this gonna be good

so i’ve finally decided what to do with this blog  !!

i’m gonna archive it

this decision’s been a long time coming,  bc i just can’t get into my muse on this blog anymore,  but i don’t want to revamp it because i’ve just got too many memories here  ??

so i’m gonna make an entirely new one and start fresh  !!

that said,  give this a like if you’d like to remain in contact,  and i’ll give you a follow once i’m more or less set up !

i was going to make a post about a certain happening that i am extremely shocked that it is still going on in the great year of 2016(hasnt five years of this shit been enough) but i wont bc i despise discourse and getting involved is ….not good

anonymous asked:

tell me your hoe stories lol.

Real talk: I do not actually know what a hoe story is.  

But!!  I know what a garden hoe is.  So I can tell you garden/farm stories.  

As a 7-12-year-old I used to go out to these big apple or grape orchards and pick apples or grapes at this time of year.  They are so good.  It smells amazing and you feel like a fairy tale character roaming in the fields for hours.

Also as a kiddo I remember when the class went out and harvested part of the school garden.  I picked carrots.  It was like, the coolest thing a fourth-grader could do.  I was enchanted.  (I also, get this, won the school-wide t-shirt drawing contest one year by doing something like “Our garden ROCKS” and some very happy looking rocks. :D I was a geologist at heart.  It was an awesome shirt.)

Oh, and speaking of harvest season, this is also fair season!  I love ‘em so much.  I love the atmosphere and I’m a big fan of cows and the fancy rabbits that they give ribbons to (those black silky Rex rabbits are one of my favorite breeds; big fan of Lion-Manes and Netherland Dwarves, too!).  

Behold!  Black Rex rabbits.

Lion-maned rabbits!

And last but not least: a Netherland Dwarf!

Also: fair pigs?  Are ginormous. It blows my mind that we don’t call them like, Godzilla Hoof Bears.  They’re massive and it’s startling every time to see one in person.  I have seen smaller lions.

What else!  So we’re raising a big ol’ box of worms for one of my geology classes.  They’re literally called “little red wigglers” and they’re magnificent and very strong.  (They’re not, but in spirit, they’re champions.)  They’re thriving!  Very garden-esque: they’re making soil as we speak.

Yeah!!  Gardens!!

Sway With Me // Blaine/Benji

They did it! They really did it! They were married. Blaine had a husband. It was all too surreal. But then, Blaine would look down at the ring on his finger and pinch himself as hard as he could and–yes! He was really married!

On the way to the reception, Blaine could hardly take his eyes off the ring. Much to the dismay of his husband (he loved that. His husband) who clearly wanted some quality time together before all of their guests bombarded them with congratulations and things of that nature. So, Blaine tried, turning his attention toward Ben. Kissing him, hugging him, doing just about everything he could in the confines of the car they’d hired to get them from point A to B.

As they stepped out, Blaine grabbed Ben’s hand tightly, and the two walked into the building together, stopping once or twice to pose for photographs and to kiss–just because they could.

They mingled, they hugged distant family members, thanked around a hundred people who had congratulated them, and then there was a silence in the room. Suddenly, all eyes were on them, as the DJ announced that everyone should clear the dancefloor so the grooms could have their first dance.

Blaine turned to Ben, smiling, and holding out his hand. “May I have this dance?”