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How do you think all the boys would react to a girl who is super sassy and sarcastic to everyone else but rlly sweet and soft to them in private.

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Shuu Sakamaki

“Be quiet, Troublesome Women “

  • finds your sarcasm tedious. 
  • when you show your other side he doesn’t care at all. 
  • Prey is prey. Thats all.
  • like, just let him sleep please.

Reiji Sakamaki

“Someone needs to teach you some manners. Come let me teach you how you should speak.”

  • Finds your sass disrespectful to someone in his position and not at all clever. 
  • Expect lots of punishment even if you show your sweet side later. 

Ayato Sakamaki

“OI! Don’t speak to Ore-sama like that, Pancake!”

  • Hates how you dupe him with your sarcasm because he sucks at it.
  • Bites you even more because of how flustered he gets.
  • Sweet side? Doesn’t matter. You should treat someone as great as him like that all the time.

Laito Sakamaki

“Fufu. Bitch-chan has such a big mouth…I can think of a better ways to use it.”

  • Loves your sassy side and sweet side.
  • It’s so interesting and so fun to break you.
  • Be careful not to push him to far. His patience can wear thin very quickly.

Kanato Sakamaki

  • Kills you before you have a chance to show your sweet side.

Subaru Sakamaki

“ Would you just shut up for once?!? “

  • Doesn’t understand you at all when your sarcastic then he yells mostly to get you just to shut up so he can think.
  • but thinks it’s funny when you sass his brothers.
  • Especially Reiji. The four-eyed prick.
  • Gets so mad from your sass. He completely overlooks your sweet side.
  • Might literally kill you from frustration.

This is tiny, but possibly the start of a new series?

Tarvek tipped his glass side to side, watching the liquid tilt back and forth, watching the snail-shaped ice clink against the sides. Something murderous simmered beneath his tense shoulders and focused glare, giving the air around him a tingle like static electricity. “I ought to Burn them,” he said as though speaking to his drink, giving the word importance that meant Sparky destructiveness.

Violetta stopped pacing. “You can’t just burn down the Court of Gears because someone there hurt Van.”

Tarvek gave her a look that made the hair on her arms stand on end. “Can’t I?” he challenged, his voice vibrating with notes of danger. Violetta stood her ground.

“No,” she said. “You can’t.” She stared right back into that Sparky darkness that Tarvek liked to keep hidden from everyone. “An act of aggression against this city? By a known descendant of Andronicus Valois? Seriously, do you want to get run out of town?”

A slow smile bared Tarvek’s teeth in an unpleasant grin. “They don’t have to know it was me.”

“The Castle will know!” Violetta fought against healthy levels of fear. “Agatha will know! She’ll be disappointed.”

Tarvek grimaced down at his drink. “Just that Greenclaw, then,” he muttered, seething. Violetta tried for reassurance.

“Vanamonde is fine. He’s already running about, business as usual.”

“As he would doubtless do from his deathbed,” Tarvek snapped. “He doesn’t want people to know he’s injured.”

“Then shouldn’t you respect his wishes?” Violetta watched as Tarvek’s resolve wavered, though his fury burned as hot as ever.

“Fine. I should meet this Greenclaw, though.”

“You don’t get to kill him.” If necessary, Violetta would shadow her cousin to ensure the lack of murder. “He’s meeting with Agatha tomorrow.”

Tarvek grumbled something in the general direction of his drink. Violetta failed to catch every word, but he seemed to realize that she would do all she could to keep the situation from becoming bloody. That would make him craftier. Grimacing inwardly, Violetta wondered if she might need some backup.

She certainly hoped not.

Soooo, i sometimes pretend to be a cat. I’ve done this my entire life and I don’t think I’ll ever stop. My mom and baby bro refer to me as cat sometimes or by my cat name, Meowlcolm X. So I told my mom my tummy hurts and she asked if I needed to tell her something to which I responded, something like what. She asked me if I was carrying a litter.

Some folks: I want Elias to become HUMAN
Me & a good chunk of fellow readers: Sorry fam, Elias is an ancient creature of lore and very much a Fae who doesn’t bend to human rules. The author wanted monster/human content, she made it, and the best that will happen is Elias understanding more and more human emotions and how to handle thos and humans in general. I don’t make the rules  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ We’ll always have humanform glamoured Elias, but thats it.


will byers is gay coded → canon evidence