this gifset fail

my job as a radiohead fan:

- shutting down euro/american fans who try to give excuses on why they don’t come to south america
- be bitter about them not coming to south america
- thinking about jonathan richard guy greenwood about 60% of my time
- having meme/gifset ideas and then failing




The Sextuplets Birthday (2017): [1/7]

Entry No. 1: Matsuno Osomatsu. His machine is the Osokart. Considering its name, it might be pretty slow (osoi). […] And he doesn’t have a single supporter. His popularity is surprisingly low.


The Estate by @bokuno-jinsei

Chiyoh had shot Will down in the street, his forgiveness falling with a clatter to the pavement. Hannibal, once intent on his belief that only by consuming Will could he be free of him, decides impulsively to try something a little different than what he had planned.

Or: What if Hannibal hadn’t tried to eat Will after he drugged him in Florence? What if he’d decided to run away with him instead?

I love AU fics but this one was so well done that it inspired me to do this gifset - if only Hannibal really had changed his heart… *sigh*

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If you can’t protect Iris, Joe has no use for you