this gorgeous man was one of people's sexiest men of the year

Harry Styles | One Shot | Red Lips and Poker Chips

I duck my head down and step out of the black car, immediately being greeted by the highest people of the casino. The highest boss and probably one of the most greedy and money obsessed men I’ve ever met, comes walking towards me and gives me a steady hand, welcoming me back. I squeeze his hand a little harder back, showing him that I’m a little more important and richer than he is. The man recoils slightly, almost bursting out of his expensive suit because of his heavy posture. I turn back and thank my driver, walking into the big and expensive house of gambling.

Two beautiful ladies in gorgeous dresses step by my side to accompany me and lead me towards my reserved room. After a long day of work and closing an important deal for my company, I was looking forward to a quiet, brain wrecking game of poker behind closed doors together with some other powerful rivals of mine in this city. I like coming here, meeting new people for business deals and to celebrate business deals that I handled that same day.

I step into the room and everyone turns their heads towards me, all accompanied by a woman. I dismiss the ladies that led me inside and ask for my poker chips which they quickly take care of. I take a seat, my favourite drink already in stood on the table in front of me. I turn around and spot one of the workers here whom I’ve been friends with for a while. He gives me a professional nod and I smirk back at him as a thank you for already putting my drink on the table.

“Always in time at the last second, Styles.” One of the men says from his place opposite to me. I shrug and look down arranging the chips that the girls put down.

“You know me. Busy day at work. Finally finished off a deal that occupied me for over a year. I think we can celebrate.” I say casually and the booming of their laughter fills the room.

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Later, Tiger! (Harry Imagine ft. Kendall Jenner)

Master List | Inbox

Thanks rebeccamalik1997 for the request!
I’m sorry for how long it has taken me to write this! I really hope that you like it. I’ll hopefully write a part 2 (and maybe 3) to this in the future, if people want me too :)

Part two is here!
Part three is here!

“Y/N, Harry has been checking you out all night.” Kendall says, leaning in close to your ear so that you can hear her over the sound of the loud music. You roll your eyes in response, as you are almost one hundred percent sure that can’t be the case.

You let your eyes glance over to where he is sat at the bar and notice that his eyes are focused on Kendall.

“I think you’ll find he’s more interested in you.” You respond, taking a sip from your drink.

“I swear to God he has hardly taken his eyes off you for a second. Why would I lie?” She shoots back at you almost instantly.

“Because it would do you a favour if Harry was dating someone else. Guys don’t come near you since they think you two are still dating.” You retort, glancing over at Harry again only to discover that this time he is actually looking at you. You feel your cheeks tint a gentle shade of pink.

“Still? We never were! I’ve told you, we’re just friends.” She insists and you accidentally snort.

“Friends?” You scoff. “Kendall, you and I are friends. We don’t get photographed holding hands or practically kissing.” You smirk and although it’s difficult to hear you can tell that she sighs.

“Wanna know what the last eight of my Instagram pics Harry has liked are of?” Kendall suddenly asks you, slightly changing the subject. You shrug your shoulders nonchalantly. “You!” She snaps, when you fail to humour her with a response. You shrug your shoulders again, acting as if this is no big deal but secretly it makes your heart skip a beat.

Being the BFF of Kendall Jenner your whole life, involved an awful lot of sitting back and watching her have countless relationships and flings with some of the most gorgeous men that Log Angeles, or the world, had to offer. It was pretty hard to expect that you’d get any male attention with Kendall sat beside you all the time, so the thought of Harry fancying you made your stomach fill with butterflies.

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of Sex & Swiping

I recently had a friend download Tinder.

She’s trying to get me to do the same.

I kindly declined.

“Well, you’re so desperate to meet a guy, what’s wrong with trying it out?!”

I shrugged and asked her why she choose to download the app. I mean, she’s good looking enough and gets a fair amount of attention from men. 

“Ehh, I’m just trying to make some new friends.”


For those of you who are technologically challenged (like me), or just behind on the latest online dating fads, Tinder is a new-ish relationship app that matches people based on their pictures. Going off location data, it gives you potential matches within your region, and it’s up to you to either swipe left or swipe right on their photo to approve or decline the person.

Swipe right, you find them attractive. Swipe left, you don’t. Moving on. Simple. 

One you’ve swiped right, your picture is then sent to the potential in question. If they like what they see in return, BOOM, you have a match! From there on out, you’re allowed to start communicating with each other.

Yes, it really is as shallow as it sounds.

In Tinder’s defense–did I really just say that?– it doesn’t “have” to be used as some sketchy hook-up app. Just like Snapchat doesn’t “have” to be for vanishing sexts or Twitter “has” to be used for pointless debates (too late.)

I didn’t doubt that my friend was using the app for legitimate reasons to try and connect with a few new faces around town. If her motives were innocent, more power to her.

Then 24 hours went by. 

And she got a match.

His name was Miguel. Or Raoul. Or Steven. Unimportant.

What WAS important, was that my friend had a date with him later that afternoon.

“I thought this was just a friendly experiment,” I asked confused.

“It was, until he thought I was cute!”

