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‘No grave can hold my body down, I’ll crawl home to her.’

Okay, so I know I’m late to the party and this has probably been discussed, but still. Can we talk about Rafael Barba in the bar scene in Heartfelt Passages?

At this point, Barba is well-known as “the guy who prosecutes cops for doing their job.” He’s getting literal death threats and he knows they’re probably coming from somewhere within the NYPD thanks to the Terry Reynolds case. We don’t know what exactly Heredio says later during his interrogation, but we do know the threat is credible enough to justify a 24/7 security detail. Barba is probably already aware of that, or he wouldn’t have alerted the SVU. Sonny and Amanda, of course, because Olivia would have chewed him out for not telling her sooner (and boy am I sad we didn’t get to see that scene).

Nevertheless, Barba sits down in a bar full of cops, probably expecting to be drinking alone (again) because Rafael Barba is not going to let a few measly calls and texts and paid messengers interfere with his life he knows “his” squad is here to protect him if anything happens.

He doesn’t end up alone, however. Sonny is there to reassure him because that’s kind of Sonny’s thing. Never mind that he’s mourning the death of a colleague. Never mind that a lot of people in the bar hate Barba’s guts. Never mind that Sonny depends on those people to have his back in emergencies. Never mind that Sonny’s still more or less “the new guy” who has never been able to stay in one place for long because he comes off as brash and annoying even on his best days. Sonny couldn’t care less about what they think about him, he just sees a friend who’s troubled and he’s there to reassure him.

Barba could easily sass his way out of the moment – when has Carisi ever not been a good target for his snark? – but he doesn’t. His response is open and sincere, he even smiles, which is one out of, like, three times in the entire series (smirks don’t count and you know it). He doesn’t hide behind his usual smartassery but allows himself to be honest and (even though he’s, in turn, reassuring Sonny now) vulnerable, just for a minute or two.

“I’m not worried. Not in here.” He has every reason to be worried “in here.” Hell will freeze over before Rafael Barba admits that he feels safe when Sonny (and the rest of the squad but come on, bear with me and my little shipping heart) is with him, but what he really means is “I’m not worried. Not when you’re around.”

I don’t care if you hate SMC

but don’t shit on it on my gifset because I’m trying to celebrate a good aspect of Sailor Moon. That is so not the point. It just goes to show that haters will turn every positive thing into a negative thing literally every chance they get. I don’t even know what you’re doing in the tag if you hate it so much. Or reblogged the gifset at all.

I just want to make gifs without receiving commentary that has nothing to do with the scene depicted in said gifs, is that really too much to ask. You can literally talk shit about SMC anywhere else. For example, your own blog. Please utilize that. 

#endrant #thisiswhyIdontdographicsanymore

So I was look at this gifset and this

and God do you ever think about just how fucking LONELY of a thing it is that Killian turns to the ocean for comfort? When he needs to calm the tumult in his heart and head he turns to the sea? That for hundreds of years, he literally has had NO ONE to the point he bonded with a cold, endless expanse of water

I know that lots of people have non-human things that calm them, a favorite book or blanket or movie. But all of those things are usually in addition to a human support system. So for it to be his entire support system? His only place to turn for comfort? 

I think about this and it shreds my heart to goddamn ribbons. And it makes it so unfuckingbelievably beautiful that Emma not only knows this (and actively works to support and comfort him), but she knows this because he told her this. As much as she has lowered her walls with him, he has done the same by turning to her for comfort. By telling her his tales. By sharing what’s in his heart. By making her his home.

Just fuck me up. THIS SHIP, MAN.