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Pairing: Jimin + Reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff/Smut + Bad Boy!Jimin

Word Count: 3.7k

Summary: It wasn’t your place to worry for him, you shouldn’t, it wasn’t good for you. But since the day you saw him that hurt, you couldn’t help it. 

Author’s Note: SO this scenario is kindaish based on lust but I also tied it in with this idea I had before where I wanted to write a bad-boy jimin au, so I kinda mashed it together! Hope you like it anon!!

Readers POV

You knew you shouldn’t have come. You knew coming would put you in trouble, especially after he told you not to.

But you couldn’t help it. Not after he came back hurt last time, hurt bad.


“Wha-” you gasped, as you opened your front door at 2 am in the morning.

A body fell through, collapsing onto yours as your arms shot out to hold them from falling to the ground.

“y/n…” a low voice grunted, as you struggled to pull them up when you took a good look at their face, your eyes widening in shock.

“J-jimin?!” you cried in surprise as you cupped your hands around his pale and bloody face. Dragging him to your couch, he groaned in pain as you placed him down gently, careful of his wounds.

What happened to you…” you whispered, as he opened his eyes slowly, staring at you.

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"Happy Birthday"

Alright, so, back when I was in my freshman year of highschool, there was this really… interesting substitute I’d heard rumors about. She was old, like in her 60s or so, and was kinda touchy-feely and liked to tickle people and often sang “Happy Birthday” to anyone who said it was their birthday, even if it really wasn’t. Kids liked to mess with her a bit, and I’d never had her as a sub yet, so I didn’t really much care about the rumors.

One day, our art teacher (the most handsome/coolest man above tge age of 40 to ever exist) had to go to a conference or something, so he needed a sub. The school hired her (we’ll call her Mrs. Happy for clarification further along) to sub our class, and that’s when the chaos began.

So, as a freshman art class at an arts academy school, everyone had to take it or some other elective. As such, we got those kids who half-assed stuff all the time and cut about when subs came. And since Mrs. Happy was subbing, they practically lost their shit. Kids ran around the room as she tried to tickle them, and there were loud rounds “Happy Birthday” all around. One table, known for those who actually wanted to be there and included me and my friends, was generally left alone. We were quiet and were doing our work.

I forget exactly what triggered this–though I think it was someone saying it was mine or a friend’s b-day–but Mrs. Happy set her sights on our table. She came up behind me with the intent of tickling me, and as I was working on a charcoal drawing in a southern August and not having any of these shenanigans, I decided to keep her away from me.

I grabbed one of the class’s big metal rulers and spun half-way around to look over my shoulder and her, glaring at her behind charcoal smudges and big nerd glasses. She stopped dead gave me a wide-eyed look.

“Ma'am,” I ground out, “if you so much as touch me, I will hit you.” I’m not sure how threatening that was, but it certainly made Mrs. Happy leave our table alone for the rest of the class period.

I never had a class with her again. I think she got fired or something the next year for her behavior. I never missed her or cared much about her, so it didn’t bother me any that she never came back.

France: Russia, what’s wrong with your sister? She’s trés mignone, but a little scary…

Russia: you see it too?? I need help! She just can’t leave me alone most of the time!

France: you want her to leave you alone?

Russia: at least for her to not touch me or cling on to me too much!

France: hmmm… then I’ve got an idea~


Belarus: big brother, where are you- Oh, big brother there you are!

Russia: e-eep!

Belarus: now you won’t escape from me- ew. What is that on your head?

Russia: oh, its England’s food~ He accidentally spilled it on my head when I scared him~

Belarus: … I’m NOT touching you with that shit on your head. *walks away*

Russia: *crying* F-France, it worked!!

England: what are you lot screaming about? By the way, have you seen my lunch?

Four Years Ago

“Freeze, McGarrett,” Danny yells and the black-clad figure in front of him skids to a halt just before the roof ledge. Danny flips off the safety for his gun and points it at McGarrett as he slowly turns around.

“Is there a problem, Agent?” McGarrett asks and even in the dark of the night, Danny can see his smug smile. He raises his hands slowly in deference to Danny’s gun, the small, marble figurine he just stole still in his hand.

“Come on, Steve. The game’s over, give me the statue and let me take you in,” Danny says, holding out his hand. Steve doesn’t do anything and for a moment he thinks that McGarrett will cooperate. He should know better. “McGarrett,” Danny warns as Steve takes one step backward, then another so that his heels are hanging over the edge of the building. Danny has just enough time to clock the rope and realize what Steve plans to do before Steve launches himself off the edge of the building.

Danny shouts his name and runs after him, his heart in his throat as he skids to a stop and peers over the edge just in time to see Steve safely repelling the last few feet to the ground. He curses under his breath and breathes a sigh of relief as Steve gives him a friendly wave and takes off running down the street. “This is Agent Williams,” he calls in just as soon as he gets his heart under control again, “suspect is fleeing on foot, headed south on Henry Street. The statue is in his possession.”


He’s not sure what exactly he expected would happen the next time he ran into McGarrett, but standing in a Boston bar while a guy the size of a whale tries to intimidate him into leaving was not on the list. “I think you’re in the wrong place, brah,” the guy says, squaring his shoulders like he’s getting ready for a fight.

“Relax, Shamu. I just want to talk to McGarrett,“ he says, not rising to the bait.

“Never heard of him,“ Shamu says even though Danny can see McGarrett eyeing him from a booth in the corner of the bar.

“Steve McGarrett. Tall guy, obnoxious tattoos, likes to steal expensive art. He’s sitting twenty feet away from me and you want to tell me you don’t know who he is?” Danny says, barely refraining from yelling. He eyes the room but there’s no way to get around the guy and Danny knows he’ll have very little luck trying to go through him.

“Sorry, brah. Can’t help you,” the big guy says just as McGarrett walks up to them.

“It’s okay Kamekona, I got this,” Steve says and the big guy reluctantly leaves them alone, “Agent Williams, to what do I owe the pleasure?” he asks with that annoying smirk that Danny used to hate so much.

Danny swallows and forces himself to stand his ground. If he we here in an official capacity he’d arrest Steve just to wipe that smile off his face, but he’s not here for the job. In fact, as far as his boss is concerned, he’s back in New York City with Rachel and Stan twiddling his thumbs while the bureau works his case. “I need your help,” he finally admits, the words feel like broken glass on his tongue but he’s come this far now and he’s not about to back down. This is bigger than his own vendetta.

McGarrett stares at him for a moment before snorting in laughter. “Sure you do,” he laughs, walking away, and Danny panics.

“They have my daughter,“ he says to McGarrett’s back and is more relieved than he should be when he stops. The whole bar quiets after his outburst so he can hear clear as day Steve ask “Who?“ even though his back is still turned.

“Frank Salvo.”

“Jesus, Williams. What the hell did you do?“ Steve asks, turning back to him.

“I was about to bring charges against him. I had a case that could put him away for the rest of his life. Only, before I can do anything with it, they take my baby girl and tell me I’m supposed to drop the case, destroy all my evidence,” Danny explains, the words rushing out of him like if he doesn’t get them out quick enough McGarrett will turn him away.

“I think you better come upstairs,” Steve says eventually.

