this going to be a fun 15 months

art tips post

for all the artists following me

  • draw fast. it’ll look messy for a long time but you’ll improve faster than if you spend 4 hours on every drawing
  • if you draw in pencil and have a habit of erasing all of your mistakes, try drawing in pen or marker. i know it’s scary but it’ll help in the long run (i’m speaking from experience)
  • try different methods and mediums but don’t worry about mastering any of them, just have fun
  • if you’re not rich, buy art supplies from the dollar store, not the art store (seriously. i go through a sketchbook about once a month and i’d rather spend $4 on one than $15)
  • there’s no wrong way to learn. you can copy other people’s art if you want to, just don’t post it
  • DO NOT worry about having a consistent style. do not. just draw however you want
  • if you want to make original characters then do it. don’t worry about if they’re original, or a good design, or if they have an accompanying story. make sonic ocs. do it. it’s fun and it’s not hurting anyone
  • try not to kill your back. stand up and stretch once in a while
  • make a folder and save all of your favorite arts for inspiration 
  • draw from life. draw your dog. draw your teachers. draw your desk. draw your own hands (seriously that’s the best way to get better at drawing hands)
  • in general, drawing from life or a photo is better than drawing from a diagram
  • draw whatever you want. draw youtubers if you like youtubers. draw undertale if you like undertale. when i was a kid i drew nothing but shadow the hedgehog and horses. everyone deserves to draw what they want without being mocked, and if people start making fun of you, block them and keep drawing
  • don’t expect to get any notes at first. don’t let it discourage you. if you want validation go show your art to your mom or your friends or your teacher or your grandma
  • take breaks, but don’t give up.

There’ve been quite a few create-a-sim challenges floating around tumblr lately, but I wasn’t really connecting with any of the prompts, so I decided to make my own! 


- May only use ONE sim. Download someone from the gallery, create your own, use an EA townie, whatever. Make sure you’re 100% pleased though because you’ll be stuck with them till the end!

- CAN NOT change Sim’s genetics, body shape, etc. (Hair, contacts and such are free game, but try not to alter anything that couldn’t be easily changed irl.)

- I’d appreciate it if you included a link back to this post. Thanks!

- Since this was inspired by the style of lookbooks, try to include each outfit’s corresponding CC links when applicable. Not only is this super helpful for fellow simmers, it will also save you from having to answer tons of WCIFs.

- Get creative! Take your screenshots right from CAS, pose your Sim in a parallel in-game setting, or PhotoShop your own backdrop. The choice is yours!

- I tried to make each category as gender neutral as possible, so feel free to interpret each prompt however you see fit! Just make sure to stick to the rules (or not, it’s just a game) and have fun!

P.S. - don’t worry about trying to post one a day, or finishing in a certain amount of time. Skip over prompts you don’t like, go out of order, or wait 5 months between posting them (like I did) if you want!

Day 01: Your Favorite Color
Day 02: Business Presentation
Day 03: Destination Wedding Guest
Day 04: Dance Class
Day 05: Meeting the Parents
Day 06: Home Improvement
Day 07: Lazy Sunday
Day 08: Music Festival
Day 09: Hiking Trip
Day 10: Graduation Day
Day 11: Royalty
Day 12: Secret Agent
Day 13: Comic Convention
Day 14: Ski Trip
Day 15: Grade School Teacher
Day 16: Disco Fever
Day 17: Springtime Picnic
Day 18: Pop Star
Day 19: Professional Athlete
Day 20: Day at the Beach
Day 21: Red Carpet
Day 22: Flight Attendant
Day 23: Stepford Housewife (or husband)
Day 24: Teenage Emo Phase
Day 25: 60′s Bohemian


If you decide to partake in this challenge, I’d love to see your results! Post your screenshots with the hashtag #aop lookbook challenge so I can give ‘em a like / reblog!

