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                               the three stages of Edward Cullen fangirling. [insp]

clumsy bassoonist

is struck by a drumstick

LEAPS tf out of the way

lands on his feet but begins to twirl

spins twice before launching himself at the nearest couple, arms outstretched

falls and starts yanking off the happy couple’s clothes

the mortified couple lifts him and shoves him away

he stands back up, grabbing a lady frog’s hand as if to dance

she dances with him offscreen where he’s flung into a waiter and a gentleman frog having a snack

and arcs himself gracefully backward and into the air, to the horror of the hungry gentlefrog

having gone airborn, the bassoonist tumbles to the lower deck of the ship headfirst

landing on his head and bouncing buttfirst into a family photograph being taken

landing on the beloved infant tadpole

using it as a skate to the edge of the ship

jumping into the air and doing a backward flip

before finally disappearing over the side of the boat with a splash

whereupon wirt and the frogs, having born witness to all these events created by the most dramatic frog bassoonist there has ever been, immediately respond thusly: 

wirt boredly says, “no bassoon player”

"Exclusively Gay" Rumors

I’ve been seeing some misinformation floating around about Beauty & the Beast 2017 that I felt like clearing up. Spoilers for the movie.

Lefou dances with a man in drag.
False. Stanley is dressed in masculine clothing when he dances with Lefou. There’s an earlier scene where Stanley is put in a dress* but Lefou is not involved. There is no joke about Lefou “lusting after a guy in drag” - he only ever sees him presenting as a man.

Lefou dances with a nameless man in the background.
The man is Stanley of Gaston’s trio of henchmen: Tom, Dick, and Stanley. He is played by the gorgeous French actor Alex Loizon and can be seen throughout the movie. The dance shot goes by incredibly quick (2 seconds is not hyperbole) but they are the focus of it.

Lefou dancing with a man is played as a joke.
Some audience members may laugh, but it’s not edited or choreographed in a humorous way, and goes by too fast to have any comic timing.

Lefou and Stanley dance with each other entirely by accident and quickly go back to dancing with women.
To me it looks like Stanley deliberately cuts in. They look mildly surprised in an “oh my” sort of way, but there’s no fumbling or slapstick or anything like that. We don’t see them switch back and I’ve not been able to spot either of them in the final crowd shot.

Disney promoted this as an uber-progressive win for LGBT rights and expects us to crown them with ally cookies!
Not really? The director got a little too excited and overstated things, which he admitted, but it was the media that over-hyped it for clicks. The press interrogated everybody involved about it, and they awkwardly tried to downplay it without insulting the director. It was described it as “subtle”, “not a big deal”, “not in the script”, and Alan Menken refused to even talk about it.

* In a nod to the original movie, Madame Garderobe attacks Tom, Dick, and Stanley by dressing them up in dresses, wigs, and makeup. Tom and Dick are horrified, but Stanley subverts the expectation by being delighted. It is completely fair to read this as a transphobic joke, since much of the audience will laugh for that reason. However, most shippers cheer Stanley on for his nonconformity and celebrate how cute and happy he looks in this moment.

I have a friend who’s interfaith Jewish-Muslim, so of course a lot of people like to make their own dickish assumptions. And most of them will go to her and and just be like “Soooo you’re Jewish AND???? Muslim???? What’s that like?” 

And every single time she just looks right at them and goes “Well it’s a lot of fasting. Way too much not-eating.”

So my point here is, Jewish-Muslim Nursey.


Brett x Reader

“They saw a wolf running around the restricted area yesterday.” Chris hissed quietly to Scott and he frowned back at Chris. 

“A werewolf or an actual wolf?” Scott wondered and Chris subtly gazed around in the room, watching Satomi and her pack trying to comfort one another after constant hunting.

“A wolf.” He clarified and Scott gave Kira a glance. “Was it Malia?” Scott defended Kira’s question immediately. “No, she was with Stiles the whole evening yesterday.”

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Fic request: Minicat and H2oVanoss double date that goes way too wrong way too fast and Vanoss and Tyler stress about it because "We planned this out so well, what the fuck" and in the end mini and delirious dont even care, they're just happy to be here with their boys? Please and thank you!

I tried! I hope you like it! Here’s some H2OVanoss and Minicat

Word amount; 1970

Warnings! - sexual jokes and stuff, cursing

By the way I can’t write in third person to save my life..

