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In 2014 @noordzee, @internetkatze, and @pigeony decided to start a chill little comics challenge because it looked like our Januarys were gonna be quiet. A lot of people seemed to agree, and it became a fun little event with a lot of participants! SO while it’s a little short notice, WE ARE INVITING YOU ALL TO JOIN IN AGAIN/FOR THE FIRST TIME!!

The gist of JCM: Write and draw a 15-page comic, all within the month of January! There are no rules or prizes, just people havin fun makin comics. Wanna use color? GO AHEAD! Wanna collaborate? GO BE COMIC BROS! Wanna make way more than 15, or worried you can’t milk 15 pages out of a story? NO MATTER! 15 pages was chosen as a not-too-scary goal, you can decide to do however many you like. This is a chill comics challenge! No worries, man, just comics.

This year let’s post progress shots, character sheets, finished pages, etc to the tag #January Comics Month. This blog will be a central location where we’ll post tips and tutorials and other cool stuff, and you can ask the mods questions about the event. We hope you join in! GOOD LUCK!!


Happy April :)
This month is going to be crazy fun. My calendar is already filled with trips and concerts and friends and more concerts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Praying for a safe and happy and cool and fun and sunny and rainy and peaceful month for everyone :)

Words as Weapons / Birdy

two things, one this is just what I see when ever comics want to use GUNS! and MURDER! to show how grown up and intense they are, its a 10 year old’s idea of “bad-ass” 

and second, I had this thought the other day, Jason died when he was 15, stayed dead 6 months, was in a coma and on the street a year, in training with Talia a year, he should be according to his own time line, 17 going on 18, so thats worth thinking about but more fun, I’d like it if DC’s next reboot had Jason come back from the dead, younger than Tim, I mean if Tim is 17 and Jason died at 15, the older Robin could be physically younger (and smaller) I think that’d be fun

Lovers From The Past (G-Dragon Scenario) - Final Part

This is it… The last part. Can’t believe that we’re already here! I’ve absolutely loved working on this series! I’d like to say a massive thank you for all the support for it ^^ It’s been so fun because of all of you! I really hope that you’ll like this final part of the series, darlings! Enjoy~

Summary: Things were finally starting to fall into place and you couldn’t be happier.

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10] [Part 11] [Part 12] [Part 13] [Part 14] [Part 15] [Part 16] [Part 17] [Part 18] [Part 19] [Part 20] [Part 21]

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I don’t usually make any political statements on this account because I try to keep a fun atmosphere, though some comments I came across on Tumblr were annoying me because of the amount of unawareness going on about vaccines. Here is my view on it, as well as my sister’s story, that I left in the comments. Today, she is 17, still hyper-immune, and living a literal hell because of a 15-month booster shot gone wrong. I hope this inspires anyone who may come across it, and helps them become more open-minded about other people’s experiences.

The Sun: Fun, Warmth, Success, Positivity.

Sorry for the lack of updates on these! I hope to have this whole project done by the end of the month! I’m taking orders now via messages and The Entire 22 card set will be available once i finish designing the Card back and do some last minute adjustments on some of the other cards. 

Rey, Finn, Poe, Dark Side Cards.

#9 Bunk Fun


You were Luke’s girlfriend of 7 months. He was going on tour with the boys next week and asked you if you’d like to come along. Of course you were going to say yes.

One week later it was time to head off. You got on the tour bus and started in Sydney. You unpacked on the bus as you were going to be on here for a good 15 weeks. Luke showed you to your bunk, above his. You all headed to sleep ready to wake up for show 1 tomorrow. One thing you hated was sleeping alone, so you decided to get down and crawl in next to Luke. He felt you get in and rolled you on top of him so you were straddling him, trying not to bang your head and began to kiss him. Things started to get pretty heated and you began rocking back and forth on his growing bulge through his boxers. He kissed your neck and you began to moan his name until a confused Michael opened up your curtain and asked you

“What the fuck are you both doing? it’s 3am”

During the show the next day, Michael announced to the crowd

“Oh and Luke looks tired right? yeah he was in y/n’s bunk all night”

y/n’s face went red and fans looked at her on front row.

