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For all the people getting bullied out there:

Hate can make people do terrible things, but your kindness has the power to change them. 

Broduce 101: Episode 10 (Quick Livestream Recap)

This post contains spoilers. 

  • We go straight up to the Regal Chair of Doom for the elimination opening.
  • There are a few hair changes! Minki is dark haired again, while Sanggyun had an ashy blond dye job and a trim.
  • They’re not sure what the cut off is because of the rumours and the doubt BoA’s script had provided last episode.
  • Hyunbin ambitiously wants to be first, and the trainees laugh their heads off at this proclamation.
  • Entrance pose time!
  • Pledis trainees come in by imitating Nu’est maknae Minki’s disjointed shoulder trick.
  • Little Lee Woojin does the thigh touching move from sexy concept song Open.
  • MMO trainees, Daniel and Jisung, dance to Sistar’s Touch My Body. It makes me feel low key bitter because my girls :(
  • RBW Lee Gunhee did some hip swinging.
  • Extra as hell, Fantagio Ong Sungwoo brought a bag with him to recreate his now iconic moment from the work out episode.
  • WH Creative Seo Sungyhuk did some of IKYK choreo. Cutie
  • YGK+ Kwon Hyunbin did the robot.
  • Popular WinkDeep boys Maroo Park Jihoon and C9 Bae Jinyoung did twin moves
  • Ardor and Able hilariously recreate a reference to Noh Taehyun’s viral stomach scratching picture.
  • Starship Jung Sewoon did the world’s tiniest Nayana gesture.
  • CUBE chicks do a Twice Knock Knock reference.
  • OUI Donghan did a weird dance move on the floor. 
  • Only top 20 gets through. So this rumour was right. It’s like Mnet’s playing two lies one truth lol
  • BoA gets ajumeoni claps as she enters. That dress looks like something from Red Velvet’s closet though.
  • Fanservice to soothe the pain begins with cute dorm footage.
  • Snack time is abound in the dorms once again. One trainee carries what looks like a fuckin mountain of cup ramen across the room at some point.
  • They reveal a bit of first week footage with the HOTSHOT boys depositing their luggage in the waiting room. Sungwoon’s massive show insole falls out and he gets embarrassed, all ‘When did this come out??’
  • Sunghyuk has a bit where he comes into to visit his hyungs and gets scolded for his informality. He gets visibly scared by Jihoon’s sternness, leaving with his tail between his legs until Ong-ssi calls him back.
  • Ong-ssi: Why’d you come in here?
  • Sunghyuk (looking like he may cry): For…no reason.
  • All the hyungs: Oh, that’s good! :D I’m glad you came to see us!!! :))
  • Sunghyuk almost passes out in relief when he realises they were teasing him lol
  • There’s a cut of how the boys all pull out make up to touch up when production staff calls for a break, yanking out their compacts and pat-patting away at their faces.
  • Jisung eomma is the funniest of all of course, whipping out the compact with a flourish and patting his too red lips to blend them out.
  • Ong-ssi puts on a few dozen coats of tinted lip balm and gets ticked off by staff for the red lips visible across the hall 
  • Jaehwan touches up Baekho’s nose for him 
  • Another cut is product placement for face packs, its a sponsored bit (you can always tell when Samuel’s acting, bless him) but they play around well with the differently coloured mask creams.
  • Sungwoon gets 101 written on his face by his dongsaengs, Jihoon makes himself up like a panda while Baekho gets a beard. He’s very pleased with it. A universal cutie.
  • Deffo more natural PPL than the herbal supplement.
  • There’s a cut of early morning shower singing from vocal kids RIP FNC Yoo Hwiseung, getting screentime once he’s been kicked.
  • Sad practice shots with Jaehwan’s acoustic guitar backing and singing of Nayana. I ALREADY FEEL BAD FOR THEM FUK U MNET
  • Cut to more cheerful trainee time.
  • Noh Taehyun once again has to heatedly defend himself because of his stomach clip after already having to clarify he’s not a crybaby. He claims the clip was from after a rehearsal sesh, and he was hot and sweaty so, “I WAS FANNING MYSELF I WASN’T SCRATCHING MY TUMMY EVERYONE!!”
  • CUBE kids explain their initial awkwardness. Their company wanted them to be clear hyung-dongsaeng on the show, but they were friends while they were trainees earlier. This means Seonho can’t use banmal with him anymore and has to remember to call Guanlin hyung. It doesn’t affect Lai Guanlin, but Seonho is still adjusting lol 
