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Pairing: Jimin + Reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff/Smut + Bad Boy!Jimin

Word Count: 3.7k

Summary: It wasn’t your place to worry for him, you shouldn’t, it wasn’t good for you. But since the day you saw him that hurt, you couldn’t help it. 

Author’s Note: SO this scenario is kindaish based on lust but I also tied it in with this idea I had before where I wanted to write a bad-boy jimin au, so I kinda mashed it together! Hope you like it anon!!

Readers POV

You knew you shouldn’t have come. You knew coming would put you in trouble, especially after he told you not to.

But you couldn’t help it. Not after he came back hurt last time, hurt bad.


“Wha-” you gasped, as you opened your front door at 2 am in the morning.

A body fell through, collapsing onto yours as your arms shot out to hold them from falling to the ground.

“y/n…” a low voice grunted, as you struggled to pull them up when you took a good look at their face, your eyes widening in shock.

“J-jimin?!” you cried in surprise as you cupped your hands around his pale and bloody face. Dragging him to your couch, he groaned in pain as you placed him down gently, careful of his wounds.

What happened to you…” you whispered, as he opened his eyes slowly, staring at you.

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Protective [Remus Lupin x Reader]

Requested: yes

Request: Hiii! If your requests are open, could you please write something when the reader is James’ best girl friend bc they’ve known each other since they were little and the reader is like a year younger (preferably a hufflepuff) and he’s very protective over her and he finds out Remus likes her and Remus is scared he’s gonna be mad bc be always glares at any boy who comes near you, James is actually really happy and is trying to help Moony ask the reader out? Thank you x (lots of fluff!)

Warnings: none

A/N: I modified the request a tiny bit by making the reader the same age as the marauders. Thank you nonnie for the request. Hope you enjoy!

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               “Hey (Y/N),” a guy, Arthur you thought he was called, came up to the (Y/H) table, “I was wondering if you’d like to go to Hogsmeade with me this weekend?” he asked you nervously.

You were about to answer when an annoying childhood friend named James Potter showed up next to you, glaring at the poor kid, “Hello Mr. Whatever, may I ask what you are doing beside my deer friend (Y/N)?” The boy, knowing James for his defensive attitude towards any one of (Y/N)’s ‘suitors’, was shaking in fear of being publicly humiliated.

“I-I was asking her out to Hogsmeade.” He said, you had to admit that this kid had balls to reply to the James Potter. Suddenly, James burst out into laughter and Arthur was laughing nervously beside him, forcing a smile and not understanding what was happening.

“Dude, I gotta admit that you’re funny but, before this gets worse… Scam!” Arthur ran away, all courage disappeared. Proud, James sat down beside you and popped a bit of food from your plate into his mouth.

You looked at him disapprovingly, “Prongs, we talked about this! No more scaring guys away from me. I’m not four years old anymore! You’ve got to stop protecting me because I don’t need protecting.” You exclaimed

“My dear, innocent, (Y/N) do you not understand that I have been your friend since we were tiny little munchkins, and now you are a beautiful girl who attracts many guys, which as your big brother, I have to ward away from you.” He said

You rolled your eyes, “This is ridiculous James, I can ward off guys I don’t like by myself and I’ll call you if I need any help, which I won’t. Also, in no way are you my big brother!”

“Firstly, this is not ridiculous and I will not stop. Secondly, who is going to protect you then, your owl? No way, it’s gonna be me, your soul brother.” He claimed

“Soul brother? Seriously? What the hell is that?” you said, tired of his protectiveness. He opened his mouth to answer but you put your hand up, asking him not to talk, “You know what Prongs? I love you but I’m too tired to put up with your brotherly-ness. I’m going to my dorm. And don’t follow me.” You said walking away.

James was walking up the stairs to the boys’ dormitories when he heard voices coming from his room. He decided that he would eavesdrop instead of just entering the room to hear some juicy secrets.

“Padfoot, you know I’m in love with her but what am I going to do about Prongs? He’s going to kill me if he finds out I like (Y/N). But, I can’t help being in love with her. When she laughs or even looks at me I feel like a thousand butterflies are fluttering in my stomach and I-” he was interrupted by Sirius.

“Let me stop you right there,” he said, “Enough with the sappy, lovey-dovey stuff because I do not want to hear about that Moony. And you won’t be able to keep it a secret forever, I mean Prongs is bound to find out.”

“Yeah b-but I mean maybe when he warms up to me as not a friend but his childhood friend’s boyfriend?” he asked hopefully

“One, that was too confusing with all the ‘friends’. Two, it’s too late because he already knows,” Remus’s eyes widened, “Prongsie, come out from behind the door!” Sirius yelled.

At that sound, James opened the door and was face-to-face with a smirking Sirius and a cringing Remus. When he saw Remus, James burst out laughing, the two other marauders didn’t understand what was happening and shared confused looks.

“Moony, I give you my approval to date my little (Y/N).” he said after calming down.

Remus sat there, shocked that his friend would say that, “Really?” he asked.

“Absolutely!” he exclaimed, “Remus John Lupin you are a caring dude who hangs out with the best people,” he high-fived Sirius, “and folds his socks. If I let anyone be with (Y/N), it would definitely be you.”

“Thanks, I guess?” he said.

“You’re most welcome. And, might I add that I will help you in your quest to win her heart.” And thus, started the boys plan to get you to go out with Moony

               You were heading to your friends at the (Y/H) table when a waving hand caught your attention, James. Once your eyes met his, he beckoned you to sit with him and the rest of the gang. After sitting down, you noticed that all the boys had giddy smiles on their faces.

