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A good quiet meal is all you wanted, some food, a little tv, and hell, maybe a glass of wine. It was seldom you had any time to yourself so you wanted to thoroughly enjoy it.

You had sat down on the pull out couch and turned on some weird horror movie. Of course you didn’t understand a word they said but it didn’t matter to you. It was perfect, everything about it was perfect.

“(Y/N!!)” pounding on the door.

Migraines came in a form of an Irish man named Fergal Devitt, more commonly known as Prince Devitt. He was like a weed that you thought died in the winter and then BOOM, it showed up again.

“For fucks sake…” you groaned. The pounding continued.

“I know you’re in there love, open up.” His voice hit a nerve. As much as you didn’t want him in the room, you knew he wasn’t going to stop till you answered him. With a annoyed huff you stood up and opened up the door just a crack.

“What do you want Devitt?” You peered from the small opening of the door. Devitt gave you a confused look before stepping closer, trying to pry the door open.

“You got someone in there?” He asked. Without much warning he shoved harder on the door, forcing you back before it hit you. Your arms crossed over your chest when he stepped in, uninvited of course. His eyes scanned the room for any possible competition. Not that he felt like anyone could compete with him.

“What do you want? Isn’t the rest of the boy band out partying?” You sneered. Devitt snorted a little and shook his head.

“Nope…most of us just got some six packs and headed to the room.” He casually walked into the small kitchen and pulled out a plate. “Smells good.” He piled the remains of the dinner in the skillet onto his plate.

He turned seeing the pissed off look on your face and grinned.

“Seriously…can’t you get one of your little hookers to entertain you for the night?” You plopped back down on the pull out deciding that now trying to shove him out of the room wasn’t happening. Arguing would have to do.

“Why would I do that?” Devitt said taking a seat next to you. “When you are right here looking damn fine in those shorts.” He presses closer to you. Despite your hatred for his attitude he was still gorgeous. What a little asshole.

Taking a fork full of dinner you shook your head. Surprisingly enough, he was quiet through dinner, he even took your plate to the sink once you were done. After joining you again on the little mattress, he pulled you onto his chest.

“What are you—

“Just hush and relax…I wanna cuddle.” He flipped through the channels till he settled onto a rerun of the latest New Japan episode. When he saw himself on the tv you knew he was smiling. “Oh my god.” You groaned into his chest. Devitt began snickering. “Awww come on, you love watching me.” He looked down seeing you smiling. “See? I’m not so bad.” His arm wrapped around your waist and pulled you closer, if that was even possible. For a brief moment you thought you felt him kiss your head. “Shut your mouth Devitt.”

Meet Firula!

What to do when you have a love of dancing, but the only teacher in town rejects you as his student because you’re “too dramatic” (like he’s one to talk)? Well, if you’re Firula, the answer is to pine away in your bedroom, stare out your window, occasionally cry out in unbearable ennui, and munch on blazberry pie. All Firula wants is to measure up to her mother–the greatest dancer in island history!

I have to say, other than Zhar’s Daughter (whom you haven’t seen yet), this has got to be the biggest change made to an NPC sprite. When we started, we tried to make sure our NPCs didn’t twitch around too much. But as it turns out, adding movement–especially weird or exaggerated movement–adds a lot of life to these little guys!

You closed the door of the house almost running to your room. You mom tried to make conversation but you ignored her closing the door to your room. You felt your stomach do jumps. You read about this hell the school constantly talks about this, mutants. Once people find out you turn into this weird monster.

I wonder what’s wrong with her. Poor girl she’s probably having boy trouble. I wonder who’s at the door

Your moms thoughts intruded your head. This is new for you, you still haven’t controlled reading into people’s head. Somebody knocked on the door, you ignored it thoughts eating at your head.

Open the door y/n

The voice scared you. You didn’t want to open but you did. A young man was behind the door.

“It’s okay y/n, I’m no danger to you I know you’re a mutant. I just want to talk to you. He reached out touching your hand. "I will get you through this”

Find the Right Words (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

Prompt: Where Draco tries to get his love back in every way possible after the rumour of him cheating on her was started. And when it finally works, it turns out to be a really weird way to win her back.

Requested: No.
Word Count: 1,174.
Warning(s): Fluff.
Note: Just a cute, not requested, random, fluffy Draco imagine to recover from my Luke smut (jk lol forgive me). Tomorrow there will be some Draco smut though ooooooh. Hope you like this! :-)

+     +     +     +     +     +

Summer was hell. Stepping into a new year on Hogwarts was even more a hell. Being in the fourth year was the worst of all.

In summer you expected to have a good time, in the muggle world, the human world. Just a normal summer like every other one, with your family and your friends from the lower or middle school and other muggle children from Hogwarts. But somehow, via your other friends, you discovered your boyfriend Draco kind of had cheated on you.

And so, on the first day of school, with a cheerful Draco and Blaise by your side, you took Draco apart from the rest of your friends and broke up with him. Not that you wanted to, but you just had to. At first, Draco seemed completely oblivious to the whole situation, not understanding why you would broke up with him. But when you told him, his face softened and he looked everywhere around him but your eyes.

