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PAX East Confrontation

(A Darkiplier & Antisepticeye fic. Warning for some violence.)

It was around 3am and most of the con had quieted down. Guests retired to their hotel rooms to rest after a long exciting day. Seán lay next to Signe, still mostly awake. He was too excited to sleep. The panel had gone so well! He was giddy at everyone’s reactions to his video. He couldn’t wait to see Robin and high-five about it. He wanted to bounce up and down but didn’t risk waking his partner. The dark hotel room was suddenly lit from Seán’s phone. Though he hated checking his phone so often, he couldn’t help himself. He was too wired to ignore it, so he he gently rolled over and slid the phone under the covers so the light wouldn’t bother Signe. It was a text from Mark. It read:

“Hey Jack, you awake?” another text “Sorry, Seán. I’m still in the habit, haha.”

Seán replied “It’s okay. Yep i’m up! Today was awesome!”

“Hell yeah! Hey um, since your up do you mind meeting me to talk? I don’t want to wake anyone else but I need somebody.”

“Yeah okay, give me 5 minutes. Everything okay?”

“I’m okay. Um, i’ll meet you in stairway D, if that’s okay. I feel like walking. We can go to the balcony, it should be private at this hour.”

“Cool, see you.” Seán carefully left the bed and threw on some clothes. He grabbed his keycard and quietly shut the door. The hallway was colder than he expected, but he didn’t mind. He was too bouncy to mind the cold. At the end of the hall was the door to the stairs. Seán always liked the feeling of roaming a hotel at night. Hotels were inherently fun for some reason, and the empty halls felt a bit spooky but free. He entered the dark stairway and called, “Mark? You in here?”

Mark appeared from the shadows, wearing a smart suit. An odd change from his comfortable con-going clothes but Seán didn’t question it. Mark spoke, “Hi. Thanks for meeting me. So uh, you don’t mind climbing the stairs?”

“Nah, let’s go!”

Mark and Seán walked together in silence. After a flight, Seán asked, “So hey, what did you want to talk about?”

Mark said, “It can wait.” Something was off about his voice, but Seán decided to give Mark his space. Their footsteps echoed in the stairway. Seán found himself looking over his shoulder, suddenly feeling mildly unnerved that the stairs were so dark. The light looked funny in there. He glanced at Mark’s face and noticed how unsettling the shadows made it look. He laughed to himself nervously. “Hm?” Mark hummed.

“Ha, nothing. Too much coffee is messing with me, I think. Gonna drink more in a couple hours though,” Seán enthused. The two made it to the balcony.

The city was dark and so was the moon, offering no moonlight. Mark and Seán were barely silhouettes in the night. Seán ran to the edge of the balcony and marveled at the stars. “Okay I know I should be in bed but this is amazing!” he cheered.

Mark chuckled, “I knew you’d think so.” Mark joined Seán by his side. The two stood together, enjoying the quiet moment.

Seán sighed contentedly, and asked, “So what did you want to talk about?” It was then that Mark grabbed him from behind and threw him onto the ground. Before Seán could react, he was hit with a swift kick to the stomach, knocking the wind out of him.

“Alright Anti, come on out,” Mark said, his voice weirdly deep and distorted.

Seán gasped and regained his breath, “Mark, what are you-”

Mark kicked him again. “You can’t hurt your host, but I can. If you want to keep his body, I suggest you take over.”

Seán was so confused. He’d never seen his friend violent like this before. He scrambled to his feet and made a run for it. “Mark I don’t know what this is but it isn’t funny!” Mark caught up to him, grabbing him by the collar of his shirt and slamming him back to the ground. “Fuck!” Seán shouted, as his head hit the hard concrete floor of the roof. “Mark please!”

“I bet that hurt a lot. A few more of those and he’s gone, so come on out, glitch boy,” Mark said in a too-calm voice.

“Mark stop, you’re acting crazy!” Seán cried.

“Mark. I always hated that name. I mean Dark is pretty stupid too, but at least it separates me from him,” Mark, or rather, Dark, mused, holding Seán down. Seán struggled to push him off. Regaining focus, Dark struck Seán across the face and pulled his hair, “Come on, Anti, I don’t have all night.” Seán just stared up at him, bewildered. Dark breathed an impatient sigh and hit him again. Seán cried out weakly. His head was getting fuzzy. Another blow. His whole body jolted with the impact. His vision started to go. “Tick Tock,” Dark said, wiping the blood from Seán’s lips with a handkerchief. Seán just whimpered. Dark huffed impatiently and started to strangle him. Seán’s eyes rolled up into the back of his head, and just as he passed out, Dark released his hold. He stood up, adjusted his clothes, and began to drag Seán back towards the door to the stairs. “Next time I guess. You’re cutting it close though,” he said to the limp body.

After a moment of silence, the body started to glitch and fizzle. The sound of static sharply emanated. Dark smiled and let the body hit the ground. He backed up, eagerly awaiting Anti’s presence. The glitches grew more violent, and where bruises had appeared on Seán’s neck, now were self-inflicted gashes, gushing blood. Skin turned paler and hair faded into a washed-out, sickly mint green. The body twitched, and then, from it’s position laying on the floor, was at once standing up, albeit slumped.

“You…” came a garbled voice. The body lunged at Dark, who casually dodged, “You bastard, what the hell do you want?” Dark didn’t answer, he merely tipped up Anti’s chin to look into his bright eyes. Anti clenched his fists. “That was a dirty trick, even for you,” he said, hitting Dark’s hand away.

“Oh?” Dark feigned innocence. Anti hated his calm, inviting demeanor. He was cool-headed even during a beating. It was rare to see the facade crack and true wrath show through the veil.

“You used their bond lure him out here. That’s cruel,” Anti said.

“Oh no, did I betray little Seán’s trust? How awful. Can you imagine if I did something like that to an entire unsuspecting audience?” Dark said, with dry sarcasm.

“That’s different! Those people, they’re just faceless masses. They don’t know him. They chose to trust him ‘cause they think he’s funny and kind. Even cute,” Anti said, wrinkling his nose at the idea, “A five minute meet, greet and hug isn’t real trust. Seán and Mark are actually friends.”

“Are you upset that I hurt him, then?” Dark asked, raising his eyebrows.

Anti frowned. “What do I care? I’m just saying it’s cruel and unnecessary. There are easier ways to get my attention.”

“That’s rich coming from Mister Throat Slitter,” Dark gestured.

Anti gently touched the wound, feeling the warm blood on his fingertips. He felt a pang of something, but it couldn’t be guilt. He’d never admit Dark had a point “What do you want, anyway?”

“I’m not happy with your little stunt,” Dark said, turning his back to Anti.

Anti snickered, “Oh my god, all this to tell me you’re a jealous bitch? I could have figured that out on my own! Jesus, Dark, you’re fucking extra. Drama queen prick,” Anti clapped Dark on the back. Dark’s body flickered and suddenly he faced Anti again, catching his wrist. He gripped it too tightly. Anti was able to glitch to break away. “I’m fucking off to bed, dude,” Anti scoffed, turning to leave. He got a few steps before Dark teleported in front of him, and knocked him back with a punch to the face. “Fuck! So it’s like that? Okay i’ll throw down!” Anti said, rolling up his sleeves. He hated how pretentious Dark could be, but wouldn’t mind a fight. It could be fun.

“Now now, I just want to talk. I only hit you ‘cause I couldn’t let you leave so soon,” Dark chided.

“Oh really? Not ‘cause I pushed your buttons?” Anti taunted.

Dark smiled. “How long do you think they’ll love you for anyway? How long until they get tired of the novelty and just want their precious Seán safe and sound? They’re starting to figure it out, you know. That without their attention, you’ll fizzle and fade. Sure you’ll manage blips here and there, but after a while you won’t even have the energy for that”

“Are you kidding? You saw the panel, they love me! At the first hint of me they screamed and cheered. They can’t help themselves. I hurt Seán, badly, and they begged for more. They’ll never love him more than the spectacle,” Anti gloated.

“Spectacle,” Dark pondered. He ruffled Anti’s hair as if he were a child, “You know, that’s a great word to describe what you are.”

“Ugh don’t do that! Personal space. Fuck sake. What about you, huh? What happens when they get tired of you?”

Dark looked perplexed, then a look of realization hit him. “Oh my god. You think i’m like you. Tell me Anti, where do you think Mark’s body is?”

Anti tried to hide his confusion. “Well obviously it’s…it’s uh.”

“Probably asleep or taking a shit, that’s where it is,” Dark answered for Anti, who crinkled up his nose. Not the imagery he wanted to think about. “You see, I don’t share. This body’s mine. Mark can do what he wants, and whether the audience believes in me or not doesn’t matter. I’m not like you, Tinkerbell. I don’t need admiration to live, i’m well past that point. I just like it. What I don’t like is sharing the spotlight with you.”

