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So, that one gif of when you first meet Cullen in DA2...

You know, the one where he’s dramatically leveling his blade at someone, looking fierce? It really bothers me when I see people use it in gifsets glorifying Cullen. Because everyone seems to forget who he’s pointing that sword AT.

He’s threatening a recruit. He’s Knight-Captain – he’s supposed to be a mentor, a leader, a role model for his recruits. He’s suspicious of where this particular recruit went when he vanished, but he answers these suspicions by BEATING THE KID. Yes, the recruit had a demon in him— but Cullen doesn’t know that. All he has is a hunch. And yes, he’s freshly traumatized and Meredith has been feeding his paranoia, but that doesn’t excuse his actions.

When the recruit-turned-abomination splits open, the demon inside says something like, “You will never strike me again, mortal!” Does Cullen have a habit of physically abusing his Templar initiates? Is the demon referring to the mages getting abused under his nose? I don’t know. It doesn’t even really matter – either way, it’s awful.

That particular action shot, no matter how spiffy it looks, is showcasing a very problematic moment of Cullen’s character. It makes me uncomfortable seeing it used to exalt him instead.

Just wanted to get that off my chest.

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Do you think len has a crush on barry? The poking thing came across flirty IMO.

I mean, in canon, sticking purely to what we’re supposed to read it as? No, I actually don’t. 

I think they have huge amounts of interpersonal chemistry and that Len sees a lot of himself in Barry, and that he’s come to genuinely care about Barry, and finds him annoying and frustrating and a thorn in his side that he’s discovered he wants to keep in side. I think he respects Barry a lot, and is a little inspired by him, and humbled by Barry’s belief in his own inner goodness and by the trust Barry continuously places in Len and the lengths he’s gone to in order to help Len.

And I think that that could very easily sidestep into a crush, into something more romantic. But I don’t think we’re “supposed” to see it that way, and I don’t think Len himself, in canon, would say (admit? acknowledge?) he’s attracted to Barry or has a crush on him.


I do headcanon that he does? And I think there’s a good canonical and textual basis for arguing that he does?

Given everything I just said about what I do think their relationship is purposefully presented as and a relatively unbiased reading off canon, it’s not hard to see how he could have a crush on Barry, or a developing attraction to him, one that just makes the soft spot he shows for Barry a little more charged. Between how he’s come to care for him and be humbled and inspired by him and their not-quite-flirting across three seasons now, it’s not difficult to read it that way. 

Between the way Len was a bit ‘obsessed’ with the Flash as of 1x10 to the way he was already teasing Barry in 1x16 by asking for a ride back to town to the looks he gave him in 1x22 before betraying him to Barry helping him and Lisa in 2x03 and how goddamn charged the scene in 2x09 was against the mantle and the way Len teased Barry (and complimented Iris) before helping Barry, to finally the speedforce acknowledging that Barry played a significant role in inspiring Barry toward heroism and self-sacrifice… I think there’s an easy case for it.

So with all that, and with so many great little interactions (some of which, like this gifset points out, mirror Len’s interactions with Sara) I would say that although we’re not meant to read it as romantic and I don’t think the actors are deliberately playing it that way, Len having a crush on Barry makes a lot of sense to me, an increasing amount of sense as time has gone on, and I honestly think it’s a valid reading of canon.

(Which is not to say that Len is necessarily in love with Barry or seriously would consider a relationship, there’s a lot of reasons between them for why that wouldn’t work in canon even if Barry wasn’t in love with Iris and marrying her, but we can have crushes on people we wouldn’t/couldn’t date, people do all the time).