Danny follows Steve through the bar, up the stairs, and into a deceptively modern apartment. There are two people sitting on the couch when he follows Steve into the living room, a movie paused on the TV. It takes him a moment but eventually, he recognizes them as Chin and Kono from a case he worked on years ago. He wasn’t the lead but the two cousins rap sheet had made quite the impression on him. They don’t move as he walks into the room but he knows that they’re just as tense as he is, “Tell me what’s going on,” Steve says, sitting down on the couch with the other two, not bothering to make introductions. They probably already know who he is too.

“After I got taken off your case, I was transferred to Organized Crime. My first case was what we thought was a small-time drug ring. As I was investigating I found that the operation was massive and that it leads straight back to the Salvo family. We decided to keep the information close to the vest and see what else it could lead to. I was made the lead and over the last two years, I have linked the Salvos to illegal gambling, money laundering, drugs, guns, all sorts of nasty stuff. I was going to get an arrest warrant when I got a call. Frank- he put Grace on the line and made her tell me to drop the case or he’d kill her.”

“And what did you do?” Kono asks.

“I told my captain and he told me they would handle it,” he tells her, then in the interest of full disclosure, “The Bureau thinks that I’m in New York with my ex and her husband sitting on my thumbs.”

“And why aren’t you?” Chin asks.

“I think there’s a leak in my department. I was careful, there’s no way that Salvo could have known about the investigation unless he had someone on the inside telling him about it.”

“That’s quite the accusation,” Steve says but he at least sounds like he believes him.

“I know, and I’ve run it around in my head more times than I can count and its the only thing that I can think of,” Danny tells them and the room falls silent. He watches as Steve exchanges a look with the Chin and Kono before he turns back to him, determination written all over his face.

“We’ll help you get your daughter back, now tell us everything you know.”

By the time Danny finishes telling them everything he knows about the case and Grace’s kidnapping, it’s almost dawn. He’s been stifling his yawns for hours and Chin looks just about dead on his feet. Somehow, Steve and Kono both still look as fresh as daisy’s and Danny hates them for it.

“Let’s get some shuteye,” Steve says, running a hand over his face as he looks over the notes that the four of them have managed to scrounge together, “We’re all tired, we can’t come up with anything tonight. Get some sleep, get some food, and we’ll meet back here in a couple hours to start planning.”

Chin and Kono nod and shuffle out the door as he and Steve gather all of their notes and papers into piles. “I’ll get out of your hair,” Danny says, gesturing over his shoulder towards the door, “What, uh- what time are we meeting?”

Steve looks at him and Danny shuffles his feet under the gaze, “You have a place to stay?” Steve asks instead of answering him.

“I was gonna go find a motel.”

“Come on,” Steve tells him, turning and heading up the stairs. When Steve calls back down to him from the second floor, Danny finally follows, “You can sleep in this room,” Steve tells him opening the door to a sparsely decorated bedroom, “There are some old clothes of mine in the dresser that you can use.”

“Thanks,“ Danny says sincerely, turning to see Steve leaning against the door frame. Like this, all soft edges and goofy looks, Danny almost forget that Steve’s a master criminal. He watches as Steve goes to leave then turns back to him, his mouth open. He pauses for a second and seems to think better of it and turns back around but stops before he can enter the other room.

“Why me?” Steve finally asks him.


“Out of everyone that you could have gone to for this, why did you choose me?”

“I needed someone outside of the system, someone I knew would have the skills to rescue Grace,” Danny tells him and Steve drops his gaze, nodding his head in understanding, “and I trust you,” Danny adds before Steve can leave. Steve looks shocked at his confession but then a small smile slowly starts to spread before he schools his expression. Danny memorizes the image, glad that he said it. Steve may be a criminal but he’s never hurt anyone, even though Danny knows he has the training to do some serious damage.

“Good night, Danny,” Steve says, walking into his own bedroom.

“Good night, Steve,” Danny responds, closing the door after him.

The plan they come up with is deceptively simple which, in Danny’s opinion, makes it completely ludicrous. Chin is going to stay at the office to track down Franks mole and run roughshod over the Salvo’s security system so that Kono can just march into Frank Salvo’s mansion, steal Grace back and walk her out the back door. That’s the plan that three of the worlds top criminals came up with and it’s the plan that has Danny pulling his hair out.

“If you could just go and walk into Frank Salvo’s house and take Grace back don’t you think I would have done it already!” he shouts, but no one answers him. “This plan is insane. Salvo has dozens of hired goons, he has top of the line security cameras, he has dogs for Pete’s sake! Every alphabet agency for the last fifty years has been trying unsuccessfully to get into the Salvo mansion and you guys think you’re going to just walk in?”

“We’re not just going to walk in,” Steve finally huffs, rolling his eyes at him.

“Yeah, Franks gonna invite me in himself,” Kono says with a smile that, in the day and a half that Danny’s known her, he’s already learned means nothing good.

“And why exactly would he do that?” Danny feels obliged to ask.

“He’ll think Kono is a representative for Hiro Noshimuri, looking to set up an agreement to expand the illegal gambling business the Yakuza have going in Hawaii,” Chin tells him, still focused on his laptop screen.

“And why exactly would he think that?”

“Becuase I’m sleeping with Adam Noshimuri,” Kono says with a smile and Danny vows to stop asking her questions.

“You have to stop doing that,” Steve says, his gaze never straying from where he’s looking at surveillance footage of the Salvo mansion.

“Stop what?” he asks just to be facetious as he makes another circuit of the van.

“Wearing a hole in the floor,” Steve says, grabbing his arm as he passes by and pulling him down into the chair next to him, “We’re in a van, you rockin’ it around might call some unwanted attention to us.”

“My daughter is in there,” Danny says, ignoring the implication but Steve isn’t paying him any more attention so he turns to face out the computer screens too. Kono’s car pulls up a second later and the chauffeur opens the door for her. Even with the grainy footage, Danny can tell that she cuts an imposing figure and Salvo’s goons show her the respect that she demands as they lead her up to the mansion.

“Kono is in place,” Steve says into the comms. It crackles to life when Chin responds but then the van falls back into silence. If everything goes to plan they’ll all be radio silent until Kono has Grace outside but after a while, Steve turns to him and asks “Why did you get taken off my case?”

“Bureau wanted fresh eyes,” Danny says automatically, his eyes glued to the Salvo house across the road.

“You have a tone,” Steve tells him and Danny turns to look him in the eye, “when you lie, you have a tone.”

“I do not.”

“Yes you do, you’re using it right now.”

“I do not have a tone,” Danny says with finality, trying to put an end to Steves questioning. It doesn’t work but thankfully, before Steve can say anything more, Kono’s voice comes through the speakers again.

“Say that again Kono,” Steve tells her, fiddling with the adjustments until the static clears away.

“Danny, Grace won’t come with me. She tried to fight me off,” Kono says again and Danny can’t help the flash of pride for his little girl.

“Tell her Danno sent you, tell her that Danno sent you to get his monkey back,” he says.

Steve turns to look at him and Danny’s pulse jumps, realizing just how close they’ve gotten in the back of the van. Steve words from earlier pop into his head, along with the unbidden images of all the ways that the two of them could make the van rock. If the intensity of Steve’s gaze is any impression, he’s thinking the same thing. Just as Danny’s gaze drops from Steve’s eyes to his mouth, Kono speaks again.

