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Could you do a transfem John (mixed korean/afrolatina, short curly hair, probably has acne, and wearing a 3am dress with a black suit jacket) + an intergender Dave (mixed white/romani, bleached hair w/ obvious dark roots + a pastel-ish red streak at the front, also probably has acne, and wearing a plain black dress)?

Here you go! <3

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I’m starting a ‘Go Fund Me’ to get Velma Dinkley some contacts because I’m real tired of her losing her optical lenses in every. Single. EPISODE. 👓

Destroyer Action off Holland

A calmer day on the Aurora; an officer fishes off the side of the ship.

January 23 1917, IJmuiden–The Belgian ports of Ostend and Zeebrugge were being used as naval bases for U-boats and destroyers, allowing them to operate in the southern parts of the North Sea or against the Dover Barrage.  Scheer had been dispatching boats to Belgium for some time, hoping to disrupt the Dover Barrage before the resumption of unrestricted submarine warfare.  This required the ships to make the dash from Wilhelmshaven to Zeebrugge–usually done at night to avoid detection.  On January 22, Room 40 got wind that another flotilla was leaving for Zeebrugge, and British destroyers from Harwich left to engage, encountering them in the wee hours of the 23rd.  Lt. Bowen, on the Aurora, recalled:

At 2:38 AM, the harsh rattle of the alarm hooter on the aft deck brought me instantly to full wakefulness, and I raced on deck.  Everything was pitchy black…[I] saw, about 1,500 to 2,000 yards distant, three low, dark shapes, easily recognisable as destroyers, I could not say with certainty that they were hostile.  The Captain had no doubt, for just as I had my glasses focussed on the leading one, the tinkle of the fire-gongs sounded, immediately followed by the crash and blinding glare of our starboard broadside.  I could see nothing for half a minute, very nearly walking overboard as a result.

…Throughout, the predominant feature of the entertainment was the cold, which was quite the most intense any of us had experienced in the North Sea.  Travelling at high speeds, clouds and sheets of spray continually swept the upper deck, and as it fell it froze forming a crust on thin ice.  It was positively dangerous to be on the fo’c’sle or quarterdeck when the ship heeled to the helm, and I am convinced that if they had put the helm hard over, half the 6-inch guns crews would have gone in the ‘ditch’.

Despite the element of surprise, the Germans came out better from the brief engagement.  The British destroyer Simoom was sunk by a German torpedo, while all the German boats eventually made it to Zeebrugge.  The most damaged was the V69, which the British thought to be sunk after being rammed; it instead limped into the Dutch harbor of IJmuiden, and was able to make quick repairs and set off for Zeebrugge before being interned.

Sources include: Julian Thompson, Imperial War Museum: Book of the War at Sea, 1914-1918; Image Credit: Royal Museums Greenwich

Vogue: Carolina Herrera, Lucy Liu Celebrate Plates for Pediatrics

“Anything involving children is important to me,” said actress Lucy Liu dressed in a winter white tea-length dress from Carolina Herrera at last week’s Plates for Pediatrics gala at the Mandarin Oriental. “Now I’m a mom so it changes what I focus on,” said the actress, adding she’s learned a few things as a parent. “Let them be independent. Don’t hover over them,” laughed Liu whose Lorraine Schwartz jewels glistened in the light.