the bottom of the staircase. Charles then spoke into Peter’s mind.

“I erased everything about her death from her mind,” Charles began, Peter was about to object but Charles continued. “We both know she doesn’t deserve to live through that again.” Peter turned around to see Charles giving him a stern look. He hadn’t mentioned not to tell her what had happened but it was the ethical thing to do.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what happened,” Peter said to (Y/N). Her face fell but returned to its original smile when he suggested that they run back to his house. He held on to the back of her neck before setting off in a run.


By the time they got to his house, Peter’s mom had already gone to work so they headed straight down to his room. “Remember this place?” Peter asked, pushing the door to his room open. 

“Peter, of course I remember your room - I’m always here,” (Y/N) jibed, elbowing him in the stomach before running over to his bed and belly-flopping onto it. “Ah, good to be back on this bed,” she sighed, making Peter smile.

They decided that they would just sit on the sofa and watch TV for a while. Half way through the movie (Y/N) turned her head up to Peter. She stretched up a bit a pecked him on the cheek. “It feels like I haven’t seen you in ages,” she sighed.

“It feels like forever for me,” he muttered, looking down at her. 

“Why the fuck did you pick this movie?” She groaned, ruining the romantic mood. “It’s so sappy and boring!”

“I thought you loved this film?!”

“Well I don’t now!”



“I hate you - making me get up for nothing.”

“Do you think you can get up from underneath me, grab the remote AND get back here before I hit the sofa?” (Y/N) pondered, leaning up.

“Piece. Of. Cake,” Peter said, disappearing and returning in the blink of an eye - remote in hand.



anon asked: you confessing to 10k

there werent any specifics with this so i just went with a confession of love because theyre angsty and fun.

im slowly making my way through requests but they will get done i promise

He’s blood spattered, and the bags under his eyes are like half-moons, but he’s alive he’s alive he’s alive. He’d left on a quick supply run 2 days ago, and got trapped inside the store. You tried to get him out, but you were overrun. You left him. You had to leave him.

But he’s alive.

Your mouth falls open, and it’s like you can finally breathe, the knot that’s been twisted in your stomach for two days unravels. Addy runs forward, tackling him in a hug.

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Forgotten - Rapmon x Reader

Anonymous asked:
Hi! Can you do a scenario with Rap Monster where you are either upset because you realized it’s the anniversary of a death in your family, or he says something that makes you think about them? Thank you and I hope you’re doing well!

A/N: I’m sorry for being late! I know this was requested around 2 months ago but here it is! I hope you liked it! Sorry the ending kind of sucks…

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Word Count: 1,255 

It has been 10 years now. You knew it was always in your head but the day had just slipped from your mind. You couldn’t believe that you had forgotten about such a day. You hated yourself for it. It all started about a week ago. Namjoon had forgotten something at home and asked you to bring to him, you gladly got it back to him before his presentation, when a man bumped into you.

“Ah! I’m so sorry.” He bowed before helping you pick up the scattered sheets on the ground.

“Don’t worry about it.” You smiled. After gathering all the paper and getting another apologize from him, you gave the papers to Namjoon and went home without realizing what had happened. You lost it and you didn’t even notice, how could you do such thing? It was with you all the time and practically became a part of you that rested around your neck. When you realized it was gone, it was already too late.

The day started out just like any other, you woke up way too early for the weekend even though you didn’t have work. You were just too used to waking up this early. You looked to your right to see Namjoon’s sleeping figure, no surprise he came home late due to a long night at the office. Not knowing what to do, you decided to make some breakfast.

After washing up, you headed to kitchen, oblivious to what day it was. You had left your phone back in your room and haven’t checked it since last night. The important reminder popped up soon after you woke up. One that you wouldn’t notice until later that day.

The smell of pancakes woke Namjoon up, he smiled, remembering the amazing taste of your pancakes. He crept into the kitchen, a bigger smile appeared on his face when he saw you in nothing but his oversized T-shirt. He snaked his arms around you, causing your body to tense up from his sudden presence.

