this gifset doesn't make any sense


here’s the deal yes music has value of course of course i actually agree with taylor taking her music off spotify because it really is a shitty service but what really gets me is stuff like taking videos off youtube and deleting blogs for posting audios like?? honestly i have five copies of 1989 but i couldn’t find any tour videos for a gifset i was making and its like?? thats a disservice to the fans it makes me less enthusiastic about being on tumblr if it takes me hours to find a low quality ten second video to share with people online

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Sooo...why IS the Earth round? ;) I suspect it has something to do with the pull of Earth's gravity that makes it into a sphere rather than a cube, but it doesn't actually give an answer in that (still very cute) gifset.

You’re very right, it doesn’t give an answer in that gif set. It does actually give an answer directly after that part, so perhaps I’ll make a gif set of that soon? Maybe.

Anyway, You’re also very right when it comes to the pull of Earth’s gravity.

Thinking about it intuitively, the gravity of Earth pulls equally inwards from all directions,it doesn’t make too much sense to have parts of a planet that are much further from the centre than others.

Thinking about it physically, Any higher peak (tops of mountains, or the corners of a cube) would have a much higher potential energy. If you don’t know what potential energy is, think that if you dropped a weight from the top of building vs. from standing height. The weight would fall a lot harder and faster from the top of the building.

Something with a higher potential “wants” to go to a lower potential. Over long periods of time, there’s avalanches, tectonic movement etc, and eventually everything with a higher potential will find itself on the ground with us. Over the time of the age of the Earth, things have flattened out to a sphere.

Lastly, thinking on a planetary perspective. If Earth was some other shape, we likely wouldn’t be here to discuss why it is that shape. A cube (unless it was a completely perfect cube) wouldn’t have its centre of mass in the middle, and would also have extremities poking out. This doesn’t seem like a big deal now the planets have established orbits, but in the very tentative time of the formation of our solar system, a cube planet would have a much harder time not being obliterated by hitting other masses, or simply falling into, or shooting away from the sun with an imperfect orbit.

So put simply, yes, basically gravity squishes it all equally in every direction. 

Just as a final note, the Earth of course isn’t a perfect sphere. Due to it’s rotation, it bulges at the equator. 

Thank you for the very cool question!

- Konner