this girl could wear a paper sack and i was still live for her

Close as Strangers

Close as Strangers: Chapter One

You were happy it was your last year of school. That was until you had to start tutoring your old best friend, Jeon Jungkook. Otherwise known as “Mr. Popular.” 

Word count: 5.6k

Genre: High School au, angst

This was my 5sos story I started on Wattpad but I wanted to do a BTS version.

{Playlist} Parts: one | two | three | four | five | six | seven |eight | nine | ten | eleven | twelve

It was August 20th, the first day of senior year. You were pretty excited, you honestly felt this was going to be a great year. You guess you were also happy this was the last year of high school. You got up and turned off your alarm. Your phone read, 7:15. You’d only lived a couple of  minutes away from school, so you could afford to sleep in a little more.

You got up and grabbed your uniform out of your closet. Yet another reason to be excited about this school year, you only had to wear this god awful thing one more year. You got dressed and went to the bathroom, going through your morning routine. Once you were done and ready you grabbed your backpack and headed downstairs. You went into the kitchen and saw your mom and dad eating breakfast.

Your dad looked up from the paper, “Y/N, look at you. You’re up before noon, how does that feel,” his smile was contagious.

“Forced,” You smiled.  

He laughed and went back to his paper. “Y/N,” your mom spoke.

“Yes ma'am?”

She walked over to the table handing you two paper sacks. “Your and Yoongi’s lunch for today.”

You smiled and looked up at her, “Thanks Mom.”

“Sure,” she spoke as she sat down at the table. You’d started to eat some toast that was on the table when Yoogi rushed in.

“Sorry I’m late,” Yoongi shouted from the hallway as he came into the kitchen.

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😊Mr. Mom (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Y/N having six kids with Grayson, 4 boys and then last twin girls and he trying to manage the kids a whole weekend on his own because she’s going on a business trip but he eventually wants Ethan’s help and they end up doing it much worse than it was.

Warnings: None

A/N: I wasn’t raised around kids so this was a little challenging to write, but I hope I did it justice for you and I hope you enjoy it :) Requests are OPEN

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Grayson’s POV

“Now Grayson are you sure you can take care of Jason, Michael, Justin, Ryan, Madison, and Morgan? I can take them to my mom’s it’s no trouble at all!” My wife, Y/N, worries. This weekend she has to go on a business trip to New York so it will be just the kids and I.

“Y/N honey I’ve told you I’ll be fine! Relax and go have fun on this trip. Bring back some souvenirs for us.” I said giving her a kiss and pushing her out of the door into her taxi. I could hear her mumbling something, but I was too eager to spend the weekend with my adorable children. Jason was nine and Michael was almost eight so I could teach them how to play football. Michael is a troublemaker I swear he’s probably Ethan’s kid. Justin was six so I knew he would want to play with the older boys, but I know he’s not exactly the one for sports. I have a feeling he will be more of a music kid like his momma so I’ll find her old ukulele and let him strum a couple cords. Ryan, Madison, and Morgan are all around the same age. Ryan was three while the twins were two. The girls mainly slept and cried so I wasn’t too worried about them. This weekend was going to be nice and relaxing with my kids.

I walk inside and I see none of the kids are in the living room. “Justin!” I called out. “Michael? Ryan! Jason!” I run up the stairs and I see the twins are in their crib asleep where they were when Y/N left.

“Go!” I heard Michael shout and I run out of the girls room to see Jason and Justin were sitting on Ryan’s crib mattress on top of the stairs. Just then Michael pushes the mattress and the mattress bounces down the stairs with the boys sledding down.

“Michael Bailey Dolan! What do you think you guys are doing?!” I shouted as I grabbed Ryan and held him in my arms. I then watch the mattress hit a bookshelf and rock gently back and forth before falling on top of the mattress, barely missing the boys.

“Again!” Justin chants as Jason tries to push the bookshelf off.

“No not again! Boys wash up and get ready for dinner!”

“What are we going to eat? Mom didn’t go grocery shopping before she left.” Jason says taking his helmet off. I walk down the stairs with Ryan still in my arms.

