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Have you ever noticed in TST during the Balloon John scene, when Sherlock and John are standing next to each other by the door, John suddenly vanishes when Hopkins bursts in?? He doesn't return to his place next to Sherlock until Greg comes in and holds up the broken bust in baggie.

Okay, Nonny, so this is the entire sequence, just broken up to fit the gif limit on Tumblr, but yeah, wow, okay I never noticed this until you mentioned it. Like… where did John go?? He was literally almost on top of Sherlock, and then he just disappears until his input is required. 

Also notice how BRIGHT that skull painting is glowing too. Hmmmmmm. More proof that this is from Sherlock’s POV for the Alibi Theory? 

I get it, but...

So I’ve watched DW 10x01 yesterday and I’ve been reading comments in Tumblr, like any normal person without a life like me would do. And I see gifsets and posts with the scene “Just imagine how it would it feel if someone did this to you” (which, by the way, made me sob uncontrollably) and I read the comments and there’s a lot of people going “This is about Donna” and “Donna vibes”.

And I’m like: I get it, you don’t like Clara. Because, honestly, there’s CLARA’S THEME in the background. It can be more obvious: it’s a Clara reference. It’s RIGHT IN YOUR FACES, people! I get that not everyone is a whouffaldi shipper, but once more, Clara doesn’t have the recognition she deserves. It’s like that talk about how Twelve and Clara had a father-daughter dynamic all over again…

So I get it, but it still makes me mad.

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How did your obsession of Haikyuu!! began?

I saw a shitton of posts on it here on tumblr but avoided it because after watching Free! I was like “nah sports animes are boring”

but it was just so consistent and then I saw a gifset of KENMA KOZUME (when he first meets Hinata) and Kenma was so beautiful PLUS I could easily tell he was relatable to me haha 

and it was late at night and I was bored so I was like “imma watch this show so I can see this beautiful boy” AND THATS WHY I WATCHED IT lmao

ALSO that one post about Tanaka’s and Noya’s friendship makes me laugh every time so I knew there was some humor in there at least. 

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Cersei smiled the sort of smile she customarily reserved for Jaime.

- George R. R. Martin, A Clash of Kings


Gifset of Kim Chungha for @taenthusiast’s birthday:

Elise you are like one of the first people I became friends with on tumblr and I’m so so happy I did. Without you, @kladiesnet wouldn’t exist nor would the amazing #foodsquad that I’m grateful to be a part of. You are the link to this wonderful friendship we’ve created and for that I want to say thank you. Happy birthday golden maknae, we love you ^^ ❤️ 

00.09.12 - #HAPPYELISEDAY!

I honesty get so irrationally annoyed when people keep saying we “flood” (and all the other variations we’ve heard over the years Spam, Hijack, flood, over saturate etc etc) the tags.

Like ?!?!?!

We are the bigger part of this fandom here on tumblr, we are the biggest part of the fandom who actively makes fan content for our pairing (Off tumblr too if I remember the fic numbers lol).

The other shippers rarely made their own stuff (except Cleena cause you go @miekhead you make all the stuff), in fact a lot of the posts they did post were reblogs of our Pete/Myka bro gifsets that we fucking made anyway.

We pretty much kept the tag alive in between seasons and after the show ended. 

Like of course the tags are going to have a lot of our posts in? Thats how it is in all fandoms? The bigger faction of the fandom always has the most in the tags?!?!

It’s not like we sat there all “Let’s band together and rub our little gay hands all over these tags and ruin them for everyone else” whilst giving it the good ol evil anime laugh. 

We were just one of the very few fandoms that had a majority of femslash shippers for once and enjoyed making shit for our pairing and enjoyed the community on the whole.

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@anyone who thinks Tae doesn't have it in him to be a dom i'd like to point you to this gifset: fightminyoongi tumblr com/post/132767797333/the-rap-man-how-to-smack-that-a-guide-by-kim i mean just look at how he holds that bat look at the confidence look at the aim look at the RESTING DOM FACE i can very easily imagine that bat being a crop or a paddle wow wow i need to sit down


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well shit.

this just gave me some taejin sin thoughts that I did not expect today, but I’m really not complaining. 

