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If Allison could say anything to the pack, like individually, what do you think she would say?

To Malia– Understanding that it’s okay to depend on people, and have them depend on you, is one of the most important lessons you will learn. Keep it close. 

To Liam– Scott didn’t have an alpha to guide him, to protect him, to give him an opportunity to make mistakes. I know you’re young and that this is scary, but understand that there is safety in the family Scott created for you– for all of us. In return, I only ask you to take care of him the way he will always take care of you.

To Kira– I want you to be with him. I want you to bring sunshine into his life, I want him to have someone who understands what he goes through, I want someone who makes him smile. I was glad you were with him when I was alive, and I still am now that I’m gone. 

To Isaac– You are not alone. You will never, ever be alone. Even when it seems like you are by yourself, you are not. People love you, care about you, need you, appreciate you. Some people in this world think about you every day, know things about you, know exactly how important you are. You matter, both to this world and to other people. You aren’t alone and you never will be again. 

To Stiles– I know you know you’ve changed, and that sometimes that scares you, and you aren’t quite sure of the person you are. I know that you know the mistakes you make and you feel like they’ll haunt you for the rest of your life. But ever since I have known you, no matter how bad things got, no matter how pessimistic you were, you always had one thing: Hope. I remember standing in a parking lot with you, so long ago, and telling Scott that there’s always hope. And do you know how I knew that? Because you were there, stepping into the gasoline with him, risking your life for him. Your hope, Stiles, is built on how much you love other people. That’s where all your light and energy and brightness comes from. When it happens, you shine brilliantly. So don’t let go of it. Don’t let go of her. 

To Lydia– The first day of school, you told me that I was your new best friend. Do you want to know why I listened? Because before you, I had never had a best friend– and now I know that you hadn’t too. Lydia, there are some people in this world who experience so much pain, so much loss, that they wallow in it until they drown. But you never let yourself do that, and sometimes I think that’s why you were so lonely. You shielded yourself from pain instead, never letting yourself feel it until it clawed its way into you. At first, I liked spending time with you because you helped me escape the crazy expectations of my parents and the fear of the real world. But then I liked spending time with you because I realized that the sense of normalcy it brought to me was the exact same one it brought to you. Lydia, you were the one who taught me that it’s okay not to be brave all the time. So I’m going to teach you something in return now. I’m going to tell you that it’s okay to lift up your gates and let people in. I know it feels like everyone in life has left you, hurt you, disappointed you– everyone including myself. But Lydia? There are people who know the bits and pieces of you that are broken and still love you. There are people who see underneath the makeup and fake smiles and know that you’re hurting and want to help you. There are people who think you look beautiful when you cry. And one day, you’re going to walk down the hallway towards someone and your heart is going to hammer against your chest and you aren’t going to be able to resist smiling at how pure all of it is. And when that happens, just for a moment, I want you to think of me. I want you to think of me and imagine me saying I told you so. I told you that you deserve to be open, deserve to be safe, deserve to be loved by someone just as much as you love them. Lydia… you may have taught me that you don’t have to be brave all the time, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t brave every moment of every day. 

To Scott–  When I was a little girl, my favorite Disney prince was Shang. “Why?” my parents asked, seeming amused about it, at the time. “Because,” I told them, like it was obvious. “He saves people. He’s a hero.” In hindsight, I think my parents found it fitting that a daughter of an Argent would favor a Disney Prince who was a general. But hindsight works for me too, and now I know, Scott McCall, that I was always supposed to fall in love with you. You are the greatest hero I have ever met. You are a hero to the entirety of Beacon Hills. You are a hero to the supernatural community. You are a hero to your best friends. And you are a hero to a random little girl whose dog you take pain from, hoping he’ll suffer as little as possible. In loving you, in learning from you, in getting to stand next to you for a small pocket of your life, you allowed me to become a version of myself that I was proud to die as. Before you, Scott, I didn’t have anybody in my life who I would sacrifice myself for. But I know that you, every single day, wake up and carry the weight of loving people around on your back. In that, you are heavier than Atlas, you are stronger than Hercules, you are smarter than Odysseus. You are the true hero of my life, Scott McCall. I want to tell you take a second for yourself every few days, but I know that it would be a moot point. So here’s what I will tell you instead: find joy in whatever and whomever you can. Caring about people like you do might sometimes seem fruitless, but you won’t give up, I know you won’t. And when you want to, put some of your weight on me. Know that I’m still here. I’m standing right next to you, supporting you, protecting you, loving you. My first love, my only love, Scott McCall. I’d promise to write you into the stars, but you’ve already made your place in the sky without any help from me. I’ll be here, though. Just promise to take your time coming to find me. 

For Later

When he needs something to remember you by while he’s away..


Warnings/Genre: Smut, Oral sex, Fingering, Dirty talk, Squirting

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Word Count: 1,793

Originally posted by kookies-for-taehyung

“Jimin! We’re going to be late” you shouted from your bedroom. This is the one free day you had alone with Jimin until he goes back on tour. But it was already called short when he had been called in for last-minute meeting and practice. So all you had left was a few measly hours at dinner that you had planned for Jimin with a couple of your close friends before he’s off again.

You kinda wished that you didn’t plan this whole thing. If you had known that this would be the only time you’d have with him before he left, you would’ve never planned this dinner. But it was too late to cancel it. You wanted to get it over as soon as possible, so you could just come home and be alone with Jimin.

“Babe we don’t have to be there for another 20 minutes,” Jimin said as he walked into your shared bedroom. His eyes were glued to his phone, as he was trying to reply back to all the farewell and good luck wishes.

When he finally looked up from his phone, he saw you bent over trying to find the perfect shoes to go with your outfit. He cocked his head to the side and licked his lips at the sight.

You wore one of his favorite outfits on you. A simple tight black dress, that hugged your curves so well. But his favorite part of the dress was the way it rode up when you bent over. Revealing just a tiny bit of skin from your bottom.

You started mumbling something about how you wanted to get the dinner over as fast as you could. And something about being early. But honestly, he wasn’t even paying attention. All he could think about is you. His girlfriend that he wasn’t going to be able to see in months, bent over with her ass sticking out just begging to be fucked.

As you stood up straight, Jimin wrapped his arms around you. Pulling you in so that your back was pushed up against his chest. His head fell to the crook of your neck. Instantly inhaling your perfume, before pressing a wet kiss onto your skin.

“Baby, you look so fucking beautiful” he murmured into your skin. Squeezing you tighter against him.

“Jimin-” you whined as you tried to pull away from his grip. You’d be lying if you said his words didn’t send a shiver right to your core. But you didn’t have time for that. You should be already in the cab right about now, heading to the restaurant. “We have to go Jimin.” You said trying to make your voice sound firm.

“Jagi, we have time,” he said as he continued to kiss and lightly suck on your neck. 

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If it's okay, Smoll Akira (5"0/150 cm) headcanons, and how the other teammates would react to his vertical challenges?

