this gig was also awesome


Few dreams came true last weekend. I and my friends met Rammstein (this was second time for me but I screwed up the first one) and OH MAN WE HAD A BLAST! What a show and guys were so awesome. Finally got picture with Till and Richard, couldn’t be more happy! And the gig was also awesome as always! 

anonymous asked:

Besides being on radio 1 with Grimmy, Greg James etc and doing your typical radio station tour, what else do you think his team should have Louis do? I would like him on Fallon and Corden, The TODAY show again, but he's already done those things and I'm sure will do them again but I feel like he should do something even more fresher. What other platforms would you have him go on (with or without Bebe) to promote the single?

I’m going to throw everything I can think of out here cause I just love all the hype and all the promo (although this is only focused on actual live appearances/interviews and not ads, print stuff, etc. or we’d be here all day), but I would love to see him/them do the morning and late night shows along with the big radio station appearances. That’s always good exposure. I also really liked when he popped up to performances/festivals with Steve. That was cool and unique and I think doing some surprise one off appearances with Bebe would be really cool and gets him in front of an audience that doesn’t always see him or maybe not have heard of him and could also get some cool articles written about it. My ultimate dream would also be to get a Louis Live Lounge. It would be pretty sick if he had Steve come in for JHO, then Bebe on for BTY, and then just him doing a cover or two. I think that would be amazing and I want that very badly. Carpool Karaoke would also be an awesome gig cause those get a lot of views and a lot of articles and are a cool way to get to know the artist a bit more in a quirky way and usually they come out looking extremely endearing. (I honestly think Bieber’s CK appearances were his best interviews and made him appear very likable.) Maybe do a performance at an awards show or something like that. Also whatever the highest watched summer show is - get on that or get the song played on that or something. It would also be cool if he did something with the streaming services too. Those usually get a bit of attention and can help get the music in front of streaming listeners. Not sure what else right now, but those would all be killer. (Also I know I’ve said it before, but I want one of these about Louis and his writing and the production of JHO and BTY and whatever else he’s working on.)


Awesome Sunday

Drove up to Anaheim yesterday to catch the MoBo headlining tour at the Chain Reaction. The three hour drive was very much worth it. While waiting for the show to start, my friends and I stopped at a strip mall to kill some time. We randomly met the Joe from Knuckle Puck because he was also wandering around there to drain some time before the gig. I also got to eat some krispy kreme so that was pretty awesome, too. Fantastic Sunday.