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Flickers Of Gold

Yah, I’m not even sorry, I straight up feed off of daddy wrestlers and were-wrestlers. And I mean. Baron is the love of my life. So. HERE WE GO FRIENDS. Spoopy boopy.

Oh yeah, I should add. Warning. There’s gonna be smut. And cursing. And lots of clumsy space noodles. Mostly because I myself am a very clumsy, spacey person. Yeah. Nsfw. Like. Serious nsfw. So. HAPPY HALLOWEEN BABES.

Also tagging @hardcorewwetrash bc thirst party Saturday and Halloween. PLEASE LET ME KNOW HOW IT IS, I AM NOT 100% CONFIDENT IN MY SMUT WRITING, THANKS BUNCHES.

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“We’re Kinda Dating...”

Here is a request from @lclb12! This is a Part 2 to Locker Room Romp.

To read Part 1: Locker Room Romp, you can find it here 

Pairing: AJ Styles x Reader

Summary: Your private relationship with AJ had been revealed by none other than your arch enemy, Alexa Bliss. Whether you confirm or deny it, you know you get her in the ring later. How will your that play out?


Originally posted by cmjesus

You walked AJ to the door, opening it for him.

“I’ll see you later.” AJ said, leaning in to kiss you.

You returned the kiss, trying to stop it from becoming too passionate and leading it to round 2. You pulled away and lightly smiled at him. AJ leaned in for one more peck before giving you a playful smack on the butt.

“Get out of here.” You told him, gently pushing him away with a smile.

You watched as AJ walked down the hallway before going back inside your locker room. You didn’t notice Alexa Bliss on the other end of the hallway, watching in surprise. You and AJ Styles? Apparently no one knew because she would’ve heard. Now she wants to go tell everyone…maybe that’ll ruffle a few feathers for someone and cause a little bit of trouble for you.

To be honest, Alexa hasn’t liked you since you beat her a few weeks back. So having a chance at maybe causing some trouble for you was an opportunity she was gonna jump at…hopefully something came out of it.

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Shipcanon for @alexahood21

You deserve only the best, Alexa. Which is why I ship you with Pete Dunne. He’s “snuggling in under a blanket when the power goes out, watching the lightning flash through the curtains” and “making snow angels on a Tuesday morning, just because,” personified. You’ve got the knight in shining armor who’s your loyal protector, who also is your best friend because any secret you tell him he will keep and he doesn’t forget any plans you two have made. Doesn’t matter if he’s half the world away- he will always call you to talk before you fall asleep and when he’s home? He’s all about hugs and holding hands and cute kisses while on walks.

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Truth or Dare?

Pairing: Seth Rollins x Reader

Word Count: 1672

Prompt: You and him are best friends and you have a crush on him but he is dating Alexa Bliss. And you are playing truth or dare with a bunch of people with Seth as well. Someone asks who your crush is. You can finish it the way you want it

“You’re up, (Y/N). Truth or dare?” Seth lightly taps you on the knee. You and Seth had decided to host a game of truth or dare with his Black and Brave academy students as a way of getting to know them better, but to tell the absolute truth, you really weren’t enjoying it that much.

“Truth.” Your response is quiet. You try to flash him a playful grin, but on the inside, you can only really think about one thing—how much you really, really like him.

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Dean | an awkward love story | Ambrose


Okay, so I just feel like Dean Ambrose was the way to go here. This one won’t be as long and nowhere near as angsty as mad love and it’s only going to be posted here. I wanna thank @writergrrrl29 for a lot of the inspo and i want to thank every single person who suggested a name, you were all amazing and supportive and that means so much to me and I really hope you all enjoy this regardless of the guy I chose. 

That being said, another slightly slow burn but not too slow burn here. There will be smut eventually, just not quite yet. Lots of fluffy and cute and awkward moments and maybe even a twist or two. 

WARNINGS: just two really awkward people who really like each other and eventual smut. also occasional mentions of a really low self esteemed OC and I took some things from some of Dean’s earlier Moxley promos too. Not saying they’re real or they’re not, I just thought it gave things this kind of added depth. USE OF AN ORIGINAL CHARACTER. JUST SO YOU KNOW.

Originally posted by baleesi

The television was turned off and I looked up. My friends were all surrounding me and I bit my lip. “What?”

“Tonight is New Years Eve, girl and this is really all you’re going to do with it? Watch some show about greasy bikers?” Nikki asked me the  question, a concerned look in her eyes as she sat down beside me. “My party, remember?”

“This is Sons of fuckin Anarchy. These are not just greasy bikers.. They’re greasy bikers of the sexy variety.. And there’s a really deep plot and explosions that are cool as shit and..” I stopped and exhaled quietly, my voice dropping a few octaves as I said quietly, “I don’t feel like going out, okay? I’ll be fine. Just go.”

“Nope, uh uh.. I am not going to stand here and watch you throw away a perfectly good chance to get dressed up and throw it in your ex’s face that he missed out. Even if he ain’t here, Viv, you can bet he’s not sitting at home pining over you. His ass is out and wildin out. Now get up. Get that ass dressed.” Naomi had her arm around me and I leaned against her as I sighed and shook my head. “Getting stood up at the altar is worse than getting dumped, okay? It’s like… saying you’ll never be good enough. And Peter was right.. I won’t. I’m 50 shades of fucked up and I can live with it.”

“Did she just… No.” Becky started as she sat down and then told me calmly, “Yer not da one who’s 50 shades of fucked up, et’s Peter! And we all tried ta tell ye, lass, dat he wasn’t a good man.” and Carmella nodded from nearby, Alexa looking up from her phone to speak up suddenly. “Look, I don’t like you and you don’t like me… But seeing you like this is.. it’s depressing, okay? Besides.. I happen to know there’s one guy who really, really, really wants you at Nikki’s tonight.”

