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Okay I’ve had this idea for a while now and I’ve decided to write it.

I won’t be posting chapters on tumblr but I will be posting an update on my ao3 every two weeks or so, when I do I’ll share a link on my tumblr if you want to read it since there is just a bit of Greg in it. If you’d like to be tagged just ask! I’ll be posting the first chapter next week but for now here’s the prologue! 😁


“You look nice,” Greg hummed from behind you “Where you off to?”

You put in your diamond earrings and turned around, facing him with a smile just as you smeared some red lipstick on your lips “I’m meeting the girls for brunch! The whole gang.” You walked forward to Greg who had that knee weakening smile on his face.

“Hmm well I hope you have fun, I know how much you loved hanging out with them a few years ago.”

“I know,” you smiled and gazed over his shoulder, reminiscing “Since Sally and Irene moved away it hasn’t really been the same. I can’t wait to see them!” You squealed with delight and clapped your hands.

“I’m sure you’ll have a great time and don’t over indulge too much!”

You gasped and playfully shoved him a little “You’ve got to remember Lestrade that I’m eating for two!”

Greg chortled and wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you close “Ah so we’re using last names now soon to be Mrs Lestrade?”

You scrunched your face “Doesn’t work, love. Good attempt though.” You pressed your lips to Greg’s and he held onto you a little tighter, wishing that you both could just stay as you were for a while “I’m going to be late, and you’re going to ruin my lipstick” you spoke against his lips.

“I’ll get you later Miss Y/L/N, have fun!”

“I will! I love you. See you later!” You waved to him as you walked out the door.

“I love you too!”

You got into a cab and headed to the restaurant that was the hub for you and your friends. You hadn’t been together as a whole group in five years. Stepping though the door you saw them sitting at a table in the back chatting away and smiling, reunited once more.

“Hi girls!” You waved your fingers and they all let out a delighted squeal and shared a group hug with a new little member. “Hello Rosie!” You cooed “Hey Mary!”

“Hi Y/N, it’s good to see you…it’s good to see you all!” She smiled and you all settled down at the table.

“It’s been five years since we were all together…” Molly trailed off.

“It’s been eight since our first little ‘heist’” Anthea smiled and sipped on her coffee.

You heard Mrs Hudson let out a sigh “That long?” She asked and softly smiled “Those were the best three years of my life.”

“Mine too,” everyone chimed in before giggling.

You bit down on your bottom lip and held out your coffee cup “We should have a toast,” you smiled.

“Toast to what?” Sally asked.

Mary smirked and held up her own glass up “To the good girls that revolt.”

jean grey: prefessor xavier is the best thing that could ever happen to young mutants!
scott summers: he’s a great leader, a great teacher, and a great friend
hank mccoy: it’s thanks to charles that we’re all here now

charles xavier: