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Have you ever noticed in TST during the Balloon John scene, when Sherlock and John are standing next to each other by the door, John suddenly vanishes when Hopkins bursts in?? He doesn't return to his place next to Sherlock until Greg comes in and holds up the broken bust in baggie.

Okay, Nonny, so this is the entire sequence, just broken up to fit the gif limit on Tumblr, but yeah, wow, okay I never noticed this until you mentioned it. Like… where did John go?? He was literally almost on top of Sherlock, and then he just disappears until his input is required. 

Also notice how BRIGHT that skull painting is glowing too. Hmmmmmm. More proof that this is from Sherlock’s POV for the Alibi Theory? 

“I ship it.”

“They were on screen for two seconds,” Chowder says.

“I still ship it,” Nursey repeats stubbornly.

“It’s a gay thing, right?” Dex says. “If two characters whose sexuality might possibly be read as ambiguous appear on screen and make eyes at each other, shipping must commence.”

“You literally sound like my sister’s tumblr,” Nursey says.

Dex shrugs.

“Wait, do you follow my sister on tumblr?” Nursey asks with gleeful horror.

Dex shrugs again. “Dunno, what’s her username?”

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Some @mitski​ magic gives you today’s ‘Previously on Supergirl Virtual Season’ moment.

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Cat did a double take when Lucy Lane entered the medical bay with another woman Cat recognized on her heels. It made sense Lucy would have returned to something military-adjacent after leaving CatCo, but this was unexpected. Cat had a dozen questions for her, but it was Alex Danvers that captured her attention.

Fit and trim in her dark DEO attire, with a gun holstered on her thigh, Alex looked like a soldier rather than the scientist Cat knew her to be. Alex had piqued her curiosity during Myriad, and Cat had quickly put two and two together. When the threat had passed, she’d spent a little time digging into Alex Danvers. Cat had to admit she was impressed.

 Had Alex been with Kara last night, swooping in to help pull Cat from Cadmus’s clutches? The Danvers sisters to the rescue. Maybe Cat would end up with a whole cadre of superheroes to trademark.

“Cat,” Lucy greeted warmly, settling her hands on her hips. She also sported a firearm, but didn’t seem nearly as lethal with it as the bruised and stoic woman beside her. “I hear you wanted to speak to a manager?”

“Well,” Cat murmured, mollified by a few familiar faces. It had been a long morning surrounded by a sea of strangers in lab coats. They’d tested her patience far more than anything they’d done with bloodwork and scans. “I didn’t think you’d do better than CatCo, but you’ve moved up in the world.”


Or start from the very beginning of SGVS.

Just need to catch up on Harbor? Here’s Act 1 from last night.

So I’m watching shadowhunters and lemme tell ya Tumblr, I did not expect Alec to be such an adorable stuttering fool when he meets Magnus. Like I totally thought I’d seen gifsets of Alec acting all cool and unaffected while Magnus is all cool and flirty but he’s literally stuttering and I am flailing. You did not prepare me for this cute, Tumblr. Any casualties in my squee are on you.

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I love how often Dean gets splashed in the face with holy water.

suuuper NSFW meta :P

… but yeah. Same. >.> 

It’s all in how affronted and shocked he looks every single time. Like… How very dare you, I am not a demon! (except while I was just scrolling my blog for trenchcoat meta I was going through my 10x02 tab and saw the “times Dean was splashed with holy water and it didn’t work… and one time it did” gifset, and… ow :P)

I get it, but...

So I’ve watched DW 10x01 yesterday and I’ve been reading comments in Tumblr, like any normal person without a life like me would do. And I see gifsets and posts with the scene “Just imagine how it would it feel if someone did this to you” (which, by the way, made me sob uncontrollably) and I read the comments and there’s a lot of people going “This is about Donna” and “Donna vibes”.