  • Minhyun likes sweet boy Seonho, but the younger kid keeps hugging him and is really fond of skinship. 
  • Minhyun: It’s like he’s my girlfriend…he needs to dial it down a bit.
  • Seonho: It’s just because I love my hyung???!
  • Daehwi gets a stool to stand on for his individual bit, and is mildly indignant about it. He doesn’t think he’s that short and pulls out massive insoles from his shoes before also ratting out Sasuke Uchiha cosplayer Bae Jinyoung’s use of insoles.
  • His friend is not happy, and has to reveal his own massive foam shoe inserts.
  • Bae Jinyoung: They’re only 2cm!!
  • Staff: Only because you’re pressing down on them like that.
  • Auntie Jisung, true to form, mentions Daniel’s night talking. 
  • “Mom, you’re embarrassing me!!” - Kang Daniel, probably.
  • Red lip tint fans Daniel and Sanggyun get called out for their always pink lips, and Daniel gets his own back by pointing out that Yoon Jisung also always wears tons of it. 
  • Kang Daniel called my boy with his ludicrous pink lips an ajumma!!
  • Sewoon loves his awkward wink edited with post its on his face and the Jaehwan and Sewoon vocal ship continues to sail.
  • Hosts Auntie Jisung and Ong Sungwoo for basketball manga oppa times
  • Ong-ssi: Why are you here? Did you trainees only come to have fun here on the show?
  • Auntie Jisung: Yes. I did. 
  • They chant ONGSUNG ONGSUNG ONGSUNG for themselves. New comedy MC duo, I loaf
  • Speed quiz is first up, with sexy waves from OngSung MCs.
  • Showtime team do okay, Samuel flips onto his back to act out samgyetang. I died. How do you even think of that.
  • IKYK: Moonbok hard carries. He’s so pretty but that hairstyle…a topknot and scarf wrapped around his head..I wear my own hair like that for house cleans. Taedong quivers for a bit  when he gets his word, before dancing The Boys for SNSD. 
  • Open: Daniel does a piss poor imitation of Baekho, who laughs like a baby the whole segment. Seonho gets Ahn Junyoung (the P101 main producer) and wavers for a bit before yelling, ”Ah! PASS!” 
  • Oh Little Girl: Ayn Hyungseob has apple hair! He struggles to convey swag, imitating Baekho and Daniel to no avail. His team finally gets it only because Lee Euiwoong hears Noh Taheyun say, ‘Ah, Hyungseobie definitely has none of this at all!!’ 
  • Never: Lai Guanlin passes because he doesn’t know the word…twice; he can’t read Hangul well and the words are too difficult. One of them is an old fashioned Korean flute like?? It’s a hard word and how do you act it out? Poor kiddo
  • IKYK team wins this segment. 
  • Next game is a game where duos come forth from each team; one trainee does an elephant nose spin, and then runs to apply lipstick on his waiting teammate.
  • My heart soars at Sanggyun and Jisung representing Showtime
  • Sewoon falls multiple times and when he gets to Euiwoong,  he keeps shaking. Euiwoong gets more and more impatient and Sewoon finally gets shoved by an annoyed hamster.
  • Jisung veers off and falls like fifteen times before getting to Sanggyun. After, Sanggyun looks at himself and thinks it’s sort of sexy. “You look pretty!!” says excited Auntie Jisung, gleefully.
  • BNM Jonghyun has a scary determined look throughout.
  • Kim Yongguk can’t even spin straight, falling over every two spins like a new born puppy. He crawls to Kenta, who waits patiently to have his whole face attacked viciously with red lipstick 
  • Kenta, when the trainees go into splits and Yongguk is still stabbing his cheeks with lipstick: WHY? WHY??
  • Lee Daehwi remains perfectly, characteristically competent, calmly dabbing on Wartortle GodJonghyun’s lips like a seasoned make up artist. 
  • Yoo Seonho gets to draw again on a caring hyung picked by him, so he picks Daniel
  • Jaehwan picks Emperor Hwang for redoing the segment. Jaehwan runs lopsided and dementedly fast to draw on his hyung, frightening poor Gunhee on the sidelines.
  • Seonho applies eight hundred layers of red on Daniel’s mouth lol
  • The next game is team jump roping and posing for a photo 
  • This was hilarious - you have to look them up, I died laughing at their faces mid air. These are the pictures I’m getting blown up and signed if I ever see them in person. 