“Grace is on her way out,” Kono tells them, breaking the sudden tension. Danny nods and swallows, tearing his gaze away from Steve to open the back door to the van just as Grace walks through a gate in the Salvo’s fence.

He calls her name and Grace turns, taking off like a shot as soon as she sees him waiting for her. He grabs her and hauls her up into the back of the van, holding her tight and burying his face into her neck. He barely gets the back door closed when Steve starts the van and drives off, leaving their concealment and heading back towards the city.

He doesn’t let go of Grace the entire way back to Boston.

“Does the name Peterson mean anything to you?” Chin asks as soon as Danny walks back into the office. They all made it back to the bar okay, Grace is safely tucked in in the bed that he slept in last night and he called Rachel to let her know that they were both all right. For the first time since he got the call from Frank, he feels like he can breathe again.

“Rick Peterson?” he asks and Chin nods, “He was my training officer, I still consult with him on some of my cases. Why?” Danny asks, afraid that he’s not going to like the answer.

“He’s your mole,” Chin says matter of factly, pulling document after document up on the computer screen for Danny to see, “Emails, phone calls, text messages, I found a bank account in the Caymans with his name on it and an awful lot of money for a career FBI agent. So either he’s a very good gambler or-”

“Or he’s on Salvo’s payroll,“ Danny finishes for him, reading what he can off the screen.

“It looks like they started talking about ten years ago,” Kono says and he doesn’t miss the remorse in her voice.

“You’re sure?” Danny asks. If he takes this to the Bureau, if he accuses Rick of corruption, he needs to have concrete evidence. God, Rick drove him to the hospital when Grace was born. He scrubs a hand over his face, wondering how he ever could have missed that Rick was dirty.

“Completely,” Chin says.

“You got everything?” Steve asks him the next morning. There’s a taxi waiting downstairs to take him and Grace to the airport but he finds himself hesitating at Steve’s door.

“I’ve got the files on Rick and the backup files, plus the surveillance we got last night. I’m all set,” Danny says, glancing down the hall to where Grace is waiting by the stairs, “I don’t know how to thank you guys for this.”

“Maybe you can pull some strings, get our files shuffled to the bottom of the pile?” Steve laughs and Danny is intoxicated by the sound. 

“Sure thing,” Danny says. He could definitely do that, he still has a lot of friends in the White Collar division and they owe him favors. All it would take was one phone call to make sure that all their files got buried under so much paperwork they never saw the light of day again. Somehow it still doesn’t feel like enough. Steve gives him a soft smile, one that Danny knows means more than thank you and Danny feels emboldened, “Listen, last night, you asked me why I got taken off your case-”

“You don’t have to tell me, Danny,” Steve interrupts him, “I get why you don’t want to tell me. It’s your business and-”

Danny grabs Steve by the collar and pulls him down into a kiss before he can say anything else. Steve freezes under him and when Danny pulls away Steve is gaping at him, his mouth moving like he wants to say something but nothing comes out.

“That’s why” Danny confesses and turns on his heel to get Grace and leave.

Three Days Later

Danny feels like he races out of the office after his debriefing and conduct review. He can feel everyone’s stare following him through the halls and his tie feels like it’s too tight, like it’s strangling him even though he’s already loosened it three times. The elevator ride to the ground floor is torture and he pushes his way through the front door and into the cool, fresh air. He rips his tie off and takes in a deep breath, finally feeling the like no one is watching him.

“How’d it go?” an all too familiar voice calls out to him and he turns to see Steve Chin, and Kono all leaning against the FBI building. Something in him settles at the sight of the three of them as they approach him and Danny decides not to examine it too closely.

“Officially, three weeks unpaid suspension pending a hearing,” he tells them, knowing that if he doesn’t Chin will just hack his boss’ files anyway.

“And unofficially?” Kono asks him.

He lets his gaze fall before he admits, “Unofficially, I should start updating my resume. The FBI doesn’t take to well to their agents consorting with known criminals, especially now that they’re filing corruption charges against one of their own.”

“Y’know, if you’re gonna be looking for a job we might have something in mind for you,” Steve tells him.

“And what would that be?” Danny can’t help but ask.

“Well, we got thinking and there’s a lot of people out there who could use people with our skill sets,” Steve looks sheepish as he explains but Chin and Kono both look like they couldn’t be happier.

“People who have no one else to turn to for help,” Kono adds on.

“You want to be the good guys now?” Danny asks, incredulous.

“It felt good to be on the other side of the law,“ Chin tells him with a nonchalant shrug.

“Problem is, none of us really know how to do that,” Steve continues, “So if you maybe knew of someone who has experience with that kinda thing, who wants to help people who don’t have anywhere else to turn to and doesn’t mind working with criminals, we’d be interested.”

“I might know a guy,“ Danny tells them and they start walking as Chin and Kono launch into what they’ve already figured out for this new plan. Danny listens attentively, impressed by how much they’ve already pieced together. He looks over to Steve to see him smiling down at him and smiles back when Steve’s hand tangles with his.

Protective [Remus Lupin x Reader]

Requested: yes

Request: Hiii! If your requests are open, could you please write something when the reader is James’ best girl friend bc they’ve known each other since they were little and the reader is like a year younger (preferably a hufflepuff) and he’s very protective over her and he finds out Remus likes her and Remus is scared he’s gonna be mad bc be always glares at any boy who comes near you, James is actually really happy and is trying to help Moony ask the reader out? Thank you x (lots of fluff!)

Warnings: none

A/N: I modified the request a tiny bit by making the reader the same age as the marauders. Thank you nonnie for the request. Hope you enjoy!

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               “Hey (Y/N),” a guy, Arthur you thought he was called, came up to the (Y/H) table, “I was wondering if you’d like to go to Hogsmeade with me this weekend?” he asked you nervously.

You were about to answer when an annoying childhood friend named James Potter showed up next to you, glaring at the poor kid, “Hello Mr. Whatever, may I ask what you are doing beside my deer friend (Y/N)?” The boy, knowing James for his defensive attitude towards any one of (Y/N)’s ‘suitors’, was shaking in fear of being publicly humiliated.

“I-I was asking her out to Hogsmeade.” He said, you had to admit that this kid had balls to reply to the James Potter. Suddenly, James burst out into laughter and Arthur was laughing nervously beside him, forcing a smile and not understanding what was happening.

“Dude, I gotta admit that you’re funny but, before this gets worse… Scam!” Arthur ran away, all courage disappeared. Proud, James sat down beside you and popped a bit of food from your plate into his mouth.

You looked at him disapprovingly, “Prongs, we talked about this! No more scaring guys away from me. I’m not four years old anymore! You’ve got to stop protecting me because I don’t need protecting.” You exclaimed

“My dear, innocent, (Y/N) do you not understand that I have been your friend since we were tiny little munchkins, and now you are a beautiful girl who attracts many guys, which as your big brother, I have to ward away from you.” He said

You rolled your eyes, “This is ridiculous James, I can ward off guys I don’t like by myself and I’ll call you if I need any help, which I won’t. Also, in no way are you my big brother!”

