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87 “I made a mistake.”
60 “I’ll never forgive you.”
65 “What the hell are you doing here? I never wanted to see you again!”


Your heart pounds fast in the chest, almost like it wants to jump out of it, as you leave the bar.
It should be a surprise that you’re early from work and can spend the evening with him. But instead of him playing pool with his brother, he preferred to examine the mouth of another girl.
“(Y/N), wait!” His voice sounds over the parking spot, but you don’t stop or turn around. “(Y/N)!”
Rough hands turn you around to him, forcing you to look him in the eyes.
“What?!” You snap.
Shocked about the harshness in your voice, he let you go and takes a step back.
“I-I made a mistake.” He mumbles, avoiding the eye contact.
“You did, Dixon.” You turn back to your car. “I’ll never forgive you.”

Days gone by, but you don’t feel any better.
It’s not that you thought you’d be forever with him. Married and with kids in a house.
But you wanted to try. A girl can still dream, even when her boyfriend is/was Daryl Dixon.
You look up from the picture in your hand as the door opens.
There’s only one person who has keys for your apartment.
“What the hell are you doing here? I never wanted to see you again!”
“‘m not giving up on ya, (Y/N).” He says and even without looking at him you know he’s suffering. “I need ya.”
A sigh escaping your lips as you notice the little flower in his hand. “You ever… you ever cheated..”
“No.” Quickly he shakes his head. “‘m sorry.”
Daryl is maybe a lot, but not a liar. That’s why you step aside so that he can come in the living room.
“Come in.” Your expressions softened as he gives you the flower, his hand shaking.


Ranking system:

  • win: 5 points
  • top: 4 points
  • safe: 3 points
  • bottom: 2 points
  • bottom 2, but not eliminated: 1 point
  • elimination: 0 points

Also showing how many spots the girls went up or down in comparison to last week

Overall score: (bolded queens are still in the race)

  1. Shea Coulee: 23 points (-)
  2. Alexis Michelle, Sasha Velour, Valentina: 22 points (+2) (+1) (-)
  3. Nina Bo’Nina Brown: 20 points (+2)
  4. Trinity Taylor: 19 points (+1)
  5. Aja, Peppermint: 17 points (+1) (-)
  6. Eureka O’Hara: 16 points
  7. Farrah Moan: 15 points (-)
  8. Cynthia Lee Fontaine: 10 points (-)
  9. Charlie Hides: 8 points
  10. Kimora Blac: 4 points
  11. Jaymes Mansfield: 3 points

Score per episode: (also showing the difference in points in comparsion to last week, points in italic)

  1. Shea Coulee: 3.833 points per episode (-) (-0.167)
  2. Alexis Michelle, Sasha Velour, Valentina: 3.667 points per episode (+2) (+1) (-) (+0.267) (+0.067) (-0.133)
  3. Nina Bo’Nina Brown: 3.333 points per episode (+2) (+0.133)
  4. Eureka O’Hara: 3.2 points per episode
  5. Trinity Taylor: 3.167 points per episode (-) (-0.033)
  6. Aja, Peppermint: 2.833 points per episode (-) (-1) (+0.033) (-0.367)
  7. Farrah Moan: 2.5 points per episode (-) (-0.1)
  8. Charlie Hides, Cynthia Lee Fontaine: 2 points per episode (-) (-0.5)
  9. Jaymes Mansfield: 1.5 points per episode
  10. Kimora Blac: 1.3 points per episode
We’re Making Breakfast

Eira got up kind of late that next day, the comfort of the mattress putting  her in a deep sleep. If either of them had come and checked on her, she was completely peaceful, her dirtied cheeks pressed against the pillow and the blanket resting over her body, only allowing her head to be seen.

She had finally awoken and walked outside, her eyes squinting until they were greeted with her closed hand. She rubbed at them and looked around, trying to learn the layout of the home.

Don slept fairly late the next morning as well thanks to all the alcohol from the night before. He stretched with a grunt, before he sat upright and looked at the empty bed. Gally was probably off doing witchy stuff. He then made his way downstairs to grab another glass of water.

After taking a gulp from the glass he stepped outside. His eyes squinted from the bright light before raising his free hand to scan the property. Moments later he would spot an equally groggy looking little girl as she stepped from the small single room guest house that was just next door.