This resonates with me lmaooo. This’ll be a bit different from other asks because I’ll be combining some of the team’s reactions. Thank you for the cute request! I hope you find it to your liking!

Akira (and Morgana):

  • Needless to say, he struggles reaching high things.
  • He doesn’t ask anyone for help because he wants to protect his pride.
  • Scaling shelves and counters is a common occurrence.
  • Sojiro purchases a stepping stool for Akira so he can perform his job with a little more ease. bless him
  • Crowds of people are the bane of his existence because he can’t see over them and he’s constantly pushed around.
  • His feet don’t touch the floor when he sits on chairs, so he swings his legs a lot.
  • His friends respect his abilities regardless of his height.
  • Akira fluffs his hair to make himself look taller.
  • Nearly faints when he sees Yusuke.
  • Palace infiltration is easier because shadows never see him coming. 
  • Morgana doesn’t really pay any mind to it because he’s the shortest out of everyone.
  • He’ll jump on shelves and knock stuff over if Akira can’t reach so he can go to sleep sooner
  • Or Morgana will leap to high places so he can get a better view for Akira. 
  • They make a pretty good duo.

Ryuji and Yusuke:

  • Ryuji’s at fault for most of Akira’s vertical challenges.
  • He would be that guy.
  • You know the one.
  • The kind of guy that crouches to talk to Akira and uses his head as an armrest.
  • The kind of guy that holds objects over Akira’s head so he can’t reach it time to climb.
  • The kind of guy that gets beat up by the girls because he’s being an ass.
  • He really does admire Akira, despite all his teasing.
  • Yusuke, on the other hand, is actually very helpful.
  • He’ll chuckle when he sees Akira standing on his tippy-toes trying to get something, and he’ll retrieve it for him.
  • When they infiltrate Palaces, Yusuke (and Ryuji) will boost Akira up if a platform is too high for him to jump to.
  • He’ll pat Akira’s head sometimes, telling him that he’s a great leader and just giving him little compliments.

Ann, Makoto, and Haru:

  • They think it’s the cutest thing, and they’re very protective of him.
  • If someone makes fun of Akira for his height, they’ll just side-eye or roll their eyes at them.
  • Some counters at stores or street markets/food trucks are too high to see over, so the girls will help him by speaking to the salesperson/reading the menu to Akira.
  • Ann likes to put her arm around Akira and playfully fluff his hair when he’s being sassy.
  • Makoto will ask him for little favors, such as ordering drinks from the vending machines, so he can feel like he’s being helpful.
  • Haru is very considerate about it, but sometimes he’s just so cute that she has to hug him.
  • They are good to him real life angels


  • She is so ecstatic.
  • Futaba and Akira quickly bond over their lack of height.
  • She always slings her arm around him, and he’ll do the same to her.
  • They’ll crouch in bed together and brainstorm diabolical pranks to get back at the tall people (mainly Ryuji and Yusuke).
  • Short jokes are absolutely exchanged between the two.
  • Honestly, they’re best friends.
Never Loved Anyone More

Anonymous requested: Can you do one where Natasha gets jealous and possesive and MAJOR fluff please thank you!

Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x reader (ft. Wanda)
Word count: 1.6k+

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Don’t Let Go

Daryl finds himself a drink, getting drunk and finding you in the shower.

  • Daryl Dixon x Reader
  • 798 Words
  • No warnings

The water is cool, but that’s how you like it. It falls over you like a veil, protecting you from what is out there in the world, all the dangers and frights. It’s all too much for you to handle, always has been.  You don’t know how much longer you can deal with humanity dying out.

You’ve always been lucky enough to be surrounded by people who take care of you and to have them allow you to return the favor. Daryl and his group were always so kind…

You close your eyes and turn your face up, letting the water splash in your face, pouring over your body in a cool fountain. It starts to heat up, only slightly. The steam doesn’t rise too high tonight. This building was losing it’s hot water quickly.

You have only been in the bathroom for five or six minutes when you hear the door slide open. You assume it’s one of the girls, wanting to ask you to hurry up. But they never speak.

You open your eyes and look over, through the glass in the shower. It’s foggy, but you can clearly make out the figure that was Daryl Dixon and his crossbow, slung over his shoulder. He always has that thing, even when you were safe.

Part of you wants to yell, tell him to leave. You always knew something was off about him, but that’s what draws you in. You want to know more about him, where he came from, why he was so quiet.

When he notices you’re watching him, he brings something to his lips. It’s a whiskey bottle. Leave it to him to find the whiskey.

He’s already a little too drunk to function. He sways a little as he tries to turn around, but you catch him off guard.

“Daryl…” You say softly. You open the door just enough to see him without the foggy mess. “Want to join me?”  Any other man, you may have asked him to join as a way to have a little bit of fun in these dark days. However, this is Daryl, and he didn’t handle situations like that too well. This was a friendly invite.

He slumps his shoulders and looks over his shoulder at you, nodding slightly. He’s hesitant, but he walks inside and shuts the door. His crossbow is set to the side, but the bottle remains in his hand as he tries to undress.

“Set it down, honey.” You watch him, wanting to reach out and help, just not wanting to lean out into the cold air.

Daryl pauses and looks over at you. He gently sits the bottle down on the toilet and pulls off his vest, his shirt, his pants and shoes. He walks over to the shower and spins his finger around, telling you to turn around.

You turn away from the door and now with your back to him, you run the water through your hair and slick it back. There’s a slight breeze hitting you as Daryl finishes stripping down. You wonder if he’s just that shy. Poor thing…

He steps inside, pulling the door closed once he was in.

“You okay, doll?” You spin around only to have him wrap those big, toned arms around your body and pull you closer. He buries his face in your neck, his whole body shaking at this point.

You throw your arms around him, holding him dear to you. Not until this moment did you ever stop to think it may be as hard on some of the others, too. Daryl lost just as much as you did, if not more.

He sobs, shattering your heart into a thousand different pieces. You want to make him feel better, but you think it’s best to let him cry it out. He needs to. All this time, he’s acted tough, been the bad boy. Now it’s his turn to be vulnerable.

“Everything will be okay.” You rub his back and kiss his shoulder sweetly. The shower was no longer heating up. It was almost cold again, but neither one of you care. You try your best to soothe him, to show him you care.

His hair tickles your neck and cheek, his hands find their place on your lower back as he tightens his grip on you when the water covers him, too. His chin slips a little down your shoulder blade, scratching you with his stubble. You would have giggled if you knew he wasn’t crying.

He doesn’t move. You don’t move. You two let the water run down your bodies, taking in the silence you’re getting for once. It starts to relax the two of you.

“Don’t let go…” He pleads.

“I’m not, Daryl.” You whisper, giving him a squeeze.

For the naysayers...

“It is definitely the most autobiographical, truthful book that I’ve written to date” - Chris - AOL Build (12 minute mark)

W doesn’t work for C, C said on the radio that W is a screenwriter and his boyfriend, not his assistant!

