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Imagine moving day with Chris.

A/N: Part 3 😊 You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’, ‘Little Ways Away’, and ‘She Said Yes’ - Masterlist; ‘Miss Graduate’: Part 1/Part 2A/2B/2C)

The week after graduation, you started doing what you promised Chris you’d do once you got to put on that cap and gown; pack up everything you owned into boxes. You were finally moving out of your shared apartment with your best friend and moving in with your fiancé, so the two of you could really get started on the happily ever after thing. Although you were moving in, the two of you weren’t going to end the long engagement yet. There were a few things you needed to sort out before you focused on the planning of the wedding, like doing something with your writing and getting an actual job in the industry you’d gotten a degree for. The journey was going to be a long and winding road with a lot of sharp turns and road blocks. It was a journey you didn’t know if you were ready for, one you were terrified of. But like Chris would always tell you when you told him about your fears, “you have to throw yourself into doing what scares you, Y/N.” And you were, you were going to dive right into that pool of fear. After all, his advice had never led you astray before.

Chris had gone out of his way to get you meetings throughout the month with producers he’d told about you and your incredible talent so you could pitch your scripts. To say you were hesitant about the outcome of the meetings was an understatement, you were straight up ready to be rejected the second you stepped into the door. Why? Because you knew using Chris to your advantage- though you didn’t ask- was going to have negative repercussions. They were going to look at you and think you believed you were entitled for a meeting because you were Chris Evans’ fiancée. That wasn’t how you wanted to start out. Your initial plan was to look for an internship and start from the bottom up, but Chris was so excited when gave you your meeting times as a graduation gift that you couldn’t turn him down. It was beyond thoughtful and you loved him even more for it, you just hoped he wouldn’t be too upset when you came home with rejections. You were more than happy to work for success; to take the path not taken and find your own way; to let Father Time do his thing. Chris did all that and look where he ended up, so you were okay if you had to wait a little while too.

Which brought the topic back to the on-going status of your long engagement, which both moms didn’t understand when the two of you explained you weren’t going to tie the knot yet- even after your graduation. They’d both wanted the wedding when Chris finished his contract with Marvel, and argued when you said you wanted to graduate and find a job first that “you can still study and pursue a career while being married.” But Chris knew the real reason you wanted to wait, so he defended the decision even though he did agree with both moms.

Chris knew you weren’t just worried that people wouldn’t take you seriously they only saw you as his wife- which he thought was impossible once they saw your work- you were also worried about being married. He wasn’t worried about your worry because he knew it wasn’t about him, he knew you loved him wholeheartedly. He knew it was the whole concept of marriage and everything that came with it that scared you. You wanted the life you wrote about, yes, but were you ready for all that? To be a wife, to be a mother? It was scary and you were scared, he could tell and he didn’t blame you because you were only twenty-one. What was he doing at twenty-one? Something far from being a husband and father. You wanted to get married and have kids with Chris, but you didn’t know if you could handle all of it while trying to find your place in the world; you wanted to have found your place before you took on all that.

Chris was okay with that, with waiting a little while longer. He’d told you repeatedly- and again with more emphasis after reading what you’d written him in the notebook- that he would gladly wait for as long as you needed him to. How could he not? After reading everything you’d written, he fell in-love with you even more. So yes, while he was excited to start a life with you, to be a husband and a father, he believed that you couldn’t put the cart before the horse. He loved you more than the idea of being married and having children, and if you- the love of his life- wanted to wait then he’d wait. He knew you weren’t going anywhere, and he wasn’t either. He was with you, as Cap was with Bucky, “till the end of the line.”

As sweet and selfless as his offer was, you couldn’t take him up on it as you knew he couldn’t wait that long. He wasn’t getting any younger, and there was no certainty in the Hollywood industry especially for someone starting out. Even with Chris’ help- it could take years, decades even, for you to find success and gain recognition. Chris- who was remarkable at what he did- was still underrated and drowning under Captain America’s limelight. So you promised him six months; it was June now and you’d asked for until the end of the year. If by December you hadn’t had even the slightest success, you’d put a hold on that search and start planning for the coming September so you could have a Fall wedding like you’d discussed.

Chris found you sitting on your naked mattress in your cleared out room with your black cat plush cushion cradled in your arms as you looked around your room, deep in thought. All your personal items had been boxed and hauled into the moving truck he’d rented, leaving behind all the furniture you didn’t need as his house was fully furnished. He knew you were having a little trouble leaving the apartment you’d called home for three years, just like Sebastian knew Ava would too when he decided to propose and ask her to move to New York with him. There were a lot of memories even the guys weren’t ready to let go of, but it was time for all of you to move on.

“Hey,” Chris knocked on the door, drawing your attention away from your thoughts and onto him instead. He smiled at you and you smiled back, hugging your black cat plush cushion to your chest. “You know,” he chuckled as he walked over, “this is the only kind of cat I like.” He poked the cat and you giggled, “inanimate.”

“You’re an idiot,” you chuckled. He sat down next to you and wrapped an arm around you as you leaned your head against him. “I don’t want to go,” you admitted with a whisper and he sighed, kissing your hair. “It feels like the end of an era, even though I only lived here for three years. I was the one who found this apartment, did you know that?” He nodded, remembering the stories you told him. “Ava didn’t move over until February, so I had to live here by myself for the whole of December and January. I was genuinely terrified,” you told him with a chuckle, “flinching at every sound I heard in the middle of the night.”

“Aw, baby,” he cooed and you giggled, leaning into him as he squeezed you. “I wish I were here to take care of you, shield and all.” He joked and you smiled, kissing him on the cheek. “But hey, never again. It’s you and me against the world, kid.”