“Actually Michael, she was in mine.” The crowd whistled and cheered.


It was midnight and you were in Calums bunk spooning when suddenly you felt something poking on your ass. “Calum really?”


“it’s midnight and you’re turned on.”

“Well what can I say, i’m lay in a bed thinner than a single bed with a hot twenty year old brunette wearing nothing but a thong.”

He rolled you on your back and sat on top of you, now taking his boxers off and throwing them on the floor outside your bunk. Without a word, he thrusted into you and you screamed his name.

“y/n quiet Luke’s above us” Calum whispered

“That’s okay, Luke is already awake now love birds” Luke spoke clearly.

The next morning, Calum asked if everyone had a good nights sleep. Luke cleared his throat “Calum did you even sleep, y/n did you? I don’t think you did.”

I love them. They are cool and smart and hilarious and focused on the right things. I want to make the most of this cultural relevance or success or whatever you want to call it, because it’s not going to last. I have to be as good a person [as I can] while my name matters to them. Because it’s not always going to matter to kids who are 15 and really struggling with who they want to be or [because] their friends were brutal to them at school that day. That’s actual turmoil. I have to do everything I can to make their day better while I still can. [Sending presents] is fun for me. If I go a week without sending something, I start to feel sad. I’m getting to know them on a person-by-person basis. When I pick people to send packages to, I go on their social-media sites for the last six months and figure out what they like or what they are going through. Do they like photography? I’ll get them a 1980s Polaroid camera. Do they like vintage stuff? I’ll go to an antiques place and get them 1920s earrings. Do they work out a lot? I’ll get them workout stuff. When you actually get to know them on a person-by-person basis, you realise what you’re doing is special and sacred and it matters.
—  Taylor Swift on her fans. (x)

I just recently got Splatoon and I love it SO MUCH IT’S SO FUN…so I made these little squid hair clips (I kept a yellow one for myself :P) You can get any of these colors in my shop and feel free to send me a convo if you’d like a specific color that I don’t have listed!

Also my Halloween sale is still going on for the rest of the month of October, and you can get 15% off your order by using coupon code BLACKCAT at checkout!

We keep this love (in a photograph)

I can’t find the original ask so I don’t remember who sent me this prompt : Olicity by the pool.

I could have gone a lot of different ways but I chose fluff (Gasp! You’re all super shocked, I know.)

Tagging : olicitykisses mel-loves-all olicity-beautiful-dreamer

Enjoy :)

Her laugh is the most beautiful sound Oliver has ever heard.

Although a more accurate description right now would be ‘delightful squealing’ every time he throws her up in the air before catching her smoothly and lunging in the water, holding her carefully against him.

They’ve been going at it for the last 15 minutes and Emeline doesn’t seem to get tired of it. To be honest, neither is he.

He is about to throw her once more when her cheery cry of 'Mama!’ diverts his attention to the new arrival. Felicity is walking out of the house, wearing a colorful maternity swimsuit shaping her 7 months pregnant belly. The late afternoon sun creates a halo around her golden curls.

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this is just something i need to address,

when i started doing this 4thofjulys thing i was 15, just finished my freshman year of high school and i had nothing to do on the 4th of july because it was raining and i was away from my friends so i decided to do something fun, i had no idea it was going to bring me complete internet fame and i was signing my life away for one day every year to entertain others.  4 years later i’m 18 and i’m literally going away to college in 2 months so obviously i’ve grown a little and i’ve come to actually do things on the 4th of july like hang out with my friends and family?? like people do on holidays!!!! truth be told i barely have time to come on tumblr for normal blogging let alone spend an entire day trying to be creative when all the 4th of july jokes were already made by 15 year old me. but i transform my blog, reblog my old posts and if i think of a few i’ll post them but that’s the best i can do. maybe next year or something i’ll be really into it again but this year i just don’t have the time or energy. now i suggest you all be adults like i am and stop sending me horrible messages and actually do something productive like enjoy the holiday and watch some fireworks, thanks. 