“Riiight. Nice try, Bliss.” I laughed and shook my head, wiping at my eyes. “Look, I just wanna sit around with my rum and my ice cream and my greasy bikers, okay? Because I’ll only be in the way if I go. I never really seem to fit in at these things, guys, you know this…”  I begged off and when Nikki and the others saw that no, I was not going to go down and party with them, they finally relented.. And I settled back in to watching Sons Of Anarchy, while getting drunk on the rum I’d bought and eating my ice cream.

A sigh escaped my lips when I looked over at my cell phone and saw that it was 11:05. I almost texted Peter just to ask him why he bailed on me, why I wasn’t good enough, what was so wrong with me that  he’d see me waiting at the end of an altar and bolt like his ass was on fire in front of our friends and family, but instead, I threw the phone down in disgust with myself.

Peter is the one with the problem… not you

your own mother said it best though… she’s the one who told you not to ever get your hopes up because you have so little going for you

but she’s a fucking narcissist…. And she thought she was the best thing alive

And? Everybody else didn’t? Hello, she fucked at least 3 of your past boyfriends… Guys were always using you to get to her….

…. that was then, this is now….

…. but that shit left it’s mark….

I stood and went to put the ice cream into the mini fridge and I flopped back down onto the couch, settling back in, turning up the bottle of rum as I found myself wondering how the party was going and slightly wishing I’d gone… Because being here alone, it gave me too much time to think, to revert back to this warped way I’d worked my ass off to try and get away from.

I think it was around 11:30 when I got up and turned off the tv. And then I found myself really wondering why I was even up here grieving over something that wasn’t my fault and blaming myself for it to begin with?

I mean yeah, it hurt but… Being alone right now was the absolute last thing I needed…

With that thought in mind, I went into the bathroom and threw on some black leggings, my favorite off the shoulder red tunic and my trusty combat boots. I didn’t even bother with makeup and I grabbed my leather jacket and the bottle of rum, grabbing my cell phone to call for an Uber.

The party was crowded when I shoved my way in, there were members from both rosters as well as other staff member already there. I waved to one of the girls who did my hair and makeup often and Naomi spotted me, bum rushing me. “Fuckin finally. You listen to your girls.”

“Yeah, well… I got bored without you guys.. Thought the least I could do was make an appearance. I’m not sure if I’ll stay too long, I just… Being with you guys makes me feel better.”

From behind me, Nikki tapped my shoulder and smiled, hugging me. She eyed my bottle of rum and then with a soft laugh she told me, “I would offer you something to drink but I see you decided to BYOB.”

And as I made my way deeper into the crowded party, I could have sworn I felt someone following my every move in the room with their eyes. I stopped and looked around, shrugging it off when I didn’t see anyone looking at me and finally, I found a lesser crowded area and I took a long sip of the rum and flopped down onto a very well cushioned chaise lounge, watching everybody else laugh and smile and be happy.

A time or two I felt it again, the sensation of being watched, but every time I’d try to look around, find someone looking at me, I never saw anyone, so I eventually just let it ride.. I mean with all the eye candy in the room I had to be fucked up to think anyone was wasting their time watching me, right?

That’s what I thought too..


“You could walk over there, you know.. Stop staring like an idiot.” Alexa spoke up from behind him, leaned in a doorway, picking at her nail polish. He shook his head and scoffed and Alexa lightly stamped her foot.

“Did you just stomp your foot at me?” he snickered and Alexa glared, giving him the finger. “I don’t get why it has to be her, but you’re always watching her and she makes you kind of light up, idiot. Look, if you don’t walk over there or at least say something to her tonight, I’m going to shove you into her. I don’t like her but I don’t entirely hate her and it was kind of hard, seeing her as down as she’s been lately.. I just think that maybe you’d be good for each other.” Alexa was toying with the zip on her jacket and the male’s eyes moved from his petite blonde friend to where Viv sat, sipping rum out of a bottle, headphones covertly shoved into her ears.

She looked almost as uncomfortable as he felt being at the party. She didn’t look happy like she used to either and that bothered him. If he’d had a chance, he would have kicked Peter’s skull in but his friends sort of stopped him shy of doing it.

…. not that the jerk was even good enough for her to begin with….

and you are?….

yeah well only pussies leave a girl at the damn altaror screw around on ‘em with other girls constantly, tell ‘em the shit that Alexa and Becky said Peter told her…

“Earth.. Are you in there, huh?” Alexa was shaking him lightly and he shook his head, tearing his eyes off of Viv for a few minutes to glare at Alexa. “Don’t you have a date? Or somebody else to annoy tonight? Look, you’re my friend but you have got to stop doin this, okay? If it happens, it happens. If not..”

“That is not even an option, okay? You have to make some kind of move for anything to happen! Viv’s not… She’s not good at picking up on silent stares and their not so subtle meanings, okay? Look, I’ve roomed with her and I’ve heard the shit she goes through, I know how her mind is.”


“And I’m just saying, either you make a move or someone else will.. Because I know someone else who kind of likes her.”

“Who?” he demanded and Alexa shook her head. “I’ll only help you out by telling if you at least walk over and say hey.. You better hurry though because it looks like you’re not the only one watching her and the other guy is walking her way now.”

As he walked away, Alexa rolled her eyes and smirked to herself. “Easier than taking candy from an oversized manchild. And now, I’ve done my good deed for the new year. I deserve a drink.” and she skipped away to the table where the booze was located, pouring herself a drink as she watched the party around her.