  • “By the way, I made up half the shit I just told you”.
  • “Being deceitful is so draining, and I’m only dishonest when I HAVE to be.“
  • “It’s the reason famous people can never be totally truthful when they speak publicly”
  • “… Derek Kr@eger, W.S., Heather M@nzutto … … … and all my friends and family.”

You are tinhatters and conspirers and your “CrissColfer theories” have no real support, like M/arren and C/hill. We haven’t seen C and D together since Gl@e ended!

  • “When it comes to solving conspiracy theories, you should never look at the info they give you, only the info they don’t.”

If D were gay he would say it, he is a LGBT ally! He said he was straight and he would never lie!

  • “But you aren’t under a studio contract! You don’t have legal obligations to a network! No one is going to sue you for everything you have if you don’t follow their orders!”
  • “It’s the reason famous people can never be totally truthful when they speak publicly.”
  • “I can’t imagine what it’s like to be one of those people whose whole life is a lie and who have to keep the truth from their friends and family.”

Darren can’t be attracted to men because he’s dated women!

  • “I’ve always been attracted to girls, but there’s only one person I can say I’ve loved in that way… and that’s you. The world isn’t black and white, and the people who think it is are the ones who always screw things up.”

If D and C were dating they would say it! There is no reason to hide in 2017, gay marriage is legal so they would be safe to be public!

  • “Fame is the complete opposite of respect. Fame is getting interrupted every time you have a meal – it’s getting asked favors by complete strangers whenever you step outside – it’s getting asked advice on how to break into the industry from the guy taking a dump in the stall next to you – it’s getting criticized by the whole world and never getting to defend yourself!”
  • In an industry that makes a hobby out of ripping celebrities apart…”
  • “You lose the right to humanity when you become famous. It’s just the way it is.”
  • ”… all the bullshit and challenges that came with fame…“
  • “It’s just cruel for everyone to analyze you like they are.”

F@X is not forcing Darren in the closet, Gl@e was a gay show and Ryan is openly gay!

  • “In an industry that makes a hobby out of ripping celebrities apart, and on a set controlled by people who didn’t care for me very much…”

Publicists are there to help the artists, not to lie to the fans, they only help with their careers!

  • “Whoa, a naked picture of Amy Evans just leaked.” “Did she get hacked?” “I don’t think so, looks like it came from her Twitter account.”

C and D would never lie to their fans!

  • “You should know by now that heroes don’t exist. It’s your own fault for thinking they do.”
  • "It’s the reason famous people can never be totally truthful when they speak publicly.”
  • “I’m only dishonest when I have to be.”
When There Is Smoke

Everyone knows that you and Jay were the king and queen of pettiness. You barely got mad at people but you always held on to their fumbles and tiny mistakes just for shits and giggles. Whenever someone thought of out-witting you in a conversation, both of you would always pull the “remember when” cards and people would stop dead on their tracks, fearing the crippling embarrassment you might reveal.

This was how Jay got the inspiration to pull his pettiest prank yet. For the whole morning it seemed like every AOMG member had been on the phone with their significant others, either mumbling an apology or getting yelled at by the person on the other line. It somehow made Jaebum feel a hint of jealousy. He too, wanted to be yelled at. Because as it turns out, when the guys made up with their girls, they always end up sweeter to each other. And Jay wanted to pour that sugar on him.

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The Ocean on the Fourth | Finn Bálor

Title: The Ocean on the Fourth
Pairing: Finn Bálor/Reader
Summary:I wanted him to be mine, but just like the ocean, he belonged to no one.
Word Count: 2,090
Warnings: cute shit? Lol also no gif bc mobile
Tagging: @rebelfleur22
A/N: This seriously got away from me. I can never just make things short and sweet dammit. I hope you all enjoy!

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Pbarmercy prompt where pharah secretly rescues a lil puppy during a mission and later shows it to mercy in her quaters

Starts with Angst, ends with fluff ;)

This is such a cute prompt … I’m sorry I rushed it a bit, there was honestly so much more I could have written ^^;

It is a hell hole. It is always a hell hole, the places they go.

Pharah ducks behind a crumbling building, the scraps of decommissioned omnics spill oil in the streets which coats the inside of her nostrils. Oil has become synonymous with blood in her mind, in the synapses which transfer information through it. She gags because they were alive and now they are not, and it always hurts; it always burns deep in her stomach like acid.

“Pharah, position?” Someone says over comms - she thinks it is Winston.

“Outer edges,” she replies. All threats have been neutralized. They are not far from base, it is truly horrific how close they sometimes get. Fareeha worries about her comrades, how she will protect them all if a time may come that they are all under fire. It is … terrifying.

“Acknowledged,” says someone else, “can you meet us back at base?”

“Copy.” Replies Pharah, “I will check in at the gate.”

“Good, over and out.” This time is is Angela, her voice is exhausted and beautiful. Fareeha deflates behind her barricade, looks down at the sparking omnic beside her.

There is a cemetery not too far off, she remembers it; she hoists the body over her shoulder and walks quietly in the Raptora (in the heavy silence of a battlefield) there; digs a hole, sets the body in it.

Fareeha Amari knows the value of the rite into the afterlife; everyone deserves a proper burial. There is a rock off to the side; medium sized and flat-ish. She goes to it, bends to pick it up.

There is a sound like whimpering, Pharah is surprised that there is a puppy crouched behind it, tail between its legs. It must have been caught up in the battle.

Cemeteries are, ironically, relatively safe places to be during war. Pharah knows. Pharah remembers a mission during her first deployment; how she and her captain had taken cover in a cemetery for two days after the squad had been dismantled.

In a way, she feels as though this puppy is an echo of her, then. Twenty-two and woefully unprepared. Emotionally scarred, even now.

She reaches her hand out tentatively, the fleshy and warm one, the one that connects with the world around it, and is pleasantly surprised when the puppy does not shrink away from her. It accepts her with a nuzzle and a lick and Fareeha knows already that she will not turn away.

She finishes up with the makeshift headstone, and heads for home.

The puppy is probably a retriever, Fareeha guesses, watching it scramble around her room - if the amount of fluff and the yellow coloring is any indicator. She has scraps for it in a bowl on the ground along with some water and a mat made of the formal attire she is relatively certain she will never have the occasion for; despite this, it seems to be more interested in a pair of socks and the relative firmness of her barrack bed.

Fareeha sighs heavily as she sits next to it; she knows this was unwise. There are a lot of things she is not equipped to handle - regular walks and a steady schedule for avoiding incidents.

Fareeha has been assigned to the bulk of all missions lately…

Tomorrow, she resolved, she will deal with it tomorrow.

The puppy curls up beside her as she lays down, obviously exhausted.

She does not blame it; she feels the same.

For two weeks, things go well enough. Fareeha is more reclusive than she is generally known to be, but people do not mention it.

For two weeks it is fine, and then she is assigned to a mission in America and things become entirely more complicated.