Anti was dying to ask how Dark was able to manifest his own body, separate from Mark. He’d ask, but more annoyed with Dark’s arrogance. He scoffed, “well, it’s a little late for that, now, isn’t it?”

Dark flickered up to Anti and twisted his wrist behind his back. Anti tried to glitch away but Dark’s energy was overwhelming. Anti felt a rare twinge of panic. Dark had grown in power. “I’m going to ask nicely. Cut the antics, stay in the background, and i’ll play fair,” Dark said cooly, too close to Anti’s ear. Anti went to hit him with his free elbow but Dark caught him and twisted harder, forcing him to kneel. Any harder and the bone would break, which even for Anti would take some time to heal.

Anti was defiant nonetheless, “Or what?”

Dark grabbed Anti by his hair and made him bow his head, “Or i’ll make sure you don’t have a body to go back to.”


The next morning, Seán awoke and checked his phone. No new messages, nothing to report. On the way to the vendors section of PAX he saw Mark with his gang. Ethan and Tyler were dabbing at fans. Seán ran up to them. Mark caught his eye and went to meet him. “Oh hey Seán! Did you sleep okay? You look a little out of it.”

“Oh yeah, i’m probably getting the PAX plague. That’s what you get for hugging a jillion people!” Seán laughed, “Throat hurts like hell but it’s worth it! I gotta tell you though, I had this super weird dream. You were in it and you like, punched me in the face? Then the dream switched over to Resident Evil 7. Fucking bugs in my face and this time I could feel them!”

“Gross! Sorry for being a dream asshole. Can you make it to our panel today?”

“Yeah i’ll see you then!” Seán waved to the crew and trotted off. He glanced back at them one last time, and for a moment, he saw a second Mark in the distance. He shrugged it off as a cosplayer, and continued. He coughed, “Ugh. Stupid sore throat.”

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Do you know any healthy ways to deal with depression and anxiety? I've been having a really tough time lately, and I thought "Maybe auntie Jillie can help."

Oh pumpkin, I’m sorry to hear you’re having a tough time of it lately! You’re not alone – I think all of us who struggle with depression and anxiety have been having a rougher-than-usual time. At least, that’s what I’ve been hearing from other folks, and I know my own Brain Raccoons have been ridiculously noisy lately. 

My #1 suggestion of a healthy way to deal with them: GET PROFESSIONAL HELP, if your circumstances are such that you’re able to. For a lot of us (myself included), it doesn’t matter how mindful you are, how much self-care you do, how careful you are about sleep and eating properly and exercise: the brain chemicals are wacky, and things need to be done to balance them. 

(One of the things my therapist always says to me is “I know you already know what I’m telling you. My job is to help you figure out new ways to use that information to give yourself better patterns.”)

But! Short-term things you can do to make yourself feel better right now!

  • Put on some favorite music (loud and bouncy is preferable) and dance around for a few songs. Make yourself move. Get some adrenaline and endorphins flowing.   
  • Do you have a favorite plush or fuzzy companion? Talk to them. Yes, I’m serious. When I am having a particularly bad day, Clovis Devilbunny sits on my desk, and I tell him about what I’m doing. Sometimes you need the unconditional love and acceptance of a fuzzy companion, and you need to communicate with them.
  • Go take a shower, and brush your teeth. Visualize scrubbing away the layer of depression. It will help, even if just a little bit.
  • If you are a makeup-wearing type, take a bit of time and play with makeup. Make yourself up to look like an incarnation of David Bowie. Paint yourself like a silent film star. Do something different than your usual look, and really focus on the different colors and textures of the makeup. Derail your particular Brain Raccoons from chittering at you, even if just for a little bit.
  • Eat something. Even if you don’t want to. It doesn’t have to be big, it doesn’t have to be fancy, and it’s absolutely fine if it’s junk food. Just eat something?
  • Also, drink some water. Yes, I’m serious. No, being properly hydrated will not cure depression or anxiety, but it will make you feel a bit better, physically. 
  • Revisit a favorite piece of media. Rewatch a favorite movie or TV show, or reread a favorite book. There have been studies that show that doing such things actually has measurable benefits for your mental health!

Try to remember that you won’t feel like this forever. You won’t, I swear. Things will get better, even if it feels like things will never change and you’re stuck. You aren’t. 

Much love to all of you.

I feel like animation classes would do super well in eventually including The Peanuts Movie and Captain Underpants in future curriculum because watching clips of them feels… I wanna say “heartwarming” is the closest approximation to this emotion? It’s just the way they manage to stay so INCREDIBLY faithful to the source style and give it the life and energy it deserves (the slow, choppy retro style of The Peanuts Movie to mimic the old TV Movies, and the hectic and bouncy style of Captain Underpants to match the unfettered irreverence of the books)

It just makes me really happy and I feel like it’s worth celebrating even from just a technical standpoint.

So i guess the full versions of 3 of the songs on the Volume 4 soundtrack are out. Thought i’d give some first impressions.

Bmblb- What a spunky song. Its so bouncy and bright, i like it! Also yeah its totally about Bumbleby. Hard to deny that at this point, not that i really ever did. Just a fun love song!

This Life is Mine- Holy hell did this song catch me off guard. It has to be illegal for Weiss to keep getting these rocking tunes. Like, i dont know how to properly describe it. A rocking ballad for a character that has seen some of the best growth in the series.

Bad Luck Charm- OKAY. So i have a lot of feelings about this song. Its my favorite on all of RWBY for starters. Qrow’s theme has always appeased to me. Then they added lyrics to it and hooo boy, did it ever get 10x better. Besides playing in my favorite fight and episode of volume 4, it’s also the theme of one of my favorite characters of the show. It gives wonderful insight on Qrow and how he feels about himself. I love it. Plain and simple.

This soundtrack is gonna be good!

miltank sprite reviews


a cute and innocent friend, very happy to just hang out, someone i’d want to have as a friend, best quality: her giggles 10/10


a bouncy girl! excited to participate and give her best effort! 8/10


i couldn’t find a cute animated version of her… has more potential 6/10


a good throwback to the OG (original girl), but doesn’t have the giggles which is going to end up in docked points 7/10


sways back and forth and shakes her ears!! happy and ready to have a good day! one of the nicest girls you know 9/10


unnecessary nipple jiggles, makes me feel violated 1/10


Word count: 1786
Summary: You’re bored and procrastinate and decide to chat with Philip Hamilton. Stuff happens. (I’m really getting better at Summary, right?)

Pairing: Philip x Reader

Au: High School

Warnings: Lot of cussing. I guess. Thats it

Note: It’s verry fluffy. Also, yes, i still haven’t posted Maybe that’S the problem, but I didn’t want to shit something out. So yeah. tomorrow. It will be worth it, I swear. Also i really like this one and i hope you enjoy it too? (Why do i always write Philip?)

A sigh escaped your lips.

You didn’t even bother to look at your alarm clock, because you knew it was almost midnight and yet you were still awake. Running your hand through your dishevelled hair, you attempted to think of another sentence you could add to the powerpoint you were working on, but your mind had other ideas. There was just no way in hell you could form grammatically correct texts that also made sense after downing the fourth coffee on that day. Or Night. Of course, you could’ve noticed that sooner, but well, no need to worry.  You were way too motivated on the topic of procrastination that you could care about your project. Besides, it was only missing a few finishing touches, or at least you thought so. So without further thinking, you slammed your laptop shut and grabbed your phone. Who could you write and who would possibly be online?

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Jamilton Series: Part One

Howdy, kiddos! Welcome to the first installment of my Jamilton series! Special thanks to @ciceroniantrash for getting me hooked on this ship. If we’re gonna drown in Jamilton Sea, at least we’re going down with this ship together. ANYWAY! General warnings for this series: suicide is a kinda major theme. It doesn’t appear in Part One, but I’d rather get that out there now so anyone who wants to avoid the series can. 

Enjoy, bbys! ^.^

Why wasn’t Alexander answering his damn phone. How difficult was it to swipe and put the phone to his ear, to say hey, I’m not dead. I’m fine. Oh, and, um, by the way, I love you.

Okay, so maybe Jefferson was getting a little carried away there. But it wasn’t like Alexander to not answer. Their relationship may only have been a few months old, but Alex’s love of blabbing most definitely started in the womb.

Thomas decided to leave another (the fifth in forty-five minutes) message on Alex’s phone.

“Hey, jerk. Why the hell aren’t you picking up?” he snarked. “Seriously, though, Alexander. You’re worrying me. Call me back in five minutes or I’m busting the door to your dorm down.”

