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Person: can you draw me this character
Me: if you pay me then yes
Person: …..*silence* nervermind

It’s always when one brings up price for art folks get silent real quick. Unless I’m feeling generous and doing gifts for folks my art ain’t free. It takes time and energy.

Consider: If the Lucitors can put curses on people, then maybe they can use magic to make deals similar to the human idea of demons.

So, Tom makes a deal with trans girl Marco (who is a pretty close friend at this point) to ramp up her estrogen (or otherwise speed up her transition without needing to use needles) in exchange for a really big plate of nachos.

(Marco does want to take it at her own pace with hair and makeup and such, but being able to have the ‘right’ body without needing to use injections is nice.)

this is a photo of me in times square a few days ago. my mom took this photo. after she took it, I was immediately disappointed because I realized how big I looked; which is something that shouldn’t be disheartening, but still is, for some reason. I felt like I looked really cute in this outfit but then I saw this picture and it was like a sucker punch to my confidence. we’ve all been there, right? but the main reason I asked my mom to take a picture of me in this outfit in nyc was so that I could tweet it at kristin chirico, (buzzfeed writer, body positivity activist, & my personal fashion queen) just to see what she would say, I guess. since this was the best pic of me in my cute af outfit I bit the bullet and posted it anyway. not only did she answer, but she even said I looked good, and I ended up getting a bunch of likes from people I didn’t even know, which made me look at the picture some more, and from a different perspective. anyway, I guess the whole point of this post is to say that I’m going to try really hard to embrace fat girl chic culture from now on instead of trying to separate myself from it. I’m going to push myself to reclaim the word “fat” and maybe empower others to do the same. I’ve been searching for my 2017 look and I think this is it. feel free to add your fat girl #chic photos onto this post if you want. and huge shoutout to kristin chirico for helping me see beauty in myself these past couple years. fat girls are queens of the goddamn world. thanks for reading this and have a beautiful day💖

electricstarlet  asked:

I wanna hear about ur summertime AU

ok so,, it’s summertime ofc and it’s modern!

the revolutionary set (feat. burr) likes to get together and go to the lake occasionally and go divin off rocks and just hang out, etc. burr hangs out with jefferson+madison a lot more often but occasionally goes to chill with alex’s buddies.

one day at the lake, lafayette mentions that he has a summer home up in the woods somewhere, (prob a nicely renovated cabin his family prob rich as hell… what if lafayette is like a french exchange student omg… w/e) he invites the rev set+burr to go stay up there for a few days!! burr mentions that he would like to bring jeffmads and ofc no one is happy about that. but he and alex banter for a while and they finally allow it as long as jeffmads don’t try to start anything. the day they go up to the cabin, jeffmads arrives late (fashionably) and after being around jefferson in all those summer outfits, he suddenly doesn’t hate him as bad as he used to. the rest is history 🤔 i’m thinking about including angsty lams but i don’t wanna break my own heart

but overall just imagine the boys and dairy bars and lakes n public pool shenanigans etc etc!! that’s just a lil story i thought up with @dawnovaan

I only have 3 weeks left until I graduate DBT group which is crazy to me. My DBT therapist is presenting my case to the adults DBT team this week to see if I can finish the full DBT course with them because I turn 18 when I’m 10 months in, so I should find out about whether or not I can carry on getting treatment soon, fingers crossed I won’t be left with nothing when I turn 18!

Today I started back to school after study leave and my head of learning told me that I look so much healthier now compared to a few months ago. I forget that recovery makes you look physically better too… I just used to be so tired all the time and it showed in my face. Besides that, I’m going to the theatre to see Jane Eyre tomorrow night with my best friend which I’m so excited for, and I now have just over 3 weeks until I head off to Cyprus with my family☺️