“Morning.” You cheered, pouring the pancake mix in your pan. He hummed in response, too tired to speak, as he pulled you closer to him. A small gasp escaped you mouth when he suddenly swung you around to face him. Before you could say anything he pressed his forehead on yours with another smile exposing his dimples. His hands slide up towards your neck to pull you closer when he felt something wrong. He slowly backed away and looked at your neck.

“D-did you take off the necklace your father gave you? You never take it off.” He asked, slightly worried.

“What are you talking about? I-” You reached up, expecting to feel the necklace but it wasn’t there. The necklace was gone. In a slight panic, you rushed into the bedroom, searching franticly. Namjoon turned off the stove before following you into the bedroom.

“Y/N? What’s wrong?” He frowned, seeing tears dripping down your cheeks. He knelt down to your sitting figure before wiping the tears.

“T-the necklace… I lost it.” You whispered, sobbing even more, “The only thing he gave me before he left, and I lost it! Wait- What date is it today?”

“The 20th.” He replied, a little confused. You stare at him as tears continue to fall from your eyes, “It’s his death anniversary today and I forgot!”


“God, what kind of daughter am I? First I lose the necklace, now I forget his death anniversary. Why am I so stupid?” You cried as Namjoon pulled you into his embrace.

“Y/N, you’re not stupid. It’s been like 10 years! It’s natural for you to forget, plus you probably just misplaced your necklace. It’ll be okay. Just- please, don’t cry. It breaks my heart to see you in tears.” He whispered, gently stroking your hair. His touch was comforting but it didn’t take away the fact that you lost the necklace.

Namjoon calmed you down as you two ate breakfast in silence, he didn’t know what else to say to make you feel better. You took the chance to leave the apartment when he went to the bathroom, you needed to find it. No matter what.

You spent almost the whole day, going to every place you could have possibly dropped it, only to find nothing. It was late afternoon when you finally looked at your phone. You noticed the many missed calls and messages from Namjoon. You felt bad for leaving without saying anything, but you chose to ignore it.

The day was almost over and you knew you had to visit your father’s grave with or without your necklace. You arrived at the cemetery not long before the sunset, his favourite flowers in your hands. You walked towards his grave, seeing other flowers placed around it. Your father was a great man, many people adored him so you were not surprised to see that others had paid him a visit. You smiled before placing your own flowers down.

You sat next to the grave with a sigh before confessing your sin, “Hey dad… I miss you… and I’m sorry for losing the necklace. I know how important it is since it was from your grandmother… I’m so sorry for being such a horrible daughter.”

“You’re not a horrible daughter.” A voice behind you spoke, causing you to turn around. It was Namjoon, “I knew I’d find you here.” You grinned seeing him here, happy to be with him.

“Not only am I a horrible daughter, I’m also a horrible girlfriend.” You sighed, “I’m sorry for leaving without saying anything.”

“You’re not a horrible daughter.” He repeated, “But you’re definitely a horrible girlfriend.” He joked, earning a small chuckle from you.

“But, um… guess what I found.” You looked up at his hands to see a shiny object, your eyes widened, knowing exactly what it was, “Namjoon! You found it?”

He chuckled at the sight of you almost jumping up and down. You couldn’t help but wrap your arms around him before giving him a kiss on his cheek.

“Thank you, thank you! Where did you find it?” You smiled, as he put your necklace around your neck.

“At the office, where else?” He laughed, reminding you of last week when he forgot his documents and asked you to bring to him.

“So it’s your fault.” You frowned, earning a chuckle from him as he squeezed your cheeks.

“It’s my fault okay, now we should head home before it gets to dark. That is, after you talk to your father, of course.” He walked in front of the grave before bowing, “It’s nice to see you again sir.”

“Thanks, Namjoon.” You smiled as he walked towards the entrance to wait for you. You turned back towards your father’s grave before continuing where you left off, “I guess you can forgive me for losing it because I found it, right?” You chuckled, staring at the sunset.

