this gorilla with the world on his shoulders


Remember when Iris didn’t want to tell Joe about her potential future because it would crush him? Or that time when she didn’t want to tell Joe about a potential son - Wally - just yet because she wanted to know all of the facts, and that she didn’t want to get his hopes up? Because she knew it would crush him if he found out he had a son he didn’t get a chance to raise? Nevermind the fact that he lied to her for 20 years about her mother being dead? Selfless.

Remember when Iris repeatedly reminded the team that her future wasn’t the only one that was going to to change, alluding to Caitlin? Remember when she reminded Barry that Caitlin as Killer Frost was out there still lurking, even when time was running out and her fate is near? Selfless.

Remember when Iris didn’t want to compromise Barry’s humanity by killing a Gorilla to save her? Or that time she didn’t want to let Plunder go, a villain to walk free, even if it meant she dies? She constantly reminds Barry that he doesn’t have to hurt people or go to extreme lengths to save her, even if Barry is 100% willing to do whatever it takes. Selfless. 

Now? Iris didn’t want Barry to regain his memories. Why? Because she wants Barry to be happy. She didn’t want Barry to still feel like he needed to carry the world on his shoulders. She loved seeing Barry happy without the pain and suffering that he’s endured in his life. She was willing to sacrifice every single memory and moment they have shared, if it meant Barry got to be happy. Would Barry remember his speech when he first told her he loved her? Or her speech when she told him she loved him back? Or the moments they have fought, especially about him being The Flash? Their date nights? Their first time, etc? No, he wouldn’t. But to Iris? If it meant Barry got to be blissfully happy, it will have been worth it. 

Now I never understood the Iris hate, and never will. Especially time after time, she proves that she is the most selfless person on this show. Don’t dare call Iris West selfish. Don’t. 

Part One

(Part two may come. It may not. Who knows)

“Ok,” Alya said as she adjusted to her stomach, a single pillow propping up her chest. She continued their game. “Kiss, marry, kill. Chat Noir, Adrien, and Nino.”
Marinette gasped. “You cruel human!” She laughed and rolled to her back. Then she saw the clock. “Oh no. No no no. I’m late.” She jumped up and ran to the vanity, running Alya’s brush through her loose hair. “I need bobby pins. And hair ties. Now. Please. I can’t be late again.”
Alya got up to find bobby pins and hair ties with a chuckle. “You’re always late. What are you late for this time?” She handed Marinette the bobby pins and hair ties, which Mari used to tie her hair into twin buns.
“Alya. You are a lifesaver. And I have ballet. We have auditions for our next show on Friday and my teacher said I couldn’t audition if I was late one more time. Can you grab my bag?”
“Since when do you take ballet? And this giant bag I thought you brought to sleepover?” Alya replied holding up a large duffel bag.
“I started when I was two. I have class every day. How’d you not know this? And can you grab a black leotard and pink tights. And my purple spankies.” Marinette spun around on the stool, her hair in neat buns. She pulled her shirt off, mussing her buns slightly and exposing her black sports bra and toned abs. Alya let out a whistle as she dug through the bag.
“I was starting to wonder why you were so strong and flexible. And why you always disappear. Guess that answers that question.” She chuckled and tossed the leotard and tights to Marinette. “Still can’t find the spankies girl.”
Marinette grabbed both the leotard and tights and ducked behind the bed to put them on. “Ya. Strong, flexible, ‘constantly disappearing’ totally ballerina things.“ Her voice turned to a whisper Alya couldn’t hear, "Nothing to do with being a heroine.”
“Girl.” Alya said. “Why you shy and behind the bed all the sudden. You’ve changed in front of me.” Purple spankies hit Marinette in the face as she stood - now in a leo and tights.
“Nothing goes under the tights Alya. Nothing.” Marinette pulled on the spankies, grabbed her bag and slid on a jacket and shoes as she slid out the door. “Thanks girl. See you tomorrow!” She ran off towards her studio as Alya shook her head. And called after her, “You better answer my question then!”