“Firstly, this is not ridiculous and I will not stop. Secondly, who is going to protect you then, your owl? No way, it’s gonna be me, your soul brother.” He claimed

“Soul brother? Seriously? What the hell is that?” you said, tired of his protectiveness. He opened his mouth to answer but you put your hand up, asking him not to talk, “You know what Prongs? I love you but I’m too tired to put up with your brotherly-ness. I’m going to my dorm. And don’t follow me.” You said walking away.

James was walking up the stairs to the boys’ dormitories when he heard voices coming from his room. He decided that he would eavesdrop instead of just entering the room to hear some juicy secrets.

“Padfoot, you know I’m in love with her but what am I going to do about Prongs? He’s going to kill me if he finds out I like (Y/N). But, I can’t help being in love with her. When she laughs or even looks at me I feel like a thousand butterflies are fluttering in my stomach and I-” he was interrupted by Sirius.

“Let me stop you right there,” he said, “Enough with the sappy, lovey-dovey stuff because I do not want to hear about that Moony. And you won’t be able to keep it a secret forever, I mean Prongs is bound to find out.”

“Yeah b-but I mean maybe when he warms up to me as not a friend but his childhood friend’s boyfriend?” he asked hopefully

“One, that was too confusing with all the ‘friends’. Two, it’s too late because he already knows,” Remus’s eyes widened, “Prongsie, come out from behind the door!” Sirius yelled.

At that sound, James opened the door and was face-to-face with a smirking Sirius and a cringing Remus. When he saw Remus, James burst out laughing, the two other marauders didn’t understand what was happening and shared confused looks.

“Moony, I give you my approval to date my little (Y/N).” he said after calming down.

Remus sat there, shocked that his friend would say that, “Really?” he asked.

“Absolutely!” he exclaimed, “Remus John Lupin you are a caring dude who hangs out with the best people,” he high-fived Sirius, “and folds his socks. If I let anyone be with (Y/N), it would definitely be you.”

“Thanks, I guess?” he said.

“You’re most welcome. And, might I add that I will help you in your quest to win her heart.” And thus, started the boys plan to get you to go out with Moony

               You were heading to your friends at the (Y/H) table when a waving hand caught your attention, James. Once your eyes met his, he beckoned you to sit with him and the rest of the gang. After sitting down, you noticed that all the boys had giddy smiles on their faces.

“What is it guys, what are you up to?” you asked suspicious

“Do you have a date to Hogsmeade this weekend?” James asked you, a mischievous shimmer in his eyes.

“No, you scared them all away.” You replied

“Great!” Sirius exclaimed, “we’d like to set you up on a date this weekend!”

“Sure!” you said sarcastically, “this is totally not a prank.”

“We swear it isn’t (Y/N)!” Peter shrieked

“And how do I know that?” you questioned

“If it is in fact a prank, you can cut my hair.” Sirius told you

“Your hair!” you repeated shocked that Sirius would give up his favorite thing in the world, “You’ve got yourself a deal then.” You said and shook hands with Sirius.

~Time skip to Hogsmeade, Date Day~

               You stood waiting at The Leaky Cauldron waiting for your date to arrive. Then, out of nowhere a shadow appeared.

“Hey (Y/N),” the voice said, it sounded like Remus, “are you ready for our date?”

“Absolutely Moony, but if I knew that I was going on a date with you I wouldn’t have bargained Sirius’ hair. I would’ve gone easily.”

“Seriously?” he asked

“Remusly.” I joked, “I’ve had a crush on you since fourth year.”

“I’ve been completely in love with you since third year.” He said taking a step towards you

“I never thought that James would set me up with the guy of my dreams.” You said, stepping closer to Remus until your lips were barely brushing against each other.

You glanced at his lips and he glanced at yours, “I was going to do this later in the date if it went well but,” Remus said, every time his lips moved created contact between your lips and you relished these milliseconds. “I think I should do it now.” He continued before setting your lips ablaze by kissing you.

Your lips melted together, your tongues battled for dominance. His hands were cupping your cheeks gently and your arms were wrapped around his neck. You made out passionately before breaking apart to breathe. Both of you smiled.

“Well (Y/N), as much as I loved that, I think we should get on with our date, don’t you think?” he said, taking your hand in his.

“Of course.” you replied, shivering as the breeze hit you. Remus caught you shivering and shook off his jacket to give it to you. Putting it on your shoulders, he used it as an opportunity to place a small peck on your forehead. Little did you know that these forehead kisses would be around for a long time.

Morgan Rielly - The concert

 Request: Can I request a Morgan Rielly imagine where it’s the first time you’re meeting the team? And Mitch and Auston say/do stuff to embarrass Mo? Sorry if it too specific!!!!! Thank u!!

Warnings: None

I must have changed my outfit 8 times by now and I still have a tough time to decide if I want my hair up or down, how can this be so hard? I haven’t been this nervous since I applied for collage. Today is the day I’m meeting Morgan’s teammates; those guys are his family away from family. Morgan met my friends a week ago and now I understand why he was so nervous, this is awful.

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my break-up playlist
  • this is the playlist I made for myself after my gf broke up with me. I just wanted to share it in case anyone needs similar music right now.
  • ----
  • All Too Well: Taylor Swift
  • All You Had To Do Was Stay: Taylor Swift
  • Big Girls Don't Cry: Fergie
  • Breakeven: The Script
  • Breathe: Taylor Swift
  • Everytime: Britney Spears
  • Dear John: Taylor Swift
  • Fix A Heart: Demi Lovato
  • How Come You Don't Want Me: Tegan & Sara
  • I Almost Do: Taylor Swift
  • How To Save A Life: The Fray
  • I Can't Make You Love Me: Bonnie Raitt
  • I Knew You Were Trouble: Taylor Swift
  • I'm Not The Only One: Sam Smith
  • If You Ever Come Back: The Script
  • Irgendwas Das Bleibt: Silbermond (German)
  • I Wish You Would: Taylor Swift
  • Just Give Me A Reason: PINK
  • The Last Time: Taylor Swift
  • Let Her Go: Passenger
  • Missing You: All Time Low
  • Cold As You: Taylor Swift
  • The Heart Wants What It Wants: Selena Gomez
  • Forever And Always: Taylor Swift
  • Give Your Heart A Break: Demi Lovato
  • Haunted: Taylor Swift
  • Hello: Adele
  • Heart Attack: Demi Lovato
  • Here Without You: 3 Doors Down
  • Come Back... Be Here: Taylor Swift
  • Clean: Taylor Swift
  • Rolling In The Deep: Adele
  • She Will Be Loved: Maroon5
  • Come In With The Rain: Taylor Swift
  • My Happy Ending: Avril Lavigne
  • The One That Got Away: PINK
  • Red: Taylor Swift
  • Set Fire To The Rain: Adele
  • Sad Beautiful Tragic: Taylor Swift
  • Soulmate: Natasha Bedingfield
  • The Story Of Us: Taylor Swift
  • Stone Cold: Demi Lovato
  • Stay With Me: Sam Smith
  • Teardrops On My Guitar: Taylor Swift
  • Fool For Love: Tegan & Sara
  • Come Home: OneRepublic
  • Part Of Me: Katy Perry
  • Tell Me Why: Taylor Swift
  • Total Eclipse Of The Heart: Bonnie Tyler
  • Tied Together With A Smile: Taylor Swift
  • Treacherous: Taylor Swift
  • Try: PINK
  • Without The Love: Demi Lovato
  • Untouchable: Taylor Swift
  • The Scientist: Coldplay
  • Wish You Were Here: Pink Floyd
  • White Horse: Taylor Swift
  • Who Knew: PINK
  • The Fault In Our Stars: Troye Sivan
  • Old Money: Lana Del Rey
  • Wildest Dreams: Taylor Swift
  • Wrecking Ball: Miley Cyrus
  • Someone Like You: Adele
  • Not Like The Movies: Katy Perry
  • The Way I Loved You: Taylor Swift
  • Un-Break My Heart: Toni Braxton
  • Long Way To Happy: PINK
  • White Flag: Dido
  • Say Something: A Great Big World feat. Christina Aguilera
  • I Miss You: Beyoncé
  • Since You've Been Gone: Theory Of A Deadman
  • Whataya Want From Me: PINK
  • The One That Got Away: Katy Perry
  • Jar Of Hearts: Christina Perri
  • Levitate: Hollywood Undead
  • Scars: Papa Roach
  • Big Yellow Taxi: The Counting Crows
  • You Belong With Me: Taylor Swift
  • Du Fehlst Hier: Silbermond (German)
  • Human: Christina Perri
  • Stay Away: Charli XCX
  • Colors: Halsey
  • I Don't Believe You: PINK
  • Don't You Remember: Adele
  • Not Meant To Be: Theory Of A Deadman
  • I'm Not The Only One: Sam Smith
  • We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together: Taylor Swift
  • ----
  • if anyone has more: please message me!