Five minutes ticked by. His phone stayed silent.

So who can blame him for stomping two houses down to the one Alex lived in, waiting for another student to exit so he could slip in, and storming up the stairs to Alex’s single suite?

Once he got there, he pounded on Alexander’s door with both his fists, screaming at the top of his lungs “ALEXANDER HAMILTON OPEN THIS DOOR UP RIGHT NOW OR SO HELP ME GOD I WILL BREAK IT DOWN!”

He fell silent, pressing his ear to the thick white door, listening for any signs of life. There was a groan and some shuffling. Thank fucking god, Jefferson thought.

Alex opened the door, his eyes red and puffy, dark hair sticking up, and his normally tan cheeks a few shades too rosy. “Wha-did-I-miss,” he murmured. He looked at his boyfriend as if he were surprised to see him there.

“Why the hell aren’t you answering your phone?” Jefferson asked, his voice losing its harsh edge after taking in his boyfriend’s appearance.

“It fell,” Alex said simply, as if it couldn’t ever be picked back up.

“Are you okay?” Jefferson wasn’t sure why he even bothered to ask. The answer was so obvious. But he liked to hear what Alex had to say, and usually Alex had a lot to say, so his sudden silence was concerning.

“Yeah, why?” he asked with a cough.

Jefferson narrowed his eyes. Without any warning, he shoved past Alexander, grabbing the smaller boy by the arm and pulling him toward his bed. He scooped him up and sat him on top of it. All Alex did was blink at him a few times.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Jefferson muttered.

“Um?” Alex cocked his head and took in his boyfriend, then began to giggle.

“Sweet Jesus,” Jefferson sighed. He felt Alex’s head. Yup. How did he not guess sooner?

“Ha,” Alex said without smiling.

“Nothing is funny, Alex,” Jefferson admonished. “I seriously thought you were dead.”

“My phone fell,” Alex whined.

“Where?” Jefferson sighed, putting a hand to his own temple and massaging it. It was going to be a long day.

“I don’t know,” Alex shrugged.

“Ugh,” Jefferson groaned. “Where’s your thermometer?” Then he laughed. “Why the hell am I asking you? You don’t even know where your phone is.”

Alex had flopped over on his side and was staring into space, Jefferson’s words having absolutely no effect on him.

Jefferson sifted through Alex’s things, finally landing on a first aid kit that one of the Washingtons must have packed him because it was also full of things that didn’t come in a traditional first aid kit, one of those things thankfully being a thermometer.

He walked back to Alex, opened the smaller boy’s mouth, and put it in under his tongue. He waited a few minutes before pulling it out.

“Shit,” he said.

106. This was too high for him to safely cure with soup, sleep, and a watchful eye.

He looked down at his boyfriend and sighed. No wonder Alexander was so out of it. He was delirious from the fever. He sat down next to Alex and gently placed a hand on the small of his back.

“Hey, babe,” he said as calmly as he could. “We’re gonna take a little field trip.”

“Why’re we going to a field?” Alex muttered. “It’s the middle of the winter.”

“Actually, it’s, like, November?” Jefferson tried his best not to be condescending. It wasn’t an easy feat. “But anyway, we’re going on a field trip, not to a field.”

“Oh,” Alex said in a way that told Jefferson the smaller boy had comprehended zero percent of that.

“So, um, yeah.” Jefferson stuttered. “One sec,” he said.

He flitted around Alex’s room, gathering up any supplies that seemed necessary in the moment, which is how he ended up with a blanket, a few granola bars, Alex’s phone (it had been on his bed the entire time), and a poli-sci book. Why that was necessary, he wasn’t sure, but it just felt right.

He wrapped his feverish boyfriend up in the blanket and carried him bridal-style out of his dorm room and into the crisp November air. Luckily, Jefferson had parked his car in the parking lot in the middle of campus, so it wasn’t a far walk.

He gently set Alex, who was now shivering, on the hood of the car, supporting him with one arm as he unlocked the car, then loaded his boyfriend into the backseat, settling him in so he was lying down.

“Floof,” Alex said, reaching up to pat Jefferson’s bouncy curls with a giggle.

Jefferson frowned at him, not because he didn’t find him endearing, but because this was so unlike him.

He climbed into the front seat and started the car. “Okay, babe, we’re gonna get you feeling better,” he said with his Jefferson-esque confidence.

But, for once in his life, he wasn’t so sure that he meant what he said.

This is a sonnet that I wrote as Baz for my multigenre project.

It’s a sonnet because not only is Baz in love with Simon (so like iambic pentameter and all that jazz) but also, Tryannus Basilton Grimm Pitch is just that extra romantic

Below I have it typed out because the crumpled paper is kinda hard to read…

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Hello, baby. Part 11.

It’s one night. I can get through one night with him. Just a few hours. Don’t forget the shit he has put you through. Don’t let him break you again.
I can’t believe I said yes. He seemed so, sincere. I mean, he’s a psychopath though. I’m frustrated that he has the effect on me and that I just can’t seem to escape his grip.
I went back to the couch after I said yes to J, he went upstairs. He didn’t smile or anything. He just walked away, he’s so good at that. I sat there with the knife by my side.

“Kat! What are you doing here!” Jackie runs to me and gives me a huge hug and I hug her tightly back, “And why do you have that?” She looks at the knife.

“Well, I originally came here to kill J, instead I accepted a night out with him. You know, just usual ‘me’ things.” I sit back down and put my head in my hands, “How does he do it Jackie?” 

She sits next to me and puts her hand on my back, “Sweetie, I wish I could tell you. I also wish I could say I’m excited for you, but, I mean, dear you’ve lost almost 10 pounds in a week. You got shot for that man, and this is how he repays you.” She sighs and stands up, “I have honestly had such a hard time working for him since you’ve left, since all that happened. I couldn’t say I would miss him.” She walks back to the kitchen. 

I know how I have to handle things tonight.
I am going to handle things tonight. 

I wait for Lucas to appear, he said he would take me home later, and now I have to get ready for tonight. He eventually walks out of the hallway where the guards stay and comes over to my side. 

“That seemed to go well.” He has a smug look on his face.
I roll my eyes at him, “Take me home please. I have to go get ready.”

“As you wish.” I can hear the smile in his voice. 

I get up and follow him to the door, I put the knife back on our way out. I ignore Lucas and his remarks on the drive to my place. I slam the car door once we get there and flip him off, he laughs. 
I get to my apartment and go through the things Lucas has packed me, hoping for something that will possibly give J an actual heart attack.
It’s perfect.
I shower and wash my hair, I get the blow dryer and give myself some long curls. My hair is like black silk and the curls look soft and bouncy. I apply foundation and a quick winged liner, false lashes are a must for tonight. I find the brightest red lipstick I have and put it on.

Originally posted by maybelline

I slide into the dress and add the diamond choker necklace that Lucas had also thrown in the bag. 

The dress is the black sequins dress that Jackie had showed me, ‘Lucas, you can do something right.’ I smile at myself. The royal purple straps looks fierce against my porcelain skin, the scar on my shoulder gives me a queasy feeling, ‘Let him remember what happened.’ The black sparkle sequins are perfect and eye catching, it’s low cut in the front and I know J will love that. I slip on my own black heels and throw my lipstick in a small clutch I found in my closet. I give myself one last look, I feel confident and powerful.
Now I just have to stay that way. 

I walk out front and wait for Lucas to pick me up, he pulls up not a second later. He gets out of the car and opens my door.
His mouth is open, “My God, you look, I mean, he is waiting for, but wow. Beautiful.” I laugh at him, “That’s the killer right there though, that smile. Man have we missed it.” 

I smile at him and I know my face is red, “Thanks Lucas.”
I get in the car and he closes the door. He gets in the driver seat and we are off.

We pull up to his club, I roll my eyes. “He couldn’t think of anywhere else to go?” I look at Lucas. 

He gives me a big smile, “This is just your first stop.” He gets out and comes to my side of the car. 

I grab his hand as he helps me out, “First stop?” I look at him demanding answer.
He doesn’t budge.
I go up the the doors and I’m let in right away with a smile, I turn and wave bye to Lucas. People are staring and I know things are being said, they haven’t seen me here in a while.
I’m scanning the room for him, I don’t want to head up to the VIP, honestly I don’t really want to be here.
My heart starts beating like I just did a hit of coke.
There he is, fucking perfection and all. 
He’s walking towards me from the VIP elevator, his eyes are locked in on me and mine are on him.
I snap out of it, no. ‘Not that easy J’.
He finally approaches me, “Wow. You are. Hello darling.” He can’t keep his eyes still. 

“Hello J.” I give him a hint of a smile. 