  • Open team wins overall, and receives the PPL face packs.
  • After this dose of healing (this is what Jonghyun calls the segment, with another of his ha ha HAs) cuteness, we go back to elims.
  • The rankings from last episode are finally revealed for the highest ranking from the live audience. To no one’s surprise, Daniel won the 220,000 benefit.
  • 1 and 20 to be revealed last for the suspense
  • Jung Sewoon ranked 19. 
  • Woodam and Donghan have a depressingly self aware discussion about how they know they’re lucky to have this far.
  • Joo Haknyeon is 18. The boys are all shocked but he’s had awful press lately. He’s losing grace swiftly, and this is his first time falling out of top 11.
  • BNM Im Youngmin has fortunately made it at 17, despite the (totally undeserved) hate he received. He even apologised, for some reason
  • CUBE Seonho was 16, he almost fell out his seat with shock as his name was called.
  • Ren, Hyungseob and Jaehwan all make it in succession.
  • Minhyun’s apparent ‘mistaken’ reveal of his rank was at 12 but it’s Pledis Kang Dongho at 12. The trainees all imitate Baekho’s Boy in Love head bob lol
  • Pledis Minhyun makes it at 11. He’s handsome on the big screen, and sings at BoA’s request. All the trainees have a shim koong.
  • Lee Daaehwi at 10. I’m grateful he stays top 11 though a cutie 
  • MMO Yoon Jisung makes it at 9!! YES HE’S BACK IN TOP 11 I LOVE MY AUNTIE!!
  • So do the trainees, they’re all more excited than he is at his rank, there’s a veritable swarm as they congratulate their eomma.
  • Samuel’s having a breakdown from nerves.
  • Auntie Jisung’s ugly crying is slightly muted this time - his company must have scolded him. Daniel is super relieved his hyung’s back in top 11, and Jisung thanks people for supporting him and his dream.
  • Ong Sungwoo is safe at number 8. BoA asks him to do his Ong-slate bit, which of course, he does with every bit of over the top acting he can.
  • Nation’s leader Angel God Jonghyun dropped to 7, but at least Wartortle’s safe.
  • Good shot of the empty Nu’est seats as Jonghyun thanks the voters for supporting him and his fellow Pledis trainees.
  • Brand New Music Park Woojin makes it to 6! He still has an eye patch on, I hope he’s recovering well. BoA asks him to do his famous snaggle-toothed smile. A cutie.
  • Samuel’s proper freaking out but he makes it at 5. He thanks all his Showtime hyungs by name but forgets Jisung, adding him last when he realises. Jisung, my drama queen, pouts in mock offence 
  • Goodness, you can really see the relief on Samuel’s face when he sinks into his chair, my poor kid.
  • BoA calls out Ha Sungwoon and Bae Jinyoung for the next two possible ranks
  • Ha Sungwoon can’t stop yelling in shock for being in the top 5, he just screams endlessly. When the camera points at him for the shot right before BoA announces his name, he thinks it’s someone else in his row because he really wasn’t expecting it.
  • Bae Jinyoung is 4. The two pick voting helped him climb back up, WinkDeep sails. In celebration, he does the aegyo bit from his intro.
  • Sungwoon makes it at number 3 (more slightly muted screaming)
  • I’m that tear waterfall pokemon gif, and so is he, sort of. This caught me off guard but I love being wrong about this sort of stuff.
  • Popular kids, teen pick Jihoon and noona pick Daniel for top two. 
  • Daniel and Little Woojin exchange non-forced reassurance as they wait for his rank to be announced.
  • Sidenote while watching the livestream: That Cha Eunwoo kid is in a lot of ads for a rookie. He’s rather handsome.
  • MMO Kang Daniel ranks number 1. It’s his first time, he never thought he’ll be Jihoon’s rival, but he’s deeply grateful. 
  • Which puts Park Jihoon at a safe 2. He thanks his fans for their continued support. His consistency has been incredible, he’s never left the top of the pyramid. 
  • Last trainee for the cut off at 20. These shots of my eliminated talented boys makes me sad.
  • They draw out my pain by showing the ranks from 35 upwards, and having the trainees speak as they get booted.
  • Bye little maknae Lee Woojin, star vocal Park Woodam, RBW meme Lee Gunhee and musicial kid Kim Yehyun
  • All of I Know You Know got booted. My sweet boy WH Creative Seo Sunghyuk cries. The Vibe knight boy Taedong and blond pretty kid OUI Donghan are composed. They must have all expected this.