A Bucky x Reader of 1.1k words as requested by an anon: ‘maybe something where Bucky and reader have a fight and she says something mean to him but immediately regrets it?’ I changed it up a bit because it was giving me trouble. Requests are open so feel free to shoot me one. Enjoy!


Prompt List

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“I can’t believe you (Y/n)!” Bucky yelled throwing down his jacket. “You can’t keep putting yourself in that much danger!” I huffed dropping my backpack on the couch. “It’s not that big of a deal Buck.” I said shaking my head. He turned and glared at me, disbelief etched on his face. “Not that big of a deal.” he murmured. “(y/n) you almost got yourself killed!” I calmly took off my jacket and set it on the couch next to Buckys. “All I did was help get civilians out of the way.” I defended, quirking my eyebrow up. He ran his hands through his hair roughly, completely destroying his hair. “You ran into a crowd where a bomb had been dropped and pushed people away from it.” He said, his breathing starting to become erratic. “Yeah” I shurgged, not sure why he was mad. Bucky took a step closer to me, his jaw clenched. “You almost died today. How are you so calm?” He asked quietly. I gave him a soft smile. “I almost die everyday. We all do.” I said reaching out to hold his hands. He searched my eyes for any sign of fear or regret before taking a step back pulling out his phone.

“Bucky?” I asked, trying to see who he was dialing. He continued typing with his head down. “What are you doing?” I asked frantically. I had never seen him behave this way before. He held the phone to his ear and met my eyes for a split second; but it was long enough for me to see the fear and sorrow swimming in them. “Steve?” he said quickly. I narrowed my eyes, forcing my brain to think why Bucky would need Steve. “I need you to suspend (Y/n) from all ongoing missions.” My heart plummeted into my stomach, creating a cold cavity in my chest. “Bucky no. Please don’t” I whispered, knowing that Steve would suspend me if he thought Bucky had a cause. “She almost got herself killed today.” He turned to me, the phone still up to his ear. I stared into his blue eyes, and bit my lip hard to keep it from trembling. “I really don’t want to do this, but I think its for the best.” he said. I could sense the meaning in his words but at the moment, I didn’t care. Spinning on my heel I bolted for my room before I broke down.

Bucky’s POV

“I don’t know Buck.” Steve sighed into the phone. “It sounds like she was just doing her job. It’s what I would have done.” I pinched my nose with my fingers and shut my eyes for a moment. “She ran towards a bomb and literally just managed to avoid being blown up” I repeated for what felt like the 20th time. Steve was silent for a moment as he pondered the situation. “You need to talk to her.” He breathed. “She was doing her job so I’m not going to suspend her from anything.” “Steve” I interrupted, but he cut me off before I could object. “I know that you love her and you’re just trying to keep her safe, but she’s not some 40’s damsel Buck. She’s an avenger. If she can subdue the Winter Solider, she can handle anything that’s out there.” Steve let the words hang as I absorbed their impact. “I hate it when your right” I said, as the corners of my mouth threatened to turn up. Steve snorted, but I could tell there was a smile on his face. “Good luck Buck.” he said hanging up the call. Stuffing my phone in my pocket, I took a deep breath. Letting it out slowly I rubbed my chin, before slowly making my way towards (y/n)’s room.


I grabbed a tissue and wiped my puffy eyes, smearing whatever makeup was left. The sunset peeked through my blinds, illuminating the otherwise dark room. I sniffed and wiped my nose before collapsing on my bed. “(Y/n)? Can I please come in?” Bucky asked softly from the hall. I forced myself to take a deep breath and relax my now tightened jaw. “Doll please.” Bucky pleaded. I flopped on my back, refusing to even acknowledge the solider. A thud from the hall told me that he had taken a seat against my door. “You’re not suspended.” he tried. I stared at my ceiling, no less annoyed than I had been a second ago. Bucky sighed and leaned his head against the door. “I talked to Steve and he helped me see that I was wrong.” I lifted my head, ears piqued in interest. “I shouldn’t have tried to get you suspended. I had no right to do that.” He said, his voice laced with regret. I stood and walked to the door, leaning my back against the wood. “I was way out of line and I should have just talked to you, like I’m trying to do now.” He said. I perched my lips but stood and opened the door, which made Bucky immediately fall into my room.

I smiled and walked to my bed. Bucky hauled himself up quickly and sat next to me, leaving some distance between us. I met his eyes with mine, and saw that genuinely regretted his actions.  "(Y/n) love. What I did was wrong and I am so sorry.“ I stared at the empty space between us before leaning in and giving him a hug. His arms wrapped automatically around my waist, rubbing circles on my back. I wove my arms around his neck and tangled my fingers in the little baby hairs at the nape of his neck. "It’s okay” I whispered leaning my head on his shoulder. “I forgive you.” At that Bucky tightened his grip and pressed my body against his.

A week later I was called to go on a mission without Bucky. I held his hands in mine as we stood in the living room getting ready to part. “I promise you that I will be okay babe.” I said squeezing his hands for emphasis. He frowned, but nodded his head in acceptance. “I don’t want you to go, but I can’t ask you to stay.” he sighed pulling me in for a hug. After a few seconds, we split apart. I picked up my bag from the floor and slung it over my shoulder. “I love you.” I said walking backwards into the elevator where Steve and Nat were waiting. “I love you.” He replied giving me one last smile before the doors closed.

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BTS reaction to you not wanting to eat because you're insecure about your body? Hope this makes sense 😅❤❤

(Please eat like you want your idols to eat.. ;n; Please be safe, babes. I don’t want anything to happen to you…)

But, chagi… you need to eat.” A look of concern crossed his face and he stood up, “Will you eat if I cook something for you?” He knew you were weak for his requests, and he often took advantage of it, “I’ll be insulted if I cook something for you and you don’t eat all of it.”

