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Therese saying no, to then realize what who she truly wants.


I had a few nuns around me growing up, and they would talk like that; scaring kids with stories of God’s wrath. Made me not want to believe. The only words that stuck with me were something Sister McKenna said about the Bible. She said, “God is love.” Simple and, a little sappy, but that’s the version I like. God is love. The thing that holds us together. And if that’s true, I don’t think he would punish you for making a mistake. I think he’d forgive a mistake.

“Meta” Masterpost

All right, it’s mostly fangirling. There’s a reason why most of my meta is filed under the tags “i.e. me rambling” or “trulycertain talks bollocks”. But in case anyone’s interested, here’s a list. Mostly things on here are just me putting in my two pence, rather than me being the OP, so not all of it will be that interesting/useful.

Kirkwall and the DA2 crew

The rebuilding of Kirkwall - Essentially: “I wish I’d seen Cullen and Aveline hanging out together and generally being stubborn Fereldans post-DA2. Would’ve been fun.”

Anders and Cullen: more in common than they’d think - A bit about how their arcs mirror and counterpoint each other, particularly in DA2.

Templars and the Chantry system in general

Why I love the Magi Origin - Why? Mainly the fact that it’s full of foreshadowing for the entire series. Reblog rambling.

People ask, “Pro-mage or pro-templar?” I say, “It’s a little more complicated than that for me.” - A conversation with thethousandnaturalshocks about how the Chantry system harms both mages and templars. With a little Cullen, Alistair, Samson and Amell/Surana thrown in.

Circle mages and compromised immune systems -  Some thoughts on becausedragonage and meridok’s meta.


“love not-at-first-sight Cullen is more romantic anyway” - holdbeast said that. I respond with some stuff about his friendship and romance arcs that boils down to, “Yes, I agree completely.”

Why I love prickly!Cullen - Another response to holdbeast. Rambling on vulnerability, northernness and good voice acting.

Some reasons I like starting his romance late in the game - Reblogging holdbeast again. What it says on the tin, plus some stuff about how the romance arc’s written.

Cullen’s makeover in Inquisition as character development - Why I reckon he tamed his hair himself. Taking control over his life through his appearance, etc.

Why Cullen/mage!Inquisitor can be a healthy, positive thing, and what it says about mages and templars in general - Why the ‘ship offers hope for the fate of mages and templars. There’s also some stuff in there about how Cullen’s arc mirrors and counterpoints Anders’. A reblog of siawrites’ post.

Why all Cullen’s Trespasser epilogues make sense - a reblog of tarysande’s post. Why he needs purpose and faith.

Cullen would totally get on with Dorian; here’s why - At least, that’s my theory.

More general thoughts on his romance - A conversation with alistairthebaewarden.


Why I like Warden Alistair - A reblog from merilsell with some thoughts about this. The basic answer: I have to do some frowning at canon to make it work, but I think there are positive messages and good storytelling in the Warden ending too. Also me saying that he is quite a BAMF, and I do wish canon would acknowledge this more.

The reason he isn’t fond of Morrigan - A reblog of some meta/headcanon stuff by siawrites about his upbringing. I don’t add much, but the point about Morrigan might be of interest.

Alistair, dumb? Nah. - Pretty much “Reasons Why Alistair Is Actually Quite Bright, Thank You Very Much” Volume 23.

Here Lies the Abyss, the Nightmare and insecurity - Or: crikey, the man’s grown up a lot. A response to rederiswrites.

Headcanons - I suppose some of it’s just meta and not just drabbling? Mostly based on me overthinking parts of his banter.


Why I find Anora fascinating - Just that, really.

The Inquisitor

Some daft headcanon stuff about Cullen and Cassandra attempting to carry Adaar to get medical attention after Haven. A reblog of lavellanthedragonslayer’s post. I just really love Adaar, essentially. I should write more Adaar.

Unpopular opinion: I like the Halamshiral outfit - The benefits of unity, political game-playing and women in uniform. Response to friend-of-red-jenny.

Headcanon-ish: would it be possible for a mage Inquisitor to summon a magical prosthetic post-Trespasser, as with the Knight Enchanter blade?


Why I love Dorian’s banter - What it says about his character and who he is.

Why he’s “an incredible ass at accepting gifts” - Dorian, the amulet, and agency. All wrapped up in some pointless rambling about my playthrough, but the meta’s in there. Somewhere. Maybe.

Dorian, Cullen and different expressions of intelligence - Could equally go in the Cullen list, but this list was shorter. Me chipping in on rederiswrites’ post and essentially being annoyed that people were calling Cullen stupid in comparison to Dorian.

Thoughts on the moustache

On hubris and Dorian’s talents - All that boasting has another purpose. Rambling on a gifset.

On Felix, his parents, and “amatus” - More reblog rambling on a much better post,

That nook in the library - Look, it’s just me rambling all over becausedragonage’s post about how much I love Dorian Pavus. What did you expect?

“A better man, clearly; not nearly as handsome.” - Dorian and self-esteem.

Dorian is not skinny or weak without magic - “Cerebral, not ineffectual.” Or “Dorian Pavus is a hot-headed, hard-drinking, strong as hell tough bastard who could probably take you in a bar fight but would much prefer to talk his way out of it instead.”

Thoughts on Halward Pavus - “Oh, it’s that git.”

Headcanons - I think about Dorian too much. Are you really surprised?


Leliana sees herself in Josephine - Why she’s so protective of her.

Why I love DA:O Leliana - She’s my second favourite character in Origins. Here’s why.

Darkspawn Chronicles Leliana/Alistair is actually… kind of plausible? - At least, for that AU’s version of Leliana.


Morrigan, Flemeth and motherhood - How Kieran expands Morrigan’s character arc and development, and what his and Morrigan’s relationship tells us about Morrigan’s childhood.


Sera and found family - Overanalysis of banters and such. I just really love Sera and the Inquisition crew.


Trickster gods and sexuality - Me chipping in on thethousandnaturalshocks’s post. Why Fen’harel fits with a lot of the traditional “trickster god” mythos.

Dragon Age lore/Thedas in general

How “great mages” can become “gods” - Some theory stuff on the Evanuris and unfathomable power. Response to rederiswrites.

Tru is a history nerd, again - Basically: Orlesians are Normans (ugh, Normans) and Kirkwall might be Weimar? OP by droil.

The nature of the Veil, spirits and mages - Lore speculation/rambling on the Veil.

Dragon Age, Mass Effect, and Canadian stereotypes - A response to fanfoolishness and calamity-writes. In which I basically say: Ferelden is a certain kind of Britain, written by Canadians - and that’s awesome. (There’s also a fair bit about Cullen and Kaidan in here.) Silly bonus: a bit more about why I like Ferelden as a Brit.

Theories on why/how the Avvar can peacefully allow possession - Well, the theories belong to withthebreezesblown. I just poke at things a bit.

No, Fenris would not end up launching himself at Dorian in an attempt to murder - Just that. Reblog of a post from mercurialmalcontent.


Mass Effect

Shepard’s real superpower - Why I really, really love the loyalty and upgrade mechanics in ME2 and think they’re character development.

The Quest for Kaidan, part one and part two - Thoughts on his character and romance.

Other fandoms

The duality of Tony Stark - Thought on the guy, both in 616 ‘verse and with a little MCU thrown in for flavour