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For all the people getting bullied out there:

Hate can make people do terrible things, but your kindness has the power to change them. 

Kpop as korean drama characters

Warning: Cancerous content. 

YG: The wealthy ass chaebol leader. Pretty cool but stern. His first wife died and he married SM.

Big Bang, 2ne1: Eldest children. Successful and popular but 2ne1 ditched home after finding out that her father had an affair with Bighit. Big Bang is still popz.
iKON: Grew up without parental love because his mom died and YG was too detached from the world to take care of him. Looks up to big brother Big Bang a lot. Generally cool kid but is rash and sometimes talks without thinking.
Winner: Second youngest in the YG fam and is the third child of YG and SM. He doesn’t share a lot of hip hop swag soul like his YG pureblooded siblings and is bullied by iKON occasionally. Just wants to be friends with others. Honestly the sweetest kid in YG’s fam.
Black Pink: Baby girl. Just born. Already has a lot of her father’s swag and her mom’s fierceness and the public’s adoration.

SM: The bitchy wife of YG. Lives for drama but denies orchestrating them. Started out righteous but burst a nerve when her husband died and became a little cray with the handling of her following children. 

Super Junior, SNSD: Majorly successful children from SM’s first marriage. Currently helping out mom with the company but SNSD fell out with mom some time before. Suju had childhood trauma but is fine now.
SHINee, f(x): Twins born after their biological father died. SM got crazy while raising them. Fortunately, none suffered psychological trauma. f(x) met some problems through her teenage years and ran away for a while. SHINee could be Winner’s true older brother in another universe.
EXO: The first child SM and YG had together. He has his dad’s hip hop skills and mom’s good voice. Good looking. But because of the extreme attention the media pays to him, he become introverted and quite shy. The media and his own mom only twists his image to a cold one but honestly, he just wants to make friends. (That BTS seems like a nice dongsaeng but screaming girls don’t allow him to approach him)
Red Velvet: Everybody hated her at first and honestly she hated herself but her mom for once told her she was the best daughter she ever had and she changed herself. Now the public loves her. Bubbly and cool.
NCT: Second youngest child of SM and YG. He takes more of YG than SM this time. Publicly famous but no one actually bothers about him. Has too many hidden talents. Mom can’t handle any more kids.

JYP: The childhood sweetheart of YG but they never got married because JYP was too poor at that time. Quite a peaceful and happy family, away from the drama.

Wonder Girls: Married and happy.
Miss A: Had some familial insecurites but is now happy.
GOT7: Cool, happy go lucky, plenty talented and sometimes too high. Dabs as his past time. Enjoys a good deal of popularity now. Attended the same schools as BTS and EXO. Everybody likes him, really.
Twice: Everybody loves her. Really really adorable. Popular the moment she was born. T.T XD :3

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New Year, Same old me! We’ll just see what 23 has to bring! #Birthday 

the winter soldier au: pre-serum

the original

  • they meet as kids
  • steve!root is getting whaled on because she stumbled upon some kids on her street tormenting a cat
  • shaw!bucky sees this scrawny kids getting pummeled
  • shoos the other kids off
  • all the kids on their street are scared of shaw
  • she’s small but scrappy and swears like a sailor
  • shaw runs the block, really. all the mothers are concerned. they hear she doesnt even go to CHURCH
  • and still wears pants??? at her age???
  • root’s got one eye already starting to swell shut, and she’s seeing stars through the other, so she doesn’t really get a good look at her savior
  • she doesn’t realize it’s shaw till she’s in shaw’s kitchen with raw meat pressed to her eye
  • shaw’s mother pokes her head in, concerned
  • “sameen? is everything okay?”
  • root freezes. she’s in SAMEEN SHAW’s house?? oh no. this is bad. this is probably really Not Good. she’s gonna end up buried in the backyard
  • “yeah, mama, some kid was having a rough time"
  • she turns to root
  • “what’s your name, anyhow?”
  • “root. root groves”
  • shaw wrinkles her nose “weird name. you were pretty stupid out there”
  • root gets defensive “i don’t like bullies”
  • “i can respect that"
  • shaw takes root under her wing after that. root is CONSTANTLY picking fights. shaw turns her head for half a second and boom, root’s getting her ass beat
  • the kid’s like 5’1″ and less than a hundred pounds, and she’s /always/ picking fights
  • and always on people twice her size
  • shaw’s constantly lecturing her about recklessness
  • she never outgrows it. not in junior high, not in high school
  • the day they graduate shaw has to pull her out of a dumpster in cap and gown
  • “you ever gonna stop being a punching bag for the underdog?” shaw asks. she already knows the answer
  • root grins, spits out a mouthful of blood “not as long as you’re around to patch me up”
  • shaw grabs her in an affectionate headlock “i’d kill you myself, but looks like i’m gonna have to wait in line”
  • shaw!bucky is a real hit with the ladies
  • root’s gotten very good at feigning enthusiasm re: shaw’s pick of the week
  • shaw’s always trying to set them up on double dates
  • root always pities whoever ends up as her own date. her lack of interest is blatant
  • it’s john once
  • they bond, actually. she catches him staring at some other boy, one with glasses, over by the ferris wheel
  • poor root
  • shaw’s always wearing pants to school. has all that swag. shaw winks and three girls pass out
  • root and shaw’s lockers are next to each other so they talk between classes
  • shaw opens her locker, ten notes from different girls fall out
  • “really, sam?”
  • shaw shrugs. picks them up. tosses them in the trash
  • root is confused. “you dont even wanna know who they’re from?”
  • “i dont do second dates. only one girl for me, huh?” she grins, throwing an arm over root’s shoulders. “the only repeat offender”
  • root shoves her off with a laugh and an eyeroll
  • pretends she’s not walking on cloud nine
  • bucky!shaw has so much game
  •  bucky!shaw leaning against a wall in a dark alley, about to light a cigarette
  • looking all dramatic and gay
  • a real cool motherfucker
  • "your mom doesnt like it when you smoke, sam.”
  • shaw shrugs “what she doesn’t know wont hurt her"
  • root huffs
  • shaw grins. “what, you gonna stop me?”
  • root sighs. stands next to shaw
  • inches a little closer. it’s getting late and chilly and shaw catches her shivering
  • she drapes her jacket over root’s shoulders
  • root is gonna swoon
  • she nods at the cigarette in shaw’s mouth. “can i have one?”
  • “you’ll have an asthma attack, root.”
  • “indulge me”
  • shaw rolls her eyes. hands root a cigarette
  • root puts it between her lips and shaw lights it with her own cigarette, hand cupped to keep the embers from blowing out
  • their faces are very close
  • its very gay
  • shaw leans back
  • “remember to breathe, root”
  • as if
  • root chokes, coughs, dies a little
  • shaw laughs
  • stamps out her own cigarette
  • “alright, alright, fair enough. i won’t torment you”
  • “you couldnt have just struck a new match? you got smoke in my eyes, musta made me cough”
  • shaw winks. “fresh outta matches, killer”