Originally posted by coffeewithbts

“You’re gonna eat.” He stated plainly, letting his dominance and disappointment sound evident. He didn’t like it when you didn’t take care of yourself, “If you’re so self conscious, then why don’t you plan a diet plan or something. I like eating with you…”

Originally posted by pretending2bme

He was silent when you told him you didn’t want to eat. He had spent the last 24 hours with you, and he hadn’t seen you put anything in your mouth. He got up and left the room and then came back a couple minutes later with a sandwich on a plate. He dropped it in front of you before flopping down next to you, “Eat.”

Originally posted by minyoongishook

MM~” He whined loudly and wiggled his shoulders, “Will you please eat? For me?” He wiggled more and whined louder when you didn’t answer, “I’ll cry if you don’t eat something. I worry about you, and I hope you take better care of yourself when I’m not around…”

Originally posted by tbhobi

He looked at you for a couple seconds, his squishy cheeks filled completely with whatever he had managed to fit in his mouth. He split half of whatever was on his plate before dropping it in front of you with a stern look on his adorable face. His words came out mumbled, “Please eat for me…”

Originally posted by ultranicolet

Ah~” He attempted to feed you with a big, goofy smile on his face. When you turned your head away from him, he frowned and dropped his hand, “Please…?” His eyes got big as a pout found it’s way to his face. You’re heart melted at the sight of him and you let him feed you.

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Are you uncomfortable eating around me?” He frowned, “Am I the reason?” He frowned even more and looked away. He hated the idea of him being the reason you’d force yourself to be uncomfortable, “Do you want me to leave the room so you can eat by yourself? I wanted to eat with you…”

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Love without shame. Jared Series. Ch 3.

Authors note:   Sorry it takes a long time. Now I’m back at work it’s hard to find time to write, but I don’t want to stop I just love it too much. (I do not own these pictures all credits go to owners.) 

Warnings: Smut, kink, swears.

Word Count: 1,871

Love without shame. Chapter 3.

If you haven’t read it here’s : CHAPTER 2

Jared woke first “Morning kitten” his hands trailed down my body. Slightly ticking me waking me up. “Good morning Daddy” one of his hands made it’s way in between my legs. I whimpered. “Still wet from last night, dirty girl?” He laid back down and made the sound “Hmm”. He was content. As was I. I rolled over and flung my arms over him. I had a day off today but Jared did not. He had to go soon as he was working on the new album. I needed to get stuff done around my apartment anyway and I was going to his later on and staying overnight. He got dressed and we had breakfast together. We spent a little time on the balcony talking about last nights events. He leaned over the side and I was sat on the little sofa I had. Just looking at his butt. “Enjoying the view? Because I am!” I laughed. He turned around and looked at me then laughed. I stood up to hug him. He pulled me in “I gotta get going” he sighed. “Okay, I’ll be over at yours by 7″ I kissed him and walked him to the door. I started the housework then carried on with my work. I checked my emails and I swear my boss has it out for me, I do everything he asks and it still isn’t enough. He needs me to read and review 4 papers from his clients. They’re all at least 7 pages or more. “ugh I need wine” I sighed loudly to myself. Unfortunately I didn’t have any. Sober reading it was. At two o’clock Jared messaged me saying how boring his meet is. This meeting had nothing or little to nothing to do with the band. He could be using this time wisely. ‘I know what would make it less boring’ I thought to myself. I ran to the bedroom and stripped so I only had panties on. I grabbed my phone and took a picture to send to Jared.

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All this talk about Confederate makes me want to write an alt history where slavery ended in bloody revolt & blacks rule. It’s fantasy tho’ See, if a black person or team pitched that? It wouldn’t be greenlit. Hell whoever pitched it likely would never work again.

Yet, a project imagining a modern AU where slavery still exists is greenlit AND lauded because it’s by the GoT writers?

Originally posted by n-wordbelike

Ok, y'all can have your aryan power fantasy way the fuck away from me. WAY away from me you hear? Don’t ask me shit about it either. Not unless you got a big ass number in mind, enough for me to have a fuck it fund after I’m done cause the harassment wouldn’t be worth it.

I’m also super not interested in white folks hot takes on why this is OK, or not a big deal or it’s not about racism actually. STFU forever

ethan’s speech

Hi. Sorry, I- thank you for coming. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m-I’m Ethan. I’m Cal’s… brother. I had big plans this morning to-to do something… - er - Cal. 

I don’t know, I don’t know whether you’re out there or… in here… somewhere. er… I-I tried to write you a letter which I want to give you, but the days just got away from me and, it’s really not very g…

Cal, you big oaf. I know you haven't prepared for this because you… never prepare for anything. So I decided to send you on your way with a few things. 

A bottle of whisky, in case you need a drink. I-I’m sorry, there’s not much of that left. 

Socks! In case your feet get cold. 

Crisps… sorry. Crisps. 

Crisps, in case you get hungry. And milky bars, well… I had to, didn’t I?

Condoms. Well, you never know what heavenly creatures may cross your path… and I charged your phone. ‘Cos I know how much you love your music. And.. just in case, in case you get lonely and you want to give me a call. 

Though if whatever they say about where your going is true, you’re going to be having too much of a good time to be thinking about me.

My keeper added some air plants to my enclosure!

I’m probably going to be annoyed that they’ll have to be taken out weekly to be watered and fed, but that’s unavoidable, I guess.

Don’t worry about the ceramic heat emitter on the right; it’s not as close to the glass as it looks, it’s nearly 12″ away. The room I’m in sometimes gets a little cold, and having the heater overhead heated up my warm side WAY too much. I like it to be around 90 on the floor, and overhead, the heater made it over 100! From the side it helps keep it around 90 degrees both air temperature and belly temperature.

The butterworms also got here today! They look like really HUGE waxworms and are kind of reddish. One was almost too big for me to eat, but I managed. I ate about three big butterworms and two waxworms then was done. The first thing I do when I hear my keeper come into the room or come near my tank is to poke my head out because, when I do that, he just HANDS me my food, I don’t even have to walk to the dish to get it! HA!

I’m liking the more crowded setup, it makes me feel less nervous because there’s less open space and I come out of my hide more–though I’m in it now because my keeper was poking around and making a lot of noise getting things rearranged.

Science teacher

So this chapter is in Lukes p.o.v . Also sorry its so short :( and i tried doing something new ;). Hope you guys enjoy it!


Everything was still a blur to me.
After the showers i was handed to Roderick… Er i mean my master?

“Once i put you on slave, i got a big fart for you slave” he said.

He started putting on his thong. “Roderick please dont!” i said.
Roderick stopped immediately. He took me out of the little pouch

“Oh slave apparently you havent been trained enough havent you?”

“No please! I’ve been through enough! I-ill be good master i swear! ” i pleaded

“Your begging is only making me hornier slave” my master said smirking. He placed me back in my pouch. Once i was aligned with his asshole he let out a fart. “Sniff it slave”

I gagged as soon as i took in my first breath. ‘How could someone do this to me? Or anyone?’ i thought. Despite how gross it was i sniffed as much as i could.

“Slave, i can still smell my fart! Seems like you need more than just training. Can’t wait to get home slave”.

'oh no… Im gonna end up doing something worse than this…’ i pondered.

