this goes for every fandom

PSA for Fanfic lovers:

There are so many creative geniuses out there. I truly mean it. 

Writers: You don’t have to be told that writing is hard. But it’s also addicting. Your head gets full of ideas, plots lines and character bios. Do you have any idea how wonderful you are? You create worlds. Characters. You can make us laugh. You can make us cry. And you can make us believe in love. You give us an escape from real life. You are powerful. And you keep us all coming back for more. 

Artists: You take a blank canvas or paper (etc) and turn them into stunning works of art that tells stories themselves. Some are so lifelike, you think they are real enough to touch. To look at art and see the creativity and uniqueness, I truly applaud you for making something out of nothing. Which is what you do. You see in your mind what you want to make, and you do it. That blank canvas becomes something that your mind cooked up!!! That is just…. amazing. 

But I see so many of you get discouraged because lack of feedback. I’ve seen writers and artist’s quit because they think that no one notices their work. 

That’s not the truth though. People do notice your work, they do read your fics. What they don’t always do is reblog. Or comment. Or send asks in praising your work or even like what you made. 

But they need to

Readers: comments, likes, asks and reblogs are the bread and butter to a writer. And to artists. They create all these wonderful works of art, and they share them with us. So like, comment, reblog and recommend. Send asks in praising their work. Let them know how much you enjoyed what they shared with us. 

And do not ever ever ever steal or take credit for someone’s hard work!!!!! That is not right at all. Do not steal what someone worked so hard to create!!!! 

Writers and artists: Don’t be discouraged and don’t quit doing what you love. Continuing writing and creating your masterpieces. Because the world would be a lot duller without them.

This goes out to all writers and artists. To every fandom. You keep those creative juices flowing. 

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I can't believe I still have to say this but...


Just reblog it from the original artist. Why do you feel the need to repost it, when you can easily find the source with an image search. Also don’t repost at all or credit unless the artist gave you permission. Just. Don’t. Repost. Art.
It’s not necessary and at this point you have no reasons that are good enough to justify it.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it for the rest of my days - Convention companies put disclaimers on their websites for a reason. THIS very specific reason.

Actors cancel cons. Even up until the day of the convention. This is how conventions go. You may not LIKE it, but you need to learn to accept it if you’re planning on dabbling in the convention world. It’s never gonna change.

YOU are choosing to pay money to this event. You need to do so under the very clear understanding that what you’re paying for might not be there. If you can’t accept that, don’t pay the money.

I’ve been doing convention life for almost a decade now. It’s the way of things. Accept it and move on. It’s really that simple.

I’m tired of watching fans acting like they are being disrespected over these things. They.’re not. It’s an unfortunate, unavoidable part of this world.

And YES, I have lived these scenarios myself. Several times, actually. I KNOW how much money is being paid. I know how it hurts. I’ve done it all. There’s honestly not something happening right now to someone in terms of one of these conventions that I haven’t experienced myself.

Conventions are expensive and risky no matter who is involved or what fandom it’s for. Companies running them can be shitty or great or in between.

If you can’t adapt to the life, you shouldn’t be dabbling in it.

maybe it’s only because it’s sunday night and i’m feeling slightly mushy, but i’m thinking about the sheer amount of creation that goes on in every fandom i have ever been part of, and just???

we have as fangirls created an entire dialect (anyone who’s spent any time on tumblr can speak it/recognize it, and it’s very distinctive and expressive and the way it compensates for being a text-based medium without inflections/facial expressions and the other things that usually go into a language are endlessly fascinating for me). we come up with off the cuff headcanons. we write vast volumes of insightful and sophisticated media critiques/meta pieces/theories and speculations (and sometimes put more thought and care into it than the actual writers, alas). we get so much meaning out of every look/line/scene. it’s astonishing. we liveblog, we flail, we cry, we enjoy (and bewail) the experience without holding back, and spend so much genuine energy on the Very Real Need for Those Idiots to Just Kiss, and i love it.

