this gifset has no point at all

So, that one gif of when you first meet Cullen in DA2...

You know, the one where he’s dramatically leveling his blade at someone, looking fierce? It really bothers me when I see people use it in gifsets glorifying Cullen. Because everyone seems to forget who he’s pointing that sword AT.

He’s threatening a recruit. He’s Knight-Captain – he’s supposed to be a mentor, a leader, a role model for his recruits. He’s suspicious of where this particular recruit went when he vanished, but he answers these suspicions by BEATING THE KID. Yes, the recruit had a demon in him— but Cullen doesn’t know that. All he has is a hunch. And yes, he’s freshly traumatized and Meredith has been feeding his paranoia, but that doesn’t excuse his actions.

When the recruit-turned-abomination splits open, the demon inside says something like, “You will never strike me again, mortal!” Does Cullen have a habit of physically abusing his Templar initiates? Is the demon referring to the mages getting abused under his nose? I don’t know. It doesn’t even really matter – either way, it’s awful.

That particular action shot, no matter how spiffy it looks, is showcasing a very problematic moment of Cullen’s character. It makes me uncomfortable seeing it used to exalt him instead.

Just wanted to get that off my chest.

OK So I still have not seen the tongue but I know it happened and I know when. This is @saviorswaan gif. @musethedead has a gifset of the kiss that captures it perfectly but I can’t borrow hers…LOL, its the 3rd gif in the set. However this one is pretty close. I believe the tongue happens just before he reaches out to pull Michonne closer but before this particular moment in the kiss. Rick and Michonne are holding each other and their lips don’t part, I think during the closed mouth portion of the kiss they break away not to far and then kiss again there is one point in the kiss they don’t break apart or separate really at all but they gotta breathe at some point but they don’t pull apart. I bet there was tongue for just a few moments…right before he reaches to pull her closer. @kdrose72 @richonnelandfill


Okay so I don’t know if someone has talked about that yet but this morning I thought about it so here it is.

From what I know and remember, it has been said, by the Russos and/or Renner, that Clint had mostly joined team Cap because “he was the first to ask”. It had always kind of bugged me, and now I’m convinced that Clint had actually been against the Sokovia Accords all along.

The gifset I made is here to proove my point. First I want to say that I know most people think Clint was already retired, and I agree that it might be the case. During Age of Ultron, he says, through a metaphora about house renovations, that battling Ultron is his “last project”. Then, he went back to his family and hasn’t been shown to come back, though being still in touch with at least Natasha.

But remember when Laura says “Then you’ll find another part of the house to tear apart”? Sure, Clint says after that that it’s his last project, but the fact that Laura mentions that she knows he’ll find something else after the current situation means he’s done that already. The very fact that he comes out of retirement to help Cap is a proof that he can’t stop, he always needs to help. But yes, maybe Clint went into retirement back then, right after Ultron. Makes sense considering he was to be a dad not long after. But then… Why would Steve ask if Clint signed the SA? If he’s already retired, he isn’t an Avenger anymore and don’t need to sign them. So this is where my theory (because let’s face it, that’s a theory and no less) lands, Clint didn’t retire after Ultron. He took vacations, some paternity leave maybe, but didn’t leave the Avengers for good.

Now I’d like to come back to the gifs. In the ones on the left, Secretary Ross mentions that if you don’t sign the Accords, or if you do something that doesn’t please the ones in charge, then you’re send to retirement. And on the right, Natasha mentions that Clint “says he’s retired”. Now if we consider he was already retired, there’s nothing about it. But if you consider he wasn’t, then it means something else entirely.

Clint says he’s retired. What a strange choice of words from Natasha. She doesn’t say he consider it’s not his business, nor that he puts his family first. She doesn’t say he’s signed nor that he hasn’t. She doesn’t say “You know he’s retired”. No she specifically quotes him saying “I’m retired”. Exactly what happens when you don’t sign. Now one can only imagine Clint asking Natasha what happens if he disagree, and upon hearing the answer, saying something like “Then I’m retired.”

I’ve seen a lot of people saying that Wanda is the reason he’s team Cap and I agree with them, but I also think that he wouldn’t have been that involved if he hadn’t share Cap’s opinion. Getting out of retirement, compromising himself, risking not to see his family (including a baby possibly not one year old yet) only because someone “asked first” doesn’t makes sense to me.

(++ When Tony comes to the Raft, Clint welcomes him with a great speech that includes “He knows what’s best for you, whether you like it or not”. Wait a minute. Knowing what’s best for someone, making them do things they might not want? Doesn’t that sound like what the Sokovia Accords are proposing? Yes it does. That’s a clear criticism of Tony agreeing with the Accords and what they imply, that would seem a little off coming from someone who came because “Cap asked first”. Clint isn’t some guy you feel with your opinion and he takes it, he makes his own opinions and he’s clearly against the Accords.)

