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“People like us get forgotten all the time. The Crooked Man was counting on that. When we suffer, we do it in silence. And the world likes it that way. We just… fade. Like we never existed. I couldn’t watch that happen to Faith. Or Lily. Nobody cares about us.”


For we don’t care about it
We’ll finish what we started
So promise me that they’ll fall (x)

It’s about time I really got to thanking everyone for 4,000 followers. For sticking with me through this past year, and for all the kind words and helpful messages. Thank you so much! I’m looking forward to the upcoming months and I’m excited to continue sharing this show with all of you.


Classism, anyone?

There’s something about the idea of Dean liking to read or Dean being a neatfreak that really seems to unsettle some people. At least that’s the impression I get by how people react to certain gifsets I made. Images of Dean reading or browsing through books keep prompting comments about how “confused” Dean is by them; my recent gifset on neatfreak!Dean has brought forth all sorts of attempts to prove that Dean is actually a slob, ranging from “Sam thinks he is messy (Tall Tales), so that must make it true” to “Dean doesn’t care about cleanliness, he just likes to complain a lot”.

Now, some of this might be down to the confusion as to what makes a character a character instead of a cliche. People argue: “Dean’s a hunter, so he can’t be a neatfreak.” But it’s intriguing contradictions like this which make a character come alive.

However, I can’t help but notice that there’s a classist attitude to which parts of Dean’s characterisation cause more controversy than others. In the first two seasons of SPN, the show itself deconstructed that classist attitude towards Dean piece by piece. So, honestly, I’m a bit at a loss as to why it’s still rearing its ugly head in fandom in season 12?

Today, 26.04.2017, I went into Magnus Bane tag on Tumblr. I was hoping to find some meta or gifsets about Magnus and only Magnus. But of course what I found dissapointed me and I decided to count how many posts are about Magnus himself, not Malec or Alec. I’m not completely sure, but I counted that there are about 26/100 posts only about Magnus. Let it sink in. If you go into awesome Asian character tag on Tumblr, you will find only about twenty six out of one hundred posts about him. Or maybe even less, cause I counted posts about Harry Shum Jr. Of course rest is about Malec, Alec or show itself. I’ve got no words. I don’t want to see another gifset or read another meta about Alec, I freaking want Magnus! Why? Why do Shadowhunters fandom (which I must admit I’m in) screams about how good diverse cast we’ve got, if we treat one of the best, most complex chacters like it. Not everything must be about white boy aka the fandom baby. Also, can we stop pretending we care about him? We erase his right to be hurt, to have emotions, to be his own person.
Magnus doesn’t exist to be kickass High Warlock/Prince of Hell he is written as, but as stay at home wife who spends all days dreaming and waiting for husband to come home.

I’m convicted had he not be Fandom’s Darling boyfriend, most wouldn’t give a damn about him. (Although some literally don’t give a flying-pardon my langue-fuck about him and don’t even care to hide it.)

(Also, on melody of ‘They don’t really care about us’ by MJ: Magnus-Bane-Is-Not-Only-Bloody-Love-Interest-Of-White-Atrractive-Guy.)

I desperately need gifsets of POCs getting hurt, killed, ignored or in any way left out with words 'People of Color don’t exist to make your White Fave shine’.

Tactile Engineer (One-shot)

Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader
Summary: Tony Stark calls in his favorite tactile engineer to help pull together some wardrobes for the new team members. Wanda is simple enough, but Pietro’s enhancements give the reader a run for her money.
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: None
Word count: 3,316


A/N: This was inspired by a gifset I saw ages ago and can’t find anywhere for some reason. It was all about the different parts of Edna Mode’s (from The Incredibles) job beyond “fashion designer,” and it really resonated with me. If I ever find that gifset again, I’ll link to it.

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Was there anything worse than being woken up 30 minutes before your alarm by the shrill ringtone of your sometimes-boss?

Probably. But at this point, you really didn’t care to think too much on it.

“This is Y/N,” you answered, trying desperately to disguise the grogginess in your voice.

“Morning, sunshine!” The annoyingly chipper Tony Stark responded. “How are you on this lovely day?”

You groaned, shifting to sit up in your bed. “Tired, overworked, and underpaid. And yourself?”

“Well-rested, living large, and extremely wealthy.”

“You suck.”

You pulled the phone away from your ear as boisterous laughter rang through the phone. It wasn’t like Mr. Stark to be so… perky. Something big must be going on. Which meant you were more than likely to redefine the very word “overworked”.

“What do you need, Mr. Stark?”

“We got two new team members,” he explained, bringing down his tone to suit your own, “They’re going to need some special uniforms, and you know I only go to the best.”

You smirked. “So what the hell are you doing calling me?”


You’re smirk turned into an easy smile. “When do you need me in?”

“The kids are –“


“Sorry, ‘young adults,’ are still pretty jet-lagged, so they won’t be up for a few more hours.”

“So why the hell am I up?”

“Because I love you?”

You refused to dignify that with a response, glaring at your phone and ending the call. With an aggravated groan, you crawl out of bed and wander over the bathroom, shooting a text to your actual boss before hopping in the shower.