Everybody was doing their own thing and I was bored. So bored.. and at least three quarters of the way to a happier and buzzed state of mind where everything, where all the shit didn’t matter. I’d shoved my earbuds in and I was listening to Bon Jovi and humming along badly offkey while whipping my head around and stopping to take occasional sips of my drink when I turned abruptly and found myself body to body with Dean Ambrose.

wow… his chest is really firm… and his cologne is yummy… and I felt like an idiot when I realized he was talking to me. I slipped out my earbuds and my hand raised to my mouth. “Sorry, I was.. This,” I gestured to the DJ Nikki had apparently hired, “It’s not music? Yeah.. I was just kinda doing my own thing and I didn’t mean to bump into you.” my eyes darted to the bottle in his hand and I licked my lips and sipped from my own bottle.

“What’s that?” Dean nodded to my bottle and I lowered it, wiping at my mouth with the back of my hand as I drawled, “Rum.. Malibu Rum. It’s kinda my go to… Nevermind, it’s dumb. What’s yours?” I eyed his bottle and to my surprise, he held it out, the ambery contents sloshing slightly over the neck of the bottle making me laugh. I took it but held out my bottle too and he eyed it warily before finally shrugging and turning it up when I turned his up. The bitterness of the whiskey set my teeth on edge and it had my  throat burning and it had this strong cinnamon taste that I recognized almost instantly and smirked. “Fireball.”

Dean grimaced and held my bottle back to me, shaking his head. “Alcohol’s not supposed to be that damn sweet.”

“It’s got coconut.” I get the worst giggles when I drink, I swear and another escaped my lips followed by a quiet burp which made him snicker and just sort of stare at me a few seconds. “What?”

“Nothin, it’s nothin.. Look, I hate this shit.. Only came because I kinda told Roman and his woman I’d come out and be social and not sit in my room on New Years..” he was shuffling his feet and I found myself shoved against him when some of the others ran past, shouting and laughing, heading in the direction of the hot tub.  Becky stopped long enough to ask if I wanted to go too and I shook my head, giving her the thumbs up instead.

“You coulda.”

“I’m really not in the mood to watch Nikki and the others shoving their tongues down their dates throats.” I shook my head and added quickly, “Not because I’m jealous because I’m not.” and Dean chuckled. “Do you wanna go outside? It’s really crowded in here.” I blurted it out figuring he’d make up some excuse and mysteriously vanish but instead, he chuckled and nodded. “ ‘S like I said. I only came because I promised Roman and his woman I wouldn’t spend New Years Eve alone. Dunno why it mattered.”

“Because nobody should.”

“You were gonna though.” he blurted it out and for just a second, he swore awkwardly and I bit my lip. I shrugged. “I’m kinda used to it?” we both blurted it out at the same time and I couldn’t help but laugh a little, softly.

“C’mon. We have booze and I have tunes.. We can get out of here.. That way, technically, you’re not breaking your promise to Roman, you’re with a friend… And I don’t get smashed and try and light a bar on fire and dance or something..”

“Light a bar on fire and dance, huh? When was this?” Dean eyed me intently and I shook my head. “College.” I muttered, my eyes lingering on his lips as a heated blush rose to my cheeks and I quickly tore my eyes away.

We’d left the party behind us and we were coming up on a playground, both of us quietly sipping from the bottles in our hands. I nodded to the playground and then admitted, “Sometimes, whenever we’re in a town and I find a playground I just go sit out on the swings at night? That’s weird, why the hell did I say that.. Sorry..”

Dean chuckled and shook his head, giving me a smirk that until now, I’d only seen him use when casually flirting with somebody.  …. riiight because he’s being nice…. he’s not flirting with you, dork

“Back in Ohio.. The gym I used to train in had one down the block.. Took my cousin out there a time or two and pushed her on the swingset..” Dean got this kind of sad look in his eyes and muttered something, grumbled to himself and shook his head. “That’s cool. I bet she had fun.”

“She did.. So did I.. was like shit was normal, ya know?”

“Yeah.. I think I know exactly what you mean, oddly enough.” I’d chosen a swing and sat down, Dean was sort of awkwardly standing behind me, pushing the swing now and then. “Where did you live? I mean before you got signed?”

“ This shitty little oilfield slash farming town in Texas.. My dad had a ranch and he did a lot of rodeo before the accident. Then my mom left, took me and moved us to Detroit and I was fucking miserable.” I admitted it out loud as Dean listened intently. I looked up and over at him and asked him about Ohio and he shrugged. “I was fuckin miserable too.”

“ Sorry, I wasn’t trying to be a downer.” I sighed and shook my head. “I’m really awful at this whole conversation thing?” I took a few more sips and he chuckled, shrugging. “It’s just kinda nice to have somebody to talk to.”

“Yeah, it really is.” I found myself doing it again, staring at his lips. We realized what time it was, almost 2:30 and he yawned, stretching. I did the same and we walked back to the hotel mostly in silence, me thinking I’d probably just had a really good time but I’d made things weird and awkward with the way I always seemed to make things just a little too awkward or pull the mood down.

I stood in front of my door and smiled. “I had fun. I’m going to go crash now.. I’ll, umm.. I’ll see you around?”

“Yeah, definitely.” Dean gave me a smile and after this awkward but friendly hug that I surprised myself by pulling him into, he turned and walked down the hall, going to his own room a few doors down.

I was barely in my room and flopped on the bed when my phone blew up with texts. Rolling onto my stomach, I laughed at the texts Becky sent me, before responding.

→ Yes. I just got in.

→ It was fun. We talked.

→ pretty sure he thinks I’m weird though. My awkwardness strikes again.