we spontaneously and easily create full-length stories that are often better than many published books, or just a snippet to support or flesh out a single piece of narrative/spoilers. we interact and encourage and inspire each other in constantly flexible and fun ways in doing it. we eagerly and happily consume these stories and create more from them in turn.

we spend hours on edits, or gifsets, or drawings or sketches or digital paintings, or other beautiful pieces of art, and the talent is just amazing. simply because we love something and want to make something pretty. after all, all this creation is happening for free, in ordinary people’s off-hours. nobody’s an expert, nobody’s getting paid for it. everyone can participate. yes, there’s the whole question of fandom culture and its problems/issues, but that’s beside the point in terms of what fandom itself is.

see, this is why i am suspicious of any author/creator who proclaims to hate and/or dislike/not encourage fanworks. yes, some of it is creepy and strange and that goes with the territory. but honestly i think that ignoring or discounting the sheer amount of passion with which people love stories, and want to be part of their creation in imaginative mediums, is a mistake.

and because of all this creation, we talk to each other. we become friends. i have people i met here who i text all day every day about my life, regular things, non-fandom stuff (although there is certainly lots of that as well). i count on those people to be there and to support me and to turn to when i need someone to talk to (and try in return to be the same for them).

the world is stupid, the world is dumb, the world is scary. we need more creation. we need more connection. we need more of whatever this energy is that drives us to question and explore and care and make shit and enjoy it together and to tell a new and better story as a result. we need to move it beyond tumblr, sure – but i also think it’s a hell of a start.

so yes. this isn’t anything that hasn’t been said before, obviously, but it struck me tonight for some reason, and i wanted to say something.

i love you guys. keep being awesome.

Stop being rude to Twice and their fans

VIXX might not have won on their anniversary, but Starlights, please remember to respect the other groups and their fans. I’m not talking about ALL Starlights, ok? CHILL. I meant the ones who are being rude to Twice and their fans because they beat VIXX. You didn’t like it when they talked crap about VIXX winning? Don’t be a hypocrite then. SIMPLE, REALLY. Don’t talk crap about them either. 

Also, VIXX may not have won that particular award, but hey who knows? They won the last time. They could win in the future. AND GUESS WHAT? THEY’RE ALWAYS OUR WINNERS, REMEMBER? No matter what happens, VIXX wins in our hearts, right? What’s important is that we continue to show unending love and support from them. VIXX might be upset, and I’m sure we are too, but that doesn’t give us the right to talk crap about others. That just makes the whole fandom look bad, don’t you think? Instead, why don’t we just focus on congratulating Twice, continue to support and cheer for VIXX and do our best for future wins? Sounds ok? GOOD.

What happened to Starlights being the chill, respectful fandom? Try to remember that our fandom somehow also has an impact on how others view VIXX. It may be a small thing, but there is an impact nonetheless.

The same goes for every other fandom. Whether we’re talking about Exo, Twice, BTS or whatever, it’s important to respect these artists and their fans/fandoms. You’re better than that, Starlights. We’re not rude bashers. We’re not people who talk crap about others. We’re supposed to be a fandom that supports others just as we support and love our faves.

REALLY. It might get out of hand. 

@ anons going around spreading drama about this “"bromance”“ between harry and mitch and implying Harry’s team is doing this on purpose to push the narrative of harry with everyone except louis… harry literally went out there and said mitch has become one of his closest friends and that’s all, and you’re already complaining when we’re just hearing talking about FRIENDSHIP, and you’re suggesting that this is just another move from Harry’s team… but why none of you complained about louis and steve’s bromance, even when we found out about the business side of their collab vs the whole "sliding into DMs” thing? Why none of you complained about pushing the bromance between Steve and Louis? Why don’t you try and be not biased about everything harry related for once?

Disclaimer: with this post I’m absolutely not trying to imply anything negative about Steve cause I love him, he is in fact a good bean and a wonderful person and a great friend to louis and he’s proven to be worthy of our love and support, I’m just saying let’s try not to spread drama :/

Listen Up

Okay. There’s something I want to cover; shipping.