“And me!” You both jumped when you heard Ava’s voice. As it turned out Chris had been sitting on his walkie-talkie earlier and Ava had heard it all. Chris pulled it out from his back pocket and laughed as Ava continued, “don’t you think for a second that you’re stealing my better half, Evans. We were an old married couple long before you came along.”

Chris hunched over, laughing as he took his arm off you to respond to Ava. “Sorry, Ava. You’re not the one who put a ring on her finger, she’s mine now.” His hand grasped yours tightly and you laughed. “Like Beyoncé said, if you like it you gotta put a ring on it. Is Seb there? I’m also talking to him when I say that,” he added teasingly then released the button and waited for a response.

“Chris, stop it,” you chuckled softly, slapping his arm. Chris snorted then laughed with no sound, holding the walkie-talkie against his ear. “We promised him no more engagement jokes, he’ll do it when he’s ready. Just leave him alo-”

“Fuck you, Evans,” Sebastian’s voice came through, interjecting. You both burst out laughing as he continued, “you’re one to talk. What are you aiming for, the World Record for ‘Longest Engagement’?” You scoffed with a smile as Chris tried to stop laughing. “I’ll propose when you get married. Out of respect, of course. I couldn’t possibly overtake you with the whole marriage and kids thing.”

“Fuck off, Seb,” Chris chuckled into the walkie-talkie. “I’m turning this shit off before you open a can of worms I don’t have a container for.” You knew what your fiancé meant, but you still laughed because it was an odd addition to an old expression. “Honestly,” he turned the device off.

“You started it,” you reminded him.

“I know,” Chris grinned and slipped his hand into yours. “I guess it means he’s proposing next October then,” he pulled your hand to his lips and kissed your knuckles. You smiled at the thought of marrying your soul mate, then felt your stomach flutter at the thought of getting married. It was excitement, not fear. It had to be excitement, you were excited to marry Chris. “Are you okay?” He asked when he saw your angst on your face.

“Are you nervous?”

“About what?” He raised a brow.

“Getting married,” you swallowed. “'Cause I am, and I’m scared that I am.” Chris chuckled softly, gently squeezing your hand. “I shouldn’t be because I love you, so-” You felt your heart beating rapidly against your chest at the thought of walking down an aisle. “Why am I so nervous?” You pulled your hand out of Chris’ and pressed it against your chest, right over where your heart was.

“Because you’re turning twenty-two in two months,” he answered. “Getting married is a huge step, you’re young and you have every right to be nervous about it.” You let out a shaky breath, nodding in acknowledgment. “But I’m turning thirty-eight tomorrow.” His hand wrapped around your wrist and he pulled your hand away from your chest and pressed it against his instead. “I am not young and I am calm enough for the both of us. Whatever it is that’s worrying you, or causing you angst- we’ll work it out together. You just have to be honest with me, whatever you’re feeling- you have to talk to me, okay? I won’t know unless you talk to me, you have to talk to me,” he asserted, afraid the two of you would repeat history. The two of you were too close to the finish line, you couldn’t fall now.

“I will,” you nodded. “Believe me,” you gave his chest a gentle pat. “You are not going to lose me. I’ve learnt my lesson, I won’t let my idiocy get in the way of our relationship ever again.” He smiled, patting your hand. “And I know I want to marry you, it’s just- it’s scary.”

“I know,” he nodded. “It’s okay to be scared, it’s a big change. But hey, we’re going to knock it out of the park.” He smiled at you, drawing a smile from you. “Just like you’re going to knock your meeting with Geoffrey out of the park on Friday, and every meeting after. You got this, we got this. Power couple, am I right?” He held up his hand to high-five you.

“Power couple,” you chuckled, high-fiving him. He smiled and locked his fingers with yours mid high-five, leaning forward to kiss your forehead. “Okay,” you giggled as you untangled your fingers from his. “Let’s finish moving,” you rose to your feet, beckoning him to his. “We’ve taken up enough of Seb and Ava’s day.”

“It’s fine,” Chris waved his hand nonchalantly, getting to his feet. He wrapped an arm around you and steered you out of your bedroom and towards the front door, “they said them being my salves for the day was my birthday present, so obviously I gotta milk it. I’m thinking they can make us dinner tonight, or buy us dinner. Dealer’s choice,” he shrugged and you laughed. “Speaking of birthday presents, I hope you know you don’t need to get me anything after that notebook.”

“And I know you know I’m a 'plan-in-advance’ kind of girl and your presents have already been bought,” you poked his side and he shook his head with a smile. “I like giving presents, you know that. And what are you worried about? It’s not like I can afford anything extravagant considering I’m a recent graduate who only works part-time as a waitress. I just got you things I know you’ll like and use, like baseball caps.”

“See, you’ve got nothing to worry about.” You looked up at him with a raised brow. “Perfect wifey material right here,” he teased and squeezed you against him; you laughed and looped an arm around his waist. “Absolutely perfect,” he whispered as he planted a kiss on the top of your head.

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Part 4

I’ve been on an Elvis Presley kick lately…sue me. ;)

Burning Love

The first time Jensen ever saw you, you were making your way to set with your headphones in, turned all the way up. He could faintly hear the sounds of Elvis Presley and he knew then that he needed to talk to you. He hadn’t gotten the chance that day, but the next day, he had gone to your trailer to walk you to set and yet again he could hear the loud music coming from the inside…this time Heartbreak Hotel. He smiled to himself and decided that it wasn’t right for him to walk in on you like that.

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Unfaithful : Part Seventeen

Summary :
In the Pre-apocalypse , you went to your aunt Lucille’s house in Virginia to spend the summer there, but you fell in love with her husband Negan .

**drama - romance - angst- smut - betrayal**

Pairing : Negan x Female Reader OC.