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3. Big Ol’ Titties

Well ladies, you’ve made it! Another barrier has been knocked down. Big boobs are finally attractive!

We’ve come a long way from the days when smell-chested women ruled the modeling industry. Remember when the judges couldn’t take Bethany serious because of her breasts? And when they guilted Sheena into confessing about her own augmentation? This year’s crop of girls could barely wait two minutes to shake their racks and drop the name of their surgeons.

We start with this unidentified chick who’s probably mortified to realize her only line on the whole show is:

Alexa is a big (and by big I mean easily a double d) proponent of breast enhancement. Sure, they get sweaty sometimes, but she will always love them, she explains, nearly breaking out into a Whitney Houston cover dedicated to her own breasts.

Hadassah is relieved that the girls are so supportive of fake boobs, declaring, “‘Cause you will see a lot of these boobs!” Whoa. Promise? I still have pervs reaching this site after searching for Raelia’s naked breasts, so let’s give the audience what they want, shall we?

Hadassah isn’t just a fan of her big boobs, she also refers to them as her “biggest accomplishment.” Unless she performed surgery on her own chest, I’m not sure I’d refer to them as an accomplishment, but I suppose it’s possible that she’s achieved little else in life. (Psst, Hadassah: this is why people think you’re stupid.)

Alas, the breast love is not universal. Yu Tsai and Miss J have taken to degradingly chanting “Vegas” at Alexa each time she’s in their presence. Assholes. At least hand her a 3-foot-tall frozen margarita if you’re going to heckle her with that shit.

Stefano is even more hostile about giant breasts. It’s not clear what this dude’s deal is, but he must have been scorned by a stripper in a past life or something. Early on, he rants about how girls with plastic surgery “rub [him] the wrong way” (hey, you’re lucky if they’re rubbing you at all, Stefano), and later he decides to name her as someone who “needs” to go home because of her boob job.

Bryant agrees, saying, “Hey, big tits don’t make you a model, so…” Excuse me, Bryant, but who’s giving you the time of day if not for your ample pair of man titties? “People with massive chest boulders shouldn’t throw stones!” At least I think that’s how the expression goes.  

Hadassah, who Stefano complimented as “beautiful” moments before, jumps in to defend Alexa and points out that her breasts are fake, too. Alexa gets in a couple of good digs of her own (but they’re too bleeped to comprehend) and Stefano just stands there dumbstruck. It’s a good thing he prefers authentic breasts, because he sure looks like a real boob here. Ultimately, Alexa dismisses Stefano as a “little man” (it’s the right cycle for that anyway) and the other girls comfort her when she suddenly springs a leak.

A leak from her eyes, guys, what did you think I meant? As we already know, she’s very emotional about her boobs – pre-op and post-op!

Okay, so maybe not everyone at ANTM is on the big boob train yet, but we’re getting there. It’s a sign of progressive that not only are the models’ heights decreasing, but also the models’ cup sizes are increasing. #NotTooBuxom  

8 Funniest Moments of ANTM Cycle 22 Ep. 1

anonymous asked:

I hope Alexa bliss have a longer title reign and also I hope she keeps it that way till the end of 2017 until she goes back to smackdown live. But she gonna miss out on first ever money in the bank ladder match this year

You think she’ll go back to SDL? Interesting. :)

As for missing out on the Women’s MITB, it’s ok. :) She have plenty of historic moments of her own (and hopefully she’ll continue to add to it during her career).  ♡ ♡ ♡

dragonprincecosplay  asked:

So what did Karkat and Terezi do for Valentines day?

the human ‘valentines day’ is the one day karkat gets to be as ridiculously cheesily romantic as he wants and he won’t feel embarrassed and terezi won’t laugh at him

this is au maybe after-game where they go to highschool on earth but they’re still trolls because I said so

[10:57:56 PM] Peregrine: imagine on valentines day karkat manages to sneak into her house without making noise and she wakes up to her entire bed covered with red roses
[10:58:24 PM] Alexa K: oh nooooooo its cute
[10:59:21 PM] Alexa K: what if instead of thinking it’s ridiculous she’s actually super touched and overwhelmed and pulls him into bed and buries her face in his chest and says holy shit you are so sweet what did i do to deserve you
[11:00:54 PM] Peregrine: ;u;

[1:01:15 PM] Peregrine: when she goes to school a whole bunch more fall out of her locker
[11:01:37 PM] Peregrine: she eats them during class
[11:03:24 PM] Alexa K: sdlfjfkds
[11:03:45 PM] Peregrine: karkat’s not offended he figured she would do that
[11:07:19 PM] Alexa K: her classmates are sorta used to it

[11:18:50 PM] Peregrine: on her desk karkat leaves an actual card that has like five poems he wrote in it
[11:18:50 PM] Peregrine: he also promises not to yell at all for the whole day

[11:21:08 PM] Peregrine: after school when it gets dark he takes her to a drive-in movie theatre and parks in backwards and they open the trunk and sit in it with a bunch of pillows and blankets and watch an old romcom and make out
[11:22:59 PM] Peregrine: something that has an ending that makes him cry
[11:23:23 PM] Peregrine: like 10 Things I Hate About You yes
[11:25:10 PM] Peregrine: and terezi is like holy crap you’re such a dork and i love you so freaking much
[11:26:29 PM] Peregrine: it’s also the one day where he’ll allow public displays of affection
[11:31:54 PM] Alexa K: that’s perfect
[11:32:53 PM] Alexa K: and like terezi holds him as he’s wiping his eyes and sniffling
[11:33:10 PM] Peregrine: uh huh
[11:34:07 PM] Alexa K: and idk they sit
[11:34:11 PM] Alexa K: and be in love
[11:34:50 PM] Peregrine: you can practically see the hearts floating up above their car
[11:35:07 PM] Alexa K: uh huh
[11:36:33 PM] Peregrine: and she rests her head on his chest and listens to his heartbeat
[11:36:42 PM] Alexa K: awwwwwww
[1:37:08 PM] Peregrine: and she’s like ‘that’s for me’

anonymous asked:

Could you do a Ross imagine where its late and both of you are at your apartment and somebody is at the door and you get scared Bc of how late it is and Ross handles it!!!!!!!!