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Is it just me or is there this push for everyone to be related in Voltron? Like people want Shiro and Keith to be brothers, Haggar to be Allura’s mom, Lotor to be Haggar’s son/Allura’s brother or half brother or cousin, Shiro to be Keith’s dad’s brother (making him Keith’s uncle 😫), etc. Even characters who clearly aren’t related like Pidge with Lance or Keith or anyone really. There’s this push to use family terminology, like people will say “he loves his sister”

And like don’t get me wrong I LOVE found family feels, I love strong and close platonic ties as much as (if not more than) romantic ones. But why the need to label it all as familial? I feel like it gets to a point where it’s no longer actually about found family, and more about preventing romantic interpretations of things, à la “these characters can’t be shipped because they’re siblings, or like siblings”

Like idk it’s like family terminology has been co-opted as a tool to prevent people from shipping stuff or to make sure people won’t tag ships. And I’m not talking about people making platonic/familial art or fic, that’s cool! I’m talking more about people posting screenshots or gifsets from the show and writing stuff like “look at these siblings” in the description. Or making an unrelated headcanon or meta post and randomly dropping in the word brother or sister. There are some situations like that where the use of family terminology is really unnecessary imo and it serves no discernible purpose? The only reason I can imagine is to say “don’t you dare tag this as ship” which kinda leaves me like 😑😑😑

Idk I feel like I’m not expressing myself well?

TLDR I find it’s obvious when someone is talking about team-as-family for the sake of team-as-family, and when they’re doing it for the sake of preventing shipping

knk alignments
  • youjin: lawful good/lawful neutral. his intentions are more lawful good but at this point all he wants is to survive each day in this chaotic wasteland
  • seungjun: chaotic neutral. he seems innocent but never lets things stay peaceful for too long. most likely to create pokemon discourse just for the fallout
  • inseong: chaotic good. like youjin he has lawful good intentions but his actions primarily cause suffering to those around him, mostly in the form of ruptured eardrums
  • jihun: true neutral. honestly Just Does Not Give A Shit Anymore abt anything other than being a coffee-drinking instagram hipster
  • heejun: chaotic evil. beat me up outside of a subway once and stole my sandwich. ate it while looking me in the eyes as i cried

Okay so I don’t know if someone has talked about that yet but this morning I thought about it so here it is.

From what I know and remember, it has been said, by the Russos and/or Renner, that Clint had mostly joined team Cap because “he was the first to ask”. It had always kind of bugged me, and now I’m convinced that Clint had actually been against the Sokovia Accords all along.

The gifset I made is here to proove my point. First I want to say that I know most people think Clint was already retired, and I agree that it might be the case. During Age of Ultron, he says, through a metaphora about house renovations, that battling Ultron is his “last project”. Then, he went back to his family and hasn’t been shown to come back, though being still in touch with at least Natasha.

But remember when Laura says “Then you’ll find another part of the house to tear apart”? Sure, Clint says after that that it’s his last project, but the fact that Laura mentions that she knows he’ll find something else after the current situation means he’s done that already. The very fact that he comes out of retirement to help Cap is a proof that he can’t stop, he always needs to help. But yes, maybe Clint went into retirement back then, right after Ultron. Makes sense considering he was to be a dad not long after. But then… Why would Steve ask if Clint signed the SA? If he’s already retired, he isn’t an Avenger anymore and don’t need to sign them. So this is where my theory (because let’s face it, that’s a theory and no less) lands, Clint didn’t retire after Ultron. He took vacations, some paternity leave maybe, but didn’t leave the Avengers for good.

Now I’d like to come back to the gifs. In the ones on the left, Secretary Ross mentions that if you don’t sign the Accords, or if you do something that doesn’t please the ones in charge, then you’re send to retirement. And on the right, Natasha mentions that Clint “says he’s retired”. Now if we consider he was already retired, there’s nothing about it. But if you consider he wasn’t, then it means something else entirely.

Clint says he’s retired. What a strange choice of words from Natasha. She doesn’t say he consider it’s not his business, nor that he puts his family first. She doesn’t say he’s signed nor that he hasn’t. She doesn’t say “You know he’s retired”. No she specifically quotes him saying “I’m retired”. Exactly what happens when you don’t sign. Now one can only imagine Clint asking Natasha what happens if he disagree, and upon hearing the answer, saying something like “Then I’m retired.”