*clears throat* kim taehyung is a switch with a preference for dom spread the word 

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Soooo I'm playing Breath of the Wild in spanish and when I beat Vah Medoh I was like "let's look for some Revali's artwork and gifsets and blahblah" and everyone in Tumblr was like OMG THIS GUY IS AMAZING and I had to do my research and started watching videos on YouTube with the English dub and let me tell you that they are right and your work is fantastic and asdfhjfjsksh Congratulations :)

I’m going to assume by ‘my work’ you mean my professional recording portfolio and not my personal skits, because as wonderful as both are the latter is still clearly a cancer upon society that exists for the same reason Unicorn Frappuccinos do - i.e. because you did good today and deserve to treat yoself.

the other day i was looking through interviews on youtube to make a gifset and i was really wishing i had a masterpost like this to look at so i wouldn’t have to sift through the bullshit videos so hello i am tumblr user clemmiings and im here to bring you a very very large 5sos masterpost.


this masterpost includes:

  • music videos
  • covers
  • acoustic versions of their own songs
  • interviews
  • vidz they did on their birthday
  • and other things i don’t know what to sort under lol

this is gonna take a while lol







5SOS (before ashton) COVERS:

5SOS (with ashton) COVERS:

#5SOSBDAY 2013:


5SOS MONTH (by sugarscape):

  1. The Serious Lyrics Game
  2. The Totes Emoji Game
  3. The ‘He Looks So Perfect’ Game
  4. The Puppet Game
  5. Heartache on the Big Screen Game




  1. miami
  2. 5 countries 5 days (i guess i can put this here??)





well i guess thats it for now! ill try to update as much as possible and sorry if i missed any videos!!!!!!!! ive been working on this for days and after going to 8 pages of youtube under the search '5sos interview’ night after night i got a little tired!! but i covered most of the necessities soooooo yeah!! message me if you want me to add anything to the list and ill do so!! 

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hi, sorry if you're not the best person to approach with this but i just know you're a bigger name in the clexa fandom, and i think it'd be cool if we did like a clexa appreciation week sometime soon. but this time with tumblr posts i.e. gifsets and edits as apposed to fics like in the last clexa week. i would try to start something myself but idk how and i don't have much followers! i think it'd be fun to see a bunch of new content, just something to think about

Hi! Sorry for the late reply.

I am SO supportive of your idea! I LOVED clexa week and actually I’m hoping it’ll become an occurrence tbh. I understand that it cannot happen too frequently, because people need the time to prepare and organize for it, but I would definitely love to do it again?

I am definitely up for it, but I guess the fandom should decide, especially how to organize it and when. So, if anyone likes this or has ideas, maybe spread this? :D


She stared at the stunted legs, the swollen brutish brow, the green eye and the black one, the raw stump of his nose and crooked pink scar, the coarse tangle of black and gold hair that passed for his beard. Even his manhood was ugly, thick and veined, with a bulbous purple head. This is not right, this is not fair, how have I sinned that the gods would do this to me, how?



Love the coat and the guy wearing it


“First, let’s free them from their chains.”

Leo & Zo (Da Vinci’s Demons, 2.04)

so i’ve browsed through the nyongtory tag on tumblr and on specific bb blogs, but there’s this one thing that surprisingly doesn’t have like a billion gifsets made of it, which i find so odd, and it’s the fact that seungri has said he’s read nyongtory fics before??? this boy hAS READ FICS ABOUT JIYONG AND HIMSELF. 

literally, it was:

fan: oppa, have you read fanfic before?
seungri: fanfic? yeah i have
fan: what did you read?
seungri: nyongtory

—during seungri’s naver line starcast show (130828)

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Please don't whitewash poc as you did with Moana

if you’re referring to this gifset ( ) then i don’t really think i did idk, i made a conscious effort when colouring to not whitewash her ?? but that’s just me and i’m sorry i have offended you, honestly! if anyone has any tips how to colour poc then please hit me up because i feel bad whenever people have to send me messages like this, I’m really not a racist person at all and seeing whitewashing occur really does annoy me so I hate that people feel like I’m guilty of doing so and I want to be able to prevent that ://

I was trying to figure out why the hell anyone would pixelate out a person in a gifset, googled the name of the person, found nothing - did a tumblr search and found that. Figured ‘oh, okay, this must be why’. Especially since the gifset had only been made very recently.

Like, maybe they’ve changed and maybe they haven’t. I’ve deleted my reblog, though, because I do agree on one thing - we shouldn’t be judging people on what they did 5-10 years ago, because if we did that, I’d have to start pulling receipts on myself.

(as I had said in the tags of the post I deleted: all I was trying to do was understand why someone would delete a person from a gifset, and why everyone seemed happy about it, and why no one on the post was EXPLAINING IT. To the person who made said post, and all the people on it who ‘got the joke’ - not everyone does know all the things. Don’t assume they do. There might be something they knew that was more recent, or they might have been going off old info, I have no idea.)


Nakai: Katori-san, did you know about this?
Shingo: Nooooooooope
Nakai: Do you like it?
Shingo: Yeeeeeeeeeees ♥

tbqh I was completely mesmerized by this myself… IT’S A TOUCH-SCREEN MONITOR ON WATER. 

TECHNOLOGY (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