this goes out to all cis males

Hello hello this is Darren once again. I figured I should probably introduce my latest mind-baby to you all. I would have done it sooner but oh boy you would not believe how bad the laptop I was using has been. Anyway, here goes!!

( devon bostick – cis male ) – was that ( orion “bob” voclain-eden ) I just saw? apparently he is ( twenty-one ) and have been working as a ( musician ) and he has been living in bondi for ( three weeks )!  he is known to be the ( airhead ). we’ve heard along the grapevine he is ( encouraging & outgoing ), however he is also ( scatterbrained & naive ).  Maybe we might find out more next time!

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anonymous asked:

I'm so thankful someone's analyzed the subtler homophobic undertones in the show, other than the evident Loras/Renly/Ellaria/etc mess. I was never sure if I was just imagining things, but it became obvious to me what they were doing with the Wall's storyline after Ygritte's HILARIOUS jokes comparing homosexuality to bestiality.

You’re totally not imagining things.

The homophobic undertones have been around for a while. First it was all the heavy-handed girl talk with Jon and Sam (no homo), then it was the amount of dialogue Littlefinger had emphasising that Varys doesn’t come across as straight (he must be a paedophile!), then a few more cracks about Robb’s sexuality from Jaime (again, no homo), and then, like you say, it was Ygritte going on and on and on about what sex the Night’s Watch does and does not prohibit. Without even touching on the awfulness that the Renly/Loras issue devolved into, there are plenty of jokes in seasons one and two where the punchline is [insert character here] might not be straight, and that would be bad. There’s also a lot of stuff where the punchline is that [insert male character here] doesn’t have the standard configuration of cis!male genitalia (and might even, shock horror, possess a vagina). I know, I know, I can’t stop laughing either.

To me it starts to get absolutely out of control in season three, moving from undertone to overtone. There’s all the obvious stuff with Loras, of course. Even before that, though, there was the sheer joy the writers took in giving Jaime such elaborate dialogue implying Brienne must be a lesbian, or attracted to horses, because she’s not conventionally attractive, and then again insulting Renly and Loras. The length at which he goes on about such things (about a full minute of dialogue, which is more than it sounds) are what tip it over from being “demonstrating the homophobia in Westerosi society” to “…the writers just like writing gay ‘jokes’, don’t they?” As if they were concerned that a solid minute of homophobic dialogue might come off a touch, well, homophobic, they then have Jaime give us that wonderful and inspiring “we don’t choose who we love” line - the subtext of which compares Renly’s homosexuality to Jaime and Cersei’s abusive incestuous relationship. Oops.

Then of course there’s Olenna Tyrell, who’s been homophobic pretty much from the start, what with describing Varys as “mincing,” and the “didn’t you have a gay phase too?” discussion with Tywin. Neither of those are harmful stereotypes, not at all, especially when delivered with impeccable comic timing. And it only gets worse from there.

Thanks for the comment, anon. Always nice to hear from people whose sense of humour is fully functional.

On the topic of Transgender Phan Posts

First of all, before any of you start ranting in my inbox, I am not trying to be transphobic in anyway, and as a transgender person myself,I understand how loads of you could get angered by this but its a important issue that needs to be discussed.

Lately I’ve been seeing many transgender Dan and Phil headcanons/fanfiction (both  transboy and transgirl) making its rounds on tumblr and the internet in general. I actually dislike this quite a lot. I know its fun to fantasize about your idol(s) being like you, I get that, but in this case its not okay.  Dan and Phil are both cis males and by making these kinds of posts we are disrespecting their gender identity. If someone is trans, nonbinary, or any other gender people are quick to call out someone who is misgendering them, but as soon as we do it with cis people its suddenly okay? Dan and Phil are real people and we can’t continue doing this. This goes for any other celebrity/youtuber out there. They deserve recognition of their preferred pronouns and gender identity just as much as a trans person does. I know its impossible to stop them from happening all together but i just want to get this statement out there because these posts are problematic and they need to stop.

If you have a different opinion then me on this matter thats okay. Please dont bother trying to prove another point though because i am not changing my opinion on this matter.