His eyes snap to my face, “Shall we?” He holds out his arm for my to link.
‘Not today asshole.’
“We shall.” I walk past him and head to the elevator. I don’t look back to see his reaction but I’m sure it included him locking his jaw and then giving some sort of grin.
He meets me at the elevator door and we get in together. 

“How have you been darling?” He’s looking at my face for emotion.  

“Fucking peachy J.” I turn my head and look at him, the door opens and I walk out. I’m pushing him to his end quickly. I sit on the couch that we have sat on many times.
I can feel my chest ache. I push it away, not right now. Not tonight. 

“Would you like a drink doll?” He is standing next to me. 

I don’t even look at him, “A red wine would be nice.” I lean back in the couch and cross my legs. I feel like a goddess. 
He hands me the drink and I take a sip. He sits next to me and rest his hand on my knee and I give him a look that’s full of fire.
He removes it, “Ok, Kat, I get it.” He sighs. “I just want to start over with you. I had to do it. I needed to do it. I don’t expect you to understand. Come on darling, daddy has missed you.” 

I laugh a little, “First things first, you are not my daddy, not anymore. Second, you don’t get to sweet talk me, and it won’t work anyways. We also need to clear some things up J. You say you needed to do this, you had to, but maybe you forgot that you hit me, I was beat by you, I was broken for you, I would of died for you, I was shot for you J, I suffered for you. You said you needed me J, you said that, do you remember? I was yours, I was consumed by you and I loved it. For some reason though, you needed to do this, you just had to break me again and again and again. So yeah, I don’t understand. I wasn’t given and kind of reason to try and understand.” I sigh like a was relieved, and I was.  

“I see.” He runs his hands through his hair like he is frustrated. 

‘Thats really all you are going to say? Well then let me just push your buttons.’

“Do you even know anything about me J? Because I really don’t know much about you. I know that’s how you are and I loved the little bits I used to get from you, but you never once tried to get to know me. You have no idea what it’s like to be me J. To be someone like me and want someone like you.” I’m leaning in towards him, I want to really hear him. 

He smiles, “What should I know about you, what is it, what is it like to be you doll?” He laughs. “What is so difficult to understand about you?”

I grab my glass of wine and slam it on the table in front of us, he gives a grin. The ridges are sharp from the glass being so thin. I grab his hand and have the back of his hand in my palm and his arm spread across my lap, the underside facing up. I gently start running the glass against his arm, careful not to break his skin. His eyes are locked on me. His face is is hard to read. 

“What’s it like to be me baby, mmmm let me tell you.” I press an once harder, still not breaking skin.
“I’m an open book J, I’ll never lie to you. I’ll never keep what’s on my mind a secret, I’ll tell you exactly what I feel when I feel it.” I look up at him, still running the glass down the length of his arm.
“The thing about being an open book, the thing about being me, is i feel everything so deeply. Do you know what that’s like J?” I press harder, leaving a red mark down his arm. I keep tracing over it.
“A small surface wound like this to you is nothing baby, but this feels like someone stabbed me.” I press harder and he has a deep glare on me as I draw blood in the center of his arm.
“Like blood is gushing out and I can’t stop it. I can’t stop the bleeding.” He pulls his arm away when I press harder, his arm has a nice size gash in it, he looks at me and grabs a napkin and presses it against his arm.
“It takes time to heel that kind of wound J, and it will never be the same. It will scar and I’ll always be reminded of that moment. That moment where someone else created my madness.” I lick the glass with his blood on it.
“That’s what it’s like to be me J. That’s what it’s like to be with you.” I lean back in the couch and cross my legs again, I drop the glass that was in my hands. I stare directly out to the club. I’m proud of myself. 

He sits there with the napkin pressed against the slice in his arm, the napkin is almost a burgundy color. ‘He might need stitches for that.’ I look over to him and smile. 

“I. I can’t get enough of you Kat. You are my strength but also my weakness. I’m vulnerable when I’m with you. My focus is shit..” he stops and reaches over to my shoulder, he brushed his fingers against the scar.
“This happened because I was captured in you.” He has his hand on the side of my face, his thumb trails down my lips.
“God, you’re so fucking good. You don’t even know it do you?” I sit up and lean my head in, he leans closer.
“Kat, I can’t do fucking anything without you. When you got shot because I wasn’t paying attention…it killed me. Putting you in that safe, I wanted to off myself then and there. I had to get you away from me. I needed to clear my thoughts of you. I couldn’t. I couldn’t get you out of my fucking mind!” He has his pointer finger pressed hard against his temple.
“Jay had to pull me off ledges Kat. Fucking sky high ledges.” He sits closer to me, his hand is still cupping my face. He wipes the tear on my cheek with his free hand.
“Forgive me, doll?” His breathing seems heavy, his arm has dried blood down it. I rest my hand on his knee a let it linger there and I bring my face inches from his, my hand trails up his thigh, until I lightly place my hand in between his legs, his growl makes me week for a moment. 

“No.” i whisper to him.
He is surprised and that quickly turns anger. I pull my hand back sit in the couch. 

“Lets go.” he is pissed. 

I get up follow him out, i’m not afraid of him, at least not yet.

He walks ahead of me and I break a sweat trying to keep up. We walk outside and its a cool breeze. Jay pulls up in the most extravagant cars i have ever seen. The color is a purple that matches my straps. It’s so shine and has gold trim on it. Im in a trance looking at it and J pulls me out of it, “Get in the back.” he yells at me as he gets in the front.

“Where to?” Jay asks, not even giving me the slightest of recognition. 

“Stick to the plan!” He says in a loud voice as he hits his head against the window. I flinch as he does it, I straighten my dress and get myself together. ‘This is going to be harder than I thought.’

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The car is so fast it send vibrations through my whole body, I almost forget that we were in a fight. I was enjoying the ride when it came to an abrupt stop. I looked outside the window and it was pitch black but it smelled like the ocean. J doesn’t open my door or help me out of the car. I roll my eyes at him. I get out and follow him, not a single word is spoken. He stops and I stop behind him. 

“Do you know where we are?” He asks me but is still facing the darkness. 

“No, I have no idea.” i start to panic a little bit. 

“Good.” his voice is low and I can barley see him. 

“J?” I can’t see anything, its pitch black. I hear the waves of the ocean and they sound rough. There is no sign of life anywhere.
“This isn’t funny J.” I scream out. The panic is really setting in.
‘I can’t swim’  

“Go ahead, turn on only a few of them.” I hear his voice.

Dim lights come on, I can’t see the water still but I can see him. He is standing a few feet behind me.

“What are we doing here J?” I’m sure he can hear the fear in my voice.

“We are just going to… Hang out.” He laughs and walks closer to me. 
“Kat, baby, I simply can’t function properly without you. You make me even crazier in the best way baby, and I know, oh I know you can not live without me darling.” He is right in front of me, one hand is on my waist pulling me close and the other is behind my neck. Chills run down my entire body, he knows it too. 
“The thing is, if i were to kill you, well, my future wouldn’t be too bright.” he lets out a chuckle, “Oh, baby and I know if i were to die, well so would you. Isn’t that right doll face?” I bite my lip. “Thats right baby girl.” his grip is tight around my waist and i keep thinking about how much I missed him.
I fucking missed him so much. 
“So, i have a question for you darling.” He lets me go and walks me over to the edge of the platform we are on. My heart is beating fast. 
“Would you die for me Kat?” He is standing only inches behind me.

I glance over my shoulder, without even thinking, “Yes.”

He turns me so I am facing him, he has a deep growl, “That, that seems to easy, doesn’t it darling?” He gets close to my face, “Would you live for me?” 

“Yes.” My eyes are locked on his cold blue ones. Im melting. 
He pulls me close to him and kisses my neck, I wrap my arms around him and hug him tightly.

“One more thing, doll.” He pushes me off him and walks me backward toward the ledge again. “Fall.”

My eyes are open wide. I hear the waves crash against the cement platform we are standing on. I don’t even second guess it.
The cool air as I fall backwards hits my neck, my hair is in my face, I am waiting to hit the cold water. My head hits the water first. It’s freezing. I sink deep into the water, my eyes are closed tight. My lungs are starting to feel compressed. I open my mouth and the last bit of air I have left escapes me and turns to bubbles in the cold ocean water. 
Somethings grabs me and I feel myself lifting from the water, I reach the surface and search for air. My breathing is rigid and my teeth are chattering, I wipe my eyes and its J. His hair soaking wet, falling in his face, his shirt is clinging to his shoulders. He gives me a huge grin and kisses me, I reach for him and pull our kiss deeper. When the kiss breaks he lets out a laugh and then he pulls me close. “Lets go home baby.” 
My teeth are still chattering from being so cold, I just nod my head and give him a smile. 
We reach the shore and there is that beautiful car again. He carries me like a child to the car, my hands are curled up in my chest trying to warm up. We get to the car and there are two bags, J hands me a long sleeve shirt and some jeans to change into. I’m to cold to think about being naked in public.
I wiggle out of the dress and see it on the street, “That was my favorite dress.” my voice is shaking.
I start to slip on the jeans and he lifts my head up to look at him, “I’ll get you another one darling.” he smiles and kisses me.
‘Fuck, I am so happy to be back.’

