this got long and ranty

I know people are worried about Beth being dead or whatever. But really it honestly doesn’t make sense. I really honestly believe she’s going to be on her own and she’ll meet up with the group on her own free will. She doesn’t need Daryl to save her. I think to show how much strength she really does have, they’ll show her getting beat and broken but she overcomes it. Because despite what everybody says… she’s a survivor, she made it. And if she died? That would literally be the dumbest thing the writer’s could do. Like what does that show us? She’s strong but oops sorry she wasn’t strong enough so we just killed her? Bye Beth. The reason the character bios are out and it emphasized her being strong and a survivor is to show she can depend on herself. She’s arguably the weakest character- she needed to be by herself to show the world, those that doubt her, that she might not be Michonne, Carol, or Maggie… she can still be strong and survive. She’s not dead. There’s just no way.

last week i went to a designer/programmer meetup with some other students and after i had drunkenly stumbled back into my apartment and was munching on a single piece of wheat bread at the kitchen table, one of the girls (i’ll call her k) said something:

“people here are so authentic. i don’t feel like anyone has ulterior motives. there’s no drama.”

and i hate that i can’t believe that

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small-butsassy asked:

Thanks for that post. While I have always been "little", the desire to be in a BDSM or DD/lg relationship is new, and I find myself feeling "bad" about it constantly. But I never felt that way until a nasty girl put those ideas in my head, when I WAS in little space. And it just has made me depressed the last couple of days. I would never condone child abuse, and the said nasty girl made me think that even if it wasn't my intention, I was still doing it. So thanks for the kind the words

Absolutely.  I’m pretty sure I know who you’re talking about, I saw the exchange on my dash when it was going on.  People like that are either misinformed with no intention of listening to anyone, or are simply just the troll type.  It can be hard not to defend yourself against them, it’s a natural instinct to educate and defend, but sometimes it’s just not worth it.

No one in the CG/l community is doing anything wrong by being little or by being a Care Giver.  It would only become wrong if a Care Giver used their role to groom and abuse an actual child (and this means anyone under the legal age of consent where they live).  And while I’m sure there are people out there who ARE that way, it’s such a small amount and isn’t fair to pin that on the rest of the community.

To me it’s like the stigma that most Furries obtain.  A lot of people when they hear that term, laugh.  Think of the weird people who wear animal costumes and probably condone/participate in animal abuse of a sexual nature.  But it’s just simply not true.  While there are certainly people who identify as a Furry that DO do that sort of thing, it’s really a bad rep that the whole community has unfortunately gotten labelled with because of the few outspoken or ‘caught’ members.  I feel the same thing happens with any misunderstood ‘kink’ (even though as I’m sure we all agree and as I mentioned before CG/l has so little to do with the actual sexual aspects) and it places a heavy burden on the people in the community who have done nothing wrong but are being judged regardless.

Long before I knew what a CG/l relationship was or that it was even part of the BDSM community, I have been sleeping with and collecting ‘stuffies’.  I’ve had sippy cups through all of my age ranges because I always thought they were cute and just enjoyed using them.  I’ve always collected the cute plates and ‘shakey cups’ from Target and other places.  I’ve always enjoyed colouring and doing other relaxing ‘childish’ things when tired, anxious, or just to escape from adult reality.  There’s nothing wrong with that, there’s nothing wrong with any of us nurturing the child inside of us that we have all just refused to let grow up.

Our Daddies, Mommies, and whatever else our Care Givers may like to be called, are not doing anything wrong by nurturing us and the little behaviour that we have, either.  They just love us for who we are and enjoy taking on the guiding role of a ‘parent’ when we are in need of it.  Even though I call my significant other Daddy, I don’t look at him like a father or think of him that way at all.  Even if I did it still wouldn’t make anything different or wrong because our relationship is not about or solely focused on the sexual aspect.  But on the fact that I can rely on him any time to take care of me, comfort me, and watch a cartoon together or make me some dino nugs and give me my sippy cup full of my favourite juice when I need it the most.

How people misinterpret that into being/condoning child abuse is beyond me.  And I just want everyone in this community to know and remember that what you’re doing is OKAY and it’s honestly no one else’s business anyway.  We are a community and we are here for one another, always.  If anyone tries to make you feel bad about it stick your tongue out at them and go back to colouring a picture for your Care Giver.  They’re just big meanies, after all.

And finally; if anyone ever tries to make you feel bad for being open about your relationship by having a blog here on Tumblr and posting things.  Just remember, you never forced anyone to follow you.  You aren’t hurting anyone or condoning anyone’s suffering.  And you are (most likely) tagging your posts in tags used exclusively by members of the community.  If anyone is trying to shame you for having your blog and being vocal there, they’re in the wrong.

You’ve got this, littles.  Remember if you’re ever feeling down to just grab your favourite blankies or pacis or stuffies and demand pets from your Care Giver.  You’ll feel better in no time.


A Note on How the Confederacy and its Battle Flag Are often Viewed in the South


In fourth grade, my teacher told me that the American Civil War had nothing to do with slavery, but was instead about “different lifestyle choices” in the North and South. In later years, I would hear that it was about everything from Fighting for States’ Rights to Defending Our Civil Liberties, but the slavery was always a side issue. People where I live present the Civil War as an Honorable Battle to Protect Our Rights and Slaves Just Happened to Be There. Even what people call the war down here reflects this rewriting of history; I’ve heard it called the War Between the States (because it wasn’t a rebellion it was Our Right to secede and then go to war over “lifestyle differences”) and—my personal favorite—the War of Northern Aggression.

So no, I don’t really wonder why it is that people in the South view the Confederate Flag as something to honor. I don’t really wonder why they consider it to be such an important emblem of history even though it wasn’t brought back into use until the mid-1900s as a reaction to the Civil Rights Movement. I don’t wonder why many otherwise decently intelligent adults will fight me tooth and nail on the idea that the Flag is a racist symbol. We’ve been rewriting history down here for a long time.

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biofthetiger said: What are they supposed to say? That they hate gay people? I don’t understand this all that much.

Well no but it just /annoys/ me like its cool that you think that but bringing it up at random moments is less like them being supportive and more like them trying to earn brownie points
It’s the same thing when they try to write songs about it too? They’re not saying “its okay I support you and I will fight for your rights” it’s “I’ve been told supporting you is the right thing to do and I agree on a superficial level recognise how great I am for respecting you as a person”
Sorry this got long and ranty and kind of nonsensical but it really bothers me and idk how to explain why