15 Months Later

This is for my bestie Peyten who requested this imagine. Being as I’m just starting with this writing thing it’s probably gonna be pretty shitty. But this is the best I can do. Here you go Peyten!! LOVE YOU GIRL (and I might make this into two parts? we’ll see)


*15 years ago*

No, you have got to be kidding me. Are you fucking kidding me? You thought. This is the last thing you needed. What went from some drunk fun, that turned into a one night stand, is now a positive pregnancy test. You go and sit up against the wall of the cold bathroom. I can’t do this, how am I going to do this? He leaves on tour with them tomorrow. How could I have been so stupid? You think. Something has to be done. You aren’t going to give up the baby, but he can’t miss tour to stay with you. You knew what had to be done. You walk out of the bathroom into your hotel room you were sharing with Calum and Luke.

“We are gonna miss you so much Y/N” Luke says pulling you into a tight hug.

“I’m gonna miss you guys too, all of you,” you say sadly, looking over Luke’s shoulder at Calum. He gives you a small smile.

The boys were going to airport later today, as they were leaving early in the morning. You only get to spend the next 3 hours with them. Ashton decided the guys and you would go to dinner then walk around the town for a little while before they had to leave.

They picked their favorite pizza place, of course. You’ve had pizza so much being with them. Somehow you could still stand it. The boys ordered their own separate pizzas and picked a table to sit at.

“So Y/N, how ever will you live without having us around?” Michael asks laughing.

“I don’t know, I’ll be so lost without you,” you say sarcastically, stifling a laugh.

“I don’t know how we will live without you, to be honest,” Ashton says with a small smile.

You look over at Calum. “You guys will be okay,” you say quietly.

After you finish your pizza’s, you guys all walk to the near by park. Luke, Michael and Ashton walk ahead of you and Calum, giving you guys a chance alone.

“Y/N,” Calum says quietly looking over at you. 


"I really am gonna miss you. I’m sorry what happened when we were drunk, I don’t want you to think I only like you because of that. You’re one of my best friends, it’s gonna be hard not having you with us,” he finishes, looking at the ground.

“Calum…” You begin slowly. This is it. The chance you weren’t sure you would get. But you couldn’t do it, you couldn’t ruin his life like this. You couldn’t ruin his dream. You decided to keep it to yourself.


“I’m… I’m just gonna miss you guys a lot,” You say quickly. 

“Oh, yeah, me too,” he says looking down.

The rest of the evening is spent following the rest of the guys around the park, playing on the playground, swinging on the swings, having a great time. It made you forget about what you found out earlier this evening for a while. It was nice, to be happy for a while in the day. Pretty soon it was time to go back to the hotel so the boys could get their stuff and head to the airport. You couldn’t go to the airport with them so you had to say goodbye at the hotel. Luke was the first to say goodbye.

“I’m gonna miss telling terrible jokes with you,” he says pulling you into a big hug.

“Me too, Luke,” you say laughing hugging him back tighter.

Next was Ashton, he pulled you into a hug fast making you gasp from the sudden tightness. He buried his head into you neck.

“I don’t want to leave you behind, I wish you could come with us,” he says, muffled from you hair.

“I’ll be okay don’t worry, and Ash, can you let go of me I can’t breathe," 

"Oh sorry, I’m gonna miss you,” Ash says, letting you go.

“Me too Ash, believe me,” you say waving goodbye to him.

Michael comes up and gives you a hug.

“Don’t forget about us okay? We’ll be back sooner than you know it,” he says sadly, you could almost see tears in his eyes.

“Oh Michael, I could never forget you,” you say hugging him tight.

“Let’s not finish this sad okay, one last time? for old times sake?” He says holding out his hands.

You guys do your handshake you made up earlier in the year that consisted of hand claps and stupid dance moves that always left you too laughing.

“Bye Michael I’ll see you soon,” you say giving him one last hug and waving to him.

He waves to you walking down the hall. There’s only one boy left, the one you were afraid to say goodbye to. You didn’t want him to leave, but you couldn’t make him stay either. You would be able to figure out the baby situation by yourself. You couldn’t ruin his career.

“So this is goodbye then, for a while at least,” Calum says standing in front of you. 

“I guess so,” you say quietly.

“I’m really gonna miss you Y/N, I’m not sure if you know this but you mean a lot to me,” he says looking you in the eye.