She’s named the puppy Ernill, which was the name etched on the omnic that night. She has learned that it is a male, that he definitely enjoys socks and that he can absolutely not be left alone for any extensive amount of time lest he destroy everything.

At midnight the night before her deployment, Fareeha knocks lightly on Hana’s door, knowing the girl is up and streaming. After a few minutes, probably the time it took to finish her current match, Hana opens the door, looks at her strangely, a silent question.

“Can I ask a favor of you?” Fareeha asks, quietly, seriously.

“Depends…” Hana says, deceptively intelligent and always a little more than wary. Fareeha pulls out a leash.

“… is this something kinky?” Hana asks. Fareeha goes red with indignation.

“What? No! Of course not,” Fareeha says. “I … adopted a dog … on our last mission.”

This catches Hana’s attention, she leans forward, interested.

“It would be unwise to tell Winston of it. But I cannot leave him alone for so long after I leave tomorrow.”

“If you’re asking me to watch a dog,” says Hana, “I’m already sold.” And she grins and Fareeha feels relief she has not felt in ages.

Fareeha introduces Hana to Ernill, the two get along well. Or, perhaps Hana just really likes dogs. Regardless, when Fareeha leaves the next day, she is please at the thought of the little dog’s safety.

Fareeha returns a week later, bruised and exhausted. Briefly, she forgets that a dog even exists. She nearly forgets she exists. She just wants to sleep.

Despite the success of the mission as a whole, she feels like she has failed in her own way - a success means no injury, and she is definitely feeling the hole in her leg.

When she opens the door to her room, she expects empty, dark, silence.

What she gets is Angela, dressed in a tank top and flannel pajama shorts, playing with Ernill, a rope toy in her hand and in his teeth; they are both sitting on her bed. Everything Fareeha thinks she feels seems to vanish, all but the warmth up her neck and in her ears.

She sets her bag down at about the same time they both turn to look at her.

Angela is smiling freely into the empty room and it is like sunlight; Fareeha is not sure she has seen anything more calming, more needed in a particular moment in her entire life.

“Welcome back,” she says, quietly, wonderfully. Ernill nudges the hand the rope toy is in, demanding attention.

Fareeha does not recall having purchased a rope toy.

“Oh - thank you,” says Fareeha, shuts the door behind her to avoid prying eyes.

“How are you?” Angela asks, and eyes the way Fareeha is favoring her left leg skeptically. Fareeha tries to hide the pain of it.

“Fine,“ and then seeing Angela’s disbelief, adds unconvincingly: "Nothing serious,” a pause, “I see you have met Ernill.”

At this, Angela’s face breaks out in another winning grin, she scratches behind his ears affectionately and then stands. Ernill jumps off the bed as she does so.

“Hana asked me to watch him, she left for a mission yesterday.”

Fareeha is beyond relieved that Hana had passed off the task - even if it only ended up being for a day.

Fareeha watches the way Angela walks toward her. Watches the way Angela places a hand on her right thigh, blushed deeply when she makes contact.

“What are you-” she begins, but then Angela pushes lightly and pain shoots up her leg and oddly, through her spine. Fareeha winces, stumbles. Angela frowns contemplatively.

Ernill barks and they both glance briefly to the door to make sure no one has heard.

“Nothing serious?” Angela repeats. Fareeha has the sense to chuckle lightly and try to play it off.

“Relatively,” she responds. Angela sighs and shakes her head, turns back to Ernill.

“How long have you had him?” She asks, her tone lighter now, more joking.

“A few weeks,” Fareeha responds, “since the mission in London.”

“Who knew; Fareeha Amari is not all stoicism behind the soldier facade,” Angela smiles. Fareeha wonders if this is how they all see her - as some statue of marble, unfazed. She wonders if she is not just repeating all of the same mistakes she has made in Helix.

“He was having a ruff day, I could not just leave him,” Fareeha says. Angela blinks once, twice, and then something seems to crack in her and she laughs and Fareeha blushes for no other reason than that Angela has a beautiful laugh.

Fareeha would tell a thousand awful jokes just to hear it again. When Angela recovers she is still smiling.

“I should … let you get some rest,” she finally says. “But do you mind if I visit? I’ve grown rather attached.”

“Come anytime you like,” Fareeha tells her sincerely. Angela smiles, and leaves for the door, but stops just before opening it. Turns to Fareeha, leaning just a little on it, Fareeha does not know why she feels the rise of a blush but it persists just the same.

“And Fareeha,” Angela says, “see me tomorrow about your thigh, I want to get a proper look at it.” There is something about the way she says this that sends a jolt of electricity through Fareeha’s stomach.

When the door closes with a light click Fareeha glances down at Ernill. His tail is wagging, tongue out, he barks once, happily and Fareeha feels as though something has changed which she cannot name; but which Ernill probably could - he looks … almost happy with what has just transpired.

Jaqen H'ghar falling in love with you would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo Jaqen!! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him being intrigued by you and constantly asking you for your help in order to stay around you as long as he can

-Him starting to realize that most of his actions to you are all from his heart rather than from the Many Face God

-Him asking you for more and more personal favors and slowly just loving how kindhearted you are to always help him out

-Him enjoying to keep his eyes on you from afar, especially when he sees you smiling and having fun

-Him getting quiet whenever you would notice one of his injuries and take care of him, only to end up staring at you

-Him offering you flowers and some little gifts whenever you would help him, as a return of favor, only for it to slowly turn into something he does regularly for you

-Him getting Arya to tell him more about what she knows about you because he knows how much you trust the young girl

-Him hoping you won’t ever look at any other man but ending up convincing himself he can’t be with you and that he must let you go and be happy

-Him always coming in the right time to keep you safe, only to subtly ask you if you are alright while clearly showing his concern

-Him confessing his feelings for you but making it seem so intriguing that you’re not too sure until he presses his lips to yours

Imagine Sebastian driving you to work instead.

A/N: Part 4! Everyone seems to be enjoying this, so I’m just going to keep working on it until I find an end. 😋 Oh, yes. Please don’t pounce on me if the Romanian here is wrong. I’m not Romanian so I turned to the Internet for help, I don’t know 🤷🏻‍♀️ Let’s get to it, shall we? You can read the previous parts here: (Just Friends: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3)

You were aroused from your sleep when you heard sounds coming from your kitchen. You rubbed your eyes and reached for your phone with your blurry vision, even without your glasses you could make out that it was only 8:30AM and way too early for you to wake up. Today you didn’t have to be at work until 1:00PM as it was an afternoon shoot; Chris wasn’t coming to get you until 11:00AM which was why your alarm was set for 9:30AM. So who the hell was in your kitchen waking you up at such an ungodly hour after the Chris-less night you had?