“There is one thing I should be sorry for… ” You trailed off, your eyes stared at Namjoon who waved at you by the enter with a sweet smile on his face causing you to smile back. “I found someone that I love more than you.”

You went on about many things in your life when you finally realize it was time to go, you said your goodbyes before heading towards Namjoon. He took your hand in his as you walked towards his car.

“How about we grab some dinner?” He suggested.

“Gladly, I’m starving.” You smiled.

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Imagine #123 I want you back (Pt. 3)

There will be a few parts of this imagine, hope you will like it. It was requested long ago. Please understand that I have exams now so I won’t be able to update every day. (Part 1) (Part 2)

I got out of bed, luckily, my hangover was not bad, and I just had a strong apatite. Therefore, I walked down in the kitchen and made myself a toast, since I was home alone today.

I got on the sofa and started watching a football game until suddenly my phone rang,


“Ney, me and Jo are coming over,” Gil said.

“Sure, see you.”

They were always around, but they were like my brothers.

Once they walked inside, they brought with themselves some food and sit down.

“What’s up?” Gil asked and grabbed out his hamburger.

“I woke up just half an hour ago, you two, about last night?”

“Nothing, actually it was not as good as I expected it to be.” Jo said getting his console to play the Xbox.


“You talked to her?” Gil asked suddenly.

“You know I did.”

“I mean today.” He rolled his eyes.

“No, I didn’t.” I said upset, because I wanted to talk with her, make her realize that I still regret the fact that I lost her.

“Why not, you should.” Jo said.

“I know I should, but she won’t listen to me, she is done. She is expecting a baby from another man guys.” I said getting angry.

“And what if it was not planned, what if he left her, maybe she is alone. You should ask her.” Gil insisted.

“Gil, she hates me.”

“I don’t think so. Listen I have to go now, see you later.” Gil suddenly walked up and left not even saying where he was heading.

Meanwhile Jo and I played FIFA for like two hours until we decided to invite some other friends tonight and make a private party that would make it up for last night’s nightmare.

We went to the groceries grabbed some bottles of alcohol and snacks, Jo called all of our best friends and everyone was excited about it. Since I just got back from Barcelona two days ago, I had to find a way to meet with everyone before traveling back.

When we were back, Gil joined us. He looked upset; I was not used to see him like that.

“Where were you bro?” I asked when we were alone in the kitchen, while Jo went under the shower.

“Actually Neymar… I was with (y/n)…”

“You are kidding right?” I looked at him shocked, not expecting that answer.

“She is not pregnant Ney.”

“Wait what?”

“It was just another rumor; she was not with anyone else since you two broke up.”

“Oh man, I don’t even know what to say.” I said smiling, but confused of this news, since I had no idea what that meant for me, for us.

“Ney, she said she wants to move on, she said she needs more in her life.” Gil said as if that was a bad news.

“I need her back Gil, I need (y/n). I am nothing without her.”

“What are you planning to do now?”

“I don’t know, but I can’t live without her.”


I was finally back home and my head was a mess. Talking with Gil made everything worse; it was as if my scar opened once again. Just a few minutes ago, I was happy about moving on and telling Gil that Neymar is not part of my life anymore, yet here I am now crying.

Being once again closer to Neymar’s life made me realize how much he means to me, but how much he actually hurt me.

Neymar was my true love, but he cheated on me and that is not what a person that loves you back the same way does. That is the only thing I had to tell myself whenever I felt the need to go back to him and stop myself. The only thing that made me realize the truth. Yet the only thing that made me burst in tears just at the thought.

I laid on my bed, I felt empty, I felt like everything in my life once again lost its meaning.

Hearing that Neymar still loves me confused me, because I didn’t know what to do. I knew what was right for me, but I could not ignore how those words made me feel.

My friends would always say that I need to be strong, that I need to show him I am better off without him. However, I am not, but also I am not a toy to play with.

“Why couldn’t you just stay away like you did these 11 months…”

The next day I woke up, I was back in reality. It was Monday, which meant I had to go back to university, time to get ready for my final exams. I was just a few exams away from ending and graduate.