“I know Calum, you mean a lot to me too,” you say trying to hold back tears. “You’re one of my best friends, you’ll always mean a lot to me.”

“I just hate to leave you behind, you know?” he says scratching the back of his neck nervously.

“I’ll be fine honestly, and you will only be gone for 10 months, it’s not that bad, I’m gonna see you again,” you say trying to make him feel better.

“I guess you’re right,” he says looking down.

Suddenly he pulls you into a tight hug, holding on for what seems like hours but must have only been a few seconds. You hug him back, hiding your face so he couldn’t see the tears threatening to spill over. After a few moments he pulls you back and holds you at arms length. You look him in the eye, hoping he can’t see how glassy your eyes were from the tears. He puts his arms down and picks up his suitcase. 

“I’ll see you soon, Y/N,” he says smiling.

“Bye Calum,” you say waving to him as he walks down the hall.

When he is out of sight that’s when you lose it. You walk into the hotel room and go sit on the queen bed that’s sheets were kicked off on the floor from your restless sleep last night. You lay your head on the pillow and just let the tears spill silently from your eyes. For the next ten months you had to figure out what to do. You couldn’t let him know you were pregnant, but you couldn’t give up the baby either. You pick up your phone and unlock it, having it open to the last conversation you had, which happened to be with Calum. You quickly delete the conversation and pull up the phone app. Your mom answers on the third ring.

“Hey sweetie, how are you? did the boys leave yet?” She asks.

Your voice is shaky as you speak. “Mom, I have a problem.”


SO I have a really good idea for this so I’m definitely going to write a second part, maybe more? it depends on how far I can go into it. Anyway I hope you like this second try at writing. Let me know what you think! 

I do have my own opinions about what may be going on with mark, but i don’t have all the information about what’s going on, and I’m not going to try to get all the information about it. I personally think Mark is on the right track. He talked about what’s going on, and I hope he’s able to talk to Amy if he needs to. He’s been becoming more interactive with the community than he was, say, 2 months ago. I think we just need to be supportive of him while he’s getting back into the groove of things. The videos he’s been making with Tyler lately give you a genuine sense of fun, it’s not forced, and they bring a smile to my face. I think the community just needs to be here for him. This is probably going to be the only thing I post about the facebook post and what’s been happening lately. In the meantime let’s focus on the 15 million celebration that’s about to go down!

A Gentle Reminder

With Spectre coming out in the UK quite soon and the US shortly after, it’s important to remember that there’s going to be a significant gap in release dates around the world.  Add to that the fact that not everyone can make it opening night, and there’s probably going to be a period of at least a month in which friends around the globe will be understandably skittish about spoilers.

So I promise that until Dec. 15, 2015, my blog is going to be a spoiler-free zone.  This means that any conversations about Spectre are going to be under read more cuts and tagged extensively with Spectre, spoilers, and Spectre spoilers tags.  I’m going to do my level best to keep from ruining the fun for anyone else.

I do expect the same courtesy from others, too.  I’ll be blacklisting those same tags, myself; if you intend to use a different tag for your Spectre spoilers/meta/discussion/reviews/etc., please let me know and I’ll blacklist those, too.  I really want to learn all the plot twists in the movie theatre, if possible, so I’m going to have to implement a two strikes policy: if I see unmarked spoilers on my dash from the same person twice, I’m unfollowing.  I might remember to refollow after December 15, but I may not.  If you have a policy of posting untagged spoilers in certain tags I follow, I will block you, and I probably won’t remember to unblock you.

Please be respectful of others who won’t have the chance to see the movie right away.  It would be awful to have waited three years just to have the whole thing ruined by an untagged post the week before you’re going to see it.

What piece do I tackle today? I officially have a full (short) month of February to get as much done as possible and then come March I need to post 15. See I really really want to post 15 and the companion piece together because I’m worried people won’t read it otherwise, and it’s really delightful and pretty important as far as tying up lose ends, answering questions, and some really fun character insight. 

Right now 15 is 70% finished (10 drawings, sentence editing left). The companion piece is 45% finished (estimated 60k left). I want to work on the companion piece but 15 is more important akjahdkjhjdhf