Typically when people ship characters, from shows or from things like Eddsworld, where said character could be portrayed as a counterpart, it’s the personality they’re shipping. Not the people, the real people with lives and families and things to do. 

They ship the personalities. Because, if you think about it, a lot of characters go through situations that real people would never go through. Bonding experiences that would never happen in real life. Which is why shipping is okay.

Sometimes fans use the show as a canvas, painting themselves as one character and painting their friends as others. I think that’s why Tom x Tord is so big, personally. We all have people we want to make amends with. Though, that doesn’t explain the fucking part. I believe fans came up with that cause of “sexual tension” and shit. But then again, I’ve got no right to judge. People ship what they ship, and that’s alright. Hell, I ship some weird things. Things that would never happen in real life.

When people cross that line, and start pestering real people about fictional characters shipping it is NOT OKAY. Fans need to be able to make that distinction between voice actors and the characters those voice actors create. 

Those people working behind the scenes have lives, families, relationships. Real relationships that are ruined because they can’t go outside without a crazy fan screaming at them to date (in most cases) their best friend. I can understand this, though, finding something so cute it has to be canon. But I won’t go out of my way to make someone’s life a living hell just because I want them to kiss another person.

It’s awful to think about. Fans and fandoms never seem to remember their idols are humans. They have emotions and habits and fears. When their own fandom has become one of their fears, it’s depressing. Disheartening. It makes me hate being a part of a fandom. So please, Eddheads, ship with caution. Don’t ruin someone’s life because you love Paultryk. Don’t make TomSka hate us because you love Tom x Tord. Don’t make anyone from Eddsworld Studios despise their work because fans have taken it too far. I grew up with Eddsworld, please don’t force the creators to abandon it and throw it in the trash. 

So let me summarise: Shipping is okay. Really, it is. Just don’t go overboard. Don’t shove it down people’s throats. 

This goes for every other fandom as well. Remember that you ship personalities, not people. 

Dear #savebendy

No fandom is perfect. Every anime, cartoon, comic series, game, and etc has the following: Ships, ocs, nsfw, rabid fans, rabid haters, and other shiz. So stop with this OH NO! IT’S GONNA BE LIKE FNAF!!! Cause at this point you should be used to seeing these things in fandoms. If your ass can not look at something and say “hm I don’t like this so I’ll just back away” then you obviously have no reason in being in a fandom. And this goes to every freaking fandom! Like seriously, if anyone could name ONE fandom that’s “pure” please come tell me, otherwise shut up about how “YOUR RUINING THIS FANDOM WITH YOUR CRINGEY DRAWINGS!!!”  I’m tired of hearing about how this game will be bad or this show is going to be terrible because of a fandom! Does it really bother you that people want to ship two boys? Does it matter people want to make ocs about their favorite anime? NO! Enough is enough, these people are not ruining these fandoms, if anything YOU are by harrassing people and chasing them away with this dumb idea that they’re not allow to like something if they don’t do it this way, or how they’re not allowed to draw this cause it’s “disturbing” or “cringey” to you.

soy luna youtube au
  • because let’s face it this had to be done
  • so jazmín would still have fab & chic
  • delfi starts out always appearing on the channel as well but she kinda does her own thing later
  • pedro the smol cinnamon roll has a life advice channel and boi he’s good at it
  • everyone just loves him
  • he’s so nice and easy to watch
  • he never leaves you feeling discouraged
  • you just wanna get off your ass and change the world after you watch him
  • (at one point he tries a cooking channel but it takes exactly one video attempt and a burnt kitchen for him to give up)
  • nina has this book and study channel
  • and she absolutely loves it
  • it’s more on the nerdy side
  • ámbar has a vlog channel where she just posts about her life
  • it’s like watching a more glamorous version of yourself honestly
  • yam has a fashion channel and everyone just absolutely adores her
  • (and also jim and yam collab v often and the fandom goes crazy every time it happens)
  • jim has a mix of pretty much everything but mostly it’s about dancing and singing
  • (and also domestic videos of her and yam but shhh)
  • gastón’s channel would mainly be about dressing well and books
  • it’s hard to believe but it’s a combo that works
  • luna is just a smol bean trying to find her way through life (aka she’s a mess)
  • honestly most of her videos don’t even have a structure
  • she just babbles about everything that comes to her mind
  • it’s so nice and relaxing tho
  • and you always feel like seeing and old friend again
  • because she’s so open and nice
  • sometimes she uploads random vlogs
  • or skating videos when she’s feeling like it
  • matteo would have a looooot of travel vlogs and skating videos and just generally have the cool boy vibe
  • you either love him or you hate him
  • there’s no in between
  • it just doesn’t exist
  • you either get his sense of humor and love him
  • or you don’t and despise him
  • but still most people love him
  • because come on this is the internet
  • most of us are sarcastic little shits

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I only started this blog in September and never before have I made so many friends, and in such a short period of time too (despite being on Tumblr for over six years now)~

The Monsta X fandom is filled with so many genuine, loving, and compassionate people and I just wanted to thank everyone for welcoming me since I’m such a new fan. This also goes for every kpop fandom since I listen to so many different groups~ Thank you.

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Thanks again everyone~

Not to be mean or anything, but can shippers stop tagging other people’s ships on their post about their ship unrelated to other people’s ships. It literally crushes all my hopes of seeing specific quality content

I want to write Andromeda fic to:

1) Capitalize on a popular ship that I’m invested in for once so maybe I could get more than 3 comments for once

2) Have Suvi say “I need to pray. A lot,” (maybe after finding out about Vetra crush on her?) because of all the little crossover jokes/easter eggs COME ON that one would have been brilliant.

I am honestly not too impressed with the Owari no Seraph fandom, unfortunately… :( 

I know this goes for almost every fandom, especially on tumblr, but it’s just so sad to see all these people who are supposedly fans of the same thing hate so much on each other, as well as the creator himself. I feel like I want to say a few things, and it’s okay if you don’t agree with me… Of course, my opinion is not ultimate. But it has been bugging me for a while;  

The shipping wars. 

One of the things that have bugged me the most. People are mad because of “yaoi” hinting, while others are mad because “the author should just say yes or no, don’t give us false hope about a gay pairing.” 

1.) Homosexual main protagonists does not make an anime “yaoi”. Yaoi is referring to… Umm… Very sexual animes… >//< 

A thing that I read was this; “I wanna know if this anime (owari no seraph) is yaoi or not. I have nothing against homosexuals, I just don’t want to see it.” 

Wow… You are going to drop an anime because of a potential homosexual couple. But oh nooo! You have NOTHING against gays as long as you don’t have to “see them”. 

I don’t even think I need to write anything for you guys to understand how that statement just shattered my hopes and dreams for humanity. -_-

2.) You can’t go around being salty about the author not “confirming” a couple to be canon or not. At least not until the story is finished. Stop saying that he is “queerbaiting”. You don’t know. 
If I were to write a manga, I would NEVER spoil a future canon couple even if people asked about it. Let him at least finish his story before you rant about it on tumblr. 

“B-but it doesn’t matter, because the author is sexist as fuck.” 


I got this a while ago when I wrote a post. 
And I got curious. Was this true? Is the anime/manga sexist and I just didn’t notice? So I did what every reasonable person would do. I asked around, and looked into the matter. What did I find? SJW tumblr crap… -_- 

Okay, so maybe not everyone will agree with me on this one, but hear me out! I will argue back at some points people messaged me about, and maybe I will change your opinion on it? That is if you are one of those who blindly believed this, or maybe misunderstood because other ONS blogs were talking about it. 

What I will do is write down some arguments used against me, then reply to them, proving that most of these points are mere… SJW whining. 