“What are you talking about? She went shopping yesterday.” I walked over to the fridge and I noticed the fridge was already opened. I quickly set Ryan down and I see the fridge has baking soda, some lemons, and some condiments. I turned the the sea of boys behind me. “Where is all the food? Your mother just went shopping yesterday.”

“We are growing boys dad. We have to eat.” Jason says laughing as the boys chime in with agreements.

“Plus we have to feed stripes.” Justin says smiling. I cock my head in confusion.

“Stripes? Who’s Stripes?” I asked concerned.

“Our new cat. I’ll go grab him.” Jason says as he attempts to run out of the room, almost tripping over Ryan who started crying. I grabbed Ryan as I softly bounded him up and down on my hip trying to soothe him.

“Michael I swear–” I looked around to see that Michael wasn’t in the kitchen anymore, but now I see Stripes. “Is that a raccoon?!” I asked as I grabbed Justin’s hand pulling him back from the so called cat.

“No it’s a cat. Michael found him by the trash two days ago so he’s been in our closet.” Jason says holding the snarling raccoon.

“Kids put that thing–Where is Michael?” I asked looking around the kitchen.

“He’s playing train with Morgan and Madison.” Jason says pointing to the living room. I see the tiny train track Justin got for Christmas from his grandparents and I see Morgan was wrapped up in her blanket and she was lying on the track. I see Madison was lying asleep on the couch all swaddled up.

“Michael Bailey Dolan have you lost your mind?!” I shouted and I handed Ryan to Jason and grabbed Morgan off the tracks and Madison off the couch. “That’s it! I’ll calling Ethan. Go to your rooms now!” I shouted and I walked up the stairs with the kids racing past me. I lied the twins in their cribs and I went to the boys room. Michael and Jason were playing FIFA and Justin was reading a book. I shut the door to both rooms and I look down the stairs. I grab my phone and dial Ethan’s number.





“Ethan! Come over now. I can’t raise these kids on my own and Y/N is in New York.” I plead and I don’t hear anything but I know he’s thinking. “Ethan please.” I said and he still says nothing. “Ethan you’ve always been the smarter twin. You’ve always looked better and you have wayyyyy better game than I ever did with girls.” I said rolling my eyes. I looked down when I rolled my eyes and I saw Ryan’s crib mattress was still there. “RYAN!!!”

“I’m on my way.” Ethan says on the other line.


“Grayson how do you lose a kid. Not just any kid, but your youngest son? Like how the heck?” Ethan asked as he was cleaning up around the house.

“Ethan I don’t know! Y/N is going to kill me! She’s never going to let me be around the kids again! She’s going to want a divorce! Ugh E this is bad. We have to find him!” I said frantically checking all the closets in the house thinking maybe he crawled in there. I ran up the stairs and kept checking on the girls making sure the boys aren’t doing anything dumb. I see Ethan was in the girl’s room just watching them.

“How can you tell them apart?” He asked as he grabbed their feet and wiggled them. I shrugged.

“Morgan’s poops smell worse than Madison’s. That’s about how I do it.” I said as we laughed. I shooed Ethan to go downstairs as I checked the boy’s room. I opened the door to see Justin was playing on the iPad on his bed. He was the only one I saw though. “Justin where are your brothers?” I asked as I frantically looked throughout the room. He shrugged at me not taking his eyes off the iPad. I grunted annoyed and I storm out of the room. “Michael? Jason! Come here now!” I hollered at the top of the stairs. “E!”

“I can’t fi–” Ethan was walking towards the stairs when he walked straight into saran wrap in the doorway from the kitchen to the living room. Ethan stood there shocked wondering what happened. “Dude! These kids are devils!” Ethan said as he punched the plastic wrap.

“Hold on E I’ll help you.” I said as I stormed down the stairs. “Boys come here ri–” I was cut off when I ran into saran wrap at the end of the stairs. The bottom half of my ran into the plastic which knocked me off balance and I flipped over the railing landing on my back.