I’ve seen a lot of people saying that Wanda is the reason he’s team Cap and I agree with them, but I also think that he wouldn’t have been that involved if he hadn’t share Cap’s opinion. Getting out of retirement, compromising himself, risking not to see his family (including a baby possibly not one year old yet) only because someone “asked first” doesn’t makes sense to me.

(++ When Tony comes to the Raft, Clint welcomes him with a great speech that includes “He knows what’s best for you, whether you like it or not”. Wait a minute. Knowing what’s best for someone, making them do things they might not want? Doesn’t that sound like what the Sokovia Accords are proposing? Yes it does. That’s a clear criticism of Tony agreeing with the Accords and what they imply, that would seem a little off coming from someone who came because “Cap asked first”. Clint isn’t some guy you feel with your opinion and he takes it, he makes his own opinions and he’s clearly against the Accords.)

So yes, things works well without this theory, but it had always bugged me, and I think it had always bugged some other Clint fans, so I tried to think about why it bugged me so much. I think I might have found it. At least it works for me.


a series of unlikely crossovers: x

send star; receive thing : accepting : @a–speckled–pelt

Like I say this every time I reblog something of him that’s a gifset or whatever, but it’s true.  It’s true, y’all.  I really do love his big stupid face.  Like, Hector Barbossa is absolutely not handsome.  Has never been handsome.  Will never be handsome.  I’m fine with that.  I don’t love his face because it’s pretty.  I love his face because it’s stupid and expressive and weathered and lined and imperfect.  I love that his face shows he’s lived life, and he’s lived it hard.  I love that he has three stupid gold teeth.  I love that his stupid ears are slightly pointed at the top tips.  His mouth is crooked and I love that, too.  I love the fact that he can roll his eyes so hard, it literally gives me a headache to see it.  Like, A+ Geoffrey Rush, you are a treasure and your face is literally the only face for me when it comes to this stupid pirate.

But I mean if you don’t love this man’s face we can’t be friends.  Those be the rules.  Because I mean:

look, i think it’s p obvious at this point if you’ve been following me for any amount of time that i don’t ship st*cky. the fandom has completely ruined any possible interest i might’ve had for the pairing and there’s rly no going back for me at this point.

but i follow/am mutuals with quite a few st*cky shippers bc they’re reasonable and i have no problems with seeing the eventual fanart or shippy gifset on my dash—i do follow those ppl after all so i know it’s coming, and a lot of the content is rly beautiful from an artistic standpoint. but i still don’t ship it.

but here’s what i don’t do: i don’t post every day abt how much i hate it, how i find mcu!steve an underdeveloped mess, how mcu!bucky is a helpless damsel etc. i may make the occasional post abt it but it’s always in relation to smth the fandom has done e.g. claiming mcu!bucky is canonically flirting with steve with every interaction,‘or that mcu!steve gagged when he kissed sharon, or that steve and sam don’t have chemistry and should never be a couple and that sam should make way for bucky. it’s never out of the blue, it’s a response to either hate or any other ~problematic~ aspect of the rhetoric.

but even when i do that, i don’t tag the characters. i use asterisks, or the anti tags, bc i don’t want fans/my followers to see the negativity. i don’t spend my days sitting here writing essays abt how much i hate this or that character and how stupid the shippers are, even if i think it. it’s just common courtesy.

so what’s the deal with anti sharon/staron ppl? i have never, in all of my years on tumblr, seen a character/ship get so much vitriol. it’s actually insane. anti sharon/staron ppl have consistently, since civil war came out, flat out HARASSING the fans, hijacking content made by fans to criticize it, and creating anti-blogs with confessions that range from “i hate sharon bc steve belongs with bucky” to “sharon and her stans are literal nazis.” and, no, that’s not even an exaggeration. if anything, i’m being generous with my description.

and then when i make my pro sharon/staron posts, *i’m* the one that has no chill, *i’m* the one that’s too sensitive and should just lighten up, *i’m* the negative one.

like, what’s wrong with you people?

i didn’t even give a shit abt staron until i saw how unnecessarily hated it/sharon/emily was after the movie came out. so, really, you have yourselves to blame for me being so extra about it.

the sharon/staron fandom is literally 1% of the mcu fandom on tumblr, and yet we’re supposed to be quiet when the 99% have been badmouthing us for MONTHS?

i’ll never shut up. you brought this on yourselves.