But isn’t that the point? Swipe right, hot, swipe left, not?

“Do you know anything about him?“ 

She smiled, “It says in his profile that he plays soccer and that he goes to church!”

Look out world. Match made in heaven coming through.

I shook my head. “Do you know anything other than that?”

“He thinks I’m pretty. What else matters?”

We live in a modern society that’s obsessed with beautiful things. You can sell anything as long as you make it look sexy enough, from sports cars to cheeseburgers. We are stimulated by attraction and confident in our turn-ons. Which is part of why it makes us feel so good when we find out somebody likes our face.

Now, you can’t get me wrong here. Physical attraction IS super important. We’re wired to desire people in a sexual manner. That’s not sin nature, that’s design. It’s a good thing to find your significant other good looking (I’d be concerned if you didn’t), but there is a fine line between allowing attraction to fuel our fire or add to it

And that’s really where the problem lies.

David Beckham was just named People Magazine’s “sexiest man of the year.”

Ironically enough, I was thinking about the whole “sexiest man” thing several weeks ago.

What happens when a new sexy man is crowned? Does that mean last year’s sexiest man isn’t sexy anymore, or is he just less sexy now and a sexier guy came along? Or do they stop being sexy altogether? AND WHY HAS BRAD PITT BEEN GIVEN THE TITLE LIKE EIGHTEEN TIMES?! HOW DOES HE KEEP BRINGING SEXY BACK?!

It’s all too complex for this right brain to understand.

It made me wonder how crazy it is how we can fall so far from sexual grace, so to speak. One minute, we can be the most dazzling creature on the planet, and the next, Mr. Posh Spice is stealing our crown and claiming his victory on a front page cover spread.

Culture instills the fear in us that we need to remain beautiful if we want to remain important. Sex doesn’t just sell anymore. It decides our worth.

Lately, I’ve been praying for a man who loves me when I’m ugly.

We’re talking bedhead, no eyeliner, ‘I just woke up and should probably throw a plastic bag over my face until I’ve had some coffee’ ugly.

I’m like every other single Christian girl who dreams of meeting a guy who thinks I’m gorgeous, but a shift in perspective has me asking for a guy who loves me even when I’m at my least attractive. Both inwardly and outwardly. A man who will still go after me even when we fight and I’m wrong, a man who will see me when I’m hungry and impatient and snap at the car in front of me for not driving faster, a man who will see past the lack of sleep and eyeliner and still be glad to call me his.

I want this, because it’s how Christ wants us.

We’re His bride, and we are a mess. We are divided and envious and prideful and easily angered and narcissistic and worried. We often blame Him more than we trust Him. We ask Him for more without even saying ‘thank you’ for the last thing He did.

There is no reason for Him to keep coming back to us. Yet He does. Because a good Groom doesn’t only love His bride when she’s all dolled up, He loves her even when she’s at her worst, her ugliest, her… un-sexiest.

Attraction in its purest state is the opposite of the swipe left gospel.

It didn’t work out between my friend and Tinder boy.

“There really wasn’t any chemistry,” she explained, “plus, he was late.”


“I met another guy though. He said I have beautiful eyes” she swooned. “I still think you should give it a try, you might find someone who likes you!”

I kindly declined.

anonymous asked:

Hi, i just wanna ask you something (you're free not to answer) why do you love Im Jaebum so much? I mean, what make you love him that much? I'm new in this fandom so i just wanna know a little bit more about JB please. :)