We get in the car and J sits in the back with my, his arm around my shoulders, my knees to my chest and his other arm around my legs. I start to warm up. We pull up to his place, he opens up the car door for me and picks me up again. I laugh at him but curl into his chest.

“Welcome home baby.” He says as we walk through the front door.

I reach up and kiss his jawline.
He carries me all the way to the bedroom. The sun is starting to come up and its reflecting in all the windows. It’s beautiful.
He set me down once we are in the room, “Well thank you clown prince.” I giggle at him and head to the closet, “I don’t know what I missed more baby.” I can hear him laugh. 
I throw my hair in a bun and take the jeans off leaving me in just my boy briefs and a tshirt.
He is laying on his side of the bed in just his boxers, and my God, it will never get old seeing him like that. 
He smiles at me when he sees me, i get in bed next to him. I don’t even ask if I can curl into his side, I just do it. He lets me.

“I missed this. I missed you.” I kiss his chest. It stays quiet for a moment.
His grip gets a little tighter on my waist and I think that is him saying he missed me too. 
“Can I hear another story J?” I look up at him to make sure he is awake. He looks back at me, “Sure baby. Pick one.” He laughs.

I trace a few of them before landing on one low on his hip bone. “This one.”

He is quiet for what feels like forever.

“That was when I was younger.” I feel him tense up.
I don’t press anymore. 
I want so bad to tell him I am right here, it’s ok. That whatever happened is in the past. We are right here and right now. 
I don’t.
Thats not how he works.

“Good night J.” I whisper.
“Goodnight baby girl.” He pulls me closer and kisses the top of my forehead.

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Like out of a movie

“Wait. I’ll get that Yaku san!”

Yaku squats by the tree, and tries flinging his body upwards once more only to grasp at branches, a few pointed ones scrape his knuckles. Lev appears by his side-

“Let me try Yaku san, I could reach with my-”

“Just do it.” Yaku says, ignoring his puppy gaze, and instead focussing on the ball stuck in the brambles.

It’s almost nightfall, and Yaku watches him from the corner of his eye, smiling at the prospect of reaching up- Yaku waits, and waits. Lev stretches on his ankles, balancing on his toes to only grab at thin air, once twice, till he mutters something quick Yaku can’t understand.

Lev looks at him, Yaku looks back.

“I uh- can’t”

Yaku may regret it later. For now he bursts out laughing at Lev’s incredulous face, frame shaking mirthlessly and wiping off his tears at Lev’s shocked expression,

“Yaku san.” He whines. The street lamps are already lit up, its too late. Lev pouts, green eyes shimmering and heartbroken at this treatment.

“Bend over.” Yaku says, taking pity.


Yaku puts one hand on each shoulder till, Lev takes up his lead and sits on his knees, bowing his head. The grass is wet, so he can’t let Lev sit for long, he rounds up behind his back and lifts both legs over. Lev gets up, quick and giddy in his excitement.

“Careful!” Yaku cautions.

That slows him down, and he gingerly stands, swaying a little. From this up high, Yaku sees his carefully partitioned hair, and having no option interleaves his fingers, under the folds. Lev sighs,

“Two steps to the right. One step forward.”

It’s like one of those robot sets his sister plays with at home. Actually Lev might be more obedient Yaku thinks. He follows his instructions and Yaku easily picks up the ball, leaves rustling in his wake.

“Did you get it Yaku san?”

“ you can put me down now.”

Yaku cradles the ball to his stomach waiting. Lev moves so that they are out of the canopies and on the open grass. He doesn’t reply.

“Uh Lev.”

This high up he can see the stars spread out, not a big difference per say but it gives him a giant feeling. Like climbing up his personal beanstalk or lounging in a treehouse.

“Yaku san..I…” Lev’s voice comes muffled, wait does that mean, this is the way he normally sounds to Lev. No.

“I was watching Spider-Man yesterday.”

Yaku’s really not getting the context and he thumbs his hair, waiting.

“There was this scene.” Lev muses.

His hair is soft. The park’s empty, and Yaku combs his fingers down to his ear tips, Lev fumbles.

“-was wondering. Can you kiss me that way?”

Yaku bites his lip, he can’t see Lev from here but he can feel his bounciness and the tightening of his shoulders. He could be talking of only one scene.

“I mean. You don’t have…”

It’s a good way to end their date, Yaku thinks. It’s also a good way to shut Lev up.

An awkward angle but, Yaku trusts Lev not to make him fall, he feels his hands support his thighs, and he leans forward, more more till he touches his lips, Lev’s surprised probably, and it must be the first time someone’s blindsided Lev from up there.

Yaku laughs, and swallows his surprise. Lev recovers, enthusiastically returning his kiss. The angle makes him go deeper, till Lev’s gaze darkens and he should really get down now.

“That was awesome Yaku san.” He breathes. “Like out of a movie.”


Fic Recs: Illustration for Warning: Emergency Pull Tab by ikeracity​:

Knocking a guy over with an inflatable pool and nearly giving him a concussion is probably not the best flirting technique in the world, but if there’s anyone who can pull it off, it’s Charles.

Comments: This is the closest that a written work will ever make you feel like you’re watching a colourful, extremely vivid, high quality animation without actually watching an animation. IT’S IMPOSSIBLY BRILLIANT. MY GOD. Situationally hilarious, and so freaking fluffy and cute I actually want to pet it. 


Genre: fluffy clouds

Characters: Taehyung x Reader ft. BTS

Summary: Just a lil’ Taehyung Birthday Special. HAPPY V DAY!

Words: 1886

y/n = your name

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[12.00am] You: Little birdie told me today was someone’s special day.


[12.01am] Taehyung: Heheh thanks baby LOVE YOU LOTS TOO 😘💖

[12.01am] Will you be coming home?

And at this you couldn’t help but feel a slight pang in your heart. It’s not that you didn’t want to go back to Seoul and spend his birthday with him, it’s that you couldn’t. All flights back to Seoul had been fully booked, even the budget airlines, due to the stupid Christmas season where everyone was trying to rush home and the next available flight would only be on the 31 of December.

[12.03am] You: I’m sorry, Tae but there’s no flight back to Seoul. I’ll promise to make it up to you when I’m back, okay?

It took him a while to reply to you and you couldn’t help but feel guilty that he was probably trying to digest the bad news.

[12.05am] It’s okay, jagiya. I’ll be fine. Be safe okay?

[12.06am] I will, I promise. You stay safe too yeah?

[12.06am] I will. Love you 💘

[12.07am] Love you too, Tae💕

You sighed as you threw your phone beside you and slumped into the comfy sheets of your hotel bed. Is wanting to spend your boyfriend’s birthday with him really too much to ask for? Apparently not, because the heavens were on your side. You had told the airline to notify you first hand if there was a seat on a flight back to Seoul and it just so happens just when you were about to close your eyes and fall into a deep slumber your phone rang.

It was a call from the airline agency. Well, apparently someone cancelled their flight at the very last minute and a seat was freed up. They were calling to check on your availability and if you were still up for the seat. You immediately jumped up from your sleeping position and thanked the airline operator profusely for notifying you. Just as you hung up the phone, you sprang from your bed and scrambled hurriedly to pack your stuff, not forgetting your boyfriends special birthday present, for the 5am flight.

Seoul, Korea

“Why the sad face, Tae?” Jimin who was over that night spoke up from behind him as he sat down on the couch.

“She won’t be able to come back on time.” He replied, his face hung low as he stared blindly at his screen.

Jimin gave his best friend a reassuring pat on his back as he comforted Taehyung. “Hey, she tried her best.”

“I know she did, it’s just I really wanted to spend today with her.” He sighed as he continued to stare blankly at his phone screen.

“Hey, cheer up man! It’s your birthday! You still can have fun even though she’s not around and besides maybe a miracle might happen and she’s on her way here right now!”

Taehyung scoffed. “I wish.”

At the airport, you could hardly contain your excitement as you quietly jumped up and down on your seat, enthusiasm coursing through your veins from the excitement of seeing your boyfriend again after a few weeks. Just as you reached into your pocket, wanting to tell your boyfriend the good news, you paused and figured that you would surprise him instead. 