Ross imagine, someone comes to the house late at night;

As you snuggle into Ross’s warm chest, you let out a content sigh. It’s been a long day of work and chores, so you two are both relieved to lay down together and relax. The warm blankets are draped over your bodies; keeping the heat in with you two. The long ring of your doorbell makes you jump. “Was that the doorbell?” You ask, sitting up with a confused look on your face. Ross frowns and sits up with you. “I… I don’t know” He replies. You two wait for a few moments to see if you were just imagining things or not. Ding-dong. You look at the clock and frown. “Who the hell would be at our house this late at night?” You ask, taking a hold of Ross’s hand. He gives your hand a gentle, reassuring squeeze. “I don’t know babe, I’ll go look” He tells you as he pushes the blankets off himself and stands up. You whimper. “No don’t go. What if it’s someone with a gun? Or some drunk chick who wants to have sex with you? Or-” Ross cuts off your worried babbles by giving your lips a gentle kiss. “Baby don’t worry about it. It’s only midnight, I’ll be okay” He assures you. You frown and let go of his hand, nodding. “Hurry” You mumble. He kisses your head, then goes to the front door. You hug your knees as you wait for his return. You chew the skin on your bottom lip as you try to listen to the muffled voices, but you can’t make out any words. About five minutes later, Ross reenters your bedroom. You look at him anxiously and with question. “It was Rocky. He had a fight with Alexa, so he’s staying here tonight, is that okay?” He asks, sitting on the bed. You nod and let out a sigh. “Yeah that’s fine… I hope they make up” You reply as Ross lies down. “They will, Rocky said it was just an argument about silly things, and that they both just needed space tonight. He’s sleeping in the guest room” Ross tells you and wraps an arm over your side. You nod and move into his chest again. “Let’s sleep… I’m exhausted” You yawn. He nods and kisses the top of your head before yawning also. “Night baby” He whispers. “Night Ross”

One night in Paris I saw Marianne Faithfull sitting in the corner of a bar. I am a self-confessed groupie - I have never dated a man who was not a lead singer. To me, Marianne Faithfull is the holy grail of Groupiedom. So of course in a drunken haze (it was Fashion Week) I barreled over to her and just straight up asked her how she got over Mick Jagger. Because how, HOW, do you get over Mick Jagger?!! She said, ‘Dahhhling, you can’t believe the lyrics.’ I don’t really know what this means. So I asked my mum instead (about heart-break, not Mick Jagger (I wish)) and she told me:

‘Nobody goes through life without having their heart broken and one day you’ll wake up and it will be okay.’

My mother is amazing. She’s like a weird oracle. If she wasn’t happy living in England baking cakes and listening to the radio she would be in charge of a Witches’ Coven. Other things she has said (bear in mind, these were in response to the same situation) include both ‘out of sight, out of mind’ and ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder.’ She also said (and this made me do a little puke in my mouth), ‘the best way to get over one man is to get under another.’ I don’t think she intended for me to go on a massive bone rampage but I certainly upheld my end of that bargain several times, so for that gem of information, mother, I thank you from the bottom of my broken heart.

There are upsides to despair. You can wear a blanket instead of a coat and your friends won’t judge you. You can smoke indoors because nobody will have the heart to tell an inconsolable girl that a smoking ban has been in place for eight years. And you find out that people are very nice and they care about you even if the person you care about most doesn’t. When somebody makes you laugh when you’re sad, that’s the most enjoyable laugh you’ll ever experience. On a positive day during an outdoor and legal cigarette break I told a friend that I was fine and trotted out the line ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’ To which she replied, deadpan, ‘that’s not true, that which doesn’t kill you makes you wanna die.’

The nicest thing I heard during the worst time in my life was this: ‘you have to suffer heartbreak so you know what to tell your daughter when she has her heart broken.’ I’m Alexa Chung and one day I’m going to have a daughter and I’m going to know what to say to her. I’m going to say:

'Nobody goes through life without having their heart broken and one day you’ll wake up and it will be okay.’

I can’t fucking wait for that day to come.

—  Alexa Chung on heartbreak
Imagine for Alexa

Imagine for Alexa

“MOM! I’m going to Hayley’s house!” I screamed to my mom before rushing out the door.

I ran across the street to my best friend Hayley’s house. We’ve been best friends since the beginning. We met in kindergarten, when I shared my lunch with her since she didn’t like hers and everything else is history. I go to her house every single day and when she isn’t home and is on vacation, it doesn’t matter because I’m on vacation with her. 

We tell each other everything, when we got our periods for the first time, crushes, family problems, when we lost our virginity. There is not one thing I haven’t told her. Well… there is one thing. One tiny thing I haven’t EVER told her. You see she has this older brother, Matt. He is perfect. His deep brown eyes, his lips, his teeth, his smile, his hair, those hands and the things that they can do…his well everything, he is the whole packed. He is just such an amazing guy, which sucks because his sister is my best friend and I have no idea what she would say.

“HAYLEY I’M HOME!” I said opening the door. 

I put the spare key back under the mat and went to the kitchen to get some food.

“Hi Mrs. Espinosa!” I said hugging her as she made cupcakes.

