this gonna be a dood day

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Are you going to do kyungsoo as a prince? In the livestream I mean? 😏 Hope I will be able to watch it, just dont do it on tuesday because I have a test the next day 😅

Yes, Prince Kyungsoo will be the main theme next week….. but I’m sorry to tell you that if inspiration hits on Tuesday… then I’m gonna do it on Tuesday. 😅

That’s a big nimodo dood.

sometimes youve just got to hide your favourite local vandal from your overprotective cousin,, and sometimes you fail 

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Important question: is Ko the uncle you see only on Thanksgiving, or is he the uncle that takes you everywhere, including to his former cult's hideout?

Komaeda is the Uncle that your parents would never leave you alone with, who knows you’re not supposed to be left alone with him, but still gets invited to all of the events and you still end up getting left alone him.

Basically imagine the parent takes his niece/nephew to the carnival, but due to a mishap they have to go clean off in the restroom and you can’t go with them. They say “Komaeda. Five minutes. I am going to be gone for five minutes. Can you manage this for five minutes?” All of this menacingly whispered between the two as though the kid can’t hear. He smiles and says yeah, of course, what are you worried about. The parent then bends down and says “You’re gonna be with Uncle Ko for a few minutes, ok? Be good!”

5 minutes later they walk out of the bathroom and see this


“Haha it’s fine! We just went to go play a game”

and the parent is pissed because they gave him an order but they don’t want to be a rude to the kid.

He also tells stories that a kid would assume is made up, like the one about how he cut his own arm off during his cult days.

in the heights au: everything is the same except sonny is actually invited to ninas dinner

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what are super best friends up to these days?? i haven't watched in forever :(

Well, they’ve started doing quite a bit. No idea how long ago “forever” is, so I’ll go over the biggest stuff they’ve done in the past year or so. So I guess people can consider this as a “Masterpost for Super Best Friends updates/milestones”

1 - They started a podcast. It’s pretty fucking hilarious. It’s so high quality, that I actually used to help Woolie by making timestamps on the podcast. So yea, I listened to the podcasts 2 or 3 times they were so good. Totally worth it.

2 - They started going to cons, which includes a lot of con videos of them walking around, and panels. TooManyGames is the newest one, as it’s gonna start up in a few days.

3 - They started a weekly series called “Friday Night Fisticuffs” where they play awesome fighting games. If the fighting game ISN’T so awesome, it instead transforms into “Saturday Morning Scrublords” - the most Legendary of which being Bio F.R.E.A.K.S, during which they challenge Maximillian Dood to do a Boss Rage, and he actually responds to their challenge.

4 - Creepy Anime Bullshit is a series where we see the types of games Liam plays. It’s going to have an animated intro by Zone-Tan soon. I’m not gonna link to Zone-Tan, unlike everything else, as I don’t wish to incriminate myself.

5 - Speaking of animations… CrankyConstruct and PlagueofGripes have done A LOT of them. And they basically work with the best friends now, as they make intros for some of their new series.

6 - They started doing “week of” series. Basically, every once and a while, they’ll dedicate themselves to a theme and do a game based off that theme once a day for a week. For exmaple, Mechaweek or Jurassic Park week.

7 - Matt’s Sexy Bond-A-Thon returned!

8 - The Best Friends got really popular! Now they have over half a million subscribers, and have appeared on other Youtube channels. Namely, The Co-optional Podcast, DidYouKnowGaming, and Hot Pepper Gaming.

9 - Mystery Box! Yet another new format, where they pull something out of the box, and they play it. Usually some trash game Matt bought at a con, but sometimes it could be a good game. Such as Shamu Character action.

10 - Since you’re someone who uses tumblr, this might be very important to you… they have Tumblr’s now!  You can check them out at realestmatt angrierpat excelsioryuken and vanillanachos. I am still confused as to how Liam doesn’t have a profile picture. I think he’s doing it on purpose, now.

Yea, I think that about covers it. Of course, if you want a full list of LP’s that they’ve done since your absense, you can just check their wiki. Cause if I were to list them, it would probably be just a super prejudiced list of all the stuff I like, while ignoring some of the super popular LP’s like Bloodborne or Game of Thrones.

That being said, check out Def Jam Fight for New York, Aria of Sorrow, Sonic Adventure, Life is Strange, and Super Mario RPG. Those are their more recent ones that I loved more than my left arm.

its official!!!!

on june 10th im moving to WA!!!!!!!! I got the job as a youth worker in isolated communities in rural areas n i run like sports programs n work with indigenous youth all day do cool fukin activities!!!! FUCK!!!! I CANT BELIVE IM MOVING STATES!!!!!! all my accommodation is paid for im gona be living with 1 other dood in a house!! im gonna be over there for 3 whole months!!!!! 2 weeks away!!! in the course of 2 days 1 decision has turned my whole year around!!!!!!! I CANT BELIEVE THIS!!!!!!!! today is a very good day even tho its the raniest greyest day of the year so far it turned out to be the best!!!!!!!

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Mansi, how the hell am I gonna survive school? Today was the first day, and one kid litERALLY ATE a fuckiNG flY??

listen my dood….in my school one guy literally once said “boys do the kissing when smooching…girls can’t kiss..” and I’m still alive after going to that shit hole 6 days a week (we don’t get saturdays off) so you’ll survive my guy