Third person POV:

It was all going so well, but then it went so wrong. The day started like many others for Tyler and Evan; get out of bed, get breakfast, plan for date night with their partner. It was going to be perfect, until it happened.

Okay let’s go back to the beginning, to how this all started…

Evan’s POV:

Slowly I blink my eyes awake, feeling the warmth of the person beside me. My arms wrapped around the love of my life, my Delirious, as he cuddles into my chest. Smiling like an idiot I kiss his forehead, making him whine at the contact. Laughing quietly I unwrap my arms, gently trying to remove myself from Delirious as to not wake him up. It doesn’t go as smoothly as I would’ve hoped, he just whines and latches onto me tighter. Refusing to let go. I almost groan in frustration before I see the smile he’s trying to hide by burying his face into my chest. Smiling and laughing lightly I say “come on Del, I know you’re awake”

Whining and a tightening of arms is all the response I get. I sigh before smirking as a plan forms in my mind. Ever so slowly I place my head near Delirious’s neck, my hot breath causing a shiver to run through the man in my arms “wakey, wakey Del. If you don’t get up.. well..maybe I’ll just have to persuade you”

Then I bring my tongue down towards his neck, licking him slightly before sucking. A moan coming from his lips as he tries to push me away. I smirk as I bring my face back up, after I was finished that is, and was met by Delirious’s flushed expression. “Fuck you, Evan” he breaths out, pulling away from me and sitting up.

Taking a glance over what I caused, makes me laugh. Delirious’s face becoming more flushed and embarrassed as he covers himself with the blankets. “You might want to take care of your little problem” I say smirking, as I get up and walk towards the bathroom so I can finally get ready for today.

I hear a quiet voice call “Fucking hell.. Evan, come back~” I chuckle, ignoring my boyfriends plea and just close the bathroom door.

*pov change*
(A few hours later)
Tyler’s POV:

Mini and I were just finishing our late breakfast when my phone went off suddenly. I look apologetically towards Mini, but he just makes a shooing motion as be begins to pick up the plates.

Groaning I look at the caller ID and sigh before picking up “Yo, Evan! What’s up?” I say as I walk into another room.

“Shush..! Not so loud, Wildcat!” Evan hisses into the phone, I also hear a muffled “no, Del” and movement. Him most likely moving into a different room to escape from Delirious’s eavesdropping.

“Sooo?” I ask again stretching the word out.

“I was thinking, you know how Mini and Delirious talked before about a double date?” Evan starts

I hum in confirmation, remembering Mini complaining about never going on one before. “What about it?”

“Well.. I was thinking, why don’t we do it? Double date; you and Mini, Delirious and I. It would make them happy.” Evan said sounding hesitant, like this wasn’t something he really wanted to do.

After thinking about it, I nod to myself. It was a decent idea, not like we haven’t done similar things with each other. It was just never considered a double date by any of us. Realizing Evan couldn’t see me I quickly say “sounds good, where were you planing to go?”

“Uhh..” came the very intelligent reply.

Bringing a hand to my face I just leave it there for a few seconds “don’t fucking tell me you haven’t thought more about this..”

“Well..” Evan starts

“God fucking damn it, Evan”

“Hey! To be perfectly honest, I didn’t think you’d actually agree so I didn’t plan ahead!” Evan tries to defend.

“Not agree to something Mini’s been talking about for months now?” I ask sarcastically

“Shut up, Wildcat, and help me plan” Evan mutters.

Deciding this wasn’t the best conversation to have in the living room I move to my shared bedroom. Sitting on the bed I sigh and begin “well how about dinner? At like a stupidly fancy restaurant? I’m sure you and Delirious would love to dress up nice, you know just to take it off soon after”

I smirk as I hear Evan stutter and not be able to form a complete sentence. It being stupidly easy to cause the pair to become embarrassed, just hint at the bed room activities.

After minutes of listening to him being a stuttering mess I decide to speak again “or we could do something less fancy, like go to a movie and then a normal diner. Normal date night stuff.”

“No, we should do fancy.. I’d love to see Del take off- I mean..” I could just tell from the sound of his voice, Evan was blushing madly at letting that slip.

