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But it means that they have the ability to deal with it.

For boromirs.


It’s made from a Rowan tree; it’s mountain ash wood.

Okay I slept on it and here are some things I really don’’t like about 5x04:

  • I know 6,741 is like roughly the amount of hours in 9 months but that’s actually a fucking big ass number and how extreme that is for it to be the SIX THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED AND FORTY FIRST SIMULATION actually isn’t worth the “oh cool that’s what that works out to” factor.
  • I appreciate how the episode was done and I personally didn’t feel duped I thought it was very clearly not reality but it does make me uncomfortable that some people want that to be how Root/Shaw would really interact (I think some parts were rooted in memories/reality they were genuine and acted genuinely but some absolutely were not). 
  • I didn’t like seeing live tweets of people really happy and excited with what they were seeing and then sad about it being really fake. I don’t agree with people wishing what happened had been real. Because I was awful and OOC for the most part. It was meant to be.
  • The “your sociopathic heart” is not a romantic line, I hope I don’t see a gifset that presents is like a beautiful romantic exchange, whatever reason it was in the simulation, I’d like to think that Root would never say that. It’s gross and it makes me cringe.
  • Out of all the physical torture I would say the bathroom scene in particular was excessive and just served to show Shaw in more pain with no benefit, she doesn’t even get the chip out by herself in the end. 
  • Beyond my initial realisation that Shaw was gonna kill herself before she could hurt Root and compromise The Machine to which I was just like holy shit and oh my god no!!!!! and fuck she actually DID THAT (for the mission) it’s absolutely not a beautiful/romantic thing. It’s a devastating heartbreaking thing and I liked that, but I don’t like people seeing it as a romantic gesture. It’s awful and it’s out of total desperation and ROOT WOULD NOT BE HAPPY ABOUT IT. Root is not gonna think it’s cute or sweet that the woman she loves was killing herself over and over and over to protect her/Team Machine. 
  • The more I think about it I wish it had gone more in the style of If-Then-Else. I wish they had established this was how the simulations work, how they are trying to get information from her and then ultimately in the end Shaw found a way to beat the system. To actually escape. The fact that it doesn’t actually bring us any closer to her being free is gut wrenching. 

So yeah, some things make me sick about it honestly, and it upsets me to see how upset it’s made some of my friends. I still appreciated a lot of the little moments of what I felt were really genuine, and the nuances during times of Samaritan v. Shaw clashing in what the simulation depicts and I think we did get an excellent introspective into Shaw and that there are things I truly loved about it but I don’t know if it was worth it. I think the jury may be out until we see how well it contrasts when Shaw is truly back. 

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I ended up watching The Sign of Three with a friend the other day - having little to no previous experience of Sherlock - and this particular line from Sherlock’s best man speech stood out to me.

‘Now John I’d poison. Sloppy eater – dead easy. I’ve given him chemicals and compounds – that way, he’s never even noticed. He missed a whole Wednesday once, didn’t have a clue.

And by stood out, I mean I had to go stand in the kitchen to calm down after hearing that. Because holy shit did that tap into anxiety issues.

I’ve seen gifsets of this scene and people are treating this like it’s cute. Like it’s just a whacky Sherlock trait.

Please explain to me why?

OH MY GOD THAT IS HORRIFYING. I find the show’s attitude to friendship so confusing - Sherlock deliberately triggers John and drugs him without his consent, but they’re besties so it’s OK???? That’s absolutely awful, I can’t believe they had that line (in the episode that’s meant to show what great friends Sherlock and John are).

I think it’s this show’s Sherlock-centred morality - whatever he does is either good or justifiable, bad people are people who disapprove of him or oppose him (e.g. Sally Donovon) - that makes things like this happen, and Doctor Who has a similarly Doctor-centred morality, in which he can kill people and hide MASSIVE secrets from his friends about their existence, but it’s completely OK because he’s the hero. It’s a really disturbing trend.

- C

I would like to use the general reaction the SQ fanbase has had to the newest clip in the spoilers tag to explain my main issue with most SQ shippers.

Okay, here we go:

*Regina glances quickly at Emma while using the dagger to control her*

SQ shippers: Aw, look at how she looks at Emma! Tru Wuv!

*Emma looks deeply upset and dejected by what Regina just did*

SQ shippers: *no reaction, no indication they noticed*

They do not care about Emma. They do not care that she was upset. Even in gifsets that include Emma looking dejected it’s supposedly still “omg heart eyes they’re so in luuuuuuuv!” and I am getting twitchy eyed that they don’t care that half their ship is apparently very upset. Because Emma does not matter to them anyway, she’s just there to be Regina’ prize/puppy/whatevs.