this goes for girls too

Nursery having his bday on Valentine’s Day means he prolly didn’t realise a bazillion times people were giving him a present to confess their feelings…

Like girls gives him chocolates.

“Oh thank you! I didn’t know you knew today was my birthday.”

Girl gets too guilty/flustered and just goes with it.

“Flowers? Thanks! Nobody has ever give me flowers for my birthday before. This is super cool.”

Guy shamefully retreats.

And it happens all the time till…

“Here Nurse, happy whatever” said Dex pushing a badly wrapped present against Nursey’s chest.

“What did you get me?” Nursery asked excitedly and ignoring Dex awkward shifting.

“It’s shaped like a book, feels like a book and looks like a book” said Dex dryly while crossing his arms.

Nursey by this point has tuned him out and ripped the paper apart.

“It’s a book!” Nursery said pleased.

“Shocking,” muttered Dex sarcastically.

“Love Letters of Great Men?” Nursey read out loud and felt his cheeks warm for no reason.

“Yeah,” Dex said oddly still.

“It looks interesting, thanks for the birthday present,” Nursey said already skimming through the book.

Dex cleared his throat. “It isn’t for your birthday.”

Nursey almost missed that, but then his head snapped up and his mouth fell open.

“Happy Valentine’s day you moron,” Dex said before trying to make a break for it.

“No wait!” Nursey called out desperately while stepping on top of the wrapping paper he had left fall to the floor, and slipping.

Dex caught him before he could face plant into the floor, with an exasperated sigh. Nursey looked up at him.

“I’m falling for you,” he said.

Dex mouth fell open and he dropped Nursey.


“You deserve that,” Dex said with pink cheeks.

“Maybe a little,” Nursey admitted, standing up. “Can I take you out to dinner?”

“It’s Valentine’s Day idiot, everywhere is full” Dex said, his position relaxing and allowing Nursey to stand closer than normal.

“Well, I know this place, they have excellent pie and I know for a fact will be empty today.”

“…fine, but we are ordering take out and just watching a movie.”

“No Netflix and chill?” Nursey asked with a smirk.

Dex made a frustrated noise and walked away. “I changed my mind!”

“No wait! Dex I was joking!”

“I’ll see you at 6,” Dex snapped as he continued to walk away.

I’m a fan of real idols, real Japanese girls who sing and dance and train almost everyday to do their job of making people happy and smile. I hate when I mention that I like idols, then a LL fan goes ‘me too’ and shows me a pic of anime girls. They’re not real, they don’t deserve to be put at the same level as real live actual idols. Even the seiyuu, they’re not idols, they’re SEIYUU. This is why I hate the LL fandom, with them calling themselves “idol fans” they’re discrediting all the work that these girls do almost everyday. They’re constantly scolded, crying, training all the time and you people think it’s fair to compare some anime girls to it. smh

ugh i just love girls they’re all soft and warm and smol and sometimes they’re not soft or smol at all but they’re still so warm and nice and lovely and their hair’s so fun to play with and sometimes they’ll have cute lil tummies or squishy thighs and sometimes they look like they can destroy me and i still love them so much i wanna wrap my arms around them and squish their cheeks and kiss their nose ugh i just love girls

so today I learned that some girl in school is making fun of me for defending african languages. 

i’m in a school choir and we sing a song there that’s sung in an african language. our teacher called it afrikaans and i was upset. i calmly told her that no, this is really not afrikaans, that afrikaans looks very different. she said okay and kept calling it afrikaans and it got me very upset. each time she called it afrikaans, i said out loud “it’s not afrikaans”. 

at the end of the practice i looked the language up and it was zulu. so i told it to our teacher. she’s been trying to call it with the right name ever since (though she sometimes say afrikaans), but today my friend told me that a girl that goes too in the choir is making fun of me because i’m so “stubborn” about the afrikaans thing. like? what? i’m defending a language here and you’re making fun of me?

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Hey, Emma! So, I've been kind of busy, what with my studies at the University and all (who knew extra credit could be so hard?), but I was wondering if you might meet me for coffee sometime? It- it's completely fine if you're busy! I understand! But you're so lovely and I'd love to get to know you. -Jim Hoffman

*alarmed squeaking noises*


Coffee might be an excellent break from my own overambitious study schedule! Just ah, you won’t be planning on doing any of this extra credit in the coffee shop? Heard things can get pretty crazy with the hero-types…

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random thought, i love how arcsys recognizes that hazama/terumi specifically, more than even any other male chars in BB, are sexy fanservice, what with the artbook shots of them looking all seductive, the wall scrolls displaying a sultry-looking hazama front and center, and of course the piece de resistance, that hazama/terumi dakimakura made for Animate Girls Festival 2013

i could go  on  and  on  and  on  about how much it means to me personally that hazama  &  terumi are recognized by arcsys as male characters that can be portrayed sexually  &  how much it means to me that  a japanese fighting game  like blazblue actually sexualizes their male characters  and  their female characters  (  but do so for hazama  &  terumi moreso than the other male leads imo  –  we only just now are getting a ragna daki  &  i believe there is a jin daki out there,  too,  but the villains of the series got a daki before the two male heroes which is,,,, hilarious   )   and i just,, can’t at all recall an anime villain ever getting the kind of  nod  from their creators in regards to having this sexy fanservice shit like   …

hazama is the only character in blazblue who has a bath scene / cgi like can we think about that one for a second.

i raise to you drunk!jeremy coming back to the dorm to a confused jean:

  • ok so they room together, sorry i don’t make the rules alvarez does
  • one night jeremy goes out with the girls, and jean pretends he’s too tired to go out and would rather have an early night
  • actually he knows that jeremy hasn’t been feeling great lately and he wants to let him have a night w his bffs without having to worry about jean
  • all’s good
  • its 3 am now and someone is banging at their dorm room
  • jean wakes up and curses in a way that would make neil blush, swearing to god that he is going to kill jeremy
  • he still opens the door in a heartbeat tho, because its cold in the hallway
  • and in the doorway is stanging sweet baby jeremy, clearly still inibriated, with half closed eyes and a lazy smile, leaning against the wall
  • suddenly the smile turns into a grin
  • “JEAN!,” he shouts, before almost falling on him, embarrassingly but neither of them finds it embarassing because one is whipped and the other is drunk
  • they’re so gross where is this going
  • after a second of silence and jeremy finding his balance
  • this bagel of a team captain starts touching jean’s face, his cheekbones and the light freckles that he embarrassingly knows the exact place of
  • with feather light fingers
  • he starts whispering shit like ‘jean you’re so pretty’ ‘youre like a smol wonderful bean who doesnt know how beautiful he is’ and sighing dramatically
  • he is still very drunk and kinda leaning on jean
  • jean!!!! doesnt know what to do!!!!!!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • he bits his cheeks not to smile but at the same time hes clearly terrified
  • so he drags jeremy in and closes the door (its really cold)
  • jeremy just keeps saying his name and looking at him this is scary
  • and then jeremy : “you’re so beautiful” and *goes to kiss him*
  • jean gets all tense because hes so scared and!!! jeremy is drunk its not okay its just weird and he’s definitely thought about it before but he doesnt want ther first kiss if there is ever one to be like that
  • he’s pretty sure jeremy wont even remember it tomorrow
  • so he very slightly pushes jeremy off him
  • and it doesnt take more than a touch for jeremy to realize that jean isnt okay w this and he immediately stops and looks at jean
  • who’s looking all weird
  • cue jeremy freaking the fuck out, wanting to kill himself for what he just did, he never meant to force himself on jean or anything he is so disgusted by himself like he wants to tear off his skin he thought he would never do something like that so he whispers ‘im so sorry’
  • runs off to the bathroom
  • forces himself to throw up to get the alcohol out, takes a long shower, tries to get his ideas straight (pun intended)
  • by the time he gets out its like 45 mins later and he’s still nauseous and feeling weird but not really drunk anymore
  • but! jean is waiting for him!
  • *****huge silence*****
  • until they blurt out at the same time : “i’m so sorry okay i jufbekzgbkezjbjzfbjs” (gay gibberish)
  • then they go to sleep
  • jeremy feels awful for days literally he feels so bad for kissing jean without explicit consent he thinks about switching rooms bc he doesnt want to force jean to have to room w him after what he did
  • jean is sad bc lol ………. 1) jeremy is going to think that jean doesnt want him WHICH IS SO NOT TRUE and 2) jeremy probs was just horny and drunk and if he ever wanted anything from jean it was apparently just sex
  • it takes a team meeting (without the both of them obvsly)
  • and an intervention from alvarez w a few insults
  • but
  • the next time they go out,, there is making out invoved and it sure as hell aint straight if u get me
  • fin

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i know this is a weird question? but do you think isak actually ever hooked up (sex,bj etc..) with girls or he just made that all up?

uh, yeah, i think emma was supposed to be an example of how isak hooks up with girls - starts making out, stops it when it goes too far, and lets people assume what they assume (p sure the Boys assumed she went down on him, but he never really goes in specifics)

okay, listen, my theory about pokemon sun/moon: They Are Going To Be a Two-Region Game Connected to Kalos
  • Nintendo has never not released some sort of third version
  • but they HAVE shaken up traditions, like there being two sequels in Black/White 2
  • There are unused areas and plot points in Kalos like:
  • the locked doors in the Power Plant
  • the TRAIN STATION that currently goes to nowhere in Couriway Town

  • There were unexplained ghost girls too but moving on:
  • a Hex Maniac in Anistar mentions that THERE ARE MOONDIALS TOO


  • ZYGARDE gets introuded to be much more complicated than first presented in XY, with a variety of formes and shit? Pretty much being a core being that gathers little symbiotes up to be a bigger creature
  • Even though four new Zygarde variants are introduced in the movies/anime, they’ve yet to make their way into the game
  • The THIRD MEMBER of the Legendary Trio has new formes. that have not been in the game.
  • What do we know about Zygarde Cores?
  • From Bulbapedia: “ [Zygarde cores] are self-aware and can communicate via telepathy, monitoring the ecosystem around them. Zygarde Cores get their energy through photosynthesis. “


  • Now this is is obviously all conjecture, but THEORY/HOPE:
  • Pokemon Sun/Moon may be the Johto to Kalos’ Kanto
  • 3DS carts could wholly hold two regions – They can hold up to 8GB, and ORAS clocked in right around 2; yeah, it may chug but it is DOABLE, entirely
  • The Nintendo Direct (and Magearna) hae shown there ARE new pokemon, so it’s almost certainly not “just” a 3rd iteration of Gen 6
  • BUT there is a lot of conjectural evidence showing we are not done in Kalos, like a literal train station
  • and there are a LOT of sun and moon themes present in Kalos
  • Maybe I’m making things up and seeing patterns in tea leaves because I’d love another two-region, 16 badge adventure
  • but here is my Game Theory thank you for your time

so there’s this crazy new thing, right? apparently you can support both rowan and sabrina? like you don’t have to hate on one girl in order to like the other? crazy right???