Strangely i was slightly aroused of what may be coming next…


My master got out of his car and walked to the door. He stopped and let out a fart. “Smell it slave” he said.

As much as i tried i couldn’t! The smell was bad, how can anyone enjoy this!!

“Oh slave that was your last chance to” redeem yourself…“

I heard him open the door. He started walking and i felt him undressing. Slowly i started moving away from my masters asshole and saw daylight.

I was blinded by the light, slowly adjusting my eyes to this light.
"Youre big enough…”

'im big enough? What does he mean?’

He set me down on his nightstand. I saw him leave. Finally i got a view of his ass. Each step he took made his ass move. It was about the same size of jovelo’s!!

He came back with a liquid in his hand.
“Slave. If you can’t address me by the correct name…you’ll have to learn the hard way” he said. Suddenly a huge smile crossed his face.
“Do you like my ass slave?”

Unsure what to answer i said,“ i-i dont..?”. He laughed, “well i have a feeling after this”
Out of nowhere he lathered me with the liquid im his hand. I was very slimy and i now realize what this was. It was lube!!

He picked me up with his free hand and started moving me near his asshole. With his free hand he spread his cheeks apart.
“Before you go in, ill leave you with this little present”
He let out a fart. Before i could even smell it he pushed me in his ass. The pressure inside his ass was unimaginable. I felt like my head was going to expload.

I couldnt breath and felt my vision clearing.
He let out a fart allowing me to breath. Slowly i felt movement. He was pushing me in and out… He was using me as a dildo!!.
“Slave how does it feel to be treated as a dildo!” he said still using me. Every so often he let out a fart letting me breathe. I was moving faster and faster untill i stopped.

He pulled me out. Finally i was out and was breathing fresh air. He brought me to his nose and sniffed me.
“Ah slave you smell like my ass! Wonderful!” he said.

I felt humiliated. “But i feel like that wasnt enough, and you’re still lubed up…” he said.
He looked at his dick and smiled.
'oh no what is he thinking’

He moved me to the tip of his dick. He was pretty big 9 inches!
“Well in you go!”
I was confused. Go in where? He pulled back his foreskin, then with his finger he pushed me in his dick.
Slowly i slid in and couldnt move at all. And again i felt the same pressure as before.

'oh no not again’
I felt his dick move faster, and faster. I heard my master moan loudly. Sooner than i expected i was shot out, followed by cum.

“Th-that should teach you to respect me slave..” he said breathing hard.

He layed down and said nothing.
Soon after he fell asleep leaving me horrified and aroused.

'is this what im going to have to go through…’ i thought.

Soon i figured out we werent alone…

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Putin is full of shit, this is the same guy who's been killing LGBT in Russia, yet everybody blinks an eye.

Everybody?????  If you mean nobody then, eh some do, but they just don’t get much air time because they don’t generate add revenue.

For the most part from what I understand in Russia unless you are in a big city then people just don’t care. and not in a bad way either it’s more of a eh ok you’re gay so what let me live my life and you can go about yours way.

I saw a big write up about it some time back and that was the take away that I got from it at least.

Not to say that LBGT people should run for the hills or anything, I do hope that they can gain more sympathy and acceptance in the big cities and from the government.  Sadly these things take time, so lets hope for an acceleration to the process.

Drunk (GD Scenario)

In which he tries to forget her.

“Kwon Ji Yong, are you drunk?!”

I laugh uncontrollably with the phone pressed against my ear, the whole room spinning with me. “Yes, mother, I’m dead drunk!” I yell at my mother, laughing maniacally. “And I’ll drink some more since this is the only way I can forget her,” my hand trembles on the phone and I throw it across the room, cracking the  fancy glass wall. “I need another drink,” I speak to the thin air surrounding me up there, on the 42nd floor.

I count the droplets of whiskey that fall into the glass and my mind willingly travels back to the day she gifted me the bottle. It was my birthday. She was standing right across from where I stand now, on the edge of the couch, looking me with curious eyes as I taste the fire liquid. She was right there, smiling despite penniless after such a purchase and now her presence lingers on that spot as if she marked it as hers. And I can’t go near it without feeling actual physical pain, like a lightning bolt travelling through my body from head to toe and nesting in the middle of my chest that’s been left burning ever since she… left.

I’m drunk and get drunker, hoping that maybe, just maybe I’ll fall down into the abyss where her spectrum cannot find me, where I don’t have to live with my memories or see her wherever I turn. But ironically, as the surrounding gets all hazy, she gets clearer, her touch on my cheek more real, her voice calling out no longer fading into echoes.


And I collapse in her arms that turn to dust, the mattress supporting me and the thin air of my hallucinations. I’d like to cry, I feel that I should be crying every time she appears to me like that, dressed in my ugliest shirt I last performed in, laughing hysterically while trying to imitate me on top of the bed. But I don’t. I just watch her mesmerized, taking in her laughter like waves crashing against my body that make me pull my knees to my chest and just… listen.

She’s there. Always there. She left and yet she’s there.

Lying on my side, the glass of whiskey becomes a golden magnifier. She’s on the other side, staring right back at me, her face distorted by the crystal. Her fingers are cold butterflies on my temple, crown of thorns on my hair and I wish to retreat, get away from her and all that binds, damns me.

“You left!” The same maniac laughter builds in my throat, pouring out of me ruthlessly as I throw the glass against the wall. “You left me with nothing! I have nothing,” I drunkenly frown, “I am nothing.”


“I don’t want to hear you! I don’t wanna!” I cover my ears. Oh, my futile attempts be won over every single time as she just stands there, look, look at her looking at me as if she’s more than just a disease that has spread into my body and got into my unguarded heart. Look at her, echoes of her laughter bringing down my hands. And I just stand there, staggering on my feet as I marvel at the beauty of just a memory I did not value.

No, it’s not the alcohol I’m looking for when I pour the liquid in my glass. It’s not the forgetfulness I’m trying to gain with each glass I drink, nor is the falling into the deepest of the abysses. It’s her. If I were to be completely sincere, I should be able to say that, right? To admit that it’s her lingering presence I’m looking forward the most when the vapors of the alcohol get me. Because when she comes to me, she’s happy, always happy. And that’s when, knowing that I’ve lost her hurts less… although, even then, I’m fighting her, trying to put out the fires she’s lighting.

As I lie back on my bed, my hallucinations crawl next to me as well and I welcome them all with open arms, knowing that the coldness of her arms will send me afloat in a dreamless world. My eyes closed deceive my senses to feel her, human presence, next to me and I smile at an old memory, from back when I first met her. She was the first to turn me down in a club, the funky princess how I had nicknamed her. Strangely, when I sneaked my way inside my parents’ house, my heart was filled with bubbles that have longed turned into a flesh digging plague.

“Kwon Ji Yong, are you drunk?!”

“Yes, mother, I might me a little drunk,” I remember I was smiling dumbly. “Don’t tell me it never happened to you!”

And mother shook her head. She didn’t dismiss me with anger, but more like contemplated my drunk state as if foreseeing the end. “I only got drunk when my heart was broken. It was the only way I could hold the fire under control. Go to sleep, Ji Yong.”

One second away from drifting to the dreamless sleep I had been half wishing for, I remember her whisper “Go to sleep, Ji Yong, I’ll be right here.” being her last words she said to me.