When I was in class waiting for the professor, my friends told me more about the party that every one of them found so amazing, meanwhile I found it the worse party ever.

“Is (y/n) in this class?” Suddenly a student asked at the door.

“I’m here,” I said, as I looked at him confused. He had flowers in his hand and he couldn’t stop smiling.

“This is for you” he said and walked away not mentioning who send it to me.

“It’s the cute guy from the party, I’m sure!” My friend said as I looked around to find a note. However, there was no need to find it, because there was only one person that knew how much I liked this kind of flowers, that they are my favorite.

“Here look!” My friend found a note,

“Um dia vai sentar numa cadeira de balanço,
vai lembrar do tempo em que tinha vinte anos,
vai lembrar de mim e se perguntar
Por onde esse cara deve estar?
E eu vou estar, te esperando

(One day, you’ll sit in a rocking chair
 will remember the time you were twenty,
 will remember me and wonder:
 ‘Where has this guy been?’.
  And I, I’ll be waiting for you)

“It’s the song! Luan Santana sings it, what is the name again?”

“Te esperando” I said quietly as I remembered it was the first song Neymar sang to me when he got a karaoke pack as a present.

“You have any idea who could it be?”

“No.” I said and walked out of the class, to put the flowers in a vase that luckily was in the toilets and left them there.

“Neymar?” My best friend walked inside quietly and placed her hand gently on my shoulder. I felt like it was better not to say anything so I just nod my head.

“He wants you back? I know it’s your choice, but… It’s been almost a year (y/n)”

“I know.”

“You love him, it’s obvious, but he hurt you… a lot.” She was always nice, and always right, but I usually did not listen to her advices, and I always regretted that.

“I wanted him to fight for me you know… Just yesterday, I wanted him to fight for me. And now he is. So why am I not happy about it?” I said staring at the note.

“Because you are afraid (y/n), because you don’t trust him anymore. You need to do what you think will be the best for you; no one will judge you for your choice. We all just want you to be happy again.” She smiled as she kissed my cheek and left.

Now I was standing alone in front of the mirror with the note Neymar gave me, but not for long…

I tear it in thousands of pieces, as he did with my heart.

“Sometimes you gotta listen to your brain just to save your heart.

                                                                   Yet it hurts like hell.”


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Hamilton x reader- Move Me, Dear (1/3)

I got a request a few days ago for a lovesick reader writing anonymous love letters to Alexander, and him and the Hamilsquad try to figure out who wrote them. I really like this because it makes for some very entertaining reactions from Alexander and hijinks from the Hamilsquad while they are trying to figure out who wrote them. I hope you all enjoy reading this as much as I did writing it!

You anxiously awaited Alexander’s visit to his locker, pretending to look for something in yours right beside him. You couldn’t believe you were such a coward that you had to write him anonymous letters just to admit your feelings. Then again it was quite entertaining to see him react in the ways he did.

When his small group of friends would ask him to read them aloud he would get flustered and refuse. He was clearly flattered by your words, but you were confident that he would be disappointed to see who wrote them.

You always thought you were nothing special; average looks, average grades- you felt unconfident no matter what you did. However there was one medium that made your creativity bloom and flourish, and got quite an entertaining reaction from Alexander.

Writing was a passion that you and Alexander shared and held dear. It was the only way you could escape reality, if only for a moment, and create anything you want. If you wanted to be more beautiful than Aphrodite; boom, you were. If you wanted to be smarter than Albert Einstein you could. And if you wanted to make Alexander swoon you could do so with a little bit of pencil lead and the flick of your wrist.

“(Y/N)!” You were brought into reality sooner than you would like by your good friend Aaron Burr, who was tapping your shoulder in a rather repetitive pulse. “Are you still waiting for him?” He raised a brow with an amused smile on his face.

You and Aaron were probably the most unusual friends in the school. No one really knew how you met, how you became friends, or if you even were friends. For the record; neither you nor Aaron knew how to answer those questions either. You just remember him being with you since you could remember. He was obnoxious, but to be fair you were, too. The two of you made do with your unlikely friendship, and stuck with each other- even if both could be quite bothersome at some points.

