this girl for hire

Okay, so, according to the SNK wiki, in the KOF universe:

-A 16 year old girl can be a combat officer in a world class military squadron.

-The most feared and unpredictable member of said squadron is an 18 year old girl.

-Said military squadron employs the combat assistance of a 14 year old girl and a 16 year old boy.

-A mad science corporation hires a 19 year old girl and a 16 year old boy to assassinate said 14 year old.

-A 19 year old girl is a pirate captain of a crew of mostly middle aged men.

-A 14 year old boy and a 16 year old boy, on separate occasions, were killed after being possessed or engulfed by an evil entity as a result of entering the fighting tournament.

-The guy who has historically dominated this tournament is 20 years old, below the American drinking age.  If we are intended to believe the tournament is annual (considering Antonov mentions there’s been a long interval between tournaments in KOF14), this means he started competing at age 10.

Why is this game full of children?  Why are these kids fighting each other?  Where are their parents?  Do any of them know that this incredibly dangerous tournament has a history of blood, death, and battles against actual hell spawn?  Antonov also mentions that 2.5 billion people watch the tournament, so does that mean that many people in this universe are oblivious or sadistic enough to want to watch children duel to the death? Dear god, why is any of this legal?  

Don’t you just love it when white fans complain about one or two negative tweets sent to their white boy fav, but when the women of color on the exact same show have to deal with petitions being created asking for them to be killed off the show, being accused of sleeping with the writers and producers, being called an “affirmative action hire” and racists fancasting every white girl under the sun to replace them, all of a sudden those same white fans have nothing to say.

Don’t you just love it?

Not a customer, but a coworker

(Sorry that posted early)

My GM hired a new girl (we’ll call her T) to be her new manager, but I don’t like T because she is so fake.

I’m talking to a coworker (we’ll call him N) while we are both on break, it’s Halloween night and our GM allowed us to dress up. I’m a cosplayer, and N is asking where I bought the moving cat ears and moving tail, I’m wearing. I’m telling him they’re from a Japanese store. He then asks me why I have so many items from Japan if I’m part Korean. T overhears us and then yells out “Don’t believe her, she’s a liar! She’s not Asian!,” in front of customers. So I tell N we should go talk in the back instead.
N then asks to see my new tattoo, so I show him a picture on my phone. T walks by and looks over and says “Tattoos are forbidden in this company,” while she proudly shows off the one on her forearm… Mine is hidden under my shirt…

Later on T gets mad at me for joking around with my manager (U), who is my best friend. I’m playing games on U’s phone while I’m waiting to start my shift. U asks me to text someone on her phone so I do, T is upset because “You shouldn’t have a personal relationship with your coworkers,” while she texts the GM likes they’re related…
U then finishes her shift and hands me some money to buy her something from a store I’m going to later that day. T is somehow offended by this and tells our GM. Nothing is done though because everyone at work knows me and U are best friends, T is told to ignore it.

T then later tries yelling at me about messing up an order, when she’s the one who grabbed the wrong bags and handed them out. I point out I do not leave the kitchen and I can not be at fault for it.
T then tries telling me I’m doing Kitchen wrong, when I have been doing kitchen for 2 years now… She also tells me not to clean until certain times, when again I’ve been a Closing Person for a year… I know how to do my job, I’ve done it long enough.

We have many regular customers who we know by name and talk to. One of them comes in and since it is slow I’m talking to him. He’s telling me about how his date went and showing me pictures. T acts like she knows the guy and asks if the girl was cute… The customer is a homosexual male, he proudly tells everyone. T just gets upset because she thought she knew him more than I do.

Tl;dr; My new coworker/manager-in-training is annoying and thinks I’m a horrible employee, but acts like a ray of sunshine to customers.


There had to be some benefit to going back through my entire livejournal this afternoon.   Here’s the beautiful and heartbreaking Elizabeth and Chase.

A little Kyra kissing Helen Mirren for y'all back before she was Brenda Leigh Johnson- for your dash.

You’re welcome.

I think one of my favorite things that ever happened in Smallville was when Jonathan Kent was running for state senator, and decided that hiring a 19 year old girl who had no experience was a really great decision. And Lois Lane freaking won the campaign for him. Like this farmer decided to run for state senator and hired a teenager to run his campaign against Lex Luthor, a billionaire with unlimited resources and won. 

Lois Lane is the most bad ass character in the whole show, and I love the Kents for taking her in and believing in her so much.