“Michael Bailey Dolan! Jason Anthony Dolan! Come here now or I will call your mother!” I shouted when I heard Ethan scream. “Ethan!” I jumped to my feet and ran into the kitchen forgetting about the saran wrap as I ran full force into the plastic. The wrap ripped as I fell to the floor with the wrap clinging to me.

“Gray help!” Ethan shouted. I looked to see he was duct taped and wrapped in saran wrap from his ankles to his neck. His feet were duct taped together too.

“Ethan what the hell happened?” I asked as I felt my feet being dragged from behind. I tried to wiggle free, but they had taped my feet together and the saran wrap was around my body from running into the kitchen. I felt Jason sit on my back as Michael taped my arms together. “Michael Bailey and Jason Anthony I swear if you don’t free uncle E and I right now and help us find Ryan you will be grounded until I have to wear diapers.” I heard the boys just laugh.

“I have dad. You go get uncle E.” Michael says and Jason gets off of my back as I see Jason walk into the kitchen and drag E out into the living room.

“My God Grayson these kids are little devils!” Ethan says as he tries to wriggle free from the tape and wrap.

“Eth don’t even try. Look at who their dad and uncle are.” I groaned as Michael and Jason leaned E and I next to each other. “Just make sure you find Ryan.”

“Oh we know where Ryan is, but that’s for mom to find out.” Jason says as he tears the wrapping off the stairs and runs up there and comes back with Stripes and Justin.

“Dad?” Justin asks as he holds the iPad in his arms. Ethan and I are tied up in saran wrap and duct taped together. I’m currently missing a son and who knows if the girl’s are okay. Ryan’s mattress is still on the floor in the living room and God knows that raccoon is around here somewhere. Just then I see the boys grab a brown paper sack and take out three things. Silly string, glitter, and feathers.

“Boys don’t do–” Before I could finish my sentence, Michael and Jason sprayed Ethan and I with pink and lavender silly string. I gave up. I needed Y/N’s help. Ethan and I sat there as we were being sprayed. Justin then threw the glitter on top of us when I heard a familiar noise.

“Michael Bailey, Jason Anthony, Justin Grant! What is going on here?” I heard Y/N’s voice boom and the boys stopped everything.

“Mom!” They all cheered in unison. I looked up to a smiling Y/N.

“Clean up this mess now and you two are grounded for two weeks. Justin you help now.” Y/N says as she walks over to Ethan and I. The boys grab us a towel and begin to clean us. Y/N helps Ethan and I break free from the tape and wrapping. We all walk into the kitchen as the boys continue cleaning the living room. Y/N left Ethan and I in the kitchen as she walked upstairs and grabbed the twins to bring them down handing one of them to me.

“So Y/N how do you tell them apart?” Ethan asked referring to the girls.

“Oh it’s not that hard. Madison has a tiny little birthmark on her left ankle and Morgan’s poops smell worse.” She says as we all laugh. I was bobbing one of the twins when she looked at me.

“What?” I asked chuckling.

“Y/N honey I’ve told you I’ll be fine! Relax and go have fun on this trip. Sound familiar?” Y/N says mockingly. I rolled my eyes.

“How often does this happen?” I asked as Ethan and I exchanged a look.

“Let me guess, you still haven’t found Ryan?” She guesses and neither one of us say anything. Ethan shoves some oreos into his mouth as he shrugs. Y/N sighs followed by a smile and she walks behind Ethan and opens the bottom cabinet under the sink. There was a Ryan sitting there chewing on a teething ring. “Gray the boys aren’t even 5 foot tall yet. Where else would they hide him?” She grabs Ryan and bobs him up and down as she has the other twin in her other arm. She looked liked a supermom and I just fell in love even more.

“What about the raccoon?” Ethan asked and Y/N eyes widened.

“Raccoon?” She asked confused and Ethan pointed to our trashcan where Stripes was. She handed me the other twin and handed Ryan to Ethan and she grabbed a broom and shooed the raccoon out the backdoor. “I don’t think the kids understand you’re allergic.” She laughed as she took the kids back giving me a kiss.