“What is it guys, what are you up to?” you asked suspicious

“Do you have a date to Hogsmeade this weekend?” James asked you, a mischievous shimmer in his eyes.

“No, you scared them all away.” You replied

“Great!” Sirius exclaimed, “we’d like to set you up on a date this weekend!”

“Sure!” you said sarcastically, “this is totally not a prank.”

“We swear it isn’t (Y/N)!” Peter shrieked

“And how do I know that?” you questioned

“If it is in fact a prank, you can cut my hair.” Sirius told you

“Your hair!” you repeated shocked that Sirius would give up his favorite thing in the world, “You’ve got yourself a deal then.” You said and shook hands with Sirius.

~Time skip to Hogsmeade, Date Day~

               You stood waiting at The Leaky Cauldron waiting for your date to arrive. Then, out of nowhere a shadow appeared.

“Hey (Y/N),” the voice said, it sounded like Remus, “are you ready for our date?”

“Absolutely Moony, but if I knew that I was going on a date with you I wouldn’t have bargained Sirius’ hair. I would’ve gone easily.”

“Seriously?” he asked

“Remusly.” I joked, “I’ve had a crush on you since fourth year.”

“I’ve been completely in love with you since third year.” He said taking a step towards you

“I never thought that James would set me up with the guy of my dreams.” You said, stepping closer to Remus until your lips were barely brushing against each other.

You glanced at his lips and he glanced at yours, “I was going to do this later in the date if it went well but,” Remus said, every time his lips moved created contact between your lips and you relished these milliseconds. “I think I should do it now.” He continued before setting your lips ablaze by kissing you.

Your lips melted together, your tongues battled for dominance. His hands were cupping your cheeks gently and your arms were wrapped around his neck. You made out passionately before breaking apart to breathe. Both of you smiled.

“Well (Y/N), as much as I loved that, I think we should get on with our date, don’t you think?” he said, taking your hand in his.

“Of course.” you replied, shivering as the breeze hit you. Remus caught you shivering and shook off his jacket to give it to you. Putting it on your shoulders, he used it as an opportunity to place a small peck on your forehead. Little did you know that these forehead kisses would be around for a long time.

ethan’s speech

Hi. Sorry, I- thank you for coming. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m-I’m Ethan. I’m Cal’s… brother. I had big plans this morning to-to do something… - er - Cal. 

I don’t know, I don’t know whether you’re out there or… in here… somewhere. er… I-I tried to write you a letter which I want to give you, but the days just got away from me and, it’s really not very g…

Cal, you big oaf. I know you haven't prepared for this because you… never prepare for anything. So I decided to send you on your way with a few things. 

A bottle of whisky, in case you need a drink. I-I’m sorry, there’s not much of that left. 

Socks! In case your feet get cold. 

Crisps… sorry. Crisps. 

Crisps, in case you get hungry. And milky bars, well… I had to, didn’t I?

Condoms. Well, you never know what heavenly creatures may cross your path… and I charged your phone. ‘Cos I know how much you love your music. And.. just in case, in case you get lonely and you want to give me a call. 

Though if whatever they say about where your going is true, you’re going to be having too much of a good time to be thinking about me.

My keeper added some air plants to my enclosure!

I’m probably going to be annoyed that they’ll have to be taken out weekly to be watered and fed, but that’s unavoidable, I guess.

Don’t worry about the ceramic heat emitter on the right; it’s not as close to the glass as it looks, it’s nearly 12″ away. The room I’m in sometimes gets a little cold, and having the heater overhead heated up my warm side WAY too much. I like it to be around 90 on the floor, and overhead, the heater made it over 100! From the side it helps keep it around 90 degrees both air temperature and belly temperature.

The butterworms also got here today! They look like really HUGE waxworms and are kind of reddish. One was almost too big for me to eat, but I managed. I ate about three big butterworms and two waxworms then was done. The first thing I do when I hear my keeper come into the room or come near my tank is to poke my head out because, when I do that, he just HANDS me my food, I don’t even have to walk to the dish to get it! HA!

I’m liking the more crowded setup, it makes me feel less nervous because there’s less open space and I come out of my hide more–though I’m in it now because my keeper was poking around and making a lot of noise getting things rearranged.