What I Learned From University


  • Everyone is super friendly, especially in the first few weeks → Introduce yourself to the people sitting near you for the first few weeks of lectures. Everyone is looking for a friend or at least someone to talk to!!
  • If you commute, make that time productive → My bus ride was an hour there and back each day. It sucks but I would try to be productive for at least half of the commute. I have a post about being productive on public transport here.
  • On that note, stay on campus as long as possible each day → As soon as I got back home I would procrastinate every little thing. Stay in an already productive environment for as long as possible.
  • Maybe don’t buy your textbooks used → I thought I was being smart by buying used textbooks (most schools will have a buy and sell facebook page for textbooks). I ended up having to pay for access codes in order to do my online homework – access codes that cost ~$70 separately and came included with new textbooks anyways. Email your prof or talk to someone who has recently taken the class to find out if you need an access code. If you do, your best bet is to buy a new version of the textbook (unless you can get a seriously cheap used textbook).
  • Print off your timetable and find all of your classes before the first day → This helped me so much! I found exactly where all my classes were before the first day of class. I wrote down little tricks to help me remember where everything was (i.e. my calc lecture is in the arts and science building which is also where the only subway on campus is).
  • Don’t knock living at home to save money → If you’re lucky enough to have a college or university close to home at least consider living at home. Getting your own place or living in dorms is expensive. (But if you have to find off campus housing on your own, don’t leave it too late or you might not find a place)
  • Figure out the best way to take notes for each class → You have to customize the way you study for each class, all depending on the prof and the content. I hand-wrote notes for some classes (chem, calc, and physics), but not others (psych and bio). If you’re writing by hand you can always just annotate your textbook notes or lecture slides (if they’re posted before class). If you fall behind while taking notes, just leave a gap and check out a friend’s notes after class.
  • Adjust your expectations → Don’t expect to get straight A’s, like you might have in high school. You can strive for straight A’s but be realistic as time goes on. For classes I struggled with, I expected to be near the class average. If I was a lot lower than the class average then I would know to invest more time.
  • Make time for physical activity → If we’re being honest I hardly exercised during uni. Go for at least a half hour walk each day and try to start a physical activity routine. Get a friend and join a sports team, go to a fitness class, or commit to some form of a daily workout with them! You’ll feel bad bailing on someone else, plus working out is more fun with other people.
  • Review content throughout the semester → Reviewing little bits of content will save you a massive content review right before finals! Look through old notes while you wait for your daily coffee or take 15 minutes to watch some khan academy videos on stuff you learned in the first month of classes.
  • Think seriously about how much you can handle → Don’t take on too many responsibilities at once and consider all of your options! I worked weekends and some week nights throughout the school year. Looking back I should have worked less because my stress levels were way too high. Also, quite a few people I talked to took 4 classes instead of 5, for their first semester of university. I don’t think I would have done it, in the end, but it’s always something to consider.
  • Have fun but be responsible at parties → Always go to parties with people you trust!! If you didn’t do much partying/drinking during high school (like me), remember to pace yourself when drinking! Eat before you go out and have some water between each drink, till you find your limit. Don’t let yourself be peer-pressured into anything but also don’t be afraid to have fun! And check out if your uni has a safe walk program (someone will come and walk you back to your dorm or your car if you feel unsafe or nervous for any reason)
  • When procrastination hits, aim to be productive in some way → The only reason my biology mark was so high was because I would study biology whenever I got sick of studying for physics and calculus. If you know you need to study but just can’t do it, start by being productive in some other way – study a subject you do like, do your laundry, organize your study area, etc. Get your brain to start thinking productively.
  • Labs are difficult so be prepared → I had so many labs first year. Some tips: eat and hydrate before labs, never assume you can finish your prelab last minute, be nice to your lab partner, always remember lab safety (don’t be the person trying to wear shorts in the lab, TAs will not hesitate to kick you out), don’t rush through an experiment but be efficient, and ask for help (even if you feel like you’re bothering your TA).
  • Please go to bed early. Sleep affects everything → I was so dumb and would never go to bed early even though I had to be up at 6 am almost every day to catch the bus. Lack of sleep will catch up to you eventually!! Also, all nighters are not necessary, unless you make them necessary. I prioritized and never had to stay awake too late. And never pull an all nighter the night before an exam (you’re better off getting sleep and resting your brain).
  • Bring a water bottle everywhere → Buy a decent water bottle and always carry it with you. Even though my uni is small there are still tons of spots around campus where I can refill my water bottle!! Stay hydrated my friends!
  • A practice problem a day keeps the F away → This saying probably works best for science classes, but I guess a reading a day will get you somewhere too. Do something for every class each day, even if it’s just a practice problem or a quick reading. Develop a routine!
  • You’ll have lots of midterms → I was under the impression that midterms happened just once a semester (I thought I would have one week where I had a midterm for each class). That was not my reality. I had 2 or 3 midterms for each of my classes scattered throughout the semester. Study really hard for your first set of midterms till you get used to the high expectations!
  • Don’t worry about what other people are doing or thinking → This is mostly in regards to social media. I was bummed when I looked back on my first year of university, because I felt like I hadn’t done anything fun compared to other people. You only see the image that other people want you to see. You don’t know how hard someone worked or how hard they didn’t work. Just focus on you and how you can affect positive results in your life.
  • Other people literally don’t care about your appearance → My friend’s little sister visited campus and asked us “Why is everyone wearing sweatpants?” People literally don’t care. Dress nice and put lots of makeup on one day, because you feel like it, and wear sweats the next day.
  • Start essays and reports as soon as possible → You never know what might come up so be prepared for the worst! Outline your essay or graph your data as soon as you can.
  • Eat healthy and do meal prep → You can eat healthy during university! Set aside a couple of nights each week to do meal prep. Cook food in bulk to save money and don’t eat out too much. Try to have at least 1 serving of fruits or veggies with each meal or snack you eat!
  • Find a good study spot on campus → Explore your campus and figure out your favourite places to study. I had a couple of spots where I would always meet my friends to study and quiet spots where no one would bother me. Studying outside or in an area with natural light is always good.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk to your profs and TAs → This is the number one thing I’m going to try to do more of in my second year. TAs are chill to talk to and they can tell you tons of useful information on what upper year classes are like, which professors are good, why they chose to go to grad school, etc. If you’re struggling in lectures or labs, talk to your prof or TA! Make an appointment and be sure you can tell them exactly which concepts you’re struggling with or at least where you got lost. One of my profs told us he just waits hopefully during office hours for someone to come in. (Also profs love it if you ask them about their research or any topics they seem passionate about during lectures.)
  • Explore all the resources your university has to offer → My university has a program that is basically people bringing their dogs around for students to pet, in order to relieve stress. It actually works and gave me something to look forward to! Just be aware of your options so that if something in your life changes you know where you can go to ask for help.
  • Get a planner and utilize it → There’s no excuse not to have a planner of some sort. Use your phone, get a bullet journal, or buy a cheap planner. Have somewhere where you can record important deadlines and make to do lists. I also recommend back planning all of your studying at the beginning of the semester. Write down your midterms and finals dates and write down how much you’re going to study each day leading up to the exam. This way you’ll be able to look ahead at each month and figure out what needs to be done (i.e. getting an essay done early because the due date falls during a busy week of midterms)

This post ended up being a lot longer than I expected whoops. Take the things I said into consideration but remember that everyone’s experience will be different. Good luck to everyone heading to university!

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Guess who’s back again with another Collab!

@bev-nap and I again—that’s the answer haha! A while back I did line art for these two losers in Autumn fashion, ‘cause it was calling out to me and I had the lovely Bev do justice with her amazing coloring! We actually did this collab like a month ago, and neither of us uploaded the results, until now haha!
You can totally find the line work here
and you should totally go stalk Bev’s awesome gallery over here!

—–Also, 3 days left!

Blurry Sight

Originally posted by sehunsgirl

Description:A girl’s night out seemed to be a good idea at first,until you were drunk enough to blur your vision.


