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I’ll write a book about Legend of Korra instead since it just ended this morning. Thank you to each and every person who worked on the shows and comics and video games the past nine years. I was around Aang’s age when Last Airbender started, and now I am around Korra’s age when the story of her legend occurred. To quote thesecondraidxx, this franchise “helped me grow as a person in more ways than one.” I will miss rushing to tumblr to feast upon fresh gifs and analyses, but I am eternally grateful.

Brace yourselves, this post is gonna be a DOOZY.


I rode the Makorra ship to the end the same way I was all for the Zutara ship. I brushed off the Korrasami posts from Season 3 onward, from Asami carrying Korra and riding on top of Naga to tea scene to the blushing. I just thought they were best friends. Every girl needs that girl best friend in her life.

But Korrasami was endgame. Korrasami was canon. And, like everyone else, I was shocked and elated. It’s one thing to read fanfics; it’s another for them to ACTUALLY HAPPEN WOW

This is a milestone in television history. A major children’s network gave the green light on two main characters not only being bisexual, but ending up together. Plus, it gave Asami a real reason why she should still be part of Team Avatar. Bryke really listened to a majority of the fans on this one. Korra was supposed to be a one-season miniseries. She was supposed to end up with Mako in a teenage love affair. But, over the course of the next three seasons (really Seasons 3 and 4), we saw a new relationship bloom.

Makorra could have worked. In Remembrances, Mako discusses how Korra inspired him to be the officer and the man he is today. He truly loves her. True love is meant to inspire a person to become a better self in order to care for and protect others.

However, there are reasons why Makorra couldn’t have worked. Korra will always love Mako, but only as a friend. They had a tumultuous and unhealthy break-up; after becoming comfortable around each other and being friends again, Korra realized that, if she would ever be with Mako again, it wouldn’t be healthy and could sever their friendship for good. He would be married to his work and not be able to devote time to their relationship, similar to why Lin and Tenzin never got back together.

I feel that if Bryke and friends were still restrained by Nick, they would’ve made Korra a single woman, leaving the shippers to fight amongst each other on tumblr for the next three centuries. I’m so happy they stuck it to Nick.


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(lol at all of Team Avatar having a crush on Korra) (lol at Mako’s two exes getting together)


The engagement and wedding couldn’t have been more perfect and in character. They really did the thing. The animation speaks more words than I can type.


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Zaheer was right: Korra is truly limitless. She has nothing to lose; she’s the first in a new Avatar cycle, and she has grown from her suffering and has learned the powers of compassion, love, and sacrifice. She created a new spirit portal, explaining why the vines were taking over Republic City from the Season 3 premiere onward; it’s as if the new portal was inevitable. At first, I thought Korra and Kuvira died, and that everyone would look up to the sky and honor Korra in spirit, but I’m glad she didn’t die. Kuvira couldn’t die either, kinda how Ozai didn’t die in the end; however, Kuvira didn’t need her bending to be taken away in order to be humbled.

Korra and Zaheer don’t have limits. Zaheer entered a void, freeing him from all earthly limits, but he is in chains. He is in limbo. On the other hand, Korra is limitless because she entered a state of compassion and love, and love knows no limits.


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(lowkey also thought Kuvira was the next Avatar when Kuvira and Korra entered the spirit world, but it paralleled that one part in The Battle of Zaofu and proved false)


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Hiroshi had nothing else to live for. Not only did he not want to go back to prison and rot, but he also found peace in knowing that his daughter had forgiven him from all he did in Season 1. He was humbled. He had aged. He was dying.


Their dialogues always have important life lessons. I love how their relationship evolved over the past four seasons. I think these two gifsets sum it up.


Meelo saving Tenzin tugged at my heartstrings because it reminded me of when Simba finds Mufasa’s body. I would have been hurt to see Tenzin go.

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I also wouldn’t know what to do with myself if Mako died. He had such a Zuko moment when he bent lightning against the spirit vines, only to have lightning hit him and knock him out the way Azula’s lightning knocked out Zuko.

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There’s a point where Kuvira is standing on the robot gun trying to zap Korra, and it really reminds me of Azula standing on the cliff in Last Airbender. I think it’s supposed to show that both Azula and Kuvira were weary and broken from losing power and feeling like they had no one in the world but themselves.

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The Gaang didn’t reunite, but sometimes, “you gotta leave it to the kids” to wonder what their reunion would’ve been.

(Tonraq kinda just appears after not seeing his daughter for six months)


Post production finished about a week agooooooo *shmoney dances*


Amon did not take away people’s bending. He just used really strong chi blocks. It explains why Korra and Lin’s bending returned, among others. To see true energy bending, watch Sozin’s Comet, part 4.

Raava talks to Korra because she is the first in a new Avatar cycle. The only other person Raava talked to: Wan, the first Avatar.

Again, the spirit vines took over Republic City because of the inevitable opening of a new spirit portal.


Who is Su’s father? (sokka or nah)

Where’s Kya?

How does one bend blood during the day and upon multiple people?

Who was the firebender that killed Mako and Bolin’s parents, along with Asami’s mom?



Just as the original Last Airbender fans grew up and matured, the content in the Legend of Korra had to mature. Since the end of Season 1, it hasn’t been a kid’s show at all. It has shown suffering that we will either face in life ourselves or know someone that will face it in life, from complicated relationships to mental illness to finding ourselves. It has also paralleled historical events, giving us complex villains who aren’t inherently evil and seen as a “bad guy” throughout (cc: Ozai). I loved Zaheer’s character and nominate him for best villain of all time. I also loved how Kuvira was introduced in the Season 3 finale and was at the forefront of a war similar to WWII with the concentration camps, torturing, the tank, and Tenzin’s family and Asami ducking and covering from the atomic-bomb-turned-portal.

Last Airbender’s setting was at a time when the whole series centered around one war. However, with the improvement of technology by the next Avatar cycle, each season of Korra brought a new challenge, just as the 20th and 21st centuries have dealt with so many problems going on at once.

The Legend of Korra was not supposed to be Avatar: The Last Airbender. I remember supporting the show when, for much of the first two seasons, everyone thought Korra was the worst Avatar ever. Once the rift between the show and Nick occurred, Bryke and friends had the power to make Seasons 3 and 4 as epic and revolutionary as they were. They had nothing to lose. There were barely any rules. I really wish the show stayed on Nick and not the website and Nicktoons, but a) politics, and b) I’m really happy all these episodes got green lights. However, throughout the show, Korra was supposed to be the story of a woman who grew and matured, despite setbacks. It’s why she’s the first Avatar in a new 10,000 year cycle. It’s why she can’t turn to Aang for advice. She was to write her own story. She was to be her own legend.

In the end of both series, however, the major goals were achieved. Aang mastered all four elements and saved the world, and Korra mastered all four elements and brought balance to the world.

If there is ever a new spin-off, it will be extremely hard to live up to its predecessors, but not impossible. 

(if you read through this, you real *J. Cole voice*) 

Sassy EXO sums up my life

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