this gifset did not like tumblr

Cersei smiled the sort of smile she customarily reserved for Jaime.

- George R. R. Martin, A Clash of Kings



Love the coat and the guy wearing it

if you’re thinking about screenshotting a gifset originally on tumblr to post to twitter please just do one of two things: give credit or reconsider. even in the most simplest of sets, gifmakers put in time and effort in order to create content that they think their followers would enjoy. time and effort that could very well be directed elsewhere. the least that most gifmakers ask is recognition for that time and effort, and having their content be circulating around other websites with zero credit whatsoever is heartbreaking.

anonymous asked:

1. What's your favorite scene? 2. What's your favorite episode? 3. What's your favorite season? 4. What's your favorite gifset made by you? 5. What's your favorite gifset made by any other tumblr user? Sorry if this is creepy or too much questions, I am just really curious.

1. I call it “The Graham snatch of doom” ;D

2. Fromage - because of the awesome murder tableau and the hanni gaze

3. Season two was just all around awesome for me - I will probably never forget Mizumono and “I’d like to resume my therapy.” 

4.I like the coloring I did with this one

5. Oh that is a hard question…but the Hannigram AU gifsets from @color-division are fantastic and I think every Fannibal should see all of them - here is the link

Thanks for the cool questions! :))

cecillemarginal  asked:

Hi there, I feel like this question would be best put to someone who is making a lot of content. Did you happen to notice that gifsets which worked perfectly fine are now wonky? Some gifs don't move anymore. Way to ruin a lot of work, tumblr. It seems no one is complaining and I can't be the only one bothered by this.

Yes, I’ve definitely noticed that! 

It’s incredibly aggravating, but thankfully I saw a post recently saying that they contacted tumblr over it and they’re supposedly fixing the issue :)

why does tumblr do that thing where a gif doesn’t play anymore and acts as a picture even though when you posted it, it was moving


Gifset of Kim Chungha for @taenthusiast’s birthday:

Elise you are like one of the first people I became friends with on tumblr and I’m so so happy I did. Without you, @kladiesnet wouldn’t exist nor would the amazing #foodsquad that I’m grateful to be a part of. You are the link to this wonderful friendship we’ve created and for that I want to say thank you. Happy birthday golden maknae, we love you ^^ ❤️ 

00.09.12 - #HAPPYELISEDAY!


She stared at the stunted legs, the swollen brutish brow, the green eye and the black one, the raw stump of his nose and crooked pink scar, the coarse tangle of black and gold hair that passed for his beard. Even his manhood was ugly, thick and veined, with a bulbous purple head. This is not right, this is not fair, how have I sinned that the gods would do this to me, how?

so i’ve browsed through the nyongtory tag on tumblr and on specific bb blogs, but there’s this one thing that surprisingly doesn’t have like a billion gifsets made of it, which i find so odd, and it’s the fact that seungri has said he’s read nyongtory fics before??? this boy hAS READ FICS ABOUT JIYONG AND HIMSELF. 

literally, it was:

fan: oppa, have you read fanfic before?
seungri: fanfic? yeah i have
fan: what did you read?
seungri: nyongtory

—during seungri’s naver line starcast show (130828)

lightwood---bane  asked:

i've been looking EVERYWHERE on tumblr for a gifset of all of taehyung's 'scenes' or appearances in the 'dope' music video but couldn't find one. can i request that?

your request is my command ♥ lol here’s the link ^^ – /post/141603223592/as-requested-gifset-full-of-taes-cut-on-dope or you can visit my page to see :) i only did his solo cuts tho, but i wish you’ll still like it :) thankyou ^^

I’ve been on a wolfstar kick lately and @asktheboywholived has some really amazing gifsets that inspired me to jot some thoughts down. This little snippet it based entirely on this one:

So here you go, enjoy my half-assed and caffeine fueled drivel.))

It felt a bit like his heart was going to pound out of his chest, like it was going to beat hard enough to crack his ribs and tear through the layers of muscle. Remus couldn’t quite remember the specifics of the dream or when it had turned into a nightmare. What he did remember was the blood, were the screams and the feeling of flesh under his nails, in his mouth and being totally unable to stop himself….

Restlessly, he shoved a few fingers through hair that was damp with sweat. The erratic beating of his heart had calmed a bit and the shallow pants had evened out into more normal breaths. Yet the feeling of something not being right continued to persist. For a few minutes he simply lie there, trying to calm himself to get back to sleep. After a bit longer of tossing and turning, Remus heaved a frustrated sigh and sat up.  The lingering memories of the dreams would not leave his mind: frightening echoes of screams and the squelch of flesh. 