Sehun X Reader

You had been looking at the stairs for than 15 minutes,thinking about all the life choices you’ve made so far.You had a fun idea of going out with your group of friends for the first time in 4 months due to you being too busy with marriage and work.You had thought of this night as a silent one,only filled with laughter and gossip but it was more than that.

You had drank way too much for your liking.Not because you had troubles or bad relationship but just because you wanted to.And at this very moment,there you were trying to figure out what to do next as you stared blankly at the stairs in front of your house,thoughts too blurry.

You were deciding whether to go in or just wait for someone to find you which made perfect sense for your drunk brain until you heard footsteps coming from the house.You don’t remember inviting a friend or having a relative over so you were both curious and terrified until you saw your husband’s figure next to the door.

“Hello” he said as he made his way over to you,taking your purse and giving you a jacket as it was freezing out and it was 3 am.

“Who is that?” you asked unable to process of seeing him.

“It’s late don’t you think?I think your phone was dead so that’s why” he said taking your phone from the purse as you tried to take off your heels which made him chuckle at the end.

You almost fell while trying to get rid of your shoes until sehun leaned over to help you and for the first time tonight,you checked him out.He was wearing a black shirt with sweatpants and god he looked so damn good.Maybe it was your drunken state or your fuzzy mind but you wanted him,needed him.You looked at the way his biceps move and his hair fell perfectly into his forehead making it all hard to bear.

“Thank you” you said politely,making sure you have his attention.He softly smiled,he found you adorable in every way but after he got married to you,you showed a whole new side of you to him,making him fall harder for you everyday.He made sure you had some balance after he let you go off his arms.

You went to the large bedroom and hugged your huge teddy bear he bought you for the 4th month anniversary.A small sigh left your lips as you closed your eyes before looking at sehun who was now sitting on the edge of the bed,waiting for you to sober up a bit.He looked at his drunk wife who was hugging a teddy bear with all she had which made him chuckle to himself.

“Babe” he said waiting for a response.After waiting for more than 3 minutes for your reply,he slowly made his way to you and caressed your hair slowly,causing you to hum.

“Angel…We need to get you cleaned up” he said kissing your forehead.

You were tired,dizzy and confused.You also felt aroused from earlier and his soft voice made it all break.

“I missed you” you said hugging the teddy bear tighter.

“Hahaha…” you heard a soft giggle from sehun.”Me or the teddy bear?” he asked leaning closer to you.

“You” you said whispering as he held your chin up so that you looked at him.”And the bear” you said as you smiled widely,making it harder for him to resist you.

He lifted you up bridal style and carried you to the bathroom to clean you up.You tried your best not looking at the bathroom mirror so you wouldn’t laugh out loud.He took your knee socks off first,making you lean onto him.You held him tight as he helped you take off your clothes until you were left with only your bra and underwear.

Sehun tried his best not to look at you and feel aroused but there he was,thinking about pinning you onto the bathroom wall and kissing you senseless.He slowly took a sight in front of him and a ‘wow’ left his lips,making you blush.

After taking your clothes off he made you sat on the bathroom counter,taking off your make up and helping you brush your teeth.He was thinking of taking a shower with you but he knew you would fall asleep so he found it enough to wash your face and neck.

You sobered up more than you thought you could have after washing your face a few times with cold water.You looked up to see sehun smiling at you.

“Hi” you said being your usual shy self around him.

“Hello” he said tucking a few hair pieces behind your ear.

You blushed instantly but you could still feel the alcohol in your veins.

“You look handsome” you said heading to your bedroom as you felt too shy after saying such thing.

He blushed at your words making you surprised as normally you would be the one blushing.He handed you the towel and just when you reached out to grab it,he gave you a small peck on the lips and dried your face.

“T-thank….you” you said trying to process what was happening.

He just nodded while you left the bathroom to go to bed.It was really late and you were half-drunk.You didn’t have to go to school or out tomorrow but it wasn’t a good reason to stay awake,although you had one more reason.

You were aroused by sehun.The way his body moved and his black hair didn’t help at all.You could tell that he was too but you were too shy to do anything.He was your boyfriend for quite some time but you were still shy around him.He would normally make a move but knowing you were tired and drunk,he didn’t want to add something more,if only he knew you wanted it as much as he did.

He made his way to the bed after some time and there you were,laying on the bed facing the ceiling and looking at it blankly.He wasn’t quite sure what you were doing but he wanted to know.

“What’s wrong angel?” he asked slowly making sure you heard him.

“It’s hard you know” you started talking as he sat on the bed,caressing your hair.”Like when I’m drunk,I don’t see everything clearly.Also,In my daily life,not everything is clear and I’m just……Ugh…” you said mumbling to yourself.

He slowly hovered above you making sure you were comfortable,and he caressed your face slowly while he smiled softly at you.You wanted to tell how hard it is but between you and him,speaking was a thing to do with eyes,not words.

He slowly kissed your neck,making you whimper underneath him.

“I know” he said slowly  “but you’ll make it baby” he slowly kissed all over your face,earning a soft chuckle from you.

“I love you” he said as he started kissing you so slow,so tense.You could feel your body shaking as he kissed you deeper.You fought for dominance the moment his tongue met yours but he was too eager this time.You felt his hands roam all over your body and his kisses on your collarbones.

“Let me make love to you” he softly whispered as he took off the last piece of clothing you had,exposing you underneath him.He slowly made an amazement sound after he took a moment to take the view in front of him in.

“How are you real?” he said kissing your breasts slowly while your hands found his black locks and played with them.He was getting tenser by the passing second and you could feel how hard he was.He sucked your neck as his hands found your dripping core.

That was the thing about him.He was patient.He would wait for hours to see you and sometimes even days.He wouldn’t mind waiting for you to come so that he could start the movie.He would wait for you when you were trying to finish your meal or he would come and take you from pm lectures and he was also patient when it came to love making.

