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Chapter 1

When Bilbo and Thorin return to the Shire for a sabbatical during Yuletide, they find a reason to retire the throne in Erebor sooner than expected.

By request, here’s the AO3 posted version of the fic I posted over Christmas! You can see this is chapter one and I have eight chapters planned, so I’m going to flesh it out a little more. Keep an eye out as I continue to post new chapters!

Judaism: “So, the Messiah is gonna come and it’s gonna be fab! World peace, no hatred, full understanding of divinity.  Heck, G-d is gonna even make pork kosher so we can celebrate Messiah time with bacon!  And EVERYONE is invited!!! EVERYONE. Jews, non-Jews! IT’S GONNA BE SO GREAT!!! Even bad people are gonna just spend like a 1 year cooling off period in hell and then they can TOTALLY JOIN THE PARTY!!! EVERYONE IS INVITED!!!!“

Christianity: "THERE SHALL BE THE TRIBULATION AND ALL THE NON BELIEVERS SHALL ENDURE YEARS OF TORTURE! Those who have not accepted Jesus shall spend their eternity burning in the lake of fire! He is the ONLY WAY! There shall be NO FORGIVENESS for those who have rejected our lord!”

Christians to Jews: “OMG, Jews, why don’t you accept Christianity?? It’s full of love and forgiveness. Your old testament god is so cruel and barbaric!”

Have you ever been writing something you thought was gonna be fab af but then you actually start fucking writing it and you’re halfway through AND IT SUCKS AND YOU WANNA LAUNCH YOURSELF OUTTA YOUR WINDOW???
Anyway I’m struggling lmao rip me

Dating Them Includes - Bambam (GOT7)

Feel free to send in requests guys! We do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell us who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3  (MalexFemale, MalexMale, FemalexFemale)

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

  • Him helping you pick out fab outfits
  • Him making sure your fab outfits match his
  • ‘Bam, we’re gonna look like twins tho’
  • Sexy twins’
  • Days where you don’t leave the bed but your not really doing anything but laying there together
  • Getting into vain arguments sometimes
  • Him always apologizing first (cause he’ll always start the shit, low-key)
  • getting to sass the members like he does bc he’s declared you to be an ‘extension of himself’ 
  • Everyone says bullshit
  • But they let you anyways cause you can keep Bambam off their asses
  • being like an older sister to Yugyeom cause HE’S ALWAYS AT YOUR HOUSE
  • “Bam, can I talk to you please?’
  • ‘You can’t say it front of Yug?’
  • Kunpimook, I need to talk to you’ *he knows you only call him by his real name when you’re horny*
  • ‘Leave Yugyeom’
  • Him making you a traditional Thai breakfast recipe he got from his mom
  • He missed a few key ingredients but its ok you smile and swallow it anyways bc his face is precious
  • You loving & forgiving him even though he can make some big mistakes sometimes (y’all know)
  • Really likes you on top during sex, but won’t hesitate to bend you over either
  • Is actually really intimate, like heaven tbh
  • He’d be a really supportive boyfriend and would love you at your worst times and darkest hours. He would love you with everything he’s got

So turns out I might be drawing more of the mermaid AU after all. Because reasons.

When Bucky’s ship gets caught in a storm, Steve saves him by using the Mermaid kiss. Which lets you breathe underwater temporarily. (Mermaid breath is actually like oxygenx30+kind of sticky so it gives the body something to chew on for a while instead of you know, dying. One breath can last an hour or so. It’s obviously very cool and it glows in the dark)

The next Five Times collaboration between @foxphile, @writerfreak001, and myself has a tentative publish date of February 14th so if you like reading Waige this might be Stuff To Look Out For.

Five Times Walter and Paige Almost Made Love…And One Time They Did

  • Set (obviously) entirely in the future, canon compliant to all aired episodes on its date of publication (unless for some reason Waige bangs onscreen in the next month but I’m thinking that’s not going to happen).
  •  Waige is a couple for the entirety of the fic.
  • Will include a beloved recurring character that Kim’s excited to write.
  • Has a fairly involved reference to the real Walter O’Brien that I personally think is hilarious and Heidi is gonna do a fab job with it.
  • Planes, trains, and automobiles are tied for Public Enemy No. 1.
  • We’re running with something that canon may or may not be actually trying to convey.
  • Will obviously include smut (I’m writing it and I apologize in advance).

anonymous asked:

Where do you think Robron will get married? Church, registry office, the barn...?

deffo not the church or the registry office, I’d say barn but coira got married there so honestly I’m not sure, but I’m so excited to see the venue it’s gonna be fab

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Hello! Just gonna come out and say it, Johnlock is my life right now (and I have loads of other things I should be doing) so your blog is kinda keeping me going in these stressful and exciting times! So keep up the good work! :) xx

Same, as I said before I do literally nothing else with my life right now. I come home from work and blog until I go to sleep. I’m glad it’s doing something for you too!

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