I laugh loudly, wheezing as I couldn’t breath properly. After calming down I say “okay Vanoss, I don’t actually need to know of your other activities with Delirious. Keep it to yourself”

“Fuck you..”

“Aw you wanna fuck me? How would Delirious feel about that?” I ask innocently

“What- that’s- god damn it Tyler! Fuck off!” Evan shouts

Which just causes another laughing fit “fine, fine” I say noticing Mini peak through the door

Him mouthing ‘who?’ with a confused look on his face. I mouth back ‘Vanoss’ while smirking, which just causes Mini to shake his head with a smile. Him leaving the room shortly after.

“Okay, Evan. We’ll go to that fancy dinner place. You get your wish to see Delirious all dressed up. Text me details. I have a plans with a certain guy in my house” I say

“Wear protection” Evan quickly says and ends the call.

I stare at the phone as I move it from my ear, a smirk making its way onto my face as I throw it onto the bed. No more distractions for now, I got things to do.

*pov change*
(hours later)
Delirious’s POV:

“Evan~ why are we dressed all fancy?” I ask as I look out the car window, seeing all the night lights fly by. Not recognizing the area.

“It’s a secret~” Evan responds teasingly “just be happy I’m not making you wear a blind fold”

A blush appears on my face at the mention of that, remembering things not needing to be remembered. I shift in my seat uncomfortable, turning to look at Vanoss as he drives. Seeing that annoying smirk on his face, he knows what he did, causes me to cross my arms and frown.

“Aw come on Del, don’t be like that” Evan says as he looks sideways at me.

I just turn away going back to watching the lights, ignoring the way his laugh causes butterflies to fill my stomach.

Soon later we pull up towards this really fancy looking building, parking in the front. Nervousness flows through my veins as I quickly turn my face to Evan. “Evan?” I ask

“It won’t be so bad, Del. Let’s go, there’s a surprise waiting” Evan says getting out of the car.

Sighing I quickly make my way out as well, latching onto Evan as we walk towards the intimidating building. My nerves only calming, my death grip loosening, as my eyes land on the booth we were walking to. Wildcat and Mini already sitting there waiting. Mini easily talking excitedly to Tyler, nearly bouncing in his seat.

“Tyler! Mini!” I greet while taking a seat, dragging Evan into the seat beside me.

“Delirious! Long time no see, finally decided to show yourself to someone other than Vanoss?” Mini asks jokingly with a smile

I laugh and nod “you and Tyler finally decide to take a break and join us for dinner?” I raise my eyebrow as Mini turns red and Tyler looks away.

I glance to my left at Evan and see him holding back his laughter, easily knowing what I hinted at.

“Delirious shut up, it’s not like you and Evan won’t be going at it tonight. Not with you dressed like that” Tyler says as he turns back to face us, a smirk on his face.

I quickly hid my face in the menu, hiding my growing blush, as Evan chokes on the water he was drinking. Mini just laughs, only calming down as the waiter comes towards our table.

“More water gentlemen?” the waiter asks politely holding a pitcher filled with water.

“Huh? Oh yes, thank you” Evan says handing him his glass.

I notice a strain in the waiters smile as he takes the glass from Evan’s hand. I tilt my head slightly confused as I watch him fill the glass to the top with water. It happened almost to fast for me to notice, the bastard tipping the glass ever so slightly so when he’d place it down it would fall. Water spilt everywhere, Evan making a sound of surprise as his clothes got soaked. “Oh I’m so sorry! Let me go get you a towel!” the bitch of a waiter said before rushing off.

I grabbed my napkin and handed it to Evan as he tried to dry his clothes even a slightest bit. Mini trying to stop the water from getting on him and everywhere else. Tyler just sat there wide eyed at what happened before getting mad. Angrily yelling at the waiter as he came back with towels. My own anger almost getting the better of me, but I focused on Evan. Him obviously being upset, thinking tonight somehow got ruined because of him. Not the fucker that actually caused this. After awhile a manager came over and apologized on behalf of the bastard, Mini having to calm Wildcat down when he didn’t seem finished yelling yet.

“Fuck that bitch!” Tyler yelled finally sitting down again.

“Tyler, you weren’t even the one to get drenched in water. Calm down.” Mini said to him before turning to Evan “you okay?”

Evan just sighed and nodded his head, giving up on getting completely dry.