You reached for your glasses and staggered to your feet, stretching your arms over your head. You pushed the covers off you and moved to plant both feet on your hardwood floor. A shiver ran through you when your right foot made contact with the cold surface, whereas your left foot was protected by the sock you’d put on before bed. You sighed when you realized you’d lost a sock in your sleep again. You were cold, but were too tired to tear your bed apart of find said lost sock. Instead, you slipped your glasses onto your face and headed outside to look for the perpetrator whose actions had woken you up.

You rubbed your right eye as you padded outside, your finger bumped your glasses frame as you yawned. You could smell something cooking. Eggs, maybe? You were too tired to function. After Sebastian told Chris to go, and he actually left because he was a guy with principles- you climbed into bed and stared at the ceiling for an hour before you slept. You had six months before production ended, then it was going to be at least another three months of premieres, press junkets, and other red carpet related events. Three or more; this all depended on the success rate of the movie. But you knew with Chris’ skilled hands on it- it could only be a success, and you weren’t sure if that was a good or bad thing yet.

“Good morning, Kiddy,” Sebastian greeted you when you turned the corner as he flipped his famous bacon and cheese omelette onto the plate. “Breakfast?” He quizzed with a smile and you narrowed your eyes at him. You were hungry, but you were also mad at him; for last night, and for waking you up.

“Don’t ‘Kiddy’ me,” you bit as you sat down on one of your breakfast bar stools. ‘Kiddy’ was the nickname he gave you growing up seeing as you’d always be his kid sister, but you only loved it when you weren’t mad at him. He knew that, but it didn’t stop him from using it; nothing did because he knew you couldn’t stay mad at him for long. “I can’t believe you got Mrs Baker to spy on me again.” He said nothing as he sipped on his coffee, holding the hot liquid in his mouth for a moment before swallowing. “Nu mai sunt copil,” you reminded him with narrowed eyes.

“You’re not a kid anymore?” Sebastian scoffed, plonking your white snowflake mug down on your marble bench top. Your eyes darted to the mug and your frown deepened; he never listened when you told him not to use that mug. “Pe dracu,” he cussed and your jaw tightened. “Do you know what that means, Y/N? It’s bullshit that only the devil would believe because if you’re an adult- God, help you.” You felt your eyes well; you always hated it when Sebastian scolded you. “An adult would make better life decisions, one that won’t ruin her career before it even begins.”

“Dating him is not going to ruin-”

“Don’t,” he cut you off, frowning. “Don’t even, Y/N. You are not stupid, so don’t you finish that sentence.” You dropped your blurred gaze and distracted yourself by scratching a single spot on your marble bench, fighting your urge to start crying. “You-” Sebastian began then sighed, running a hand over his mouth.

He knew he’d hurt your feelings and you were on the verge of crying, which he did not want to see; he hated seeing you cry. You were his baby sister, he wanted you to be happy at all times. It was his job as the man of the house to make sure you were; it was also his job to protect you which was why he was doing what he was doing.

“I know it’s hard, Kiddy.” He reached across the bench top for your hand, but you pulled away before he could offer you a comforting touch. He sighed, “and I’m sorry if I’m coming off harsh.” He leaned forward, resting his elbows on the marble surface as he tried to catch your gaze. “But you know I’m just trying to look out for you, that’s all I ever do. I’m not telling you not to be with Chris, I’m just saying wait a while.”

“I’ve waited seven years,” he heard you mumble, “what if this is my last chance?” You looked up, sniffling as tears rolled down your cheek. “What if he finds someone else before the movie’s done, Seb?” That thought didn’t cross your mind until last night when Chris left looking slightly frustrated. “He’s thirty-six, Seb. He’s not like me, he can’t afford to wait anymore.”

“He can’t afford to, but he will anyway,” he assured you, gently pinching your chin. “You are something special, Kiddy. Someone worth waiting years for, and if Chris doesn’t see that then- he can piss off and you can find someone better.” You managed a small smile. “But come on, like you think he won’t wait. That man is very much so in-love with you.” He playfully nicked your jaw with his fist. “You’re a champ, so stop worrying.”

“I don’t think I tell you I love you enough, Sebba.”

“I don’t think you tell me you love me enough too, Kiddy.” He winked and slid the plate with the omelette across to you. He grabbed a fork out of the drawer and placed it down next to the plate before turning to your fridge, “what do you want to dr-” Before he could finish his sentence, you’d walked over and hugged him from behind. “I love you too, Kiddy,” he chuckled softly, reaching behind him to give your head a light pat.

“You’re the best brother a girl could ask for.”

“Do me a favor and remember how you feel now so you won’t get mad when I tell you this next thing,” he winced and you pulled away from him, raising a brow when he turned around. “Chris isn’t going to drive you to work anymore, I am.”

“Ma freci la icre.”

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Part 5A

anonymous asked:

can we get some younger sana + the balloon squad headcanons please😩 like when she was at utta or something😩

younger sana + the balloon squad is my shit ™ like if yall have some headcanons for me hit me up!!!!

  • sana was a completely different person when she was at school than she was at home
    •  like at school she spoke perfect norwegian/she was cold and didn’t talk much 
    • but at home she sometimes fell into the way her brother and his friends spoke she could smile and relax and be herself 
    • when she is at home or with the boys she doesn’t feel the pressure of being perfect or fitting someone else image 
  • the boys always stayed late on saterday so they could all watch movies together
    • like they had a system where every saterday one could pick a movie but if you pick two bad movies you can’t choose for a while (depending how bad the movies were)
  • elias used to tease her about the fact that sana would always wear black now that she is in middle school but the boys were like “bruh she looks so badass” “like men in black but way cooler” 
  • they have so many nicknames for sana like they love her a lot
  • the boys used to help sana with her homework but they were confusing her more because they couldn’t agree and Mikael would just make the exercise for her without explaining so she just asks jamilla now
  • sana loves the boys being around because now instead of two big brothers she has five
    • yousef doesn’t count jus because he doesn’t feel like a brother to her 
    • he is different, she doesn’t know why he is different but he is 
  • i already mentioned that sana rapped nicky’s verse from monster and the boys never been the same
    • but now Adam wants to have a rap battle every chance he gets and Mikael wants to film everybody’s reaction
    • but sana just wanted some juice before studying again
  • like the boys think elias is an overachiever but he has nothing on sana and the boys are like can you both chill ? and they are nO, school is important and you need to take time and effort in it ??
    • but they both literally on top of their class
    • they realised being a good *cough the best cough* is a bakkoush trait
  • they went to all her middle school games and cheered the loudest to the point sana was so embaressed to the point they were only allowed to her important high school games much to their disagreement
  • sana has so much blackmail on them just in case she needs a favor but it is usually useless because they are always ready to help her
  • they used the prank the neighbours all the time
  • sana and mikael once got all the waterguns and they fired it at the boys who were siiting outside for her window it was actually one of the best memories she has from mikael
  • mutta once asked her advice on a girl and sana had no idea what to say and just said that he just had to be himself because thats was honestly good enough
    • it worked since they went on a date after sana gave him advice 
    • it was a total fluke tho
  • okay there was this guy in sana’s islam class who had a crush on sana but sana didn’t notice because she was honestly not interested 
    • so the boys noticed because the boy was giving sana heart eyes when elias picked her up and they all tried their best big brother glare and sana was like what are you doing ????? oh nothing ??? why are you glaring brahim like that he is nice ??? 
  • the boys adore discussing things with sana she usually have a different view than them
  • whenever one of the boys had a big presentation they would practice at the bakkoush with the an audiance (the balloon squad + sana and the bakkoush parents)
  • the boys love binging watching old tv shows and dragging sana to watch with them 
    • “sana this culture”
    • “Adam, just because it is 90 sitcom doesn’t mean it is culture”
    • “cmon, sana we are watching friends next”
    • “I hate ross”
    • “Sana who doesn’t ???”
  • the boys always could feel when sana had a bad day it wasn’t very obvious but they tried to make her smile at least one
  • when sana spended more and more time with jamilla the boys were very hurt 
    • “Aren’t we good enough anymore”
    • “We took her when she had no one and now she leaves us”
    • “that never happened maybe she wants to hang out with girls”
    • “OKAY I UNderstand but who is getting rid of all the spiders now
  • the boys all have a soft spot for her like sana can do no wrong it is amazing like she literally can’t even if she does they are like nahhhhhhhh
Why I Started Sugaring