my break-up playlist
  • this is the playlist I made for myself after my gf broke up with me. I just wanted to share it in case anyone needs similar music right now.
  • ----
  • All Too Well: Taylor Swift
  • All You Had To Do Was Stay: Taylor Swift
  • Big Girls Don't Cry: Fergie
  • Breakeven: The Script
  • Breathe: Taylor Swift
  • Everytime: Britney Spears
  • Dear John: Taylor Swift
  • Fix A Heart: Demi Lovato
  • How Come You Don't Want Me: Tegan & Sara
  • I Almost Do: Taylor Swift
  • How To Save A Life: The Fray
  • I Can't Make You Love Me: Bonnie Raitt
  • I Knew You Were Trouble: Taylor Swift
  • I'm Not The Only One: Sam Smith
  • If You Ever Come Back: The Script
  • Irgendwas Das Bleibt: Silbermond (German)
  • I Wish You Would: Taylor Swift
  • Just Give Me A Reason: PINK
  • The Last Time: Taylor Swift
  • Let Her Go: Passenger
  • Missing You: All Time Low
  • Cold As You: Taylor Swift
  • The Heart Wants What It Wants: Selena Gomez
  • Forever And Always: Taylor Swift
  • Give Your Heart A Break: Demi Lovato
  • Haunted: Taylor Swift
  • Hello: Adele
  • Heart Attack: Demi Lovato
  • Here Without You: 3 Doors Down
  • Come Back... Be Here: Taylor Swift
  • Clean: Taylor Swift
  • Rolling In The Deep: Adele
  • She Will Be Loved: Maroon5
  • Come In With The Rain: Taylor Swift
  • My Happy Ending: Avril Lavigne
  • The One That Got Away: PINK
  • Red: Taylor Swift
  • Set Fire To The Rain: Adele
  • Sad Beautiful Tragic: Taylor Swift
  • Soulmate: Natasha Bedingfield
  • The Story Of Us: Taylor Swift
  • Stone Cold: Demi Lovato
  • Stay With Me: Sam Smith
  • Teardrops On My Guitar: Taylor Swift
  • Fool For Love: Tegan & Sara
  • Come Home: OneRepublic
  • Part Of Me: Katy Perry
  • Tell Me Why: Taylor Swift
  • Total Eclipse Of The Heart: Bonnie Tyler
  • Tied Together With A Smile: Taylor Swift
  • Treacherous: Taylor Swift
  • Try: PINK
  • Without The Love: Demi Lovato
  • Untouchable: Taylor Swift
  • The Scientist: Coldplay
  • Wish You Were Here: Pink Floyd
  • White Horse: Taylor Swift
  • Who Knew: PINK
  • The Fault In Our Stars: Troye Sivan
  • Old Money: Lana Del Rey
  • Wildest Dreams: Taylor Swift
  • Wrecking Ball: Miley Cyrus
  • Someone Like You: Adele
  • Not Like The Movies: Katy Perry
  • The Way I Loved You: Taylor Swift
  • Un-Break My Heart: Toni Braxton
  • Long Way To Happy: PINK
  • White Flag: Dido
  • Say Something: A Great Big World feat. Christina Aguilera
  • I Miss You: Beyoncé
  • Since You've Been Gone: Theory Of A Deadman
  • Whataya Want From Me: PINK
  • The One That Got Away: Katy Perry
  • Jar Of Hearts: Christina Perri
  • Levitate: Hollywood Undead
  • Scars: Papa Roach
  • Big Yellow Taxi: The Counting Crows
  • You Belong With Me: Taylor Swift
  • Du Fehlst Hier: Silbermond (German)
  • Human: Christina Perri
  • Stay Away: Charli XCX
  • Colors: Halsey
  • I Don't Believe You: PINK
  • Don't You Remember: Adele
  • Not Meant To Be: Theory Of A Deadman
  • I'm Not The Only One: Sam Smith
  • We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together: Taylor Swift
  • ----
  • if anyone has more: please message me!

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Putin is full of shit, this is the same guy who's been killing LGBT in Russia, yet everybody blinks an eye.

Everybody?????  If you mean nobody then, eh some do, but they just don’t get much air time because they don’t generate add revenue.

For the most part from what I understand in Russia unless you are in a big city then people just don’t care. and not in a bad way either it’s more of a eh ok you’re gay so what let me live my life and you can go about yours way.

I saw a big write up about it some time back and that was the take away that I got from it at least.

Not to say that LBGT people should run for the hills or anything, I do hope that they can gain more sympathy and acceptance in the big cities and from the government.  Sadly these things take time, so lets hope for an acceleration to the process.

Science teacher

So this chapter is in Lukes p.o.v . Also sorry its so short :( and i tried doing something new ;). Hope you guys enjoy it!


Everything was still a blur to me.
After the showers i was handed to Roderick… Er i mean my master?

“Once i put you on slave, i got a big fart for you slave” he said.

He started putting on his thong. “Roderick please dont!” i said.
Roderick stopped immediately. He took me out of the little pouch

“Oh slave apparently you havent been trained enough havent you?”

“No please! I’ve been through enough! I-ill be good master i swear! ” i pleaded

“Your begging is only making me hornier slave” my master said smirking. He placed me back in my pouch. Once i was aligned with his asshole he let out a fart. “Sniff it slave”

I gagged as soon as i took in my first breath. ‘How could someone do this to me? Or anyone?’ i thought. Despite how gross it was i sniffed as much as i could.

“Slave, i can still smell my fart! Seems like you need more than just training. Can’t wait to get home slave”.

'oh no… Im gonna end up doing something worse than this…’ i pondered.

Strangely i was slightly aroused of what may be coming next…


My master got out of his car and walked to the door. He stopped and let out a fart. “Smell it slave” he said.

As much as i tried i couldn’t! The smell was bad, how can anyone enjoy this!!

“Oh slave that was your last chance to” redeem yourself…“

I heard him open the door. He started walking and i felt him undressing. Slowly i started moving away from my masters asshole and saw daylight.

I was blinded by the light, slowly adjusting my eyes to this light.
"Youre big enough…”

'im big enough? What does he mean?’

He set me down on his nightstand. I saw him leave. Finally i got a view of his ass. Each step he took made his ass move. It was about the same size of jovelo’s!!

He came back with a liquid in his hand.
“Slave. If you can’t address me by the correct name…you’ll have to learn the hard way” he said. Suddenly a huge smile crossed his face.
“Do you like my ass slave?”

Unsure what to answer i said,“ i-i dont..?”. He laughed, “well i have a feeling after this”
Out of nowhere he lathered me with the liquid im his hand. I was very slimy and i now realize what this was. It was lube!!