  • Oh, Donghyun. His BNM trainees look like they’re going to cry as he asks the voters to support them.
  • Sanggyun spits some sugar coated bitterness, Noh Taehyun and Takada Kenta are graceful.
  • Visual dark horse Moonbok, who got played by Mnet the most, leaves the show too. He really speaks very prettily. 3
  • BoA says this isn’t the end for their careers. I wish I can be that optimistic.
  • Yuehua Lee Euiwoong doesn’t make the cut. You can see Hyungseob’s face fall.
  • YGK+ Kwon Hyunbin is eliminated at 22. He says a nice ment too, but lasting this long considering his background and skillset is just miraculous.
  • It’s between Kim Yongguk and Lai Guanlin for rank 20. 
  • Honestly, I’d never have guessed this in a million years. Kim Yongguk, maybe, because of his lack of clear broship, but Cube chicks must get a lot of their hype from teenagers. 
  • Lai Guanlin makes it by the skin of his teeth. 
  • We have to say goodbye to Arctic Fox Kim Yongguk. This feels so unfair, he had such a nice, melancholy tone. 
  • Daniel leads the ending salutations to the national producers.
  • Last voting period opens, and it’s one pick. This season has been super makjang for real. Far out.
  • We cut to a new day, the top 20 trainees have gathered for final evaluation mission. BoA reminds them this is the final, debut mission for the live broadcast finale.
  • The trainees will be split into two teams to perform one of two songs, Super Hot or Hands on Me. I’m keen to hear these songs, the composers are really well known. The choreography has to be created by the trainees themselves.
  • Harvey Mason and his team created Hands On Me, the demo sounds like a laid back jazzy track that will probably go the IKYK way (hashtag bitter).
  • Ryan Jhun, who composed Nayana and EXO’s Love Me Right, my favourite EXO title song by far, wrote Super Hot, which is more funky, fast paced. 
  • I take a minute to thank Mother Mary for the lack of EDM. Let’s hope it doesn’t jump out on me when I hear the full songs.
  • Positions depend on rank, with low ranking trainees picking first and the higher ones possessing the ability to replace them if they want the position.
  • Im Youngmin’s penalty for leaking spoilers is that he has to take what’s left over, so he picks first and can be replaced.
  • Seonho ambitiously displaces Haknyeon for sub-vocal 3 on Super Hot, pushing him down to 4.
  • Hyungseob pushes Joo Haknyeon further down to 5 lol
  • Then Daehwi pushes him to rapper 1
  • Jonghyun comes in to shove him to the other team, as vocal 6 for Hands on Me.
  • Dead. His fellow trainees seemingly have no faith in him at all. 
  • Jaehwan takes his rightful place as main vocal for Hands on Me.
  • Sewoon had picked sub vocal 1 on the same song earlier, wanting to sing with Jaehwan. 
  • Minhyun continues to be a Joseon level strategist by pushing Sewoon to a different team. Samuel moves him back but to a lower vocal position. 
  • Daniel changes Sungwoon’s team from Hands on Me sub vocal 1 to Super Hot but promotes him to main vocal  on there so it works out well.
  • Everyone on Super Hot understandably wants to be centre considering the timing of the mission and they all sing the main chorus line to compete. 
  • Samuel has to create the choreo and formations as the strongest dance trainee. His teammates come up with a bunch of unhelpful suggestions and he’s stressing out again.
  • Ong-slate opens on Hands on Me discussions.
  • They’re discussing leader, Ong-ssi surprisingly nominates himself and receives the position.
  • Again, everyone wants to be centre and audition with the ‘killing part’ but they don’t show centre pick.
  • We see the eliminated trainees crying at the eliminations again before next week’s trailer and ranks. 
  • Below is a comprehensive list of this week’s rankings. I’ll post the entire set this time, because we’re down to only 20 :(
  1. Kang Daniel 
  2. Park Jihoon 
  3. Ha Sungwoon 
  4. Bae Jinyoung 
  5. Kim Samuel 
  6. Park Woojin 
  7. Kim Jonghyun 
  8. Ong Sungwoo 
  9. Yoon Jisung 
  10. Lee Daehwi
  11. Hwang Minhyun 
  12. Kang Dongho 
  13. Kim Jaehwan 
  14. Ahn Hyungseop 
  15. Choi Minki
  16. Yoo Seonho
  17. Im Youngmin 
  18. Joo Haknyeon 
  19. Jung Sewoon 
  20. Lai Guanlin 
Kpop as korean drama characters