Don stood there in just his pants, his body had scars scattered here, there, and seemingly everywhere though most seemed fairly faint. As he took another drink from his glass he raised his hand to wave. “Good mornin’! Sleep Well?”

The little girl nodded her head and gave one final rub to her eyes. “Yes sir. Thank you.” She looked over Don’s body and noticed the scars. She lofted a brow, her small voice calling out to him. “Why do you have those? What happened?”

She walked over to him and stood there. “Where is Miss Galleia?”

Don glanced down at himself a moment at her question, his gaze then moved back towards her as she approached. “I fight a lot, I’ve been injured a bunch as well. But I’m naturally pretty resilient plus my curse makes my wounds heal faster than normal. Me ‘n Gally are mercenaries… Oh, she’s probably doin’ some potion or herb related stuff. I’ll ask her… You were sound asleep when I put ya to bed. Come on in 'n I’ll make us some breakfast.” He then gestured to the two story house behind him before opening the door.

Inside was a fireplace and sitting area with a few chairs, including a rocking chair. On the opposite side of the room was a kitchen and small dining table with chairs.

She nodded her head, thinking about what she said earlier about teaching Eira about alchemy and the like.  She followed after Don and went inside, looking around the home with a content smile. “Should we make some for her too?” She smiled, moving to take Don’s hand and walk with him.

She was a light hearted creature, her rugged appearance would lead people to believe otherwise. But in reality, she couldn’t hurt a fly. Even if she wanted to.

Don looked down at Eira and returned the smile as she took his hand. “Yeah, she shouldn’t be too far. Probably the other end of the property is all. How’s some sausage, biscuits 'n gravy sound?” He then moved towards the kitchen with her in tow. “You know how to cook?” He arched his brow inquisitively as he looked down at her with a smirk. He then released his hand and peered over at the cabinets a moment before he opened them up to grab a cast iron skillet and  a large cooking sheet for the biscuits.

She shook her head. “Nope.” A soft laugh sounded off and she moved closer to Don to watch him. “That sounds really good.” She nodded enthusiastically and looked around for something she could do to help.

For some reason her attention was drawn to her bracelet, the one Gally had made for her. “Does she make these for everyone? The bracelets? What are they for again?”

Don held his hand up a moment to look at his charm bracelet, he then looked back towards Eira. “No, she doesn’t make 'em for everyone. She made one for me not too long after we met shortly after joinin’ Harboson Company… She must like ya.” He said with a little wink. “That 'n she was tradin’ a charm for a charm, since ya gave 'er that bird foot…. If ya wanna help, I can show ya lil’ bit.” He made his way over towards the sink and turned on the water, letting it run before he grabbed the bar of soap and cleaned off his hands. “Gotta wash yer hands off first… Hehe, afterwards ya may wanna consider a bath too.” He said with a smirk as he looked over towards her and rinsed his hands off.

She looked to her bracelet and smiled. It was reassuring, though she hoped it wasn’t just because of the trade. “I didn’t want anything in return. She just looked sad…or lonely.” She nodded her head and moved over towards the sink. After don was done, she’d stand on her tippy toes and wash her hands. A soft “Yes sir.” was offered in his instruction to take a bath afterwards.

“Do you need me to do anything?” She looked around the kitchen with a curious expression.

He moved over towards the cabinet to grab a bag of flour, followed by a smaller container of baking powder as well as a container with salt. He’d move over to set them on the table then give a nod towards her. “Sure thing, grab the roll of sausage outta the ice box… Oh, and the milk too.” He’d point towards the metal box standing next to the counters. Inside she’d see a few bits of food in there, meats and eggs and the like to be preserved. She’d see a roll of sausage and a large pitcher of milk.  Don then grabbed a large bowl and wooden spoon to mix the ingredients.

Eira nodded her head and all but ran over to the ice box. She’d look inside and look for the sausages and milk. “Found it!” She smiled and grabbed the roll of sausage and milk. The milk was clearly weighing her down, as her body began to tilt slightly to that side. She’d slowly make her way back to Don and place the sausages on top of the counter. She seemed to be struggling to lift the milk up that high.