“Hey sweetie, Hayley is out, she went to get me some icing for these, it might take her long though because she had to get this special one that is only held at a place about two hours away, but she left awhile ago so she is probably about an hour and an half away form us, go and make yourself at home, which shouldn’t be so hard” She said chuckling.

She is like a second mom to me and my mom is the same for Hayley. I run up stairs and into her room. I sat on her bed and checked all my social media. I go on vine and searched up Matthew. He gained other 100 followers today. He is getting so big and I’m proud of him but all these girls are going to take him away form me. Yeah I know, I’m not dating him but… but… you know what I don’t have a valid reason but Matt is sexy as fuck and no one can have him.

“Poop I have to use the bathroom” i stand up and skip to the bathroom right in between Hayley and Matthew’s room.

I open the door and come face-to-face with a shirtless Matt. He only had a towel around his waist, with water dripping down his body until disappearing into the unknown under the towel. I felt my mouth fall to the floor, my body was in shock and I was unable to move.

“Oh hey Alexa! I didn’t know you were here.” He said acting as if he wasn’t basically naked.

“Uh…” Was all I was able to choke out. 

I finally regained my strength to move and ran back to Hayley’s room. I jumped on the bed, trying to remember what just happened. I bit my lip, realizing how horny I was for him. I got off the bed and went to his room. I am tired of this. I need to tell him how I feel. I need to kiss him, feel his lips on mine. I opened his door to see Matt just putting on his shirt.

“Alexa!” He said coming up to me probably to hug me.

I walked straight up to him, taking his face in my hands and brought our lips together. I felt Matt standing still, not moving a muscle. I felt my heart being torn in half. He didn’t like me back. But then something happened. he wrapped his arms around my waist and started kissing back. Our lips moving perfectly in sync. It was perfect my body felt like it was about to explode.

I separated from Matt, my cheeks burring red from the slight make out session we just had.

“Wow.” we both said at the same time.

“Look Matt I really like you an-“ He cut me off by kissing me again.

“Oh I know you like me. It’s pretty obvious. Good thing I like you too.” He said bringing me back into a kiss. 

The kiss got deeper this time and we moved to his bed.  I straddled him and continued to kiss. His hands ran up and down my body, chills running down my spine. I broke away from him and took off my shirt. I kissed him again, needing more. I kissed him hungrily running my hands down his toned stomach. 

“Ugh Matt, fuck me already.” I moaned into his lips.

“Not yet baby girl, not yet.” He smirked.

“Now remember, you have to be quite” He said. I nodded in response

He flipped me over, leaving him on top. He kissed my jawline to my neck and down my stomach leaving marks everywhere, as if he was telling everyone that I was his and only his. He unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down leaving me only in my underwear and bra. He began rubbing me through my underwear.

He pulled down my underwear and began kissing the inside of my thighs, coming closer to my core with every kiss. Right when he come to it, he switched to my other thigh, leaving me in agony. I groaned, in which he just laughed in respond. 

Right when I was about to complain, He thrusted his tongue inside, leaving me gasping for air. I tried my best not to shut my legs as tight as possible. The pleasure was almost too much. Matt sensed my struggling and his hands held my thighs up. I shut my eyes tightly, not wanting to look at Matt because I know if I did i would be able to hold on.

“Oh Alexa, you think I’m going to let keep your eyes closed while I eat you out? Open your eyes darling or I’ll stop” He said letting his hands replace his tongue while he talks to me. 

I open my eyes watching Matt. He goes back to eating me out, watching me the whole time. His deep brown eyes, are clouded black with lust. I knew wasn’t going to be able to hold back, because moments later. I released moaning Matt’s name as quite as I could without getting caught by his mom. 

“Hey, Matt have you see Alexa, mom said she was he- oh uh” The door opened to reveal a surprise Hayley.

I sit up speechless. I hear Matt curse under his breathe.

“Look Hayley I” Matt begins to explain.

“Matt. Don’t. I kind of expected this to happen. I’m just upset you didn’t come to me Alexa. We are best friends, we tell each other everything. Even if it’s about how hot you think my brother is.” She says.

“I’m sorry bugaboo.” I say using her nickname which seemed to get a reaction out of her because she gave a small smile to me.

“It’s fine. Just DON’T do that again.” She said chuckling.

I began to get up before she stopped me.

“Don’t. You’re… naked. You can hug me later when you’re dressed and my brother didn’t just give you an orgasm.” She said.

“A mind-blowing orgasm” I corrected her dazing off.

“DETAILS!! Please NO details. I’m good. I don’t want to hear it!” She said rushing into her run, closing the door behind her.

Matt and I laughed out how weird she is.

“I guess we are done here.” I said gathering my clothes from the floor and getting dressed.

“For now.” Was the only things I heard from Matt before leaving his room. I smiled myself entering Hayley’s room.

“Why are you so happy? Wait never mind don’t answer that” She said.

I giggled before jumping on her bed remember the amazing time I just had with Matt.

But, like, what absolutely kills me about Cameron’s release is that she was really putting her all into this. She literally asked to be brought down into NXT. She sacrificed being on the main roster and being on Total Divas, the easiest route she could’ve continued on, just to be better and stronger for the company. I still remember, the time she was away for a while, how she documented working out and getting her body into the perfect shape for WWE. And then she started showing short snippets of her training. Until finally she posted up a video of a full sequence of moves with her trainer and she did so well! Like, the improvement was so much

And then she posted up that video of her literally crying because all she wanted was a chance. She was begging; sucked up her pride and begged for a chance. Not only that but she was proving her own. There aren’t many times you see a wrestlers true struggles at the forefront but she let us all in for that. Cameron loved working with her fans and helping them and it showed. Especially through her anti-bullying campaign and her prom dress/makeover contest she did. And that was all on her own! Cameron was often times seen as a bimbo-esque type character, vain and mean, but she was nothing of the sort in real life and that showed so much. 