So, the sixth year stood and pondered going down to the common room to read. But Remus knew he would not be able to focus on the words. While his brain was unable to turn off, his body was exhausted. The last week had been filled with exams and late night study-sessions. Awkwardly he went to stand near Sirius’s bed. The other Gryffindor had insisted multiple times to wake him if he was needed. Remus wracked his brain on exactly how to explain himself but wasn’t given proper time to think. With a sleepy grumble, emerald eyes cracked open and peered upwards.

 “Remus?” Sirius asked in a voice thick with sleep. His expression evened out into something a bit more knowing. “Nightmare?”

Remus felt a bit like an idiot, but nodded a few times, letting the sleeves of his sweater fall down over his hands. The dorms were always chilly in the fall. Brown eyes stared down at the floor for a moment, embarrassment and uncertainty coloring the other’s features. 

 Sirius shifted around in bed a bit before moving over to make enough room for the other Gryffindor then patted the bed expectantly. Rather than argue Remus crawled into the bed, thankful for the warmth and the feeling of someone beside him. Sirius’s presence always seemed to keep the nightmares at bay.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Sirius asked quietly. The traces of sleep had mostly left his voice to be replaced by a quiet concern. It wasn’t pity. That was one thing that neither of them could abide for which Remus was very grateful.

 “More of the same,” Remus muttered.

He didn’t like talking about the nightmares. They weren’t particularly complex or creative nor did they strike some deeply hidden soft spot. Sirius, James, and Peter were all very aware that one of Remus’s biggest fears was indulging the monster that lie within him. None of them could understand, not really. They couldn’t understand the feeling of complete helplessness, of being out of control in your own body. Sirius seemed to understand a little better than the others, why Remus wasn’t sure. But it was a comforting thought on such nights. 

 “Try and sleep?” Sirius asked, rather than pushing at the obviously uncomfortable topic. The thought of sleeping still seemed almost laughable. Part of Remus was terrified that the nightmares would just return, that his brain would pick up where it had left off. That was never the case when he crawled into bed with Sirius, but the fear lingered all the same.

“Hey, I’m right here. You can sleep,” Sirius continued, voice firm. A ghost of a smiled passed over Remus’s face. There was something comforting in that voice, something that calmed his thoughts.


Okay so I saw this gifset on my dash today:

with appended commentary about how Steve doesn’t seem to care about Tony’s pain

and I’m like… nah fam?

(At first I considered attaching this rant to the post itself, but then I decided not to because 1) personal experience tells me that this sort of stuff is hell on the OP and 2) there’s nothing particularly uniquely atrocious about the commentary I’m referring to – it’s tiny and I’ve seen many versions of the same claim, it’s more a widely-held fandom belief than anything else at this point, it seems to me, and there’s no reason for me to attach a gratuitous wall of words specifically to that version because idk that just seems like a bitchy thing to do. I’m not like. Attacking it specifically. I’m just linking to the gifset as context bc I think I refer to it a couple of times)

ANYWAY! I’ve been trying to stay away from this shit but everyone has a breaking point and even as (or honestly, *especially* as) a hardcore Tony Stark fan, I’ve been troubled by the post-Cap 3 line of argument that generally holds that Steve “doesn’t care about Tony’s pain” and the more broad “where is his guilt?” etc

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It is time for the lord of the elves’ tumblr awards!

I reached a nice amount of followers recently and this is my way to celebrate it. Had to drink all the wine in my basement first.

Anyway, though it isn’t much, I suppose this is also a way for me give something back to my followers. I am grateful that you started following me, regardless of the reason as to why you did.


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The categories are:

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Winners shall receive:

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“Bucky, you’ve known me your whole life.”

Happy Birthday, cottontaildwarf! ^_^ As we celebrate this momentous anniversary of your debut in reality, I would like to bestow upon you this gifset, which is the fruit of three days of Photoshop, tumblr tutorials, and sleeplessness. As you can see, this undertaking did not really play upon my strengths, and I beg for your forgiveness for the crappy quality. A card with a better message will be given to you the next time I see you. But yeah, I’m really lucky to have you—you, a brilliant writer and an amazing person to talk to—as a friend. Again, happy birthday! I hope you enjoy this day as much as I enjoy clicking the publish button (finally).

It’s been a while since I did those and it’s always fun so here it’s my second solo tumblr awards!


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-izzy lightwood award: best icon

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-kings of henrietta award:best theme

-enchanted forest award:best once upon a time

-companion award:best doctor who

-superhero legends-best dc/marvel

-alex parrish award:best overall

-creations master award:best graphic maker

That’s it,hope you join it!


Jisbon gifset per episode: 2x03 Red Badge

“I know, hard to fathom. But there’s no accounting for taste, is there?“

Because I didn’t like how the first version of this turned out, I re did it. Hopefully, this looks a little better than the first one.