I have a pretty unconventional reason as to why I started sugaring and why I still love it to this day. 

I was in a few year relationship that was wonderful. We had a healthy life together and eventually decided to move in together. I don’t know what triggered it, but upon moving in he became insanely jealous. Making mean comments about my clothing choices and asking why dinner with my girls took so long. About a month later we were on vacation in my hometown and he grew jealous of my male friend since childhood. He put his hands on me that night and I told him the next day it was over and I would never be with him again. I didn’t know why his personality changed so sharply, but I gave him leeway in moving out of our apartment because I loved him. After a couple weeks, I started asking when he was leaving more often. He started getting angry and violent. We slept in different bedrooms. I started making plans to leave because I just wanted out of everything, even though I had paid the deposit and the first two months rent. Then one day, he held me down and raped me.

It took a while for me to really call it what it was. I blamed myself for putting myself in that situation in the first place. I never told anyone, not even my therapist. I’m a naturally sexual person, young and attractive. I felt like my sexuality and womanhood was disgusting after that. I couldn’t imagine how I would feel trying to be intimate with a new partner I cared about. 

Meanwhile, I was closing in on graduating college. I had $9k in credit card debt and $6k in student loans and wasn’t where I wanted to be in my life. I ditched most of my friends in the aftermath of my relationship.

I am fortunate that the first man I met on SA was an experienced gentleman and knew how to treat me. I didn’t even have time to be nervous about our date because it was brief and last second as he was flying out that evening. I didn’t have time to be attacked by the initial sleaziness of that site. He gave me a cash gift for that first date and was very straightforward and honest. I still ask him for favors to this day.

Being in a sugar relationship gave me the power to take back my sexuality. It made me feel like it was my choice. I entered into each engagement without fear. I was always worried how I’d feel with my next boyfriend, if the first time I had sex after being raped would disgust me. It didn’t matter if that happened with these men, I could get up and leave any time.

My ex also owed me over $3k, which I will never get since I eventually had to file a restraining order. I felt stupid. I like to think I’m an independent smart woman, I would always be more than happy to go dutch or pick up the check because that was who I was. But that was just dumb. I never felt comfortable asking men for things, I always felt like I needed to prove myself. 

Sugaring taught me it was okay to expect more from men and ask for favors, that it didn’t take away from my strength as a woman. I’ve learned that usually men who care about you will acquiesce. I know some of you girls hustle and love to pull one over on stupid guys. And sometimes I feel like men deserve to be fucked over because of what happened to me. But luckily my SRs have been nourishing and have taught me so many empowering things about simply being who I am. 

I have traveled the country, gone to Europe twice with my SDs. I carry a nice purse and bought a new car. I paid off all of my debt before I graduated and have $5k in an emergency fund and $30k invested in investments. I’ve been sugaring for about a year and a half. 

But I’m not extravagant. I work an 8-5. I have normal friends and talk to my mom every day. My closet is not designer, I save most of my money. I have a few stories that still make me cringe because I wasn’t well versed in the sugar world at the beginning. 

I suppose what I want to say, is that I am not cynical nor outrageously pampered. I’m right in between. I love being a sugar babe, I love having someone spoil me since I’ve never been spoiled before. I genuinely appreciate the experiences I’ve been given. I’ve had four successfully SRs. I’m in one now. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that a good sugar relationship can be empowering in more ways than just financial. 

Not the Sun Pt. 1

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ANONYNOUS Requested:

Can you do a jungkook or Taehyung fuckboy AU? Where like you hated him so much, and they liked that about you. Then Y/N would play hard to get and stuff. They need to hook up tho! You can do it like a chapter story or a one shot idc.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Genre: Fuck Boy!Bangtan, Angst, Smut

Word Count: 1,172

A/N: The person who asked for this sounded a little rude imo, but it’s still a good request so here it is lol

Your name: submit What is this?

Your whole life you’d known Taehyung. When you were kids he was an okay guy, you never were too close with him. Once you started high school you were thankful you’d kept your distance. Once puberty hit Taehyung, he was unstoppable. He looked harmless, like a model student; but everyone knew that behind that façade hid a very different Tae.  The Taehyung that went out and got drunk every weekend, the one that found any pretty girl to make feel like ‘the one’ just for the night. The one with a horrible reputation with women. The one walking with a different girl under his arm every week. That Taehyung. You never were interested in him or any of his dumb friends, but that didn’t deter him from making advances anyway. Which was the reason you hardly went to parties anymore. As much as you avoided him, though, he would always find you. He always seemed to know where to find you if he really needed to. Which was usually to ask for classwork or homework in exchange for “favors”. You wound up just passing it to him so he’d leave you alone, which worked for a while.

All the way to senior year you managed to be one of the few girls who hadn’t sucked Taehyung’s dick, so when graduation came you were more than happy to move away for university. You figured that there was no way he’d kept up all his grades, so you’d probably never see him again. Everything was well, and you couldn’t be happier.

Once you were off to college, all memories of Taehyung and his little group of womanizers were but a haze. You wouldn’t have to deal with that anymore, you could finally be away from everyone you hated. The first week went by smoothly, your classes were great and your classmates weren’t completely obnoxious. Everything was pretty standard until about three weeks in, when you spotted a familiar face when you walked into class one morning. Your eyes weren’t deceiving you, it really was him. What the fuck is he doing here. You quickly found your seat hoping he hadn’t seen you and just focused on taking out your work and getting ready, unfortunately, you were a little slow. You heard the sound of footsteps making their to your side of the class, then a presence sitting next to you.