Warning: Cancerous content. 

YG: The wealthy ass chaebol leader. Pretty cool but stern. His first wife died and he married SM.

Big Bang, 2ne1: Eldest children. Successful and popular but 2ne1 ditched home after finding out that her father had an affair with Bighit. Big Bang is still popz.
iKON: Grew up without parental love because his mom died and YG was too detached from the world to take care of him. Looks up to big brother Big Bang a lot. Generally cool kid but is rash and sometimes talks without thinking.
Winner: Second youngest in the YG fam and is the third child of YG and SM. He doesn’t share a lot of hip hop swag soul like his YG pureblooded siblings and is bullied by iKON occasionally. Just wants to be friends with others. Honestly the sweetest kid in YG’s fam.
Black Pink: Baby girl. Just born. Already has a lot of her father’s swag and her mom’s fierceness and the public’s adoration.

SM: The bitchy wife of YG. Lives for drama but denies orchestrating them. Started out righteous but burst a nerve when her husband died and became a little cray with the handling of her following children. 

Super Junior, SNSD: Majorly successful children from SM’s first marriage. Currently helping out mom with the company but SNSD fell out with mom some time before. Suju had childhood trauma but is fine now.
SHINee, f(x): Twins born after their biological father died. SM got crazy while raising them. Fortunately, none suffered psychological trauma. f(x) met some problems through her teenage years and ran away for a while. SHINee could be Winner’s true older brother in another universe.
EXO: The first child SM and YG had together. He has his dad’s hip hop skills and mom’s good voice. Good looking. But because of the extreme attention the media pays to him, he become introverted and quite shy. The media and his own mom only twists his image to a cold one but honestly, he just wants to make friends. (That BTS seems like a nice dongsaeng but screaming girls don’t allow him to approach him)
Red Velvet: Everybody hated her at first and honestly she hated herself but her mom for once told her she was the best daughter she ever had and she changed herself. Now the public loves her. Bubbly and cool.
NCT: Second youngest child of SM and YG. He takes more of YG than SM this time. Publicly famous but no one actually bothers about him. Has too many hidden talents. Mom can’t handle any more kids.

JYP: The childhood sweetheart of YG but they never got married because JYP was too poor at that time. Quite a peaceful and happy family, away from the drama.

Wonder Girls: Married and happy.
Miss A: Had some familial insecurites but is now happy.
GOT7: Cool, happy go lucky, plenty talented and sometimes too high. Dabs as his past time. Enjoys a good deal of popularity now. Attended the same schools as BTS and EXO. Everybody likes him, really.
Twice: Everybody loves her. Really really adorable. Popular the moment she was born. T.T XD :3

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Never. Settle. For. Less. Than. What. You. Deserve! I cannot stress this enough! You are an amazing individual! You do NOT have to justify being with them because you don’t believe that someone else can love you any better. If they don’t treat you right, then they ain’t the one! There are going to be plenty of others who’ll care for you in ways that no other person has! Just you wait! XD

BTS: Reaction to their girlfriend being from YG Entertainment

From this request: It ended up being a YG girl thing, more than a Blackpink thing. We hope you don’t mind. Enjoy ^^

Rap Monster:

Namjoon would be soooo in love with his YG girlfriend. He’d love everything about her, her attitude, her rap/singing style, the way she speaks, her fashion sense, everything. She’d be the apple of his eyes. He’d sneak out to help her write songs and would love being creative with her. His YG match would be Blackpink’s Jennie, and if a song (or a baby) can come out of this union, it’d be awesome.

Originally posted by baebsaes


He doesn’t really care if his girl is from YG or not, he’d just be really happy and excited to date someone that is so classy and with so much presence, like YG girls. He’d want to act manly in front of her, but he’d fanboy so hard for her though. He’s really a perfect match for Blackpink’s Jisoo. They’d make ahjussi jokes together. She’s so adorable, he could die from her cuteness (and vice-versa). They’d be such a cute couple. (I can even see them getting married omg)

Originally posted by missbaptan


Suga would really enjoy dating a YG girl since YG is known for their music and the talent and dedication of their artists and he would bond with a girl who’s so passionate about her music. He’s also the type to date a girl with impressive charisma and sensuality when she’s performing. That’s why I ship him with Lee Hi, because I feel like they have similar personalities, style, presence, and interests. And it would be a very beautiful visual couple.