And then she goes ahead and she starts wrestling in NXT house shows and everyone always talks about how much she’s improved. People who went to NXT house shows always supported her. Hell, she held her own in a televised match with Asuka and Alexa Bliss. And she was also taking some acting/improv (I believe) classes to better herself in that department too. All WWE had to do was put her in a storyline and it all literally would’ve worked out on it’s own. Cameron had the perfect recipe for her own revival but WWE said ‘fuck that’ and released her anyways. 

You know, I remember looking at her twitter and she was talking to some fans. It was last week, I believe, and she said all she wanted to do was be back in the ring. And when someone had asked her why she wasn’t, all she mentioned was ‘if you guys only knew the struggle’. It just goes to show that WWE really doesn’t care about how much drive a wrestler has. They just care about how quickly they can make money out of a wrestler instantly and not in the long run. 

All I know is that Cameron is a smart woman. She’s intelligent and her resume is impressive as hell. She’s also made sure to put her name out there a lot, so it’s not like she isn’t gonna be able to hold her own. But it’s just highly depressing that no matter how much you show you want it, WWE won’t even give you that chance. Whatever she decides to do, whether that’s working within wrestling or out of it, I’m definitely going to support the crap out of her! She’s is the epitome of getting off your ass, sacrificing the good things and working as hard as you can for whatever you want.   

Taylor, hi, it’s me, Alexa. (Or, hi, my name’s Alexa, depending on whether or not you know who I am from tumblr or not.) I know you probably get like, a million of these messages a day, so I’m not expecting anything special. So, I’m just gonna write, and see where this goes. (I tend to ramble, so I apologize in advance.) Anyways, I want to start off by thanking you, because I’m not sure if I’ll ever get to tell you in person. So, thank you. Thank you for being such an incredible role model. Thank you for teaching me to be myself, to love others, to be caring, to just be a better person. Thank you for showing me that it’s okay to be vulnerable, that it’s okay to show emotions. Thank you for showing me that you don’t need a boy in your life to be happy, that all you need are some good girl friends. Thank you for giving me the courage to get rid of the toxic people in my life. Thank you for all of that, and so much more.
You’ve helped me with so much. When I would have a bad day in school and feel like there was no one to talk to about the fact that kids are mean and ruthless, I’d turn on your music and I’d feel like you were there with me, trying to help me through everything. For the past two years, I’ve been dealing with depression. It most definitely hasn’t been as bad as some of the other people I know, and I am incredibly grateful for that. I’ve never tried to hurt or kill myself, and I’ve been able to get the help that I need in time before anything gets worse. The reason I’m telling you this is because on bad days that I’ve had (and still have) I turn on your music or watch some videos of you, and my perspective changes. I realize that I can overcome it. I realize that I am strong enough to get past it, and that if I do that, I can achieve amazing things like you did. Although it may seem strange, you helped me get through these tough times. And I can’t thank you enough.
I know I’ve thanked you like, 20 times in this letter, but I feel like I really can’t thank you enough. You are an amazing human and I am so, so, so happy that you have allowed me (and many, many others) to get a glimpse into your life. I am so, incredibly grateful for you and all that you do. I love you so, so, so much and I hope that I can tell you how I feel in person soon.
Love, love, love,

Deal // A Magcon Fanfiction

Author’s Note: I posted this on wattpad but it got deleted so I’m just gonna start writing it here.

Chapter One

Alexa Rain’s Point Of View

“There’s no way you’re going on a tour with nine other boys, Alexa.” My mom said sternly as she read through the email I had received from Bart, the creator of Magcon, himself.

He explained in the email he had been viewing some of my recents vines I had posted on my account and thought I’d fit in perfectly with the boys on this tour.

Before I go any further, I should probably explain who exactly I am. Alexa Rain, a seventeen-year-old girl who spends her life making vines and youtube videos for her fans online. I guess you could say my life is pretty interesting.

I groaned loudly and rolled my eyes, “Mom, please! I only go when they have a meet and greet somewhere, and I come home until they have another. Just let me do this one thing and I’ll never ask for another else.”

My mom had always been the stubborn type and I knew this wouldn’t happen without some serious bribing and begging. Of course I wanted this more than anything right now. Who wouldn’t want to go on tour with the Magcon Boys? Exactly.

She sighed and continued to read through the email, which explained where I would go first and when, how long I’d be gone, and so forth. When she reached the end of the email, she handed my phone back to me and looked up at me from the table.

“Fine.” She mumbled, standing up, “but you better stay in touch with me every time you’re gone, and if you come back with any hickies, i’ll murder all nine boys personally.”

I snorted loudly and covered my mouth, using my other hand to slap her arm playfully, “Mom!”

She laughed loudly and made her way into the kitchen to find herself something to eat until dinner.

“I’m serious, Alexa.. But you should probably go get to packing,” She paused long enough to grab a bag of chips out of the cabinet before she continued, “according to that email, you leave tomorrow.”

I nodded quickly and ran over to hug her tightly, “thank you, thank you, thank you!” I squealed and let go, sprinting up the stairs to my room.

I walked into my room and grabbed my suitcase that I use for traveling out of my closet and tossed it onto my bed. Saying I packed everything in my closet would be an understatement. I packed almost my entire room, well not literally, but every piece of clothing I owned was most likely in my bag along with my bathroom items and such.