“Yes and why is that any of your business, Burr?” You replied snarkily, looking over your shoulder for any sign of Alexander and his friends. Aaron put his hands on your shoulders and turned you around giving you quite a serious look.

“Look, I know I told you to wait for it, (Y/N), this is far too long of a time to wait- and for him of all people!” You giggled, lightly shoving away his chest and rolling your eyes.

“I should say the same about you and Theodosia~” You took notice at his expression lightly softening at the mention of the girl. He huffed, leaning on the lock beside yours and crossing his arms.

“You know why, (Y/N)” He pulled his phone out of his pocked, most likely looking for a message from said Theodosia. “Her boyfriend is a total dick, and if she tried to break up with him right now he would go off on her.” He had a faraway look in his eyes. “He would hurt her, and I don’t want to be the cause of that…”

“Alright, alright. I get it, man.” You stopped faking rummaging around in your locker for a moment to look at him seriously. “But fucking her behind his back is the best way to get around that?” He scoffed, a sudden look of displeasure coming across his face as he let his eyes wander down the hall.

“We’ll finish this conversation later; lover boy is here~” You gasped and shoved your hands in your locker, shuffling things around to give the illusion that you were looking for something. “Good luck, sweetheart~” Aaron patted your shoulder and walked down the hall, to exit of your school.

“-And then I said- I’m Hercules motherfucking Mulligan!” A chorus of laughter was heard after Hercules’ most likely highly exaggerated “true story”.

“I don’t get it…” John Laurens’ meek voice spoke hesitantly after the laughter had died down. You felt an arm brush against your shoulder as some of them sighed, and Hercules began to explain it to a hopelessly confused John.

“Hey, (Y/N).” Alexander smiled down at you while you tried desperately to not make your blush and jittery hands known. “How are you?” You cleared your throat, trying to clear your most likely wavery voice.

“I’m well, Alexander, and you?” You looked up at him, trying not to sigh when you caught a glimpse of his soft smile and gentle gaze on you.

“Same here, dear.” You froze up and breathed out shakily when he called you that, as you usually did. You were certain that if he spoke the right words you would swoon like a maiden from the 17th century. “Hm..? Are you alright? You look like your burning up…” You felt a warm hand on your forehead, making you bite the inside of your cheek to avoid a strong gasp. “And your hands are shaking-”

“I’m fine, Alex! Really, I just have a bit of a fever!” You smiled bashfully at him, backing away from his hands. “And I have an in-class essay tomorrow; I’m just a little nervous because I lost the book we were reading in my locker!” He smiled warmly and nodded, going back to his locker before looking at you from the corner of his eye.

“If you’re that warm you should probably take off your jacket; it’s pretty hot in here…” He grinned mischievously at you, taking you by surprise by slinging his arm over your shoulder. “Or maybe it’s just me~” You giggled, feeling yourself get warmer and warmer by the second.

“Alexander- will you stop harassing the poor girl already?” Lafayette tore Alexander’s arm off of you, making you want glare at the Frenchman. “Besides I want to see if you got any letters from your mystery lady today~” Lafayette seemed to have caught Hercules and John’s attention, as both of them were quickly agreeing as they looked over Alexander’s shoulder into his locker.

“Alright, alright…” Alexander had a tint of a blush on his cheeks at the mention of the “mystery lady”. It killed you that Alexander didn’t know it was you; all you wanted was to speak these things to him, but whenever you talked to him you would slip up and wish you could disappear out of thin air.

“Oh! There’s one today!” The small group behind him hollered and cheered as Alexander pulled the white envelope out of his locker. A large grin was on his face, making your heart race and a coil tighten in your stomach tighten. He bit his lip when he caught sight of the signature red lipstick kiss you left on the front of it. He opened it carefully, much to the irrigation of you and his friends.