“Hello, sweetheart. Long time no see, did you miss me?” His voice was a little deeper than you remembered. You didn’t even bother to look at him, the less you interacted the better. “Come on, are you really gonna play like that?” This wasn’t a fucking game, it was a damn sign for him to go away. Instead you just focused on the notes in front of you.

“You can pretend you don’t know me all you want, (y/n), but I know you.”

“Do you fucking need something? Can’t you see I’m fucking busy?” You said, the venom could be felt in your words. Tae pretended to be offended by your harsh tone.

“Is that any way to talk to an old friend, (y/n)? I’m just trying to be friendly.” He seemed to be taking this a fucking joke. Whatever he was trying to do wasn’t going to work, you weren’t having any of it.

“Don’t you have somewhere else to be? Like tangled between another girl’s legs?” Okay maybe that was a bit much, however, Tae didn’t seem fazed.

“You know, I should be, but here I am putting up with you instead.” He said with as much indignation as you. “So make this worthwhile, or you’ll be the one to make it up to me.” His tone a little lighter, but you still didn’t know whether if he was joking or not.

“You’re the one wasting my time with this pointless conversation, so ‘make it worthwhile, or you’ll be the one to make it up to me.’ Now leave.” Shocker, he didn’t leave, but you didn’t actually expect him to. He just sat there a little defeated. The class went by in silence between you two, occasionally he’d kick you to get your attention, but his efforts were fruitless. He was being childish, and you didn’t want to put up with it. The hour seemed to last forever, but when it was finally over you made sure to be the last to leave so that he wouldn’t be following you around, you thought he’d want to go meet with whatever friends he had now as soon as class ended so you were in no rush. You were half right. He was the first to leave, but to your surprise he’d been waiting so that the hallway was empty by the time you decided to step out of the room. As soon as you stepped out, Tae backed you into the wall, trapping you between his arms. You didn’t even face him, the sooner you could get this done with the better.

“What the fuck do you want? I have somewhere else to be.” You lied, he didn’t seem to care.

“You’re not leaving until you say my name.” Childish? Certainly. But if it got you out faster then you’d do it.

“Kim Taehyung. Happy? Can I go now?” You tried moving his arm out of the way, but he held his ground.

“Not exactly, you still owe me for wasting my time, sweetheart.” He had to be joking. Owe him? If anything he owed you, he was the one wasting your time.

“Good luck with that, pal. I have to go.” Again, you tried in vain to move him out of the way. You looked at him, his expression gave it all away. It was one of his stupid fucking tricks. As quickly as you had looked you turned away, but he held your face to look at him.

(Y/n), you’ve gotten prettier. You know that?” That was so lame, you couldn’t help but roll your eyes at him. He could definitely pull something better than that. Just as you were about to speak your train of thought was interrupted by his lips on yours. His aura was gentle, this kiss was anything but. His hand found its way into your hair to give him better leverage in the kiss, the other holding you closer to him. You put your hands up to his chest to protest, but you melted into him you couldn’t help but kiss back. He kissed you like you were about to dissipate and he wanted to remember your taste. He pulled your hair lightly causing you to gasp, he used that to slide his tongue in your mouth. It was so good, but you hated to admit it. You came back to your senses and pushed him away, he didn’t put up a fight and stepped back catching his breath. A grin spread across his face, you were both horrified and ecstatic. You couldn’t help but smile a little too.

“You should waste my time more often.”

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Camila just unfollowed all the girls on ig and more drama is coming tomorrow. I sent an ask days ago to you and multiple other blogs about this happening, but none of you answered. It's pre planned management drama and it's not the girls at all. Remember this and don't pick sides. Both of the girl's teams want media coverage for this drama, stay OT5...

That’s weird because I never got a message?But yes anon!!! Anyways word on the street is there’s also shipper drama happening tomorrow

So please bare in mind that:

Carlos De Vil Headcannons

I’m writing this on mobile and using emojis as bullet points. Sue me.

🐶 Once he graduates highschool he starts a rescue home for pets

🐶 He can never decide on a sexuality, so he just calls himself queer and learns to steamroll over anyone who objects

🐶Quits Tourney as soon as he gets the chance

🐶 Holds a funeral for Dude when he dies

🐶 Evie eventually convinces him to see a therapist, surprise surprise he’s diagnosed with anxiety

🐶 Also maybe a personality disorder (That I won’t write about because I don’t know enough to do them justice)

🐶 Never able to shake the habit of eating like his food could be stolen from him any minute

🐶 His first female crush was Evie

🐶 His first male crush was Jay

🐶 Never told either of them about it

🐶 Is polyamorous

🐶 Wants children but terrified he’d be an awful father

🐶 Doesn’t know how to explain the above

🐶 One day he shaves off all his hair because it reminds him of his mother

🐶 Has trouble trusting people for the rest of his life

🐶 Designs several video games, releases them for free and never tells people he made them

🐶 Drinks to much coffee and doesn’t sleep enough

🐶 Tries to avoid learning to drive for as long as he can

🐶 Asks Doug to teach him how to swim

🐶 To his surprise he’s a natural at it

🐶 Eventually he takes up competitive swimming

🐶 Takes cooking classes

🐶 Always the first choice to model Evie’s designs

🐶 Dyes his hair every color he can think of

🐶 Absolutely refuses to take an office job

🐶 Terrified of losing his mind like his mother did

🐶 He’s seen the pictures Anita has, of a shining, brilliant girl (A rising star, just like him)

🐶 Sometimes he’s glad he’s overlooked in favor of the others

🐶 That way, if things go wrong, the public won’t be watching his every move

🐶 Buys a plot of land and designs his own house

🐶 Might not live happily ever after, but he does live a good life in the end

I’m Never Going to Leave You - Part 3

My first ever fanfic attempts. Part one can be found here, Part two here.  Enjoy!


“You.”  Nesta was startled by a voice at the library doorway.  “I knew I liked you.”  With a coy grin Amren walked into the library.

“Amren,” Cassian snickered at her, “I thought you were still at Summer.  What happened?  Get sick of your boy toy alrea-“  He chocked on the rest of his sentence as Varian walked in behind Amren.  

Varian raised an eyebrow at Cassian, almost daring him to finish that sentence.  Instead, Cassian strode over to him and clasped arms with him.  “No harm meant, Varian.”

As the two men continued talking, Amren made her way over to Nesta.  “It’s about time you did something about Morrigan and her behavior towards you.  Just watch out for whatever she might have in store for you after this.”

“I can take care of myself.” Nesta replied cooly.  

“We’ll see about that, girl.  You haven’t done a very good job of it for the past month, have you?”

Nesta’s gray-blue eyes sparked and narrowed in anger at Amren.  How dare this little female blatantly call her out on her behavior this past month!  “I wouldn’t expect you to understand.  It’s not like you’ve been around here to help in any way, too busy with your…Varian.”  Nesta blushed at almost having called him her boy toy like Cassian had.

Amren chuckled.  “It’s good to see you still have that fire in you.  You’re going to need it.”