“Does she like anything else? We could make that too!”

Don smirked as he saw her struggle with the milk, he sat the bowl and spoon on the table before leaning down to take the pitcher from her and place it on the counter. “She loves apples, we got a few of 'em in a sack on the counter I think.” He then paused a moment in thought, a smirk forming as he brainstormed. “I got an idea, I’m sure yer both gonna like these… Grab the apples for me.” He’d gesture towards a canvas bag on the counter with a few apples inside.

Don would then move over towards the stove, grabbing a few pieces of wood from the small stash nearby to load it before he reached into his pocket and took out a strange looking device. It was a tad bulky and seemed to have a tool for everything stashed away in it. With a few twists and cranks suddenly his Ultimate Gnomish Utility Knife made a torch-like flame appear from it. He quickly ignited the flame and placed his skillet on top of it.

Galleia had been just as Rodonnon had assumed– out gardening. She hadn’t a greenhouse just yet. That was something that would take time and work, and money. It was a goal of hers, but she wasn’t there just yet. In the meantime, she had dug up a small part of the land, near the bridge that led over a small river to the property. It was far enough back to avoid erosion and floods from the river, but close enough to ensure that the ground would remain moist and the herbs would be well-watered even on those times that Gal and Don were away for long periods of time with the Company.

Getting to her feet, Galleia rubbed the dirt off of her hands onto the apron of her dress. That was the last of the kingsblood seeds that she had on her.  That would do for now. Now that she knew Don and Eira were awake, it was time to head back to the main building on the property, their home.

The woman lacked a quiet approach. While she didn’t stomp, there was no hiding her footsteps. She nudged the door open with her hip, trying to avoid smearing dirt over the handles of as many doors as she could. She smiled when she saw Don and Eira in the kitchen, wiggling her fingers in a wave and went to the sink to wash her hands.

Eira nodded her head and moved to grab the bag of apples. She was excited to be doing something other than hanging out with the kids she normally did. They weren’t the best influence on her.

She’d move the apples over to Don and stare at the flame for a second before she heard Gall come in. “Hi!” She smiled and waved her hand, her bracelet still on her wrist. “We’re making breakfast.”

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Fun ML Fic Idea I Don’t Have Time For;
  • Chloe and Alya are forced to hide together during an Akuma attack. Metaphorical fur flies.

  • At the end of the attack, Ladybug unknowingly hides in the same spot, completely unaware the girls are there, and detransforms.

  • Marinette Dupain-Cheng leaves as casually as you please. Alya and Chloe have a mental breakdown.

  • Alya then comes to the realization that not only is her SUPERHERO IDOL her BEST FRIEND, but said best friend’s bully now knows her secret identity.

  • Cue Mama Bear Alya.

  • Chloe does NOT take the accusation that she’d blab Ladybug’s secret identity well, at all.

  • (I mean, yeah, she’s a little horrified that Marinette is Ladybug, but LADYBUG is Marinette and like hell is she gonna endanger her hero)

  • Especially since Alya runs a blog dedicated to finding out Ladybug’s secret identity. Which she now knows.

  • Alya takes the accusation that SHE’D blab even worse than Chloe does.

  • “-And besides! I’m her best friend! I’m probably the FIRST person Marinette would trust with a secret like this! I mean, she’d tell me before she told YOU!”

  • “Oh? Wanna bet, Cesaire?”

  • Somehow, Chloe and Alya end up in a weird competition where they’re trying to prove to Marinette that she can TOTALLY trust them with her biggest secret, without actually telling her that they already know what that secret is.

  • Marinette is confused (and slightly terrified of both of them after a while).
Terms and Conditons. (Jeon Jungkook.)

Originally posted by jeony

Requested – Yes.

Prompt – Jungkook was out looking for a new flavor of the month and his eyes land on a certain previously taken girl.

Warning – This is a sugar daddy Jungkook scenario. Slight angst, more angst in the future and smut. This smut includes daddy kink.

Words – 2,259. 


The energy was heightened as groups of individuals danced around the large ballroom held for an extravagant party. Jeon Jungkook was known to be quite a party planner when it came to his business because he always wanted to make a strong entrance plus he wanted to impress the girls that might be lucky enough to land in his bed that night.

