this girl makes my day

So right now I am in the hospital with some serious problems going on and yesterday I had a surgery but when I got on my phone today and saw Taylor released a new song I started crying tears of joy, honestly I love this girl so much. Thank you Taylor for making my day 200% better!! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

me last night: i feel so alone…. no one loves me…. wahh boo hoo

me today: i love MUD i don’t need LOVE or AFFECTION all i need is the soil that nourishes all life on this earth *listens to girls just want to have fun on loop while lying in the dirt*

Spring ~

I swear I’m never drawing umbrellas again. (Says the girl whose favorite romantic tropes include rain rip)


“It’s pathetic to lose against a single child.”
Todoroki Shouto for @miyukei; happy birthday to the lovely Dan ♡


#in which Kara likes to use her secret weapon now and poor Mon-El couldn’t stand a chance


first batch of fashion folder jojo rqs w/ some ladies!!


In which our beloved monster ambassador is an oblivious senpai-*chokes*

I did this for Valentine’s day but didn’t make it in time– ah well, happy belated shingles day~



These past few months have been very emotional for me for both good and not so great reasons, but I’m pushing forward and keeping the mindset that I will achieve my goals and I will be successful!!

My gorgeous, amazing, talented, caring, wonderful girlfriend Terrin ( @sweeter-thing ) has been so supportive and helpful these past few months and I just can’t thank her enough for everything she’s done for me..even just being there to talk and listen has helped me so much. Thank you for being you baby ♥️🌹 I love you~

Also, I started cosmetology school at Aveda yesterday!!!!!! 😄😄 I’m so happy and excited to have this opportunity to learn so much and be able to have all of these experiences! I’M SO HAPPY!!!! Lol

OH…and I’m not in the military anymore! IM A CIVILIAN NOW!!!! 😄😄😄😄

A sneak peek of Shukashuu’s feature in My Girl Vol. 20, releasing October 18th! She will appear along with Anchan and Rikyako!