“Hey, it fine Evan. It’s not your fault” I say taking hold of one of his hands, rubbing circles on it with my thumb trying to get him to relax.

“Fucking right it’s not. That bitch did that on purpose. Don’t even try to defend the fucker, Delirious saw it too” Tyler said as Mini started to say something but stopped looking at me for confirmation, I just nod.

“How about we go some place else? Cool off. A park sounds nice, right Delirious?” Mini asks looking pointedly at me.

I don’t even think about it as I nod “yeah! Let’s get out of this place! Let’s go take over the swing set!”

Which causes Evan to chuckle at my childishness, I smile happily as his mood brightens again. “Sure, Del. What do say Wildcat?” Evan asks turning to Tyler.

“Fine, whatever.” He answers, his arms crossed.

Mini just rolls his eyes as he gets up, pulling Tyler along with him “You know it’ll be fun. Still the only one that can complain is Evan and he seems cool with the idea”

Which was true, Evan was already out of his seat fixing his clothes a little better and offering me his arm. Causing me to laugh at his excitement to ditch this place as I take up his offer.

As Tyler looks at us a small smile appears and says “yeah it won’t be so bad. Let’s get going” him grabbing Mini’s hand and walking to the door. Me and Evan following right behind them.

☆☆IMPORTANT: 30 tips from fellow wise thunderbirds to first-years at UBC

Last week, we asked our followers what they wish someone had told them in first year. We hope that this post will help with surviving first-year at UBC! (I put a ★ beside the ones that I think are extra important.) Reblog and share on Facebook with your friends who are going into first-year!

Here it goes. Take notes!

I wish someone had told me that…

  1. ★ you don’t need to be friends with people in your dorm because some of them are toxic to you academically and personally. Your well being is more important.
  2. I don’t have to be involved in everything, but it will take time to find that one passion. Plus, there’s more to do in Brock Hall than paying your tuition (aka hidden study desks on 2nd floor).
  3. you should join clubs. Go to them. Stick with one that you find the most friends in. Also, become chatty with your profs.
  4. it’s going to take a lot more effort than in high school to make friends who will stick around after the class ends.
  5. meal plan money won’t last forever, don’t pick your major in first year no matter how confident you feel, you should always talk to your prof when you’re falling behind or facing hardship, time goes by way too fast (enjoy it!)
  6. there was a full Timmy’s on campus instead of learning about it on my last day if first semester. #thembagels
  7. ★ UBC is bigger than you could ever imagine, that there are so many hidden opportunities out there that aren’t advertised, so dig around and talk to upper-year students! Next thing you know, you’re in fourth year and you finally hear about something cool in your last semester.
  8. ★ I should wait buying my textbook to see if your prof actually uses them & that it’ll be okay.
  9. you will make friends eventually, fear not
  10. ★ 8am in high school is NOT the same thing as 8am in university.
  11. I should JOIN a club. Not just normally sign up for various clubs but not give a damn about all of their activities because you are sooo busy with schools. ACTUALLY GET INVOLVE. You’ll thank me later ;)
  12. you do NOT need to buy your textbooks from the bookstore! Use to price compare.
  13. ★ if you’re facing mental health issues like depression GET HELP. There is no shame in taking care of your mental well being!
  14. if you get sick or something before your bc health gets processed go to pine free community clinic first, do not freak out
  15. don’t be afraid to ask questions or even answer questions, your answers/queries aren’t as stupid as you’d think + could help others
  16. Go to Office Hours! 5 minutes can make a world of difference with your prof or TA. Also join a club- one that sounds fun! Meet with advisors
  17. ★ a W looks better than an F.
  18. relying solely on friends made through high school would be devastating to my social life throughout my university years and continuing past graduation.
  19. I shouldn’t take Math 100 or a full course load in the first semester of first year.
  20. this isn’t high school, and serious relationships are a mistake.
  21. ★ doing badly in your first year is not okay, actually.
  22. IKBLC isn’t a place for productive studying.
  23. I shouldn’t wear my UBC housing lanyard around my neck as it will identify me as a first year.
  24. reading chapter 1 of my new textbooks at the library is a complete waste of time.
  25. ★ I should do the chapter readings BEFORE attending class. It’s much more beneficial than going to lecture and reading about the material afterwards. That way, the professors go through the material that you already know and you can ask better questions.
  26. you should always rent textbooks if given the option.
  27. ★ it’s okay to eat lunch alone time to time.
  28. even if you live on campus, and you had to wake up early during high school, you will still suffer if you choose 8am courses.
  29. I should try harder to make friends in first year, and hang out with people outside of class too. Now it’s awkward to suddenly be all chatty when we’ve seen each other every other day for a year without saying anything.
  30. ★ you can (should) go to different professors if your class prof sucks.

