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After I did a water fast last year, my depression got really bad. First I felt great, but then it got worse. The thing that helped me get better, was to nourish myself again. I think I had to make up for the deficit and then I got better again. I wish you a beautiful weekend.

Thanks, to you too! Thank you for sharing your story. ❤️

Orange Ep. 7: Anime VS Manga Comparison

When I was writing my earlier post about this week’s episode of Orange, I wanted to write about 2 particular scenes in the episode: when Naho asked Kakeru what he wanted as a birthday present and when Kakeru looked out the window thinking about his mom. However, doing this would have made the post twice as long. So, I decided to write another post about the differences in these two scenes from the anime and manga. These scenes may not seem so significant to some people, but as a person who read the manga I can recognize how they add more to Kakeru’s character. 

***SPOILER WARNING: contains spoilers for anime and manga!!!

When Naho tries to find out what Kakeru wants for his birthday, she notices that Kakeru doesn’t use a sports bag and asks him about it. Now in the manga, Kakeru tells Naho…


In the anime, after Kakeru tells Naho that he used to have one, there’s a short flashback scene with Kakeru and his mom. 

This flashback only shows scenes of Kakeru’s cluttered room after looking for his soccer bag and cleats, only to have his mom tell him that she threw them out. She tells him, “You won’t be needing them.” After the flashback, Kakeru just tells Naho…

In both the manga and anime, the viewers/readers are reminded of Kakeru’s promise that he made with his mom to not join a club in high school. However, showing the flashback scene and having Kakeru only tell Naho that his bag got thrown out in the episode showed the intensity of the guilt that he felt and how he tries to hide that guilt from everyone, including Naho.

In another scene, Kakeru is looking out the window from their classroom. In both the anime and manga, Kakeru looks off into the distance and says, “whoosh.” He then tells Naho that he wishes that he could jump from the window and be Superman.

For this scene, the anime staff decided to put in another flashback scene, this time of Kakeru hanging out with Naho and the others during the opening ceremony (episode 1). We see that during their hangout, Kakeru gets a text from his mom.

Then, we see Kakeru’s reply.

Then the flashback ends. 

What’s interesting about this addition to the scene is that the manga does not show what Kakeru’s last text to his mom specifically said until chapter 19, the fourth to last chapter. This episode covered chapters 9 &10, which is about the halfway point in the manga. 

Kakeru’s message is translated a bit differently in the manga and anime, but they show the annoyance that Kakeru felt towards his mother at that moment. I think this addition added more emotion to when Kakeru said this.

Because we saw his message to his mom, we realize what he meant when he said “it was a pain.” Kakeru didn’t just feel guilty because he broke his promise to his mom. He felt guilty because his seemingly harmless words that he sent to his mother were what drove her to kill herself. 

Oh my god that got depressing really fast! I promise that my next update for Orange will be A LOT happier. This isn’t the end to suffering for Kakeru (sorry bby! T^T) but there are happy times ahead for him…at least in the next episode. LOL! Sorry if I’m tormenting anime only watchers! But I promise not to spoil what’s going to happen in the upcoming episodes! 

Thanks for reading!

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Hallow Sempwai! Ai amu a doggey!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha! just kidding! I'm not even real (Lie down and cry a lot because of this fake world with fools fooling around in such a foolish way ;-;) I'm going to drink tea because tea is great.

That started happy and then got depressing really fast.