“My dearest, Alexander…” He deeply sighed, closed his eyes momentarily before continuing to read it in his head. As his friends struggled to see the words written on the letter you watched the expressions that washed over his face as his eyes scanned over the page. You, yourself, tried to keep your expressions to a minimal as he grinned and laughed giddily while reading.

When he finally had enough he walked away from his friends, exclaiming that he didn’t want them reading the letter. You watched with slight disappointment as he walked away before silently sighing and continuing to rummage around in your locker, not taking notice in the group of boys beside you whispering as you prevented to find the book that was already in your bag and close your locker.

You jumped and gasped when you saw the three’s faces behind your locker door after closing it. You placed a hand over your heard and breathed in deeply, eyes wide and heart still racing.

“What the heck, you guys?” You ran a hand through your hair, avoiding eye contact with them as you adjusted the backpack straps on your shoulders. “What was that for?” The three smiled before Lafayette stepped in front of them, putting a hand on your shoulder with a sly smile.

“We want you to help us, (Y/N).” The two behind him nodded excitedly. You raised a brow and crossed your arms,

“I’m gonna need you to be a little more specific.”

“We want you to help us find Alexander’s mystery lady!” John cheered a giant grin on his face. He was quickly shushed by the other two; this was obviously something they wanted to keep on the down-low.

“So?” Hercules bit his lip in anticipation, the others watching you with longing gazes. You sighed and nodded. What could go wrong with helping them? If anything it would let you could steer them further away from suspecting you.

“I guess so…” They cheered, all of them hugging you in a rather awkward group hug. When you had finally gotten out of their grip you mentioned something that all of them stay silent. “So, how do you plan on finding her?” They all looked at each other with dumbfounded looks before shyly shifting their gazes at you.

“Uh… do you have any ideas?” John asked you, raising his brows and smiling nervously. You thought for a moment; what command could you give them that wouldn’t make them immediately..?

“I guess you could ask around and see which girl had a lipstick that matches the one on the envelope?” You suggested, shrugging your shoulders. The men’s smiles returned to their faces as they all nodded. Lafayette snatched the envelope from Alexander’s locker and sneakily placed it in his pocket as Alexander came back from wherever he went with the letter, a dreamy look on his face.

“Alright, I’ll see you guys later.” You waved goodbye to the three grinning at you, giving quiet thank you’s as Alexander came closer.

“You found your book?” Alexander’s warm breath sent a chill down your spine as he stood behind you.

“Yup!” You blushed again, slowly backing away from him and waving goodbye. “I’ve gotta head home- prep for the essay and stuff…” Alexander nodded and said his goodbyes as you left.

You were eager for the hijinks the next day thank were guaranteed with John, Hercules and Lafayette. However you couldn’t help but feel anxious at the small sliver of possibility that they could figure out you were writing the letters.

However all of these feeling went away when you got home and began writing your next letter for Alexander, the sound of your pen scratching on the piece of paper on your desk making you more excited for the next day.

Really? (Smut...ish?)

Request - can you write on where me (luna) and harry get into a big fight cause I planned a special anniversary dinner but he goes out to get wasted, so I make him sleep on the couch,the next day we had passionate make up sex (plz put a lot of details)


Side note - Make up sex is the best sex.

If you like give me feedback here.

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If I get no notes, I’ll pretend like it never happened.

Today, today was your and Harry's anniversary dinner. He was suppose to be here, 6 hours ago. But of course he went out and got drunk. It’s 2:00 in the morning, and he’s bring the selfish prick he is.

“Don’t talk to me, you’re a fucking drink mess. How could you do this to me?” You pushed through the front door carrying Harry over your shoulder. “You get drunk. Fucking drunk, and then you ask me to pick you up? Harry Fucking Styles you are lucky I love you. Because I would have left your drunk ass in the streets.” You sat him on the couch, and go to the kitchen to grab him some water and give it to him.

“Do even know what today is?” You sigh and look at him.  “Ugh.. Wednesday?“ You roll your eyes.

“Today is Friday, and its our 3 year anniversary.” At this point you’re not even disappointed anymore you’re mad, upset, frustrated, you could punch a wall.