Dedicated to @negansmainwife













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Warnings : language - angst - smut


This fic is about betrayal or adultery, call it what you want, please if you feel triggered about such thing don’t read. If not , you can be wether team y/n or team Lucille. LOL

Previous chapters :

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

You knew that making such a hasty decision is about to ruin your life. Putting on Jack’s ring means that you’ll be comitted to a guy you don’t love, and that you’ll live a lie worse than the one you lived with Negan. Getting married wasn’t just to get back at Negan, you weren’t even sure how he’d react if he knew, but it was a self destruction way to punish yourself too. To make yourself live every second of remorse , you knew that you’re crazy and you’re gone too far , now it’s time to pay your debts, and take responsibility for all your actions and decisions, it was time to clean up your mess.
It was so strange how a person could destroy their own life within seconds. You felt like you were trapped, you could just run away, go somewhere else where nobody can find you, the old coward you would do that, but the new crazy version of you opted to stay and face the reality, Negan used you for sex and now he showed you your real value to him! You figured he belongs with Lucille, no matter how many girls he fucked , he always goes back to Lucille and you were the stupid one who fell under his spell.
You decided to go to Jack, he was your only way out of this, if bad people go to hell, so shall your marriage be your hell for the sin you had made.
Your dark thoughts vanished all at once when Jack answered his door.

“Hi y/n! What a lovely surprise! ”
His charming smile plastered on his beautiful innocent face, as he watched you stepping inside his apartment.
You didn’t waste time, you were always hasty so you held your left hand up in the air, to show him that you wore the ring with the big shiny rock on it, thankfully you managed to fake a grin.
Jack’s hand froze on the doorknob as he was getting to close the door, his jaws fell and he blinked many times trying to adopt the fact that you accepted his proposal. He was getting to lose hope , he didn’t want to push you the last week especially that Lucille’s cancer took all the attention .
“Jack say something! ” Your lips twitched
“Uhh.. wow!” He let out a nervous short laughter as he run his hand on his hair.
“What can I say y/n!!!! This is….definitely the best surprise I ever had!!!” He added as he walked your way, he stopped only few inches from you , his eyes locked in yours.
“You just made me a happy man!!!” He softly whispered, then he pulled you from your waist and captured your lips in a fevered kiss, this time you didn’t pull away, you even let his tongue slide into your mouth. His hands gripping at your hips while yours looped around his neck , he started to push you towards the couch, you emitted a gasp once your calves were pressed against the couch ,you lost your balance and fell on its leather surface, eventually you broke from the kiss.
Jack positioned himself on top of you, his hand traced across your inner thigh till he reached your panties, he hooked his fingers in the waistband of the garment but you tightly grasped his hand to prevent him from making any further moves.
“Jack!! I’m not ready yet!!!” You said out of breath, your chest heaved as you became overwhelmed by nervousness.
Jack stared at you for a moment, then he nodded and got off you, he stepped away from you and headed to his kitchen.
“I understand! ” He muttered as he poured a glass of water for himself and gulped it at once, he also tried to hide his bulge from you.
“Jack please! I need time! I wanna marry you! I do!! It’s just.. I. ..!” You played with the hem of your sundress trying to think of something good to persuade him of your point. But he interrupted you .
“It’s ok really! I waited all this time, I can wait a little longer! ” He smiled to ease you.
“Can you…. can you.. wait till the wedding.. .night?” You mumbled, you felt your cheeks heating up, it was an unusual request .
Jack’s eyes widened, he was lost for words.

He moved towards the couch again and sat next to you, he tilted his head so he can look at your face, you were still hanging your head low and nervously playing with the fabric of your dress.
“Uhh…I thought. .you’re not virg.. I mean, you had a boyfriend before. ..!”
“That’s why, I … I want the uh…intercourse between us.. I only want it to happen at the wedding day.. !” You stuttered but then you found your courage and turned to meet his eyes.
“I want it to be special and worth waiting for.. I’m from a conservative family, we don’t believe in premarital sex!!! I feel like God punished me for what I did with my ex!!!” You couldn’t believe your ears, you were bullshitting your ‘fiancé’ , telling him to wait till the wed to have a taste of your pussy, ear fucking him with your shit about virtue while his married cousin Negan, YOUR AUNT ’ S HUSBAND, was screwing your brains out in a cheap hotel room for weeks every time he gets the chance to .
If your subconscious was a person, it’d definitely slap the shit outta you!!!
Jack seemed to buy what you just told him, it was half the truth anyway.
You ‘innocently ’ batted your eyelashes ,and you licked your lips as you looked at him like a maiden afraid for her chastity.
“Of course I can wait!” Jack gently held your cheek and planted a kiss on your forehead.
“I promise, I don’t have a small penis, I have normal female genitals! ”
You wanted to break the awkwardness with humor, it worked cause Jack threw his head back at the couch and bursted out laughing.
You grinned along with him, you watched him as you convinced yourself everything will be ok.


Negan was sitting on the edge of Lucille’s bed, he held a glass of water for Lucille to drink, she only had a small sip of it.
“Come on drink more! You gotta stay hydrated! ” He gently pushed the glass again to her dry lips , urging her for another sip, she complied than she pushed the glass away and leaned back to her pillow.
Negan placed the glass on the bedside table.
“Uh… Lucille! Maybe this isn’t the right time to talk about this but I just wanna make something crystal fucking clear! I’m coming back here but only because I promised I …”
“I know Negan! We’re no longer a wife and husband anymore! I mean only on papers, I totally understand! You’re not in love with me anymore! You’re here out of pity!” She muttered with a voice full of bitterness.
“Don’t you fucking say that ever again! I’m not staying with you out of pity, I may never fulfilled the loyalty part in our vows but I’m definitely sticking by your side for better or worse , for sickness and health! As a friend!”.
Negan placed his hand on Lucille ’s and tenderly held her gaze.
“Are we friends?, dear ones? Till the end?” His voice trembled.
She wiped a tear that escaped her eye and sniffled.
“Of course! ”
Negan held her to his chest in a warm hug and placed a kiss on her hair as he his fingertips traced across her cheek. Then he broke the hug and got up then walked towards the door.
“I’m going to pack my things from the hotel, I’ll be staying in the guest room!”
“Whoever she is, she’s lucky! ” Lucille uttered in a shaky voice.
Negan stopped and turned around, his lips parted to say something but he decided against it, sometimes words can’t do the trick, sometimes they just worsen things. So he just chose to hold his peace and leave the room.
Once he closed the door behind him, Lucille turned on her side , she hugged the pillow and tightly gripped at it and cried.