And I cry for the first time while falling asleep…

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Hi there! How would the Varia react to coming home and finding that their s/o got a dog? A really big dog?

XANXUS: All Xanxus did was glance at the dog who was wagging its tail at him before he turned and headed towards his office. “You can keep it as long as it stays out of my way and you take care of it.

SQUALO: Squalo glared at the large dog before slowly moving around it and continuing down the hall. When he heard the dog following him, he groaned. ”______, get your big ass dog away from me. I don’t want it sniffing around my office when I’m working.“ His S/O quickly grabbed the dog’s collar before looking at Squalo expectantly. "So…?” “We can keep the damn thing but the minute it takes a dump on the carpet, I’m kicking it out.”

BELPHEGOR: Belphegor froze when he saw the large dog splayed out on his bed and licking itself…down there. He made a face and tried to shoo it away. “Get off my bed, big doggie,” he said, waving his hands at the dog. It only looked up once before going back to its job. Bel immediately got ticked off and pulled out a couple of his knives before his S/O flew into the room and grabbed his hand. “Don’t hurt him please, he’ll stay in my room.” The prince sighed before slipping his knives back into his pocket. “Just get it out of here right now. And wash my sheets while you’re at it. No way I’m sleeping on those after what this mutt has done…”

LUSSURIA: “Oh!” Lussuria exclaimed when a large dog came to greet him at the door. His S/O followed close behind, beaming at their boyfriend. “Soooo, can we keep him?” Lussuria looked down at the dog then back up to his partner before sighing. “Sure, sure…but couldn’t you at least get a smaller dog?”

LEVI: Levi froze when he laid eyes on the large dog sitting by his S/O’s feet. “S-so this is the dog?” he asked, pointing to the abomination of fur. His partner nodded proudly and gently pet the dog’s ears. “Can we keep him?” Levi slowly nodded, backing away slightly. “S-sure…just keep it away from me…”

FRAN: Fran knelt down as soon as he saw the large dog running towards him and opened his arms. The dog nuzzled right into Fran and Fran sneezed. “Cute doggy,” he mused quietly, petting its head. His S/O appeared at the other end of the hallway before coming down to meet Fran. “So, I’m sure you’ll let me keep him…right?” they asked, giving him puppy dog eyes. Fran stood up and pretended to think for a moment, tapping his chin, before he gave his answers. “Yep, we’ll keep the hairball. He sleeps in my room though.”


Willow: “My brother wants me to apologise to you for what happened with Cody, it got out of hand, and I will apologise for that, but I won’t apologise for wanting you to leave my house.”

Dawn: “Ok…?”

Willow: “Truth be told, I resent you. I resent you for coming into my home and for trying to get my brother to sell, what was, until you came along, the most important thing to him, this house. I’m not going to talk about this again, nor will I attempt to attack you or wish you any more malice. I can see that you have been good for my brother, so in some ways, I am grateful to you and for that reason, I will make my peace with you.” 

Dawn: “Thank you, Willow. That’s all I could ask for.”

Willow: “Good, as that’s all you’re getting.”

Dawn: “Tom isn’t going to sell the house, you could stay here, if you love it so much?”

Willow: “I couldn’t live alone, Tom knows that, he would never make me stay here by myself. This house is too big when you’re by yourself, something Tom knows all too well. He spent many years rattling around this house by himself while I was at boarding school. Why do you think he ferreted himself away in the attic?”

Dawn: “You know about that?”

Willow: “Of course, he’s my big brother. He can’t hide anything from me no matter how much he tries. Anyway, nice talking to you, I’ve got to go, I have a dinner to organise.” 

Head held high, Willow clicked her way upstairs to her rooms. 

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I mean don't feel too bad about it, because it's not just you. It's definitely most people in the TF community--you 'big name blogs' are so locked-down on shit that it's ridiculous. It's impossible for anyone who's not well-known to break past your tight-knit walls and get some exposure, and a big part of that is b/c you all are so busy with circle-jerking each other that you don't have time to acknowledge anyone else, and all you put on people's dashes are each other's works. It's frustrating.

Alright, now you’re being rude and still off-topic, but I’m going to answer anyway because this attitude is not going to help anybody and I think you should know that.

How do you think “big name blogs” happen? Do you think any blog that gets a lot of traffic just got that one day out of nowhere? Every single artist who is considered big in this fandom worked hard to get where they are, they are still working hard every single day, and they all started out small. 

You’re accusing art blogs for only posting their own art - not only that, you’re ignoring that plenty of them do have separate blogs for reblogging etc, and they don’t only reblog their other “big name friends”’s work, they reblog what they see, and I don’t know a single one of these artists who ignores smaller blogs. And look, I  know that it’s hard to get noticed in fandom, it’s hard to get people to see what you do - but that has nothing to do with “big name blogs making a wall” and it’s incredibly unfair to be pissed off at those people for having accomplished something you haven’t yet. 

People don’t go into tags a lot, people have busy lifes and don’t have time to look through tumblr, they’re not familiar with every TF series to appreciate every bit of fan art enough, they don’t put likes on many things simply because it’s not for them - those are a couple reasons that spontaneously come to mind for why not everybody gets noticed right away, just to give a few examples. New and/or small blogs wouldn’t get more noticed if the “big blogs” weren’t around, that’s not how this website works. 

Since you’re accusing me, I assume you consider me a big name blog too? I got to where I am right now because people, by complete coincidence, found my things early on, that’s literally it, and what other way do you want to get attention? It’s always from people happening to come across your work, and sometimes you’re lucky like me and it happens early on, and sometimes it takes a while. I’m not part of some circle that only supports each other, I’ve gotten to know a couple artists over the years and none of them do that. I am very quick to see faults in myself, I am painfully self-aware of every tiny thing I’ve ever done or said that was even slightly wrong, but here, I have to put my foot down, because this is unfair. 
Looking down on people because they get attention, writing them off as snobs? That attitude is not going to help you or anyone else. You’re disrespecting people who work extremely hard, and is this really what artists should look forward to? Knowing that if their hard work gets attention, they’re going to get shit for it? 

You only get attention when you work for it and keep at it, not by telling fellow artists they’re assholes for being popular, which is exactly what you’re doing right now. It’s rude and contra-productive. You are not going to get anywhere in life if you only look down on people who happen to have something you don’t have yet, you are only making yourself bitter.
Look, you come from a place of frustration, and I understand how you feel. I’ve been there too, I’ve existed before this blog, I’ve been frustrated about myself and my lack of appreciation when I was younger, felt like I was too small, but at some point, you need to get over that, need to keep on doing your own thing. 

Shitting on fellow artists is always in bad taste, and accusing people who simply get more attention of being stuck up is unfair. This is exactly why I made those tweets, this was the original intent I had: Be nice, don’t be bitter over other people’s work so you can grow together. Kinda funny that we’re back here now, is it not? 
I wish every single artist out there that they get the appreciation they seek sooner than later and that they feel fulfilled in what they do. There’s a lot of luck involved in getting people’s attention and it’s unfair and immature to be angry at those who have achieved something earlier than you, because they worked for it, like you probably do, and this competitive thinking is toxic when taken too far. 

Treating others like they’re lesser than you, like you did just now, is distasteful and I don’t appreciate being looked down on for something I haven’t done. 

Have a pleasant day.