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ok i know it’s 2016 but i just have to say that like, if you joined tumblr after 2010 and/or never got involved in the glee fandom you missed out on a core piece of this websites history

like you do not understand the scope, power, influence of the glee fandom. all the “leaders” of current fandoms now are people who were probably big in the glee fandom too. you literally had to be there. it was fucking crazy, it was horrible, the ship wars were endless, the hate was endless, but you know what - i genuinely miss it sometimes because it was the most prolific, engaged, and creative community i have ever seen and been a part of. 

like y’all. the art, the fic, the gifs, the manips, everything. this fandom was in a constant state of creation, and we constantly inspired each other. we gave great feedback. the ideas were endless. i once got 823 notes on a like 1 paragraph “fic” after gay marriage was legalized in ny. it would not be uncommon to post something and have literally 1000 people on your blog at once. for something like that to happen now would be astounding but it barely was back then, just pretty cool.

glee had its problems - many many problems - but it did something nobody else had done before, which is that it really tried to serve every single underserved group, meaning everyone got involved. there was never a time when you couldn’t relate to a character or root for a character or empathize with a character - everyone found someone worth defending or loving. what i’m trying to say is it was the pinnacle of obsession & investment. there has literally not been another fandom like it since. and the most insane thing is that most people who were a part of it ended up so disappointed by it that we have tried to sever all ties.

so i’m gonna come out and say i miss glee! except i don’t miss glee, i miss the community and the camaraderie and the creation. i miss always having something new to read or new gifsets to see or new meta or parallels or whatever. it was amazing and terrible and we had the time of our fucking lives before the show destroyed itself past the point of no return. so anyway. i feel now more than ever that something like the glee fandom will never happen again so consider this a tribute post to y’all who were there. solidarity my friends

Arrow 607 “Thanksgiving” Thoughts

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving or happy Thursday. My boyfriend and I skipped out on dessert, so we could home in time for Arrow. I drank coffee at seven pm, so I found time to write my review earlier than expected.

Well, that was a strong episode. But it had some missteps and left me with questions than answers. So let’s dig a bit deeper here.

We Are Family

(GiF Credit: @westallenolicitygifs)

The bond among Oliver, Felicity, and William never felt more strong.

The whipped cream to last night’s pumpkin pie, Thea wakes up from her coma. In that final scene, everything Oliver has ever wanted is now his reality. He’s got his wife-to-be, son, sister, and brother right by his side. 

That family hug earns adorable points. GIF credit westallenolicitygifs again)


In essence, Oliver and Felicity bailed each other out with the reporter and literal bail, so he can go home to William – not that she needed it.

(GIF credit: @oliverfelicitygifs)

Even when they don’t think they need it, they’ll always be there to protect their family.

(GIFset credit: oliverfelicitygifs)


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laexploradoraaa  asked:

Tell us more about Tony crossing his arms over his chest in the MCU, Nat :D (Also, 616 Tony fiddles with his hands too)

(i don’t usually do these analyses for 616 because the thing with having multiple artists is that there’s little consistency across the board re: how 616 tony carries himself :/)

anyway!! with this new TV spot

today is as good a day as any to yell about this

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Arrow 520 "Underneath" Thoughts

Originally posted by athenaagron

(I initially wrote this after a long night and red wine, so enjoy that. I usually fix most of my errors in the morning) This episode flashed back in order to show progression. While I had a few minor quibbles, let’s dive into it.

The Opening Scene

(GIF credit: @felicityssoliver)

We know it picks directly after 519 “Dangerous Liaisons”. When Oliver and Felicity come to, Oliver’s first though is to find/protect Felicity. They assess the damage, and the explosive ramifications for Felicity, who finds herself temporarily paralyzed again. It felt very reminiscent of the explosion from 301 in “The Calm”.

The Escape Plans

They both have plausible ideas. Felicity’s being the more calculated, efficient, and thought out of the time.

Originally posted by beemichelle7

My issues with the scenes for those moments, and my boyfriend can attest to this, I yelled at our TV, “Stop bickering, and work together, dammit!” But they managed to work together through difference. Granted, Oliver, Felicity, and the team got our favorite power couple out in the nick of time.

I will say I did like to see Felicity call Oliver out on his hypocrisy and bullshit as she does. I also enjoyed looking at Felicity while she patches up Oliver again. Plus her “I told you so. I told you” What? Eleven times, according to the script.


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I don’t care if you hate SMC

but don’t shit on it on my gifset because I’m trying to celebrate a good aspect of Sailor Moon. That is so not the point. It just goes to show that haters will turn every positive thing into a negative thing literally every chance they get. I don’t even know what you’re doing in the tag if you hate it so much. Or reblogged the gifset at all.

I just want to make gifs without receiving commentary that has nothing to do with the scene depicted in said gifs, is that really too much to ask. You can literally talk shit about SMC anywhere else. For example, your own blog. Please utilize that. 

#endrant #thisiswhyIdontdographicsanymore

So I was look at this gifset and this

and God do you ever think about just how fucking LONELY of a thing it is that Killian turns to the ocean for comfort? When he needs to calm the tumult in his heart and head he turns to the sea? That for hundreds of years, he literally has had NO ONE to the point he bonded with a cold, endless expanse of water

I know that lots of people have non-human things that calm them, a favorite book or blanket or movie. But all of those things are usually in addition to a human support system. So for it to be his entire support system? His only place to turn for comfort? 

I think about this and it shreds my heart to goddamn ribbons. And it makes it so unfuckingbelievably beautiful that Emma not only knows this (and actively works to support and comfort him), but she knows this because he told her this. As much as she has lowered her walls with him, he has done the same by turning to her for comfort. By telling her his tales. By sharing what’s in his heart. By making her his home.

Just fuck me up. THIS SHIP, MAN.