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limerence: clumsy → 1

pairing: zach dempsey / reader

genre: part one in a drabble series called ‘limerence’ about boyfriend!zach 

about: not only did you literally stumble into zach, but into his heart as well. 

Your first day at a brand new school couldn’t be going better. You had single-handedly managed to rip your brand new silk dress, lose your class schedule, and make 0 friends in a span of less than 4 hours. 

“What kind of shit is this?” You thought to yourself as you searched the sea of students in the crowded hall for a friendly face, finding none. You needed to ask someone to show you where the science hall was and help you open your locker, but no one seemed to want to give you the time of day. 

There was a tedious familiarity of standing alone in a crowded space, watching people pass you by and feeling like you were merely an object strategically placed to display teenage normalcy. 

The end of lunch was fast approaching and standing feeling sorry for yourself was getting old. With newfound determination you bobby pinned the strap of your dress back on, put the loose tendrils of your hair behind your ear, and murmured a soft, “you got this, kid,” under your breath. 

You had spotted a girl dressed in a vivid daffodil colored sundress and you made a beeline straight towards her. Consumed by your sudden sense of purpose and thoughts of how she looked like a beacon of light in the cold murky waters that was the student body, you hadn’t noticed a certain tall basketball player was about to cross your path. 

With a small gasp of surprise you butted straight into his side, swaying backwards and tripping over your feet. A small groan of defeat left your lips as a small ache developed on the bridge of your nose. 

“Hey are you okay?” 

His voice was like deep, rich, smooth chocolate and laced with such genuine concern that it almost seemed to quell the dull twinge of pain on your face. Wanting to see if such an alluring voice had an equally alluring face you looked up and damn it did. 

You could feel your eyes involuntarily widening and the once leisure pace of your beating heart turn rapid. You swept over the gorgeous expanse of his face, committing the slope of his nose and the smooth flesh of his pout to memory in case you never had another chance to be at such close proximity to him. 

“Not trying to be rude, but i’m pretty sure we lost this staring contest a long time ago.” His words brought you back to reality and an uncontrollable blush coated your cheeks, you were sure he could feel the burning heat of them. 

“Actually you lost, i’ve been staring for how long?” Is all you could muster, trying to mask your embarrassment with humor. The beautiful stranger let out a small chuckle, a sound so lovely it brought a smile to your face.

“So long I think you broke a record just now,” he responds playing along. “The dudes from guinness world records should be here any minute now.” 

You pretend to look around the halls in search for them. “Good. They’re not here yet, I still have time to prepare my acceptance speech.” You both laugh at your comment and you can’t help the bubbling giddiness you feel from the silly exchange of words with him. “You’re funny, whats your name?” 


“Nice. I’m Zach.” You had never thought a name could be this hot until now. Wanting to prolong your time with him, get your stupid locker open, and get to at least one class without being late you asked, “Well Zach, besides helping me break world records would you mind helping me with the glorious task of opening my locker and taking me to the science hall? You will be rewarded generously.” 

His coffee brown eyes look off into the distance, pretending to ponder over your offer. “Lead the way.”

Your lips turn up in a content smile, walking over to your locker with a spring in your step. “My combination is 0-8-24.” 

You watch as his lithe fingers spin over the lock, opening it on the first time with a satisfying click. “There you go.”

You try not to gape at how quickly and simply he opened it, you had stood there before for a good 10 minutes without any luck. “I swear I know how to open lockers, this one just didn’t like me.” 

He smiles amused at how adorably your eyebrows furrowed, expressing your distaste at the rusty blue locker. “Well now that this is opened, whats my reward?”

He takes a flirtatious tone, insinuating that he has a certain something in mind. 

“Well that depends, what do you want?” Your words come out breathy as he steps closer to you. He laughs lightly at the sudden change in your tone, the once ringing voice now soft-spoken. 

“A date,” he responds in an indifferent tone that is more suited to say just buying some stuff or gonna go out for a walk. You raise your eyebrow at his request, faking your cool composure. 

“Take me to the science hall and submit a one page essay about why I should and I might just consider it.” 

hello! this is the first time i’ve ever put one of my works out there and i’d really appreciate any feedback anyone has :-)