-WWSCUBC and Campus Squirrel

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please send me a ship and I will tell you

who’s the cuddler: Hikaru, unexpectedly. Hikaru’s a lot clingier than Kaoru in physical aspects

who makes the bed: neither, they’re both lazy-asses, who just leave it up to their servants

who wakes up first: Kaoru wakes up first, and he has to prod Hikaru on to wake up, otherwise, the boy will wake up at freaking 6PM

who has the weird taste in music: neither, they’re both into pop, rock, r&b and the like

who is more protective: HIIIKARUUU, and he shows it easily! especially when someone just places their hand on Kaoru a little too familiar for comfort, Hikaru is instantly by his lover’s side, and isn’t afraid to give Kaoru a long deep kiss, to show everyone that his precious twin was taken

who sings in the shower: Kaoru, and Hikaru sometimes sings with him, but he likes listening to Kaoru

who cries during movies: Kaoru does, and Hikaru teases him about it, but comforts him immediately. Kaoru has a tendency to overthink things when emotions get the best of him, sometimes after watching movies, and Hikaru is there to listen to him, and to give him encouragement and security

who spends the most while out shopping: they both spend a lot on food and clothes! since their family is in the fashion industry, they both have to be on the latest trends

who kisses more roughly: Hikaru, and sometimes Hikaru goes way too fast, but Kaoru is there to remind him that they have all night, and I’m not going anywhere, baby

who is more dominate: Hikaru gets really dominant at the heat of things, his hold gets tighter, his kisses rough and his tongue on everywhere but Kaoru likes spicing things up a bit so he dominates from time to time, and oh, how he loves the way Hikaru looks, all blindfolded and so responsive under his touch

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 9/10 ((bc I don’t really go for incest, and HikaKao is the only incest ship I like))

A game like Shadow of the Colossus where its just a huge empty world with some bosses strewn throughout except instead of riding around on a horse you’re barrelling around in an old sedan that goes way too fast to control & it has drifting & ramp mechanics


We had dinner with some of our favorite couple friends tonight. I seriously love seeing them and the time always goes way too fast. They are getting married on Saturday…they are super in love and it’s just so much fun to be around. I so wish we could spend more time together. I can’t wait to be at their wedding Saturday!

I only worked about 4 hours today and came home exhausted. I’ve developed Allodynia so my skin feels like I have an Indian burn in several areas. It hurts to touch it. Apparently common for my kind of headaches, but signals a progression. Waiting on the doctor to call back. I’m not sure tomorrow is going to happen because right now I’m just exhausted. I think massage therapy is a way better use of my time.