He slowly took off his shirt making you smile widely and kiss him immediately.He was way too slow for your drunk-self.

“Take it easy,love” he said slowly as he took your hands off of him so that he could unzip his pants.

The alcohol kicked in at that moment.

“You’re going slow tho” you said giving him a smirk that he knew too well.

“Someone is eager” he said as you bucked your hips,wanting some source of friction.

“Fuck…Please I beg you” you said as your arousal increased.He could tell you were desperate by the way you looked but was he.

“You sure?” he asked,reminding you how hard he could go when he didn’t control himself.

“Ahaa” you nodded as he freed himself out of his boxer.

“Okay,love” he said positioning himself and kissing your forehead before slamming in.

He was going too fast tonight.You knew that you were the one who asked for it but it was too much.It was enough to make your eyes teary.You could feel your climax coming closer the moment he entered you.

“How are you so…..wet?” he asked between deep breaths as the mattress hit the wall.

All you could hear was the sound of skin clapping against skin and Sehun’s low moans as he hit you deeper every time.You were sure there was going to be a mark on the wall.You held him tighter by the second.

“Goodness” you breathed out as his pace got faster and you could tell he was close.

Your nails started to dig down his back as he held you close to him.You could hear his words of praising and love but your mind was too blurry to process any of them.He kissed you deeply as you got closer to your climax.

He knew you were close so was he.He kissed down your body as you reached your climax,hands finding his hair and gripping it tightly and it was all it took to send him over the edge.

You could hear his low moans and cursing as you both came at the same time,holding each other.He kissed your temple before cleaning you up.

“Have I ever told you that you look absolutely stunning?” he asked making you blush.

Let's talk BUDGETING

Ah yes, the least glamorous part of being a sugar baby, the fiscal responsibility. When many of us get into this lifestyle, we picture living fancy, spending without a care, and getting everything we want. Well, welcome to the real world. My allowance is $5000 a month, and if I bought all of the shoes and bags and clothes my heart desired, I could spend all that money easily. But that would be silly, because as nice as shoes and bags and clothes are, they aren’t the main reason I got into this lifestyle and they certainly won’t pay the bills if I ever get desperate.

The thing is, I suck at budgeting and spending money. I tend to use it up to quickly and then I’m desperate for money around the end of the month. But a SD can drop you on a dime, so this is obviously not ideal. So I’m implementing a strict budget for myself for the year and here’s what I’m doing so you can too.

  1. Set aside half of your allowances- I know, not fun at all. But it’s important to try to save at least half of your allowances. Buy a safe and stash half in there every month. For me, this is my “travel-car-life after college-rainy day” fund. I’m saving towards specific goals, but I also know that money is there should I ever need it.
  2. Give yourself a “weekly allowance”- Take your monthly allowance and break it up into weekly increments, but not just for the month. Try to break it up into 4 months worth of weeks. For example, when I get my $5000, $3000 will go into savings. Then, I’m breaking up the money into 13 envelopes with $125 dollars in each of them, which will last me from now until May. This is my money I can use for groceries, booze, going out with friends, basically anything I need for the week. Is $125 a week glamorous? Not really, but I can comfortably live on it and it gives me 13 weeks to find a new SD if my currant one decides to dump me for whatever reason. I will then add to each weekly folder. So next month, I’ll put another $125 in each of the remaining envelopes, and I’ll have $250 to spend every week. My weekly “goal” is $300, so the month after that I’ll add another $50 to each remaining envelope, then I’ll put $100 in 15 new envelopes to save for summer and repeat.
  3. Budget for Shopping and Big Purchases- If you were paying attention above, you may have realized that 3000+(13x125)=4625, not $5000. That’s because I budgeted $375 to go shopping for the month. Look, shopping is obviously super fun, but walking into a store with your full allowance in hand is just stupid and irresponsible. Bring the amount you budgeted with you and stick to it. Shopping is way more fun when you don’t have “oh no, I shouldn’t have bought all this stuff I wasted so much money” regret. I think ahead to any big purchases I need to make and plan for them. For example, I know I want to get my hair done in March, which is going to be expensive. So I budgeted extra money into March’s “spending” category for that expense.
  4. Roll Your Weekly Money Over- So odds are I won’t be spending my entire weekly budget every single week. What shall one do with this left over money? I’m putting into my “roll-over” envelope, which I will let accumulate. I can do whatever I want with this money. I can add it to the shopping budget for the month, use it to save up for a big purchase, or draw from it (not my savings) if I need a little extra one week.
  5. Get a “bonus” Sugar Daddy for Big Things- Well, technically I already have one, so this is more of a suggestion. To me, a bonus SD is a SD who you see very infrequently, generally due to travel or work. Mine gives me $1500 every time we see each other, which is rare, due to his travel for work, about every 2 months. I view this as “bonus money” and I would use it on a single, large purchase that my monthly budget doesn’t account for, such as a new laptop, phone, expensive bag, etc.
  6. Get you SD to Pay for as Much as Possible- Fucking duh.
BPD Awareness Month

After a month of ramen noodle memes, it’s finally May…which is also BPD awareness month! And I’m here as your local diagnosed Borderline to break some of the stigma associated with this personality disorder, offering up 15 fun facts, stigma myths, and helping you better understand any Borderlines in your life ☺

1. BPD most commonly develops from severe trauma and is often a product of other diagnoses such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, eating disorders, and bipolar disorder. So there is a lot of stuff going on in our heads, all of the time.

2. BPD and Bipolar disorder are NOT the same thing. Bipolar is characterized by extreme highs and lows that last for a few days or more, sometimes without a discernable trigger. BPD mood swings occur much more rapidly, are more noticeably triggered, and typically only last between a few minutes and a few hours.

3. Borderlines all experience their symptoms in different ways, and not all Borderlines experience the same symptoms. A common misconception is that all Borderlines are manipulative- this is false. Manipulation is a symptom of BPD, but not of all Borderlines.