WIP Meme

List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever.

I was tagged by @codyglasser and @lecavayay, and in similar vein to lecavayay, I’m just gonna list the WIPs that I’m actively writing right now, because otherwise I’d have way too many. I go into quite a lot of detail, so a read-more.

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So I’ve been thinking about one of my favorite Malec moments in City of Ashes (ft. Clagnus):

Later on when Magnus comes out of the bathroom:

And finally when Alec comes in:

And I think I just realized why I like this so much. 

Magnus, whose makeup and outfits are always so on point, gets self-conscious about his looks when Alec is around.

In fanfictions and fan headcanons, we see so much of Alec being shy, awkward and cute in general with Magnus, but never the other way around.

I feel like we don’t talk enough about the effect Alec has on Magnus, aside from physical attraction, when there is so much more

Alec may be the one stuttering, but this is what a blushing 18 y/o virgin Shadowhunter can make a 400 y/o flamboyant Warlock feel, let that sink in.

OK So I still have not seen the tongue but I know it happened and I know when. This is @saviorswaan gif. @musethedead has a gifset of the kiss that captures it perfectly but I can’t borrow hers…LOL, its the 3rd gif in the set. However this one is pretty close. I believe the tongue happens just before he reaches out to pull Michonne closer but before this particular moment in the kiss. Rick and Michonne are holding each other and their lips don’t part, I think during the closed mouth portion of the kiss they break away not to far and then kiss again there is one point in the kiss they don’t break apart or separate really at all but they gotta breathe at some point but they don’t pull apart. I bet there was tongue for just a few moments…right before he reaches to pull her closer. @kdrose72 @richonnelandfill

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Hi, saw that zootopia gif set with the fox & bunny and first thing come to mind sterek+picnic+ preserve, that scene happen and BAM soft kisses and whispers of love and of corse cuddling! just them and it's like the world with all the complication vanish: no paranoia or drama,just them Stiles relaxed and truly happy for a first since his mother and Derek open sweet carefree(just with Stiles) cause he finally has someone who understand him. I'm almost in tears!!! I'm such a trash 4 sterek!!!!!!

so, this was sent to me ages ago, and I had actually written points for it, but never published it… I am, so, really sorry.

Okay so ages ago, I thinks you were referring to this gifset, and that picture you described is the most beautiful thing, cuz yes! I want both of my angsty babies to happy and not think, at least for a short while, about all the bad stuff.

Not when they’re together and in love and just lucky enough to be spending time like this, just enjoying the fact that they’re alive and together.

So, yes, picnic in the woods:

They just got together and they’re trying all this dating thing for the first time, after Stiles tripped Derek in love.

Cuz, y'know Derek thought  he’d never, ever, do it again, would never fall in love again, he’s been hurt too bad. But Stiles is different and maybe for the first time in a long time he’s not afraid of being hurt, no, he knows he can trust Stiles.

Stiles is the one that always comes back for him,

  •  the one that keeps him floating
  • the one that he knos he can count on in the worst circumstances,
  • EVEN if they are mad at each other, Derek knows Stiles will never turn his back on him.

