this girl is a special unicorn that need to be protected at all cost

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what is the witcher about?


It’s one of the best fantasy (polish *makes a proud pose*) series ever and it really hurts me physically that sooo many people know and enjoy only the game! But I hear it’s become a bestseller in USA so yay, good for us. :D

But yes what’s it about - the witcher is a guy who’s job is to wander the kingdoms and kill monsters that bother people for money. He has a lot of amazing adventures and everything is fun and games until he meets Ciri and the war breaks out. Ciri is like the most special girl in the world with a very complicated past and mysterious, dangerous future. When she becames Geralt’s destiny and he must protect her at all costs, all the careless monster slaying adventures are gone and shit gets real. 

The story is really engrossing, full of complex, colorful and intriguing characters and plot twists, you swallow the next parts up with your heart and soul until you descend into the witcher hell and CAN’T STOP. On one hand this is a cruel, ruthless and bloody world but on the other, you have all those amazing characters with their senses of humour, incredible bonds of friendship and loyalty, being ready to scrifice everything for the ones they care about. The whole quest to find and save Ciri is like one of the best things ever tbh. 

Also, you know what’s really awesome about The Witcher? The wonderful diversity of this world. As I mentioned, it’s a polish series and it’s kind of inspired by the slavic stories and myths, it also has some elements of the traditional fairytales. You can find aaaall kinds of creatures in here, not only Elves, Dwarves and Halflings but also Dryads, Vampires, Unicorns, Basilisks, and mooore. Btw. Sapkowski’s (the author) Elves are my favourite kind of Elves, they’ll kick your ass before you even decide to run away. 

AND ALL THE WONDERFUL CHARACTERS REALLY, I love them all, my babies, everyone is so unique and you nEED MORE. I don’t know what else could I say without spoilers or just screaming loudly about my love for those books man, just read them, 10000/10 would recommend. <3