He picked me up with his free hand and started moving me near his asshole. With his free hand he spread his cheeks apart.
“Before you go in, ill leave you with this little present”
He let out a fart. Before i could even smell it he pushed me in his ass. The pressure inside his ass was unimaginable. I felt like my head was going to expload.

I couldnt breath and felt my vision clearing.
He let out a fart allowing me to breath. Slowly i felt movement. He was pushing me in and out… He was using me as a dildo!!.
“Slave how does it feel to be treated as a dildo!” he said still using me. Every so often he let out a fart letting me breathe. I was moving faster and faster untill i stopped.

He pulled me out. Finally i was out and was breathing fresh air. He brought me to his nose and sniffed me.
“Ah slave you smell like my ass! Wonderful!” he said.

I felt humiliated. “But i feel like that wasnt enough, and you’re still lubed up…” he said.
He looked at his dick and smiled.
'oh no what is he thinking’

He moved me to the tip of his dick. He was pretty big 9 inches!
“Well in you go!”
I was confused. Go in where? He pulled back his foreskin, then with his finger he pushed me in his dick.
Slowly i slid in and couldnt move at all. And again i felt the same pressure as before.

'oh no not again’
I felt his dick move faster, and faster. I heard my master moan loudly. Sooner than i expected i was shot out, followed by cum.

“Th-that should teach you to respect me slave..” he said breathing hard.

He layed down and said nothing.
Soon after he fell asleep leaving me horrified and aroused.

'is this what im going to have to go through…’ i thought.

Soon i figured out we werent alone…

The instant of the thunk

They had been driving for hours. The county seat was at the far end of Buttermilk county, in Greensville, and on the winding dirt roads, you couldn’t go more than 40.

Rebecca pulled the pickup up in front of the courthouse and parked in the empty one of the 4 spaces. Ben had gotten caught playing mailbox baseball, and now he was on parole. My sister Rebecca and I drove out to the county seat with him to meet Officer Darnell, the parole officer, because his daddy had taken away his pickup when he got hauled in. We’d drop him off and shop around at the big stores in the downtown, and pick him up after, he bought us cheeseburgers at the Big Boy on the way home for the help.

Anyway, today had already been a real bad day, I had garlic breath something awful from the Chili haystack at the school lunchroom and we’d had to stop at the Texaco and get me a pack of gum. , when we got there, old Merle, the fella who runs the Texaco was out of the regular gum and just had that real big, sticky pink bubblegum. By now it had lost all it’s flavour.

I rolled down the back window and spit it out. I knew soon as it left my mouth that I’d messed up but it was too late to take it back.


The car went real silent.

Rebecca turned around with that mean big sister look on her face and Ben had big eyes.

“You just spit your gum into the sheriffs’ car?” He asked.

There was the gum, big old was stuck to the side of the county’s brand new patrol car.

A car door opened. It was like we were in one of the old movies, we all turned, like we were on a string, to where Sheriff Byrnes was glaring at us.

Then the day got a whole lot worse.


Willow: “My brother wants me to apologise to you for what happened with Cody, it got out of hand, and I will apologise for that, but I won’t apologise for wanting you to leave my house.”

Dawn: “Ok…?”

Willow: “Truth be told, I resent you. I resent you for coming into my home and for trying to get my brother to sell, what was, until you came along, the most important thing to him, this house. I’m not going to talk about this again, nor will I attempt to attack you or wish you any more malice. I can see that you have been good for my brother, so in some ways, I am grateful to you and for that reason, I will make my peace with you.” 

Dawn: “Thank you, Willow. That’s all I could ask for.”

Willow: “Good, as that’s all you’re getting.”

Dawn: “Tom isn’t going to sell the house, you could stay here, if you love it so much?”

Willow: “I couldn’t live alone, Tom knows that, he would never make me stay here by myself. This house is too big when you’re by yourself, something Tom knows all too well. He spent many years rattling around this house by himself while I was at boarding school. Why do you think he ferreted himself away in the attic?”

Dawn: “You know about that?”

Willow: “Of course, he’s my big brother. He can’t hide anything from me no matter how much he tries. Anyway, nice talking to you, I’ve got to go, I have a dinner to organise.” 

Head held high, Willow clicked her way upstairs to her rooms. 

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I mean don't feel too bad about it, because it's not just you. It's definitely most people in the TF community--you 'big name blogs' are so locked-down on shit that it's ridiculous. It's impossible for anyone who's not well-known to break past your tight-knit walls and get some exposure, and a big part of that is b/c you all are so busy with circle-jerking each other that you don't have time to acknowledge anyone else, and all you put on people's dashes are each other's works. It's frustrating.

Alright, now you’re being rude and still off-topic, but I’m going to answer anyway because this attitude is not going to help anybody and I think you should know that.

How do you think “big name blogs” happen? Do you think any blog that gets a lot of traffic just got that one day out of nowhere? Every single artist who is considered big in this fandom worked hard to get where they are, they are still working hard every single day, and they all started out small. 

You’re accusing art blogs for only posting their own art - not only that, you’re ignoring that plenty of them do have separate blogs for reblogging etc, and they don’t only reblog their other “big name friends”’s work, they reblog what they see, and I don’t know a single one of these artists who ignores smaller blogs. And look, I  know that it’s hard to get noticed in fandom, it’s hard to get people to see what you do - but that has nothing to do with “big name blogs making a wall” and it’s incredibly unfair to be pissed off at those people for having accomplished something you haven’t yet. 