Originally posted by bwiseoks


Hobi would be a very cute boyfriend, he’d be super excited that his girl is from YG, he’d playfully show off a bit. He’d be very adorable, caring and supportive of her. He’d be there to comfort her when she is exhausted from practices, he’d always make her smile in every situation. I ship him with Blackpink’s Rosé or Lisa, because I think they complement each other, and since both of them grew up in foreign countries, their openness to the world would match with J-Hope’s ultra sociable personality.

Originally posted by kimthwriter


He’d like to date a bubbly and cute girl, someone he can be himself with but also someone who has a big artistic side, like YG girls do. He’s definitely want to grow as an artist and as a person with his girl. I ship him with Blackpink’s Rosé, because I think she’s very open on the world and Jimin could learn a lot from her, while she could learn a lot from him too, in different aspects. She’s also very adorable and he would melt under her aegyo attacks or just her everyday personality. They’d be a fun and outgoing couple.

Originally posted by itschiminie


Tae would like the experience YG girls have. I see him dating a sunbae, because he’d like knowing he can talk about everything with someone who knows what he’s going through and can relate. He’d also like feeling “manly” and taking care of an older woman but would love that things wouldn’t be too serious most of the time. I ship him with 2NE1’s Dara. I think they’d be comfortable together.

Originally posted by haninnoona


He’d be super proud to date a girl from YG. He’d definitely like the “YG swag” vibe she has. He’d often come practice or chill with her. He’d also tease her often by imitating her and making fun of her attitude when she’s in public, which is quite different from how she is with him. His ideal YG girl would be Blackpink’s Lisa. I can see them joking around and dancing their hearts out to their bf/gf’s songs.

Originally posted by bangtan

anonymous asked:

If bangtan were normal boys, not superstars. How do you think they would be at school? The badass? The geek and how would they approach to girls

I’d answer all of them since it’s such a fun ad interesting ask and you guys would ask for all of them anyways :P

Jin - Prince Charming

He’s the class president and the campus good guy. He’s the type whom everyone trusts and highly depend on, which is why he’s often given authoritative roles. He’s pretty popular too and has the reputation of being Mr. Perfect amongst the ladies~ Jin is a very approachable guy and is the type to help you out when you’re having trouble in class or if you just simply need a helping hand. 

In approaching girls, Jin would have no problem considering that the girls at the school are already falling at his feet. lol When he likes someone, he’d probably go for the traditional way which is by giving flowers, chocolates, or little cute notes that make you smile. :) 

Rap Monster - The Cool Dude

I can definitely see Namjoon as the guy a lot of people admire for not only his brains but his talent as well. He’s a geek but he’s a cool geek, the one whom you would have never though was part of the 1% in the nation. XD I think Namjoon’s the type to surprise people a lot, especially when it comes to making a move on girls…

You would never have thought how smooth this guys could be. Namjoon will simply have you melting under his touch with his words ;) His voice is magic, I tell you ;)

Suga- The SWAG Wallflower. 

Yoongi’s the quiet guy who sits at the corner of the classroom,  oblivious to the world around him. I gave him the title “swag wallflower” because despite his aloofness, the people who have spoken to him actually find him to be a really cool and laid back guy. People often find him intimidating at first, thinking that he’s someone you just can’t touch cause he’s so swag it hurts. XD but when you do get to know him, you realize that he’s actually a pretty fun guy to be with.

In picking up girls, he’d be immensely shy about it. And though he has this swag image going on for him, he’d turn into a shy schoolboy, tripping over his words; his cheeks tinged with a vibrant red color when he says something uncool. XD

J-Hope- Mr. Nice Guy 

Hoseok is the guy who’s friends with everyone. He’s super nice and the type to be all helpful with the teachers, makes people laugh in class with his witty jokes and hilarious antics, and definitely someone who brightens up your day just by a single smile. Hoseok’s the type to treat you like a long lost friend even if you’ve just met and would never let anyone be out of place. :)

In approaching girls, I think Hobi would be pretty smooth about it; meaning he’d do it almost effortlessly. He’ll practically dance his way into your heart by being a gentleman and the reason for you to keep smiling everyday. <3

Jimin- The Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing

Chimchim would be a pretty normal kid, average really, but has a lot of friends whom he can rely on and is definitely a really sweet guy. I think Jimin is also diligent and well disciplined; characteristics which makes him qualified to be an athlete (lol the body says a lot XD) He’s the reason why girl’s go to school games.. haha! They all just want to see Jimin playing hard, sweating; all of them hoping to get a glimpse of his beautiful bod.