You spent the whole evening hanging around with Jack, acting like a good fiancée. You went to ‘celebrate’ your engagement in some restaurant, you faked giggles and sexy smiles the whole time. You clasped your fingers with his many times. But your heart was with Negan, it ached every single second you spent with Jack. How much you wished that it was Negan who’s holding your hand, swaying your hips in a romantic dance, kissing your lips and whispering love words in your ears! You’d do anything to be with him! But he let you down and he hurt you!!! Not to mention that living happily ever after with him would be considered as one of the seven wonders! Not with him being Lucille ’s husband! For how long would you live such a fake happiness! Because if your cards are laid on the table , Lucille will hate you for eternity. You decided to let go of your selfishness and with it your insane love for Negan.

Time passed painfully slow with the guy you’re supposed to spend the rest of your life with. So this is how marriage supposed to be??
Jack gave you a ride home, it was past 10 pm already, before he leaves, he pulled you to him and crashed his lips on yours in a hot kiss while his hands wildly moved on your ass. You let out a fake moan, then you pulled away and smiled.
“Good night Jack!”
“Good night baby!”
You watched him driving away then you entered the house. You tiptoed so you won’t make a noise and wake Lucille or Negan up, you literally sneaked inside.
“That was quiet a fucking show!” Negan blurted , you jumped in fear and turned to him, he was sitting in the darkness next to the window.
“You scared the shit out of me Negan!!!” You hissed.
“Oh did I fucking startle you? Sorry! Did I say that your little show in my front fucking yard gave me a boner?!” He got up and paced towards you.
“You’re a pig!” You started walking away from him but he caught up on you easily and violently grasped at your forearm turning you around to him, your chests were touching and your noses almost did.
You winced and groaned in pain.
“Let go of me!! You’re hurting my arm!”
Negan was gripping on your left arm, the diamond ring twinkled , Negan darted his eyes from hers to the big shiny rock.
“What the fuck is this??” He whispered
You looked away without answering his question. He actually realized that by putting Jack’s ring on your finger, means that you became his fiancée. But he tightened his grip on your arm more, you almost fell into your knees because of the pain.
“Answer the fucking question! ”
Negan tried his best not to lose his shit and shout out loud while Lucille was resting in her room.
You tried to get rid of his tight grasp but you couldn’t and you knew too if you yelled at him that Lucille would hear you.
“Let go of me, please! ” you murmured as you twisted in pain, and your tears rolled down your face.
Negan dragged you to the garage so you both have a little privacy, and out of hearing reach, he pushed you inside and locked the door behind him.

“What the fuck are you doing? Are you fucking crazy? You said yes to him??!” He stood tall glaring down at you with flames in his eyes, he was shaking in anger.
“Yes!!! I’m gonna marry Jack!!! And that’s none of your damn business! ” you defiantly started back at him, it kinda pleased you to see that he was shaken by your statement for a while.
“You’re gonna ruin your fucking life! Why??? I know you don’t love him!!! Are you doing this to get back at me? Because I didn’t give you the fucking D for a week?” He growled.
You hysterically laughed and shook your head.
“Oh you cocky son of a bitch!!! You think I’m doing this because of you? I am not!!! I’m doing it for Lucille! ”

“Bullshit! You’re fucking lying! Lucille has nothing to do with this!!!! You’re doing it because you’re a little bitch who can’t get enough of fucking attention! !! So what? I’ve been tough on you! I ignored you for a week ! So you went running to Jack!!! Lucille has fucking cancer, I felt my hands fucking tied!! Yeah I acted like a douche!!! I fucking admit it! But I had my fucking reasons! Instead of standing by my side! You seek attention from Jack! You think getting married will solve our problem, guess what it won’t solve a shit!! ”
Negan huffed in frustration as he turned his back to you , he kicked the door of the garage real hard, it made you flinch.

“You need help Negan! I don’t understand how come you wanna be surrounded by women? So you have a woman and you want her niece too??” You scoffed and you planned on hurting him. You placed your hands on your hips and added.
“You had what you wanted , right??? You fucked a … what did you call it once? Ah yeah, a young college pussy! !! You used me for sex, but guess what ? I did the same!!! Fucking You was pleasurable Negan! ” You smirked, but deep inside you could feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins. You obviously succeeded in hurting his feelings when he turned to you, a demented look on his face.
“I didn’t mean to praise you though, because Jack is much better than you! ” You eyed him up and down in an evil way.
Negan shook his head in denial and murmured.
“You’re lying! You didn’t sleep with him!”
“Then you should ask him where I spent the night when Lucille was in the hospital! I spent it in his apartment! ”
“You’re fucking lying! ”
“His apartment is painted in white with many windows, he has black leather couches a very big LG tv and…!”
“Shut the fuck up!!! You’re lying! ” Negan snapped at you and pushed you back to his car, his fingers snaked around your throat as he stared down at you in way it made your knees weak, he scared you. It was the first time you see him mad like this. For a second, you thought police would find your corpse rotting in his garage after he strangle you to death.

