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I admit I’m Bawson trash and I rewatch a lot of 1x09 for obvious reasons. BUT. I also can’t stop watching the 1x07 ice bath scene. I mean, JESUS THANK YOU PITCH WRITERS for making Mike’s big dick canon. Because there’s no other way to read this scene. Sonny and Oscar grimace and look away. Livan keeps his gaze at eye level. I mean, NO ONE can look at it for too long because it must be embarrassingly big. And Mike jokes about the ice bath being a handicap like everyone in the clubhouse knows about the size of his dick. WOW. JUST WOW.

But then–when Mike gets out of the bath to talk to Oscar, he crosses his arms and he’s shivering and he’s so fucking worried Oscar’s going to trade him and send him packing. (Read: like his mom used to do.) And suddenly he’s like a little boy again.

God, I love Mike Lawson. He might just deserve Ginny Baker in the long run.

The In-Between

For the GD biased

“I just wanted you to fuck me. But then I got greedy and I wanted you to love me.”  Or the one where Jiyong cares too much.

Warning: Mentions of sex. 


The first time it happens it’s sloppy. He can chock it up to the alcohol and slurred inhibitions and that’s exactly what he does the next day. That’s what she did too, running before the sun was up, evidently in a hurry because later he finds her jacket still on his bed and a bra kicked under it. When they meet up with friends later that day she doesn’t mention it so he doesn’t either and they continue to be friends as if nothing happened. As if nothing’s changed. And he was okay with that because they were best friends and he didn’t want to lose that. Kwon Jiyong and Song Ji Na goes together like Batman and Robin, easy on the tongue, the right way of things, double Ji. And he didn’t want that to end.

The next time it happens it’s needy. She asks and he gives. She takes and he lets her. This time he chocks it up to late nights and emotions running high. She leaves just as hasty as the first time, with one shoe missing and her shirt on the floor, mistaking his white tee for his. He doesn’t blame her, they’re both plain white t-shirts. When she comes over the following day acting as if nothing happens he pretends nothing did, and when she takes a shower coming out with a white t-shirt instead of her tank top he doesn’t say anything. If he notices that things she had forgotten during her hasty escapes were gone he never mentions it.

When she comes to him again after a particularly stressful day he isn’t even surprised anymore. She needed him and he gives in. He finds himself paying more attention this time. Looking at her reaction, kissing here, touching there, there, there, oh god there! She needed him and he could help, so he does. When she leaves, this time she pauses, hesitates, her mouth parting to say something. But ultimately she stops herself, the words swallowed back down as she leaves. This time she forgets a ring. The spinner ring that had always adorned her thumb. She’s come into the habit of twisting the jewellery when she’s anxious, or bored. It’s a habit that calmed her down, it grounded her and he knew just how much it meant to her. The last item she owned that connected her to the only family she’d ever had. When they meet the next time he carefully places it on her bag. When she finds it she acts like she left it there and he acts like he didn’t put it there. It doesn’t stop her from squeezing him longer and tighter when they say goodbye though and of course he reciprocates. Thank you. You’re welcome.

One day he sees her sitting at the fancy French restaurant all by herself. He checks the time and sees it’s far too late so he approaches with a smile already forming on his face. “Hey I thought dates are supposed to be a minimum two people thing.” He jokes as he slides himself on the empty seat across her.

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I know it is storyline, I know it is scripted. So if you’re gonna ignore that first line then keep scrolling. That WWE Women’s Championship match was incredible. I am not taking anything away from Charlotte, Becky and Sasha. The way it ended however, to me, is a slap in the face to the women who created the legacy behind that belt that were able to do it ON THEIR OWN. They didn’t need their dads or family or friends or “protection” they were heel, and rocked it on their own. I feel so sad for this “revival” of women’s wrestling. I was so excited! They got big build, a big marquee on a building and got all the attention they rightfully deserved. For it to end via Ric Flair helping his daughter win was pathetic. It reminded me of the year everyone bitched that Brie Bella helped Nikki constantly cheat for her to retain her title. We as fans spoke up about it and we ended up getting “The Divas Revolution.” What kind of revolution is this now? Where we go back to the women fighting their hearts out, yet to just have the bad guy get a cheap win? Where it’s predictable? Charlotte is a very gifted athlete, she proved that in NXT. Was she heel? Yes. Did she use Ric Flair to win her matches? No. She was perfectly capable of doing it on her own. So what’s the difference now? I applaud those three women for their performance, but I will not say I enjoyed the outcome. I hope Shane wins this match and he really does start to create the change we deserve.