And I’m like: I get it, you don’t like Clara. Because, honestly, there’s CLARA’S THEME in the background. It can be more obvious: it’s a Clara reference. It’s RIGHT IN YOUR FACES, people! I get that not everyone is a whouffaldi shipper, but once more, Clara doesn’t have the recognition she deserves. It’s like that talk about how Twelve and Clara had a father-daughter dynamic all over again…

So I get it, but it still makes me mad.

Cersei smiled the sort of smile she customarily reserved for Jaime.

- George R. R. Martin, A Clash of Kings


anyways before i do delete my blog i have some screenshots about a repost blog… @/monsta-x-cuties 

And i have had this chat saved for a while but uhm… i was too scared to post them cause I didn’t want to be mean but i checked their blog and they still re-upload peoples gifs and i am friends with a lot of gifmakers so akjsfio i am pulling out the receipts.

I left out the back story but basically I saw their re-upload of my gifs because someone reblogged them on my dash. I send them a lot of asks and they did delete the post. 

The reason i am ‘exposing’ them is they get a lot of notes on gifsets that aren’t even theirs. The one they re-posted from me almost had the same amount of notes as my own but non of those people knew I made them. Re-uploading gifs or other content is a bitchy move tbh all content on tumblr revolves around notes. If you don’t get notes on your content you loose motivation to make more. I don’t like putting a watermark on my own gifs. I feel like i should be able to upload gifs without being scared of them being re-posted. Like me not everyone marks their gifs ;/ don’t steal ;/

screenshots under cut

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How did your obsession of Haikyuu!! began?

I saw a shitton of posts on it here on tumblr but avoided it because after watching Free! I was like “nah sports animes are boring”

but it was just so consistent and then I saw a gifset of KENMA KOZUME (when he first meets Hinata) and Kenma was so beautiful PLUS I could easily tell he was relatable to me haha 

and it was late at night and I was bored so I was like “imma watch this show so I can see this beautiful boy” AND THATS WHY I WATCHED IT lmao

ALSO that one post about Tanaka’s and Noya’s friendship makes me laugh every time so I knew there was some humor in there at least. 

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Gifset of Kim Chungha for @taenthusiast’s birthday:

Elise you are like one of the first people I became friends with on tumblr and I’m so so happy I did. Without you, @kladiesnet wouldn’t exist nor would the amazing #foodsquad that I’m grateful to be a part of. You are the link to this wonderful friendship we’ve created and for that I want to say thank you. Happy birthday golden maknae, we love you ^^ ❤️ 

00.09.12 - #HAPPYELISEDAY!


These have probably already been done, but now that I finally figured out how to make gifs, I just want to make so many of them lol. Tumblr is going to feel the power of my gifs!!!

DEAR. Live Tour introduction gifset

Please credit me, if you’re sharing outside tumblr!

so, i’m still devastated about this whole thing. not only did i lose all my fandom posts and my original gifsets and writings, but i lost journal entries, posts i made every time one of my nieces and nephews were born, jokes my dad would tell, fan accounts from concerts. it’s like, i feel like i lost part of my identity. i’m not joking when i say that tumblr and that blog shaped me into who i am. everywhere i look around my house, i see things that remind me of that blog. a song will come on and it’ll remind me that i discovered it on tumblr. i feel like everything i love now - movies, tv shows, books - i love because i discovered it on tumblr and i shared that love with you all on my blog. and it’s all gone. i feel like a piece of me went missing when that blog got deleted. i know i’ll get over it, but i know it’s going to take some time. i dedicated so much of my life and time to that blog. i lost my safe haven.

anyway, i guess what i’m trying to say is that i may have gotten my same username back, but this blog won’t be the same as it was. to make sure this never happens to me again, i’m going to refrain from making original posts and content, unless something brilliant strikes. i’ll mostly stick to reblogging content. i’m going to try and find some of my original Sterek posts on friend’s blogs and get them back on this new blog. 

i know a few of you have given me links to some of my posts and i love you guys for that. i’d really appreciate it if any of you have links to my stuff, if you could send them to me. 

i’ll stop rambling now, but i just wanted you guys to know kind of where i’m at right now. love you guys!