Before Nesta could ask what she meant, Cassian and Varian joined them.  “So what brings the two of you back to the Night Court, little monster?”

“Watch it, Cassian, or you’ll be missing your favorite dangling parts before you can put them to good use.”  Although she was considerably shorter than he was, Amren still smirked down her nose at Cassian, who foolishly wasn’t backing down an inch.

Thankfully, Varian answered his question.  “Amren brought me here so I could ask a favor of you.  I’d like the opportunity for me and my men to train with you and the Illyrian army.”

By the look on his face, Cassian was clearly surprised by this request.  Nesta was confused.  “What do you mean, train?  The war is over.”

“THIS war is over, but there is always another war, girl.”  Ignoring Nesta’s bristling stare, Amren moved over to the couch and sat down.  “It may be soon or it may be centuries in the future, but there is always someone fighting somewhere and inevitably we will have to get involved. It’s best to be prepared.  Besides, what else are those men going to do with all that time on their hands every day?”  Snorting, Amren waved her hand and a tray of fruit appeared on the end table.  She picked up a strawberry while Varian plucked up a pair and sat down next to her.

Cassian nodded in agreement.  “It’s best to keep training every day, no matter that it’s a time of peace now.  Think of how much worse it would have been against Hybern if we hadn’t had trained warriors to fight him.”  Nesta flinched at the reminder that her lack of training with her powers had nearly cost Cassian his life, and did cost thousands of warriors their lives.  It had also killed her father.  Her guilt resurfaced with a vengeance, and she wrapped her arms around herself tightly.

Turning to Varian, Cassian explained to him, “I’ll have to get permission from my High Lord and Lady.  I’m assuming you have Tarquin’s approval to make this request?”  At Varian’s nod, Cassian continued, “Then I’ll ask them when I see them in the morning.”  Cassian picked up a bunch of grapes and began popping them into his mouth, chewing silently, already strategizing for the training that would take place.

Nesta’s heart was beginning to race.  Another war?  Would there be one again soon?  Who would it be this time?  Perhaps the human queens were even now gathering forces, forming plans for the destruction of Prythian.  Vassa had said her fellow queens posed a threat.  The Wall was gone, the Treaty was voided and there was still a lot of unknowns in the future between Prythian and the humans.  Peace was still a fleeting hope, nothing solid.  And who knew what other monsters lurked in these lands, or across the seas?

Nesta shivered and tightened her hold on her arms, gulping in air in quick little gasps as her mind spiraled into the darkness she’d been fighting off earlier, fighting off forever it now seemed.  She couldn’t do this.  She couldn’t survive another war, she couldn’t watch as thousands fought and died and everyone she knew risked their lives again.  They would depend on her for something and she would fail them, again, and this time someone else would die, maybe this time it would be someone she couldn’t live without, someone like-

Cassian’s grip on her shoulders tightened, he was standing right in front of her, she hadn’t even seem him move closer to her.  “Nesta, it’s ok.  Nothing is happening.  We are still here, still in the library.  I’m right here.  I’m with you.”  His soothing voice and calming words broke through her panic and he watched as her breathing slowed and evened out.  Slowly her gray-blue eyes regained their focus and she locked her gaze onto his hazel eyes until she could breathe easily again.  Embarrassed, she glanced over to the couch and found it empty.

“I told them we’d catch up with them at breakfast. They didn’t notice anything.  At least, Varian didn’t.  Who knows what Amren sees?”  With a little smirk Cassian dropped his hands from her shoulders and the absence of their warmth made her shiver.  “How about we go up to the roof and relax for a while before bed?”  Only the lack of any innuendo in his voice convinced her to go along, so she nodded her head and followed him to the roof.

He held the door open for her as she followed him onto the rooftop.  Making their way to the lounge chairs, Cassian sat on a swinging bench designed to accommodate his wings.  Nesta sat next to him, and he rhythmically swung them back and forth, using one foot to push them to and fro.  They remained silent as they listened to the sounds of Valaris, the quiet murmur of adult voices and the laughter of children on the evening air.  Settling himself more comfortably in the swing he spread an arm across the back of the bench behind Nesta and closed his eyes, careful not to crowd her.

Looking up at his profile, Nesta studied the shape of his forehead, the curl of his hair around his jawline, the outline of his lips.  She remembered being surprised at their softness when he kissed her on the battlefield.  She wouldn’t have thought those lips could be so gentle.  And warm.  She remembered the blaze of heat she felt as his lips touched hers, so briefly.  Too briefly.  She shivered, and Cassian, feeling her tremble, opened his eyes and put his arm around her shoulders, pulling her close to him.  “There’s a bit of a chill up here tonight, isn’t there?”  

Humming something noncommittal, Nesta snuggled in closer to Cassian’s warmth, feeling a thrill along her spine as his arm wrapped more tightly around her, holding her closer to his body.  Tentatively, she laid her head on his shoulder as he started to rock them back and forth once more.  Soon, his warmth and the gentle sway of the swing had her eyes drooping, and as she nestled in deeper against Cassian she thought she heard him murmur right before she fell asleep, “Sleep, Nesta.  I’m not going to leave you.”

destiny pt.6 (angel!jungkook)

summary: you’re just about ready to give up on life altogether; your love life is in ruins, you’ve lost your job, and your family couldn’t care less about you… and then you meet your blushing guardian angel, and maybe life isn’t so bad after all.

relationship: angel!jungkook x reader x demon!yoongi

words: 4,971

warnings: violence

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a/n: I was listening to music while I wrote and I found this song that I think you could listen to as part of kook’s perspective! here it is

Jungkook had wondered time and time before what it would be like for people to perceive him like they do other humans, to take his presence into enough consideration that they’d move out of his way if they walked toward each other on the street, or to mind his shoulder when they squeezed past him. He had even wondered what it would like to be stared at, like he’d seen people do to others all the time. But with Jaebum, a grown man with an unsettlingly stern gaze glaring holes into Jungkook’s forehead, he would’ve liked to melt into his seat instead.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do an in depth character arc and story analysis for Phichit the way you did for Chris??

Awww anon of course I can! Although I have to say, what I wrote about Chris was not really as in depth as it could have been, it was more me ranting about the aspects of his character that I wish we saw more of. I can go deeper. So I’m going to go deep with Phichit. Because hey if Chris is more than his ass, then Phichit is more than just a Victuuri shipper (and borderline stalker for some reason why fandom why) and more than just a social media maniac. Much more. In fact, narrative wise, Phichit would be the best choice for bronze at the GPF because he, like the Yu(u)ris, made history.

Now, Phichit is intrinsically connected to Yuuri as a character, considering his role as his best friend. Possibly because of that, he is one of the secondary characters that gets the most screen time and attention, if not the one we learn the most about. That said one of the best things about Phichit is that, while he is very closely connected to Yuuri in the narrative, he has his own goals and story. Truly, I think the basis of Phichit’s entire character is how passionate he is about both his friends and his country.

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