Okay so you know the V app right? Well this was back in January and the guys (with the exception of Junior) were practicing and happen to mention about a fan-meeting . The guys sat down and were starting to reading fans comments (they were pouring in like 5PM traffic) starting with JB, who btw is fine as hell! Anyway, I was the girl that wrote, ‘JACKSON HAS SWAG!’.

There were so many comments I didn’t think mine would be chosen because it was in English but I was still hoping he would read it. But I got something even better, my crush-able rapper Mark, looked at the phone and smiled so I know he saw that I’m a Black girl and he read my comment and said something else along with my comment really fast and to make Jackson say ’Really?’ and did a dance. He also showed my baby BamBam the comment. I’m very happy.

Individual member rewatch of Seventeen Girl Group Dances:

  • I kinda want to spend the whole video yelling “go Dino, go Dino”. He’s killing.
  • Hoshi made a mistake during flashback so cute asdfghjkl;
  • Jeonghan’s cute steps during remember. Bless. Also he totally made the same mistake as Hosh in flashback
  • Jun DEFINITELY needs to chill
  • S. Coups has too much natural swag for girl groups.
  • Also, at this point, I’m willing to say that no one is doing that Flashback move right and they’re all just kind of swinging they’re arms and pretending they’re all doing the same thing
  • The8′s freaking long ass legs during his jump. Also, his cute expression when he got lost in Remember. Is that why Vernon shoved him? Cute.
  • I’m gonna write about The8 twice because bless him tbh he earns his place in performance I think I should just watch him 6 times over.
  • I meant for this to be mingyu but I started watching DK instead
  • DK has no concept of how to move his hips and he TOTALLY FELL DURING REMEMBER
  • I’m legit surprised he didn’t do a horse pose for flashback, but overall I’m pretty sure he’s the biggest dance hole. Which is saying something because he fell once and missed a total of one move. Seventeen?? Witchcraft? 
  • Mingyu being generally done with S. Coup’s shit during Remember is my new aesthetic. Also so. freaking. tall.
  • Have I done Dino? Screw it. I’m doing Dino again.
  • … Not like that.
  • Dino is precious he’s such a good dancer everyone else can go home now
  • I’d like to recast Vernon as dance hole. He has no clue what’s going on
  • I’m watching the other side of the room and only just now do I notice Jun’s over-the-top spin as he gets up from remember. He needs to fight me.
  • Cute maknae line moment during flashback aka my actual moment of death
  • Vernon messes up the stupid flashback move
  • I knew someone used the wrong hand during Rainbow’s song but I couldn’t find who it was. It was Seungkwan.
  • “Seungkwan should’ve been a member of a girl group” - Coups I think?
  • I think Seungkwan did the move right? But it’s different than The8′s? Now I’m questioning my own judgement?
  • Only thing to say is that Wonwoo can get it
  • I waited to do Joshua last because FREAKING JOSHUA HONG
  • He laughed at The8 getting pushed down also @ him missing his timing for his jump same
  • Dang it the way he does Rainbow’s song is so flippin smooth
  • I’m pretty sure during the “whoo”s I heard “Let’s go Joshua” and I was very compelled to yell as well
  • Watch him in the mirror during Dumb Dumb because that hip bouncing
  • What does he think he’s doing during flashback bc I sure have no idea
  • Being fabulous af maybe
  • So in summary Joshua Hong for Performance Team 2k16 also bless The8 and Coups and Vernon just need to chill on the swag and someone tell Wen Junhui to fight me and please love Dino

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