So… I’m quite mad now.

Apparently, some idiot decided to steal @mrsdecaestecker’s login details, changed the password and…shut her out of her blog.

Then, not happy with this, the aforementioned idiot deleted everything and deactivated her blog.

So…scratch off mad. I’m furious.

Fede has been one of the first people I talked to here on tumblr once I learned she was in Rome like me. I loved her gifsets and I couldn’t stop telling her.

I met her and I truly realised how amazing she is.

She did great things for the FitzSimmons fandom and her blog was full of images and links that I loved.

It makes me so sad and incredibly angry that some moron decided to delete everything.

I’ve seen other users have issues with haters and horrible anonymous messages but this is worse. And the tumblr staff can’t restore her blog.

If any of my followers has experienced a similar problem or knows how to track down the idiot that did this, let me know.

the other day i was looking through interviews on youtube to make a gifset and i was really wishing i had a masterpost like this to look at so i wouldn’t have to sift through the bullshit videos so hello i am tumblr user clemmiings and im here to bring you a very very large 5sos masterpost.


this masterpost includes:

  • music videos
  • covers
  • acoustic versions of their own songs
  • interviews
  • vidz they did on their birthday
  • and other things i don’t know what to sort under lol

this is gonna take a while lol







5SOS (before ashton) COVERS:

5SOS (with ashton) COVERS:

#5SOSBDAY 2013:


5SOS MONTH (by sugarscape):

  1. The Serious Lyrics Game
  2. The Totes Emoji Game
  3. The ‘He Looks So Perfect’ Game
  4. The Puppet Game
  5. Heartache on the Big Screen Game




  1. miami
  2. 5 countries 5 days (i guess i can put this here??)





well i guess thats it for now! ill try to update as much as possible and sorry if i missed any videos!!!!!!!! ive been working on this for days and after going to 8 pages of youtube under the search '5sos interview’ night after night i got a little tired!! but i covered most of the necessities soooooo yeah!! message me if you want me to add anything to the list and ill do so!! 


She stared at the stunted legs, the swollen brutish brow, the green eye and the black one, the raw stump of his nose and crooked pink scar, the coarse tangle of black and gold hair that passed for his beard. Even his manhood was ugly, thick and veined, with a bulbous purple head. This is not right, this is not fair, how have I sinned that the gods would do this to me, how?


Let’s Talk About Still Star-Crossed - 3/7

Pairing the show with Once Upon a Time should have been the ultimate network no-brainer. Yet the show was only once or twice very briefly promo’d during commercial breaks on OUAT, and it was set to debut as a mid-season rather than in the fall, airing in the post-OUAT timeslot (which, frankly, the network has never found a match for—despite OUATiW probably still being on the air if they’d aired it directly before or after its mothershow). This year they’re going with Marvel’s Inhumans, but let’s be honest, loving fairytales and the OUAT version of romance doesn’t naturally lead into loving superheroes.

Clearly, OUAT, with its overwhelmingly female audience base, would likely have boosted SSC and its ready-made female appeal, giving it far better numbers, and possibly positioning it to transition into the network’s OUAT slot post-S7. Costumes, the rewriting of known properties, the romance and adventure aspects—seems like a pretty brainlessly obvious choice to me.

Across the board the show was not publicized. The only way I knew SSC existed was seeing gifsets on tumblr after the Pilot aired. In fact, when I decided to watch it, I assumed that like Underground and other shows, the first episode would be made available for free to stream on Amazon (this happens often enough, perhaps only for Prime members like me?)—they did this also with The Catch, and it’s one of the main reasons I watched the second and so on episodes of that show, as I never would have caught it on live television. When looking for it at Amazon, I found “Star Crossed”, and not being 100% sure of the title, I bought the first episode of that series to watch. Which. Was not the same show, and starred Matt Lantner as an alien.


“First, let’s free them from their chains.”

Leo & Zo (Da Vinci’s Demons, 2.04)