So yes, things works well without this theory, but it had always bugged me, and I think it had always bugged some other Clint fans, so I tried to think about why it bugged me so much. I think I might have found it. At least it works for me.


look, i think it’s p obvious at this point if you’ve been following me for any amount of time that i don’t ship st*cky. the fandom has completely ruined any possible interest i might’ve had for the pairing and there’s rly no going back for me at this point.

but i follow/am mutuals with quite a few st*cky shippers bc they’re reasonable and i have no problems with seeing the eventual fanart or shippy gifset on my dash—i do follow those ppl after all so i know it’s coming, and a lot of the content is rly beautiful from an artistic standpoint. but i still don’t ship it.

but here’s what i don’t do: i don’t post every day abt how much i hate it, how i find mcu!steve an underdeveloped mess, how mcu!bucky is a helpless damsel etc. i may make the occasional post abt it but it’s always in relation to smth the fandom has done e.g. claiming mcu!bucky is canonically flirting with steve with every interaction,‘or that mcu!steve gagged when he kissed sharon, or that steve and sam don’t have chemistry and should never be a couple and that sam should make way for bucky. it’s never out of the blue, it’s a response to either hate or any other ~problematic~ aspect of the rhetoric.

but even when i do that, i don’t tag the characters. i use asterisks, or the anti tags, bc i don’t want fans/my followers to see the negativity. i don’t spend my days sitting here writing essays abt how much i hate this or that character and how stupid the shippers are, even if i think it. it’s just common courtesy.

so what’s the deal with anti sharon/staron ppl? i have never, in all of my years on tumblr, seen a character/ship get so much vitriol. it’s actually insane. anti sharon/staron ppl have consistently, since civil war came out, flat out HARASSING the fans, hijacking content made by fans to criticize it, and creating anti-blogs with confessions that range from “i hate sharon bc steve belongs with bucky” to “sharon and her stans are literal nazis.” and, no, that’s not even an exaggeration. if anything, i’m being generous with my description.

and then when i make my pro sharon/staron posts, *i’m* the one that has no chill, *i’m* the one that’s too sensitive and should just lighten up, *i’m* the negative one.

like, what’s wrong with you people?

i didn’t even give a shit abt staron until i saw how unnecessarily hated it/sharon/emily was after the movie came out. so, really, you have yourselves to blame for me being so extra about it.

the sharon/staron fandom is literally 1% of the mcu fandom on tumblr, and yet we’re supposed to be quiet when the 99% have been badmouthing us for MONTHS?

i’ll never shut up. you brought this on yourselves.

anonymous asked:

I love your blog and meta, but I disagree with your parallel between 12x15 and 10x21. Sam saying "It's Mick" was him showing his commitment to honesty regarding the BMOL going forward and Dean's "Pick it up" wasn't demanding that Sam do so, but showing he wasn't judging Sam's continued involvement (at least that's how I read it. I think we all talk to loved ones in short hand - what would sound rude to a stranger doesn't to a loved one) Dean has made a lot emotional progress in 12 imo.

I mean obviously there are differences between the two scenes, but I had a really specific point with that gifset which was that I have seen more than one piece of meta since the episode saying that Dean was being bulldozed by Sam, that his feelings were being ignored, that he was being bullied into accepting something he didn’t want to accept… and this moment really seemed to me to illustrate the opposite. Dean is in the position of making the judgement as to whether or not Sam should pick up the phone (he isn’t demanding that Sam do it, but he is giving his permission, which still locates him in the position of authority). Sam has surrended power over the decision to Dean. The parallel with the moment in 10x21 (when Dean’s power feels much more violent and threatening, of course) just acts as a reinforcement of this.

Does that make sense?!


└ Here’s looking at you two~

the catherine cawood gifset i just reblogged is an example of sally w’s self-plagiarisation somewhat distantly, but it is definitely related to these moments i adore in the ltih xmas special, when some man makes the mistake of using the term ‘ladies.’  and the first one of course is to caroline and gillian, in the restaurant, and gillian gets all defensive about it (‘ladies, who’s he trying to kid’) while caroline is much more comfortable letting herself be put in that category.  but the second one is at the theatre, when gillian and olga come in late and the usher says ‘sorry, ladies,’ and they both look behind themselves in sync to see where these supposed ladies are.

and every time i watch it i just think, oh, caroline.  caroline, caroline. caz. cazza.  you are in so much trouble.


You can’t control what goes on in the world, no, 
you can just choose to be a part of it, every single day.