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King of Kadara & Queen of Omega 

Okay I can’t stop thinking about all the parallels between these two. They both care for their people. They both rule from the night club. They both are badass and so on.

But at the same time they are so different. Everybody knows Aria and that you shouldn’t fuck with Aria and (almost) no one knows who is the true leader of Kadara. 

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what look would you like for Bellamy in s5?

Oooooooo I like this ask.

Honestly, I’ve pretty much been envisioning - more or less - this look for Season 5 in this gifset right here from Bob at Dragon con.

I REALLY want Bellamy to get glasses next season. Like, the most unrealistic thing about this show is that none of them have glasses and they can all just see perfectly?

No. Let the boy have glasses.

Look how beautiful he is?


Anyway, back to Bellamy’s look. I love the glasses, I want the glasses (the same style as bob has on in that gif). I don’t care if they’re impractical for running in the woods and sparring and aiming guns or whatever. I don’t care. Okay. Bellamy Blake needs glasses cause I said so. There - he has been prescribed Jason.




I personally think his hair is best at the length in that gifset i linked, but if we’re going for a different more mature look for Bellamy is Season 5, I wouldn’t mind if it was a LITTLE shorter. But only if he has glasses. Otherwise, no short hair cut. The shorter hair only works in the way I’m envisioning it if glasses are involved.

also, if he has the short hair + glasses combo I wouldn’t mind if he had a nice shorter beard/stubble/five o’clock shadow thing going on but I also wouldn’t mind if he DIDN’T have a shorter beard/stubble/five o’clock shadow thing going on you feel???

As for clothing … so long as he doesn’t wear that dumb guard jacket or any other symbol of being a follower I’m all g. 

But to get into specifics, everyone knows that I’m a #bringbacktheblueshirt2k18 hoe so if the writers actually listened to that, I would be so blessed.

Except maybe something a little darker navy this time? OOoh that would be nice.

I have to say, though, lately I’ve got a little thing for red, and I would not mind at all if Bellamy wore something that was a darker shade of red.

I mean loooooook at THIS

What a fucking look

I could be down for that.

Give me sophisticated looking Bellamy. Glasses. Burgundy v-neck sweater. Beautiful haircut. Short beard maybe???

I am so here for that shit.

if someone drew bellamy like this i would love them forever js


Jamie Lee Curtis: Scream Queen

For me, I just show up and do what I do. And for me it has to be real – anything I do, I don’t care what it is. On “Halloween”, I can remember, John Carpenter’s first and only real direction to me was, “I want people to believe this is a real person.” All I care about is trying to make anything real – and then because I’m brave I’ll try anything.

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hey, Mittens! I'm fawning over the 12.15 gifsets and the woods convo with Dean & Crowley just struck me as an interesting kind of implication of how Dean might be processing Cas' barn confession. from him admitting "We've ALL changed." Crowley flatly saying "I don't care about [the girl of the week]," followed by Dean's 'oh shit he said that' expression, leaving a space for [who Crowley really cares about] [which EVERYBODY made clear in their barn!behavior]. "Maybe we rubbed off on you," then

cont. “Don’t flatter yourself,” then we rubbed off on each other. reciprocal rubbage. lmao innuendo aside a moment, if we can read Cas into this, (because they’re both Davy Perez), I feel a sort of vindication at the idea that yes! Cas was changed by them! they were changed by HIM, too. and a lot of how he’s changed is aaaaall him. Don’t flatter yourself, Dean, it’s not all your fault. and anyway softening these creatures can be a good thing. I’m glad Dean heard this. Scheherazade by proxy?

cont. also hahaha they do just MENTION Cas in the middle of that, (now that I’m looking at gifs in the right order), a thank you Dean had had in mind for like– weeks or however long this is after the barn– so clearly we can bring Cas into it! thought of him had been underlying the whole chat, virtue of thank you. and this is also after Crowley mimics the gruff!Dean performance, so Dean knocks it off. I weep, essentially. I’m so glad.


I like this theory.


Underscored by Crowley playing the STOP REPEATING ME game. I don’t know if that has a name, repeating everything someone says in a mocking fashion like that, but when my sister used to do it to me I’d end up yelling STOP REPEATING ME at her and she’d yell it back until mom came in and made us go to opposite ends of the house for a while. :D

Clearly, Crowley’s not engaging in that level of sibling drama. He’s doing it in a friendly, teasing way. More like the way Mr. Mittens and I might do this to each other, gently teasing each other a couple of times without it escalating to the point where anyone’s yelling (or being sent to their room).

(that wouldn’t really work since we share a room…)


I mean, Dean making that entire conversation with Crowley all about thanking him for saving Cas in the first place… sort of makes THAT conversation all about THE OTHER conversation. They exist as a narrative matched set.

We were hoping that Crowley would pull this sort of nonsense on Cas when they were on their Buddy Cop Road Tour early in the season, so it’s nice to see him finally get a chance to annoy Dean, as well :D

So yeah, Scheherazade by proxy. :D

(*cries about why these things always happen because of Crowley* *then feels a lil bad for Crowley* *someone should really send him a fruit basket or something*)