“I love you. Please never leave me again.” I begged while she laughed then I remembered. “Why did you come back though?  Weren’t you supposed to be gone for three days? What you couldn’t trust me?” I asked laughing and she shook her head.

“Well originally my flight was moved to tomorrow morning for risk of severe weather today, but I’m glad I came back or else I wouldn’t have had a house because the kids would have burned it down.” She says and we all laughed. Ethan soon heads home dead set on never having kids and soon it’s almost time for bed. We fixed up Ryan’s crib and we put Morgan and Madison in their crib and lied Ryan down too. We went and checked on the boy’s who were all mostly asleep except for Justin who was watching cartoons. Y/N and I walked down stairs when I wrapped my arms softly behind her.

“I love you.” I mumbled against her shoulder. She just started to giggle.

“I love you too Gray, but next time the kids are going to my mom’s.” She says and I laughed and gave her a gentle peck on the lips.

“Fair enough.” We sat on the couch and watched a movie as she curls into me falling asleep on me. Being mom is hard enough, but I can’t be Mr. Mom.

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Grapholagnia :)

Send me a word and I will write a drabble

Grapholagnia - The urge to stare at obscene pictures.

Are you the Anon who sent the request for mentally undressing also? I’m working on it. It may actually be a follow-on to this one. I sense that someone wants me to write smut…

Let me just say: I REGRET NOTHING!!! RATED M for ogling, drooling, disobedient pants, and potential future continuations.

The giggling draws me in. The girlish, bubbling noise out of place with the scent of chemical cleaners and formaldehyde that still lingers in the air. They scramble as they sense my approach, aware of their impending doom in the last second as I hold my hand out expectantly and confiscate the folder concealing whatever has distracted them from Rue’s hands. She averts her eyes, her cheeks darkening with an embarrassed flush as she hands it over to me.

“Please continue your work,” I calmly state in my best teacher voice.

“Yes, Miss Everdeen,” Rue and Sasha whisper in unison, bending their heads over their desks, pencils scratching away, completing their lab reports. With a satisfied nod, I return to the board, detailing their homework assignment as my class continues their quiet work.

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a comprehensive list of my childhood weirdness:

1. every time i would say something to someone else I would immediately replay it in my head (and also mouth it) so i was basically a ghost

2. i habitually ate paper. like sheets of paper. until college.

3. i would stand on my dresser and jump off and try to fly across the room and i S2G one time i actually flew and i will fight you on this

4. some of them are actually dark and sad so i will leave them here :)

5. i would also wear grocery sacks like parachutes and jump off the roof of my dad’s truck in an attempt to fly

6. okay this one is so disgusting i can’t even with my child self just don’t read if you are grossed out i am warning you this is gross and how did i not get diseases idk. at restuarants, or at school, or wherever i was, i would pick under tables and desks for gum and if i found it i would pry it off and chew it. i know. unfollow. i am trash. (i was this is not a habit i carry over thank fuck and i had actually forgotten about this until i sat down to make this list)

7. as a small child i was obssesed with nick at night which was like old 60s shows like mary tyler moore and dick van dyke 

8. when i lived in a trailer park (classy, yes) all the mailboxes were in rows and would switch stuff in mailboxes just to be a fucker

9. my favorite hiding place in the entire world was in the middle of this lilac bush which was also an inconvenient fort since i was fucking terrified and also allergic to bees

10. as a vry small girl, when i was still terrified of the dark, the only way i could fall asleep was if either the bodyguard soundtrack or some random kenny g album was playing in my room (also, i was like 10 or 11 when i realized CDs belonged face up so as if i ever saw one face down i would very helpfully correct it to face up so you could see what album it was)

11. i used my mom’s dildo as a microphone (but OBVIOUSLY I didn’t KNOW IT WAS A DILDO WTF MOM HIDE THAT SHIT)(actually she did hide it in a sock in her sock drawer but i was a nosy fucker)

12. also i would go into my mom’s dresser and snoop b/c her bottom drawer was all of our childhood drawings and art pieces and i would get nostalgic about my childhood from 2 yrs before

oh god i think that’s all (but i also think that’s enough)