People don’t go into tags a lot, people have busy lifes and don’t have time to look through tumblr, they’re not familiar with every TF series to appreciate every bit of fan art enough, they don’t put likes on many things simply because it’s not for them - those are a couple reasons that spontaneously come to mind for why not everybody gets noticed right away, just to give a few examples. New and/or small blogs wouldn’t get more noticed if the “big blogs” weren’t around, that’s not how this website works. 

Since you’re accusing me, I assume you consider me a big name blog too? I got to where I am right now because people, by complete coincidence, found my things early on, that’s literally it, and what other way do you want to get attention? It’s always from people happening to come across your work, and sometimes you’re lucky like me and it happens early on, and sometimes it takes a while. I’m not part of some circle that only supports each other, I’ve gotten to know a couple artists over the years and none of them do that. I am very quick to see faults in myself, I am painfully self-aware of every tiny thing I’ve ever done or said that was even slightly wrong, but here, I have to put my foot down, because this is unfair. 
Looking down on people because they get attention, writing them off as snobs? That attitude is not going to help you or anyone else. You’re disrespecting people who work extremely hard, and is this really what artists should look forward to? Knowing that if their hard work gets attention, they’re going to get shit for it? 

You only get attention when you work for it and keep at it, not by telling fellow artists they’re assholes for being popular, which is exactly what you’re doing right now. It’s rude and contra-productive. You are not going to get anywhere in life if you only look down on people who happen to have something you don’t have yet, you are only making yourself bitter.
Look, you come from a place of frustration, and I understand how you feel. I’ve been there too, I’ve existed before this blog, I’ve been frustrated about myself and my lack of appreciation when I was younger, felt like I was too small, but at some point, you need to get over that, need to keep on doing your own thing. 

Shitting on fellow artists is always in bad taste, and accusing people who simply get more attention of being stuck up is unfair. This is exactly why I made those tweets, this was the original intent I had: Be nice, don’t be bitter over other people’s work so you can grow together. Kinda funny that we’re back here now, is it not? 
I wish every single artist out there that they get the appreciation they seek sooner than later and that they feel fulfilled in what they do. There’s a lot of luck involved in getting people’s attention and it’s unfair and immature to be angry at those who have achieved something earlier than you, because they worked for it, like you probably do, and this competitive thinking is toxic when taken too far. 

Treating others like they’re lesser than you, like you did just now, is distasteful and I don’t appreciate being looked down on for something I haven’t done. 

Have a pleasant day. 

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Hi there! How would the Varia react to coming home and finding that their s/o got a dog? A really big dog?

XANXUS: All Xanxus did was glance at the dog who was wagging its tail at him before he turned and headed towards his office. “You can keep it as long as it stays out of my way and you take care of it.

SQUALO: Squalo glared at the large dog before slowly moving around it and continuing down the hall. When he heard the dog following him, he groaned. ”______, get your big ass dog away from me. I don’t want it sniffing around my office when I’m working.“ His S/O quickly grabbed the dog’s collar before looking at Squalo expectantly. "So…?” “We can keep the damn thing but the minute it takes a dump on the carpet, I’m kicking it out.”

BELPHEGOR: Belphegor froze when he saw the large dog splayed out on his bed and licking itself…down there. He made a face and tried to shoo it away. “Get off my bed, big doggie,” he said, waving his hands at the dog. It only looked up once before going back to its job. Bel immediately got ticked off and pulled out a couple of his knives before his S/O flew into the room and grabbed his hand. “Don’t hurt him please, he’ll stay in my room.” The prince sighed before slipping his knives back into his pocket. “Just get it out of here right now. And wash my sheets while you’re at it. No way I’m sleeping on those after what this mutt has done…”

LUSSURIA: “Oh!” Lussuria exclaimed when a large dog came to greet him at the door. His S/O followed close behind, beaming at their boyfriend. “Soooo, can we keep him?” Lussuria looked down at the dog then back up to his partner before sighing. “Sure, sure…but couldn’t you at least get a smaller dog?”

LEVI: Levi froze when he laid eyes on the large dog sitting by his S/O’s feet. “S-so this is the dog?” he asked, pointing to the abomination of fur. His partner nodded proudly and gently pet the dog’s ears. “Can we keep him?” Levi slowly nodded, backing away slightly. “S-sure…just keep it away from me…”

FRAN: Fran knelt down as soon as he saw the large dog running towards him and opened his arms. The dog nuzzled right into Fran and Fran sneezed. “Cute doggy,” he mused quietly, petting its head. His S/O appeared at the other end of the hallway before coming down to meet Fran. “So, I’m sure you’ll let me keep him…right?” they asked, giving him puppy dog eyes. Fran stood up and pretended to think for a moment, tapping his chin, before he gave his answers. “Yep, we’ll keep the hairball. He sleeps in my room though.”