About fifteen minutes later, I finished packing and threw myself onto the bed. I picked my phone up and unlocked it, clicking on the vine app. I had a lot of revines and likes on one of my recent vines I had made. The usual. I hit the button the create a new vine and held down my screen.

“Hey guys! I’m going to be touring with the Magcon Boys and I’m so excited. Oh my god.. I hope to see all of you guys there!” I said as quickly as possible to make sure I wouldn’t run out of time and smiled big before squealing at the end.

Curse vine for only giving me six seconds.

I posted the vine and instantly got a couple of likes and revines. Damn people are fast. I got one notification on twitter and clicked on it to see who it was from. Carter Reynolds.

“@Mr_Carterr: Can’t wait to have @AlexaRain on tour with us. Nine guys and one girl? Let’s see how this goes. ;)”

I hit the retweet and favorite button before typing a reply back.

“@AlexaRain: @Mr_Carterr I can’t wait to join you guys. Try not to rape me thanks.”

I laughed at myself before sending the tweet and locking my phone up. I needed to get fully rested for my big day tomorrow.


“Alexa, wake up! You need to get ready now. Your flight is leaving in an hour!” My mom shook me forcefully and I jumped up.

“Oh crap!” I yelled and threw my covers off of myself.

I quickly grabbed my white sundress and boots I had picked out to wear and ran into the bathroom. After brushing my teeth and hair, I changed out of my pajamas and into the dress. I put the boots on once I had the dress on and walked back out into the room.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you move that fast.” My mom chuckled and shook her head.

“I’ve never been this excited about anything.” I giggled and grabbed my suitcase, walking out of the room and down the hall.

My mom followed quickly behind and grabbed her car keys off of the table beside the door, “Want some breakfast before you leave?”

I shook my head, “I’ll eat when I get there.”

She just nodded and walked out of the front door and popped the trunk for me. I shut the door behind me and walked over to the car, tossing my bag into the trunk and slamming it shut. I then got into the passenger side of the car and buckled up. My mom got in shortly after and cranked the car up before pulling out and speeding down the road.

The car ride to the airport was silent, almost too silent for me. I decided to check my vine and twitter until we arrived to give me something to do. After ten more minutes of driving, my mom parked and cut the car off.

I locked my phone and jumped out of the car afterward and grabbed my bag out of the trunk. We both walked into the airport and took a spot in line to get my plane ticket to Dallas, Texas. We stood in line for what felt like hours when we finally made it to the front of the line.

“One ticket to Dallas, Texas please.” My mom told the girl standing behind the counter.

She told her how much it’d be, my mom paid for it, and she gave us the ticket. After going through the security and everything else necessary, I heard my flight being called over the intercom.

My mom pulled me into her and hugged me tightly as possible.

“I’ll miss you.” She whispered into my ear and pulled back.

“I’ll miss you too.. I’ll call you when I arrive.” I said to her and gave her a small smile.

I walked through the gates and boarded the plane. Quickly finding my seat, I put my bag in the top part and took a seat near the window.

I plugged my earphones into my phone and put them in my ears. This was going to be a long flight.


“Flight to Dallas will be landing soon,” the male voice boomed over the speakers on the plane and woke me up, causing me shoot straight up in my seat.

Who knew someone could be loud enough to talk over my headphones. I buckled my seatbelt and turned my head to watch as the plane went down and safely landed at the airport in Dallas. I instantly got butterflies in my stomach just thinking about meeting the boys for the first time. What if they hate me? Oh shut up, Alexa. You’re always so negative.

The pilot announced we could all exit the plane now and I unbuckled myself and stood up. As soon as I grabbed my bag from the top, I sprinted off of the plane and down the hall, through the gates, and into the very large airport.

My eyes wandered around the place in search for any familiar faces, but sadly, I found none. I started walking around to see if I could find anyone involved in Magcon, but still, no hope.

“Alexa Rain?” I heard a male voice call from behind me.

I turned my body around only to be faced with Matthew Espinosa himself. He had his adorable little smile spread across his face and I couldn’t help but smile back at him.

“Hey, Matt,” I walked over to him and wrapped my tiny arms around his body, hugging him tightly and inhaling deeply.

He smelled amazing. After hugging for a second, we both pulled back and smiled.

“Where’s the other guys?” I asked him just to keep a conversation going.

He shrugged and let his eyes travel around the place, “I haven’t seen any of them yet.”

Right as he said that, his phone vibrated. He mumbled a sorry before reaching into his pocket and answering his phone.

“Hello?” He spoke and paused for the person to answer back, “yeah, I’m here with Alexa. Where are you guys?” It was obviously one of the other guys. “Fuck, you guys couldn’t have waited? Alright, we’re coming.” He hung up his phone and slid it back into his pocket.

“What is it?” I asked him and raised my eyebrows slightly.

“The others are already at the hotel, I guess we made it too late. Bart told us to catch a cab and go to the Holiday Inn.” Matthew explained to me and I nodded.

“Let’s go then.” I smiled slightly and started walking toward the exit doors of the airport.

It took Matt a second to catch up with me and I was already out of the airport when he did.

“Slow poke.” I reached over and poked his arm, giggling softly.

He laughed and shook his head, “I’m just tired.”

We stood on the sidewalk and waved down a cab, jumping in as quickly as possible when one finally decided to stop for us.

“Holiday Inn please.” Matthew ran his fingers through his hair and told the cab driver, who in response nodded and began driving.

Matthew leaned his body slightly and rested his head on my shoulder. I glanced over at him slightly, but decided to ignore it. After all, he was tired, and now that I think about it, so am I.. So I leaned my head against his and closed my eyes for the whole ride to the hotel, as if we had known each other for years when in reality, we had merely known each other for less than an hour.