* * * * * * * * *

Adrien walked out of the studio towards the car. As Gorilla began to drive away he relaxed in the back seat. No matter how tired he was he couldn’t help being excited to just get home, transform, and go see his Lady. He closed his eyes and the next thing he knew he was back home. He slung his bag over his shoulder and walked inside towards his room.
“Adrien.” His father’s voice stopped him. “I watched your lesson today and realized you are good enough to show the world your ‘new found’ skill. I’ve signed you up for auditions this Friday. Don’t disappoint.”
“Of course father. Thank you father.” He replied then hurried to his room, moments later Chat Noir leapt out his window. He hurried off toward their statue, where he’d promised to meet Ladybug for patrol.
As he neared he spotted her - no pun intended - sitting with her legs dangling off the roof near the park, clearly lost in thought. He landed softly behind her. She turned and smiled. Then he noticed her hair and his heart fluttered. It was in twin buns instead of pigtails.
“Fine evening tonight My Lady.” He kissed her hand. “Although, I can’t help but notice you being a slight copy chat.” He wiggled his Chat ears as he finished.
Her hands flew to her buns, the one she ripped from his nearly pulling him off balance. “Ah. Curses Tikki.”
“My dear Lady. We’ve been partners for nearly three years and I’ve never seen your hair in anything other than pigtails. Then you throw curses at some poor person I know not?”
“Sorry Kitty.” She replied with a giggle. “See, Tikki is my kwami, and we made a deal of sorts that requires her to put my hair in pigtails whenever I transform.” She looked up from under her eyelashes and his heart fluttered again. “I haven’t worn pigtails as a civilian for nearly two years.”
His jaw dropped. “You mean to tell me. That for two years. I’ve been looking for a blue haired, pigtail wearing civilian. Yet you haven’t been wearing pigtails as a civilian?”
“Yes.” She blinked. “I’d realized it had become a threat to my identity.”
Chat sat, one leg dangling off the roof and the other bent to his chest. “Speaking of identities My Lady. At the end of this school year I graduate, and head to college. Is there any way I can convince you to reveal yourself before then?”
His heart pounded as she answered. “Maybe Chanton. But college doesn’t mean we have to stop being partners. Does it?”
She looked at him with sad, worried eyes. “Oh. Oh Bugaboo. Of course not. It just seems like if we knew each other, we could text or call about an akuma, rather than hoping the other notices and shows up.”
She nodded and leaned against him, head on his shoulder. In the past three years they’d both grown a lot in both mind and body, and they’d grown to need each other. While Chat knew he was still desperately in love, he refused to ruin their - completely platonic - close relationship by pushing her.
They sat in silence for a while, enjoying the comfort of something so familiar.
“My Lady,” he said looking at her as she gazed at the stars, “we should probably take our lap around the city.”
She hummed, and the sound buzzed in his chest. “Chanton. Have you ever hear the story of that constellation?” She pointed to a zigzag of stars. Almost like the letter M.
“I don’t believe I have Bugaboo. Tell me it as we lap?” She smiled at his reply and they both stood, stretching before taking off.
“The constellation is called Cassiopeia. She was the Queen, wife of King Cepheus. She was very beautiful, and so was her daughter. She realized this and began to brag. Boasting that hers and her daughters beauty was even more than that of the sea Nymphs. Knows as the Nereids. The Nereids became upset and complained to Poseidon, the God of the sea. Poseidon sent a monster by the name of Cetus to the land of King Cepheus and Queen Cassiopeia.” He smiled at her animation as she told the tale that clearly meant a lot to her. “In order to save their kingdom, the king and Queen sacrificed their daughter, Andromeda, to Cetus. Luckily for Andromeda, the hero Perseus came to her rescue and slayed Cetus. Some say Cassiopeia was chained to a chair and sent to the sky for her shallow nature. The constellation rotates, so it often seems she’s upside down. In fact, all the members of the story are up there. I just like the story of how Cassiopeia ended up there. My father told it to me when I didn’t get a part in my ballet audition and the other girls claimed they got one because they were prettier than me. He told me that the story teaches that boasting of outer beauty will not being trouble, and that our outer beauty shines brighter when we have a lot of beauty within.”
Chat smiled at her story and the loving way she spoke of her father. “Two things. Do you still do ballet? And who could ever be prettier than my bugaboo?”
Ladybug glanced slyly at him before doing a pique, chasse, tour jete, then a triple pirouette which she landed in fourth.
It was perfect, except for the fact that her back foot landed on air. As in, off the roof. She waved her arms for balance before falling off the side.
“Ladybug!” Chat called fearfully. He was met with a giggle. He peaked over the edge of the roof to see Ladybug hanging upside down from her yo-yo string.
She climbed back onto the roof and nodded her head to the side. They both took off again to complete their lap. “Hopefully that near death experience answers your inquiry as to me still doing dance.” She giggled again. Chat loved that sound. “And honestly Chanton, if you knew me as a civilian you probably wouldn’t be asking your second question.”
They finished their lap in a comfortable silence with a few silly faces and giggles thrown in. The got back to the park and bid farewell, but before Ladybug could leave he grabbed her wrist.
“I think if I knew you behind your mask, my question would be even more prominent in my mind.” He turned and quickly left with a few ballet moves of his own, leaving her to stare as he bounded away.