His features softened a little when he noticed the fear and lust combined in your eyes and the way your body trembled under his touch. He moved his eyes from yours to look at your lips, he leaned a little closer , and took your buttom lip between his teeth and roughly tugged at it, you moaned as you tasted a little blood.
His lips vigorously moved against yours, then he slid his tongue inside your mouth to claim yours, he tightened his grip on your throat once in a while to remind you he’s still in charge.
Both of you stopped kissing to catch your breath. You placed your hands on his forearms , silently asking to let go of your throat but he didn’t. He wasn’t blocking the air but he wasn’t being so gentle either.
“Are you still gonna fucking marry him?” He huskly demanded.
“Yes!” Even though you were scared of him but it oddly made you aroused.
“But Negan. … you can fuck me for the last time!” You breathed out.
Negan opened the door of the car and pushed you on the back seat, he got on top of you.
You snaked your arms around his neck while you eagerly kissed him, your fingers fumbling to work on his pants, you managed to quickly unbuckle his belt ,he was moving fast too, he helped you unzipping his jeans and unbottening them with one hand and the other pulled your dress to your belly and without even taking your panties off he just pushed them aside a little, giving him enough space to slid his throbbing hard length. There was no time or mood for foreplay, but you were more wet than an October night. “Fucking shit!!”
Negan groaned when his dick easily entered between you glistening folds. He thrust deeper with all the stops out, while your hands moved to tug at his hair and calves resting on his lower back, holding onto dear life.
He rested his head into the crook of your neck while he mumbled few unclear words and cusses. His hands moved under your dress and bra to rub or sometimes pinch your nipples.
You could feel the car rocking with every thrust he made, it turned you on even more.
He plunged into you in a vigorous rythme, his cubic hair rubbing your sensitive puddle of nerves. your pants and moans drove him to the brink. He deepened and quickened his thrusts as he felt your inner walls clenched around his girth, till he released ropes of his thick sperm inside you, the warm liquid tingled your sweet spot , it drove you over the edge, you arched your head back and let out a loud moan of satisfaction.

With his face burried in your neck , Negan squeezed his eyes shut and shivered for a moment while on top of you. Both of you breathed heavily, you caressed the back of his neck. After all the tension and lust were gone you felt ashamed of yourself again. The shit you sold to Jack about how you don’t believe in premarital sex hit you like a lightning, you just wanted to feel him one more time!!! Negan was your drug, and it will take all your power to quit.
you let out a breathy sigh while Negan shifted a little then he lifted his eyes to you.
“You still wanna marry him!” This time his voice was much calmer and his facial expressions were easy and soft.
You avoided looking into his eyes as your hand moved to gently rub his beard.
“Yes!” You gave him a sincere answer.
Negan’s eyes darkened again, he quickly got off you . He stood by the car fixing his pants.
“God fucking damn it! You women!!!” His fingers were trembling as he searched his pockets for a cigarette.
You stepped out of the car and adjusted both your panties and sundress.
“We can’t do this anymore! !! You can’t. .. I can’t live like this forever!!!!” You sobbed.
Negan turned to face after he lit a cigarette, he inhaled then let the smoke out of his nostrils.
“Can’t you fucking be patient! I never expected that Lucille would get sick!!! Actually it’s because of you we’re fucking here in first place!!! I told you to go with me, I told you to end it with Jack!!! I just can’t fucking understand, are you or are you fucking not selfish?!!! Once you give in, you fucking give me the best time in my life than you fucking run to Jack!!! I tell you let’s fucking disappear! You say you can’t do this to Lucille! !! I give my back for a second, you go dating Jack!!! I fucking get busy for a while you put a fucking ring on your finger!!! What the fuck is wrong with you???? Why are you fucking doing this to me??!!”“

Negan’s vein bulged out on his neck , his dark tall form towered over you, his breath accelerated , he was genuinely hurt and fuming like a chimney ! You closed the gap between you two and held his hand. What you were about to say was going to be the most life changing shit ever! You let out a shaky breath that sounded too much dramatic.

“I just can’t Negan! I can’t do this anymore! We made a huge mistake!!! Craving for each other was mere sexual! You thought you loved me or maybe you pretended to! But Maybe once I’m gone you’ll go find someone else!!! And What happened now in the car was me saying goodbye! I’m moving out tomorrow, I’m going to live with my fiancé, you take care of my aunt! !! I’ll pretend that none of this happened! We , us , NEVER happened! Please, just stay away from me and I’ll do the same!!! From now on you’re my aunt’s husband and I’m your wife’s niece, your cousin’s future wife!”

PS : thanks for reading. .. hope you won’t be disappointed by this lol
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TRUE ROMANCE: III + Book 2 of Soul Mate

Summary: What if second chances did exist…except in another life?

A/N: Here’s part three of my oh-so-cliche modern au fic that i actually adore writing because i’m a fuckin’ sucker for romance. Hope you all enjoy and your kind feedback is appreciated :)

Warning: None!

Word Count: 3.2K+

I + II

Mother nature must have been furious because the rain hadn’t stopped for the past eight hours or so. Of course, you hadn’t realized how much time had flown because the entire time Ben had you either crying from laughter or crying from a movie–either way, you were crying. You were amazed at how easily you two connected, it almost scared you. Just a day ago you had met him and here you sat, casually on his couch as if you two had known each other for years. But what topped the cake was the fact that you nearly had fallen asleep on his shoulder as the soft sounds of rainfall mixed with the old black and white film he had been showing you caused you to drift off–it was hard to stay awake, especially with the lack of sleep you had this week.

