this girl is genius


“It’s beautiful when you find someone
that is in love with your mind.
Someone that wants to undress your conscience
and make love to your thoughts.
Someone that wants to watch you, slowly take down
all the walls
you’ve built up around your mind
and let them inside.

I couldn’t find an author of this beautiful poem :(

Web-comic Recommendations?

Okay, so earlier I posted a request for book recommendations, and the response was wonderful! So I would like to try the same thing, and ask what your favorite web-comics are.

I already read The Property of Hate, Girl Genius, Ava’s Demon, Califata, Lackadaisy, The Myth of Cinnabar, Gunnerkrigg Court, Wilde Life, Widdershins, and Stand Still, Stay Silent. if you read/create more like these, I would love to see them!

Future/Modern GG AU

A conversation between two policewomen. I don’t really know what’s going on, this just popped into my head.

A: Unfortunately the witness is a Jäger, so we’re going to have to get a Heterodyne present for questioning, and goodness only knows whether there’s one within 100 kilometres of here.

B: Wait,wait, wait. Jägers get Vulnerable Construct Rules? You’re not telling me they can’t handle an interview without a Heterodyne present? They’re that dependent?

A: No, they’re not. They’re jerks. If you don’t have a Heterodyne present they’ll just lie through their teeth, even if there’s no reason.

B: So Treating them under Vulnerable Construct Rules…

A: Just lets us make a Heterodyne get over here and get the truth out of them, yeah.

“they say the young baron wulfenbach killed tarvek sturmvoraus over her” more like he stopped tarvek from murdering her with her bare hands and then realized it was a mistake and was like “whoops sorry bro”

but listen i will NEVER EVER be over the fact that the only time we see tarvek really in the madness place is when he’s beating someone to death with his bare hands