- “All the women are in love with the main character. ALL OF THEM!”

Wow. I didn’t know. Guess Shinoa, Mitsuba, Krul, Chess, Horn, Sayuri, Mito, Kimizuki’s sister, every single woman in the show, are all in love with Yuuichirou? How odd. 
No, seriously. The only two shown to have a crush on Yuu are Mitsuba and Shinoa. Also, Shinoa is the only one shown to have a long-lasting crush on Yuu. Well, maybe besides Mika… >.> 
How is gaining a crush on a boy sexist? I don’t get it. If I was in Owari no Seraph, I would have gotten a huge crush on Yuu, and he is not even that appealing as a character, especially compared to Mika (I would die for that guy <3). We have come to the time where having a crush = weakness. ;_; 

- “All the women have low self esteem!” 

No. No, not at all, are you stupid? 
These are 15-16 years old teens, fighting against monsters and vampires! Mitsuba started out harsh, because she is afraid of fucking up so that someone dies. Dies. 
Shinoa is the squad leader and have responsibility for her team. They might die. Did I mention that they might DIE? 
These characters do not have low self esteem because they are nervous about the choices they make in a world where they might get killed. It’s actually the opposite. Mitsuba is upset about being promoted because she didn’t feel like she deserved it. This is not a girl with low self esteem, but a girl who wants to work hard and is not pleased with something she gets without deserving it. 

Now look at Yuu, who is afraid of getting too close to people, fearing he will lose them. 
Or Yoichi, who felt like a cowardly burden to everyone in the first episodes. 
Or can we just talk about Mikaela? A guy who thinks the main character will hate him, and think of him as a monster. Who only sees himself as an ugly vampire (his words, not mine). That is not low self esteem? (Or maybe he is just blind or something. >.> Mika is so hot, I am dying…) 

- “The girls are just standing in the background, while the men chooses everything.”

Well yes. Because… Let me think… The boys are the main characters? *mindblow* Yuu and Mika are the main characters, the others are not as important. That’s just how it is. The two other male characters are also just there in the background. Hence, it’s not sexist. 

Besides… Did you even check what kind of show this is? 
Owari no Seraph is a SHOUNEN. Shounen. You know. Boy. It’s a show focusing on boys! Of course the female characters are not as important! >.> 
Watch a Shoujo anime if you want characters that “little girls can look up to”. Because Owari no Seraph is not for little girls. The little girls were all murdered in the first freaking episode. 

My point is: Stop whining. It’s annoying and is driving people away from the fandom. 
If I have lots of people feeling the need to send me more arguments to “prove” that the author is sexist, I will just update this post here… >.< But please understand that calling people sexist is actually pretty serious, and you should stop, unless you’ve got real proof. 
If I get lots of hate from SJW for posting this, then fine. If I lose all my followers, I’ll just delete the blog and stop drawing ONS art. That’s how easy it is. ^^ 

You are of course allowed to disagree, just please, don’t be rude about it. 
Stop acting like whiny children, and act more mature. Please. 
I know this is tumblr, so… I will probably get hated anyways, haha! x3

Every Fandom is Beautiful

The fandom where shit goes down hardcore

the fandom you don’t realize you are in until it’s too late to escape

The fandom that is just starting to get popular and no one knows what they’re getting themselves into, but you do because you’ve been in it for a while.

 the fandom that is nothing but sin and shitposts

Fandoms with more than one love interest for the main character

Fandoms that you just want to write loads and loads of fanfiction about

The fandoms that ruin you

The fandoms that ruin you

The fandom with that one character that fucks everything up and you just want them to S T O P

The fandom you’re embarrassed about being in

The fandom that makes you want to throw your book/TV/computer out a window 

The fandom that has a lot of plot twists

The fandoms that take FOREVER to put out new material

The fandom with a climax that’s just a big final battle and it’s a mess and everyone is dying and oh my god my precious babies no

Friendly reminder since there’s some twitter drama on, if someone starts posting hate in the ship tags it’s better to block than to engage. Every fandom goes through this at various points. It happens. You’ll have more fun engaing with your fellow ship fans than fighting with antis any day, signed your fandom pal who’s been doing this for well over ten years at this point in plenty of other fandoms that do this same thing over and over again because ship wars are eternal. If you engage you’re just going to wind up fighting with whoever you engage with for a very long time, it’ll go nowhere, and you’ll both walk away still annoyed.