This is the Commander. Moments ago, this ship received word of a Cylon attack against our home worlds is underway. We do not know the size or the disposition or the strength of the enemy forces. But all indications point to a massive assault against Colonial defenses. Admiral Negala has taken personal command of the fleet aboard the Battlestar Atlantea following complete destruction of Picon Fleet Headquarters in the first wave of the attacks. How, why - doesn’t really matter now. What does matter is that as of this moment, we are at war. You’ve trained for this, you’re ready for this. Stand to your duties, trust your fellow shipmates, and we’ll all get through this. 

I feel like it’s my duty to point out that this is also what he’d look like if, you know, someone was on their knees in front of him… if you know what I mean… ;)

From this beautiful post: 

Can we just talk about how well these two unrelated gifs work in conjunction from fifty achronological episodes apart

Like, not only has Haruka clearly taken a shower and changed into clean clothes untainted by any and all pop sensations but she has apparently been thinking about this for HOURS by the cinematically reflective window as the stormy wind symbolically rages on

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I just saw that gifset of Will talking about knowing himself better when he's with Hannibal and of course it satisfied my hannigram feels but also it was really sad? Like, Hannibal has abused Will in almost every way one person can abuse the other (though I know he sees it as 'helping') and Will still genuinely feels that way? It must be terrible to only feel known by the one person who's hurt you the most :/

Yes to all that, but I don’t think that’s the point of the line. It’s reflective: Will knows himself when he’s with Hannibal because being around Hannibal gives him self-insight. That can be true without falling in love with or being abused by someone, although in this case both those things dovetail along as well.

Chiyoh wants to know why Will wants to find Hannibal, and up till now Will has been pretty uncertain on this point. I believe what he’s saying is that when he finds Hannibal, he’ll know what to do. He’ll know his own mind and what he wants from Hannibal and from himself then, because that’s what being around Hannibal does for him.

Ironically, Hannibal never knows himself as poorly as he knows himself when he’s with Will Graham, which is giving me great cackles atm.

Jupiter/Caine, 1095 words, inspired by this gifset.


Caine has very firm ideas of his place in the universe. Not really his fault, of course. He grew up with them, was raised with them, had his nose rubbed in them at every opportunity.

Jupiter disagrees with all of them. Especially the “I am unworthy of Her Majesty’s attention’ parts.

But fine. Fine. She can do this. She’ll just… ease him into the certainty that he has a place with her, will always have a place with her.

"Caine. Sit.” She points at the floor by her throne (and how freaky is that? She has a throne. And Advocate Bob insists that she needs to do some occasional official ruling to keep herself in the “universal eye,’” as it were) and watches as Caine slowly eases himself down.

It’s not like he has to protect her. Everything is going on through the super space version of Skype.

She pats his head once he’s sitting and then just… keeps trying to look regal and impressive and not like a seriously confused Earth girl who’s just BSing all of this.

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Gentlemen! Ladies! Others!

A message to all Nygmobblepot shippers, new and old. My beautiful wife (who, by the way, I might never have met without Nygmobblepot), and of course our noble captains, Smaylor.

We’ve waited a very, very long time. We’ve had to be pretty darn creative.

There’s been insanity. Fics. Gifsets. Art. Many, many wondrous things.

But now…

Our time has come.

Are we ready? I sure as hell am.

So without further ado, prepare thyself for Nygmobblepot Night #4.

Queue incoming.

Lucas can’t keep his hands off Maya.  It’s crazy obvious at this point.

CoryandTopanga -  Waist grab after Farkle hits Maya with the paper ball

Rah Rah - Covering Maya’s face while watching Riley

Texas2 - Guiding Maya to safety on the porch when Papa Joe reacts to Farkle

Texas2 - Campfire

Forgiveness - Shoulder grab

STEM - Playfully shaking Maya’s face after catching it with his hand

I would love to see a gifset of this. And this is all within a span of only 11 episodes or so. 

Then i think about poor Rucas.  When has Lucas ever initiated anything with Riley physically?  Honestly it’s so hard to think of any moments AT ALL where Lucas just can’t keep his hands off Riley.  It’s always RILEY who physically flirts with him or puts her hands on him. Without rewatching the shows, the only moments i can think of where Lucas initiates is him reluctantly holding out his hand for Riley in New World and then maybe at the end of Friendship when he helps Riley onto the white horse?  It’s always Riley kissing him, Riley grabbing his shoulder, Riley punching him playfully, etc.  

Touch is an important part of the “language” of love.  Particularly for boys.

It’s not a good sign for your ship when the boy appears FAR MORE INTERESTED in putting his hands on another girl.    

From Kolvina I learned:

That for Julie Plec, it’s ok for Kol to fall in love with a witch, that’s younger than him. A girl that has a good heart and has had to make difficult choices that left darkness within her, that struggles and is completely alone, who sacrifices for those she cares to the point where there’s nothing left for her.