Just as the plane was about to take off, you suddenly felt a weight on your shoulder which caused you to jump. You turned your head to the side only to see this big burly man’s head lying on your shoulders. You tried to push him off you and even with all your strength he did not budge. You sighed as you mentally cheered yourself on for a long fight: For Taehyung. I’m doing this all for my wonderful boyfriend, Taehyung. 

Taehyung had difficulty falling asleep since your last text message. He was busy mopping about how he wasn’t able to spend his birthday with you and that the empty space next to him seemed lonelier than usual. And when he finally managed to fall asleep, he was awoken by the clacking and hammering of pots and pans by his six band mates.

“What the —” he jolted from his sleep unable to comprehend the situation.

“Wake up sleepy head! We’re gonna spend your birthday playing video games all day.”

“Give me five more minutes.”

Jungkook immediately pulled his hyung out of bed right before he could plummet himself into the softness of his bedsheets. “No excuses, hyung.”

The flight ended up being longer than you thought it would due to some delay at the transfer airport in Taiwan and by the time you reached Icheon Airport, it was eight in the evening.

You were panicking, hoping you would still be able to get home in time before his birthday was over. It’s okay. There’s still four hours left of his birthday. I can make it. You made your way to the taxi queue and sighed at the long line of taxis as you maintain a positive mindset: Taehyung. I’m doing this all for him.

The boys did as they promised. They spend the whole day playing Taehyung’s favourite video games along with watching his favourite anime programmes. Sure he was happy but he couldn’t help but wander off sometimes to his own little world to think that if you had been able to be here with him, how you and him would have spent the day cuddling and probably going out for a nice dinner or simply ordering takeout.

“Earth to Taehyung. Earth to Taehyung.” Jin continuously chanted, trying to get Taehyung out of his trance.

“It’s time to cut the cake, Birthday Boy!”

Luck just wasn’t on your side. At that moment when you were almost reaching the end of the line, you opened up your purse only to realise you didn’t have any Korean won in your purse. Shit. You politely squeezed yourself out of the huge line of people not without all the strange looks and hisses from onlookers just to get to the bus station to hitch a ride home. Three hours. I can make it. You can’t give up. You must do this for him. For Taehyung.

His band mates had brought him out for a special birthday supper at his favourite Korean BBQ place and well, it just so happens that it was the location of your very first date with him. His mind couldn’t help but trail to that fateful day filled with awkward hand gestures and skinship, not to mention that awkward but oh so perfect first kiss you shared right under the blinking light of the restaurant. He chuckled just at the thought of the memory of you looking cute as hell gobbling down the barbecued meat claiming that this restaurants beef was the best in town. 

Your shared apartment with Taehyung was a good fifteen minutes walk away from the bus stop. And it was currently half past ten. Out of the blue, you remembered that there was a cake shop nearby and decided to stop by to buy his favourite chocolate mousse cake to give him a little surprise.

When you stepped out of the cake shop all bouncy and excited to surprise your boyfriend, the damn weather just had to dampen your mood. Yup, you guessed it. It started to rain and what’s worse, you didn’t bring an umbrella.

“Are you freaking kidding me right now?”

What was supposed to be a short fifteen minutes walk turned into a long thirty minute walk. As you trudge through the rain, with one hand lugging your suitcase, the other holding up the cake and using your jacket to shield it from the rain, you couldn’t help but feel immense discomfort as the rainwater allowed your shirt cling onto your skin and for the record it was technically not the best feeling in the world. Taehyung. He was all you could think of. It was the third time you mentally encouraged yourself to push on and you couldn’t deny that every time you thought of his name you did feel a bit better.

Finally and I mean finally, you had reached the doorstep of your shared apartment. Taehyung had been home long ago after his friends had sent him back home from the restaurant. 

You raised your stiff hand to press the door bell of your shared apartment. And not even second passed when the door swung open to reveal a adorable Taehyung in his pyjamas. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he was met face to face with you. Did a miracle really happen? Was Jimin a fortune teller?

“Y/N? What are you doing here? Are you okay?”

“Oh my god, Tae I’m so sorry. I was planning on reaching here at nine to celebrate your birthday with you and now it’s —” you stole a glance at your watch,“ eleven and there’s only one hour left of your birthday but there was the rain and the man on the plane and the taxi and my purse had no money and —”

Taehyung sealed the space in between both of you and gently cupped your face while lightly pressing his lips onto yours. It felt as if the stars have aligned and they were twinkling down on you celebrating the reunion of the both of you.

“Let’s get you cleaned up first, then you can tell be all about your adventure. Hmm?” He suggested as he lightly pressed a kiss to your forehead.

You nodded and headed inside your warm and cozy apartment.

When Taehyung and you had finally settled down, it had already been past midnight. With two pieces of cake in both your hands, you and Taehyung cuddled on the sofa ready for a midnight movie marathon.

“Oh I almost forgot about your present!”

You eagerly pried open your suitcase and picked up a nicely gift-wrapped present and handed it to him.

“It’s not much but I figured that it might be useful for our cypher parties.”

He unraveled the gift to reveal a remix of all the current cyphers that were released by the rap line.

“I had some free time to spare so I —”

Taehyung took a step and engulfed you in a big bear hug before he lightly placed a kiss onto your temple.

“I love it.”

As he pulled back and released you from the hug, he gently pushed back a strand of hair behind your ear as he spoke.

“The presents great and all but the best present I receive today was you coming back home to spend my birthday with me.”

And once again Kim Taehyung has you with butterflies in your stomach and you can’t help but fall in love with him all over again. You wrapped your hands around his neck as you gently stroked your thumb against his cheek.

“You know, even though the journey back home was tough, it was the thought of you who motivated me to press on and Kim Taehyung, I really do love you with all my heart.”

Taehyung lilted his head to the side and gave a small peck on your cheek as he whispered sweet little notes of affection into your ears, “I love you too, Y/N, from the bottom of my heart.”

A/N: HAPPY V DAY EVERYONE! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE LIGHT OF MY LIFE! To be very honest, this is not my best work but I still thank you for reading and sorry if there were mistakes here and there. Its a little something that I wanna write for Taehyung to thank him for being a little ray of absolute sunshine and bringing so much joy to my life. To me, no words can express the amount of love and gratitude I have for him. Thank you, Taehyung for picking me up when I am at  satheddest of times and for actually teaching me that its okay to be myself and love who I am. That’s why I look up to you and that’s why I love you with all that I’ve got. Go take on the world,Tae. I’ll always be right behind you supporting you the whole time.

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It is coming to an end.

This is the last week where we get to wait for a Glee episode. This is the last week where we get a new story to add to Glee’s collection. This is the last time we don’t know everything about the show, the last time that we get to ask questions that may get answered. This is the last time to see these faces anew.

Six years is a long time (yet it fits nicely within Obama’s Presidency).

I was re-watching “The Rhodes Not Taken” and they were all so young. It was simple, it was small, it was new and I know that people think that it was better back then… But I personally don’t. I loved to watch Rachel, Finn, Quinn, Puck, & Kurt grow- but I also loved to watch the kids who didn’t get much in season one a chance at their own bigger stories. Season one was a great start, but it was also neglectful. The show was about acceptance, yet it barely gave a voice to the kids that wanted to be accepted. It was small, it needed to be small for the premise to find its’ grounding. But I think the Glee that I fell in love with was the promise of more from the small characters, more from Mike, more from Tina, more from Brittany, more from Santana. So I loved Glee from the beginning but my love for it only increased in season two.

Season two is what I love and what I continue to love. It was small with complexity. It was polished, but it still had its’ innocence. That innocence was lost somewhat from season three on. I love so many of the stories after season two, but I haven’t loved the show as a complete whole since season two. 

What I have taken from this show:

Its’ ability to make great song covers. I never seizes to amaze me how good and sometimes brilliant Glee’s versions are; how talented these actors & singers are. This show survived well in season one with a few well made renditions but I believe they picked up their game as the show went along. Rumour Has It/Someone Like You, Ain’t No Way, Songbird, Landslide, Smooth Criminal, The Scientist, Dancing On My Own, My Love Is Your Love, At Last, It’s Too Late, Don’t Stop Believin’, Brave, My Man, Let It Be, How Will I Know, I Want to Hold Your Hand, Paradise By the Dashboard Light, Shout, Alfie, Cough Syrup, Baby It’s Cold Outside, Just the Way You Are, Wishin’ and Hoping, Problem, Mine.Just to name a few.