  • teacher: Please introduce yourself to the class!
  • me: I don't like big dicks and imma tell y'all the's the confessions of Monique Anderson and I'm about to go as deep as possible as I can go with this video. Now, imma tell y'all I don't like...big dicks. I don't like big dicks for the simple fact that, you know, I like to go nuts on a penis...I like to suck a dick where I feel like I'm in power, okay? Big dicks weaken me as a woman. I can't suck it the way I wanna suck it, and I can't fuck it the way I wanna fuck it, okay! Big dick men, you know, like to put people in pretzels, and then go nuts with a big-ass dick, causing problems and leaving me with dick in my back after sex. I don't need dick in my back after sex, that's a problem for me, okay! I like to have sex and then walk away from the shit, I don't need to be thinking about this big dick still stuck in my backbone, I don't got time for that. Secondly, I don't like to suck a dick where I feel like imma throw up...okay? I mean I don't wanna throw up! I be leaving the club, we be having a good time, I be tipsy, then he whip that big-ass dick out and expect me to suck it? You gonna sober me up! Imma throw up, cause the mufucka too goddamn big! I like to hold my liquor I don't wanna suck dick and feel like that imma throw up on the dick! It's too big, it's too wide, big ego like Beyonce...okay? I don't have time, okay? And I don't have time, you know, to be embarrassing myself...and imma also gonna let y'all you that I'm team #littledick, I'm team #littledick only because I do pilates on little dick men, I do know. I like to exercise my mouth...1, 2, 3, lip, balls, okay? Yeah-huh...that's just the way it is, alright? Team #lildick over here, Monique confessions.

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“Calm down it’s just a beach!”

“Just a beach?? Sarah it’s literally been years since I was at a proper beach, let me be excited!” I bounced in my seat as my cousin Sarah and her husband Tom laughed at my enthusiasm. 

But it was true, living in the northern hemisphere I rarely got to see a proper beach. Only on vacations and visiting family down south was when I got to truly experience the surf and sand. This time around I was visiting my cousins in Australia for the Christmas holidays, and it didn’t take long before they succumbed to my pleas and within the first couple days of my arrival we were already making the short drive down to the beach. In 10 minutes we were there and the car had barely stopped moving before I was out the door with my towel and bag. 

“Y/N wait! Mum and dad and Katie aren’t even here yet!” I could hear Sarah yelling at me as I hastily made my way across the parking lot. 

“Okay! I’m just gonna find us a spot! Meet me there and don’t forget the drinks!” I yelled back, blatantly ignoring her request to wait. 

My flip flops slapped the pavement obnoxiously as I ran to the edge of the sand, where I took them off and dug my toes in. I winced as I realized the sand was actually burning hot so I quickly picked up my shoes and hopped down the beach to a spot that was relatively quiet and empty. I dumped my bag and shoes and spread out my towel, and then crawled on top of it, sighing as I felt the sand warming it up. I took off my denim cutoff shorts and my thin tshirt to reveal the black bikini I had on underneath. Yes, it was a bit revealing for a family outing but to be fair it was the only one I had (which I had purchased years ago but never really had the chance to wear it). Smearing on some sunscreen to shush my mother’s nagging in my head, I let out my hair and adjusted my sunnies, and after fishing around in my bag I grabbed my book and settled in for a relaxing day. Within the next 10 minutes I was joined my my cousins and their husbands and my auntie and uncle, who set up their stuff around me. They also brought their 2 dogs, Tucker and Cooper, who wasted no time in charging into the ocean and chasing each other in the waves. 

A few hours had passed and although I had changed positions a number of times I was getting quite hot. “Hey Sarah, wanna dip in the water for a bit?” I asked. 

She lazily turned her head and thought a moment, “Nah, I’m good.” 

“Wow okay you’re no fun…Katie? Tom?” Both of them looked at me and smirked as they shook their heads. 

“Alright, I see how it is, leaving your cousin out to entertain herself,” I joked, heading towards the shore, “At least Tucker and Cooper will hang out with me!” 

I glanced around the beach and I saw quite a few people were here; an elderly couple under the shade of their umbrella; a group of girls enjoying a game of volleyball; a group of guys goofing off and having a kick around with a ball; a group of kids splashing around in the water with mums nearby. I spotted a few cute guys and I was grateful for my revealing swimsuit, making my ass look great and my boobs stick out a little more than usual. I found myself at the edge of the water and I knew it was going to be cold, so I inched my way in slowly. That is, until I got halfway until a force hit me, jolting me forwards and under completely. I broke the surface quickly and rubbed the water out of my eyes to see the culprit standing a foot away from me with a big goofy grin and a wagging tail. 

“Tucker! Ugh you silly dog!” I chuckled, running a hand through my wet hair. “Oh no,” I murmured, “Where are my sunnies?” I glared at the big dog, who was jumping around me making it impossible to search the area for my sunnies. “Eeerrrghgh come here!” 

I lunged at him but he dodged my advance, running in the other direction. I chased him, and soon that led to Cooper chasing me, thinking it was a great game. My frustration soon dissipated though, as I had fun chasing around the dogs around the beach, forgetting there were a bunch of people looking at me. But I got tired and soon I had to sit by the edge of the water, letting out a laugh as the two big goofs came and plopped down on either side of me. 

I pet them absentmindedly as I saw the group of guys come to the water. Well, 3 of them had taken the other hostage and were carrying him to the water, swinging him dangerously close despite his protests. They let go at once, sending their red-headed friend into the salty waves and I couldn’t help but chuckle along with them as he camp up for air in a frenzy, yelling profanities left and right, throwing wet sand at his friends as they ran away in fits of laughter. They were quite fit when I looked at them longer. The redhead was tall and really pale, leaving me wondering if he was visiting from a different country or just a vampire. The tall blonde one was lanky, his limbs seemed to stretch on forever and he looked like a giant toddler by the way he moved. The other blonde one was a bit shorter, but he definitely worked out as I could see his toned arms and torso from where I was sitting, and his hair was a darker blonde and had a bit of curl to it. The last one of the group was tall and looked to be quite tan from where I was sitting, his dark hair standing out from the others’ and his toned arms definitely did not escape my notice. He turned to face me and I quickly looked away, feeling my cheeks heat up  as he caught me checking him out. Well he must get that a lot, he and his friends are quite good looking they’re probably used to girls looking at them….especially at the beach….when they’re shirtless….