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Imagine if you will:

Present day: Pepper Potts divorces her neurotic, workaholic husband Tony Stark and founds a private security company with a chunk of her court awarded money. She recruits strictly women, because no one expects a woman to be dangerous and Pepper is damn tired of being overlooked and discounted (12%, her ass!) . She starts with Maria Hill, who quickly becomes her second in command and head of recruitment; Melinda May only agrees under the condition that she is a combat arms instructor only and will not go into the field (a stipulation that she breaks before six months have passed); Bobbi Morse (do NOT call her Barbara); Natasha Romanov (yes she speaks Russian, yes she was one of the last women to go through the covert Black Widow program, no you may not ask questions); Daisy Johnson (who idolizes May and pretends she doesn’t); and Margaret Carter (Peggy to those she likes, Ms. Carter to everyone else). Pepper gathers up all of these powerful, elite women and quickly dominates the private security sector.

Not one to be outdone and not-so-secretly determined to win back his wife, Tony Stark pushes back by creating his own security company - with all men. He even goes one step farther, does Pepper one better, because they can’t be just any men. Tony knows his weaknesses, and he is not good at organization (or leadership at all, really), so he goes straight for Phil Coulson. Coulson’s a good man with a talent for all those things - he’s also Melinda May’s friend and counterpart from the Academy (and the only known person to have earned her loyalty for life). Tony puts Coulson in charge, but only after he recruits Lance Hunter, Bobbi Morse’s ex-husband (”anything to piss off that crazy ex of mine.”); Clint Barton, a crack shot with a bow and Natasha’s best friend (lover? frenemy? no one knows); Bruce Banner (who is just the scientist behind their tech and weapons and armor, thankyouverymuch); Sam Wilson, an unassuming but capable fighter; Antoine Triplett, a legacy who smiles as much as he fights; and Steve Rogers, the All-American dream boy. 

Fitz and Simmons are late additions. Everyone knows that’s a shared custody situation, because there’s simply no separating them, so Fitzsimmons just sort of travel back and forth as needed. They’re the youngest aside from Daisy, whom they befriend immediately, and that trio quickly garners the moniker “the Bus kids” after Hunter makes a crack about them having gotten off at the wrong bus stop after school and then just stuck around. 

What starts as an all out war between the sexes to dominate the private sector quickly devolves into a chaotic mess of friendly (and soon, decidedly more than friendly) competition to be the best, until suddenly one day Pepper turns around and …

“Bee-tee-dubs, Pep,” Daisy says brightly. “You should know …”

“Everyone’s sleeping with everyone else?” Pepper supplies dryly.

Daisy laughs. “Oh, that happened, like, forever ago. No, I was gonna say that you’ve successfully created the world’s only dating service for the Highly Weaponized and Dysfunctional. Congrats.”

And Pepper can’t be mad, not really, because these people risk life and limb every day to make the world a safer place. They’re a motley assortment of misfits, pretty faces over damaged souls held together with crooked stitches, and Pepper loves them all. They’re her friends - her family. 

So Pepper smiles when May pretends not to listen when Coulson starts talking about that damn car of his, and puts in earplugs when Hunter and Bobbi start yelling about God knows what, and blushes when Peggy and Steve look at each other as though they’ve only just found each other again after a lifetime apart. 

And she’s always loved Tony, even when she divorced him to wake him up and prove a point, so she only makes him wait a few days - okay, weeks - for her answer of yes when he proposes again. (”Tell me twelve percent again,” she threatens. 

“I would never,” Tony promises. “We’re up to thirty percent, at least.”

“Anthony Stark, I swear on Jarvis and every last piece …”

“Whoa, whoa, Pep. Point taken. Fifty-fifty from here on out.”)

And that’s how PS Security came to dominate the private security sector with the most dangerous, ridiculous group of lovers the world has ever seen. 

(”Why not SP Security? Stark-Potts sounds better than Potts-Stark …”


“Right. Never mind. PS is good.”)

My kingdom for a gifset of this. 

I feel like it’s my duty to point out that this is also what he’d look like if, you know, someone was on their knees in front of him… if you know what I mean… ;)


amy pond in blue

the color often symbolizes loyalty, confidence, stability and wisdom.