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Let Me Show You

Summary: The reader questions whether Castiel is as innocent as he seems, which is extremely hard because of how he acts around her. On second he’s innocent and the next he seems anything but. Actions speak louder than words, but the reader won’t complain. 

Word Count: 2525

Author’s note: Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written something I’ve just been so busy! Hope you guys enjoy, and tell me your thoughts:)

Castiel was extremely hard to figure out, and each time you thought you were close to understanding him, he’d always surprise you. He was innocent, but then he’d seem anything but innocent. Sometimes when talking with you his eyes would linger, but unlike other men his eyes would stay where he wanted them too. It always made you blush but he seemed unbothered.

You could stay thinking about this for hours, but you knew today would be busy and you needed to get your day started. Walking out to the kitchen you planned to start your day with coffee, like you started almost every day, but you were greeted by the angel himself.

After saying good morning to each other you continued to fix yourself something to drink. Sam did most of the cleaning in the house which meant most of the necessities, like cups, were put on the higher shelves. You tried to reach up on your tippy toes, but you still weren’t tall enough.

Suddenly you felt someone’s body pressing against you, their hand and arm reaching over and above yours to grab the glass. After the glass was grabbed you turned around to face your helper to find it was Castiel. His body was still pressed against yours pressing you into the counter. Before you could even speak he brought his face closer to yours, making you think he’d kiss you but he reached for something behind you.

His eyes stared into yours as he softly spoke, “I know just how you want it (y/n)”. Your brain suddenly shut down and you just looked back at him too shocked to reply. His stern look faded as he smiled, “ I see you always put sugar in your coffee” and he handed you some packets of sugar. You’d felt so stupid and you laughed, “Thanks Cas”.

You felt his body still pressed against yours but before you could address it you heard Dean’s voice, “Come on Cas remember personal space?”. Both you and Castiel laughed as he backed up and Dean started to get things to make his own coffee. Dean still shook his head, “Cas sometimes you just bug out huh?”.

Castiel replied, “You know I’m still trying to understand humans, and what they make me feel”. While saying the second part of the sentence his eyes went to you and he scanned your body up and down. Out of feeling his eyes on you, you looked down and placed a stray strand of hair behind your ear.

Dean chimed in, “Okay so today we’re going to talk to an old friend who has possible ties to the British Men of Letters, so you two get ready and we’ll be on the road”. You sipped some more of your coffee before taking it back to your room to pack for at least two nights. Hearing a creak in the wood floor you turned around and saw Dean leaning on the doorframe.

His arms were crossed against his chest, “We should talk (y/n)”. You tried to play dumb and turned back around packing. Laughing lightly you answered, “About what?”. Dean loudly sighed as he sat down on the bed making you have to face him.

Rolling your eyes you answered, “Fine Dean let’s talk”. You already knew what he was going to talk to you about and it was Castiel. He began anyways, “I can tell you’re overthinking this all”. Dean was your best friend and he knew your insecurities, and Castiel was one of them.

You threw a shirt at him and he took the hint to fold, “I just don’t understand him Dean, this morning you should’ve seen him! He was using innuendos, do angels even know what those are?!”. Dean stood up next to you and started folding with you. He laughed, “Trust me he knows, and I saw he was almost inside of you”. You hit him in the arm lightly and he started to laugh again and then put his hands up waving his white flag. Catching your breath you replied, “Well what am I supposed to do Dean we’re going to be on a hunt which isn’t really the time or place”.

Turning to face you he grinned, “Why don’t you play him right back? Make the angel flustered, I have a feeling he’s just talking a big game but lacks real experience”. That sounded easy but would be extremely difficult. Flopping down onto the bed you let out a huge sigh feeling defeated. Dean plopped down right next to you propping his head up with his arm, “Come on (y/n) I’ve seen you on hunts, if you want too you can have a guy become putty in your hands, he’ll if we weren’t best friends you could do the same to me”.

You looked at him grinning while raising one eyebrow up, “You’re telling me that I could play Dean Winchester, THE Dean Winchester?”. Getting up from the bed he grabbed for your hand pulling you up with him. He grinned at you, “Listen princess, you’re one of a kind everyone sees that especially Cas”. Without Dean you’d be completely lost emotionally and feeling very thankful you hugged him, and he hugged you right back.

Together you’d finished your packing and you’d finalized your plan with Dean. Phase one would include wearing some very flattering “pjs” for your car ride where you’d occupy the backseat with Castiel. Dean said this would work, but no funny business better happen in the backseat of his baby while the car was occupied.

When you and Dean met Sam and Cas in the kitchen Sam was the first to fall for phase one and Dean gave you a “ see I told you so” look. Upon Dean’s suggestion you’d worn a low cut top that was very flattering when it came to your chest. Smiling you asked, “So boys are we all ready for the trip?”. Dean of course always had to poke fun at Sammy, “Oh trust me (y/n) I think Sam is very excited can’t you tell?”.

Sam tried to hide his blush by sipping from his coffee, but you all knew it was there and Dean seemed to be the happiest about it. You all started to make your way towards the car and Cas ran to catch up to you, “You look…comfortable (y/n)”. Trying to continue with the plan you kept walking forward not turning to face him. You smiled, “I feel even more comfortable Cas, feels really good”.

You heard him laugh dryly and you could only imagine that he’d said, “Game on” in his own head. This whole “calm, cool and collected” act had been hard but you were proud of yourself. Before you knew it you were in the car, and before you knew it, it was dark out. Night time and Cas? Not a good mix.

The best way to distract yourself was with music, and you looked around for your bag but realized it was below Castiel’s feet. You thought to yourself, “Hm okay this could actually work in your favor”. Castiel was watching you and you looked in the mirror to find Dean watching you too, and a wink from Dean encouraged you.