“Oh, baby.” It started to hit Harry the mistake he did by going out. Guess, its a bad time to tell you he kissed a girl and the bar, and if didn’t stop himself. He might not even be at the house right now, he would be 8 inches deep in her pussy.

“I’m sorry I forgot.“ He gets up to hug you but you pushed him away lightly. “Don’t touch me.“ Tears start to stream down your face. "Harry, you are full of shit." You are so angry that you thought about putting your hands on him, and that’s when you knew you couldn’t be in the same room as him.

"You’re sleeping on the couch. Don’t come close to me, don’t look at me, and don’t think of me. For god’s sake Harry. I’m starting to think you do all of this on purpose.” You wipe your tears away and walk up the stairs.

When you get upstairs into the bedroom you change quickly just wanting this horrible day to be over. You climbed into bed, .. This felt weird laying by yourself in a big king-sized bed. Yes you are a grown adult but you were still afraid of the dark. You get up and open the bedroom door, a sigh quickly escapes your lips.

“Harry…” You call out hoping he hasn’t gone to bed yet. 

 "Yes, Babygirl?“

"Can you sleep with me, the da-”

Harry cut you off. “Yes, I know you’re scared of the dark.” Harry walks up the steps and into the room to lay next to you.

“This doesn’t mean I forgive you.”

“I know.” Harry frowns lightly. “Can we talk about this Babygirl I’m sorr-”

“Shut up, let me sleep.”

You sigh lightly when you wake up Harry laying next to you in the bed. With his hair all over the place, his shirtless body. You traced his arm tattoos, and smile softly. Harry has done a lot of shit but he has never done anything like this. The weirdest part of it all is that you were willing to for give him, alone for two reasons.

1.It was his first time doing something as dumb as this, which means he actually does have common sense some where in that thick skull of his.

2. Because you love him too much to let him go, the big headed idiot stole your heart and you sadly can’t control that feeling.

“Harry wake up.” You shake him. “Wake up you prick.”

He groans and sits up. “What is it?”

Make up sex, make up sex.. That’s all your body was thinking at the moment.

You crashed your lips on to, his and Harry responded back of course, by seeping the kiss and making it into something much more meaningful. Harry smirked and looked at you knowing what you wanted, of course he started to get cocky about. "Harry, don’t.” You raised your eyebrow and kissed him again passionately you wanted to get to the point already feel him inside you moving, and everything. “BabyGirl?” Harry pulled away slowly. “I am so sorry, I should have got drunk.” “Its alright.” You smile and put your hand on Harry’s cheek and kiss him again taking his shirt off quickly, pulling down his sweatpants. "You’re so hot.” Harry mumbles and kiss your neck. You moaned, He knew just what to do.

“God, you’re so hot.” Harry smirked getting on top of you and removes your shirt. “I’m so sorry Y/N.” He mumbles softly and kisses your lips then kisses down your stomach, He took off your shorts off. “This okay?”

“Yes.” You closed your eyes, as he licked your slit. You moan loudly no matter what  he could always make you so wet, you were already to about to cum reaching your high moaning so loud. Rocking your hips, griping his hair. You didn’t know it but you already forgave him you didn’t even care anymore your mind as focus on this moment right now. “Fuck.” You arched your back, as you cum.

You smile laying next to Harry. “God, that was amazing.” You breath heavy, and smile

“So do you forgive me?” You rolled your eyes. “Not just yet.”

“Yeah do you need a little more?” Harry smirks and looks at you.

“Round 2?” Harry gets on top of you again.

“Yes please.”


Author: rillyroo
Word Count: 741
Pairing: Fred x Reader

Warnings: Kidnapping and Torture (Both unseen, but discussed)

Plot Request:  Fred Weasley is y/n and she got captured by death eaters like 2 months ago and while searching for her one day Fred gets captured too and it’s kinda like the Ron and Hermione situation where he gets locked in a dungeon and he has to listen to her being tortured and he finally breaks free and saves her but she’s been tortured for a few months and is really scared and it’s all angsty and he feels guilty.