this girl is my age

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I see all of these girls my age getting engaged, getting a nikkah.. and sometimes I feel so left out! Idk what to do.

My uncle always says “people are running and hastening for things they like to reach but they won’t get in any way close to it before it is decreed by Allah.”

Have patience and concentrate on working on yourself before marriage. It is hard, but do not look at others for it will just put you down, ok?

20 Facts about me.

I’m bored, and I can’t draw yet, so.. yeah.

  1. I hate the ocean.
  2. I don’t like sweets… Only chocolate.
  3. I LOVE coffee.
  4. I’m an asshole to people I hate.
  5. Luckly to the 4th fact, I’m not the hater type.
  6. Horror movies are the best for me.
  7. I’m a furry and a brony (as you can see).
  8. I was born in 04/02/2003.
  9. I love all kinds of animals, but I’m afraid of flying insects and spiders.
  10. I started to draw at age 5.
  11. I’m Brazillian.
  12. I’m a girl.
  13. My favorite/lucky number.
  14. my age now.
  15. I got my Intuos Manga Tablet (WACOM) for about a year ago.
  16. I’m chubby, but people say that i’m beautiful anyway(I don’t trust them >->).
  17. 5′0″ is not only Kessy’s height…. It’s mine too.
  18. I’m studying to go for america(North Caroline,  to be more specific).
  19. I would survive on a zombie attack by sacrificing my friends or family…(You really can’t trust me on those situatuions of life or death)
  20. I don’t like kids :’3

And i’m going to tag that because i want you guys to hate me.

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