My mind wandered to unholy thoughts and before I could indulge in them I stood up and took a dip in the ocean to clear my mind and get the wet sand off my legs. I felt like I was being looked at but I brushed it off as I submerged myself underwater, swimming around before coming for air. My face broke the water first, letting my hair fall down my back heavy with water. I slowly waded to shore and made my way back to my towel. “Oi! Cooper! Tucker! C’mon!” I called to the dogs, figuring they must be thirsty. I collapsed onto my towel dramatically as I heard my cousins and uncle chuckle. 

“That was quite the marathon there Y/N,” my uncle laughed. 

“Yeah, looks like Cooper and Tucks gave you a workout, I’m surprised they didn’t trample you completely” added Katie. 

“Yeah well they did in the beginning, knocked me right over and sent my sunnies flying into the ocean, big buffoons.” I muttered, a smile playing on my lips. “That’s okay though, I spied a shack down the beach selling some I’ll just buy some….Where did Auntie Jenny and Sarah go?” I asked, noticing their absence. 

“They went to get food and stuff” Tom answered, sitting up and grabbing a beer from the cooler. “Hey Y/N, those guys are looking at you” he smirked. 

I punched his shoulder, “Shut up they are not…..Who are you talking about?” 

“Those guys over there,” he said, pointing to the very group of boys I was staring at earlier. 

“Oh god…” I groaned, covering my face with my hands. 

“Uh oh,” he laughed, “What did you do?” 

“I was playing on the beach with the Cooper and Tucks and they were messing around a ways away, so I was kind of checking them out…” I said sheepishly. 

“No boys” warned my uncle, trying to sound serious, but even he couldn’t help but smile. 

“Don’t worry I don’t think I’ll ever see them again” I giggled. 

“Think again…” laughed Tom, nodding towards one of them who was walking towards us. I scoffed; he probably was headed somewhere else, there were plenty of other things around us. Or so I thought until he stopped right in front of me. 

“Uh…hi, I’m Calum, and uhh my mates and I were wondering if you’d be up for a game of football?” 

Up close I noticed that Calum had a smattering of tattoos on his body, the ink standing out beautifully against his bronze skin. He was wearing an expensive looking pair of sunnies and he had a necklace with an ivory pendant dangling from it, contrasting against his broad chest. 

He must have noticed me pause because he started talking again, “We would have enough for 2 on 2 but Mikey doesn’t really play sports and uh, we couldn’t help but notice you running around earlier and uh, yeah…” Calum rubbed the back of his neck and I felt a jab in my side. 

I turned to smack Tom and replied, “Uh, yeah I’d love to!” He grinned and extended a hand which I gratefully took and he pulled me up. “I’m Y/N by the way,” I smiled. 

“Y/N….a beautiful name for a beautiful girl” he winked, making me blush. 

I turned to my uncle about to say something but he beat me to it, “We’ll be here, have fun!” he said with a wave, and with that I followed Calum towards his friends. 

“You wouldn’t happen to have an extra pair of sunnies would you?” I asked, using my hand to shield the sun from my face. Calum stopped in his tracks and turned to face me. 

“I may have an extra pair in my bag, but here, try these….” He took off the sunnies he was wearing to reveal the most beautiful brown eyes I had ever seen, but my view was obscured as he gently placed the sunnies on my face. I reached to adjust them and prayed he didn’t see my blush as our hands brushed momentarily. 

“I uh…thank you” I said softly, cursing myself internally for being so awkward. 

“No problem,” he grinned, “They look good on you.” Calum continued walking and I jogged beside him to keep up with his long legs. But he noticed and slowed down so that we were walking side by side. His hand occasionally brushed against mine and I couldn’t help but smile to myself, but I figured it was just a coincidence. We got closer to his friends and they all started hollering as we approached. 

“Ayyyee! You finally grew some balls and talked to her!” the redhead yelled. 

“See we told you she’d say yes!” that was the tall blonde one. Calum groaned as the shorter blonde one came over. 

“Hi! I’m Ashton, don’t mind those guys” he laughed. 

“Hi, I’m Y/N,” I replied, instantly feeling at ease around Ashton. He smiled like we’d known each other for years. “We’d been telling Calum to ask you out all day, he couldn’t take his eyes off you,” he chuckled, glancing at his friend who was tackling the redhead into the sand, “We’re happy he finally did it!” 

“Wait, ask me out?” I sputtered, “Like…on a date?” I turned to Calum who was now looking sheepish. 

“Yeah I um, I was going to but then I wasn’t sure if you’d say yes and…..” he trailed off as my heart beat faster. I couldn’t believe this guy was shy to as me on a date. Me! 

“Well I would have said yes,” I replied softly. 

“Oh…” He blushed and came to stand in front of me, “Well in that case…Y/N would you like to go on a date with me?” 

I smiled, “I would love to.” 