4. Borderlines experience emotions at TEN TIMES the intensity that normal people do. So if it seems like we’re overreacting or are falling too fast…believe me, we know, but we can’t help it. Please be patient with us and communicate in a straight forward manner. We wish we knew how to turn it off, because it actually becomes physically painful.

5. Because we experience emotions at such a high intensity, Borderlines are some of the most caring, loyal, and generous friends/partners. You will never feel unloved if you are close to a Borderline.

6. Also, we cry a lot. Like…a LOT. We cry over everything whether we’re happy or sad or scared or excited. We cry a lot. There’s nothing you can do. Just let it happen.

7. Borderlines often close themselves off about things that are bothering them, and don’t ask for the things they need because they don’t want to be a burden. If you notice a Borderline bottling up, it’s important to assure them that you are there, without pushing them. Extra affection never hurts either (we love affection).

8. If a Borderline Splits*** on you, it is important to express how their words and actions made you feel, but also important to word it in a constructive way rather than aggressive (see: item #6). Most Borderlines are extremely self-aware and will get over whatever made them Split quickly and realize what they’ve done and apologize. In most cases, this isn’t an act of manipulation, but a frantic effort to make up for an episode they couldn’t control. Again, we require a lot of patience. Know that we are trying.

9. Borderlines dissociate frequently. In most cases we appreciate a lot of attention and affection when that happens to bring us back down to earth.

11. Borderlines love attention in general but are too anxious to ask for it. Attention is to Borderlines as the sun is to sunflowers. We perk right up and turn into happy beans. WE WANT IT ALL.

12. If a Borderline asks for space, give us space. But be reassuring that you’re not going to leave.

13. Borderlines are terrified of abandonment, and will often leave before they can get left. If they use the phrase “it’s not you, it’s me.” I promise you, it is not you. It is them. We’re waiting to find the right person who doesn’t let us self-sabotage everything. But we also hate feeling trapped so honestly idfk, good luck trying to figure out where your Borderline is at.

14. PATIENCE. PATIENCE IS KEY. But also, you can’t be nice all the time. Borderlines like to pick fights, and sometimes we need you to fight us over stupid little stuff. I guarantee you we’ll get over it within 10 minutes, but sometimes you just have to let us get the fighting mood out of our system since we’re actually wimpy crybabies who couldn’t hurt a fly.

15. If we’re talking about things that are going on in our head, we don’t always need a response or want words of encouragement or need you to try to fix everything. Chances are we are already working it out in our heads, and we just need you to listen so it’s not just rumbling around up there. Validation is appreciated. However, just saying “your feelings are valid” can be taken more as insensitive than reassuring if not followed up with an interpretation of your understanding.

I hope these were informative and/or helpful to those who took the time to read through entirely; just by reading you’re helping to #endthestigma

***Splitting: a term in the BPD community to reference the black-and-white thinking used as a defense mechanism with Borderlines. Usually referencing the flip from the idealization of an FP** to devaluation.

**FP: “Favorite Person”, term used to reference the person a Borderline seeks the most attention and validation from.

Hello! My name is Ali and this is my introduction to the studyblr community!! :)

about myself:

✎ she/her

✎ I’m 15, going into the 10th grade

✎ Gryffindor, INFP

what I love:

✎ books

✎ my dog 

✎ photography

✎ playing field hockey

✎ wakeboarding!!!

important classes I have this upcoming year:

✎ honors algebra

✎ AP environmental science

✎ honors spanish lll

personal goals:

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How long has Bum been Sangwoo's prisoner?

  So I’ve been thinking about this a lot and I’ve seen a couple people make estimates of anywhere from around a month to 5 months. As of chapter 17, I put my estimate around 9-15 weeks judging by the healing of Bum’s legs.

  Just a warning, this is going to be a long post, and kinda technical (sorry). I’m referencing “Forensic Anthropology, Current Methods and Practice 2014″. All images are taken from Lezhin and are property of Koogi.

 I had a lot of fun writing this, but it is more of a thought experiment than anything. I don’t know how much thought Koogi put into Bum’s healing time and this comic is a work of fiction. Still, if you want my thoughts continue reading :>

 This is ended up being hella long so I’ll put it under the cut. Here are my thoughts:

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Sniffles and chocolate (Lin x Reader)

This is kind of a quick one shot in celebration of reaching 1.5k followers. It may also be me just trying to cheer myself up since I have The Cold™. 

Masterlist // Requests // Askbox

Summary: Reader is very much in love with the star of the hottest musical of the decade. It turns out the star seems to be shining extra brightly when he gets to take care of Reader when they’re sick.

Warnings: None. Just fluff all the way.

Wordcount: 1,678

Oh, and tags! @ruth-hamilton-delrio @hopeandlovelastlonger @yayhamletnonstop I think you all have at some poiont told me that you wanted to be tagged in my stuff. So here goes. Just tell me if you want me to stop. Peace, love you! <3

You knew it the moment you woke up. The feeling of a sore throat and a nose filled with snot had knocked you back into the bed before, but not like this. This was accompanied by a fever, and the fact that it felt like someone had kicked you in the face while you were asleep. To put it on paper, the february cold that had plagued the workplace for weeks had finally caught up with you too.

Since two months ago, you had been working as an assistant to the head of the costume department at the Richard Rogers theatre, the home to the (according to you) best musical of the decade, Hamilton.

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ML Fluff Month Day 15 - Sunshower

Fun fact: in France a sun shower is called “le mariage du loup”. Also I was really tired so this might not make sense.


“Bien joué!”

As Ladybug and Chat Noir bumped their fists together after a success Akuma battle, their Miraculouses beeped simultaneously. Chat flinched at the sound, all to familiar with what came next. Ladybug pulled her yoyo out, but Chat grabbed her arm before she could toss it.

“Chat?” Ladybug asked, her earrings giving another beep. “I have to go, kitty. I’m almost out of time.”