In approaching girls, he’d be smooth with words but not so much in actions. He’d prolly end up flushing a lot and embarrassing himself. Imagine him getting all flustered when the girl actually comes up too close XD So the title speaks for itself, he’s a cool guy but underneath that is a shy cutie <3

V - The “Troublemaker” Boy Next Door

Happy go lucky, Class clown, and Party freak. These words can be associated with non-idol Kim Taehyung. Tae is the life of the party, the person who’s very social and is always around a lot of people. He’s quite rambunctious and likes to get into mischief; and probably gets detention half the time. XD 

Taehyung is also quite popular with the girls at school, considering his good looks and adorable–eccentric–charms. I think I’ve said this before that only Kim Taehyung makes idiocy look attractive. :P When he approaches a girl he likes, he’d be pretty confident and would just ask straight out: “Hey, I like you. You wannna hang out?“ 

Leave it to Taehyung to just blurt things out. XD Underneath all his sharp looks though is a lot of aegyo which is why he’s "the boy next door” too… Innocent, sometimes shy, confident but never arrogant. <3

Jungkook - Resident Golden Boy.

The most popular kid in school who can practically do anything and is adored by all the students (and faculty). Jungkook is the campus hearthrob, the type whom everyone knows and wants to be friends with. He’s the guy girls talk about a lot and has them shoving chocolates and confessions on his desk on White Day. :P

When it comes to approaching girls, I can definitely see him to be a playboy; the one who knows how to play with his words, his expressions, and even his actions. He’d have you swooning for him in no time; from the moment he says hello… enticing you with his pretty boy eyes and cute smile :> 

I hope this was more or less what you guys expected~ XD



New Year, Same old me! We’ll just see what 23 has to bring! #Birthday 

the winter soldier au: pre-serum

the original

  • they meet as kids
  • steve!root is getting whaled on because she stumbled upon some kids on her street tormenting a cat
  • shaw!bucky sees this scrawny kids getting pummeled
  • shoos the other kids off
  • all the kids on their street are scared of shaw
  • she’s small but scrappy and swears like a sailor
  • shaw runs the block, really. all the mothers are concerned. they hear she doesnt even go to CHURCH
  • and still wears pants??? at her age???
  • root’s got one eye already starting to swell shut, and she’s seeing stars through the other, so she doesn’t really get a good look at her savior
  • she doesn’t realize it’s shaw till she’s in shaw’s kitchen with raw meat pressed to her eye
  • shaw’s mother pokes her head in, concerned
  • “sameen? is everything okay?”
  • root freezes. she’s in SAMEEN SHAW’s house?? oh no. this is bad. this is probably really Not Good. she’s gonna end up buried in the backyard
  • “yeah, mama, some kid was having a rough time"
  • she turns to root
  • “what’s your name, anyhow?”
  • “root. root groves”
  • shaw wrinkles her nose “weird name. you were pretty stupid out there”
  • root gets defensive “i don’t like bullies”
  • “i can respect that"
  • shaw takes root under her wing after that. root is CONSTANTLY picking fights. shaw turns her head for half a second and boom, root’s getting her ass beat
  • the kid’s like 5’1″ and less than a hundred pounds, and she’s /always/ picking fights
  • and always on people twice her size
  • shaw’s constantly lecturing her about recklessness
  • she never outgrows it. not in junior high, not in high school
  • the day they graduate shaw has to pull her out of a dumpster in cap and gown
  • “you ever gonna stop being a punching bag for the underdog?” shaw asks. she already knows the answer
  • root grins, spits out a mouthful of blood “not as long as you’re around to patch me up”
  • shaw grabs her in an affectionate headlock “i’d kill you myself, but looks like i’m gonna have to wait in line”
  • shaw!bucky is a real hit with the ladies
  • root’s gotten very good at feigning enthusiasm re: shaw’s pick of the week
  • shaw’s always trying to set them up on double dates
  • root always pities whoever ends up as her own date. her lack of interest is blatant
  • it’s john once
  • they bond, actually. she catches him staring at some other boy, one with glasses, over by the ferris wheel
  • poor root
  • shaw’s always wearing pants to school. has all that swag. shaw winks and three girls pass out
  • root and shaw’s lockers are next to each other so they talk between classes
  • shaw opens her locker, ten notes from different girls fall out
  • “really, sam?”
  • shaw shrugs. picks them up. tosses them in the trash
  • root is confused. “you dont even wanna know who they’re from?”
  • “i dont do second dates. only one girl for me, huh?” she grins, throwing an arm over root’s shoulders. “the only repeat offender”
  • root shoves her off with a laugh and an eyeroll
  • pretends she’s not walking on cloud nine
  • bucky!shaw has so much game
  •  bucky!shaw leaning against a wall in a dark alley, about to light a cigarette
  • looking all dramatic and gay
  • a real cool motherfucker
  • "your mom doesnt like it when you smoke, sam.”
  • shaw shrugs “what she doesn’t know wont hurt her"
  • root huffs
  • shaw grins. “what, you gonna stop me?”
  • root sighs. stands next to shaw
  • inches a little closer. it’s getting late and chilly and shaw catches her shivering
  • she drapes her jacket over root’s shoulders
  • root is gonna swoon
  • she nods at the cigarette in shaw’s mouth. “can i have one?”
  • “you’ll have an asthma attack, root.”
  • “indulge me”
  • shaw rolls her eyes. hands root a cigarette
  • root puts it between her lips and shaw lights it with her own cigarette, hand cupped to keep the embers from blowing out
  • their faces are very close
  • its very gay
  • shaw leans back
  • “remember to breathe, root”
  • as if
  • root chokes, coughs, dies a little
  • shaw laughs
  • stamps out her own cigarette
  • “alright, alright, fair enough. i won’t torment you”
  • “you couldnt have just struck a new match? you got smoke in my eyes, musta made me cough”
  • shaw winks. “fresh outta matches, killer”