Send Steve Blum your support by all means but otherwise do not engage. Block buttons are your friend.

Random note to the Anti-[insert character name here] people that I see floating around on Tumblr from time to time...

Why do you even bother putting the asterisk (*) in a character’s name when you use that same character’s full name in the tag, anyway? I mean, I get the reason behind why you put the star in the names in the first place, so that people that do like the character can’t see it, but it completely defeats the purpose when you tag it with the full name, because we see it anyway (Even when you put “Anti” before it.) I mean, you could at least do the same thing in the tag.

The Fandom as a whole is not and will never be a safe space for [insert random group for which The Fandom is considered unsafe] (unless there’s only one person in it).

People are different and have different opinions on things. Your struggle to change every single person’s view to match yours is bound to fail.

It’s up to you alone to create a safe space for yourself. You are the only person responsible for your fandom experience.

Don’t expect other people to adapt to your beliefs. You have no control over what others think. Realize that The Fandom is not revolving around you and your opinion. Create your own safe space and unfollow / block the people who make you feel unsafe. As for fancreations (and also original creations like Anime), be cautious of what you read / watch and stay in your lane of comfort.


And trust me, you’re not gonna like what I say.

Alright LISTEN UP!!!!!

To every vocal fan of The Loud House here screaming bloody murder about the various happenings in the past week or two (however the hell long it’s been), calm your collective shit. That goes for both sides. Neither one’s the victim in this. You all need to take a big step back, and literally relax for a bit.

Now overall, I’d say the fandom is pretty damn cool given all the various content you guys pump out regularly (seriously, you people could reach Touhou levels of content if ya tried). Unfortunately, like all fandoms, there seems to be some discourse amongst two sides (you guys know which ones). Some things have happened, and now one side’s “triggered” (no, offended. Triggered works like ptsd for war vets, not this), the other side’s fighting back, and I’m sitting here just wanting to enjoy the show (and “whatever” the fans create) at it’s fullest. Do I feel bad for those who are feeling attacked? To a degree, yes, but it does “not” justify all the retaliation from both sides. Consider me neutral on all counts.

Thing is, compared to the vast amount of poison I’ve seen from dozens of other fandoms, The Loud House fandom is not even a fraction of what’s out there across the internet. What one side is complaining about has been a thing done on the Internet for as long as I can remember, and most of the other side know this for a fact. Even I’ve grown to accept that long ago. In fact, the best thing “to do” is to accept it for what it is and “MOVE ON”. Trust me, it’ll be a lot better for ya in the long run. It also helps to be civil and mature about it.

Still here? Good.

The point is, this is how the Internet works. It’s not a safe zone to cry foul about (ffs, Tumblr is a 17+ site/app for a bloody reason). Anything goes, and we go on our merry way.It’s happened for years across “EVERY” fandom, and a vast majority of fans know this. And do you wanna know what the funny thing is? Both sides here have one thing in common:

YOU ALL LIKE THE LOUD HOUSE AND EXPRESS IT IN WHATEVER WAY YOU WISH!!! The sooner you learn and understand that, the sooner you guys can put aside your differences and put an end to this pointless feud (yes, it is pointless, don’t act like it isn’t). THIS WHOLE MESS, WHAT’S BEEN HAPPENING RECENTLY, is not the end of the friggen world. Got it?

As long as you guys know that, then you all can come to terms with each other. Okay? Okay.

TL;DR: The fandom’s fighting, they need to chill, squash the beef, accept each other for liking the show however they want, and move on as a fandom.