“I know, but I want to take you to get some coffee. This is strictly professional, I promise. No identity reveals, just two heroes having a drink.” Chat looked away as his ring beeped. “Meet me in thirty minutes? We work so hard. I think we need this.”

Ladybug sighed. “Alright, chaton. Meet me at the usual place in thirty minutes. We’ll have some coffee, but we have to do an extra patrol right after.”

Chat Noir’s ears perked up. “Yes, of course!” He released Ladybug’s arm and quickly dashed off, transformation disappearing right when he landed inside his bedroom window. Adrien grinned at Plagg, who went straight for the Camembert sitting on the desk. “Hurry up, because we’re meeting Ladybug again soon.”

Plagg groaned. “Kid, is this your way of trying to learn Ladybug’s identity? I don’t think it’s gonna work.”

Adrien shook his head. “As much as I would love to know who Ladybug is, that’s not why I asked her out. I think winning her heart first is a better idea.”

“And you’re gonna do that with coffee?” Plagg laughed. “Nice try, kid.”

“No, Plagg. I heard it’s going to rain today, so I’m going to be her knight in shining armor that saves her from getting soaked.” Adrien glanced out his window. “Though, I think it might not rain until during patrol.” The boy shrugged. “Plagg, transform me!”

Chat Noir quickly made his way to the usual meeting spot and waited for his Lady. She arrived quickly with a box in her hands. “Thought we could have some snacks, so I stopped by the Dupain-Cheng bakery and grabbed some cookies.”

Chat grinned. “My Lady, you are a treasure.”

He reached for the box, only for Ladybug to smack his hand. “Go get the coffee, first. I’m not going to a coffee shop as Ladybug.” She reached over and put a hand on his arm. “Besides, shouldn’t you get the coffee anyways since you asked me out on this date?”

“D-date, my Lady?” Chat blushed.

She giggled. “Coffee is the purr-fect date, isn’t it?” When he didn’t say anything, she patted his head. “I’m teasing, kitty.”

Chat nodded. “I’ll, uh, just go get some coffee. Be right back.” He disappeared quickly, dashing to the nearest coffee shop and quickly ordering two coffees. He returned to his partner quickly, where she was munching on a cookie. He frowned. “I thought you said no cookies until coffee.”

“I never said that. I said get coffee first. What kind of date are you?” The heroine grinned. “Come sit down and eat a cookie.” She patted the spot on the roof next to her. “Hurry, before my coffee gets cold.”

Chat pouted but did as he was told. He handed Ladybug her coffee and quickly grabbed a cookie before she could tell him no. But as he did, he felt rain start to fall. He cursed silently that the rain started so early, but he noticed that it was still bright out.

“Le mariage du loup,” the ladybug hero murmured, holding her hand out to catch raindrops. “Beautiful.”

Chat Noir looked at his partner, the way she was amazed by the sun shower. He saw the light in her eyes and the upward curve of her lips. “You’re beautiful,” he heard himself say.

Ladybug turned and looked at him. She didn’t say anything, only leaned in and pressed a kiss to his cheek. “Thanks, Chat,” she whispered in his ear before pulling away.

The cat hero blushed and hid it with a cookie. He may the holder of bad luck, but sun showers were his good luck. His Lady was his good luck.

Something wicked this way comes…

We at ocappreciation are excited for Halloween and we hope there are some of you just as excited!  We thought that we could all have some fun during the month of October (and even a few days of November) celebrating Halloween and OCs!

We would like to see this month help showcase OCs that aren’t your own, to give other authors some love and support.  You are still welcome to do something for your own OCs, but maybe try to join in the fun too with other people’s OCs!

  • Week 1 (October 1-7): Costume Party make edits/gifs/aesthetics of OCs in Halloween attire.
  • Week 2 (October 8-14): Spooky Playlist make Halloween-themed playlists.
  • Week 3 (October 15-21): Horror Stories create OC-centric horror one-shots!  Prompts will be available upon request.
  • Week 4 (October 22-28): Spook-tacular Crossovers it’s crossover week and anything Halloween related goes!
  • Week 5 (October 29-November 4): Trick-or-Treat go into somebody’s inbox and leave them an encouraging note or praise.  Find one of their stories and leave a review.

Make sure to tag your creations! You can use: ocapphalloween and/or ocappreciation!

We’re looking forward to seeing what you come up with and hope you’ll join the fun!

~ocappreciation staff

Irish dance things that are just the best

1. When you finish a really good hornpipe and you’re like “I didn’t die AND it looked good?”
2. When the judge nods at you before ringing the bell
3. Good spins
4. Standing on a chair in the back of the hall to catch a friends set
5. Seeing your friends on chairs in the back of the hall watching your set
6. Seeing a friend at a feis when you weren’t expecting them to be there
7. Hitting every damn click
8. Marking scores during results cause you’re too nervous
9. Feis naps
10. When your mom/dad/feis parent/ teacher is super proud of you
11. Another dancer telling you you did well
12. Being happy with how you danced
13. Taking your shoes off after several hours in the studio
14. Long days at the studio that are exhausting but fun
15. Seeing a friend for the first time in months
16. Going to a show and having a good sounding floor
That’s all I can think of, but add more if you want.

wjishing-jimin  asked:

hi !can i request the drabbles? no.46,jimin x reader😊

46; at home massages // jimin x reader

46/75; ceo!au; ceo!jimin x uni student!reader
jimin x reader // PG-15 // 1567
“Let’s go to bed together.”

a/n: HELLO TO THE FIRST EVER REQUEST I RECEIVED. OMG IT’S BEEN EIGHT MONTHS. @rebelliousjvmin​ I’m so sorry if this is super late, like you probably even won’t be interested anymore, but I wanted to make sure I had a really good one for you because! You’re! A! First! But, yes, this is for you, I hope you like CEO!aus, bb. Have fun~

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Let’s Go Crazy Challenge!