Words: 731
Warnings: Violence, Beheading/ Decapitation
Pairing: Benny Lafitte x Reader

Challenge: Write a Benny/Reader fic with the words: Dean, death, sarcasm, blood and luck

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Benny’s flashback
“You want me to go back, right?” I said and rubbed a hand over my chin. Dean gave me a sad look and nodded. I took a deep breath and leaned up against the car I was driving and nodded too. “You know what? I think that would be a good idea. I need a break from this world. It’s not what it once was.” I said silent and smiled. Dean sighed and placed his hand on my shoulder. “I will never forget you, brother.” Dean said with a low voice and gave me a hug.

“Benny, focus!” You yelled and slammed your hand in his shoulder in order for him to come back to reality. You ran into Benny when you were escaping a couple of Gorilla-Wolves, and he suggested sticking together. In purgatory there is one rule. Are you on your own, you’re screwed.

“Sorry, I got lost in my thoughts again…” He explained as you walked through the thick, gloomy, forest. Purgatory wasn’t a place to play around or get lost in your thoughts. Those sorts of things can and will get you killed. “Leviathan three o'clock” you said silent and leaned against a tree, grabbing your knife. Benny froze and flung the knife up. The leviathan ran towards Benny and before it could make a sound you cut its head off. The blood splattered from the body and rained over Benny, covering him in blood. You held a hand in front of your mouth.

“Wow, I did not expect that to happen.” Benny said sarcastically and wiped his hands on the tree. You flashed him a smile and giggled before you kicked the head as far as you possibly could away from the body.  You headed for the magical portal Benny had told you about. The one leading out to the world. With a little bit of luck you may be able to get out of this hell hole. Benny had warned you about the outside world, but you shrugged it off. You missed your family and wanted to see them again. It didn’t matter that the world had changed the last 50 years you had been in purgatory.

Benny shot his arm in front of you, holding you back. You looked up at him, as he mouthed Shhh. You gazed around, trying to find what caught his attention, but you saw nothing. Damned Vampire. How come you get to hear so freaking good, but I can’t? You thought. He pushed you against a tree and leaned over you, surrounding your whole body with his. You could feel a bright pink color wash over your cheeks as you could feel the warmth from his body against yours. “Wow, wouldn’t care to buy me a coffee first, Tiger?” You said with a smug smirk on your face. Benny smiled a little. “Don’t flatter yourself, Y/N.” He said. You pushed him away and your eyes caught the sight of a huge black dog. Benny took a step forwards, positioning himself to jump attack the animal. You smirked and winked at him as he looked in your direction. You threw two knifes as hard as you could towards the animal and it fell to the ground with a growl.

“Son of a bitch. Why do you always do that Y/N?” He asked as you walked over to the beast and picked up your knives again. You shrugged your shoulders and placed the knives in the scabbard. “You always want to show me that you are better than me, and now I think it’s time for you to see what I can really do.” You answered. He squinted and pushed you against the tree holding his knife against your throat. “I get all tingly when you take control like that, Benny.” You murmured with a smirk. He shook his head and laughed while he lowered the knife and let you go.

“I could have killed you right there, Y/N, and you flirt with me like I was a celebrity?” He chuckled. You shrugged your shoulders. “Here in purgatory you are kind of famous.” You said. He smirked at you and placed his hands on your hips, closing the space between you. “Even Death himself isn’t as popular as you, Benny Lafitte.” You said and bit your bottom lip. “Is that so…” He murmured and locked his lips in yours.

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