Smiling at Castiel you took him by surprise by bending down over his lap and grabbing for your phone in your bag. You heard Dean laugh quietly and if you could see Castiel you would’ve seen him put his hands up unsure of where to put them as his eyes opened widely in surprise.

After grabbing your phone from your bag you put one hand on his upper thigh as you spoke, “Sorry Cas I just really needed that”. A couple seconds passed where he looked extremely confused until you held your phone up and laughed lightly. He smiled after realizing that by “that” you’d meant your phone, and not being so close to him.

Feeling smug you put your headphones in and just listened to some music. You were finally relaxing until you heard his voice, “You’re pretty easy to fool you know that right?”. Confused you took one of your headphones out and looked to Cas to see him engaged in a conversation with both Sam and Dean. Thinking you were just hearing things you put your headphone back in and continued listening to your music.

One song passes and you hear his voice again, “You’re so cute, thinking you have me all flustered”. Again you were confused but took both headphones out and Dean looked at you confusingly in the mirror and you just shrugged your shoulders. Sam spoke up, “Are you okay (y/n) you seem a little off?”.  Cas turned to you and looked genuinely concerned, “Yes (y/n) is everything okay?”.

You parted your lips to speak but his voice rang in your head, “I thought you were supposed to be an expert, but I’m not even touching you and you’re already all worked up”.  Not wanting to concern either brother you tried to speak but suddenly it felt like every nerve in your body was awakened, especially your core.

Smiling through the pain, or rather pleasure, you barely got out, “Yeah I’m f-fine ju-just feel a little o-oh-off”. The boys gave each other a look and Dean said, “We’ll be at the hotel in 5 think you can hold it together until then?”. You nodded your head but Cas answered, “Why don’t I just use my grace and help her?”. Again Sam and Dean looked at eachother and nodded their heads in agreement.

Cas put his hand to your forehead and his voice consumed your thoughts again, “I’ll make you feel good, reallly good”. Waves of pleasure were sent to your core and you felt your clit throb. Just when you felt like you were about to scream his hand left your head and so did the pleasure. Castiel smiled, “There that should do it”.

Panting you nodded your head and softly said, “Yeah thanks”. Dean pulled into the parking lot and you all got out. Sam grabbed your bag and passed it to you, “You sure you’re okay (y/n)?”. Sam was so sweet and before you could thank him Castiel’s voice was in your head again, “Awe Sam’s so cute, if only he knew that you weren’t in pain, but that you enjoyed it”.

Shaking him out of your head you smiled, “I’m fine Sam thank you though”. He reached in the back to get his own bag and said, “Well the good thing is at least Cas will be sharing a room with you so incase you feel bad again he’ll heal you”. Cas sharing a room with you? You were definitely in for an interesting night…

Dean and Sam said their goodnights and thus begun your night with Castiel, but not before you got a text from Dean, “Have fun kiddo show em how it’s done xx”. Cas had been messing with your head all car ride and you wanted to know what the hell he was doing. Was he toying with you for fun?

Castiel entered the room to find you sitting on the bed and once you saw him you got up, “Cas what is this? You kno-”. You were interrupted mid sentence by his lips meeting yours. He kissed frantically down your neck, “I know you want this, no need this”. He was right you did want this.

You let him lead you towards the bed but trying to shut off your brain wasn’t working. He was lying on top of you kissing down your body as his hands tried their best to remove your clothes. Castiel stopped, “Why don’t you trust me? Lying is a sin”. Castiel was far from pure.

Laughing you answered, “And so is making me almost cum in a car full of people Castiel”. You felt him smile against your skin, obviously you’d had a good point. He spoke softly, “Just let yourself enjoy this okay? Afterwards ask the questions”. He impaired your thought process by continuing to kiss all over your body and you just barely got out an, “Okay”.

He knew you too well, “Fine (y/n) let me show you”. Castiel backed up until he was resting against the headboard and he pulled you so your back rested against his chest. By now all of your clothes had been discarded and your skin against his sent goosebumps all over your body.

Your head rested in the crook of his next and one hand massaged your breast while the other found your clit, “Let my hands speak for me instead of my words”. His hand was huge, his fingers long, and you thought you’d faint.

One finger slid up and down your slit while his other hand tweaked your nipple causing a moan to escape your lips. Castiel smiled again, “that’s it (y/n) you sound so fucking beautiful”. He loved every moment of this, and seconds late his finger circled your clit slowly. He was toying with you.

He heard your breath hitch, “Feels good doesn’t it?”. You nodded your head unable to speak. His finger moved faster and you moaned louder, “fuck Cas”. Castiel loved hearing you say his name and to show you he inserted one finger inside of you.

His finger went in and out and you could barely process what was happening, and then he inserted another finger inside. His two fingers moved fast and you felt yourself coming undone. You didn’t even realize but you began to buck into his hand and you heard him mutter, “Shit you’re amazing”.

Your moans got louder, “Cas I’m so close”. Looking up at him you saw him grin and if you weren’t feeling immense pleasure you would’ve cared more. You became very aware why he was grinning when once again it felt like every nerve in your body awakened. Castiel was using his grace again like he’d done in the car.

His fingers worked frantically while his grace sent wave after wave of pleasure through your body and you knew you couldn’t hold it in anymore. Cas was right there encouraging you, “Cum for me (y/n)”. That was it, you came undone. Your eyes closed and your body shook frantically with all the pleasure it was feeling, When your orgasm hit all you could do was yell out his name.

Finally it was over and he pulled out his fingers and left you panting. Your head still rested in the crook of his neck and when you looked up you saw him lick his fingers clean. He grinned again, “You taste so good baby”. You felt so relieved, but also so tired. Castiel kissed your forehead and held you tight, “Believe me now?”.  