I can’t even believe that 1000 of you are actually following me! Thank you so much!! You are all so amazing!

I’ve been planning this crazy challenge for awhile but wanted to save it for a special occasion. Most know that I absolutely love Prince so I wanted to do a challenge using his songs. It’s a pretty straight forever challenge. Have fun. Write what YOU want. Go crazy!

  • Pick a song from the list.
  • Pick one of the prompts provided. I’m only selecting a few and realize that some may go after the same ones, but I think that’ll make it interesting later. I know that no two stories will be the same
  • Send me an ask with your song, prompt, character, fandom, ship, whatever information you think I need.
  • When you post, please use the tags #chelsea celebrates 1000! and #let’s go crazy challenge





I only ask that you make sure any triggers/warnings are listed. I don’t consider ships ‘warnings’ but please make sure that you have the ship somewhere in the A/Ns or the summary so readers know what to expect. Angst, fluff, smut…anything goes! Just make sure we know what we’re going to read

One shots or series are welcome. Please send me in the masterlist for the series.

Have fun! Don’t stress yourself out! If you need an extension, just ask. If something happens and you can’t get the story in, no problem!

Due date is August 15. Yes. Four months. I’ll post reminders every couple of weeks.

Here are the songs. Yes, there are really that many to choose from. Some are songs written for other artists. Some were not released on albums but recordings are/have been available.

  • 17 Days
  • 1999
  • 200 Balloons
  • 3 Chains O’ Gold 
  • 4 The Tears In Your Eyes
  • 5 Women +
  • A Million Days
  • Adore
  • All The Critics Love U In New York
  • All The Midnights In The World
  • Alphabet St. 
  • America
  • And God Created Woman
  • Annie Christian
  • Another Lonely Christmas
  • Anotherloverholenyohead
  • Around The World In A Day
  • Arrogance
  • Automatic
  • Baby
  • Baby I’m A Star
  • Ballad Of Dorothy Parker
  • Bambi
  • Batdance
  • Better Than You Think 
  • Blue Light 
  • Call My Name
  • Can’t Stop This Feeling I Got
  • Chaos And Disorder
  • Chelsea Rodgers
  • Christopher Tracy’s Parade
  • Cinnamon Girl
  • Come
  • Computer Blue
  • Condition Of The Heart
  • Controversy
  • Crazy You
  • Cream 
  • D.M.S.R.
  • Daddy Pop
  • Damn U 
  • Dance to the Music of the World 
  • Dark
  • Darling Nikki
  • Dear Mr. Man
  • Delirious
  • Diamonds and Pearls 
  • Dig U Better Dead
  • Dinner With Delores
  • Dirty Mind
  • Do It All Night
  • Do Me Baby
  • Do U Lie?
  • Electric Chair
  • Elephants & Flowers
  • Erotic City
  • Escape
  • Extraordinary
  • Feel U Up
  • For You
  • Forever In My Life
  • Free
  • Future Baby Mama
  • Games
  • Gett Off
  • Girl
  • Girls & Boys
  • God
  • Gotta Broken Heart Again
  • Gotta Stop (Messin’ About)
  • Graffiti Bridge
  • Guitar
  • Had U
  • Head
  • Hello
  • Horny Toad
  • Hot Thing
  • Housequake
  • How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore
  • I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man 
  • I Feel For You
  • I Like It There
  • I Love U In Me
  • I Rock Therefore I Am
  • I Wanna Be Your Lover 
  • I Wanna Melt With U 
  • I Will
  • I Wonder U
  • I Would Die 4 U 
  • I’ll Always Love You
  • I’m Yours
  • If Eye Was The Man In Ur Life
  • If I Was Your Girlfriend
  • If We Don’t
  • If You Feel Like Dancin’
  • If You See Me
  • Illusion Coma Pimp & Circumstance
  • In Love
  • Insatiable
  • International Lover
  • Into The Light
  • Irrestistible Bitch
  • It
  • It’s About That Walk
  • It’s Gonna Be A Beautiful Night
  • It’s Gonna Be Lovely
  • Jack U Off
  • Joy In Repetition
  • Jughead
  • Just Another Sucker
  • Just As Long As We’re Together
  • Kiss 
  • La La La He Hee
  • Lady Cab Driver
  • Lemon Crush
  • Let’s Go Crazy
  • Let’s Pretend We’re Married
  • Let’s Work
  • Letitgo
  • Life ‘O’ The Party
  • Life Can Be So Nice
  • Lion Of Judah
  • Little Red Corvette
  • Live 4 Love
  • Loose!
  • Love 2 The 9's 
  • Love Love Love
  • Love Machine 
  • Lovin’ Cup
  • Melody Cool 
  • Money Don’t Matter 2 Night
  • Mountains
  • Mr. Goodnight
  • Musicology
  • My Little Pill
  • My Love Is Forever
  • My Name Is Prince 
  • New Position
  • New Power Generation 
  • Nothing Compares 2 U 
  • Old Friends 4 Sale
  • On The Couch
  • One Man Jam
  • Orgasm
  • Paisley Park
  • Papa
  • Partyman
  • Partyup
  • Peach 
  • Pheromone
  • Pink Cashmere 
  • Planet Earth
  • Play In The Sunshine
  • Pop Life
  • Pope
  • Power Fantasic
  • Private Joy
  • Purple Rain
  • Push
  • Race
  • Raspberry Beret 
  • Reflection
  • Release It - The Time
  • Resolution
  • Right And Wrong
  • Ronnie Talk To Russia
  • Round & Round 
  • Sarah
  • Scandalous
  • Scarlet Pussy 
  • Segue
  • Sexuality
  • Sexy Dancer
  • Sexy M.F. 
  • Shake! 
  • She Spoke 2 Me
  • She’s Always In My Hair
  • Shockadelica
  • Sign “O” the times
  • Sister
  • Slow Love
  • So Blue
  • Soft And Wet
  • Solo
  • Something In The Water (Does Not Compute)
  • Sometimes It Snows In April
  • Somewhere Here On Earth
  • Space
  • Starfish and Coffee
  • Still Waiting
  • Still Would Stand All Time
  • Strange Relationship
  • Strollin’
  • Sweet Baby
  • Take Me With U
  • Tamborine
  • Temptation
  • The Arms Of Orion
  • The Beautiful Ones
  • The Continental
  • The Cross
  • The Flow 
  • The Future
  • The Ladder
  • The Latest Fashion 
  • The Marrying Kind
  • The Max 
  • The Morning Papers
  • The One U Wanna C
  • The Question Of U
  • The Rest Of My Life
  • The Sacrifice Of Victor
  • The Same December
  • There Is Lonely
  • Thieves in the Temple)
  • Trust
  • U Got the Look
  • Under The Cherry Moon
  • Uptown
  • We Can Funk
  • What Do U Want Me 2 Do?
  • When Doves Cry
  • When The Lights Go Down
  • When Were Dancing Close And Slow
  • When You Were Mine
  • Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?


