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This blog is a safe space for anyone who is:

Non binary
Gender questioning
Gender queer
Gender neutral
(The list goes on)

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There are two aspects of this Lost Special conspiracy everyone needs to be aware of.

Claiming “BBC Sherlock is attempting to make television history by recreating Doyle’s social phenomenon that surrounded The Final Problem of 1893 on an international scale” isn’t that wild of a conspiracy theory. The evidence for this is overwhelming. You could have good, logical debates with skeptics over this exact concept. This is where I put most of my effort – I care more about predicting how the episode and marketing spectacle may go than I do anything else.


Claiming “Derren Brown wrote episodes of Sherlock in order to turn viewers gay”, “Apple Tree Yard isn’t a real show”, “Sherlock North is a fake perpetuated by the BBC”, and other bizarre theories we shuffle around on this site are what give people the ammunition they need to call us out as lunatics.

Rumors and misinformation spread like wildfire on this site. Metas I’ve written incorrectly that I believed to be true at the time blow up with thousands of notes but when I write later to correct the flawed logic, those posts get ignored.

People who point out that conspiracy theorists allow incorrect ideas to get out of hand are absolutely right. Everyone is responsible for the content they allow on their blog, and that goes for those who reblog others’ ideas, too.

Offended by people claiming conspiracy bloggers have a mob mentality toward illogical and chaotic ideas? Then stop doing it or own up to it. But to pretend we don’t do this is to turn a blind eye to everything that goes on here in this corner of the Fandom. We absolutely do have a mob mentality.

“Conspiracy” is not a holy word. Any conspiracy, whether true or not, requires that you believe fact is fiction, and therefore fiction is fact. This is true everywhere, for every conspiracy, ever. People who believe in a conspiracy and share their ideas means they attempt to persuade others to question their reality and sanity. This is gaslighting. It is what conspiracy theorists do. It is the nature of the beast. Do i do this? Yes. We all do. To pretend we don’t is, again, to not understand the definition of “conspiracy”.

I’ve been compared to a cult leader many times on this site. And you know what? It’s pretty accurate. That’s why i like to post wake-up calls like this. Educate yourselves. Watch what you reblog. Thick critically when others can’t.

I may be toxic, cruel, and overzealous in the eyes of some people on this site, but I am certainly not delusional.

Don’t ever tell me I can’t like a fictional character. Honestly the policing of what people can and can’t like on this site is toxic. If it isn’t hurting anyone else then leave people be.


Reminder to girls who are afraid that they won’t ever find someone who’ll love them because of their intelligence or capability:

Don’t let this thought stop you from gaining more knowledge or working at your dream company. Never ever think “I wish I wasn’t this clever and capable”. You’ll find that special someone eventually, maybe just not now. One day, that person would barge in your life and show that you don’t have to be smart or clever or capable in front of him/her. You just need to be you.

And We’re Live

Tom Holland! Peter Parker x Reader 

Author: Cosmo  |   Edited by: Grae

Word Count: 1622   |    Warnings: brief mention of mugging, kinda long (sorry!)

Summary: Every blogger wants to get recognized, but no one knows what secrets you’ll dig up in the process.

A/N: Reader is kind of based on Alya from Miraculous Lady Bug. This kind of has potential to be a multi-part story so uhh comment if you want a part 2!!!

“3,2,1…and we’re live in New York City!” A cheerful, yet out of breath voice called out of view of a shifty cell phone camera pointed at the sky. “I’ve got something amazing to show you all-” Inhaling deeply the camera focused on the sky finally. A red and blue blob appearing in the sky, “our one and only Spider-man” very shakily the camera zoomed in on the blob and focused seconds after. Showing the spider themed hero zipping across the city. “This is amazing..oh, oh my god!” As the hero started to disappear, the image of the recording started to bounce rapidly and footsteps were heard on the payment chasing after the hero. A few seconds later- the image cut off.

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he let you know him. he sent you his heart.

i drew the anxious zombie boy