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I know it is storyline, I know it is scripted. So if you’re gonna ignore that first line then keep scrolling. That WWE Women’s Championship match was incredible. I am not taking anything away from Charlotte, Becky and Sasha. The way it ended however, to me, is a slap in the face to the women who created the legacy behind that belt that were able to do it ON THEIR OWN. They didn’t need their dads or family or friends or “protection” they were heel, and rocked it on their own. I feel so sad for this “revival” of women’s wrestling. I was so excited! They got big build, a big marquee on a building and got all the attention they rightfully deserved. For it to end via Ric Flair helping his daughter win was pathetic. It reminded me of the year everyone bitched that Brie Bella helped Nikki constantly cheat for her to retain her title. We as fans spoke up about it and we ended up getting “The Divas Revolution.” What kind of revolution is this now? Where we go back to the women fighting their hearts out, yet to just have the bad guy get a cheap win? Where it’s predictable? Charlotte is a very gifted athlete, she proved that in NXT. Was she heel? Yes. Did she use Ric Flair to win her matches? No. She was perfectly capable of doing it on her own. So what’s the difference now? I applaud those three women for their performance, but I will not say I enjoyed the outcome. I hope Shane wins this match and he really does start to create the change we deserve.

Drabble Prompt/Request #1

“Losing It" 

aquarpisc requested a Katniss being drunk fic and this is where my muse took it to.

It’s an AU Everlark and I hope you all enjoy it. This is the first fic I’ve written in a long time and un-beta'ed so forgive any mistakes:


"Here Brainless, drink this…"  

Johanna hands her what appears to be a watered down glass of orange juice that smells like it’s flammable. Katniss downed it in 30 seconds and Johanna left quickly to fetch her another one.

Her nerves were out of control, she couldn’t stop fidgeting and Madge had already scolded her twice about moving while she was styling her hair. 

Tonight was THE night, the night that she and Peeta were going to make love and they would lose their V-Cards, a subject that both Finnick and Johanna loved to tease them about. 

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The Dare Chapter 11 ( Nash Grier)

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I walk out of the restaurant and tries to calm myself down. Deep breathes deep breathes I repeat to myself as a walk around in a circle. Nash walk out of the restaurant and walk towards me. ” leave me alone” I yell and start walking away from him. He starts running so he could catch up to me. When he got close enough he grabs my arm to get me to stop. I try to get out of his grip but the had a firm grip around it. ” calm down y/n I just want to talk” he said taking both arms around me and lifting me up in the air. ” put me down” I yell and start kicking. ” I’m putting you down when you are calm” he said. I gave up and stop resisting. ” are you going to be calm now” he said putting me down and taking a step back. I didn’t say anything I just gave him the dirtiest look I could. ” I’m sorry for what I said I don’t know what I was thinking. I was just drunk and upset that you wouldn’t take me back” he said. ” and you wonder why” I said rolling my eyes. ” can we go somewhere and talk” he said. I turned my back towards him and started to walk. ” I’m going to take that as a yes” he said when he got up next to me.

We walk for a while with out saying anything and I wasn’t sure where we were walking. ” you are pretty quiet for someone who wanted to talk” I said after a while of walking. ” can we sit down for a bit. I feel like I’m going to throw up” he said and sat down on a bench. I sat down and Nash laid down on my lap and looked up in to the sky. ” I’m sorry for what I said” he said after a while of silence on the bench. ” mmh” I said crossing my arms. ” do you remember when we where on tour and we covered Camerons face with a black marker and he walk around with it on his face all day” he said laughing. ” yeah. It seems like years ago” I said smiling. ” are your head spinning” I ask. ” you have no ide” he said stroking his face. ” good” I said and run my figures though his hair. ”why do you always find a way for me to stop being mad at you” I said taking a big breath. ” because I’m adorable” he said giving a big smile. ” your still an ass sometime” I said. ” I kno..” Nash didn’t have time to finish his sentence before he got up from my lap and started to puke. ” okay you apartment isn’t that far away, let’s go” I said rubbing his back.

We started to walk to his apartment and it was starting to get light outside. The only people outside were an old lady walking her dog. ” are you better now?” I ask. ” a bit but I can feel it” he said breathing deep. ”hold on we are almost home” I said rubbing his back again. We made it to the apartment and he didn’t throw up. When we got to the door I opened it and Nash ran in to the bathroom. Cameron was sitting on the couch looking at me confused. ” he can’t really handle his liqor” I said as I walk in. ” I know I have learnt that the hard way” Cameron said looking back towards the TV. ” I’m going to go check on him” I said and Cameron just waved his hand in the air focusing on the TV. Nash came out of the bathroom and walk to his room and slammed on the bed. I walk out to the kitchen and got a bowl and a bottle of water and walk back to Nash. ” the whole room is spinning” he said laying on the bed. ”I know” I said putting the bowl by the bed and the water on the bedside table. Nash sat up on the bed and took the bowl up and held it in his hands. He started to puke, I tried to be as helpful as I could with out throwing up myself. I rubbed his back and clean out the bowl when he stopped throwing up and had laid down on the bed to reast. That was pretty much the reast of the night.

The next morning I woke up with Nash arms around my chest and his head on my shoulder. I shook him lightly to try to wake him. ” wake up” I whispered. ” stohjdsp lehjfggj meeiih schleepphhh” he said turning he’s head away from me. ” WHAT! SORRY I CANT HEAR YOU!” I shouted at him. ” OMG! Stop! Jesus Christ” he said and sat up in bed.  ” hung over?” I asked. ”what do you think?” he answered irritated. ” good” I said getting out of the bed and walk towards the door. ” where are you going?” Nash asked as I got up from the bed. ” you asked if we could talk, now we have so I’m going to go now” I said stopping at the door. ” okay, call you later than?” he asked. ” I don’t know do whatever you want” I said closing the door.