monsta x as college professors
  • Shownu: The hot math professor who actually knows his shit, but occasionally gets flustered when a student asks a question he can't answer. Genuinely cares about each and every student, but needs like 15 mins to muster up the courage to ask if a student needs his help. Looked a student in the eye during lecture once, and suddenly forgot the quadratic formula.
  • Wonho: The anatomy professor who manages to make a hard class fun, but is a bit squeamish on dissection days. Gets super proud of the jocks who learn the scientific terminology for their muscles, and knows all his students by name. Planned a field trip to the morgue once, but chickened out last minute and forced Professor I.M to substitute for him instead.
  • Minhyuk: The passionate drama teacher who makes his classroom the stage. Gets really into student plays, and loves seeing his students having fun too. Had to take a paid leave though, because he jumped off a prop during improv and hit his head on a strobe light.
  • Kihyun: The tiny language professor whose sass over-compensates for his height. Doesn't take any shit, and isn't afraid to assign extra reading when hooligans try to give him grief. Actually a cute and adorable professor, but will rip you another one the moment you mispronounce something after he's already corrected you. Probably goes though slides way too fast and doesn't comply when students ask him to go back.
  • Hyungwon: The charming professor who could've been a model, and has the female professors sneaking peeks through his classroom window. He preferred teaching little kids, but figured that wiping noses and tying shoes is too much for a lazy man such as himself. Was testing out a recipe after class once, but fell asleep and now there's a black spot on the ceiling that no one can explain.
  • Jooheon: The child development professor who is actually a preschool teacher reject. Loves kids, but most kids don't love him back due to his scary appearance. Doesn't mind teaching college at all, and cracks cheesy one liners that has students laughing in half fear and half politeness. Truly a great professor who loves his job, but tends to accidentally scare all his students on the first day of school.
  • I.M: The rambunctious chemistry professor who takes hands on learning a bit too seriously. Performed a demonstration without gloves and stained his hands blue for two weeks. One minute he's explaining the bonding of hydrogen isotopes, and the next he's explaining why he named his personal Bunsen burner after himself. Almost drank the hydrosulfuric acid thinking that it was his carbonated soft drink.
ok but fencing AUs
  • immature nerds trying not to giggle when told to hook up with each other
  • “holy fuck that’s a huge bruise who the hell gave it to you imma kick their ass”
  • poking the aforementioned bruise
  • that one sadistic kid who always goes way too fast when leading the warm up
  • laughing at teammates who fail at fleshing
  • yelling at teammates trying to flick but who actually just whack you on the shoulder
  • that rush to the water fountain during breaks
  • “one, two, three, four, five- THAT’S IT YOUR TURN’S OVER MOVE OVER YOU ASSHOLE”
  • that rush to the bathroom to change one by one after practice
  • until everyone says fuck it and then it turns into a game of “how many people can we cram into this one tiny bathroom to change at once”
  • super competitive relay races (because no one wants to do twenty burpees)
  • ice cream parties when people get a new rating
  • your OTP infighting and then suddenly someone calls halt and they realize that they’re literally in each others’ arms (while trying to stab each other)
  • accusing people of stealing your pants
  • accusing people of stealing your shirt
  • getting tangled up in body cords
  • arguing over touches
  • complaining about bad refs together
  • complaining about obnoxious fencers together
  • arguing about which weapon is better (for the record, it’s foil)
  • short people not being able to reach the machine to turn it on/off
  • fairly tight pants
  • sweaty t-shirt fights
  • lots and lots of yelling and screaming

fencing AUs

(and yes, these are from experience)

Scenario #6
  • You: *goes on a cross country road trip with a 2P*
  • 2P!America: *stuck in traffic, gets into an intense game of I Spy with you and nearly has a collision because of it*
  • 2P!China: we can fuck in every new city we visit.
  • 2P!England: *owns the complete collection of Disney CDs, sings every track and takes them VERY seriously*
  • 2P!France: *drives a convertible with the hood down the entire time so he can still smoke*
  • 2P!Russia: *plays metal music the whole drive*
  • 2P!Italy: *gets mad at a lane of tour buses, follows them to their stop and stabs their tires with you*
  • 2P!Germany: *begs to go see the monument of The World's Biggest Ball of Yarn*
  • 2P!Japan: *wants to visit every modern and sophisticated new city*
  • 2P!Canada: *decides to live off gas station food and goes WAY too fast down highways with the radio up*
  • 2P!Romano: *while touring a different country, points out every person's fashion flaw and question the 'taste' of whatever country he's in*
  • 2P!Prussia: *falls into every crappy tourist trap souvenir shop*

gaiax2  asked:

You got your hands full with all those magiswords... but the real question is, how do you plan to handle the critiques the show has? After all, no show's perfect! (for instance, the most common complaint that it is a show that goes way too fast with an onslaught of jokes, but that's a price you pay when transitioning from a web series to a full on show!)

Honestly I don’t mind complaints too much (heck none of the complaints are directly targeted to me anyways so it’s honestly not that big a deal), and I can totally understand why some people might be turned off by its writing style and pacing. Like you said, no show is perfect, and it’s impossible to please everyone when you create something that reaches such a wide audience as a cartoon does.

That said, the most important thing in my opinion is that, since they can’t please everyone anyway, the people who work on any particular show should strive to create something they themselves like and enjoy their job in the process. And I can say without a doubt that the whole Magiswords team loves working on this show, including myself.

(tho I should mention I have literally no control over the writing on the show. I’m not a writer or storyboard artist, I just draw pretty pictures~)