  • A cold breeze drifted through the splintered door hanging loosely from its frame.
  • “If there was any way I could have prevented this, I would have done it.”
  • Your guardian angel hates you but still has to their job…technically…
  • “They are afraid of me. I don’t blame them. I am afraid of myself too.”
  • “Correct me if I’m wrong, but you didn’t have wings yesterday, right?”
  • “Silly girl, do you think I actually loved you?”
  • Last night, the sun didn’t set. It fell.
  • You stumble across an article online detailing a brutal murder. There are pictures of the victim. It’s you.
  • All he heard was the snick of a lighter.
  • “You have twice my charisma but none of my skill.”
  • “How long have you been standing there?” “Longer than you’d like.”
  • “I am way too sober for this.”
  • “Hold on, you died!” “Yeah, well it didn’t stick.”
  • “What kind of care package is this?”
  • “I’d agree with you but then we’d both be wrong”
  • She added a charm to her bracelet for every life she took
  • He knew he was home when his lips touched hers.
  • She had a particular way with clouds.
  • Their hands meet reaching for the same book
  • I was just kind of hoping you’d. you know, fall in love with me.
  • “Take my hand.” “Why?” “I’m trying to ask you to marry me so take my damn hand.”
  • His/Her world changed on a Tuesday afternoon
  • “I don’t care where I’m sleeping as long as it’s with you.”
  • This was not what she was expecting when he invited her to a picnic in the park.
  • With one look in his eyes, she told herself, “This is going to hurt when it’s over”
  • She hated blind dates but little did she know this would be her last.
  • “Forget him and the little world he lives in”
  • Seeking shelter from the storm, they made their first mistake.
  • She hated everything about him.
  • Their eyes met. Suddenly they were alone in the crowd.

Important Reminders!

Due August 15!

Send an ask with fandom, pairing, song, prompt, anything else you think I should know.

HAVE FUN!! Go crazy with it. Do something different you’ve wanted to try but haven’t gotten to do yet. Anything goes!
































































If you’re struggling like I am - Ch. 5

Summary: You are hired as a makeup artist for BigHit working with BTS. You are older than all of them, yet, despite your best efforts, you find yourself slowing falling in love with the youngest member.

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader, Jungkook X Noona

Genre: Angst, Fluff and Smut

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27(final)

Chapter 5 - Heartache

Things are not going well for you and your boyfriend.

Word Count: 917 (of 72622)

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pride month is fun!!! my supportive mom is scared and doesn’t want me to go to any pride celebrations because I might get hurt and my dad has been yelling at me for 15 minutes because I’m “lucky” he wasn’t more conservative, and how “you guys aren’t persecuted and you should just get over it, nobody cares” (which is funny because he persecuted me over my sexuality for years, along with quite a few people at my school including teachers, three cheers for being shoved out of the closet when I was 14 and all I wanted was to hold hands with a girl and not get yelled at for it)

meanwhile cishets on tumblr want me to make them a part of my community because pride is about “everyone’s love :)” Jesus Christ fuck off

A small list of the shit Donald Trump has done since stepping into politics...

Not sorry for being political, but me and a friend at work tried to list all the bad stuff Trump has done since announcing he was running for US President… 1. The whole Wall thing! 2. Trying to outlaw sanctuary cities 3. The Muslim Travel Ban 4. Trying to repeal Obama Care (Thankfully he failed) 5. Pulling out out of the Paris Climate deal 6. Allowed the Justice Department to prosecute a woman for LAUGHING at Jeff Sessions 7. Did not mention the jews on holocaust remembrance day. 8. Accused Obama of wire tapping with no evidence 9. Voiced his urge to disband the court of appeal 10. Gave his Daughter a job at the white house as a advisor 11. Cut the budget for the meals on wheels progress for elderly and vulnrable people 12. Fired the FBI Director for lack of loyality and then threatening to release tapes of the conversation 13. Attacking the free press over and over again 14. Declined to publicly condemn the shooting of two India-born engineers by a man who shouted “get out of my country" as he opened fire 15. Not taking the SNL sketches on the chin (For gods sake you’re a politician, you’re going to be made fun of) 16. Lying about the crowds when he was sworn in. 17. Reduced American funding to the UN 18. Replaced the White House website’s page on climate change with a vow to drill for oil on federal lands. 19. Took down the LGBTQ rights page off the white house website and failed to recognise pride month unlike the previous administration 20. Made a lot of enemies of other nations with his words….And twitter 21. His Twitter rants and attacks 22. His cabinet choices 23. Banning Transgender personel from serving in the US Armed forces 24. Raising tensions with North Korea 25. Not condeming The Nazis in Charlottesville, then begrudginly condeming them and then shifting blame to the ‘Alt Left’ 26. The entire Russian election tampering thing and how his son is complicit FEEL FREE TO ADD MORE!!!!

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