Individual member rewatch of Seventeen Girl Group Dances:

  • I kinda want to spend the whole video yelling “go Dino, go Dino”. He’s killing.
  • Hoshi made a mistake during flashback so cute asdfghjkl;
  • Jeonghan’s cute steps during remember. Bless. Also he totally made the same mistake as Hosh in flashback
  • Jun DEFINITELY needs to chill
  • S. Coups has too much natural swag for girl groups.
  • Also, at this point, I’m willing to say that no one is doing that Flashback move right and they’re all just kind of swinging they’re arms and pretending they’re all doing the same thing
  • The8′s freaking long ass legs during his jump. Also, his cute expression when he got lost in Remember. Is that why Vernon shoved him? Cute.
  • I’m gonna write about The8 twice because bless him tbh he earns his place in performance I think I should just watch him 6 times over.
  • I meant for this to be mingyu but I started watching DK instead
  • DK has no concept of how to move his hips and he TOTALLY FELL DURING REMEMBER
  • I’m legit surprised he didn’t do a horse pose for flashback, but overall I’m pretty sure he’s the biggest dance hole. Which is saying something because he fell once and missed a total of one move. Seventeen?? Witchcraft? 
  • Mingyu being generally done with S. Coup’s shit during Remember is my new aesthetic. Also so. freaking. tall.
  • Have I done Dino? Screw it. I’m doing Dino again.
  • … Not like that.
  • Dino is precious he’s such a good dancer everyone else can go home now
  • I’d like to recast Vernon as dance hole. He has no clue what’s going on
  • I’m watching the other side of the room and only just now do I notice Jun’s over-the-top spin as he gets up from remember. He needs to fight me.
  • Cute maknae line moment during flashback aka my actual moment of death
  • Vernon messes up the stupid flashback move
  • I knew someone used the wrong hand during Rainbow’s song but I couldn’t find who it was. It was Seungkwan.
  • “Seungkwan should’ve been a member of a girl group” - Coups I think?
  • I think Seungkwan did the move right? But it’s different than The8′s? Now I’m questioning my own judgement?
  • Only thing to say is that Wonwoo can get it
  • I waited to do Joshua last because FREAKING JOSHUA HONG
  • He laughed at The8 getting pushed down also @ him missing his timing for his jump same
  • Dang it the way he does Rainbow’s song is so flippin smooth
  • I’m pretty sure during the “whoo”s I heard “Let’s go Joshua” and I was very compelled to yell as well
  • Watch him in the mirror during Dumb Dumb because that hip bouncing
  • What does he think he’s doing during flashback bc I sure have no idea
  • Being fabulous af maybe
  • So in summary Joshua Hong for Performance Team 2k16 also bless The8 and Coups and Vernon just need to chill on the swag and someone tell Wen Junhui to fight me and please love Dino