Representation. By season six it finally feels like they got this down. It has been a hard road for Glee in this area over the seasons- for instance it being an event when Klaine or Brittana kiss. In season six these two couples have been impressively fleshed out. We now understand how these couples work together. Before it was assumed rather than showed. Blaine and Kurt through 3 to 6 really were allowed to show a functionally dysfunctional couple. They are not perfect together but guess what, that is allowed in a realistic relationship. And just when we had all lost hope in really getting to see Santana and Brittany 1. be happy and 2. be happy together in a relationship that the audience is actually allowed to see. I had lost faith that this show could bring this perfect couple to our screen, but season six brought me to my knees in thanks. Brittany had real agency in her own storyline and for once, in her own relationship. She is no longer silent, it is no longer Santana’s arch, it is both of them working together to make each other happy.

And representation is not just for same-sex couples, but for Transgender men and women, for people with disabilities, for everyday people who want to find a small part in this world where they are accepted. Glee has finally gotten this right. No longer is it just saying the right things (when sometimes even that they struggle with) but they are now giving the agency to these characters how were before just props, not characters.

Cory Monteith. Sometimes Finn Hudson would rub me the wrong way but that was okay, it was okay because of the man who was behind the character. By the beginning of season four I had fallen back in love with this character and it all comes down to Monteith’s genuine charisma. That crooked smirk, that bouncy walk, that bent neck when he talks to people and his ability to be great at everything that he does because he embraces his limitations. 

We all feel it, it feels like this show finished a while ago. Without him, this show feels a little bit empty. We try to fill it with optimism but really his missing piece creates a shadow that this show cannot shine through. But that is okay, it is okay because I don’t think we want the show to shine as bright as it used to. Cory is the heart of Glee. The optimism came from the boy who through trial and error got it right. He was not the perfect leader but he did learn from his mistakes and by the end, Finn Hudson was a true teacher. 

Cory is still present, it’s strange but that presence has yet to dim. I don’t think he will ever be forgotten because I don’t think you can forget someone who shined so bright.

The Feeling. As I said this week, I gave up on Glee after ‘A Wedding’, I got angry that they used those two episodes to kind of do nothing. But then ‘We Built this Glee Club’ brought back that feeling that I always got from the show. It is a feeling that I can’t fully explain. A feeling of nostalgia, love, comfort pure joy. I used to get this feeling all the time watching Glee and season six has had a lot of it. I just want to thank RIB and the rest of the gang for focusing on what makes this show so damn appealing. The feeling of family, friendship, love and joy from performing together as a team…

Which brings me to The Glee Kids. I want to thank the show for Kevin McHale, Jenna Ushkowitz, Becca Tobin, Jacob Artist, Mark Salling, Lea Michele, Darren Criss, Chord Overstreet, Dianna Agron, Naya Rivera, Melissa Benoist, Heather Morris, Harry Shum Jr., Jonathan Groff, Chris Colfer, Blake Jenner, Dijon Talton, J.J. Totah, Noah Guthrie, Billy Lewis Jr. Ashley Fink, Amber Riley, Vanessa Lengies, Damian McGinty, Alex Newell, Grant Gustin, Laura Dreyfuss, Samantha Marie Ware, Marshall Williams, Samuel Larsen & Finneas O’Connell. 

And of course to The Glee Adults & Guest-stars. Jane Lynch, Matthew Morrison, Jayma Mays, Romy Rosemont, Dot-Marie Jones, Mike O’Malley, Iqbal Theba, Patrick Gallagher, Kate Hudson, Kristen Chenoweth, Idina Menzel, Neil Patrick Harris, Matt Bomer, Gwyneth Paltrow, John Stamos, Jessalyn Gilsig, Ken Jeong, Gloria Estefan, Jennifer Coolidge and so many others that I can’t think of right now.

Thank you Glee for all the stress, the hatred, and the annoyance - because I got so annoyed and angry because I love it so much. It will be sad to say goodbye this weekend. I think that I am not ready, but really I have been ready for a while. But thank you for season six, it has been an honourable send off to a show that means so much to so many people. These are the reasons why I love the show but I know people have others. 

Bye. :)


Victor’s commentary during Yuuri’s FS is the first time we’ve heard Victor’s thoughts.

And you know the best part? It was supportive.

Nowhere was there any hate or derisive comments. Nowhere was there belittling for not completing jumps that Victor could do. It was typical analytical-figure-skating-watcher stuff. With a dash of coaching-thoughts.

The entire commentary was almost exactly the kind of stuff us analytical fans focus on when watching a favorite skater’s program. When you know a skater’s routine so well you can recite it, and know exactly how their jumps and spins normally look like, you start to wait for each element with anticipation and look for the smallest differences (good and bad ones) - which means you’ll notice when the skater changes the jump layout or when they look more tired than usual.

Hiding behind something (in Victor’s case the Makkachin tissue box) when a jump fails, concern over how tired he looks by the half-way point, the cheering for a jump that he held on, the fond exasperation when he makes the program harder than he was supposed to skate it in that competition… 

(I know this is both fond and exasperation. Even though it’s a good opportunity to test-drive a program, you kind of wish they could take it a little easier in a B-level competition, but the program starts and you see they’re going all-out, and you want to facepalm/flail because “geez, one of these days you’re going to faceplant from overexerting yourself”, yet you can’t help but be amazed, touched, and proud at their tenacity. Fond exasperation is the feeling of watching a skater you love on the ice doing something a little insane, and trusting them anyway to pull through with their usual perseverance.)

Looking a little closer at what Victor says:
Notice that at the beginning he’s focused and trying to confirm if Yuuri is returning to the 3 Quad layout. When he does confirm it, he says “so he did revert to having 3 Quads” with a slight exasperated tone, and then he immediately changes gears and starts focusing on supporting Yuuri in his head. Right after the messed-up 4S he thinks: “Shake it off… Good!” He’d rather focus on Yuuri’s elements now, than stay stuck on the change of plans and be negative about Yuuri going against directions.

His approach is analytical while also being involved in the feeling of the program – just like a coach should be.

If you thought Victor was a little cold for not being a bouncy-cheerleader for Yuuri here, then… all I can say is “sorry he didn’t meet your expectations,” because a competition is a serious situation, and Yuuri deserves serious contemplation during his programs from his coach.

At the very end, Victor takes into account Yuuri’s heartfelt performance and his condition, he settles his own feelings and puts aside any criticism for later, and he extends his arms out to Yuuri in a determined gesture (“Come here and let me give you a hug, darn it.”). If that doesn’t show support, then I don’t know what does.

anonymous asked:

A Sterek DDR battle would be epic!

•it started as one game of ddr in a games acarde/convention and turned into a two hour long battle and i wont let you wiN

Reference image because it suits the dark mood ;) (X)

Derek doesn’t like a lot of video games.

Oh, he can unwind and lose himself in a good game of “Resident Evil”, but he won’t play all night long, and he doesn’t feel like he has anything to prove to anybody.

But give him a working Step Zone and he will show you how much of a DDR Master he is.

Especially if you’re cocky enough to look at him like he can’t possibly consider challenging you.

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Okayy. I don’t really know how to put this into words so I’ll just start talking.

I’m Kikiface, some of you may know me, some of you may not. I’m having an anxiety attack as I type this, but the truth of it is—I need help.

By no means does this post mean people HAVE to donate to me, and I’m trying to remind myself of that, but right now my skin feels like it’s on fire. This is hard for me.

Right now, I have no income. I have no idea when that income is coming back. Everyone around me is struggling, and I am sinking. I have worsening anxiety and depression. I’ve spend years of my life fighting admitting that I need and accepting help, but here I am now. 2014 has, by far, been the worst year of my life—which I feel incredibly guilty for saying, because I watched my brother die three and a half years ago. I had a close call this September, and it took the worried and concerned eyes of cruise ship security and my family finding me at 4am, not knowing what I was planning to do.

I can recall a time when I could do twenty commissions in a day and make rent. I could offer commissions, I could do commissions, I could plan a patreon, I could sell my artwork—but right now, I can’t. I can handle everything I have on my plate, but if I take any more, I can break.

I have recently gone to the doctor, and I was referred to a psychiatrist. I’m doing my best to find someone who takes my shit insurance. It’s difficult. And I’m fighting giving up.

If I don’t find a way back unto my feet, we’ll lose our home ((again)) and I’m not sure what I will do. I’m not confident my mom wants to support me. Since we battled a year of Leukemia with my older brother, which ultimately landed us without him, my mom has hated taking care of anyone but herself. I honestly don’t blame her. I feel like a failure not being able to provide her with more. Especially when I know that my skill with art can make me a living, but my mental health keeps me from even wanting to wake up at times. I’ve spent far too long living in my late brother’s shadow, and now everything is coming to a head. You can tell by how I used to post art multiple times a day, and now it has dwindled to pathetic numbers a week. My drive is dying, it’s like a piece of me is dying and it’s really hard for me. Art is all I have.

