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Peter Parker doesn't cry when you die. He doesn't scream or shout or throw a god damn thing. Instead he sits in front of your glossy black tombstone feeling numb from the inside out, wonder why he got those around him killed. Wonder what toxic black sludge caused those around him to leave in the most permanent way possible.

here we go again

Looking for a sugar daddy who pays me in orbs

man i saw a post a little while ago about the horrible awful possibility of “dark” mcelroys and i just

  • travis is too good too pure 
  • justin already has a dark version his name is doug
  • dark griffin is griffin 

[On seeing himself as Captain America for the first time]: Terrifying. I think the first time I saw it was back when I was still pretty insecure and a little apprehensive about taking the role. So it was a real dichotomy. There was simultaneous joy, but at the same time, a deep fear. That’s eroded over time, and now it’s very familiar. It feels very comfortable. It feels great now, and damn, if I had said no, I would have been the biggest fool on the planet. 


make me choose: brooklyn 99 or parks and rec (for @towalkinyourlight)

want one?

rewatched part of sdc today with a friend and doodled some highschool boys

“true reality s h o w” - Karolina Koryl


You know what guys? I’m gonna say it. Fuck klance. Fuck Shaladin. Fuck shatt. Fuck shallura. Fuck every god damn ship in his fandom. BEITH is the new thing 💯💯

This right here is the real god damn shit!! Looking at them, so in love. I’m so shook over this honestly. Unfollow me 🚫 if you don’t ship BEITH.

Stay tuned for some AMAZING beith posts

This ship will be the death of me 😩🐝💦