This is the best question ever and thankyou for asking, this is going to be long so sorry in advance.
I love Im Jaebum because something just prominently stood out about him, despite his good looks, his personality and his talents it was something that is unexplainable for me still to this day. At first sight I fell straight in love with him and I’ve never looked at anyone else since then. Most people usually have bias wreckers but for me its difficult to bias anyone else because everyday I have new reasons to fall in love with him.
One of the things that caught my heart about Im Jaebum was his soul. Since I’m a big music junkie, personally I don’t feel like there’s many artists in the music industry globally, who perform from the heart and with all their soul, until I found him. He gave me the reason to believe that their are still artists today who indulge in their music. Every performance of his I have seen he becomes this whole different person, to me this is when Defsoul appears. The emotion and heart that pours out of his striking facial expressions, powerful dance moves or his soulful voice makes him so passionate as an artist/performer. He’s always talking about how much he wants to compose and produce his own songs, he is always singing at fan signs purely because he loves it and what I find beautiful is that he does it all out of pure joy. His voice is heavenly and one of my most favourites, it’s so different and unique compared to a lot of other idols in the kpop world and in general. When he sings, a lot of the time he just closes his eyes and sings away and in that moment I feel like he takes himself to a wholenother world, it is something gorgeous to witness. I then couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that he loves the genres “Rnb” and “Neo Soul,” 2/3 of my fav genres. I haven’t come across an idol yet that has said they love these genres especially “Neo Soul” which is so different to hear. Hearing him sing songs from some of my fav artists like Musiq Soulchild, D'Angelo and India Arie etc was overwhelming to think they had an influence on him like myself. What I’m trying to say is that even though he has reached what he wants to do in life, he still continues to keep pursuing in his career like it’s just the beginning. To find an artist like himself who is endlessly passionate and continuously hard working towards his music career is breath taking. Jaebum does it not out of force or to be recognised but purely because he loves it. To elaborate on his performance on stage, it is incredible. He has a very outstanding, charismatic and sexy appeal when he performs. You can feel how strong his presence would be through your computer, laptop, mobile screen. It’s the little things he does like facial expressions, the slightly changed dance moves to make it his own and so on that attract him a lot of attention.
Apart from how much I love his passion for music I love his personality. Although people think that he is cold hearted and mean he is the total opposite. I have noticed that Jaebum is not someone who likes or needs to express his feelings or himself to the world resulting that people would be stuck with this impression. He is someone who you would refer to that does a lot of the “behind the scene” things. We don’t see everything that he does for more specifically his members, and how virtuous he truly is. The things he has done for his members are heart touching and unforgettable as he has helped them in hard times. He is the type of person that makes a solid impact on someone when he helps or cares for them. Jaebum is a very down to earth person with a quiet, warm, affectionate heart who’s actions are always humble. He is a leader that holds the group together, carries the burden of being relied on from the members, is the source of guidance and help and leading his members to success in everything they do. At the end of the day I strongly believe jaebum would give up everything and anything for his brothers no matter what, as he’d put them first before ever thinking about himself. Overall his relationship with each member is strong, not with just one but all 6. I see the way he looks at them like they’re the most valuable and precious things in the world. But people don’t exactly notice his acts because he works in silent. What people don’t understand is that Jaebum has a major responsibility to uphold and I respect him for how well he does. His actions are always done quietly but are what makes him stand out the most when people realise. I appreciate him and acknowledge his efforts as I was able to take it on board and be able to do the same when I have had to manage a leadership role. I think Jaebum doesn’t like for the fandom and his fans to know everything about him, I think there are a lot of things we don’t know about him that make him more valuable than what we know.
And I cannot explain to you in words how perfect and how beautiful this man is. Jaebum has had caramel brown, light brown, chocolate brown, blonde, blue, grey, purpley-grey, black, orange-brown, red, pink and dark brown hair and let me tell you he has looked amazing in all! He has also had so many different hairstyles and has looked more than charming in each and every one. You would think that a man could not pull off all of these colours and styles but he’s proven he can. His hair has been dyed a ridiculous amount of times and yet somehow every time he’s had it dyed his hair ends up being healthy, smooth looking and silky again? and let me tell you if forehead jae appears soon well prepare yourself for a riot. His hair is that incredibly gorgeous that this feature alone could amount to 100 beautiful men at the least. His eyebrows are goals, he has one of the most wonderful eye smiles you’ll ever see, he has this cute not too pointy nose, his lips are the perfect size not too big not too small, his skin is flawless without makeup, his cheekbone game is hella strong, his jawline could slice a glacier in half, his side profile is more attractive than me looking at my best, he has these cute ears that have piercings (his piercings are hot asf) and my most favourite features of all. Jaebum’s 2 dots under his eyebrow and his smile. I never thought I would be so attracted to his beauty spots but they’re such a pretty distinct feature. And the smile of heavens light, I swear he has one of the most beautiful smiles you’ll ever see in your life. It is the smile that can rid all your troubles and worries and make you feel at ease in life. It’s one of those kind of smiles that are so genuinely happy, the kind that you can’t help but love. His teeth are like pearls and its shine is brighter than the moon, stars and sun together. I also love the way how he wears rings on his fingers it’s different and I’m into that. I will not go any further about how sexy his body is but know that his broad shoulders are no joke, his abs are like a chocolate bar, his arms are toned nicely and he has thick thighs. Everyone in the fandom acknowledges that he is beautiful and know him for the charismatic and sexy leader. Im Jaebum’s beauty is on a whole different level, it shouldn’t even be considered real because he’s that perfect looking, honestly his beauty will be something that you’ll never be able to understand so don’t even bother questioning yourself about it. All you need to know is that he’s Gods perfect masterpiece.
I think what sets him aside from other men. Is that overall he has a very “different” denounamur as he is a very captivating person whatever he’s doing. Whether he is singing, dancing, acting, walking, sitting, eating, talking, staring, smiling, laughing, down to the point where if he’s just breathing it’s like HOLY SHIT JAEBUM, UGH WHY R U LIKE THIS!? It’s the “unexplainable” thing he has that I mentioned earlier that no one knows why he is just so idk…perfect.
In my eyes Im Jaebum is just something else, he will always be unexplainable, he’s always exciting as he is very surprising a lot of the time. Everything he does is done with heart and soul, he stands out the most when he’s not trying too, he is known as the most sexiest, most naturally cutest, most biggest 5 year old dork who is a beaver speaking grandpa that holds the title of being the Bboy King and Body Roll King. I love Im Jaebum for all of him, he is my biggest inspiration and role model and I am forever grateful and thankful of his existence. He is gods gift to humanity and the love of my life. ❤️