I’m trying. I’m really trying. And I know this won’t be forever, but right now I need help. If anyone has any words they can attach to this to help my cause, I’d appreciate it, because now I’m choking up and I need to stop typing.

TL;DR: I need help meeting deadlines for rent, bills, food, and help for my crippling mental health for I’m not sure how long.

Donations of $20 USD or more will receive a one time personal thank you note from me, so be sure to attach your name and address if you meet qualifications.

To donate, please click the button in my sidebar.

When you finish donating, if you hit ‘return to donation coordinator’, it will take you to this thank you page.

Signal boosting this post means more to me than you know. And I hope I can find a way to give back to the people who help me in any way. 

Thank you for your time.

#6 - You See Him Crying

it’s late but hopefully I didn’t mess this up


Michael snatches the movie out of your hand, determined not to watch the ‘sappiest movie of all time’, but you really don’t want to watch ‘people getting ripped apart for no reason’. “But you’ve seen Titanic about ten times before,” Michael whines, sitting down stroppily on the sofa as you win the battle of DVD choice by threatening to snap the horror movie in two. “It’s been three months too long, so we’re watching it,” you reply cheekily, knowing that Michael would soon get over it. “And besides, Leo DiCaprio pulls the funniest of faces in this.” After much grumbling under his breath, Michael eventually scoots over to your side a quarter of the way through, watching you more than the movie. It isn’t until the part where Jack and Rose are in the water that you realise the constant mutterings have stopped, and out of the corner of your eye you see your boyfriend sitting there with single tears running down his cheeks, glinting from the light of the TV screen. You snuggle into his shirt, trying so hard not to tease him, but you can’t help let something slip. “I don’t think you’re quite punk rock yet,” you giggle, watching him wipe away his tears quickly like they were an insult. “I was crying because you didn’t let me watch my movie,” Michael lies, sniffling but smiling at the silly grin you were wearing. “Baby,” you scoff, only teasing, but Michael swats you with a cushion and causes an all-out war of flying pillows, both of you forgetting extremely quickly about the rest of the movie.


“Babe, can I stay round yours for a bit?” Luke asks you down the phone, his tone low while he sniffs like he has a cold. “Is everything alright?” you reply concernedly, which is a stupid question admittedly, but you are intrigued. “My dog Molly…” he begins, taking deep slow breaths, “was put down today.” It seems like those few words are too much for him to take, and you soon hear him crying down the other end, making you feel extremely helpless and worried. “Change of plan, I’ll come and see you,” you say quickly, before ending the call and hopping onto a bus which passes right by your street. When you reach his house, he’s already there waiting for you, his eyes puffy and red as he clings tight onto a blue collar that belonged to his dog. Without speaking, you pull his body towards yours and hug him tightly, feeling his strong frame tremble slightly with grief as he buries his head into your shoulder. You both stand there for a while, listening to the chirps of the birds and the wind gently tugging on your clothes as Luke’s sobs lessen, and you’re able to pull yourself away to look into his blue eyes. “You’ve just got to bear this out,” you mumble, resting your forehead on his. Luke blows outwards in a sigh, his warm breath sending tingles through your body. “I know. Just stay with me,” he requests, and you kiss him softly, comforting him. “Of course. Why wouldn’t I?”


You wake up at about 4am to the bed jiggling about next to you, the covers getting ripped off of your warm body and revealed to the cold air. “Calum!” you hiss in annoyance, assuming that he is just messing about with you and wants to piss you off. “Give me back the cov-” you stop mid-sentence, realising that Calum still has his eyes closed and is mumbling something inaudible. He’s sleeptalking. “(Y/N), please, no,” you manage to hear, immediately getting your attention. Was he dreaming about you? “Calum, wake up,” you whisper loudly, shaking his jerking limbs. “(Y/N), I didn’t do anything! Don’t leave!” Your breath catches in your throat in surprise. “Calum,” you repeat, “I’m right here. Wake up!” Calum suddenly shoots up, his eyes wide open, causing you to jump back in shock. “(Y/N), is that you?” he asks in a panicky voice, swallowing forcefully in the half dark. “Of course it’s me you donut, who else would it be?” you reply, letting out a shaky laugh. He didn’t reply straight away, but instead hid his head in his hands and breathed out slowly. “I dreamt that you were angry and you didn’t want to see me and you turned into this scary monster and you hated me… I’m a child, I know,” he muffles, let out a little sniff as he refuses to look at you, confirming the fact that he’s crying. “I’m never leaving Cal. I can promise that.” He nods and finally turns to face you. “I know. I love you.”


 You have just started your period and are feeling extra grumpy. A headache is coming on, you have stomach cramps and you just want to lie down and sleep forever. It doesn’t help that Ashton is in an extra bouncy mood, meaning you really don’t feel like talking to him. “Hey (Y/N),” he chirps, “let’s go to the beach tonight and go skinny dipping. We haven’t done that in ages.” You sigh at his eagerness, feeling too drained to reply. “(Y/N),” he badgers, giving you a sly poke on the shoulder as you sit reading a book, him laughing at his own antics. “Ashton!” you suddenly snap. “Can you please stop annoying me? I’m on my period and I’m not in the mood.” Ashton shuts up straight away, the smile on his face disappearing in a flash and being replaced with a sad expression. You stalk towards the door, but before you exit you take a quick look over your shoulder to see if he follows. Ashton hasn’t moved, and is still looking at the place you previously sat in, his face blank and unreadable. Guilt washing over you, you turn back and sneak your arms round his waist, trying to make him smile again. However, Ash is having none of it and his body begins to shake, as if he is about to start crying. “Ash, I am so sorry! I didn’t mean to shout at you, I’m just a bit crabby today. Please forgive me? Don’t cry.” A few moments later, a laugh you know all too well escapes from Ashton’s lips, and that’s when you realise he’d been having you on. “You seriously thought I was crying,” he giggles, returning the hug with his strong arms and tickling your face with his hair. “(Y/N), you are so gullible sometimes.” You stick your tongue out at him immaturely. “Next time we go skinny dipping, you’ll so pay for that.” Ashton just gives you a quick kiss and says, “I’ll look forward to it.”


January 2014-February 24, 2014

I don’t even know what to say. I find it weird that I am crying this hard over a rat I knew for three days. I think because I didn’t know her- I was never given the chance to know her, that I feel like I have been robbed of something.  

She represented a new beginning since losing one of my most loved rats, Remi. Scout was happiness and soft baby fur. Every rat I’ve ever gotten from a pet store has been shy and skittish but she wasn’t- she was bouncy and outgoing and snuggly at the same time. She gave me more personality in three days than some rats give in their whole lifetime.

She was beautiful. She was photogenic and unique and stunning. It’s not fair that this had to happen to her and that she had to live out the last few hours of her short life in pain and discomfort. She could have lived a queen’s life with me. 

I just can’t believe I’m writing another eulogy. It’s been a week. And for a rat I knew was going to be special. She was special. 

I’m so glad that she has a name and that we all will remember her. I’m so glad that she didn’t die three days earlier where she would be been forgotten. I’m glad I stayed awake with her until her final moments so that she did not have to die alone.

She is still lying here on my chest and I don’t know what to do with her. I know as soon as I wrap her up and put her in the freezer I will never see her face again. She’s already starting to smell but I don’t care. Luckily she will soon be buried in my parents’ backyard with all the other rats and our rabbits and tortoise. 

And flowers will bloom because of her.

I loved you little Scout and I am so devastated that you had to go <3


I thank you for being strong enough to go through that every day. And I am very, very glad to have made any sort of impact on your life.

What’s funny is, when you say how you hear it is “probably very far from what you intended”, I hope it makes you feel better that your meaning is dead-on accurate. The way you are hearing it is exactly what I had in mind writing it. (Keep in mind I wanted it to be vague enough that you can hear anything)

I’ve mentioned it before in dark corners of the internet and in read-mores and stuff before, but that song was written from, and most especially for, situations like yours. The lyrics were comprised of things I heard people say about trans friends of mine behind their backs, among other things. (Even things I’ve had said to me, back when a majority of people who knew me online knew me as “Katelyn B.” and would flip shit when i would try to explain that i was not actually a silver wolf girl.)

I did it to set all those maddening things in one place, and light them on fire. To give them a different connotation. I did it so people could do the same with their worries. I did it hoping someone out there, someone like you, anon, would feel the same lift when that shit has the connotation of being part of a bouncy song.

The song is about identity, fitting in, and trying your best, while only hearing things that do nothing to help you, and wanting to hear something that will. The song is about you, and about anyone else in a position even remotely like yours. 

I wish you luck with transitioning. And thanks to you for basically being my inspiration.