If you weren’t so tired you would’ve made some funny remark. He laughed and moved your bodies so you were now resting against the pillows, “I’ll take that silence as a yes”. You nodded your head before cuddling up next to him. Cas was full of surprises, but something told you they didn’t stop here.

We’ve all been there: you have a character, or a game, that you absolutely love but that you just can’t find anything (or anyone) to do with them. Or maybe you’re new to a group and aren’t getting much traction yet. Or you’re just in a slump. Whatever the reason, here are some suggestions and things to keep in mind to help jump-start your roleplay interactions:

  • Post interesting starters! That gives other players something to respond to, and if you never post any you’re shutting yourself out!

  • Reply to other people’s starters. That’s the simplest and most obvious tactic of all but seems to go overlooked a lot, whether out of a polite desire not to monopolize the dash, simple shyness…or that vicious cycle that can start when you think, “well they didn’t respond to my starter so I won’t respond to theirs.” Someone has to break that circle so it might as well be you. And maybe they think you don’t want to talk to them and are afraid to intrude! Put your character out there and show everyone how much fun it is to interact with you, and the next time you post a starter, they’ll be a lot more likely to jump on the chance!

  • Do something different. Maybe your character has fallen into a rut. Maybe nobody feels inspired to interact with them because it’s the same old thing over-and-over again. Branch out, put them in a situation you “could never see them in.” Take a chance! What have you got to lose? Remember that they’re a character and not a person, which means that you’re in control of what happens to them – not them. So take a risk. Toss them in at the deep end and see what happens next!

  • Do something active. Maybe you’ve ended up, perhaps quite by accident, with a passive character who doesn’t do anything; who relies on other people to prompt or nudge or coax them into taking action. Don’t just sit around! Even if you’re playing a passive or submissive character you, as the player, have to be active or your character is going to bore everyone else as much as they bore you. It’s no one else’s job to drag your character into interesting situations; they’re your responsibility so find something for them to actually do. Don’t just let things happen to your character; take charge and take action!

  • Communicate. If you’re in a group, have you asked your admin for advice or assistance? They usually have good ideas; isn’t that why you joined their group in the first place? You can always ask one of your friendly neighborhood roleplay helpers for tips too, whether you’re in a group or not. And don’t forget to communicate with your fellow players!

    That doesn’t mean just posting passive-aggressive comments in the ooc about your lack of interactions, or just saying, “if anybody wants to plot hit me up!” and think that’s the end of things. Roleplay is a two-way street so don’t rely on other people to have ideas for you; share some ideas of yours with them. If you want to interact with someone, take the initiative and seek them out, don’t just wait for them to come to you. (The worst they can say is no.) Talk to folks both in and out of character and present ideas for things for your characters to do. Make sure you listen to their ideas too of course, but don’t put the whole weight of thinking-up things to do on them alone. Participate, don’t just wait!

In the end, remember that it is your responsibility to make your character active, engaged, and interesting – nobody else’s. Take action, find things for them to do, and initiate interactions instead of just waiting for them to come to you. If you’re in a group that’s legitimately ignoring you, leave. Otherwise, it all boils down to what you’re doing so make sure you’re doing something! Don’t be the passive princess standing on the side of the ballroom waiting for her prince to come; hit the dance floor on your own and make yourself the bell of the ball.

Here is the Felicity version.



“Where’s my comms earpiece?”


“Where. Is. My. Comms?”

“Oh… I put it away.”


“Why do you need to know?”

“I need it!”

“Felicity, no. We agreed, not Arrow business tonight. I’ve been planning this dinner for weeks.”

“But Oliver, the city is under attack.”

“The team can handle it.”

“Oliver, just tell me where my ear piece is. I’ll just listen in. Just so we don’t have to worry, we’ll know what’s going on.”

“Felicity. The team can handle it. This dinner is important.”

“But, what if something happens, how will they get a hold of us?”

“That’s what cell phones are for. Now, sit. Eat.”

“But… We’re talking about the greater good.”

“‘Greater good’? Felicity, I am your future husband —“

“You’re my what?”

“Your… Well, there goes the surprise.”


“Felicity, the reason I wanted to have this dinner with you was because I have a question for you.”


“And, depending on your answer, this dinner could change our lives. So, for the third time, hoping that third time’s the charm, will you marry me?”

“Yes. On one condition.”

“What’s that?”

“My comms unit. Let me listen in on the team, just to make sure that they’re okay. Give it back, and I’ll marry you.”



“… Ugh. The things I do for you. Here.”

“I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

“And just so you know… I would have married you anyway.”

“I know. Aren’t you going to turn your ear piece on?”

“I think the team can handle one night without us.”


“Besides, it’s not every day that someone gets re-engaged, we should probably celebrate.”


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Raven/Bellamy Parallels:

 1x12 || 2x09 

further meta on this scene for anyone who wants it

I have never engaged myself in any romantic relationship. I don’t know what it feels like to be loved by someone and who will make you feel that you’re important. How beautiful it is to be the most beautiful girl in their eyes. I wonder what it feels like to have someone who’s so afraid to lose you. I’m not really in hurry to be in a relationship because I know God has stored something for me but it’s just that, i can’t help to think this way. What if no one will gonna love me? I over think things, it’s as if no one will gonna take me seriously and it terrifies me. That’s why i end up feeling alone. I always feel like no one needs me. I’m not that type of girl someone will waste a minute or even just a second to stare at. I’m not that type of girl who can just smile at anyone and make them believe in love at first sight. I’m tired of hoping that there’s someone out there for me. I’m tired of waiting for someone that i don’t even know if he’s the one for me. I’m losing my hope that i’ll be someone’s love of his life someday. I know I should stop this, i should stop thinking this way the way I questioned things that I know is yet to come, but I just can’t help it. I feel like i’m not worth it.