this gifset looks bad to me idk


This one is for @got7doubleb who said, “Hey, idk if you still are taking request for the bias gifset since i know its sort of giving u stress but i really want an Amber of fx gifset dedicated to me. I AM PATIENT AND I CAN WAIT! So no pressure! If you can do it that’ll be great 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 thank you

Well, I’m sure glad you’re patient because I procrastinated so bad and for that, I’m very sorry.

Amber sums up all of my moods at any given time. She’s hyper and crazy, Queen of savagery, and looks fly af in the 4 Walls stages so I h a d to include that :D I hope you like this gifset of sweet Amber :)

Feel free to send me your biases (of any group) and I will make a gifset for you! (Just make sure you say name and group so there is no confusion!)

ovw discourse

moiras hot but her hair looks like it was ripped from a bad anime-inspired sims 2 mod from 2009 before being converted to maxis match bad anime-inspired sims 4 mod hair. also idk shit abt the lore bc i just watch gifsets so ig shes fucked up so that sucks. could still benchpress me tho


Jungwoo in SPEED MVs

anonymous asked:

Hey, I just wanted to say that you should absolutely watch Leverage!! It's an amazing show (and my SpIn, so I might be kinda biased lol). The only thing is that Netflix is taking it off in early November, idk about any other streaming service, but it might be the same. But definitely watch it if you get the chance! It's… really cathartic to watch the REAL bad guys get what they deserve. And the characters are so great!! It's just a well done show.

Oh! I’ve seen various gifsets and stuff about it, and it looks intriguing! Thanks for telling me that A) it’s on netflix and B) that it won’t be on much longer. That certainly moves up the urgency.

The Drunkalypse Season 4, Episode 7: Mockingbird
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This week was a breath of fresh air, one I sorely needed, when this show thinks violence and treating women like shit are the bee’s knees. And if there are two things this blog loves they are: 1) consensual sex. and 2) sex that is implied effectively to the point that it does not HAVE to be depicted.

WARNING: this review is going to talk a lot about dick, equal opportunity nudity and sex on Game of Thrones. Usual amount of profanity. Also, a lot of Caps Lock. I have a lot of feelings.


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