‘Y/N,’ he whispered, but you pushed him out of the way and ignored him since that moment. He tried to contact your over the weeks you’ve been ignoring him, but it always failed, you constantly finding a way to avoid private conversations with him.

Since it was the year of the Triwizard Tournament, there was also an upcoming ball, the Yule ball, on the first day of Christmas, which was two weeks away from now.

You were sitting at the dining table of Slytherin, looking around for some boys who could possibly ask you out. But when your eye fell upon Draco’s face, he seemed rather angry and scared, probably not wanting anyone to ask you out for the ball except him. What if every boy was scared of him and thus no one would ask you out?

You bit your lower lip as you let down your fork while still locking your eyes with Draco’s, afraid that he actually scared every boy away from you. Would he be that cruel? First cheating on you, and then scaring every boy away from you?

Moments later, Blaise and Draco left the Great Hall without saying a word to anyone, avoiding everyone’s eye contact and refusing to listen to the headmaster who called them back. Not that it was forbidden to leave the room, but since he had an announcement to make about the ball, he expected everyone the be in the room.

A cough left your mouth, before standing up and leaving the Great Hall too, following the two boys, knowing they were up to something. Dumbledore didn’t stop you surprisingly, so you ran a little bit faster and tears started to form. Unfortunately, with your blurry sight, you didn’t see Blaise coming from the corridor and so your face collided with his chest, sending you to the ground immediately as you heard him gasp.

‘Y/N!’ you heard him say as you felt him help you standing up, but before he could say anything else, you threw your arms around his middle and just cuddled him with your face buried in his chest.

‘Y/N,’ you heard him say surprised, but moments later he also took you in his arms, knowing he probably shouldn’t say anything.

Fifteen minutes later you two were sitting in the common room of Slytherin, right in front of the fireplace, the fire lighting up your faces.

‘I’m sorry about that, I’m such a girl,’ you said, chuckling lightly, realizing how stupid you must’ve looked. It was the first thing you’ve said since you two collided, Blaise being the one who comforted you all the time.

But secretly, it felt like it were Draco’s hands rubbing your back, Draco who spoke those sweet nothings and Draco who was there all the time.

‘It’s alright, you don’t have to apologize,’ he smiled while laying a hand on your knee.

‘Thank you,’ you murmured as you looked up to face him. It was scary how the dark boy resembled so much to Draco. Or it was just your crazy mind, telling you Draco was everywhere these last months.

‘So, why were you crying?’ Blaise asked while throwing an arm around your shoulders, pulling you close to make you feel safe.

You shivered, feeling a bit too safe in his arms.

‘It’s just… stupid,’ you started, ‘I was thinking about the Yule ball and I was afraid Draco would scare all those boys away who wanted to ask me out.’

You sniffed, realizing again how stupid you sounded this time. ‘I don’t know, it’s been a hell these past months, I’m starting to make up the craziest things’ you finished your previous sentence before looking up to Blaise’ face. There was some familiar spark in his eyes which you couldn’t place somewhere.

‘He would never do that,’ he said softly, ‘Draco told me he did not cheat on you.’

You gasped and scrabbled away from his arms. ‘What do you mean with Draco not cheating on me?’

‘You know how his parents think about muggles, right? They discovered your real blood status this summer, him wanting to visit you but his parents forbid that after they knew you were a muggle born. And so, his father made up a rumour that I cheated on you so you would break up with me.’

Blaise rambled on and on, making it look like he knew every detail about it as you just shook your head.

‘That’s ridiculous, who would do such a heartless thing? If I ever meet his father, I will- wait. Did you just say ‘I’ and ‘me’ in your last sentence?’ Your eyes grew wider as you jumped away from Blaise, looking at him suspiciously before you just saw his eye colour turn from brown to grey.

‘Bloody hell, Draco, it’s you!’ you yelled, gasping as Blaise his hair grew more and turned blonde, his face changing with some bubbles and his skin tone getting lighter with the second.

‘What the hell, Draco! Why would you do that?! Did you use Polyjuice Potion?’ you yelled as you talked to your ex-boyfriend after months. You couldn’t deny it, he looked kind of hot from this close, like he grew more mature over the past months.

Draco grimaced, ‘Blaise and I figured this was the only way you would talk to me. And that this was the only way you would finally listen to me and believe me.’

He stood up and grabbed your hands, pulling you close before laying his arms around your hips.

‘Y/N, please don’t leave me,’ he whispered as you looked up to his shiny, bright grey eyes, ‘I am so sorry about what happened this summer, please forget those stupid rumours. Why would I cheat when I already have the most generous and beautiful girl in the world in my arms?’

Your mouth was shaped in an ‘O’, before smiling like you haven’t done in months as you cupped his cheeks, finally feeling the softness of his skin again.

‘Damn it Draco, you always find the right words, don’t you?’ you said sincerely, before closing the gap between you two and having to kiss the boy you’ve always loved 


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i found out that firealpaca had animation tools now and i decided to draw isabel instead of doing hw and finishing old art because priorities

i dont actually know how to animate i just did stuff until it looked relatively ok lmao;; even now it looks kind of off but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i tried lol